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Alumni Testimonial

Learning how to win and compete is very important in golf. It takes more than simply a skill set but mental stability and the desire to win - all of which I learned on the USJGT. Looking back on all the junior tournaments, high school, and collegiate, and professional tours, the USJGT has been one of my favorites. I played on the USJGT Tour mostly through out high school where I was able to develop the skills necessary to play golf at a collegiate level.

Also, the USJGT made it fun with the award for the “Player of the Year� and keeping all scores and stats online for the public to view. Growing up I was not able to afford the expensive costs of playing AJGA tournaments, but the USJGT was able to provide me with the same experiences and exposure at an affordable cost.

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The USJGT gave me the opportunity to play 2-3 day tournaments in a great tournament atmosphere with strong competition. On this tour I learned the importance of patience, competing, and putting yourself in position to win tournaments. Those are the essential qualities professional golfers have mastered.

I thank the USJGT for all they have done for me and for giving me a foundation to stand on while pursuing my dream of becoming a professional golfer.

USJGT: Clay Myers  

USJGT: Clay Myers

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