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Preston Lodge is a community of learning. We value achievement, happiness and respect.

8 November 2019

Dear Parent/Carer We really enjoyed having our cluster primary parents visit our school on Wednesday night, as they attended our primary open evening.

Well done to our geographers, for their successful completion of recent fieldwork, and we are also enjoying the progress that our Columba 1400 young leaders are making.

We were delighted to welcome around 400 parents and children into the school, and we spent some worthwhile time together as families visited various subject areas around the school.

Congratulations to our netball players and swimmers for breaking new ground so successfully this week. Our Gold Award Sports status has very much been on display!

This annual event is the start of our P7 transition programme, and we are already looking forward to working with our next group of S1s over the coming weeks and months.

Next Thursday marks the 50th anniversary of our Parkview building, and we would be delighted if any members of our school community with PL connections would like to join us for a cup of tea and a trip down memory lane. You can find out more detail on page 2.

A bumper edition this week!

Tuesday night saw our school heat of the Battle of the Bands. We were really impressed by the quality of the entrants, and congratulations to Varsity and The Wevie Stonders, who made it through to the East Lothian final, which takes place here next Thursday.

Finally, belated congratulations to Seton House, winners of our recent Halloween event. The competition is hotting up!

Gavin Clark Headteacher

Winning Band—Varsity

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Preston Lodge is a community of learning. We value achievement, happiness and respect.

8 November 2019

Battle of the Bands The music department helped its annual Battle of the Bands competition this week. Six bands competed on the night, which was judged by three former pupils. There was some real talent on show on the evening, and a huge well done to all six bands. The first and second placed bands will now go on to represent Preston Lodge at the first ever East Lothian Battle of the Bands, which will take place at Preston Lodge on Thursday 14th November at 7pm. Tickets are on sale now from the music department @ ÂŁ2. The winning band from Preston Lodge was Varsity and in second place we had The Wevie Stonders. Good luck to both bands next week!

PL Park View is 50! On 14 November 1969, John P Mackintosh MP officially opened Preston Lodge’s brand new school in Park View after the Preston Road old sandstone building burned down. This building has now been our school for 50 years! We are celebrating this event by inviting pupils/students and teachers, old and new, past and present, to a coffee morning on Thursday 14 November to reflect on the past 50 years. If you started at PL, when the Park View building first opened, or you attended PL at any time over the last 50 years you are very welcome to join us for a cup of coffee and a trip down memory lane. Please arrive at 1035 for a 1045 start, and contact Lesley Wyllie on 01875 811170 or email to let us know you are coming. We look forward to seeing you there. Louise Marr

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Preston Lodge is a community of learning. We value achievement, happiness and respect.

8 November 2019

House Halloween event Halloween week saw the return of the house bushtucker trial competition, which involved pupils from all years compete in various events such as dooking for apples, finding house tokens in a trifle full of Halloween surprises and even eating salt and vinegar crickets! The event was hosted by our very own Ant/Dec ..... Mr Thomas ‌ and was a great success. The results were as follows ..... in third place, winning 250 house points were Grange; in second place winning 500 points were Gosford; and the overall winners were Seton winning 1000 house points. Well done to all the house captains for organising. Look out for the next house event which will be house rugby! Gail Lugton and Katie Vines

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Preston Lodge is a community of learning. We value achievement, happiness and respect.

8 November 2019

Christmas Fair Please come along and join us for some festive fun at our Charitable Trust’s PL Christmas Fair on Saturday, 30 November from 10 am – 1 pm. Any donations for the raffle would be much appreciated as would any offer of help on the day. Please contact Julie Lowe or Maureen Campbell on 01875 811170 ext 265. Thank you.

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Preston Lodge is a community of learning. We value achievement, happiness and respect.

8 November 2019

Opportunities to study Geography outside the classroom October has been a busy month for our Geography students as they have been working on their field study skills. Field work forms a key part of their final grade in national courses so it is important they have the opportunity to collect information on the topics discussed in class. Our S3s have started their fieldwork journey by spending a day in East Lothian measuring and recording data on a river.

Our Higher students were given the opportunity for a three-day residential trip to the Cairngorms to assess the impact of tourism on the area. We managed to walk all the way into Coire an t-Sneachda where the highlight of the trip has got to have been a snowball fight after working really hard at collecting lots of detailed data.

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Preston Lodge is a community of learning. We value achievement, happiness and respect.

8 November 2019

Last, but my no means least, our Advanced Higher students spent two days in East Lothian looking at a variety of field activities, from the impact of wind farm development to collecting soil data. Well done to all who took part. Lisa Mitchell & Sally Miller

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Preston Lodge is a community of learning. We value achievement, happiness and respect.

8 November 2019

Columba 1400 – Developing our Leadership Skills Last week we were delighted to welcome Katie from Columba 1400 in to school to work with our Columban graduates on further developing our leadership skills. The group is busy with plans to provide leadership opportunities for all S1-3 students. These plans include: 

Training staff in the use of journaling to be used with all S1 students in Learning Skills and as part of their Lagganlia experience

Delivering leadership training to S6 students

Introduction of S3 House Captains to work with our S6 House Captains

Setting up an Art club at lunchtime for students

Improving communication for students in school

Running a Debate Club at Lunchtime

Launching our new Student Council with ambassadors from each year group

Established a Display Committee with responsibility for co-ordinating whole school display

Introduction of Student Reception Desk Ambassadors

And much more!! Julia Robertson and Julie Lowe

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Preston Lodge is a community of learning. We value achievement, happiness and respect.

8 November 2019

Columba 1400 – paying it forward On Tuesday of this week three of our S3 students led the learning for a group of our S6 students who are undertaking a Level 6 SQA Leadership qualification. I have been teaching the S6 students for a few weeks and thought it would be an ideal opportunity for our some of our Columban graduates to share their learning and knowledge of leadership. Chloe Watt, Skye Laidlaw and Nora Gordon did an outstanding job of delivering their session. They had met beforehand (using some of their own time as well) to plan their session. Whilst they said they were nervous, they presented in a very confident, polished fashion. The focus of their session was Self Limiting Beliefs and they used an interactive ‘Bungeetastic’ exercise to engage the S6 students right from the start. The S6 students threw themselves (at some points literally!!) into the exercise and thoroughly enjoyed it. However, Chloe, Skye and Nora were not there just to provide a fun task. They ensured that the S6 students reflected on what they had done and asked them to consider the leadership qualities they had displayed themselves, and had seen in others. They finished the session by showing 2 videos to exemplify their teaching points. I was blown away by the way they delivered the session. And it doesn’t stop here! They are already planning another session to be delivered in a couple of weeks as part of a series of lessons. Julia Robertson

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Preston Lodge is a community of learning. We value achievement, happiness and respect.

8 November 2019

P6/7 Parents/Carers Evening We held our annual P6/7 parents and carers information evening on Wednesday night. With 400 people attending, this was a hugely positive evening and it was great to welcome our primary aged pupils and families into the school. Parents, carers and our P6/7 pupils were welcomed by Mr Clark and then treated to a tour of subjects and departments. Our pupil tour guides were magnificent, while our amazing staff put on a series of taster lessons/demonstrations to provide a flavour of the PL learning experience. This is the first event as part our transition programme and we look forward to more events throughout the session. Jonny Else

GDPR regulations mean you’ll need to watch this space for photos of our new S1s ‌ coming your way in August 2020!

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Preston Lodge is a community of learning. We value achievement, happiness and respect.

8 November 2019

PL Swim Team! Congratulations to the swimmers who represented PLHS at the East Lothian Schools Swimming Championship on 7 November. We had 20 swimmers compete, from S1 to S6, in a number of both individual and team events against the other five East Lothian High Schools. The team experienced great success, with several individuals setting new personal bests, as well as top 3 rankings for 3 of our year groups. Well done to our S6 team (Connor Currie, Daniel Mair, Ellis Corrigan, Jaime Sutherland- pictured) and our S4 team (Andrew Sutherland, Lucy Pryde, Caitlin Heaney) who both finished in 3rd place in their year group, and further congratulations to the S2 team (Zach Slater, Emma Warner, Rebecca Taylor, Ailsa Johnston, Emma Darling) who placed 2nd. Many of these swimmers will now go on to race at the Scottish Schools Swimming Trials this weekend, and compete to earn a spot to represent PLHS at the National Finals in January. We wish them all the best for this, and look forward to hearing the results. Meggie Williams

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Preston Lodge is a community of learning. We value achievement, happiness and respect.

8 November 2019

Netball The PLHS S1-S3 Netball team had their first game on 7 November against Ross High School. The team played superbly and won the match 6-3. The team was set up in August and this was the first game the team have played together. Well done to all involved! Meggie Williams & Amy Robinson

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Preston Lodge is a community of learning. We value achievement, happiness and respect.

Socks! Pupils who have paid their ÂŁ35 participation fees for active schools can collect their socks on Monday lunchtime from the PE department. Mr Bennion will hand the socks out between 1:00 and 1:35 so if pupils come along between this time they will be able to collect. Any pupil who has not paid yet is reminded that the annual participation fees were due by 31 October 2019. Graeme Bennion

Maths Rap 2! Well I wrote this song for the mathletics youth I wanna teach kids the mathematical truth If you wanna reach those kids on the street Then you gotta do a rap to a hip-hop beat I gave my sums an urban kick I teach you about pi it's pretty slick Maths is important it will never end, That's cause archimedes is my friend 3.14 ohhh yeah It's a maths moderator circle calculator Made by archimedes don't be a hater If you get it wrong use an eraser Remember to times the radius I teach pi, to the mighty fine And I multiply better than Albert Einstein Other students I wish them well But if you get it right, that's pretty swell Howie McNeill and Ivan Maguire (S2) Fiona De Havilland

8 November 2019

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Preston Lodge is a community of learning. We value achievement, happiness and respect.

1 November 2019

The Preston Lodge Community Fund A combination of corporate funding secured through the Preston Lodge Learning Foundation and further allocation of finance from our Pupil Equity Fund means that we are able to offer more structured financial support to those who need it, breaking down barriers to learning. The fund provides financial help for the cost of learning. This might include, for example, support with payments for school trips, transport, subject resources or school uniform. Grants are usually in the region of £10-50, but all applications are considered on an individual basis and are completely confidential. Applications can be made by students, families, staff, or members of the wider community. An application form is available from the school’s website,, Preston Lodge Learning Foundation or by simply emailing Alternatively, you can pick up a form in our school office. If you have any questions or would like to discuss any aspect of your application please contact Clare Johnston (PT Attainment) on 01875 811170. Please note Clare only works Monday to Wednesday. Money Advice Service We are also offering a free and confidential Money Advice Service. Sinead Milloy, our money advice worker, is here to help you maximise your income by making sure that you’re claiming all the benefits you’re entitled to. Please see the attached flyer for more details, or contact your child’s Guidance Teacher. You can phone Sinead directly on 07908399804 or 01506652436 or email Most families face financial challenges from time to time, and I would encourage all members of our school community who might benefit from these services to get in touch. We are keen to provide support wherever it is needed.

School Uniform MIIXER have reopened their shop on a permanent basis on Musselburgh High Street (used to be Store 21). On the last Friday of each month kids’ clothes will be free. Each family can take up to 2 kg of children’s clothes (including shoes) which must be checked out at the counter so that they can record weights. This is a trial initiative for the next three months to ascertain demand. School uniforms and wellies are free every day and anyone requiring a suit for interview will also be assisted in the same way. Hannah Craigie

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Preston Lodge is a community of learning. We value achievement, happiness and respect.

Dates for Your Diary!

8 November 2019

Please note that these dates are subject to change

Monday 11 November—Thursday 14 November S4, S5, S6 Prelims—first diet

Tuesday 12 November

Last week of S3 Options Block 1

Wednesday 13 November

First week of S3 Options Block 2

Tuesday 19 November

First week of S3 Options Block 2

Thursday 21 November

S1 Target Setting and Tracking Period 1 sent to parents

Monday 25 November

S1 Parents’ Evening (4.30-6.30pm)

Saturday 30 November

Friends of Preston Lodge Christmas Fayre (10am –1pm)

Monday 2 December

School Photos (S6), Team photos - please note rescheduled date

Wednesday 4 December

Senior Phase Target Setting and Tracking Period 2 sent to parents

Thursday 5 December

Parent Council meeting 7-9pm

Wednesday 11 December

Senior Citizens Afternoon Tea Party

Monday 16 December

Christmas Concert (Evening)

Tuesday 17 December

Christmas Concert (Evening)

Thursday 18 December

Senior Dance (TBC)

Friday 19 December

Talent Show, All Break

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PLus Friday 8 November 2019  

PLus Friday 8 November 2019