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At Fountain centre, Braybon Avenue Sat 21st at 4-6pm - Chestnuts roasting Sun 22nd at 4pm - Carols/ nativity Christmas Eve at 11.30pm. Christmas Day at 10.30am Christy Smith 07523 849646

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Wed 18th December at 6.00pm A Carol Service for the whole family at the Gathering Place, Orchard View, Stanmer Heights.

tmas joy is r h C in e r you to sha cal churches. e it v in e W your lo at any of  | The Post • t: 01273 299219

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Time to deck the halls Early December is such a busy time, there is so much to remember and get organised….and every day seems busier than the last! Thank goodness it finally culminates in some rest. Christmas is one of the very few fully shared events. Because almost everyone is on holiday at the same time it creates a precious chance for friends and family to be together. I especially love the way being part of a larger group makes games possible. Of course, our safety and general convenience depends on the fact that others continue to work on our behalf throughout it all. Thank you to all our readers who keep the show on the road. Wishing everyone a peaceful Christmas – see you in the New Year!

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Burning The clocks 21st December Celebrate the winter solstice. Burn the old, inflame the new.

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Ask the Family

It’s Quizmas! 1. Where was the Declaration of Independence signed? 2. What goes up and down, but still remains in the same place? 3 How can a man go eight days without sleeping? 4. What is the main reason for divorce?

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5. If you throw a red stone into blue water what will it become? 6. Is it possible to lift an elephant with one hand?

Answers on page 28

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WATCHING OUR FLOCKS... by Caroline Dovovan

“Do you have to wear a funny outfit?” If I had a pound for each time someone has asked me that since I’ve volunteered as a Lookerer, helping out with the sheep that are dotted about in the parks and open spaces of the city, I’d be, oh, a little bit better off. No, I don’t have to wear a funny outfit, or a frilly cap, or a smock, or carry a shepherd’s crook - although I would recommend a pair of Wellingtons and, on occasion, some secateurs. Sheep duty, as I have come to call it, generally happens in the early morning. It can seem as if I’m the only one in Stanmer Park but, in reality, I’m sharing the space with dog walkers, trades-people, joggers and, those who are

 | The Post • t: 01273 299219

determined to find a parking space in Brighton at all costs, even at that early hour. This morning it’s windswept and cold but the sheep that graze the downland are hardy creatures. They’re Herdwicks, amongst the toughest sheep in Britain, bred by the Vikings and originating from Cumbria. Bought in at six months old (they are, at that stage, adolescents in the sheep world) they come from the northern hill-farms. Sussex, even when wet and windy must seem a picnic by comparison. It’s no wonder they can’t be sent back once they’ve experienced the ‘soft life’ down south. Grazing starts in September, with a mixture of the older sheep from the previous year and the new arrivals. The flock is moved between sites and their role is to conservation-graze the council managed downland. Were it a purely commercial flock, spring would bring the lambing season and, although occasional little surprises are found in the Brighton flock, these sheep are generally non-producing ewes. At age twelve to twenty-four months, Herdwicks go for meat (there is no market for breeding Herdwicks), whilst ‘mules’ will go to better pasture, before being sold off as breeding ewes in the autumn. But in Brighton and Hove, all sheep are taken off the sites in the late spring,

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sheep as they walk away from me. I sometimes just miss catching a foot in a hole and tumbling over, not down - very un-Alice like. Luckily, there is rarely anyone around to notice. The sheep share their space with all manner of man-made objects as well. Today I noted: two golf balls (hopefully relics from before they moved into this section of field); a cigarette lighter; the plastic container of a micro-wave dinner and the ubiquitous plastic bottle and coke can (always at least one of each).

to allow for the wild flowers and orchids to come through. Today, I expected to come upon the sheep being blown in all directions by the wind, or suspended above, as fluffy balloons! I’d like to believe that they are Zen-like creatures, with their inscrutable expressions but, sadly I don’t think so. They don’t appear to be the sharpest in the animal tool box (shepherds and sheep owners may disagree with me). They are sweet, in a shaggy woolly way but let a collie near them and it will run rings around them. Sheep on the downs is not a new idea. It is not, as some believe, a typically Brighton alternative-for-the-sake-of-it notion. Sheep have been grazing the downland for thousands of years. The landscape that we walk, drive over and gaze upon has been shaped and managed by man and his animals long before we came along with our quest for all things organic and sustainable. Without grazing, the land would revert to scrub, with the loss of the wide variety of wildflowers and insects that are now dependent on it. It can either be kept clear by mechanical means which involves noise and fossil fuel and requires machinery to be transported from site to site, or it can be grazed by sheep; quiet & eco-friendly - even producing a free and organic, flowerimproving by-product along the way!

Sheep are wary creatures and difficult to sneak up on. If you make any move towards them, they move off - which is a good thing if you’re a lookerer, as you can then check for any limpers and stragglers. Sheep should be alert and unrestricted in their movements; once you get close to them if they don’t move away then something is wrong. It could be any of several problems, including an injury from a dog attack (thankfully rare) but one of the roles of the lookerer is to talk to dog walkers and ramblers about the conservation grazing project, the reasons behind it and the benefits to the downland. The training for a lookerer only takes a day of your time, is straightforward and interesting with the opportunity to meet the rangers and the shepherds. To find out more, contact the rangers via the city council web-site: www. The role attracts all sorts of people from all walks of life. There are now over one hundred lookerers at any one time, who volunteer over 12 sites. With a flock of roughly 800 sheep, spread out across

Magpies and sheep seem to go together. Whenever I go to visit a site, the magpies are also there, hopping about and darting between the woolly grazers. Walking the fence, to check for damage or fallen sections, I need to be mindful of rabbit holes; scanning the  | The Post • t: 01273 299219

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the city, the council needs volunteers to check on them twice a day. The project couldn’t run (or at least not on that scale) without volunteers. The sheep even have their own twitter account, @BHSheep, should you want to find out where they are and where they will be heading to next. At the moment, I volunteer once a week but you can do as little or as much as you wish. Some lookerers are able to visit the sheep every day, others are more constrained by working hours, family commitments. For me the changing of the clocks means it is too dark when I finish work to go and look in on the flock. But, however much time I spend, I get to feel that my contribution is helping to maintain this project; manage an environment that I love, preserve an eco system and support the conservation work of our city rangers. Conservation grazing is a partnership between the shepherds who own the sheep and the council which manages the land. The shepherds will decide on the state of the grazing and take the decision to move the sheep off site if this is insufficient, or if

the ground is too wet. After attending the training day, all lookerers are given the phone numbers for the rangers and the shepherds; and veterinary surgery should there be any problems or concerns. I don’t always feel like getting up and going out to see the sheep. I sometimes wonder why have I volunteered to do this, especially when I am warm and comfy in bed on a wet and windy morning. Haven’t I got enough to do? But, having committed to go, I will. I guess that is the responsibility of having animals (pets or livestock) and it’s what farmers and shepherds have to do every day. I also believe that if we keep animals, then we have a duty to make sure that they are well-cared for, not injured or wanting for anything. It can seem like a chore, to pull out of bed but, then again, especially on those crisp and frosty mornings, when it’s just me, the magpies and the sheep, I’m glad I’ve made the effort. To keep up with Caroline and her partner Tim’s walks in Sussex...sheep lookering and more..visit www.carolineandtimwalks.

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Puds Past

Christmas pudding has its culinary origins in the medieval period. The onset of winter and accompanying loss of fodder meant surplus animals had to be slaughtered. And in the 1400s the pudding was not a dessert but a way of preserving meat. It was kept in a pastry case with dried fruits acting as the preservative. It was eaten originally as part of Harvest Festival and likely to be the source of ‘mince pies’. As preservation techniques improved and it was stable for longer, the pudding gradually became less savoury and sweeter. King George I in 1714 asked for plum pudding as part of his first Christmas feast in England. The first published recipe using the term ‘Christmas Pudding’ was by East Sussex born cook, Eliza Acton in 1845. It is known as “plum pudding,” despite the fact it does not contain any actual plums. Plum is the pre-Victorian term for raisin. Like so many of our Christmas traditions, the pudding took the form we now know in the Victorian period.

Peggy the Puss Cat Peggy has been exploring the Post and if you look carefully you will find her in three different places.

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And she brought forth her firstborn son, and wrapped him in swaddling clothes, and laid him in a manger; because there was no room for them at the inn. - Luke 2:6 There are depictions of swaddled babies in artifacts over 4000 years old and many believe the practice took place in the Paleolithic period. During Tudor times babies were swaddled until 6-8 months, in a belief it would help them develop straight limbs. As time passed, swaddling began to be associated with neglect and there were tales of wet nurses immobilizing the infants in their care by its use. Scientific opinion, at first controversial, began to doubt any benefit. Today, there is concern about the effects of swaddling as there has been something of resurgence. The thought is that holding children tightly increases a sense of security (considered “womb-like” even though babies in the womb are of course curled not straight) and that it promotes sleep. Professor Nicholas Clarke, an orthopedic surgeon from Southampton University Hospital, warns that swaddling may damage the normal development of youngsters’ hips. He says it is important to allow babies to adopt the foetal position for the first six months of life and that forcing the hips into a straightened position where the legs are pressed together can lead to a condition called hip dysplasia; perhaps also osteoarthritis and eventually hip replacement.

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Mincemeat Cheesecake Seasonal Recipe by Valerie Hedgethorne

Here is a delicious cheesecake for Christmas. The mincemeat goes so well with the cheesecake and the cinnamon adds to the flavour. It can be made ahead of time if you wish and be kept either in the refrigerator for a few days or frozen for a week or two, perhaps even for New Year entertaining. You will need a 20cm (8in) round shallow loose -base cake tin or springform tin.

Valerie Hedgethorne taught cookery & cake decorating for many years in Brighton before becoming a Home Economist. She now writes recipes monthly in Cake Craft & Decoration Magazine & is also a member of the Sussex Branch of the British Sugarcraft Guild.




Line the sides of the tin with a strip of baking parchment paper or Bake-O-Glide. Crush the biscuits finely, put them in a bowl, add the sugar and cinnamon and press very firmly into the base of the tin Put it into the refrigerator

175g (6oz) digestive biscuits 40g (1½ oz) caster sugar 1 teaspoon cinnamon 75g (3oz) butter Filling 250g (9oz) full fat cream cheese 40g (1½ oz) caster sugar 2 large eggs 3 rounded tablespoons mincemeat 1 tablespoon lemon juice Topping

Heat the oven to Gas 5 /190C. In a bowl beat together the cream cheese and sugar with a wooden spoon until smooth. Gradually mix in the beaten eggs. Mix the mincemeat with the lemon juice and spread it evenly over the biscuit base. Pour the cheesecake mixture on top. Place the tin on a baking tray and cook for 25 minutes then remove it from the oven Mix together the soured cream and the cinnamon, and carefully spread it on top of the partially set cheesecake. Return it to the oven for another 15 minutes or until the cheesecake is almost set and the topping slightly coloured. Don’t cook it any more than this as it will set further as it cools. Leave it to cool in the tin then remove the sides and put it in the refrigerator for a hour or so to set firmly.

150ml (5 floz) soured cream

Mix ½ teaspoon cinnamon with 1 teaspoon icing sugar and sprinkle over the top

½ level teaspoon cinnamon

I hope you enjoy this as much as I do & I wish you a Happy Christmas.

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Henry Tuppen and how giving to the Poor at Christmastime set him up before the Beak This Christmas story was first posted on the Brighton Mortiquarian website on the 22 December 2010 and is reproduced here with their kind permission. The particulars of this seasonal tale of thwarted charity can be found in the Brighton Herald of Saturday January 21st 1826, of which the following is an edited extract. It was Boxing Day 1825, and Henry Tuppen was enjoying a midday meal with his family at a house on Grand Parade. One of the ladies present, Miss Faithful, was sitting at the window of the drawing room, and seeing a poor boy passing she observed to the company “that poor boy does not appear to have fared so well as we have done today” Putting her hand into her pocket she withdrew some pence and requested Miss Tuppen would send them to the boy, and at the same time tapping on the window to detain him. Miss Tuppen went to the door and handed the money to the boy, at which moment a Peace officer was passing, and he

demanded (of the boy) what business he had begging there. The young lady assured him that the lad was not doing so, but that a lady inside, who saw how wretched he appeared, sent him a few pence, upon which she retired. In the course of a few minutes after, a crowd of people was assembled a few doors distant. The young lady observed to Mr Tuppen “I fear they are using that poor boy ill, one of them has him by the collar” and requested he would go out and interfere. Mr Tuppen accordingly went to the door at the moment the Peace Officer and the boy were passing;

he asked the officer what he had to do with the boy, as he had committed no offence. The officer said he had been begging. Mr Tuppen repeated what the lady had previously said. The constable insisted that he had been begging, and that he had a great mind to take him up, and summon Mr Tuppen for his interference, at the same time using very insulting language to Mr Tuppen; on which the latter told him to go about his business, for an impudent vagabond. The consequence of which was that Miss Faithful’s act of Christmastime charity earned her host a summons to appear before the Magistrate on a charge of interfering with a Peace Officer in the execution of his duty. The hearing at the Bench took place on Monday January 17th 1826, before Sir David Scott.

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Sir David Scott animadverted with great warmth and severity on the impropriety of Mr Tuppen interfering with the civil power. Mr Tuppen – in his defence – replied that he had not realised that the person in question was a Peace officer, but some officious person, he having no badge of an officer or appearance of a constable. Sir David remarked that it was not necessary for a peace officer to have his badge, and that even if he had it, he might take any person to prison without showing it ; and further observed that in future the constables should

carry handcuffs about in their pockets and clap them upon all prisoners no matter who they might be ; he would issue instructions to that effect. Sir David observed that no person had a right to dispose of their money as they pleased by way of charity; that if he found anyone doing so he would punish him with the utmost rigour of the law.

Garden of Rest at St Nicholas in 1852 and his monument remains in place to this day. The Brighton Mortiquarian: A Gazetteer of St Nicholas Burial Ground A wonderful website that is full of the most interesting information about the history of Brighton.

The case was then dismissed with Mr Tuppen paying the expense of the summons and making a suitable apology to the bench. Mr Tuppen was buried in the


Bethlehem is an ancient city, called Beit Lachama in 3000BC, Bit-Lahmi in 1400BC and Beth–Lehem in the book of Micah, 700BC. It is the City of David in the Hebrew Bible. Two accounts in the New Testament describe Jesus as being born in Bethlehem, his parents having travelled there from Nazareth for the Census of Quirinius. The Church of the Nativity -

now in Manger Square - is the oldest church in the Holy Land and is still in use. Construction first began in 326 AD, aided/ prompted by the locals’ belief that the location of Christ’s birth was originally in a cave at the village edge.

mother of pearl and mosaic on the grotto walls. It is thought around two million visitors make their way to the site each year.

It has been elaborated and rebuilt several times since: A Byzantine restoration between 1165 to 1169 placed highly decorative marble, Bethlehem Star marking Jesus birthplace

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A Century of

Party Frocks & Evening Wear Fashion History at Christmas By Jayne Shrimpton

As Christmas and the New Year approach, the fashion magazines and shops are bursting with festive occasion wear, those must-have sequinned tops, statement dresses and stylish suits for the party season. Christmas celebrations began in earnest in the early Victorian era and here we look at how formal dress for dinners, dances and other evening functions evolved over the following century. Historically, it was considered important to dress correctly for each different occasion, the etiquette of dress and social behaviour becoming more significant and complex in Victorian Britain. Numerous publications set down ‘regulations’ concerning conduct and appearance, guidelines aimed at maintaining traditional standards and class hierarchy in a rapidly-shifting society. For balls and formal evening receptions, young unmarried females were advised to wear white gowns of fine gauzy material such as muslin, organdie or tarlatan – delicate fabrics suggestive of youth, purity and innocence. Conversely, extravagant tulles and handsome silks and satins in rich colours, embellished with lace, were thought more suitable for married women. These sartorial distinctions signalled whether or not a young lady was ‘available’ in the marriage

Evening Dresses, The English Domestic Woman’s Magazine, 1860 20 | The Post • t: 01273 299219

Evening styles from Le Follet fashion magazine, 1840

market – of great importance at a time when introductions to potential suitors were often made and courtships conducted at evening social events. The style of Victorian evening gowns broadly followed prevailing fashion, hence ladies’ skirts grew fuller during the 1840s and 1850s, the crinoline frame, introduced in 1856, supporting the vast, circular skirts of the late-1850s and 1860s. In the early 1870s and again during the 1880s a fashionable bustle (or tournure) formed a projection at the back of the skirt, the back drapery cascading into a sweeping train. Evening ensembles exposed more

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Brickwork, re-pointing & Patio Specialist concreting & shed bases Free, realistic & Accountable Quotes A clean, polite and honest service. All works are guaranteed Happy to quote, especially for the smallest jobs.

Phone Darryl: 01273 832558 / 07546 931162 E: (Not VAT registered - saving you 20% )

DMF Electrical

David Flanagan 01273 388966 07733 363762

77 Greenfield Crescent, Patcham BN1 8HL

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Black velvet beaded evening cape, 1880

Ball, dinner and evening gowns - engraved fashion plate, 4th January 1890

Black net and watered silk evening dress, with fan c.1890 22 | The Post • t: 01273 299219

flesh than did concealing day wear, although the low-necked dresses worn for relaxed dinner parties and intimate gatherings of friends were more modest than the full-dress toilettes required for balls and formal dances, public dinners and grand assemblies. Ensembles for such occasions featured a gown with plunging décolletage and short sleeves, a sumptuous evening cape or cloak, jewellery, hair ornaments, white gloves and a fan. Jewellery should also express age and marital status: it was recommended that unattached girls either wear no jewellery at all, or choose simple, chaste pearls, whereas married women might indulge in gold, diamonds and glittering gemstones. As late as 1899, the Illustrated London News asserted: ‘All that a girl wears should be gay and lightlooking, the opposite to the touch of stateliness and the settled air that become her young matron sister.’ Edwardian evening wear followed similar conventions. The wealthy still had their costumes made by the haute couture fashion houses of Paris or London, the middleclasses purchasing the latest French designs in up-market department stores or having personalised versions made by their favourite ‘little dressmaker’. The sinuous art nouveau aesthetic of the early 1900s favoured a curvaceous female silhouette, this expressed most strikingly in lavish evening gowns with

Toilette de diner, 1901

narrow shoulder straps, hourglass bodices and clinging skirts that flared towards a fish-tail hemline. Fashionable materials included silk, satin, chiffon, muslin and net, ornamented profusely with lace, embroidery and sequins. This ultra-feminine ensemble was completed with long fitted gloves, a fan, a pearl or diamond choker necklace, and, for the most formal events, a tiara – the evening accessory of the Edwardian era. Menswear can seem insignificant besides the gorgeous apparel paraded by women at dinner parties, dances and balls, yet gentlemen’s evening dress was also considered important. Until the 1850s coloured coats might be worn, but by the mid-19th century a black dress or tail

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, urtains ings C , s d w Blin & Awn Windo n Shutters tio Planta

Specialists in supplying & professionally fitting bespoke window blinds of every type, Curtains, Wooden Plantation Shutters, & Awnings

“Blessed are those who can give without remembering and take without forgetting.� - Princess Elizabeth Bibesco

Simply Elegant... We are the local, Family run Blinds Company, with over fourteen years experience. Approved by WKHORFDO7UDGLQJ6WDQGDUGVYLDWKH2I¿FHRI)DLU7UDGLQJ³%X\:LWK&RQ¿GHQFH´VFKHPH Our Advice & Quotations are without cost or obligation and come with free advice. Offering a wide range of Gloss & Matt wooden Venetian Blinds in 4 slat sizes, Solar effective Awnings, Shade Sails, Rollers (including three levels of Blackout) and pleated Blinds.

Shade or shelter when you need it.


Call us now for a free no obligation visit on:

0800 0267 666 or 01273 880 480

Simply Blinding


I pride myself on supplying a personal service to all of my customers, it may seem a bit old fashioned in this day and age but it seems popular with our customers! Clive Gale-Smith Director


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Fashion illustration by Georges Barbier, 1923

Silk chiffon beaded flapper dance frock, late 1920s

1920s silver brocade flapper dance shoes 24 | The Post • t: 01273 299219

coat and close-fitting black dress trousers were customary for full dress or evening wear. The coat was usually tailored from fine milled cloth and finished with silk or velvet collar and facings, its long lapels revealing the waistcoat and starched white dress shirt beneath. The waistcoat was black or white, a white waistcoat and white tie considered correct for full evening dress worn to the most formal functions. Accessorised with a silk opera (top) hat, white gloves, cane and evening cloak or coat, this ‘timeless’ style continued into the 20th century, its enduring popularity owing much to the evening dress worn on stage and screen, especially in musicals featuring Fred Astaire. From the 1880s an alternative, more relaxed evening suit also evolved, featuring the short evening lounge or dinner jacket (called the Tuxedo in America), tailored in cloth or velvet. By the 1920s a dinner jacket and black bow tie were popular for informal events such as private dinner parties, the theatre and concerts. The First World War changed society and a young, pleasure-seeking generation frequented the dance halls and new jazz clubs opening in major towns and cities. Women’s evening wear of the early 1920s was striking, yet quintessentially elegant, as seen in the recent TV series of Downton Abbey, set in 1922. Inspired by the exoticism and imagined orientalism of Léon Bakst and the Ballet Russes, pioneering fashion designers like Paul Poiret created luxurious calf-length evening dresses of floating chiffon, rich velvet and shimmering silk, in dramatic black or vibrant, sensuous colours, ornamented with exquisite appliqué work, tassels and beads. After mid-decade, as the craze for jazz music and energetic dancing became more pronounced, new tubular, kneelength flapper dance frocks in dazzling white, jet black, jade green, lacquer red, deep rose, burnt orange, even metallic fabrics were all the rage. Layered, split skirts, tiers of swaying fringes, glittering beads and sequins, jewelled and diamanté trimmings, strings of eyecatching beads and long feather boas reflected the light and accentuated movement. Bars, dancing and cocktail parties epitomise

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May 2012

m ho

for Withdean, Westdene, Tongdean, Patcham & Hollingbury


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Cocktail length gown, 1937

Evening fashions by Elsa Schiaparelli 1938

fashionable 1930s nightlife and under the influence of Hollywood films, evening wear acquired a new allure. Hemlines of graceful evening gowns lowered to ankle length or trailed languidly on the floor, while soft, draping materials such as shimmering satin and clinging crêpe de Chine in shades like coral, powder blue, eau de nil, taupe or classic black were bias-cut to mould to the figure. At the high end of fashion, scintillating dresses featured asymmetrical necklines worn off one shoulder, or plunged to a daringly low V at the back, revealing golden, newly-bronzed skin. Accessories of the decade included gleaming gold and silver lamé dance shoes, velvet evening coats, deep fur stoles and slinky shoulder capes. Shining waved hair framed glowing faces made up with moviestar cosmetics: bright lipstick, rouged cheeks, mascara, glossed eyelids and arched plucked eyebrows. A far cry from the petticoats, crinolines and fans favoured by the demure white-clad maidens and stately matrons of an earlier age, bold 1930s evening styles expressed a more modern concept of glamour.

historian and portrait (artworks and photographs) specialist with a Master degree in the History of Dress from the Courtauld Institute of Art (University of London) and a previous career at the National Portrait Gallery in London. She is a freelance consultant, writer and lecturer - the author of several family photographs and fashion history books, numerous magazine articles and a regular lecturer at history-related events in Sussex and throughout the south of England. Her website is:

Edwardian dove grey leather evening shoes decorated with cut steel beading, 1905

Jayne Shrimpton is a professional dress 26 | The Post • t: 01273 299219

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Íť Íť Íť


Mortice Locks Window Locks



l ca nt Lo side Re “Impatient people always arrive too late.� – Jean Dutourd

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Welcome the season of good will by making your very own Christmas wreath

Celebrate Christmas with the Patcham Silver Band

Christmas Concert Saturday 21st December 2013 Time: 7:30 pm at Patcham Methodist Church Ladies Mile Road, Brighton, BN1 8TA Cost: £5 (£3:50 concesssions) at the gate. Come on and have a right royal Christmas celebration!

We are glad to invite you to our Christmas wreath-making event. When: Saturday December 7 Where: Westdene School Fayre When : 12.00 noon - 4pm Come any time after 12.00 and be creative, under the guidance of Neil Doyle, Brighton and Hove City Council Ranger. Make a wreath to decorate your front door. We will provide the greenery and all the other materials and tools needed. All donations go to Westdene School and to the protection of the local environment. We also have regular workdays in the woods. Our next one is on Saturday 25 January. If you would like to join us meet at 10.30 next to the gate of Withdean (Stadium) Woods. Wear comfortable shoes and bring your gardening gloves. We will provide the tools, and mid morning refreshments. We finish at one o’clock. You can find details of how to join TWEACK by visiting our website. (http://www. Looking forward to seeing you at both events. The Withdean Westdene Woods and Eldred Avenue Copse Keepers (TWEACK)

28 | The Post • t: 01273 299219

21st Century Tips Britons in Space Cooking Smells To freshen the

kitchen for a party, put some orange peel in the oven at 180/gas 4.

Save Electricity Prior to putting clothes into a tumble dryer, roll them up in a towel for a little while to soak up extra moisture.

Tuck Curtains If you have a radiator

under the window, tuck your curtains behind it so the heat comes into the room.

Special Custard Add a measure of Irish cream for posh custard.

Quiz Answers 1. At the bottom of the page. 2. Stairs 3. By sleeping at night 4. Marriage 5. Wet 6. No, elephants don’t have hands.

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Old fashioned Tweeting

Want to be one of the hundreds of people to raise money for Rockinghorse by dressing as an elf on the 12th of December? Companies, schools and community groups are asked to dress in red and green and raise money whilst creating some festive fun…. This year, schools, businesses and community groups will take part in the second annual Christmas fundraiser, Dress as an Elf on the Twelfth. Where companies and schools alike will dress in red and green on the 12th December to help make this festive season special for the children of The Royal Alexandra Children’s Hospital. As well as providing gifts for the inpatients at The Royal Alexandra Children’s Hospital, this year Rockinghorse want to provide a very special portable sensory tower, for children who are too poorly to visit the sensory room in the play centre on level ten.

It was popular in the 15th century to give human names to familiar species and the name Robin Redbreast, eventually shortened to Robin, was coined in this light. Interestingly, the robin’s breast is more orange than red, but there was no name for that colour until the 16th Century, when the fruits were first introduced to Britain. During winter, you may see robins with duller looking breasts and a grey rather than brown tone to their upper body – these may easily be Russian or Scandinavian robins fleeing the harsher winters at home. British folklore has meant it has been unthinkable to harm a robin for many centuries. It may be for this reason they are relatively unafraid of humans in the UK - often staying close to gardeners in search of newly unearthed insects and worms. Reportedly, they are more wary in Continental Europe where robins are hunted along with other small birds.

If you’d like to find out more about Dress as an Elf on the Twelfth, register your interest or request a fundraising pack, please call Charlotte on 01273 330044 or visit

Robins have a lovely song; they are often confused with Nightingales. Diurnal, they naturally sing during the day and even into the evening but studies have revealed they also sing on full moons or at night in areas where the background sound is too great for them to compete during the day. Singing at night when it is quieter is thought to give them a greater reach.

Rockinghorse does not receive any government funding and relies on the generous support of individuals, community groups, companies and trusts.

The robin has a rich association with Christmas; Victorian postmen wore red uniforms and were nicknamed “Robin”. They began to be featured on Christmas cards as a visual pun and an endearing emblem of the postman delivering the card as well as providing a welcome splash of colour.

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PETE & BERNIE Property Improvements

Alterations and Repairs


Full Public Liability Insurance Over 30 Years Experience City & Guilds Qualified

Tiling Electrical Carpentry Plastering Kitchens & Bathrooms Repairs & Handyman FULLY INSURED. FOR A FREE QUOTE & FRIENDLY ADVICE PLEASE CALL:

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All kinds of wallpapering Room Design and Planning Professional Advice & Service Contact Pete or Bernie for a Free Estimate

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“Who thinks a faux pas is a step dad?” Anne Robinson Weakest Link

carpentry and loft conversions

• loft conversions • kitchen installation • door hanging • staircase fitting • building fitted wardrobes • laying floors • fascia and soffit • fitting sash windows as well as outdoor decking

for a free no obligation quote call 07824 882793 or 07780 663883 Thinking about Advertising? call: 01273 299219 • Please mention The Post when responding to adverts

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DECEMBER Codebreaker There are no clues to this crossword. Numbers have replaced the letters of the alphabet. Two letters have been given to you to start you off. The small grid is provided to help you remember which letter is associated with which number as you proceed.

Alphametic Puzzle Below is an addition sum where the numbers 0-9 have been replaced by letters. Your task is to ascertain which digit corresponds to which letter in order to make the addition work. The grid is provided for you to indicate which digit corresponds to each letter.

The Brain Pit

Mind Mining puzzles supplied by Bud Tangerina.

sudoku Normal Sudoku rules apply. Use 1-9.

maps Colour the blank areas with one of the colours but no areas with a common boundary may have the same colour. Touching at a diagonal point is allowed.

32 | | The Post • Answers to the Puzzles at 32 t: 01273 299219 • •


We are a local business with many years experience within the building trade and have been trading as driveway installers since the year 2000.

01273 558426

07971 184279 / 07970 026772

Co loss eum 0 constructi ons 0

built to last! Experts in

Driveways • Patios Landscaping • All types of roofing Guttering & facias • Repointing & Chimneys • General building Maintenance & Repairs I’m a local builder and have many years in the building trade. I believe in completing my work to the highest standard and with the intention of lasting just like the romans, when they built the Colosseum. I’m a firm believer in a clean job is a happy job.

For a free quote please call:

07557375209 / 01444 212215 Alternatively email:

“Of all the things you wear, your expression is the most important.” - Janet Lane

Merry Christmas to all our Customers and readers of The Post


Carpets, Vinyls & Karndean specialists Local family run business built on our reputation. Visit our refurbished premises for helpful advice & competitive prices or call us for an appointment. Thinking about Advertising? call: 01273 299219 • Please mention The Post when responding to adverts

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Goings On!

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A great magazine for good local businesses. Amazing Value. Whilst we cannot accept responsibility for the businesses who advertise with us, a number of complaints may result in an ad being withdrawn. The magazine is a trusted source of information and it is important to everyone it stays that way!

Downland Quilters - Jenny 01444 241351 or Janet B’ton 509190. HEALTHWALKS.- Kathy ‘ton 509377. Patcham Ward Councillors: Brian Pidgeon 01273 291190; Carol and Geoffrey Theobald 01273 291195 Withdean Ward Councillors: Ann and Ken Norman 01273 291182; Sue Shanks 01273 291410 Les Paul Big Band - 01273 558009 CPC - Old Boat Corner Community Centre Carden Hill, BN1 8GN. Tel 01273 540779

phone: 01273 299219 to advertise.

Patcham Community Centre (Patcham CC), Ladies Mile Rd, BN1 8TA - 508376 Patcham Companions -.John Cook 07528 472231 Patcham Flower Arrangement Society - Margaret 554310 Patcham Table Tennis Club – Frank 501258 All Saints: Rev Andy Flowerday phone 552157. Mucky Pups: 07734805945 Patcham Methodist Church Rev. Lin Francis : 273022 Hall bookings: 07849 409183 Little Pebbles - Jan - 07963486635

Mondays Scout group (Boys & Girls 101/2 - 14 yrs). Scout hut, Vale Avenue Jumping Gym CPC for under 5’s 9am-2pm Bridge Duplicate (Pairs) - Patcham CC. - 1.45pm Table Tennis – Patcham CC 7-10pm £1 Young Embroiderers. Patcham CC. 10-12am (1st Sat) Songbirds Choir (term time) at the Old Boat Corner Community Centre, Carden Hill, Hollingbury. 7.30 - 9pm. Patcham Papercrafters Patcham C.C.18:30-20:30


Patcham WI - 2nd Tuesdays at 2 pm Patcham Memorial Hall, Old London Rd Carden Tots CPC - under 5’s 9am-3pm Patcham Methodist Hall Toddler Group. 9 - 11.15 term time. £1 adult, 30p child 0-5yrs.Incls Tea/Coffee/Juice Patcham Jnr Chess Club (6- 16 yrs) 5.30 - 6.30 Memorial Hall

Wednesdays Novice Bridge - Patcham CC. - Friendly non-competitive 1.45pm -5 pm. £2.50 Aerobics CPC 9:30-10:30am £3 Duplicate (Pairs) - Patcham CC. 7pm for 7.15pm Morning Women’s Institute - Patcham Memorial Hall - 4th Wednesday – 10am CAMEO (Come And Meet Each Other) 1st & 3rd Weds, 2.45pm in All Saints Church Lounge Horticultural Soc Patcham CC 7.30pm Last Weds of Month

Thursdays Preston Flower Arrangement Society - Patcham CC. 2nd Thurs of Month 2.15pm. Bridge for Beginners Patcham CC – 1.45pm till 5pm Bridge Duplicate (Pairs) - Patcham CC. 7pm for 7.15pm £1.25/£2 Downland Quilters - Patcham CC. - 1st Thursday of the month. 7.30pm. All Saints Church - Holy Communion (said) 10.30am Patcham Memorial Hall, Old London Road. Little Pebbles - 9.45 - 11.45am from 12 September. Fountain Centre, Braybon Ave. Cubs 6-8pm (8-101/2 yrs). 6-8pm Scout hut, Vale Avenue Charity Knitters Club - 3rd Thurs - 10.00am to 12.00pm , Room 2, Patcham CC Friendship Lunch - Ascension Church Hall - 4th Thursday of 34 | The Post • t: 01273 299219

30th Brighton Scout Group: Beavers - Donna on 07791 769163 ; Cubs - Elsie 01273 603295; Scouts - Neil 01273 888072 Charity Knitters - Rob: 07743 554001 Creative Embroidery Tricia 501394 Ascension Church Westdene: Minister Rev Andy Bousfield 503926 Library: 296912 WI Mollie Gooders 01273 555442 Junior Embroiderers Sue Lacey 558509 Patcham Jnr Chess 07882-121506 CAMEO - Dorothy Cook 882308.

the month 1pm (Olive 502943) Carden Tots CPC under 5’s 9am-3pm Westdene WI 7.30pm Ascension Church Hall 555442 Friendship Lunches 1pm 4th Thursdays Ascension Hall (Olive 502943)

Fridays Patcham Companions - Patcham CC – Are you 50+ & free on a Friday, 2.30pm? Carden Tots CPC under 5’s 9am-3pm Patcham Table Tennis Club - Patcham CC- 2pm till 5pm £1.00. Turn up. Local Councillors Advice Surgery - 2nd Friday 6-7pm Patcham CC Beaver section - ( aged 5 3/4 - 8 yrs), 6-7pm. Scout hut Vale Avenue Patcham Library 1st Friday 11 am Patcham Reading Group. 1st 2-4pm Age Concern drop in Surgery Patcham Silver Band - Patcham Junior School, 7pm Junior Band practice. 8pm Senior Band practice Bridge Duplicate (Pairs) - Patcham CC. - 1.45pm

Saturdays Embroiderers’ Guild meets 1st Saturday of the Month 24.30pm in rooms 3 & 4 Patcham Community Centre. New members welcome. Phone 724856 St Thomas More’s Catholic Church:First Mass 6pm Patcham Local History Group 1st Sat at Patcham Library, 10.30-12.30 1st Sat Lion Book Fair: Lions Dene, The Deneway, 10 - Noon. P’chm Memorial Hall 1.30-3.30 £7

Sundays All Saints Church. 08.00 - Holy Communion (said). 10.15 - Morning Worship, 18.00 - Evening Worship (informal), Thursday 10.30 - Holy Communion (said) Patcham Methodist Church 10.30 Morning Worship, including crèche. 6.30 evening worship. The Ascension Church Westdene 8.00 Traditional Communion (First Sunday of the month) 10.30 Sunday Morning Family Service (with children’s groups) St Thomas More’s Catholic Church: .Mass 9am,Mass with Children’s Liturgy 11am. Good Shepherd Dyke Road. 10.15- Communion, also 10.15 Informal “Time for God” in hall. 3rd Sunday All together Family Service in Church.

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Cervical Screening could save your life...

Cervical screening saves over 4,500 lives in England each year. However, 900 women still die of cervical cancer every year and many of these women have not had regular screening. How often do I need to go? Women aged 25-49 every three years, aged 50-64 every five years. Who to contact for appointments • Your GP practice • CASH (formerly Family Planning) Morley St, Brighton 01273 242091 Cervical Cancer - Symptoms to be aware of: If you have any of these signs and symptoms see your GP Look out for: • • • • •

Bleeding between periods Bleeding during or after sex Bleeding after the menopause Any unpleasant vaginal discharge Discomfort or pain during sex

These may also be signs of other common conditions which are not cancer

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