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Preston Lodge High School 7 April 2014 Dear Parent/Carer S6 Farewell Events This year we plan to mark the end of our S6 students’ time at Preston Lodge in a way that better involves parents/carers. On Friday 25 April we will hold an informal farewell ceremony for S6 students at 9.15am. Brief speeches will be followed by students walking across the PL stage as planned next steps are announced. This recently introduced event is a really pleasant way to celebrate the students’ last day, and this year we thought S6 parents/carers might like to join us. The event will finish by approximately 10.00am, and if you would like to be there let us know on the reply slip below. The last school event S6 will be involved in is our annual Prizegiving Ceremony on Tuesday 24 June. A good number of S6s and their parents/carers will be directly involved in the event as prize winners, but all S6 students participate in an end-of-evening S6 March Out – a unique Preston Lodge tradition. Each year a number of parents/carers join us informally, but this year we are formally inviting parents/carers of S6 students who are not prize winners to join us at approximately 8.30pm. Fire regulations make numbers tight, and we may have to accommodate some parents/carers in our foyer area, but the March Out will make good use of this area as well! Afterwards, S6 students will congregate on the school steps where photos may be taken, and a glass of wine or soft drink will be available for all. It would be very helpful if you could let us know by reply slip if you would like to be there. If you would like to attend either or both of these farewell events, then it would really help our planning if you could return the reply slip below, and we very much look forward to seeing you. Yours sincerely,

Gavin Clark Headteacher -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------S6 Farewell Events Student Name ___________________ Delete as appropriate 0/1/2

Parents/Carers will attend the S6 Ceremony at 9.15am on Friday 25 April

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Parents/Carers will attend the S6 March Out at approximately 8.30pm on Tuesday 24 June

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