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Rl INAL FA EB -a tribute to trends-



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imam "Billfred" by Layne "omick.

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.Photographs ·~ Christine .~t?eters, Jonathan R · . ~. Kris Bal~s, and William ~· Leveiitte ...

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Rowe, Chrislne Peters, Joh~D.

·Rabon, ctnd Rebecca ···· Ztrch. Made on a MacBook Prous'*iPhoto6.,

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Dr. Matt Miller Interim Princi Room: The Lod Phone: 777-160 Email: Field: Mathemat Trend You Regret: None Quote: 1934, 1938, 1982, 2006

·Christine Peters usiness Manager : 104 Phone: 7-1674 ......... ,..r: Anthropology mail: You Regret: 70s Clothing "What dQ we live for if it is not to make life easier for each other."


John Rabon 1st Floor RT Room: 128 Phone: 4-3471 AIM: JRabon1600 Major: Secondary Education Trend You Regret: Bleaching my hair Email: Quote: "The one thing that doesn't abide by majority rule is a person's conscience."

Rahullacob 2nd Floor PC Room: 221 Phone: 4-2418 AIM: Dudeonthepiano Major: Biology Trend You Regret: Rabbit's Foot keychain Email: Quote: "Be happy and don't hate brown people"

Nicole Modeen 1st Floor PC Room: 114 Phone: 803-479-0275 AIM: Lucky0ne2k3 Major: Int'l Studies Trend You Regret: Scrunchies Email: "You must be the change you wish to see in the world."

Adam Shiverdecker 3rd Floor RT Room: 321 Phone: 4-1759 AIM: shivy55 Major: Studio Art Trend You Regret: Being for the war in Iraq Email: Quote: "I tell you, we are here on earth to fart around and don't let anybody tell you different."

Abbey Ko•we Residence Hall Dir,.,,..~rn•r Room: RHD Apartment (in the Lobby Email: roweaa@sc.ed Trend You Regret: Crimped hair and stirrup pa Quote: "Celebrate we will 'cause life is short but sweet for certain. .,.. u~•..·ouLI=•

Romm for Research and Planning : Main Office 7-1588 r: HESA You Regret: Hammer Pants uote: "Lisa, vampires are make-believe, like elves, gremlins, and mos."


Anna-Marie Prete 1st Floor PC Room: 139 Phone: 4-1762 AIM: annamarie1723 Major: HRTM Trend You Regret: Neon Clothes, Stonewashed jeans Email: Q~JJote: '~Some sounds just make you want to punch a baby!"

Renee P HRTM' Email: Trend You Regret: Socks worn over pa


Sara Sullivan 2nd Floor PC Room: 244 Phone: 4-1530 AIM: Sar1484 Major: Political Science Trend You Regret: Stirrup pants Email: Quote: "The opposite of war isn't peace; it's creation."

Rebecca Zorch 2nd Floor RT Room: 243 Phone: 4-0549 AIM: MTRLMZ Major: Library Science Trend You Regret: Collecting troll dolls Email: Quote: "I tried a.dessert called death by chocolate, · but it only made me stronger." PRESTON FACEBOOK 2006

"King" Brandon Gates 3rd Floor PC Room: 335 Phone: 4-1223 AIM: casablancaknight Major: Broadcast Journalism Email: Quote: "Heard melodies are sweet, but those unheard are sweeter." Liz Dempsey 3rd Floor PC Room: 304 Phone: 4-0602 AIM: dinghydiz Major: French Trend You Regret: Tamagotchi (it just died yesterday) Email: Quote: "May joy & innocence prevail" PAGE3

, Alex Ogden Field: Languages, Literature, and Cultures Phone: 7-9573 Email:

Becky Lewis Field: Continuing Education Phone: 7..,8155 Email:

Bernard Friedman Field: Hillel Phone: 799-9132 Email: friedmanbernardl @yahoo. com

Bob Murphy Field: Math Phone: 7-4713 Email:

Bob Oakman Email:

David Berube Field: English Phone: 7-2217 Email:

Caroline Eastman Field: Computer Science and Engineering Phone: 7-8103 Email: eastman@cse;

Cathy Murphy Field: Chemistry Phone: 7-6399 Email:

Cocky Field: Sports and Entertainment Managem.ent Other Field: WiiUamsBrice Stadium, of course!

Duncan Buell Field: Computer Science and Engineering Phone: 7-2880 Email:

David Darmofal Field: Political Science Phone: 7-3109 Email:

Ed Madden Field: English Phone: 7-2171 Email:

Don Barth Field: Media Arts Phone: 7-5752 Email:

Elizabeth Catanese. Email:

Don Greiner Field: English Phone: 7-4203 Email:

Father Frederick Byrd Field: Archdeacon and Chaplain for Episcopal Students Email:

Dan Sabia Field: Political Science Phone: 7-4547 Email:




; 1

George Handy Field: Chemistry Phone: 7-5188 Email:

Greg Wilsbacher Field: Film Library Phone: 7-5556 Email:

Hal french Field: Religious Studies Phone: 7-2178 Email:

Jason Coleman Field: Public Health Phone: 734-1615 Email:

Jerry Hackett Field: Philosophy Phone: 7-7210 Email:

Katherine Barbieri 路 Field: Political Science Phone: 7-6902 Email: ka'

Kevin Lewis Field: Religious Studies Phone: 7-2561 Email:

KC Kirasic Field: Psychology Phone: 7-2539 Email:

Laura Woliver Field: Political Scienc~ Phone: 7-4007 Email:

Keith Kenney Field: Journalism Phone: 7-3302 Email:

Lucille Mould Field: French Phone: 7-2613 Email:

Judith Kalb Field: Languages, Literature, and Culture Phone: 7-9615 Email:

Karen Heid Field: Art Phone: 7-2594 Email:

Ken Perkins Field: History Phone: 7-2355 Email:

Karl Heider Field: Office of the Provost Phone: 7-2808 Email:


Perkins Field: English Programs for Internationals Phone: 7-2394 Email: margaret_perkins

... ,,,II-








Maria Girardi Field: Math Phone: 7-5882 Email:

Mark Sibley-Jones Field: Creating Writing Phone: 7-810.2 Email:

Sarah Baxter Field: Mechanical Engineering Phone: 7-0239 Email:

Steve Weldon Field: Political Science Phone: 7-3109 Email:


no picture available

Patrick Scott Field: English Phone: 7-1275 Email:

Tom Terrill Field: History Phone: 7-1672 Email: Alex

Rosamund Sprague Field: Philosophy Phone: 7-3727 Email:

Ms. Annie

Vicki Vance Bowman Field: Biological Sciences Phone: 7-4141 Email:


Ms. Frances Supervisor, North Campus Housing Custodial Cew

Zach Kelehear Field: Education Leadership Phone: 7-0323 Email:






Bernard Breeland



Edward Dunlap



Jennifer Reid




Kimory Bishop

Marion Williams

Miss Shirley . Preston Dining Manager


Merideth Pettit

Elliot Turner

Jack Ellis

Joseph Stewart

Kelly Houde

Aaron Robertson Room: 317 AIM: arodb2887 Email: Major: Business Trend You Regret: "Music" out the window

Rachael Allen

Adam Salem Room: 213 Phone: 803-351-1222 Email: Major: Undeclared Trend You Regret: Eating Quote: "You craaaaazzy!"

Alex Murchison Room: 332 Phone: 803-448-2881 AIM: Postgame Huge Email: The_Taii_Biack_Guy2006 Major: Business Trend You Regret: Pokemon Quote: "Cool is not something you try to be, it is something you are!"

Shelley Price

Afotey Quaye Room: 123 Phone: 843-861-6515 AIM: The0re6Pwnage Email: Trend You Regret: Music Snobbery

Allison Humphries Room: 219 AIM: iseenochair Email: Major: Pre-pharmacy Trend You Regret: Trapper keepers Quote: "Do you love me now that I can dance?"

Tiffany Jones

Alex Drayton Room: 336 Phone: 803-331-1682 Email: Major: Biology Trend You Regret: Filling out papers!!

Shawn Dunn



Alex Gardner Room: 211 Phone: 803-319-3631 AIM: lexxy3124 Email: Major: Advertising



Allison Keisler Room: 121 Phone: 803-767-5148 Email: Major: Spanish


Amanda Potter Room: 313 Phone: 803-417-2080 AIM: amandapotterOS Email: Major: Early Childhood Ed. Quote: "LOOKS LIKE CARRABBA'S TONIGHT!"

Andrew Norris Room: 357 Phone: 843-224-6502 AIM: whtboyfro Email: Major: Marketing Trend You Regret: Nothing

Ashlee Diggs Room: 118 Phone: 240-846-4487 Email: Major: Biology Trend You Regret: Straight-leg stretch jeans Quote: "Be true to yourself."

Andre North Room: 150 Phone: 4-0622 AIM: scmusicscholar Email: Major: Music Trend You Regret: Pokemon cards Quote: "If you're already reading this disclaimer, we already have something in common."

Angela Castro Room: 307 AIM: Corrosivesofie Email: Major: Fashion Merch. Trend You Regret: Side ponytails in the 4th grade Quote: "Be kind for everyone you meet is fighting a harder battle."

Ashley Gosnell Room: 311

Austin Griesman Room: 332 Phone: 803-627-2993 AIM: griessmann5 Email: Major: Electrical Engr. Quote: "Look at me being serious, Alex!"

Ashley Prosser Room: 341

Austin Pair Room: 331 Phone: 803-804-6714 AIM: austinpair11 Email: Major: Marketing Trend You Regret: The ones I never did Quote: "LA - Born N Raised"

Andrea Barr Room: 223 Major: Criminology Quote: "Never look down on anybody unless you are helping them up."

Andrew Bartlett Room: 338


Anietra Bailey Room: 218 Phone: 803-417-8530 Email: Major: Biology Quote: "God bless you with everything you need, not necessarily everything you want."

Aundrea Hussey Room• 209

Arizona "Jasmine" Lipscomb Room: 147 Phone: 864-980-3300 AI"1: Jasmine29653 Email: Major: Business Quote: "A sentence is a day, a paragraph is a week, a chapter is a month; be careful what you write in your book of life."



Austin Barnhill Room: 310

Audra Barton Room: 118 Email: Major: Business


Benjamin Fine Room: 353

Benjamin Secrist Room: 132

Beth 路Ann Bell Room: 253 Phone: 540-322-1821 AIM: g211to Email: Major: Geology Trend You Regret: Gratuitous use of "like"

Bobby Sutton Room: 141 Phone: 803-429-4628 Email:

Bradley Kneece Room: 239

Quote: "My life is a game of strip poker. Want to play?" Bill Lane Room: 239 Phone: 803-414-3018 AIM: blenergy133,. Email: Major: Public Relations Quote: "Laugh yourself into stitches"


Brad Worsham Room: 357 Phone: 843-509-3920 AIM: WhitePanther4943 Email: Major: Computer Engr.



Brandi Conner Room: 242 Email: Major: Public Relations

Brian Walters Room: 213 Phone: 803-671-5615 Email: Major: Criminal Justice

Brandt Stone Room:'227 Email: Major: Civil Engr.

Brooke Girardeau Room: 242 ~ Phone: 803-378-7988. Email: Major: Nursing

Brenna White Room: 206 AIM: Starchild13861 Major: Theatre Quote: "My picture is teh suckzorz!! 1! I like shiny things! : )"

Cadence Morillo Room: 323 Phone: 843-696-5310 Email:

Brett Hoffecker Room: 334 Email: Major: Music/Pre-Med Quote: "Live life to the fullest and make it fun."

Caleb. Will Room: 252 Phone: 803-727-9734 AIM: dance4fun1332 Email: Major: Business Trend You Regret: No regrets! Quote: "I'll try anything twice."


Cam Holder Room: 133 Phone: 843-601-2912 AIM: sunshinespacegrl Email: camina_12585 Major: English Trend You Regret: Kissing all those minors!! Quote: "Let's make some magic!" Caroline Simps~n Room: 226. Phone: 4-2655 AIM: delioncourll Email: Trend You Regret: Watching Bridezillas Quote: "Lose your dreams and you will lose your mind."

Cary Presson Room: 326

Chantell Russell Room: 136


Charles Odom Room: 336

Charlotte Taylor Room: 236 Phone: 703-606-4320 AIM: chowcurious Email: Major: Public Relations Trend You Regret: High School Quote: '"But I don't want to go among mad people' Alice remarked. 'Oh, you can't help that,' said the cat, 'we're all mad here. I'm mad, you're mad."' Chi Song Room: 339 Email: rhymeshark88 Major: Business

Chris Williams Room: 235 Phone: 803-983-2645 AIM: AndrosNightshade Major: Film Studies & Media Arts Trend You Regret: Country Music Quote: "For the Horde!!"

CJ Owensby Room: 328 Phone: 803-237-2565 AIM: bowlingstar21 Email: bowlingstar21 Major: Business Mgmt. Trend You Regret: Baggy Jeans Quote: "Jesus answered, 路'I am the way, the truth, . and the life. No one comes to the father except through me."'

Christina L. Myers Room: 253 Email: Major: Biology

Chelsea Schwoyer Room: 341 Phone: 4-1545 AIM: hottieviolinist Email: csviolin@bellsouth. net Major: Music Education Trend You Regret: Facebook Quote: "When life gives you lemons, throw them back at life."

Christopher Shealy Room: 231

Christian Elamparo Room: 330 Phone: 803-348-4232 AIM: cterror88 "'Email: Major: Mechanical Engr. Trend You Regret: Spending money on a car.

Cindy Lau Room: 312 Phone: 864-906-7570 AIM: angelbabe2388 Email: Major: Business Quote: "It's all good until you get caught."



Clark Ogier Room: 138 Phone: 904-403-4798 AIM: lostpipe Email: Major: Undeclared Trend You Regret: Playing football

Clifford Parr Room: 142


Dionne Simmons Room: 330 Phone: 803-767-1497 AIM: Dopesentrapment Email: Major: Pharmacy Trend You Regret: Stunna shades Quote: "Even Stevie Wonder can see he is fly.".

Courtney Brockington David Dodgen Room: 306 Room: 216 AIM: courtusc Email: Major: Media Arts I Business Trend You Regret: Regretting stuff Quote: "Never regret anything ... it was exactly ~ha~ . you wanted at one pomt.

Dominique Dawkins Room: 212 Phone: 864-238-2818 AIM: prettyprettyme06 Email: Major: Psychology Quote: "Love is not love which alters when it alteration finds."

Crystal Burgess Denver Murray Room: 254 Room: 316 Phone: 803-760-3981 AIM: barbiehershey Email: Major: Elementary Ed. Trend you regret: Calling everyone a " sue ka.I"

Elizabeth Blalock Room: 311

David Amato Derek Strange Room: 208 Room: 238 AIM: Virtua1Nerd101 Phone: 864-884-3120 路 Email: Email: Major: Media Arts Major: Chemical Engr. Trend You Regret: Boy Trend You Regret: -路"' Bands Laziness Quote: "Super profunda on Quote: "Maybe you're the the early eve of your day." plucky comic relief" David Childers Room: 123 AIM: sushytofu Email: Major: Journalism & Music Trend You Regret: Trying to skateboard Quote: "612 Wharf Avenue"


Elliot Turner Room: 168 Phone:4-3074 AIM: polaber156 Email: Major: Pharmacy Quote: "If you laugh a lot, . when you get older, your Wrtnkles will be in the right places."

Diana Pou Room: 116



Emily Kasl Room: 路350 AIM: garnetgal09 Email: Major: Marine Science Trend You Regret: Beanie babies Quote: "I'm sexy, but not so sexy I stop bullets." E6in Kenny Room: 230 Phone: 843-812-5226 Email: Major: Undeclared Trend You Regret: I have no regrets. Quote: "Don't worry about it." Eric King Room: 306 AIM: RandomAsADD Email: Major: Math Quote: "Silence is golden, but duct tape is silver!"

Eriel Harker Room: 129 Email: Major: Psychology Tren~ You Regret: No regrets, baby! Quote: "Go big or go home."


Erin Small Room: 254 Phone: 843-412..;4733 AIM: erin5491 Email: erin5491 Major: English Trend you regret: Rainbows Quote: "Worrying is like sitting in a rocking chair. It gives you something to do, but it doesn't get you anywhere."

Himali Shah Room: 301 AIM: mahi1287 Email: Major: Biology I Pre-Med Quote: "What can brown do for you?"

Fraronda Green Room: 307 Phone: 843-260-3613 Email: Major: English Quote: "Laugh now, cry later."

Hite Miller Room: 228 Email: Major: Undeclared Trend You Regret: Pokemon Quote: "Live like there is no tomorrow."

Harrison Paciotti Room: 252

James Hickson Room: 208 AIM: bluefalcon2099 Major: History Quote: "Where's Waldo is best played with a sniper rifle."

James Maass Room:'324

Jamie Hinson Room:205 Phone: 803-983-4179 AIM: Nanaljam Email: Major:TSTM Trend You Regret: Hanson Quote: "Say it with me kids, or the wish won't come true! Mekka Lekka Hi-mek!<a hiney ho!"

Jack "Holt"· Black Room: 234 Email: Major: Broadcast Journalism Quote: "Here I am, rock me like a hurricane."

Jason Sandoval Room: 327 AIM: Jsandoval1987 Email: Major: Comp Sci Trend You Regret: · Pokemon Quote: "Live so that even the undertaker will cry."

Heath Baschon Jacqueline Ross Room: 146 ·Room: 210 Phone: 864-337-1274 Phone: 215-208-1000 AIM: RoxieSinger AIM: realluckyseven Email: *Email: Major: Pre-Med I Biology ~ajor: Media Arts Trend You Regret: Emo Trend You Regret: Quote: "Just because no Triangle Bangs one understands you does not make you an artist." Quote: "Life moves pretty fast, if you don't stop and look around every once in a while, you might miss it."



1~11JI'I:Qhl ·FACEBOOK 2006

Jason Shideler Room: 204 Phone: 803-984-9267 AIM: BillardeMeister Email: Major: Media Arts Trend You Regret: Putting stickers on everything Quote: "Just go with it." · Jediya Rahim Room: 146 Phone: 803-460-3136 Em aU: Major: Engineering Quote: "Dear god, get some golf shoe quick" Jennifer Doyle Room: 346 Phone: 4-1119 AIM: babyjen035 Email: Major: English Quote: "You can't live your life waiting for someone to make you happy. You have to make yourself happy before you can be happy with someone else." Jennifer Caitlin Finn Room: 222 Phone: 864-616-0942 AIM: seminolesrock16 Email: denncate88@aol. com Major: Advertising Trend You Regret: Grunge Quote: "Live every day to the fullest!"

·PAGE 23

Jennifer Poles Room: 309

Jeremy Turnage Room: 339 Phone: 803-307-6448 AIM: residentps2 Email: Major: Journalism Trend You Regret: Snakes on a Plane Quote: "The greatest story never told is your own."

Jessica Watson Room: 241

Jennifer Ritz.u Room: 202 ·AIM: Jennybug82787 Email: · Major: Biology Quote: "You must be the change you wish to see in the world."

Jessica Kiser Room: 130 Phone: 703-944-8205 AIM: aznkiser Email: Major: Pre-Med/Biology Trend You Regret: Bugeyed sunglasses Quote: "Walk a mile in someone else's shoes--that way, you'll be a mile away and have their shoes!"

Jimmy Griffin Room: 234 Email: · Major: Art Studio & Religious Studies Trend You Regret: Going to college Quote: "Prepare yourself! The ultimate zing is nigh upon you."

Jennifer Stevens ·Room: 310

Jenny Stone Room: 121 Phone: 715-210-5218 AIM: stonerjen815 Email: Major: Film Studies

Joe Thickens Room: 331 Email: Major: Political Science Trend You Regret: Hours . of Internet chess Quote: "Second place is first loser."

Jessica Klima Room: 347 AIM: speechless119 Email: Major: Nursing Quote: "Love and laughter heal everything."

Jessica Lee Room: 217




Joey Varga Room.: 236 AIM: kittykat2884 Email: Major: HRTM Quote: "'Monkey?' 'I'm in the closet!' 'Holy crap, you .··.· . just talked!' 'I taught myself to· talk!' 'This is very awkward!' 'I know! Let's fight!"'

John Berger Room: 333

John Bresnihan . Room: 318 Phone: 843-860-9433 AIM: bucketheadsbuddy Email: Major: Film Studies

John S. Carroll Room: 337 AIM: BoyofShallott Email: Major: English Trend You Regret: Don't regret much. Quote: "With all predictable spontaneity I can offer... " John Charlton Room: 131


PRESTONIT路ES John "Jack" Ellis Room: 324 Phone: 706-627-6932 AIM: bakeryfavorites Email: Trend You Regret: Wearing hiking shoes too much. Quote: "It seemed like a good idea at the time."

Johnny J. Moses Room: 231 Email: Major: Biology Quote: "If God be for us, who shall be against us?"

Joseph Stewart Room: 207 Phone: 803-730-1849 AIM: shadowyfigure16 Email: . Major: HRTM Trend You Regret: High School

John Lovejoy Room: 230 Phone: 704-609-4466 AIM: ultimatereverend Email: Major: Journalism Trend You Regret: Liking Ricky Martin music. Quote: "You can only be who you are, no more, no less."

Jon Gossens Room: 122 Phone: 802-272-0332 AIM: godmangossens88 Email: Major: Int'l Business Quote: "What's your contribution to life?"

Josh YC)ung Room: 318 Phone: 704-995-4241 AIM: J05h913 Email: Major: Pharmacy Trend You Regret: Shaving my head what you can with what you got and s@#$ happens."

John "JT$" Thorny Room: 305 Phone: 803-687-2250 AIM: xxunclearliesxx Email: Major: Media Arts Trend You Regret: USC Parking Quote: "Enough is enough! I've had it with these mutha@#$%in' snakes on this mutha@#$%in' plane!" Johnny Dickerson Room: 110 Phone: 803-413-2253 Email: Major: Journalism Trend You Regret: Cockfighting Quote: "I'm gonna scissor kick you in the back of the neck."


Joseph Bonvallet Room: 231

Joseph Manley Room: 216

Joshua Voelkel Room: 132

Justin Dotson Room: 337 Phone: 864-237.-3956 Email: Major: Psychology Trend You Regret: Pokemon Quote: "Choose your b1rttl1s wisely."

Justin 路Griffis Room: 203 AIM: uscguy87 Email: Major: Psychology I Pre-Med I Spanish

Kaitlyn Rickher Room: 342 " Phone: 704-779-444 7 AIM: confusedcloud44 Email: Major: Exercise Science

Kara Rose Room: 202 Phone: 781-724-9837 AIM: clockwrkorange87 Email: Major: Undeclared Trend You Regret: Leggings Quote: "I don't gotta quote." Kat Heavner Room: 304 Phone: 803-622-6332 AIM: gamecockykat Email: Major: English Trend You Regret: Hanging out with John Tho my Quote: "Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today."


·.·.·. S


Kate LaBoone · Kendall Tough Room: 241 Room: 117 Phone: 4-2582 Phone: 803-417-5437 AIM: cakebaUoon Email: Email: Major: Education Major: Spanish Trend You Regret: Jelly Trend You Regret: Texting sandals Quote: "But only in their Quote: "Don't sweat the dreams can men be truly free." · small stuff." Katherine "Katie" Coelho Room: 347 Phone: 203-241-4560 AIM.: kayco310 Email: Major: Public Relations

Kayla Boatwright Room: 323 Phone: 803-687~0599 Email:

Kirby Jordan Room: 309

Kendrea Derrick Room:,223 Phone: 582-8824 AIM: omfgzz ambulance Email: xxmoshxsingxdancexx Major: Undeclared Trend You Regret: "The Scene" Quote: "mehhh" Khanh Khuu Room: 122 Major: Business

Major: Secondary Math Trend You Regret: Going to a Clemson Game Quote: "Determination, passion, and faith will take you far in life. Never give up on anything, and always give your best." Kelly Houde Room: 352 Phone: 847-732-8369 AIM: catladykell Email: Major: Psychology Trend You Regret: The side ponytail Quote: "Whoot, whoot!"


Kindra Becker Room: 117




Kristin Coley Room: 348 Phone: 803-230-4168 AIM: kc2006 Email: Major: Nursing Trend You Regret: Hair crimping Quote: "Live life to the fullest!"

Kristen "Kris-Kris" Bales Room: 115 AIM: uoixduchaos Email: Major: Criminal Justice Trend You Regret: That damn paisl.ey print!

Langston Ross Room: 335 AIM: crucialj86 Email: Major: Journalism Quote: "Live, Love, and Laugh."

Krista Homer Room: 308 Email: Major: Sports & Entertainment

Laura Mueller Room: 115 Phone: 803-605-5029 Email: Major: Elementary Ed. Quote: "Sin boldly."

Kristen Covington Roorrt: 189 Email: Major: Criminology & Criminal Justice

Lauren Allio Room: 130


Lauren Flinn Room: 343 Phone: 919-302-3789 AIM: laur8601 Email: Major: Communications Quote: "Miracles happen to those who believe in them." Layne Womick Room: 206 AIM: DorothyWing Email: Major: History Trend You Regret: Feather Pens Quote: "Hindsight is 20/20"


Mallane Stanbury Room: 303 AIM: melsta248 Email: mallanestanbury Major: Communications Trend You Regret: Stretch pants Quote: "Life is like a cocktail party in the streets."

Lindsay Alford Room: 346 Phone: 4-1117 AIM: mackinwdanecook Email: mackinwdanecook Major: Business Quote: "Live like you'll die tomorrow and dance like nobody's watching." -- ~

Lito Lath ren Room: 137 Phone: 803-271-2129 AIM: celusc1 Email: Major: Accounting Trend You Regret: Bleaching my hair . Quote: "Bloop!"

Leesa Poag Room: 308 AIM: leesap04 Email: Major: Political Science Quote: "If you're gonna be dumb, you gotta be tough!"

Logan Royals Room: 356 Phone: 803-447-0452 AIM: lroy408 Major: Political Science Trend You Regret: Myspace Quote: "I don't believe in isms .. .I believe in myself."

Lia Baldwin Room: 322 Phone: 724-713-0331 AIM: liathinksuracxunt Email: Major: Business Trend You Regret: Uggs! Quote: "Be the change you â&#x20AC;˘ want to see in the world."

Makeeba Bookhart Room: 124 Email: Major: Biology

Marissa Stevens Room: 345 Phone: 843-345-8565 Email: Major: Biology Quote: "You only live once, so live your life and be happy in whatever you choose to do." Mark Schaaf Room: 333 AIM: BigSchaaf Email: Major: Computer Science

Marquis Bias Room: 149 Phone:843-475-7007 Email: Major: Music Trend You Regret: Reality Televison Quote: "I find it hard to believe that there are heights that cannot be scaled by the man who knows "


Matt Buck Room: 334 AIM: themattbuck Email: Major: Music Trend You Regret: P-Town Quote: "B@#$%, dome me up on the throne." Matthew Canty Room: 246

Matthew Kappler Room: 204 Phone: 864-221-4361 Email: Major: Undeclared Quote: "I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness ... angelheaded hipsters burning for the ancient heavenly connection to the starry dynamo in the machinery of night ..." Matthew Kelly Room: 227 Phone: 803-606-2241 AIM: kellymt2006 Email: Major: Civil Engineering Trend You Regret: Working during school


Megan Novak Room: 129 Phone: 864-631-6979 AIM: roarr a tigerrr Major: Political Science Trend You Regret: Smoking Quote: "You are not a beautiful, unique snowflake."

Michael Estes Room: 317

Michelle Calaham Room: 143

Megan Wolfe Room: 342 Phone: 704-619-3453 AIM: sthrnswthrt06xo Email: Major: Undeclared Trend You Regret: Crees Quote: "Those who think sunshine is happiness have never danced in the rain."

Michael Lotts Room: 141

Mitchell Baker Room: 137

Meredith Wright Room: 222 Phone: 717-496-5738 AIM: beautifuihavoc Email: Major: Political Science Trend You Regret: Spice Girls , Quote: "Don't hate me because I'm beautiful, yo."

Michael Ross Room: 247 Phone: 803-665-3849 AIM: mwross0814 Email: Major: Accounting Trend You Regret: Playing too many video games.

Molly Lynch Room: 224 Phone: 520-603-1944 AIM: softshoes42 Email: Major: Biology Trend You Regret: Seattle Grunge. 路 I'd rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints; the sinners are much more fun."

Merideth Pettit Michael Tate Room: 205 Room: 327 Phone: 864-909-1941 AIM: violetdreamsc Email: meridethp86@gmail. com Major: Media Arts&~ Graphic Design Trend You Regret: Reality shows Quote: "I hope that donkey doesn't have a heinie troll!"


Morgan Harrell Room: 302 Phone: 803-493-2268 AIM: morgan43530 Email: Major: Biology


Morgan Smith Room: 322 Phone: 864-497-7768 AIM: chetheegal06 Email: rockerchicasc06 @yahoo. com Major: Biology/Pre-Med Trend You Regret: Music Quote: "I like nonsense; it wakes up the brain cells." Nancy Nichols Room: 237 Phone: 803-622-7205 AIM: cinderellausc Email: Major: Nursing Quote: "If you don't o after what you want, you'll never have it. If you don't ask, the answer's always no." Natasha Hopkins Room: 352 Phone: 678-522-3652 AIM: moosichick4u Email: natasha.hopkins Major: Management Trend You Regret: Not sleeping Quote: "I'm kind ova big deal." Nathan Smith Room: 328 Phone: 214-533-4285 AIM: naffeys Email: Major: Int'l Business Trend You Regret: Picking on darks


l '


Neal Rister Room: 110 Phone: 803-46-8388 Email: Major: Business Trend You Regret: Beanie Babies Quote: "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take."

Parker Heustess Room: 235 AIM: tuldawen Email: Major: History Quote: "There were horses, someone was on fire, and I killed a man with a trident."

Rae Atkinson Room: 224 Phone: 843-625-9221 AIM: rainbowhappypants Email: Major: Int'l Studies Trend You Regret: Bad music Quote:":)"

Nettles Spigner Room: 232 Phone: 803-236-1152 AIM: saucysaladshuter Email: Major: Nursing Trend You Regret: Pokemon Quote: "Never trust a man who uses his loin cloth as a handkerchief!"

Patricia Valatka Room: 133 Phone: 609-510-3394 AIM: diamondnova Email: Major: Psychology Quote: "Of all the thing I've lost over the years, I miss my mind the most."

Robbie Munsey Room: 111 Phone: 864-216-1122 AIM: darkreaver58 Email: Major: History & Secondary Education Quote: "May your life be like toilet paper: long and useful."

Nick Stoltman Room: 228 Phone: 919-270-8410 AIM: stolts01 Email: Major: Sports Management

Nicholas Inman Room: 111 Phone: 864-216-5677 AIM: ncholas88 Email: Major: Business


Pawel Glab Room: 150 Phone: 864-360-1177 AIM: PauiJG04 Email: Major: Business Quote: "Productive procrastination is bad."

Robert Lipe 路 Room: 247 AIM: vesilli2000 Email: summerbunny2000 Major: Comp. Science Quote: "This is not your sandbox."

Roberto Levier Room: 231 Phone: 843-478-5566 AIM: rlevier2 Email: Major: Int'l Business Trend You Regret: Pokemon 路 Quote: "If you're not first, you're last." Ryan Connor Room: 142 Phone: 843-992-1176 AIM: rmcusc Email: Major: Biology Trend You Regret: Cowboy boots and shorts Quote: "Don't go around saying the world owes you anything. It doesn't; it was here first." Samantha McKeown Room: 301


Room: 233 AIM: titania201 Major: HRTM Trend You Regret: Furbies Quote: "Life is uncertain, 路 eat dessert first!"

Robert Pearce Room: 140 Phone: 843-568-9080 AIM: hi u dood Email: Major: Psychology Trend You Regret: Abbreviations (e.g. lol, rofl) Quote: "If you do everything right, no one will think you've done anything at all."



Samantha St. Aubin Room: 313 Phone: 803-417-0724 AIM: samgurl1529 Major: Retail/Fashion Merchandising Quote: "That was funnny."


' J

Sara Hart Room: 116

Sarah Allen Room: 201 AIM: uscsadiell Email: Major: Business Trend You Regret: Oh please, I set the trends. Quote: "A word to the wise ain't necessary... the stupid ones that need advice." Sarah Gisriel Room: 237 Phone: 410-982-9578 AIM: gryfndork Email: Quote: "Chocolate is the answer, who cares what the question is!" Schep, Daniel Room: 249 Email: Major: Comp. Sci. Quote: "You can't spell manslaughter without laughter." Scott Summey Room: 248 AIM: gratefuldeaddd Email: Major: Business Trend You Regret: Listening to dirty rap music Quote: "S@#$ happens." PRESTON FACEBOOK 2006

Seanb!l Davis Room: 212 Email:路 cutestsmurfete@aol. com Major: Journalism Quote: "It doesn't cost a thing, to smile, you don't have to pay to laugh. You better thank God for that."

Shelley Price Sonaite Debebe-Kumssa Room: 219 Room: 209 Phone: 864-216-2482 AIM: shellbelle1002 Email: Major: Russian Trend You Regret: Extremely short girl hair of the early 90s路 .. "Seek freedom and become captive of your ires. Seek discipline and find your lib~rty."

Shade, Michael Room: 141 Phone: 864-363-4698 AIM: zombieshade13 Email: shademw Major: Media Arts Trend You Regret: Hair metal Quote: "Knife to the eye!" Shawn Dunn Room: 233 Phone: 803-467-7096 AIM: fantasys chic Email: Major: English Trend You Regret: Boy bands Quote: "We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams."

Shelton "Jay-R" Stevens Room: 353 Phone: 864-230-4499 AIM: sjstevens Email: Major: Electrical Engineering Trend You Regret: Buying and wearing rubber bands Quote: "Live every day like the last!" Shiniece Reese 路 Room: 348 Phone: 843-819-1982 AIM: sisqozchick90099 Email: Major: Camp. Engineering Quote: "Love is all that matters, or so they say."

Shawn Hagan Room: 207 Phone: 803-361-5524 Email: lt'lajor: Film 路 Trend You Regret: This retarded question Quote: "Shut up. Calculate

Simone Harvin Room: 147 Phone: 864-787-0354 Email: strawberri2006 Major: Business Trend You Regret: Beanie Babies




Skipper Davies Room: 203 AIM: ferociousmadman Email: Major: Political Science Trend You Regret: Making Zeppelins for the Kaiser Quote: "Lincoln had generals that couldn't fight, that wouldn't fight, that didn't want to fight, and when they did fight, they got whooped." Stefany Lenhart Room: 226

Stephanie Goodwin Room: 217 Phone: 843-327-3737 AIM: starfrogger2 Email: Major: Pharmacy


Stephanie Zejewski Room: 345 Phone: 803-634-3171 AIM: zejewgirl87 Email: rasz98@bellsouth. net Major: Chemical Engr. Trend You Regret: Pleather clothes Quote: "All generalizations are dangerous, even this 路 one." Steven Clarke Room: 335 Phone: 843-224-3344 Email: Major: Poli. Sci. Trend You Regret: High School. Quote: "Oh yeah!"

Steven Farley Room: 319 Phone: 864-608-0839 AIM: ecotecfi re Email: Major: Mechanical Engr.

Sui Kim Room: 316 Phone: 864-884-4962 Email: Major: Accounting Quote: "Enjoy!"

Terrance David Room: 246 Phone: 843-245-4859 AIM: hustlasanonymous Email: Major: Sports Entertainment Quote: "F@#$ you; pay me."

TahahniGray Room: 351 Phone: 4-1756 AIM: Tropica1Beauty5 Email: . Major: Nursing Trend You Regret: Wearing the butterfly clips in my hair Quote: "I'm from the Virgin Islands, do I look like one?" Tammy Van Pala Room: 303 Phone: 919-247-1500 AIM: babelicious1011 Email: vanpala@mindspring .com Major: Flute Performance Trend You Regret: Rainbow sandals Quote: "Carpe noctem--seize the night!"

Thomas Womack Room: 358 Phone: 4-3660 AIM: thms8787 Email: Major: Business Trend You Regret: Eating lots of food! Tiffany Jones Room: 350 AIM: MdnghtDust Email: Major: Criminal Justice Trend You Regret: Leotards Quote: "There's only two . e I trust in this world. One of them is me and the other is not you." Tim McManus, The Evil Master of the Melodica Room: 150 Phone: 803-447-2206 AIM: yoyotimmy Email: Major: Fear Quote: "You can not hide from fist of fear!"

Stuart Gregg Tashia Goodwine Room: 305 Room: 143 Phone: 803-920-1699 AIM: mest11coca ~ Email: Major: Media Arts Trend You Regret: Night Golfing Quote: "I am Jack's complete lack of surprise."




Toni Peterson Room: 302 Phone: 803-517-5550 AIM: psycokit218 Email: Major: Business

Trieste Pinzini Room: 211 Phone: 215-964-7317 AIM: trst1088 Email: Major: Business

Trisha Sittisuntorn Room: 343 Phone: 843-687-2927 Email: Major: Biology

Tyler Spence Room: 358 Phone: 4-3667 AIM: volerlavion Email: ed u Major: Music/Poli. Sci.


Tyler Wallace Room: 138 Email: Major: Pre-Pharmacy

Wayne Hiott Room: 140 Pbone: 843-693-0024 Email: Major: Sports and Enterainment Mgmt. Quote: "Legare, I misplaced the orange tree."

Vicki Koutsogiannis Room: 312 Phone: 864-593-3805 AIM: greekshortii88 Email: Major: Poli. Sci.

Whitney Bragg Room: 232 Phone: 803-361-4204 AIM: Hbllyjean Email: Trend You Regret: Dangle bracelets

Viki Alvarez Room: 201 Phone: 864-905-3481




Zach Turek Room: 248 Phone: 704-575-8579 AIM: giantsfreak1986 Email: Major: Biomedical Engr. Trend You Regret: Rap music Quote: "Somebody boo that man!"

Walt Roberts Zachary Woodard Room: 319 Room: 356 AIM: RR Conservative Phone: 803-427-1786 Major: Poli. Sci. AIM: flyboy5434 Trend You Regret: Email: Polo Shirts Quote: "I feel sorry for Major: Athletic Training people that don't drink. Trend You Regret: Shirts They wake up in the with dragons morning and that/s as good as they are going to feel Quote: "All who wonder are not lost.'/ all day."


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