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Butterflies that over winter as adults are generally the first we see in Spring. They hibernate in garden sheds, farm buildings, the hollows of trees, caves, rock crevices, and stone walls.. If you spot one they are best left alone. Their plainer wing undersides provide excellent camouflage. Brimstones generally hibernate in vegetation like conifers, brambles and ivy and resemble a yellowing leaf. Comma butterflies look like a dead leaf and tend to shelter in drifts of dead leaves. Cold blooded, butterflies can be awoken by sunny spells – especially Red Admirals - and are in danger if they fail to find safety before the chill returns. You can help them by providing shelter e.g by stacking a few pipes horizontally & by not being too rigorous in tidying up leaves/ stones /log piles etc. Some butterflies hibernate in homes. If you discover one awake during the winter months then you could try and gently catch it and place in the fridge for half an hour (not the freezer) inside a ventilated box .Cooling it down will induce hibernation. Relocate it to an unheated area such as a garage/shed, remembering they need gaps to be able to exit in the spring.

Red Admiral in winter


Posh Poached Eggs/etc. Keep empty tuna cans or similar (open both ends) and crack poaching egg into it. Use as a ring to shape ‘come dine’ rice etc..

Toothbrush-afterlife Boil old toothbrushes and use to clean: Great for blenders, taps graters…anything with nooks and crannies.

Healthy Houseplants- – Add a few drops of caster oil to the soil of house plants every few weeks.

Toothache Oil of cloves works well, so does a pad of cotton wool dipped in whiskey or gin .

Save shoes Put an old pair of socks over your shoes when decorating to protect against splatters. 36 | The Post • t: 01273 299219

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