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Preston Lodge High School 28 June 2013

June Newsletter

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June Timetable for S5/6 6 Students Senior Team :Back Row Cameron Wyllie (Depute), Gavin Clark (Headteacher), Shelby Dalgleish (Depute) Front Row Robbie Baillie (Depute), Bronwyn O’Neill (Head Girl), Craig Munro (Head Boy), Ashton Ritchie (Depute)

House Update


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Dear Parent/Carer

Learning at PL


Calendar for 13-14


I find it hard to believe that this is the last newsletter of the academic year. So much has happened at Preston Lodge in the last nine months and the time seems to have flown by. I would like to thank our departing S6 students for the wonderful contribution they made to the school. I recently spent time down in West Linton with our new S6 students and I was really impressed with the focus and energy that they were putting into their two day residential programme. Despite the rapid passage of time, we are very much looking forward to the new session! This week’s Prizegiving ceremony once again reminded us of the enormous range of student achievement at Preston Lodge High School. Students young and old have achieved many fantastic things this year and I would like to thank them, their families and our wider community for all the support they have given the school. I hope you have a good summer and we look forward to working with you next session. Yours faithfully Gavin Clark Head Teacher


Stage 3 2009-2012

Issue 7

What have we achieved this year? If 2011/12 was a year of change in our staffing structure then 2012/13 was a year of change in our curriculum. This year we have:

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that our staff are well placed to fully engage with a new government focus on career long professional learning 

further strengthened our House system and Activities Week

seen fifteen of our S5 students complete the first year of the East Lothian Hospitality and Tourism Academy

finalised a new S4-6 Senior Phase, following extensive staff, student and parental consultation

run our first full S3 Curriculum for Excellence timetable, including a very vibrant options programme

However, I haven’t even mentioned the boat that has been built, the moving films that have been produced about Cockenzie Power Station and the WWII experiences of older community members or any of the many out-of-school experiences our students have had.

introduced module 2 of our learning skills programme (Learning to Think) to S2 and S3 students

Most important of all, I haven’t mentioned the many fulfilling in-class learning experiences that our students have participated across the school.

planned for the introduction of year 3 of our learning skills programme, which will focus on mind sets and personal profiling (watch this space!)

As ever, I would like to thank our incredibly professional and committed staff for everything they have done to make such progress possible.

reviewed our new S1/3 curriculum and made alterations to improve it. Most significantly, we have extensively reviewed our Interventions programme and have formulated next steps.

However, this year’s achievements do not, of course, relate just to curriculum structure. We have also: 

introduced a strong programme of classroom visits for all staff based on a peer review model

introduced Learning Coaches into our staffing to better support learning discussions across the school

supported a further 32 staff and students through Leadership Academies 3 and 4 of our Columba 1400 Leadership programme

strengthened our Student Council, having selected students to serve for a full 18 months to avoid delays at the start of the academic session

strengthened our S6 committee system to provide more meaningful leadership opportunities

introduced a strong June student development programme for S5 and S6 students to better prepare them for learning. One direct outcome of this work has been that Preston Lodge is now at the forefront of student use of technology

focused staff development around learning, so

We all want the very best for the young people in our school community and we were further encouraged this year with very strong positive destination figures. We know that when families and schools work together with young people the outcomes will always be better, and I would like to thank all families for the support they have given our school. Finally, I would like to thank the many friends of Preston Lodge High School. Whether you have simply attended a school event, or offered more direct support, we very much appreciate your friendship. At the start of this month we ran assemblies on our Aims and Values, asking students to nominate their peers who best exemplified those Aims and Values this year. We were overwhelmed by positive and impressively reflective nominations which, I think, remind us that our Aims and Values are not simply a piece of paper, but are what we are. Learning, Achievement, Respect, Community and Happiness drive everything we do at Preston Lodge. I very much look forward to reporting on more positive progress this time next year.

Issue 7

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School Updates

Captains, and other S6 students who would like to wear one. The letter simply clarifies some much-discussed areas of our existing school uniform.

Senior Team

I would like to thank all families for their support in our attempt to ensure consistent school uniform across the school and we look forward to another year of your support in ensuring positive uniform for all students.

Following a very rigorous selection process, including interviews, a discussion task, hustings and staff and student voting, S6 students have achieved positions within our Senior Team. They are: Head Boy – Craig Munro Head Girl – Bronwyn O’Neill Depute Head Boys Robbie Baillie, Cameron Wyllie Depute Head Girls Shelby Dalgliesh, Ashton Ritchie All six had to perform incredibly well to achieve these important school positions and we were really impressed with the intelligence they brought to the selection process. However, I would also like to thank all the other students who put themselves forward. Many very talented students were unable to secure a position, due to the talent of the pool they were competing in. The good news is that there are many other key leadership positions across the school. At the time of going to press House Captains have not yet been confirmed, and these post holders will be announced in our next newsletter. There will also be many further roles available as leaders of school committees and specific pieces of project work. S3 Prefects S3 students who acted up as Prefects during exam leave did a really impressive job and we were very pleased with the commitment they brought to a challenging role. Many of them are most certainly ready and able to take on more responsibility for school development next session. Uniform A uniform letter outlining expectations for uniform next term is distributed with this newsletter. There is no change other than the introduction of blazers for our Senior Team and House

Staff Changes In Science Jan McClean takes a year’s leave of absence next session to work for the Territorial Army on the new Scottish qualifications. In her absence, Stewart Gray has secured a one year post in the school as a Physics Teacher. We are also delighted that Andrea Dave has achieved a temporary teaching post in the same Curricular Area. In Pupil Support we said farewell to Eilidh Proudfoot in our last newsletter. However, every cloud has a silver lining, and Ruth Patterson, who was acting as Eilidh’s stand-in during her SQA secondment recently secured permanency. A number of our NQTs have already secured posts elsewhere, and we wish those who have yet to secure posts the very best of luck in their current round of interviews. We will update all our families about their final destinations in our next newsletter. However, Alec Jessop this week secured a History post in Humanities. Well done, Alec. In Languages we welcome Sarah Lauckner into our Modern Languages team next year and, we also say farewell to Alice Mercer at the end of this term. Alice will be very much missed. After 28 years at Preston Lodge Alice has elected to adventure out into the world of retirement and Modern Languages in the school will be much diminished by her absence. At a recent farewell lunch Alice’s enthusiasm for life and cheerful disposition was much in evidence and we wish her all the very best in her next steps. Many students and former students across our wider school community have fond memories of Alice and are really sad to see her go. Many thanks, Alice, for everything you have done for Preston Lodge High School over so many years of dedicated service.

Issue 6

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Columba 1400 We have now organised dates for our next set of Columba 1400 Leadership Academies. Leadership Academy 5 will take place from Sunday 6 October to Friday 11 October. Leadership Academy 6 will take place from Sunday 10 to Friday 15 November. The opportunity to participate in these two Academies will still sit with S3 and S5 students, but we will also reopen the offer to new S4 students who expressed an interest and missed out last year. An initial letter will be distributed to all relevant students in the August, containing further information about how to sign up.

MMR immunisation catch up campaign NHS Lothian is running a catch-up campaign for young people aged 10 to 17 years who have not received two doses of the MMR (Measles, Mumps and Rubella) vaccine. They will be writing to parents and guardians of these children and encouraging them to contact their General Practice to arrange MMR vaccination for their child. Some young people missed out on the MMR vaccination when they were younger. Two doses of the vaccine are required to ensure protection. Visit to find out more, or contact your GP to make an appointment. VACANCIES FOR PARENT COUNCIL CLERKS 5 hours work Rate of pay - £41.55 per meeting Locations; Elphinstone, Pencaitland, St Martin’s, Windygoul and Yester If you would like further information or to be considered please contact

Prizegiving Last week we held our annual Prizegiving ceremony to recognise the achievements of a wide range of students across all year groups. In August, Merit Ceremonies will further recognise the achievements in class of our students. At Prizegiving we focused on the academic achievements of S4-6 students and acknowledged the academic and classroom achievements of S1-3 students. The prize-winners at this year’s event were: S1 Academic Awards and Certificates of Distinction Lewis Cameron, Niamh Donaldson, Jordan Purves, George Skinner S1 Academic Awards Amy Anthoney, Rebecca Burgoyne, Matthew Fox, Ben Muir, Alexander Stevenson, Caitlin Stewart S1 Certificates of Distinction Niamh Cochrane, Samuel Connolly, Ross Douglas, Scott King, Erin MacDonald, Sam Macdonald, Daniel Purves, Molly Richardson S2 Academic Awards and Certificates of Distinction Megan Banks, Rachel Thomson S2 Academic Awards Kirsty Dunlop, Laura Moos, Brooke Ritchie, Brad Scott, Emma Turnbull, Tarryn Wood S2 Certificates of Distinction Sophie Chater, Abbi Forlow, Jenny Gibson, Libby O’Brien S3 Academic Awards and Certificates of Distinction Robert Kotula S3 Academic Awards Mairi Allan, Regan Hay, Ellie McConnachie, Claire McGovern, Kimberley McKay, Kirsten Provan, Lucy Stannage, Jodie Valentine S3 Certificates of Distinction Jamie Fraser, Craig Russell, Chloe Yorkston Awards for Sport For Outstanding Performance Lauren Donaldson, Daniel Laing Special Sporting Awards S1 Katie Lessels, Jordan Purves

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S2 Lewis Mitchell, Tarryn Wood, S3 Connor Gordon, Claire McGovern S4 Academic Awards and Certificates of Distinction Martin Duffy, Alexa McCraw, Dollar Millar S4 Academic Awards Aimee Buchanan, Shannon Harker, Ruairi Mason, Ciara McCumiskey, Anna McSorley, Kirsten Moore, Kieran M Murphy S4 Certificates of Distinction Amy Berg, Aidan Davie, Robert Ferguson, Roseanna Gaffney, Matthew Gordon, Lucy Gray, Mairi Livsey, Craig McKirdy, Andrew Morris, Laura O’Brien, Harriet Owen, Julie Ralston, Rachel Torrance, Ellie Wilkie, Casey Wilson Dux of S4 Bruce Dickson S5 Academic Awards Julia Gribbin, Lewis Jarron, Julia Murphy, Bronwyn O’Neill, Stephanie Provan, Jason Wood, Cameron Wyllie S6 Academic Awards Joseph Brown, Alexander Caughey, Lauren Edmond, Amy Kerr, Blythe McGuire, Rebecca Muir, Brodie Sandilands, Anna Wright, Emmelie Young Special Awards Beith Bequest for Service to the School Jamie Halvorson, Rebecca Muir Peter Ford Award Shona Bell Pettigrew Prize Andrew Morris Aims and Values - Special Award Louise Bain, Scott Naylor Paul Smith, Bernice Vermaak, Ellie Christie, Jenny Gibson House Trophy Presentation Gosford Parent Council Award for Musical Excellence David Lang Contribution to the Music Department Rebecca Muir Dux of the School Jenny Tran

Jenny Tran, Dux of School, Brian Dickson, S4 Dux, Gavin Clark, Head Teacher

Issue 6

June Timetable for S5/6 Students

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hard about leadership. Students encountered a range of leadership theories and produced the necessary evidence to achieve an SQA Unit. Within a week or so of returning all S5 students had therefore achieved a qualification in Leadership!

This year’s June timetable for new S5/6 students has provided those students with a really worthwhile Paired Reading opportunity to reflect on learning and the year ahead. I thought it would once again be interesting for all This workshop trained students in the most effective families to be made aware of all the work students were way to participate in our Paired Reading Programmes. involved in: Web-Based Learning Better Behaviour Through Positive Relationships All S5 students participated in a one hour workshop A workshop focused on conflict management theory, before embarking on a self study programme based restorative justice practices and how to manage around web-based learning. Students found out how to use a wide range of applications and social media to behaviour through building positive relationships. proper advantage. Mindsets and Learning Styles

Ian Ritchie In this workshop students found out about themselves as learners, and how they might use that information to As part of the Speakers for Schools programme Ian maximise the opportunities open to them in school and Ritchie, technology entrepreneur, presented his thoughts on the future of technology. His interesting beyond. presentation was followed by a lively question and answer session. Learning to Learn This workshop developed the ideas from the Mindsets session. Students learned about the Learning Skills courses in the Junior School - Skills for Learning, Skills for Thinking and Skills for Study. We shared tools students can use to reflect on their learning. This was also an opportunity for students to think about whether they wanted to get involved supporting students in the junior phase.

I would like to thank the many staff who ensured that June programme was vibrant, interesting and well received. We are currently evaluating student feedback and will further adjust our programme next session.

Senior Induction Each S5 and S6 student participated in an induction programme. S6 students were based at an Outdoor Centre in West Linton for two days whilst S5s participated in a half-day programme in school. Staff involved reported that a positive experience was had by all. Senior Positions Day This day allowed S6 students to participate as either candidates or voters in the selection of our Senior Team. There were speeches, elections and a lot of lively debate! SQA Leadership Unit This two-day workshop enabled S5 participants to think

Heads down in West Linton...

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House Update

impressive and emotive Remembrance Day contribution, Carrie Bain's performance in the Young Musician of the Year, the Red Nose Day Bake Off, House Rugby, House Football, the Tug O' War and our Man v Food spoof, "PL v Food". Our talented pipers and drummers have also generated a pipebag-full of house points due to their impressive successes at a range of regional and national competitions.

House Competition finale sees Gosford triumph!

Blind Date provided staff and pupils alike with a lunch time of hilarity as Ms Walker carefully chose one of three PL staffroom charmers. Selecting Mr McNeill ahead of Mr Hay and Mr Ramsay, our bubbly biologist was swept off her feet by his own brand of smooth talking ‌ and it is reported that she has still not recovered to this day. Meanwhile, the pupils' date saw Anna Wright wonderfully wooed by Craig McLeod ‌ his patter was awful but apparently, irresistible. We understand as a result of his cheesy performance Craig has a Lynx advert contract in the pipeline - to be filmed on the Island of Fernando.

The House Competition 2012-13 came to a dramatic close at the end of May when the final points were awarded for Sport Days, House Rugby and end-of-term events. So close was the scoring that by 7 June all three houses were separated by three points! It was only fair to have a play-off and our new S6 were set the challenge of fighting it out at their S6 Induction camp, with the winners taking all! After much hilarity, blood, sweat and tears Gosford House were declared overall winners in this year's competition. Things were delicately poised going into the final round of competition with Grange just in the lead from Seton by a margin of 66 points, having edged in front of the other houses after very strong performances on Pink Day, in the Food Bank contest and in 5K Walk competitions.

Congratulations to our winning house, Gosford. A deserved win in a competitive year. Thanks also to our fab House Captains for the year. They have brought new ideas and new activities, whilst incorporating a good dollop of old fashioned favourites.

Here's to next year! Throughout the year the lead had changed hands between the Blues and Reds on several occasions with The House Team both houses doing well in particular types of events. If it was strength, power and eating lots of food you were looking for then Seton, led from the front by Scott Naylor in most of these activities, were your team. If it was fancy dress competition wins, collecting food for the less fortunate or musical excellence then Grange were your side. Such very specific strengths resulted in the competition swinging one way or the other after events and made for an exciting race to the finish line. Gosford battled bravely all year and consistently showed well in Home Economics Chef of the Week, piping and drumming and their contribution to the P7 Taster Day. Erin MacDonald and Sam MacDonald, both of Gosford, also secured important points for the Yellows when they were reported by staff as being simply outstanding ambassadors for the school during the P7 visit. Well done Sam and Erin (no relation, by the way!). Gosford made a final surge on the last day of points collection, winning all three house rugby events and bringing them truly into real contention for the first time in the year. It was nail biting stuff! House highlights of the year have included Shona Bell's

House Rugby

Issue 7

Learning In and Out of School S3 Princes Trust XL Group During the month of May our XL group participated in the Young Enterprise Tenner project. The group were given £10 and they had to try and make a profit. The first project involved selling white t-shirts to departing S6 students. The students were encouraged to buy the t-shirts so that they could get them signed by their friends on the last day before exam leave.

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This year we had entrants from Prestonpans Primary, St Gabriel’s RC Primary and Longniddry Primary. Two candidates from each school worked with a PL S3 pupil to produce a healthy and challenging three course meal. It was a very tough contest. However, Prestonpans Primary’s Emma Donnan and Zoe Karami, together with Amy Groome-Vine from Preston Lodge, were the overall winners of the heats. The winning team competed in the East Lothian final at Knox Academy on 23 May and although they didn’t win they represented the cluster really well. Liz Nicoll

Our second project involved all the register classes from S1-S3. Each class was given a white t-shirt and a competition was held to find the best designed t-shirt for each register class. The t-shirts were then worn during the 5K walk by every register class. The winning t -shirt was designed by 3Gr1. 2GR2, 2Se2 and 1Go1 were also placed. Our final project on 28 May was a bake sale and students worked really hard to make fairy cakes, top hats and crispy cakes. Everyone enjoyed participating in the Tenner project and we ended the month with a profit of £83. K Balsillie Heat Winners of Little and Large competition

2013 Careers Carousel 3GR1’s Winning design

Little and Large Competition The annual Little and Large heats took place at Preston Lodge High school on 13 May.

Preston Lodge once again hosted a ‘Careers Carousel’ for S2 Health & Wellbeing students on 31 May. We welcomed 18 business partners from throughout the Lothians who ran workshops for students. The aim of the event was to provide students with the opportunity to engage with ‘real people in real jobs’. We were delighted to have such a great response and a waiting list from the business sector. Groups of ten students visited 5 of the 18 workshops on offer for half an hour of interaction. In some they faced activities & challenges, in others more formal presentations, whilst in some there were Q&A sessions. All presentations were exceptionally well received by the students, while helping to raise awareness and link their current learning to future employment possibilities. Students also had the opportunity to visit college and

Issue 6

university providers from the local area who had set up a ‘Market Place’ in the main hall. They were inundated with requests for further information. As part of the Health and Wellbeing programme, students are encouraged to think about ‘Planning for Choices & Changes’. They also benefit from input throughout the year regarding careers, with assistance from Longniddry Rotary club members. Businesses involved this year included:

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pupils found the first experiment challenging, but worked well as a team and kept going, repeating parts of the experiment until confident of the results. At the end of the day, the team were given an extra guided tour round the aquarium facilities in the School of Life Sciences, and had a chance to see rainbow trout, horse mussels and hungry shore crabs. Thanks to Mrs Margaret Stobie for spending time giving the pupils a tour and answering their questions.

Royal Bank of Scotland

Congratulations to our team, who maintained PL’s track record and came in an excellent 2nd place in the afternoon’s University Challenge, competing against 15 teams from throughout Scotland. Well done to Saffron Stevenson, Shawnisay Millar, Steven Goodger and Jamie Colquhoun. You worked well as a team, should be proud of your efforts and are a credit to the school!

Police Scotland

Dr Peter Robertson

EDF Energy - Torness, EDINA Data Centre - University of Edinburgh Fiona O’Donnell MP & Ian Gray MSP Novotel

Lothian & Borders Fire & Rescue Service The Scottish Sun Scottish Prison Service Nursing The Point Hotel Armed Forces Muirfield Riding Therapy Duke of Edinburgh Home Start - Volunteering 3v2 Soccer Salters’ Festival Team

Social Work/Occupational Therapy Lothian Buses Agriculture Construction Skills Sincere thanks go to all involved in bringing the event together & participating on the day. The students were a credit to the school, adopting a very mature approach and interacting well with the opportunities presented. Liz Nicoll

Preston Lodge Achievement at Salters’ Festival of Chemistry! On Wednesday 5 June, four of PL’s S1 scientists competed in the annual Salters’ Festival of Chemistry at Heriot-Watt University. The team were set two different practical challenges to work on, with teachers given strict instructions not to give pupils any help! The

Sailing day The winners of the PL Tartan competition, S2 pupils Rebecca Foley and Tarryn Wood, and our Aims and Values prizewinner Robbie Campbell, set off on an adventure of a lifetime bound for Southampton on the 23 April this year. The prize was donated by Artemis and pupils were accompanied on the trip by Nina Thain (Modern Languages) and Liz Douglas (Maths) The day began with a very early flight from Edinburgh Airport to Southampton, where the group were met and ferried to Banana Wharf for a hearty breakfast of bacon rolls and pastries. They then set sail on two separate Artemis racing yachts. After a short technical lesson for each crew, they were ready for fun in the water racing up and down Southampton Bay, stopping for lunch on board. Winds were light and the sun was shining. Crew members had to wear sunscreen!

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Tarryn commented, “The sailing trip was a great opportunity and I had lots of fun. The only thing I didn’t like was getting up so early! We learned how to tack and jib so that the sail goes into the wind and the boat can go faster. I was in a team with Rebecca and Mrs Thain and Robbie and Mrs Douglas were in the other boat. Our team won 4 out of 5 races! All in all it was a great day and I’d love to go again” Everyone agreed with Tarryn that it truly was a wonderful day out. The team arrived back at Edinburgh airport around 7pm, sunburned and exhausted but delighted to have had this wonderful experience learning to sail. Liz Douglas

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5k Walk It was a cold but sunny start on Friday 24 May for the Preston Lodge 5K walk. This annual event sees the whole of S1 to S3 come together to walk a 5km route around Prestonpans, Port Seton and Cockenzie. Pupils gathered in the hall for a warm up, with PE staff leading them in a variety of fun activities, and each class had their photo taken at the start line by our very own photographer Mr Lanyon. As the classes set off it became increasingly windy but not even the weather could dampen the pupils’ high spirits. Each register class was led by a pupil wearing a unique register class t-shirt, created especially by each class for the event. The diversity of designs was really impressive, and sparked much rivalry between the teachers. For the first time this year, the walk raised money through sponsorship, with proceeds going to the Parent Council and local charities. Once all the money has been collected in there will be prizes for the most money raised and also for the best class t-shirt. Overall it was a great event, raising money whilst keeping fit! Liz Nicoll

Fairtrade Tuckshop The Preston Lodge Fairtrade Group, in conjunction with the Pupil Council, launched our inaugural Fairtrade Tuckshop on Friday 14 June. Fiona O'Donnell MSP and Rev Robin Hill were present and did the honours in terms of

declaring the venture "open" … with Fiona showing her admirable culinary skills when offering to assist in doing some of the final icing of cup cakes. A dab hand she was too! A range of home baking and fruit was on offer and it did not take long for break time queues to grow … and all produce to fly off the shelves. Thanks to the success of this trial event the group intend to make this a more regular occurrence in the new term. Thanks to all who helped bake goodies and also to those who bought them! The Fairtrade Group and the Pupil Council

Issue 7

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Learning @ We have spent a lot of time this term gathering feedback on our three whole-school learning programmes: Interventions, Learning Skills and the PL Challenge. Each of these programmes aims to develop essential skills which will support pupils in all areas of their learning, both within school and elsewhere. The areas we focus on include: 

developing an understanding of our learning potential and the ways in which we can maximise learning;

developing an understanding of higher order thinking and the use of thinking tools;

addressing core skills needed in literacy and numeracy; and

developing the key learner attributes of resilience, resourcefulness, responsibility, reasoning and reflection.

We have held discussion groups with pupils and with staff, and have received written feedback from staff and from almost all of our S1 to S3 pupils.

Interventions: Students said it’s good because …

Interventions: We could improve it by …

Issue 7

Learning Skills: Students said it’s good because …

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Learning Skills: We could improve it by …

L2L: We could improve it by …

PL Challenge: Students said it’s good because …

PL Challenge: We could improve it by …

Issue 7

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We have looked carefully at ways in which we can respond to this feedback in improving our programmes. Learning Skills staff have been involved in three development days this term to evaluate the programmes and to set them up well for August. Among other things, we have re-vamped our S2 Learning to Think course to improve pace and challenge, and we have planned for the introduction of a new “Skills for Studying� programme for S3 pupils to prepare them for the Senior Phase. Interventions will continue to emphasise core skills, including reading, but will also have a wider whole school literacy and numeracy focus. PL Challenge is hugely popular and valued by pupils, and we are confident that we can introduce an element of choice into next year’s programme. A big thank you to all those of you who contributed to the feedback process. We received some really helpful and constructive comments which have helped to inform our plans for improvement. Hannah Fulford and Gillian Duthie

PL Challenge

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October break


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= 80 pupil days = 83 staff days

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