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March 2014

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Brighton Hippodrome

for Withdean, Westdene, Tongdean, Patcham & Hollingbury

Cinema is set to star in a film of its own...

History of Seven Dials


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     


  JoiJ              

    

                    Devils Dyke Road, Brighton, BN1 YJ 01273 729


for prospective pare th

h 2014: Saturday 29 Marc 0

9.30am – 12.0 ham Next to All Saints Church, Church Hill, Patc

Flexible childcare to suit your needs, you specify the hours. Telephone: 01273


Coming Soon Patcham Villa ge Pre-school OPENING IN SEPTEMBER 2014:

(44th Scout HQ . Old London Ro ad, Patcham)

“She who forms the souls of the young is greater than any painter or sculptor* - St. John Chrysostom

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Hope Springs Whilst we have been bemoaning the weather (and simultaneously counting our blessings), the birds have been getting on with it. They are decorating the air with their song and to hear it is to hear the new season arrive. Aren’t we lucky they are there? Let’s listen to them and be glad.

The Blackbird By William Ernest Henley (1849 – 1902)

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The nightingale has a lyre of gold, The lark’s is a clarion call, And the blackbird plays but a boxwood flute, But I love him best of all.

Peggy the Puss Cat

For his song is all the joy of life, And we in the mad spring weather, We two have listened till he sang Our hearts and lips together.

Peggy has been exploring the Post and if you look carefully you will find her in three different places.

20% OFF




PARLOUR HAIR DESIGN 01273 555132 70 OLD LONDON ROAD PATCHAM BRIGHTON BN1 8XQ  | The Post • t: 01273 299219

Full brow & lash service available now with Elita

• •

C&H have been producing soft furnishings for over 80 years – we really are the experts in our field. We make beautiful handmade curtains, roman blinds, cushions and other soft furnishing in gorgeous fabrics. We also sell a huge range of blinds, all types, and shutters. We offer expert fitting, hanging and dressing of curtains. And there’s a FREE estimating and measuring service in your own home. Call us now to book your FREE appointment with our in-home consultant. C&H, 179 Western Road, Brighton, BN1 2BA Telephone 01273 321959 Email: C&H FoR youR HomE, FoR CRAFTs, FoR dREssmAking, FoR FAsHion qtr page ad - 73mm x 108mm - butterfill.pdf 1 15/02/2012 “Modesty: The gentle art of enhancing your charm by pretending not11:34 to be aware of it.” - Edgar Watson Howe


make a difference

Foster for Brighton & Hove City Council

Nail & Foot Care · Ingrowing Toenails Cosmetic Nail Surgery · Diabetic Foot Care Corns, Callus & Verrucae · Pedicures

Claire Butterfill


Karen Butterfill

Home visits, fully insured, excellent rates

We are now actively recruiting in your area Foster carers give children love, support and a safe place to stay. We provide excellent support, local training and we pay a generous allowance. Contact us if you have a spare room, childcare experience and would like to foster a local child. Please contact Brighton & Hove fostering on 01273 295444 Find us on:

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20/03/2013 16:05


‘Messy Crafts’ is a monthly event which offers accompanied primary school children the chance to try out lots of different crafts while the parents and guardians relax with a hot drink. The next session takes place on Saturday 8th March at the Ascension Church, Westdene. Admission is £1 children/50p adults (refreshments included). For more information, contact Gareth on 01273 239341, e-mail  gareth@ or check out the website

faking it.

(Tweets going for a song) All may not be as it seems…….Readers may be interested to see a recent email, entitled ‘Purchase More Likes’. Prices from :£50 or $82 for 2,000 Facebook Likes £50 or $82 for 6,000 Instagram followers £45 or $74 for 7,000 Twitter followers £50 or $82 for 30,000 YouTube Views Apparently buying these phantoms is commonplace. Bit like buying cowrie shells? Or maybe not - a shell is at least a shell after all. Is it time these ‘indicators’ were ignored by the media …and the rest of us?

21st Century Tips Britons in Space Propagating seeds If using a propagator, remember to wipe the condensation off the inside each day to maximise the light getting through.

Sweet carrots Add a teaspoon of sugar to carrots or parsnips when boiling, to bring out their sweet flavour.

Save over-salted dishes Place raw potato slices to the centre of dishes that are too salty – keep calm and carry on cooking!

Dog Trouble Never call your dog over to admonish. Always go to the dog (so approaching you is not associated with punishment).  | The Post • t: 01273 299219

Historical Model Railway Society Next Meeting Thursday March 20th London Road Station Shaftesbury Place, off Ditchling Rise ‘Bill Jackson’s Early 1950s Photographs – Part2’ Archive views from original Southern railway feature, as well as vintage scenes from elsewhere. All welcome; Admission Free; refreshments available 7.45pm for 8pm start.

• •

“If evolution really works, how come mothers only have two hands?” - Milton Berle

Host Families Wanted Stafford House Brighton 61 Western Road Hove BN3 1JD

Excellent Rates & Full Support

Please call Chris: 01273 646510

Our school is recruiting welcoming host families to host our international students Single Rooms, Twin rooms. Half Board /Full Board and Self Catering

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HAM AND CHEESE PIE Seasonal Recipe by Valerie Hedgethorne

This tasty tart can be eaten hot or cold. It’s good to take if you are going walking or for lunch boxes. If you are having it hot serve it with a green vegetable such as broccoli or sprouts, but with a salad if eating it cold. It freezes well, but is nicer if warmed in the oven after defrosting. You will need an 18cm / 7in tart in or flan dish.

Ingredients: Pastry 175g (6oz) plain flour 110g (4oz) margarine 25g (1oz) hard cheese – finely grated pinch of salt 1 ½ tablespoons water approximately Filling 1 small onion 110g (4oz) ham – approximately 110g (4oz) gruyère or cheddar cheese 150ml (¼ pint) milk 2 tablespoons double cream I teaspoon dijon mustard  | The Post • t: 01273 299219

Valerie Hedgethorne taught cookery & cake decorating for many years in Brighton before becoming a Home Economist. She now writes recipes monthly in Cake Craft & Decoration Magazine & is also a member of the Sussex Branch of the British Sugarcraft Guild.

Method: Rub the margarine into the flour, add the grated cheese and the salt. Mix with just enough water to make a firm dough. Wrap and leave in the refrigerator while you prepare the filling. Heat the oven to Gas 5 /190C. Grease the tin or dish. Filling: chop the onion finely, dice the ham and grate the cheese. Roll out the pastry fairly thinly and line the dish or tin. Reserve the trimmings. Place the filling in the dish, press it down firmly. Whisk together the eggs, milk, cream and mustard (don’t add any salt because the ham provides that). Pour it over the filling. Roll out the reserved pastry quite thinly, cut into narrow strips and place them fairly wide apart in a lattice design on top of the filling. Bake for 40 minutes approximately or until the pastry is golden brown.

• •

“The first half of our life is ruined by our parents and the second half by our children.” – Clarence Darrow

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Aspects of Seven Dials history by Geoffrey Mead, edited version of notes for an illustrated talk at a Montpelier and Clifton Hill Association

7 Dials circa 1905. With thanks to James Gray collection / The Regency Society

The basis of much of my university research is in how different landscapes exhibit the ideas of ‘Continuity & Change’; what we can discern from 21st century landscapes, rural and urban, that allow us glimpses of the past in the present. The Seven Dials area can yield much about its past from a stroll around the area armed with a few images from the past and the odd map or two… [I am after all…a geography lecturer!]. The comforting thing about researching the Seven Dials is that the area was much photographed in the past and images of even 100 years ago show much that is still with us in the 21st century, the main difference in the past being the number of residents ambling along major highways! As always, when looking at the landscape it is important to understand the physical environment, the landshapes below the built landscape. The Seven Dials has a very interesting geological underpinning, quite unlike any other area of the central city and one that has implications for the pattern of human land use. The chalk downland slope and ridge that extends from the Devils Dyke to the coast is capped in the Dials area with a deposit of sandy clays - the Woolwich and Reading Beds. This extends roughly from BHASVIC to Compton Avenue and from Buckingham Place, west to St Ann’s Well gardens. The water bubbling up through the sands created the mineral spring at St Ann’s Well that was the medicinal spring favoured by 18th century visitors 10 | The Post • t: 01273 299219

to the area. The Woolwich & Reading Beds also gave an excellent base for the market gardens that were present throughout the area before urbanisation. There are two options to view this soil, one is to stroll around St Ann’s Well where you see the surface deposits, but on a nice day take a trip to Newhaven West Beach where you can view the entire sequence in section at the top of the cliffs. The Seven Dials hill-top itself, rising above the coastal plain, made it ideal for a number of windmills; to name but a few, those at Clifton Terrace gardens, Clifton Hill and, West Hill. Also utilising the drying qualities of the SW wind was Mrs Watts’s laundry whose washing lines adorned the area west of Montpelier Crescent. The current hot topic at the Dials is the traffic but this is not new. Until the last quarter of the 18th century the route to Brighton from London took a tortuous course across Sussex until it reached Preston; just south of the village the road then took a direction up the present Lovers Walk and across the hill slope that is now the railway lines. Passing Stanford Rd School [my old junior school] it reached Seven Dials before climbing along Dyke Rd to St Nicholas church, dropping down North St to the coach terminus at Castle Square. Maps prior to the late 1700s clearly show the route approaching Brighton west of the church. Anyone that has done local history research will

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Late 1932, with the traffic regulated by semaphore signals operated by the policeman in the box. James Gray collection / The Regency Society’

know the frustration of their area of study invariably being on the junction of two maps! At Seven Dials there is the added complication of the area being partly in the Church Hill area of Brighton, partly in Preston parish and partly in Hove! A map of 1813 shows the only buildings as the West Hill mill [Hodson’s Black Mill], the workhouse just north of St Nicholas and Hove Place House where Prestonville Court flats now are. By 1831 The Temple [now The B&H High School] is shown, with another mill behind Hove Place House. Just outside the immediate Seven Dials was New England Farm; this is where York Grove is now, north of New England Road. There is a dramatic boom in housing in the 1850 map with considerable development south of the Dials in Montpelier and Clifton Hill, in West Hill and along the east side of Dyke Rd north of the Dials. The railway is a major intrusion, but the area’s location west of the main line ensured it kept its ‘West End’ 12 | The Post • t: 01273 299219

status upwind of the smoke and smuts. In the 1867 map New England Farm has gone and the villas of York Grove have appeared, along with housing in Goldsmid Rd and the appearance of St Luke’s church and Clifton Congregational church. In the early years of the 20th century, housing had engulfed the area. The development of this area high on a hill and west of the main rail line ensured it would largely be an area of suburban housing, the more so when the horse bus network expanded to this area in the late 19th century. As part of this suburban expansion the houses north along the Dyke Rd attracted the great and good of the resort; a Blue Plaque to one of the resorts most famous sons, Magnus Volk can be espied in Dyke Rd. Nearby are the fine villas of Russell Crescent. This road still has an original 19th century street name plate and the restoration of these plates is part of a new venture in the Montpelier area. Another

period feature, not immediately obvious, is the wall-panelling in the entrance ways of Prestonville Court flats, pure post-WWII design, as distinctive as the chequer-work tiling on 19th century paved entrances. In the far west of the area, the 1936 flats at Furze Hill and Wick Hall are fine examples of their kind and a snip at the 1936 prices of £120 per annum rental! Moving back towards the Seven Dials the expanse of Montpelier Crescent is to many the ‘face’ of the area. A series of cleverly designed villas, they appear to be large and detached but in fact conceal the entrances to much smaller premises. When built they looked across the laundry grounds of Mrs Watts and extensive nurseries to the Channel coast beyond Shoreham, the view blocked off by the construction of Vernon Terrace opposite. In Dyke Rd south of the Dials, the large houses east of the old hospital were built in the 1870s when the workhouse was moved to the Race Hill and the middle-

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class villas were erected on the paupers’ estate; the road names reflecting the Victorian royal family, Albert, Leopold etc. East of the Dials the expansion of the railway yards and facilities saw the Prestonville area built for rail workers with housing under the shadow of the railway bridges, along with the Engine Running Sheds south of New England Road, a very different type of landuse to the housing westward. Land-use change in the 20th/21st centuries is apparent in the area with the loss of the Clifton Congregational church, All Saints church and the Royal Alex; social change has seen the growth of bed-sit properties and student lets with the Polish grocers in Chatham Place indicating an international factor. Financial sector evolution has

meant that Lloyds and HSBC have left the area. Educational policy has seen Brighton, Hove and Sussex Grammar [my old school…Smith House!] become BHASVIC and the growth and change in transport has seen trams come and gone and a huge increase in road traffic, exacerbated by Dyke Rd feeding out to the Brighton bypass; the increased traffic being a factor that has brought about the controversial changes to the Dials road scheme. All urban landscapes are dynamic and are subject to change, the fact that the Seven Dials has in effect changed so little over the past century is comforting. Continuity and change in the area is evident and it is understanding the background to both processes that is important.

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Home for Christmas The Duke of York’s has screened countless great films over the years, but now the cinema is set to star in a film of its own. Brighton based production company ‘Jump Start Productions’ has succeeded in raising enough money to produce a film based on a novel by Brighton based author Cally Taylor. ‘Home for Christmas’ is a romantic comedy based in and around the iconic cinema. Nathalie Miles (cofounder of ‘Jump Start’ and one of the managers at the Duke of York’s) first read the book 2 years ago and has been striving to bring the story to the big screen ever since. After winning the rights to the story last year, the company have been trying to raise enough money to bring the project to life. Using primarily crowd funding schemes, enough money has been made for the production to go ahead as planned. This would not have been possible without the outstanding generosity from local people and businesses.

staff members from the Duke of York’s will also be involved with the production, representing the community spirit that the film represents. The creation of this film would not be possible were it not for the support of the local community. We will update you through the magazine as the project progresses and let you know how you can get involved. For more information, please visit

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Brighton Hippodrome History Notes by M. Bance

At the time of writing, the future of Brighton Hippodrome remains uncertain. Council Planners have received the required information from Alaska Development Consultants and their application to turn the Hippodrome into an eight-screen cinema is now valid. What happens next is a period of public consultation and interested parties have until the 4th March to make their feelings known.

Frank Matcham (1854 – 1920) went on to design many London theatres including the Hackney Empire (1901); the London Coliseum (1904); the London Palladium (1910) and the Victoria Palace (1911).

© Arthur Lloyd (

20 | The Post • t: 01273 299219

What is not in question is the role this Grade-II* listed building has played over the years in developing Brighton’s reputation as a centre for cultural tourism and, indeed, the place to be on the South Coast. It actually started life in 1897 as an ice-rink.

Designed by Lewis Kerslake and situated on the east side of Middle Street, it had a long stuccoed façade with short towers at each end. Its neighbours included residential houses, inns, the Union Charity School, which was founded in 1805 and was the first public elementary school in Brighton, and the fabulously decorated Middle Street Synagogue, built in 1874. Brightonians were not, however, taken with the idea of ice-skating and the venture failed with the venue being sold in 1900. Then, famous theatre architect Frank Matcham was engaged to enlarge and rebuild the interior; the building was named The Hippodrome and

Proscenium at Brighton Hippodrome, 2013 © The Theatres Trust (

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| 21

© Arthur Lloyd (

opened as a theatre in 1901. More work was carried out the next year and, on 22 December 1902, the Hippodrome reopened as a variety theatre and circus.

affordable prices’, as Brighton Herald noted on the opening night, ‘The entire programme was eminently wholesome in tone’. (http://www.

Under the stewardship of entertainment impresario, Thomas Barrasford the Hippodrome soon became Brighton’s most important variety theatre. Its policy was to offer two evening performances of ‘high quality and respectable entertainment at

Circus acts, variety theatre and vaudeville shows were staged, attracting top named entertainers such as Sarah Bernhardt, Sammy Davis, Jr., Gracie Fields, Harry Houdini, Buster Keaton, Lillie Langtry, Laurel and Hardy, Laurence Olivier and Charlie Chaplin. Local talent also appeared, perhaps most notably the music hall entertainer Max Miller. Born at 43 Hereford Street, Brighton in 1894, Thomas Henry Sergeant, aka Max Miller the selfstyled ‘Cheeky Chappie’, incorporated into his comedy banter and risqué gags something of Brighton’s seafront and the life of its market traders. From the 1930s through to the 1950s, he regularly entertained Hippodrome’s audiences with, what The Times called, his ‘engaging intimacy’; multi-coloured silk jackets and plus-fours.

© Arthur Lloyd (

22 | The Post • t: 01273 299219

Such was the success of the venue that, in 1939, two neighbouring houses on the north side were demolished and the theatre enlarged; the overall capacity was increased to 3,000 (although this was far exceeded on occasions – see below), and the main auditorium accommodated 1,400. But, as fickle as these things always are, the popularity of variety theatre waned after WWII and the Hippodrome had to adapt itself to hosting one-off concerts and large-scale events. And they didn’t get much bigger than the Beatles, who, as part of their first world tour, played at the Hippodrome on the 12th July 1964.

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Elephants outside the Hippodrome, Middle Street (date unknown). Courtesy of Royal. Pavilion and Museums Brighton and Hove.

The same year, on the 11th October, the last date on their fourth British tour, the Rolling Stones performed two shows there. Sell out concerts, with audiences of over 4,000 were, sadly, not enough to stop the decline and save the Hippodrome as a live performance venue. It closed in 1965 becoming, for a short time, a television and film studio. In 1967 it was turned into the Mecca Bingo Club. It closed once again in 2007 and has remained empty ever since. Empty, but certainly not forgotten. In 2008 the building was leased to Academy Music Group who planned to establish it as a live music venue once again, but this was not to be. The project proved just too expensive and in 2009 the Theatre Trust (an advisory body on theatre conservation) placed the Hippodrome on its register of 24 | The Post • t: 01273 299219

‘buildings requiring special attention’, in fact, it reached their top ten at highest risk. Looking at the outside you could be forgiven for wondering what the ‘fuss’ is about; the exterior really does give little hint as to the wonders inside. But much of Frank Matcham’s

opulent interior remains. The foyer leads to a horeshoe shaped auditorium; above this is a proscenium arch featuring elaborate Rococostyle moulded plasterwork showing dolphins and female figures. Above the auditorium is an intricately patterned dome, and there are IndoSaracenic-style onion domes (think Royal Pavilion). There is more Rococo decoration on the segmented ceiling and the newer rooms, on the northern side, are all decorated in an elaborate Middle Eastern style. Also of note, as it is the only surviving example in the UK, is the equestrian entrance, leading off from the side of the stage to what is now a car park. This may well be the door through which an elephant made its bid for freedom, passed the stage door and the large window in the stage doorkeeper’s cubby hole, out into the street. What

The Hippodrome, Middle Street, Brighton.

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| 25

surprised the manager, George Black, was that the stage door keeper did not notice even though the animal must have, to use his exact words “blocked out the f****** day light as it passed his window”. The elephant was eventually found taking a stroll around the lanes and accepting buns from passers-by. ( No doubt many more stories will be created in the next chapter of the Hippodrome’s life. What happens next will depend on whether the Council’s decision to let the plans for an ‘entertainment hub’ go ahead or if they take the opportunity to help bring the Hippodrome back into use as a space for live performances.

Information to access the planning register and see details of the application for The Hippodrome & Hippodrome House 51-58 Middle Street 47 Middle Street 10 & 11 Dukes Lane and land adjacent to 18-19 Ship Street Brighton is as follows: Planning Register. Planning application number BH2013/04348 Email address: planning. applications@brighton-hove. Phone:(01273) 292222 - Please note, the duty planning officer is only available from 9.30am to 1pm Monday to Friday for planning advice. Address: Hove Town Hall, Norton Road, Hove, Postcode: BN3 3BQ

An artist’s impression of plans revealed by Alaska Development Consultants to transform the Hippodrome.

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Not forgetting the outside of the house we established loc A long have a range of all weather fabric Awnings family-run business. W be delighted to visit a and Canopies, Shade in the sun or shelter in Free we Advice & Quotes the rain! Our advice is free and extensive, have been going since 1999, are approved by the Brighton Trading Simp Call us no Standards Office. Give us a call and see the difference on 0800 0 www.sim (01273) 880480

“The cure for anything is salt water - sweat, tears, or the sea.” - Isak Dinesen

Ho av me ail Vis ab it le s

Family Owned & Run since 1919

Buxtons are specialists in the supply & installation of all types of domestic & commercial floor coverings, & commercial curtains & blinds.

• Carpet & Carpet Tiles • Karndean & Amtico Vinyl floors • Cushion Vinyl & Linoleum • Safety Flooring & Non-slip wetrooms • Rubber Flooring Free measuring, consultation and advice • Professional installation Huge Choice of carpets & flooring • Local authority approved

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Brighton and Hove - an Age Friendly City

The WHO guide identifies 8 domains of city life that might influence the health and quality of life of older people : outdoor spaces and buildings, transportation, housing, social participation, respect and social inclusion, civic participation and employment, communication and information and community support and health services. Brighton Council has added a 9th Domain, The Arts. The project has planned stages. Year 1-2 Planning, Year 35 Implementation which is to include a project evaluation. We are one year into this project. Many organisations and individuals involved in providing services to our older residents have been active in seeking the views of the community they serve and feeding back any concerns they have about being an older resident in Brighton and Hove and suggesting ways in which their lives could be improved. This has been achieved through an Age Friendly City Focus Group (which meets at the offices of AgeUK Brighton and Hove) feeding back to an AFC Steering Group at the Council. Transport is one domain that has already been considered by the Council and a variety of organisations were invited to that meeting to share the views expressed by those using their services.

For more on the WHO Global Network of Age Friendly Cities : Info on Brighton’s application can be found on the Council website : Should you wish to contribute to the Forum please contact Age UK Brighton and Hove : uk

Recent research has found that when female birds who are ready for mating hear birdsong their brains respond as human brains do when listening to pleasant music. BUT, if you are a male bird in the mood for love, the brain reacts in the way ours does to horror film music – it may mean he is in someone’s territory or that someone is in his.




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The benefit of this approach is that, at the planning stage, consideration is being given to the needs of this growing sector of Brighton society.

Beauty is in the ear of the behearer


In 2012 The Brighton and Hove Older Peoples Council urged the City Council to take on board these recommendations and to apply for Age Friendly City status. The Council did so and has embarked on a 5 year plan to meet the World Health Organisation targets.


In 2006 The World Health Organisation produced a guide to achieving age friendly cities. The project was aimed at tackling two global issues, an ageing population and increased urbanisation.

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Whale Fest 2014 – Am I seeing things or was there a killer whale on the back of that truck? WhaleFest takes place on Saturday 15th & Sunday 16th March, Exhibition Rooms Hilton Metrople Hotel.

Are you kidding?

The record for most babies born to one woman, is 69. She was the first wife of Feodor Vassilyev, a peasant from Shuya, Russia who lived from 1707-1782.

Whales and dolphins come to visit us for the third time in March, with the arrival of the world’s largest Whale Festival. At the event we can come face to face with life-sized whales, take virtual whale watching trips indoors, and immerse ourselves in 360° submarine adventures. The event features some of the world’s leading experts on whales and dolphins plus guest speakers Gok Wan, BBC Deadly’s Steve Backshall, Ingrid Visser‘The Woman Who Swims With Killer Whales’, Sam Berg from the movie BlackFish, and actress Virginia McKenna OBE amongst others.. For more information, visit .

This amazing woman gave birth to sixteen pairs of twins, seven sets of triplets, and four sets of quadruplets. Remarkably, 67 of her children survived infancy. Despite all this, we do not even know her name. If all of the 67 surviving children each had two children (a conservative estimate) and each of their descendants had two and so on, assuming 25 years between generations, this couple currently has around 70,000 descendants! Mr Vassilyev’s second wife, whose name is also unknown, was fecund as well– although not on quite the same scale. She gave birth to a total of 18 children: 6 pairs of twins and 2 sets of triplets. Most of her children were alive by 1782.

Dylan Walker, Whalefest


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March sudoku

The Brain Pit

Mind Mining puzzles supplied by Bud Tangerina.


March Codebreaker There are no clues to this crossword. Numbers have replaced the letters of the alphabet. Two letters have been given to you to start you off. The small grid is provided to help you remember which letter is associated with which number as you proceed.

Aeolus Fremantle Mistral Breeze Gale Notus Dandelion Glider Shamal Diablo Harmattan Storm Eurus Hurricane Wind Foehn Kite Zephyrus The unused letters spell out “Bring forth May flowers”.

Alphametic Puzzle Below is an addition sum where the numbers 0-9 have been replaced by letters. Your task is to ascertain which digit corresponds to which letter in order to make the addition work. The grid is provided for you to indicate which digit corresponds to each letter.

| Post Answers to the Puzzles at 32 |32 The • t: 01273 299219 • •


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Full Public Liability Insurance Over 30 Years Experience City & Guilds Qualified YOUR LOCAL DECORATORS

DMF Electrical

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All kinds of wallpapering Room Design and Planning Professional Advice & Service Contact Pete or Bernie for a Free Estimate

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““You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.” - Buddha

Landlords! We want your properties Guaranteed rents for landlords with no commission, or management and renewal fees. Up to £63,000 over five years* For further information, please call 01273 292213 or 292164 or email

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Goings On!

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Downland Quilters - Jenny 01444 241351 or Janet B’ton 509190. HEALTHWALKS.- Kathy ‘ton 509377. Patcham Ward Councillors: Brian Pidgeon 01273 291190; Carol and Geoffrey Theobald 01273 291195 Withdean Ward Councillors: Ann and Ken Norman 01273 291182; Sue Shanks 01273 291410 Les Paul Big Band - 01273 558009 CPC - Old Boat Corner Community Centre Carden Hill, BN1 8GN. Tel 01273 540779

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30th Brighton Scout Group: Beavers - Donna on 07791 769163 ; Cubs - Elsie 01273 603295; Scouts - Neil 01273 888072 Charity Knitters - Rob: 07743 554001 Creative Embroidery Tricia 501394 Ascension Church Westdene: Minister Rev Andy Bousfield 503926 Library: 296912 WI Mollie Gooders 01273 555442 Junior Embroiderers Sue Lacey 558509 Patcham Jnr Chess 07882-121506 CAMEO - Dorothy Cook 882308.

Friendship Lunch - Ascension Church Hall - 4th Thursday of the month 1pm (Olive 502943) Carden Tots CPC under 5’s 9am-3pm Westdene WI 7.30pm Ascension Church Hall 555442 Friendship Lunches 1pm 4th Thursdays Ascension Hall (Olive 502943)


Patcham WI - 2nd Tuesdays at 2 pm Patcham Memorial Hall, Old London Rd Carden Tots CPC - under 5’s 9am-3pm Patcham Methodist Hall Toddler Group. 9 - 11.15 term time. £1 adult, 30p child 0-5yrs.Incls Tea/Coffee/Juice Patcham Jnr Chess Club (6- 16 yrs) 5.30 - 6.30 Memorial Hall

Patcham Companions - Patcham CC – Are you 50+ & free on a Friday, 2.30pm? Carden Tots CPC under 5’s 9am-3pm Patcham Table Tennis Club - Patcham CC- 2pm till 5pm £1.00. Turn up. Local Councillors Advice Surgery - 2nd Friday 6-7pm Patcham CC Beaver section - ( aged 5 3/4 - 8 yrs), 6-7pm. Scout hut Vale Avenue Patcham Library 1st Friday 11 am Patcham Reading Group. 1st 2-4pm Age Concern drop in Surgery Patcham Silver Band - Patcham Junior School, 7pm Junior Band practice. 8pm Senior Band practice Bridge Duplicate (Pairs) - Patcham CC. - 1.45pm




Novice Bridge - Patcham CC. - Friendly non-competitive 1.45pm -5 pm. £2.50 Aerobics CPC 9:30-10:30am £3 Duplicate (Pairs) - Patcham CC. 7pm for 7.15pm Morning Women’s Institute - Patcham Memorial Hall - 4th Wednesday – 10am CAMEO (Come And Meet Each Other) 1st & 3rd Weds, 2.45pm in All Saints Church Lounge Horticultural Soc Patcham CC 7.30pm Last Weds of Month

Thursdays Preston Flower Arrangement Society - Patcham CC. 2nd Thurs of Month 2.15pm. Bridge for Beginners Patcham CC – 1.45pm till 5pm Bridge Duplicate (Pairs) - Patcham CC. 7pm for 7.15pm £1.25/£2 Downland Quilters - Patcham CC. - 1st Thursday of the month. 7.30pm. All Saints Church - Holy Communion (said) 10.30am Patcham Memorial Hall, Old London Road. Little Pebbles - 9.45 - 11.45am from 12 September. Fountain Centre, Braybon Ave. Cubs 6-8pm (8-101/2 yrs). 6-8pm Scout hut, Vale Avenue Charity Knitters Club - 3rd Thurs - 10.00am to 12.00pm , Room 2, Patcham CC 34 | The Post • t: 01273 299219

Embroiderers’ Guild meets 1st Saturday of the Month 24.30pm in rooms 3 & 4 Patcham Community Centre. New members welcome. Phone 724856 St Thomas More’s Catholic Church:First Mass 6pm Patcham Local History Group 1st Sat at Patcham Library, 10.30-12.30 1st Sat Lion Book Fair: Lions Dene, The Deneway, 10 - Noon. P’chm Memorial Hall 1.30-3.30 £7

Sundays All Saints Church. 08.00 - Holy Communion (said). 10.15 - Morning Worship, 18.00 - Evening Worship (informal), Thursday 10.30 - Holy Communion (said) Patcham Methodist Church 10.30 Morning Worship, including crèche. 6.30 evening worship. The Ascension Church Westdene 8.00 Traditional Communion (First Sunday of the month) 10.30 Sunday Morning Family Service (with children’s groups) St Thomas More’s Catholic Church: .Mass 9am,Mass with Children’s Liturgy 11am. Good Shepherd Dyke Road. 10.15- Communion, also 10.15 Informal “Time for God” in hall. 3rd Sunday All together Family Service in Church.

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