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Job Description Coastal Communities Apprentice Interview Date Monday 31st March 2014 Start date 12th May 2014, 1 year contract.

Purpose of Post 1. To be trained and carry out responsibilities as a Coastal Communities Apprentice 2. To contribute to delivering youth work and conservation initiatives in East Lothian 3. To gain experience in delivering adventurous activities

Key Areas 1. To work with children and young people 2. To carry out environmental construction work along East Lothian’s coastal areas 3. To be trained in a PDA in Youth Work through SQA; gain experience in adventurous activities; gain qualifications in rural and work place skills 4. To comply with STRiVE policies and procedures, with specific reference to Health and Safety and Child Protection 5. To attend training as required and complete assignments set 6. To work as part of the staff team 7. To liaise with supervisor to carry out tasks both supported and unsupported

Responsible to STRiVE Supervisor

Duties and Responsibilities 1. To work, under supervision, with young people in multiple settings, including outdoors and office based environments to provide learning opportunities 2. Work manually with tools in environmental construction to enhance East Lothian’s coastal areas 3. Undertake training to obtain recognised qualifications including completing assignments on time and attending sessions/tutorials

4. Uphold standards within the agency by adhering to all policies and procedures Team Work 1. To contribute to an effective and supportive team environment 2. To attend out of working hours activities as necessary, e.g. training, staff meetings, expeditions

General 1. To work 5 days per week. Paid working hours will be 4 days per week (28 hours per week, 7 per day plus lunch unpaid). In addition, one day will be a college day which is unpaid. 2. Remuneration is at National Minimum Wage for Apprentice 3. To understand that the nature of the role requires a flexible working approach

Coastal Communities Apprentice – Personal Specification

Essential Skills, aptitude, knowledge and experience  Enthusiasm for working in the outdoors and with young people  An interest in the learning and development of young people  The ability to work hard with manual, environmental tasks  A positive approach to learning and gaining new skills through team work and training particularly in an outdoor setting Personal qualities  Good organisational and planning skills  Punctuality  Patience  Reliability  Trustworthiness  Ability to work in a small team  A commitment to safeguarding young people Qualifications  A positive approach to completing relevant short courses and qualifications  Some understanding of the importance of Health & Safety regulations in the workplace

Desirable  Previous experience of working with children in a voluntary or paid capacity  Previous experience of manual work

Flexibility with working hours

Completion of other relevant courses

Please Note: This post requires a PVG registration for working with young people. The apprentice scheme is funded by the Coastal Communities Fund This post is age restricted to 16 – 25 years old

Coastal Communities Apprentice (28 hours/week) Application Form Salary: Remuneration is at National Minimum Wage for Apprentice Ref: STRIVE/CCF/002/2014

Closing Date: 25th March 2014 at 12 midday Initial__________


Home Address _____________________________________________ _________________________________________________________ Post Code_________________________________________________ Home phone__________________________ Mobile phone__________________________ E-mail________________________________

Where did you see this post advertised? ______________________________________

Please note that in accord with equal opportunities practice this page, page 2 and the last page will be detached before short listing. CVs will not be considered and if submitted will be disregarded.

CONFIDENTIAL EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES MONITORING FORM Volunteer Development East Lothian aims to be an equal opportunities employer. To help us monitor the effectiveness of our Equal Opportunities and Recruitment Policies we would like you to fill in this form. If you choose to complete it, any information given is treated in the strictest confidence and detached from your application as soon as it is received. It will not affect the selection procedure in any way. Please tick the appropriate boxes. Which of the following groups do you consider you belong to? Categories as recommended by the Commission for Racial Equality White Scottish 

Other British 

Irish 

Any other white background, please write in ___________________________ Mixed Any mixed background, please state _______________________________ Asian, Asian Scottish or Asian British Indian 

Pakistani 

Bangladeshi 

Chinese 

Any other Asian background, please write in ______________________________________ Black, Black Scottish or Black British Caribbean 

African 

Any other Black background, please write in _______________________________________ Other ethnic background Any other background, please write in ____________________________________________ YES 

NO 

Are you registered disabled? YES 

NO 

Do you have a disability?

Gender:________________________________________________ Date of Birth:____________________________________________


For office use only: Unique Reference No:

STRIVE/CCF/002/2014 Relevant education, professional or vocational training etc. (Please give details of qualifications and training obtained by you that are relevant to this post.)


Current Employment Present / most recent employer ____________________________________________________________ Address______________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ Job Title_____________________________________________________ Date of taking up post_______________ Date of leaving post (if relevant)_____________ Salary____________________________

Brief description of your responsibilities:


How well do you meet our Person Specification? Guidelines: This is the most important section and will give us specific information in support of your application. You must be able to demonstrate that you can satisfy each and every aspect of the Person Specification. You must number your answers in relation to each point in the Person Specification. It will not be sufficient to duplicate what the Person Specification states. For example, if the Person Specification asks for “ability to” or “commitment to” you will be required to demonstrate positively your ability, commitment etc by reference to your academic, professional, voluntary or personal experience.


Person Specification continued……


Previous employment or experience relevant to this post which would support your application This may include previous employment, volunteering, membership of professional bodies, life experience or special interests relevant to this post.


Unique Reference No:

STRIVE/CCF/002/2014 (for office use only)

References: Please give names and addresses of two referees, one of whom should be your present/most recent employer. References will only be taken up for the successful applicant. Name:






Relationship to Applicant:

Relationship to Applicant:

I hereby apply for the post of Coastal Communities Apprentice I confirm that the above information is complete and correct and that any untrue or misleading information will give the employer the right to reject my application, to withdraw any employment contract offered, or, if employed, dismiss without notice. Signed ____________________________________Date _________________

Return completed application form (not a CV) to Stevie Boyle, Head of Adventure and Youth, STRiVE 98 North High Street, Musselburgh EH21 6AS

STRiVE is a wholly owned subsidiary of Volunteer Development East Lothian Company Limited by Guarantee No.230099. Scottish Charity SC029045


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