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Welcome to this year’s Spring Newsletter. A newsletter packed with student achievement. As many parents and carers know, this term we have worked through the difficult process of restructuring promoted posts in the school. Although this programme has been a major challenge for everyone in the school community, one thing has been very clear throughout – our staff make an amazing commitment to the young people they work with. On 5 June our new team of Principal Teachers take up post and we are confident they will provide us with a strong foundation for the challenges ahead. This is a good time to remember the commitment that all of our staff make to the Preston Lodge community. Without that commitment we would not be able to secure so many positive destinations for the young people we work with. I hope all our families have a pleasant Easter holiday and we look forward to working with you in the new term. Yours faithfully


Stage 3 2009‐2012

Gavin Clark Head Teacher

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Issue 5

School Updates School Uniform Many thanks once again to all the families who helped us to change our approach to PL Hoodies. I would like to take this opportunity to remind all families that it is essential that all young people now come to school wearing a shirt and tie, whether or not they are wearing a hoodie. Next term I will be writing to all families with expectations for uniform in Session 2012/13. In the meantime, many thanks for your continued support in what we are trying to achieve with school uniform at Preston Lodge Staff Changes In Science this Easter we say a fond farewell to Jean Brunton. Jean has been working in the Science Department as a Laboratory Assistant for 21 years and has always been a popular and conscientious figure in Biology, Physics and Chemistry. Jean will be sorely missed and we wish her all the best for a very happy retirement. In Guidance we said farewell to Eilidh Proudfoot this month. Eilidh will be out of school for 23 months working on Curriculum for Excellence with the SQA. Details of a long-term replacement will be confirmed next term, but in the meantime we welcome Chris Thomas (PE) to the team as Eilidh’s short-term replacement. We also say farewell this Easter to Louise Dalgliesh who comes to the end of a successful secondment in that same department. Louise returns to Ross High School and we thank her for her contribution to the school. In SFL we say goodbye to Jacqui Thomson this term. Jacqui leaves us after 2 years to take up a post as a Primary swimming teacher/PE specialist, focusing on developing East Lothian Swim Team squads. Although Jacqui has only been with us for a short time, she has made a big contribution to the school and we will miss her very much. Easter revision programme As usual, we are running a full programme of Easter revision courses over the holiday period. If your child is in S4, S5 or S6 I would ask you to take a look at the Easter revision programme, which is available on the school website.

Promoted Posts Following the recent restructuring process, I am pleased to announce that from 5 June our Principal Teachers will be: Post Senior PT Languages PT Languages PT Numeracy Senior PT Health & Wellbeing PT Health & Wellbeing PT Social Studies/RME PT Technologies PT Expressive Arts PT Science PT Classroom Practice

Appointee J Ainslie J Fitzpatrick/N Thain L Douglas Post still vacant

P Christie C Lanyon P Oates C Bishop G Evans J Allan

PT Inclusion

P McIntosh

PT Support For Learning Senior PT Guidance PT Guidance PT Guidance PT Guidance

V Hoban C Blakey C Welsh E Proudfoot D Bell

I would like to thank our Principal Teachers for the conscientious and committed way in which they engaged in an often difficult process – it is never easy to apply for a job where one is already employed, whatever the outcome. Each Principal Teacher will also undertake a whole school remit, to be confirmed next term. Further details will be communicated to parents/ carers once that process has taken place. These post holders offer Preston Lodge an exciting vision of the future. Together with all our staff they will be taking Preston Lodge through the next phase of our development, and we all look forward to the coming challenges.

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Tickled Pink at Preston Lodge

Timetable change

Many in our local community will have noticed the recent rapid rise in the number of teenager’s proudly sporting PL hoodies in their House colours of red, blue and yellow.

We are currently consulting staff and students about whether or not we should change our school timetable each year in June or August. Currently, in line with many other secondary schools, we change our timetable at the start of June. However, there are some persuasive reasons for changing the school timetable in August. Some of the arguments are as follows:

But for a few hours on the morning of Friday 30 March House affiliations will be cast aside as PL unites in one colour for Wear Pink Day in support of this year’s Edinburgh Moonwalk. Pupils and staff will pay £1 to dress in pink, and there will be prizes for the best dressed boy, girl, man and woman. There will also be a coffee morning for staff and S6 pupils. With our enthusiastic PL pupils and staff, who can always be relied on to enter into the spirit of school events with great gusto, it’s sure to be an exciting and visually stimulating morning. It does, of course, also have a higher purpose, as we hope to raise a considerable amount of money for a really worthwhile cause. The Moonwalk is a moonlit Marathon which raises money for breast cancer causes. Walkers pound the pavements through the night in their Walk the Walk trademark decorated bras. A team of 17 staff from Preston Lodge are taking part in the Moonwalk on 9 June 2012. To fit with this year’s theme of ‘Midnight at the Oasis’ they will be transformed for the night into the Perfectly Lovely Persian Ladies of Preston Lodge. (For some, this transformation will be more of a challenge than the walk itself.) In just 6 years, with the help of over 60,000 walkers, this event has raised in excess of £14 million. The PL team are aiming to raise at least £1,700. So if you would like to help, please either donate directly to the school through the school office, or use this link: to give online. Thank you for your support. J Robertson

Arguments for June change

Arguments for August change

Work can be set for SQA classes to complete over the summer

June could be used for proper student preparation for the year ahead

Time in new SQA classes is maximised

Most certificate classes have significant changes in student uptake in August, necessitating a restart of courses

The school has a ‘dry June could be used for run’ at the new an exciting programme of timetable so problems CfE related events can be fixed June is always disrupted by various school events anyway which minimise class time

There are many other arguments for and against June and August which one might consider. The key decision-makers in this process are our staff, who are tasked to ensure that all students maximise their learning. However, some parents may have views on this, and we would be interested to hear from any who do. If you would like to participate in this consultation please either submit a viewpoint in writing to the school by Friday 20 April or submit an electronic response to by Friday 20 April.

Issue 5

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Aim and Values update On the front of every newsletter you will see a copy of the school’s Aims and Values. As part of our work in developing and embedding our Aims and Values, we now have a really wonderful display showing student perceptions of the school’s Aims and Values in our waiting room, put together by our Senior Student Team. This display is well worth a look if you are visiting the school. Our departments are also thinking hard about how they develop the school’s Aims and Values. In future editions of the school Newsletter we will share a number of departmental responses to the school’s Aims and Values. Below, we have shared with you the Science department’s approach. Finally, we are asking staff, students and parents/carers to nominate any individual student or groups of students whom they think most deserve to win one of our new Aims and Values Awards at this year’s Prize Giving. Three students will receive these new awards and this year they will also win a day’s sailing on the south coast of England, provided by us by Artemis Investments. Parents/carers can find a copy of the nomination form at the end of this newsletter and I would encourage everyone in our school community to nominate students they feel have meaningfully developed one or more of our Aims and Values. Submissions must be made by Friday 28 April.

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House Update

The video was greeted warmly by students. Next up is an inter-house football competition which will be held just before the Easter holidays and will be promoted in assemblies in the run up to the event – so watch out for more information coming your way soon! Individual successes contribute to team!

Gosford dance their way to victory Poor Gosford have been the fall guys in wholeschool one-off events this session, thanks to Grange and Seton locking horns with remarkable ferocity. However, February saw them come into their own with a much needed and celebrated victory in the school Dance Off meets Musical Statues competition! Based loosely on the well-known “Soccer AM Dance Off” (a TV programme), this competition was a great success with the hundreds of pupils coming to watch or take part. Leading the way for the Golds was S5 Amy Gibson. She really went for it with remarkable energy and enthusiasm and had the entire hall shouting her name as she performed the dance of the day. Amy proved a worthy winner of this competition and provided her house with much needed points. Earlier in the week, our enthusiastic House Captains had performed a Dance-Off of their own during morning assemblies – or more accurately showed their own promotional trailer for the event in which each of them demonstrated what was expected, or in the case of some, what not to do…

In the last month or so, individual successes have brought house points to all three houses. Cookery, bagpiping, athletics, football and engineering came to the fore as many talented Preston Lodge youngsters made an impact on a national stage. Emma Sturrock of Seton won the regional heat of the Rotary Club cookery competition. House points for Seton. Grange saw incredible success in the last month through its talented pipers and drummers. Daniel Luby, Eilidh Alexander, Carrie Bain and Emma Calderhead were all placed in national schools and pipe band competitions held across the country. The individual success of these talented four Grange pupils has also been acknowledged via the house system. Gosford were not to be outdone in the success stakes this month as they made a move in the overall rankings thanks to their many talented female footballers and the athletics prowess of their students. Georgina Loudon was placed in a recent national athletics event, bringing house points to Team Yellow. Meanwhile, most of the pupils in the PLHS Scottish Cup Quarter Final squad for the end of March come from Gosford. Points went to every girl involved. Success for our budding engineers in the Rotary Club East of Scotland Challenge secured house points for all three houses. Further details on all of these successes can be found later in this newsletter. If you have done something special that the House Team may not yet know about please let us know as soon as you can. There is not long to go in the competition and every point is invaluable. See Mr Thomas or Mrs Binnie!

Dance Off

J Binnie House Team

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Issue 5

Learning In and Out of School Preston Lodge make the news On Thursday 15 March 22 pupils from Preston Lodge High School joined up with around 1000 schools across the UK to make the news. The pupils were taking part in BBC News School Report, a BBC project to engage 11-16 year-olds in the news. Over the past few months the students in Miss Muir’s S1 English class have been working hard, training to be top journalists, carrying out interviews and producing reports. Finally, all their hard work paid off as the library was transformed into a busy newsroom. Everyone worked really hard to have their articles, interviews and reports finished by the deadline. The students covered news stories of the day as well as articles on the Syrian Uprising, Bullying, Rising Unemployment, Harry Potter, film reviews and many more!

Rotary Young Technologist Competition This annual competition has been held in previous years in various schools throughout the Lothian’s and this year it was our turn. Thirteen teams from the east of Scotland took part in Junior, Intermediate and Senior categories and the object of the day was to design and construct a device which would sort 2p, 5p and £1 coins into separate piles. Teams spent the morning working on their ideas and design folios, and in the afternoon set about constructing the actual proposal. After a day of frantic activity, the folios and projects were assessed by three independent judges from the Institute of Structural Engineers who, by their own admission, were astounded at the quality of the ideas, not only of the winners but of all the competing teams. The winners in the Junior and Intermediate categories came from Penicuik High School but the Senior award went to Preston Lodge. Only once in the history of the competition have teams from PL failed to win at least one category (in 2009 we won all three!) The winning PL team was: Lee Matzke, Calum Price, James Porteous and Blythe Robertson, all in our S6.

Kirsty Muir, lead teacher for the BBC School Report in Preston Lodge said: “The students worked incredibly hard on their stories and have really done themselves proud. They’ve produced some great pieces and although it was a lot of work, we’ve had a lot of fun!” One of the budding young reporters, Angus Hillhouse, had this to say: “It’s been really fun and my favourite part is actually writing the news reports. I like being able to watch our reports back online on the BBC website because it makes me feel like a real journalist.” Preston Lodge was a focus of the BBC School Report website on the day itself, and a local reporter came along to see what the budding young reporters were up to. Keep your eyes peeled on local newspapers to see photos of the day itself, and please have a look at the dedicated website to watch the video reports and read the articles: K Muir

Winning PL Team

Honourable mention should also go to the Intermediate team of Chris Cameron, Julia Murphy, Sam Donaldson and Jake Halvorson (S4) and the Junior team of, Duncan Wilson, Robert Kotula, Mikey Ward and Cameron Sharp (S2). My thanks go to all in the school, particularly nonteaching staff, who worked so well to make the day such a success. Colin Cruickshank

Issue 5

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Cooking for the Queen

Piping Success

As part of the Diamond Jubilee celebrations 34 first years were organised into groups to create ideas for a 'selection of canapés - fit for a r e c e p ti o n in Buckingham Palace'. They were to reflect our local area and include local produce.

There were some excellent performances from our pipers and drummers in the GWC Mini-Band and Solo Competitions last month. In solo competitions Eilidh Alexander and Daniel Luby were both awarded second places in the U’18 Piping Event and U’14 drumming equivalent respectively. In addition, Emma Calderhead came fourth in the U’18 Drumming Event.

The groups worked well to identify ideas and started to create recipes. They left class with the task of submitting four ideas from their group by Friday 9 March. In true 'Masterchef' style, groups have then been asked back on the basis of their submission and their creations week by week. The second week saw local chef Scott Ritchie show some canapés and discuss various elements to consider in their own creations. Pupils then worked on their ideas and identified two to make the following week. Some of the ideas were Diamond delights, Very berry chocolate cups, Burns night parcels & quiche, to name just a few. As well as being supported by Scott, we have benefited from the support of local chef and ex-pupil Blair Forlow. Both have supported this initiative to enhance the creativity and skill of the pupils. Final choices will be made by those selected for a staff 'tasting' session this week, and the entries will then be submitted to the national competition. Liz Nicoll

In our first year in the Senior Mini-Bands Event, PLHS came tenth, only being beaten by minibands from four other Schools. Apparently, one Piping Judge placed us fourth overall. Ten schools entered this competition, fielding a total of 18 mini-bands. A lot of hard work and effort preceded the competitions and all players and parents present really enjoyed the experience. Two weeks ago there was yet more success at the prestigious Highland Club competition in Glasgow. The band were placed 5th overall and won the trophy for best non-RSPBA registered band. 12 bands took part. The PL drummers also swept the boards in the solo competitions. Emma Calderhead won the senior drumming event and Carrie Bain was second. Daniel Luby won the Junior solo drumming event. To put this into context, these students were competing against some of the best school-aged drummers in the world. Indeed, many of them have previously played in World Championship winning bands. A wonderful achievement, then. All in all a brilliant night and the pupils conducted themselves really well.

PL Pipe Band success

Issue 5

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Shelby Dalgliesh is a Future Chef

Emma tops the Scots!

Shelby Dalgliesh competed in the Future Chef Central & South of Scotland Regional Final at City of Glasgow College on Wednesday 22 February. 9 competitors fought off 600 others to make it there.

Emma Sturrock took top spot in the Rotary Young Chef District final held in Edinburgh recently.

Shelby created two dishes - her main course was Pan seared wild coley with haddock & prawn chowder on a bed of crushed baby potatoes. This was followed by Vanilla & Ginger cheesecake with caramelised clementine’s and spun sugar.

Her winning menu was praised by the Judges as superb, especially the tarte au citron which was in a class of its own. Emma had tuition from Derek Johnstone, Executive Head Chef at Greywalls, who continued working with her in preparation for the next round. Emma won a beautiful trophy plus a week’s course at a Cookery school.

Vanilla and Ginger cheesecake

The standard was exceptionally high, and despite a great performance Shelby was not, on this occasion, successful. Shelby worked with John Paul (Executive Chef) from the Marine Hotel, North Berwick in preparation for the competition. She experienced life in a real hotel kitchen and the pressure that involves, plus gaining expertise in finishing presentation of her dishes.

In the Regional Final, held on Sunday 18 March at the Edinburgh School of Food and Wine, Emma won the competition, beating finalists from the whole of Scotland and the North of England to win, with an amazing menu of: •

Veloute of parsnip and apple soup with chestnuts

Steamed sea bass en papillote with fennel, leeks and carrots on crushed potatoes with a watercress puree

Tart au citron with raspberry coulis

Shelby was a fantastic ambassador for Preston Lodge, both during the competition and at the Awards Gala Dinner at the Glasgow Science Centre in the evening. Well done on this achievement. Liz Nicoll

Veloute of parsnip and apple soup with chestnuts

This is the first time Preston Lodge have ever progressed this far and is a fantastic achievement. Emma has been a great credit to the school. She now goes on to the UK final of the competition in Oxfordshire on Saturday 21 April. Congratulations to Emma and thanks to her parents and Longniddry and District Rotary for all their support. Good luck in the final! Pamela Hogg Shelby Dalgliesh

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Issue 5

across to Alcatraz. After a long day we had dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe.

Emma receiving her award

Pipers and Drummers head to Belgium The Battlefields trip has once again received support from the East Lothian Pipes and Drums Trust to fund the participation of our talented pipers and drummers in this annual citizenship trip. As part of our Battlefields Tour, there are many opportunities for our young people to show their skills, including an important performance at the world famous Menin Gate Ceremony. Everyone who witnessed our pipers and drummers perform at the Menin Gate last June can lay claim to that being almost certainly their proudest ever PL moment. It was lump-in-thethroat time! We would like to say a huge “thank you” to the Trust for their continued backing of this very special trip. We will be videoing performances at various venues throughout the tour and we look forward to sharing them with you when we return as veterans of the 2nd Battalion of Preston Lodge Pals. Jillian Binnie (Trip Leader) and Lee Moore (Pipe Major)

West Coast USA After what seemed like an eternity we finally touched down in a warm San Francisco. As we changed our watches to Western Sea Board time we realised that we had been up for 24hrs. A quick stop at the hotel and then off to dinner at Bubba Gump’s on Pier 39. Friday saw us undertake a city tour of San Francisco before taking the ferry

Next day we headed to Muir Woods, home of the giant redwood and film set for Ewoks and the recent Planet of the Apes. From Muir Woods we travelled 5 hrs to Bakersfield for an overnight stop. The next day we made an early start for Las Vegas. On the way there, we passed through the magnificent landscapes of Death Valley's National Park and were truly amazed at the diverse landscapes, from salt plains to sand dunes, mountain passes at 4956ft and to the base of the valley at 195 ft below sea level. With tales of rattlesnakes and scorpions put to one side we all enjoyed playing in the sand dunes and taking some amazing photos. As the sun started to set we arrived on the strip in Las Vegas and had our first sights of the famous Caesar’s Palace, The Bellagio and The Venetian hotels. Once at our hotel for that night, we had some free time to explore the amazing sites of the strip, full of glitz and glamour. Grand Canyon

Day 5 - our big day of travel saw a six hour transfer to Tusayan and the Grand Canyon. It is difficult to do the sight that was spread out before us justice, in either words or pictures. It was truly remarkable, and something I shall never forget. The next day, Valentine’s Day, started very cold with a fresh layer of snow! Strappy tops, shorts and t-shirts were definitely not on call today. We had breakfast and returned to the snow peaks and cliffs of the Grand Canyon. “Mr Lanyon was in the canyon”. Standing on the top of the south rim with snow falling and the spectacular Grand Canyon spread out before you is a truly amazing experience and makes you feel like such a small fish in a large sea. After some amazing hot

Issue 5

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chocolate and a visit to the gift shop we headed to Tempe for our last stop over before the delights of Los Angeles. Leaving Tempe behind us we headed for LA, stopping off in Palm Springs. The weather threw everything it could at us during this trip. Leaving Phoenix the sun was shining and there was warmth in the air. Soon the clouds rolled in and the rain started to fall, just as the shopping started. As we arrived in LA we were reliably informed that the last time it had rained was December. It would appear that we brought our own little piece of Scotland with us! In LA our hotel sat in the shadow of the Getty Gallery, just a stone’s throw from Universal Studios. After an hour in the pool and a fantastic dinner on the 16th floor with a view of the city it was time to turn in and try and catch up on some sleep. The trip to Universal studios was a blast, with the studio tour being a highlight, closely followed by the Waterworld show. After a long day in Universal, we headed to Universal 'City Walk' Luggage loaded we headed off for a tour of LA, visiting popular attractions such as the Walk of Fame at the Chinese Theatre, Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive, Sunset Boulevard and the last stop on the tour, Venice Beach. Once our tour had finished it was time so say goodbye to America and head back to Scotland. On the draining eleven hour flight home everyone caught up on some well-deserved sleep. This was truly a trip of a life time and everyone on the trip had a great time. None of this would have gone ahead without the hard work and effort that the teachers put in. Many thanks to Mr Lanyon, Mr Sellwood and Ms Armstrong. Cameron Simpson (S4)

PL students on the USA trip

Issue 5

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Rachel House Moira Pow and Viv Donaldson went to visit Rachel House in Kinross last Thursday because there was chocolate left over from donations for the PL staff Moon Walk. A hamper was filled up with lots of Easter eggs for the children. It was a lovely afternoon - very humbling, but a very happy place for children to be. It costs ÂŁ7 million to fund Rachel House each year. CHAS is their main fundraiser, so well done to them for the marvelous work that they do. it was nice to put two charities into one. The PL Persian Ladies are hoping to raise ÂŁ1700 and donations can be made through the school office or by following the link: to donate online. Thank you for the parental support we have received already.

Mrs Pow and Mrs Donaldson presenting the Chocolate Hamper to a Rachel House representative.

Therapy pool

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Sports Updates Six nations rugby special day. The junior rugby players of Preston Lodge High School were treated to an extra special training day on Wednesday 22 February. Instead of normal training on the school pitches they headed down the road to the Pennypit. The 'RBS Six Nations' trophy was on display, and rugby legends Chris Patterson and Andy Nicoll were hosting a question and answer session. PL head rugby coach Mr Thomas took the boys for training on the 'big pitch' at the Pennypit alongside younger players from the Preston Lodge primary school cluster. It was great to see so many of our senior and RBS Six Nations Trophy and former pupils helping out Preston Lodge rugby PL RFC supporter signatures development officer Douglas Thomson. Almost every blade of grass was covered, with youngsters enjoying a fun training session while the excitement of the trophy and the legends arriving grew. After the training session both sets of primary and secondary pupils made their way into the stand. As the PL pupils waited a spontaneous rendition of 'Flower of Scotland' was sung which only added to the fun and anticipation. The trophy was piped in by the PLHS pipe band who, as usual, were fantastic. Chris Patterson himself said that he thought they sounded better than the pipes at Murrayfield! PL students asked Chris Patterson and Andy Nicoll questions before Douglas Thomson presented the players with a giant 'Good luck Scotland!’ card for the national team. The pupils then had a chance to take photos of the trophy and grab an autograph from the players. This really was a training session that the boys will always remember! Many thanks to Douglas Thomson and Preston Lodge Rugby Club for a great afternoon. Rugby is thriving at PLHS. Don't miss training after school in the PE department on Mondays and Wednesdays! Chris Thomas

Young and old at the Pennypit

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Preston Lodge U14 Scottish School Badminton Champions Preston Lodge High School represented Mid and East Lothian at both U14 and U19 age groups at the recent Scottish Schools Badminton Gibb Memorial Quaich held at Ravencraig Sports Centre, Motherwell. In the Junior U14 event eight schools were competing for the title and ten schools were in the Senior event. In the Senior U19 Quaich Preston Lodge fought hard, only losing to to Dalziel High in their pool who went on to win the national title. Preston Lodge U14 team won all their group matches beating Bearsden 5-0, High School Glasgow 3-2 and Mackie Academy 3-2. In the final they were up against Dalziel High (Lanarkshire) which was a nail biting match which they finally won 3- 2 to become Scottish Champions! The teams were U19; Shona Bell, Anna Devine, Amy Kerr, Kirsty Edwards, Martin Lord, Andrew Morgan, Ali Caughey, Fraser Whillans and Euan Cameron. Under 14s (Scottish Schools Champs!) Douglas Crawford, Craig Russell, Alex Burnett, Aaron Doidge, Shona Whillans, Eloise Morris, Laura Moos and Sophie Chater. Well done to all our fantastic badminton players. The school is really proud of you! Lindsey Pike

PL are U14 Scottish Schools Badminton Champions!

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PL player a prop prospect. Preston Lodge High School has already produced one of Scottish rugby's all time most capped props with Allan Jacobsen. Now history may be repeating itself! Preston Lodge S4 pupil Murray Berg has been playing for Edinburgh U16 this year after strong performances with Preston Lodge High School, Musselburgh RFC and East Lothian. Recently Murray has been involved in several stages of Scotland U16 trials. Unfortunately, Murray just missed out on a place in the final squad but Murray and PLHS hope that an opportunity may still arise this year or next at international level. Good luck Murray! Chris Thomas

Murray Berg in action

PLHS rugby 2011/12 Rugby at Preston lodge high school has a proud tradition and this season has only added to that pride. PLHS run teams for all year groups with S1 to S3 fulfilling a full season of friendly fixtures and S4 to S6 participating in Scottish Schools Cup competitions. In all year groups there have been some highlights‌ S1s - Almost starting from scratch, the S1 team have been steadily improving as the season has gone on. There has been a big turnover of players throughout the year and some excellent individual performances, particularly from Jack Leslie, Morgan Foulner and Angus Hillhouse. S2s - Probably the most improved team of the year. Numbers have increased hugely and potential is massive. With a slightly better training ethic this team could become one to watch in the future. Many of

Issue 5

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these players have been attending East Lothian Falcons pathway training. Standouts this year have been Jamie Fraser, Andrew Horne, Taylor McDonald. S3s - A very mixed season for the S3 boys. They have had some fantastic results and performances, including a great victory over a very strong Linlithgow Academy team. Many of the S3 boys got their first taste of cup rugby playing for the school U16 team. Top performers this year have been Jack Gordon, Lewis Berg, Matthew Gordon and Connor Forlow. S4s - The S4 boys made it to the final of the Borders and East Lothian Cup vs Hawick High School after a pulsating semi-final victory over local rivals Dunbar. The final was an exciting match, played in front of 500 lively Hawick pupils. Unfortunately, the boys lost but learnt a lot from the experience. Many of the team look forward to representing the school 1st XV next season. Big performers were Cameron Simpson, Lee Binmore, Grant McCathie and Murray Berg. S5/6s - This year’s 1st XV was a particularly strong team and made light work of their way to the quarter finals of the Scottish Cup before losing out to eventual winners Earlston High School. Some of the rugby that the boys played was of the highest calibre, with Paul Dixon and Blair Robertson leading from the front. Blair has since gone on to play for Preston Lodge Men's 1st XV which is an outstanding achievement. School training is held straight after school from 3.45 till 5 pm on Monday's and Wednesdays. Matches are usually played on Saturday mornings. Chris Thomas

Girls Football This is the first year I have taken the girls football and it has been really enjoyable. I realised quickly, though, that the girls talk a lot more than the boys! Our junior team exited the Scottish Cup in the first round. However, with attendance at training being good the girls have improved as individuals and as a team. This was shown in the Edinburgh 7s where they performed well and drew with Musselburgh Grammar, one of the top teams in Scotland. Unfortunately, the game went to penalties and the girls were beaten. There were outstanding performances from Emily White, Mekala Osborne and Rachel Torrance. The junior girls can hopefully take this form into the East Lothian Youth Games. The Senior Girls have had a rollercoaster season. They played St Aidans, defending champions of the U16 Scottish Cup, in their first match. After St Aidans took the lead the team pulled back and won the game 4-2 with goals from Amie-Jayne Russell and Rebecca McArthur. They then played Dalziel High School, last year’s runners-up in the Scottish Cup. The final score was 5-2, with key performance from Cara Ross, Katie Cochrane and Emmelie Young, as well as Kirsty Edwards, who played in her first ever competitive match of football. These two performances gave the girls confidence and in the next match against Boroughmuir we had Anna Tolk and Ashild Nordbotten make their debuts for the school team. The match was played in the worst conditions I have ever seen football played in. However, Preston Lodge gained a 1-0 win to progress to the Quarter-Final of the Scottish Cup. We yet again had an away match through at St Mungo’s in Falkirk. They were the defending champions for the U18 Scottish Cup. The girls performed to a really high standard making more chances in the match than St Mungo’s, and every player played to the best of their ability. Unfortunately we could not sneak the goal we deserved and it went to penalties where the girls were beaten 5-4. Defeat was hard to take, but I cannot stress how proud I am of every girl for their performances as a team and individuals. This is the highest achievement of any girls team at Preston Lodge and we still have one more year as a team so, hopefully, next year can be our year! I would like to thank all the parents who travelled miles to watch the matches and the coaches who supported the team. Graeme Bennion

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S2 Football This team played at S2 level last year when they were in S1 and they gained experience from this and took it into the competitions they have played in. The team, unfortunately, were beaten in the Scottish Cup Plate by Earlston, but wanted to continue on and have played in the Edinburgh School 7s. There have been some good performances from players throughout the year. Kai Cochrane is playing a year ‘up’, but has never looked out of place and always gives 100%. I would like to Thank Kieran Mullen for all his hard work and commitment with this team and other football teams in the school this season. Graeme Bennion

Senior Football Team This year the team played Holyrood High School in the first round of the Scottish Cup. They lost 4-3 to last years defending champions. The team then had the League and League Cup to focus on. The league season started well winning our first match against Boroughmuir 5-0 to set a high standard. This was continuing into the next four games with four wins in a row. This included a 3-2 win over Gracemount High School. We were battling it out with James Young High School for the League. If they gained a point from their last two matches they would win the league. If not, we would be league champions. We played James Young and won 2-1 with some great performances. This still left it out of our hands, and James Young won their last match to win the league. During five years coaching this team they have never finished out the top three of the league, and have always progressed well in cup competitions. With many players leaving I would like to thank them for the memories. It has been fun. Graeme Bennion

A full update on all sports will appear in our next newsletter.

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All Resume, New Timetable, S5/6 Coursing

Tuesday 12 June

S5/6 Induction

Wednesday 13 June

S5/6 Induction

Tuesday 19 June


Wednesday 20 June

P7 Visit

Thursday 21 June

P7 Visit, P7 Parents’ Evening

Friday 22 June

S3 Reports to Parents

Monday 25 June—Friday 29 June

Activities Week (Foreign and UK)

Friday 29 June

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Issue 5

Page 18

Nomination Form Aims and Values – School Prizes This year we are celebrating our school Aims and Values by awarding prizes to three students who have done the most to demonstrate one or more of those Aims and Values. Do you have any thoughts about one or more students in this school who have best demonstrated that Preston Lodge High School is a community of learning that values achievement, happiness and respect? For example, you might know someone who helps an elderly neighbour with chores or shopping. You may know someone who is involved in a beach clean-up drive. You might know somebody who does voluntary work, or who achieved something really special in class this year. If you would like to nominate somebody please fill in the form below. You can see a full set of aims and values on the front cover. I am a member of staff / I am a student / I am a parent / other ________ (please circle) My name is _______________________ Name of student (s) who should receive an award:

Aim (s) / Value (s) that you are nominating them for (community, learning, achievement, happiness, respect):

Reason you are nominating them:

Do you have any particular evidence to support this nomination? (optional):

Please hand this form to the office by the end of the day on Friday 28 April.

Spring 2012 Newsletter  

March 2012 edition of the Preston Lodge High School Newsletter.

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