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FEEDER Tommy Pickering on Feeder Tactics

WINNING RIGS Expert's tips on how to ямБsh them








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des shipp lets us inside his boX – see how he sets up his geAr...










England international Des Shipp shares his shallow secrets.

Sneak a peek inside the box of England ace Des Shipp.

Carp extraordinaire Andy Findlay revels his thoughts on feeding.

2 preston innovations | product guide 2012

Hello and welcome to the 2012 Preston Innovations Consumer Magazine, where the emphasis really is on providing some fantastic insights into our fishing tackle from our stellar team of angling consultants. We've got International class anglers like des shipp, tommy pickering and lee edwards, along with UK match fishing aces like lee kerry, Andy findlay and neil mckinnon, all offering their top tips and advice on how you can catch more fish. We kick off with des shipp discussing one of the most exciting ways to fish, where he reveals his shallow fishing secrets. Des covers some of his favourite rigs, along with some clever tactics that are sure to make a difference the next time you're fishing up in the water. Des also lifts the lid on his Space Station XSII, revealing the tackle he chooses to stay at the very top of the match angling tree.

For detaILS on the FULL preSton InnoVatIonS prodUCt ranGe, neWS and VIdeoS VISIt:

We've also got angling innovator, Andy findlay. Arguably the UK's best commercial carp fisherman, he'll be showing us the best ways to feed your peg, as well as revealing the true secrets of fishing the Quick Cone method. It's a must-read feature that'll transform the way you fish the Pellet Cone.



The Welsh Wizard, lee edwards, has also put pen to paper, as he looks at the most effective way to fish the pole in deeper water. Lee has represented his country at every level and is a real expert at this approach, so make sure you check it out.

What's more, England World Feeder Team Manager tommy pickering will be discussing what different styles of feeder are for and how to get the best from them, as he gives his feeder fishing masterclass. We've also got lee kerry revealing his winning rigs and a fantastic new innovation in float technology – the Dura Extreme. And last, but by no means least, we've got the entire team revealing their favourite rod and reel combinations for different styles of fishing and different species. It's your ultimate guide to choosing the right gear. Of course, there's all the latest Preston Innovations tackle from new accessories and luggage, to the latest rods, reels and clothing. We've a superb array of innovative and clever products for 2012 and plenty more to come, so read on and enjoy this Preston Innovations Consumer Magazine. We look forward to seeing you on the bank some time.

team preston.









Next time you find yourself in deep water these tips from Lee Edwards will help you get more from your peg.

Tommy Pickering explains how different feeders are used to cope with different conditions.

Our experts answer your questions to help you become a better, more efficient angler.

preston innovations | product guide 2012 3

des shipp serioUsly shallow


Suggestions with des shipp

England International Des Shipp is one of the UK's most successful match anglers. He knows only too well how effective fishing shallow can be, so we asked him to reveal his thoughts on getting the best from this approach...

What can I say about fishing shallow that hasn't already been said? It's a devastating method and during certain periods of the year it's the only way to amass a match winning weight. Those who have perfected the technique have used it to great effect, with big match victories at all the major events and festivals. Proof indeed that mastering the art of fishing shallow is something everybody can add to their armoury. Myself, I love shallow fishing. It's a really pro-active method of fishing and often brings the biggest winning weights on match venues. To stack all the odds in your favour, though, you'll need to prepare yourself. Choosing the right gear for the right job is the

4 preston innovations | product guide 2012

dividing line between consistent success, or disappointing failure, so everything from the pole you use to the rigs you tie is going to effect your results. Fishing shallow can be demanding, but the rewards are most certainly there. LIGhtneSS IS KeY Let's start with the most obvious choice of all – the pole you use. I personally believe accuracy and control are what you're looking for, with strength the third key component. I use an Absolute 14 GIS pole myself, and rate it as the best pole I've ever used. Ultra-light, it's a pleasure to fish with, even at 16m. I can sit there fishing shallow, long, all day no trouble. For me, it's the ultimate choice.

The next thing to bear in mind is the way you set up your box for fishing shallow. You'll probably need to sit at an angle with the pole across your leg, and I find I need to have a totally adjustable setup around me so I can keep my eyes on that float. With big carp swirling around your float , you don't want to be looking down for your bait tray. Because of this, I use the angle adjustment and spacer bars in the Offbox range on everything, so I can adjust the height, move my bait tray towards or away from me, and generally fish with a lot more freedom and fluidity. I cannot tell you how much Offbox will change the way you fish - I can't think of a better system. You'll also need to give careful consideration to your pole roller setup, and their placement behind you. I find that keeping the rollers high is crucial, as this enables you to keep the pole just 6 inches above the water when playing fish. You don't want the fish splashing across the surface, and keeping the pole tip down seems to keep the fish down too. This is especially important when catching silvers shallow, and will reduce the number of fish you lose. I find Mega Pro V Rollers are the best and adjust up really high – perfect for shallow fishing. Your rig is very short, remember, so the roller becomes very important as you're landing fish on such a short length of line.

pLUMB the depth Even though I intend to spend most of my match fishing shallow, it’s still important to learn the contours of your peg. For example, you might find a bar to fish on top of; these are often particularly prolific areas to target. I always use a large plummet of around an ounce. This helps me get a positive depth reading when using heavier elastics associated with carp fishing. Fishing at half depth can only be productive when you've accuratley plumbed-up. It's essential. There’s no point just dangling your rig in, hoping you’ve guessed the correct depth! Also this gives you a reference point to go back to on other days, building up a picture of how fish behave on a particular venue. I tend to use either 11 or 13 Hollo for carp fishing depending upon the size of the fish, only going bigger when I've got monsters in my peg! Now it all comes down to rig selection. I tend to use a Dacron Connector to attach these - they're so neat and totally stop tangles, as they stick out from the pole. Gone are the days of making your own - the Preston ones are perfect. This is definitely better than using a connector, as your elastic lasts so much longer and the beads sit perfectly against your pole tip. You can't beat it. To the Dacron Connector, I will add one of three rigs. I tend to keep a lot of my 'carp shallow' and 'deep shallow' rigs tied up ready for shallow fishing. You'll see from the diagrams how simple these are, but let me tell you now – they are so effective it's untrue. I've seen a lot of anglers getting

really confused about which floats are best, but you can put your faith in the Tyson 1 for fishing ultra shallow, and the PB Carp 1 when fishing deeper. I attach these with three pieces of silicone (I always use three pieces) and make sure the rubber isn't too tight, but not too loose. You' be surprised how much mono line stretches and contracts during a fight and when you lose a fish, you'll often find the depth has changed because the float's moved. Always check this if you lose a fish – that's such an important tip! My hook choice is usually a PR456 on these rigs, or a PR36 when I'm using a hair-rigged bait band. One big tip for anglers here is about the length of the hair on their rig. Try and keep the bait so it's just touching the bend. You'll find with longer hairs you miss more bites and lose more fish. Whilst the big carp boys sitting in their tents might like long hair rigs, in match fishing they're not the answer. SILVer SUCCeSS The other rig I class as a really consistent catcher is my silver fish shallow rig. A lot of people think shallow fishing is just pinging pellets at big carp, but I have lost count of how many matches I've won thanks to a shoal of silver fish that were swarming around baits fished shallow. Maggots and casters are the ones to use in this situation, and again I'm sticking with the PB Carp floats for the shallow fishing. The PB Carp 2 is a brilliant float that follows the bait right down. You can dot it so it's just a pimple on the surface, and it's a great float when catching silvers on the drop. 

■ Match fishing legend – Des Shipp was crowned Parkdean Masters Champion for the second time.

preston innovations | product guide 2012 5

des shipp serioUsly shallow big CArp shAllow

Nº5 Slip Elastic Through top 3

deep shAllow rig

2 x Silicone

0.17mm Reflo® Power™

4” 0.15mm Reflo® Power™

Hookbait: Pellet Hair + Baitband

Nº5 Slip Elastic Through top 3

Nº13 Hollo Elastic

Float Tyson 1 0.3g

silver fish shAllow

Float PB Carp 1 4 x 14

Float PB Carp 2 4 x 10

3 x Silicone

3 x Silicone

0.11mm Reflo® Power™

0.17mm Reflo® Power™

3 x Nº9 Shot. Bulked

5 x Nº9 Shot. Bulked or spread for ‘on the drop’.

3 x Nº10 Shot. Bulked or spread for ‘on the drop’.

Loop to Loop

Loop to Loop

Loop to Loop

PR456 Size 16 or 14 or PR36 Size 16 or 18 for bait banding (Not To Scale)

My rig for this works a charm when fished 2–3ft deep, with the shot spread out to catch fish as the bait falls through the water. The ever-reliable PR434 in a size 20 is the key here, enabling me to present my bait neatly every single put in. That's what I love about fishing shallow. You have to take the opportunities that present themselves each day, rather than aimlessly firing pellets at a float hoping a big carp's going to hang itself. I get a real kick from

6 preston innovations | product guide 2012

4” 0.15mm Reflo® Power™

Hookbait: Pellet Hair + Baitband

PR456 Size 16 or 14 or PR36 Size 16 or 18 for bait banding (Not To Scale)

visiting venues and trying meat shallow, or casters. The casters can be well worth using about halfway through a match when you've been catching on pellets and the carp are starting to become wary. Just firing the odd caster into the area seems to keep them there for longer. Keep using a pellet on the hook, but start introducing a few casters when you're a couple of hours in. It can make a massive difference and often helps you bag a few really big fish. When using worms shallow a good Pot

4” 0.10mm Reflo® Power™

Hookbait: Maggot

PR434 Size 20 (Not To Scale)

will prove invaluable. Preston's Uni Cad pots were a lifesaver the last time I went to Whiteacres, where there's a lot of 'sloppy worm' fishing, as we call it. We basically introduce damp peat mixed with chopped worm in a slop, and on those venues it seems to be extremely prolific. Other than when using worms, I tend to favour the catapult method over using a Cad Pot, but Cad Pots can be extremely useful if you find you're struggling to remain accurate with the catapult in adverse weather conditions.

These non-toxic alloy plummets have a flat base for accurate plumbing

try it yoUrselF neXt time you're out on the bAnk, go shAllow like des.

LIttLe and oFten Feeding techniques are straightforward, and overdoing the bait tends to put the fish on the bottom and makes them harder to catch. When they're shallow, they're so competitive and sometimes suicidal! Little and often is the key, feeding 5 or 6 pellets every now and again to ring the dinner bell. Carp love this noise, and less is definitely more. With maggot and caster you can feed more bait, but silvers are very different to carp and feed midwater more often naturally, so it makes sense really.

■ Des's hook choice is usually a PR456 on these rigs, or a PR36 when using a hairrigged bait band.

Meat is certainly not a bait to be piling in when you're expecting to catch shallow. Building a bed of bait can often give you a good last hour, but to really get those winning weights, you have to make the best of the opportunities as they present themselves. If you're seeing the tell tale signs that the fish are in the upper layers, then fish for them there! Keep ringing that dinner bell and you'll have a great days fishing. ■ LooK oUt For deS ShIpp In the LateSt WInnInG peGS 6 dVd CoMInG In 2012

■ Preston's Uni Cad pots were a lifesaver for Des at Whiteacres where he did a whole lot of 'sloppy worm' fishing.

■ Des swears by his Pole Sock – for quick, simple and safe pole storage when you're playing a fish on the pole. preston innovations | product guide 2012 7

gis poles ■

GiS ABSOLUTE® 14 POLE The GiS Absolute 14 caused quite a stir when it was launched as the most technically advanced pole the industry had seen. Match anglers throughout the country have now come to appreciate the delicate combination of incredible weight and balance with the subtle strength that make this pole quite unique and the ultimate all-rounder. So how do you improve on perfection? Well you can’t, thats just how advanced this pole is, instead we have managed to increase the already generous kit package to provide another match top 4 kit.



■ Sun Core ■ Fusion ■ Magic Steps

■ 1 x GiS Absolute 14 16m Pole ■ 3 x GiS Suncore Match Plus Top 4 Kits ■ 3 x GiS Suncore Power Top 2 Kits ■ 1 x GiS Suncore Short Number 4 ■ 1 x Kup Kit and Kups ■ 1 x GiS 10 Tube Holdall

elAstiC rAting ■ 16 with Power Kits ■ 10 with Match Kits

FInd oUt More

8 preston innovations | product guide 2012


GIS ONE XS POLE The new ONE XS continues on from the massive success of the original model. The result of 12 months development between Preston Inovations and Lerc, with the target of creating the most complete ultimate pole. Designed specifically for the UK match angler, thanks to its incredible levels of stiffness and strength. The ONE XS is both lighter and stiffer than the original, which is some feat on its own. However to create the most complete pole, you also need a complete package and what a package you get - a total of 11 kits, including 5 spare top 4 kits plus a short number 4 and a kup kit! The ONE XS is by far the most complete pole we have ever produced and is sure to become a cult favourite.



■ Sun Core ■ Fusion ■ Magic Steps

■ 1 x GiS ONE XS 16m Pole ■ 5 x Match Top 4 Kits ■ 5 x Power Top 2 Kits ■ 1 x Short Number 4 ■ 1 x Kup Kit and Kups ■ 1 x GiS 10 Tube Holdall

elAstiC rAting ■ 20 with Power Kits ■ 12 with Match Kits

GiS ABSOLUTE® 11 POLE Carrying the prestigious Absolute name should tell you just how impressive this pole is. The new Absolute 11 is an incredible pole with an equally incredible package. Slightly stronger than the Absolute 14, but with a perfect mix of balance and rigidity. In fact, this stunning pole actually gets more impressive with every section you add on. At its full and true length of 16m this pole is simply breathtaking. Supplied with a highly comprehensive kit package and selling at this very popular price point, the Absolute 11 is sure to find many admirers throughout 2012.



■ Sun Core ■ Fusion ■ Magic Steps

■ 1 x GiS Absolute 11 16m Pole ■ 2 x Match Top 4 Kits ■ 2 x Match Top 3 Kits ■ 5 x Power Top 2 Kits ■ 1 x Short Number 4 ■ 1 x Kup Kit and Kups ■ 1 x GiS 10 Tube Holdall

elAstiC rAting ■ 18 with Power Kits ■ 12 with Match Kits


preston innovations | product guide 2012 9

gXr poles

This new upgrade of the GXR1001 offers far superior levels of stiffness and rigidity, as well as an extra 1.5m extension. Using the very latest carbon technology, the new model is also stronger making it perfect for UK styles of fishing. The rigidity at 14.5m is incredible and is equally as impressive at 16m. Supplied as standard at 16m the GXR 1600 provides incredibly value for money.

GXR TYSON – 14.5M A brand new addition to the GXR range. The Tyson is a pole full of power, perfect for any angler targeting large commercial carp. At 13m the stiffness is first class, and is perfectly fishable at its full 14.5m length. With all of the latest Lerc technology this incredible pole has the makings of a true cult classic. With an elastic rating of 20+ with Power Kits and 12 with Match Kits.

elAstiC rAting ■ 18 with Power Kits ■ 12 with Match Kits pACkAge ■ 1 x GXR 1600 16m Pole ■ 2 x Match Top 3 kits ■ 2 x Pulla Kits ■ 1 x Mini Extension ■ 1 x Kup Kit & Kups ■ 1 x Pole Holdall

This comprehensive package includes the awesome GXR Tyson 14.5m Pole, two Power Top 2 kits a Pulla Kit, Mini Extension, Kup Kit & Kups and a pole holdall.

GXR 3001 – 16M Remaining as the flagship of the GXR range is the 3001. Manufactured using a blend of high grade carbons to increase stiffness and strength, it’s the ideal choice of the serious anglers wanting a top quality 16m with all the features offered by Lerc production. With its stunning performance and impressive kit package the 3001 has already established itself as a top choice for the serious angler.

GXR 1600 – 16M

GXR 2600 – 16M Built on the established GXR mandrel, the GXR 2600 is an upgraded version of the 2001. The new model is actually stiffer and stronger than its predecessor. With its fantastic kit package the GXR 2600 looks set to continue on from the success of the 2001, by being one of the very best midpriced poles available.

elAstiC rAting elAstiC rAting ■ 18 with Power Kits ■ 12 with Match Kits

■ 18 with Power Kits ■ 12 with Match Kits pACkAge

pACkAge ■ 1 x GXR 3001 16m Pole ■ 3 x GXR Match Top 3 kits ■ 5 x GXR Power Top 2 kits ■ 1 x Mini Extension ■ 1 x Kup Kit & Kups ■ 1 x Genis 10 Tube Holdall

10 preston innovations | product guide 2012

■ 1 x GXR 2600 16m Pole ■ 2 x Match Top 3 kits ■ 2 x Power Top2 kits ■ 2 x Pulla Kits ■ 1 x Mini Extension ■ 1 x Kup Kit & Kups ■ 1 x Pole Holdall

9.5 METRES - G.




Manufactured on a slimmer, totally revised mandrel, the Ignition A9 & A10 are both lighter with stiffer performance. The Ignition poles are supplied at 13m without the match number ones fitted. Once in place the strengthened extension can be cut to make sure you are always fishing exactly 13m – a new concept which is ideally suited to the European way of fishing, where length limits are applied. ■

IGNITION A10 - 13m The Ignition A10 is the top of the ignition range manufactured on the same slim mandrel with better quality carbons the ignition offers stiffer performance and lighter weight whilst still featuring suncore finish to make it cooler to the touch in hot climates, fusion process in the top kits and magic steps to keep elastics running smoothly comes supplied with two top five kits and a special re-enforced extension. pACkAge ■ 1 x Ignition A10 13m ■ 1 x Mini Long Extension ■ 2 x Top 5 Kits

IGNITION A9 - 13m The Ignition A9 is manufactured on a slim mandrel using a blend of high modulus carbons it features suncore finish to make it cooler to the touch in hot climates, fusion process in the top kits and magic steps to keep elastics running smoothly comes supplied with two top five kits to offer the option of setting up several kits and a special re-enforced extension pACkAge ■ 1 x Ignition A9 13m ■ 1 x Mini Long Extension ■ 2 x Top 5 Kits

IGNITION CARP - 9.5m The Ignition Carp has been developed to compliment the range offering strength and performance in a pole build to handle big carp in comercial fishing situations it has a suncore finish and is rated to 0.21 lines supplied at 9.5m with a spare top kit. pACkAge ■ 1 x Ignition Carp 9.5m ■ 1 x Top 3 Kit


preston innovations | product guide 2012 11

poles CXR Poles

product guide 2011

eUropean poles

PRO COMPETITION SERIES — PC40, PC50 AND PC60 The Pro Competition series of poles incorporates a clever new system whereby an extension takes the 50 and 60 series poles to exactly 13m when the tip is removed. The extension can then be cut back when the tip is still in the pole, to give you a true 13m pole. It’s perfect for competitive European anglers chasing all species, who are just as fussy as we are about getting the most from their pole. The Pro Competition 40 is slightly shorter at 11.5m, but just as impressive.

pC40 11.5m standard pole package ■ 1 x CXR PC40 11.5m ■ 1 x Top 4 Kit ■ 1 x Mini Extension ■ 1 x Pole Holdall

pC50 13m standard pole package ■ 1 x CXR PC50 13m ■ 2 x Top 4 Kits ■ 1 x 1.1m Long Extension ■ 1 x Pole Holdall

pC60 13m standard pole package ■ 1 x CXR PC60 13m ■ 2 x Top 4 Kits ■ 1 x 1.1m Long Extension ■ 1 x Pole Holdall

A complete range of preston innovation poles specifically tailored to the meet the demands of the european style of pole fishing.

12 preston innovations | product guide 2012


9.5 METRES - G.

product guide 2011

CXR Poles

preston innovations present three 9.5m, super-strong, short range carp poles...


for pole elastic and accessories see page 33 16.0 METRES - G.

SLIM CARP 10 & 20 - SC10 SC20 The Slim Carp poles are perfect for fishing commercial carp waters in Europe. Belgian and Dutch anglers will particularly like these 9.5m poles, as they are slim-blanked and cosmetically very appealing. The poles boast a lot of action, too, and are tough enough to tame even very big carp. These particular poles are line rated to 0.21. 9.5m standard pole package ■ 1 x CXR SC10 9.5M ■ 1 x Mini Extension ■ 1 x Pole Holdall


9.5m standard pole package ■ 1 x CXR SC20 9.5M ■ 1 x Mini Extension ■ 1 x Pole Holdall




A strong addition, also line rated at 0.21. This ultra-tough 9.5m pole is perfect for European anglers chasing carp on commercial fisheries and is sure to quickly become a firm favourite. 9.5m standard pole package ■ 1 x CXR PC30 9.5M ■ 1 x Top Three Kit ■ 1 x Mini Extension ■ 1 x Pole Holdall

preston innovations | product guide 2012 13

rod and reel tips

Choosing the right

Rod & Reel the eXpert's method

We caught up with some of our top angling consultants to quiz them about which rod and reel combination they opt for when faced with different challenges.

anGLer: Lee Edwards StYLe: Waggler fishing on a powerful river SpeCIeS: Dace and chub

anGLer: Tommy pickering StYLe: Short range method feeder fishing SpeCIeS: Carp up to 10-15lb

rod : Short rods make casting accurately at short range easier for bigger carp you need a powerful yet forgiving action so i pick the Mini 10ft carp

reeL : I opt for the Inception 4000 its big spool means line peels easily from it when casting and running a waggler through and its smooth performance gives me the power i need to play big fish in flowing water.

reeL : The Inception 3000 Mini powerful and yet still compact is perfect when matched to the 10ft carp, 8lb power max completes the setup to make for an ultra reliable outfit

anGLer: Des Shipp StYLe: Feeder fishing on a reservoir SpeCIeS: Skimmers mainly 8oz to 1lb 8oz

14 preston innovations | product guide 2012

rod : Absolute 13ft Super Float – the crisp action of this rod helps me mend my line when I’m running a waggler close to the far bank its light weight means that holding it all day is easy and the power lower down helps tame any bigger chub i might hook

rod: Absolute 11ft 6" super feeder this soft actioned rod is ideal for soft mouthed skimmers at ranges up to 50yards its fine carbon tips will pick up the shyest of bites

reeLS: Choice PCR 4000 with its long cast spool makes casting the short distances required a breeze i load this with 4lb reflo power max

anGLer: Lee Kerry StYLe: Pellet feeder for F1 carp SpeCIeS: F1 carp to 3lb

rod : F1 Mini Carp 10ft, soft actioned rods are needed to stop hook pulls at the net with this soft mouthed species as they tend to shake their heads against the weight of the feeder

reeL: Inception 3000 Mini loaded with 6lb Power Max

anGLer: Lee Kerry VenUe: Wide slow moving canal SpeCIeS: Chub and roach

anGLer: Neil McKinnon StYLe: Pellet waggler at range SpeICeS : Carp upto 20lb

rod : Mini 12ft Power Float this rod's power makes it ideal for casting pellet wagglers a long distance reeL : PC-R 4000 you need a bigger reel to make casting and playing big fish easy, pellet waggler fishing

reeL: PC-R 3000 the compact size makes it the ideal partner to the 9ft competition picker I load this with 4lb power max which is strong enough to pull fish away from snags but thin enough to peel nicely from the spool on short casts

can be a very active style with bites coming quickly after the float has landed so reliability really is the key. my line for this is 6lb power max its strong and reliable which makes it perfect for this style of fishing

anGLer: Des Shipp StYLe: Method feeder at 50 plus yards SpeCIeS: Carp 3lb into double figures rod : When fishing commercial fisheries its not always possible to fish with a longer rod which might seem

rod: For short casts tight to over-hanging bushes I like to use a 9ft Competition Picker this still gives me the power I need should I hook a bonus chub

the obvious choice when looking for extra distance, i asked the team for a powerful 11ft 6" rod and we developed the 11ft 6" Power Carp it has the backbone to cast loaded method feeders up to around 90 yards whilst maintaining an action which is still a pleasure to play fish on.

reeL : When looking for distance you need to match your reel to the rod your using the winding power and the longcast spool make the PC-R 5000 my first choice I load this with 8lb REFLO® Power MaxTM

preston innovations | product guide 2012 15

rod and reel tips

anGLer: Arnout Van De Stadt StYLe: Heavy feeder on a powerful river SpeCIeS: Bream and skimmers

anGLer: Theo LeiJrik StYLe: Long range feeder fishing SpeCIeS: Bream

anGLer: Arjan Klop StYLe: Slider fishing for silver fish SpeCIeS: Silver fish

rod : When fishing in a heavy flow you are looking for drop back bites but if you use a standard quivertip the distance it drops back is often enough to pull the hook before you have chance to reel in so i use a 13ft 8" Dutch Master River its hollow tip cuts the distance moved when a drop back occours

reeL : PXR Power 5000 is the ideal reel for this demanding style its smooth playing capabilites and powerful gearing lend it perfectly to reeling in heavy feeders and big fish in the flow

rod : For extreme distance you need a powerful rod but you still need to be able to play fish properly the 14ft 2" 160gram Dutch Master features a powerful butt and middle section perfectly blended into a more forgiving tip section which has guides big enough to allow the easy passage of shock leader knots which is vital to long range fishing

reeL : for long range fishing the longcast spool on the PC-R 6000 is vital as is the huge winding power it gives i load it with Braidcast Braid and use tapered shock leaders to help increase the distance I can cast

rod : To aid line pick up at distance you need a longer rod with an action which will be able to set hooks at distance and control your line i use a 14ft Absolute Float

reeL : .To help line flow easily from the reel i match 3lb REFLO Power Max with an Inception 4000 this combanation makes casting simple

16 preston innovations | product guide 2012

dutch international Angler, theo leijrik putting the dutch master rod through it's paces at the world feeder Championships 2011, perguia, italy.

FInd oUt More

preston innovations | product guide 2012 17

pC-r series reels

PC-R Series strength meets power

The PC-R Competition range has been developed to provide precision engineering and enhanced performance, combined with the feeling of power and durability. The push button, quick release aluminium spool delivers the top quality front drag system and features an over-sized line clip for supreme confidence on the cast. Operating on 9 stainless steel ball bearings, these stunning reels are incredibly smooth, deliver superb line lay, and have all the winding power demanded by the modern match angler.

18 preston innovations | product guide 2012

Parallel Line Lay Oscillation System The line lay system prevents line bedding in on the spool. Over-Sized Metal Line Clip Features an over-sized line clip, set lower on the spool to provide supreme confidence on the cast, complete with a soft plastic insert to protect your line. Lightweight Aluminium Body with Sealed Construction Protects all of the internal mechanics, maximising the life of the reel.

Quick Release Push Button Spool System Aluminium, double anodized, large arbor spool featuring a precise front drag system and quick release mechanism. Other Features: ■ Lightweight balanced rotor ■ Sealed one way clutch anti-reverse system ■ Sealed drag system ■ 9+1 Stainless steel ball bearings ■ Stainless steel hollow bail wire ■ Oversized bail arm roller
























■ The striking graphics and quality of the reel really set the PC-R apart from its peers.

preston innovations | product guide 2012 19

reels, rods and seatBoXes ■

PXR POWER 4000 Following on from the huge success of the PXR Power 5000, sees the introduction of this smaller version. With all of the same features and quick retrieve 5.5 :1 gear ratio as the larger 5000, the new PXR 4000 is ideal for both short range feeder and float fishing. Supplied with a spare aluminium spool. The line clip has been designed with a plastic liner to be safe to use with both braid and mono.

COMPETITION 14FT FLOAT Part of the extensive Competition range 14ft float comes in three equal length pieces and has a powerful tip actioned blank. With its extra length, it makes fishing at long range with bigger floats a pleasure, due to its ability to pick up line quickly. Resulting in far less missed bites. It has a cork and duplon handle with a positive screw lock reel seat. Supplied in a cloth bag. Weight 220g · Sections 3 · Rings 16 · Line rating 3lb-6lb

how to Choose?

C SERIES 11’ FEEDER A through actioned medium feeder rod suitable for short to medium range. The 11ft C Series Feeder has a nonlock blank which absorbs the lunges of large fish at the net. Supplied with three glass quivertips, to cope with different levels of tow and sizes of feeders, the 11ft C Series is also capable of casting smaller method feeders. A screw lock reel seat and high quality cork/Duplon handle combine with the high gloss blank and lined guides to make a top class feeder rod suitable for a wide range of situations.

for A guide to whiCh rod And reel Combo to Choose see pAge 14

INCEPTION® 4000 Parallel Line Lay Oscillation System The line lay system prevents line bedding-in on the oversized spool. Flexible metal line clip Features a soft plastic insert offering maximum protection to your line. Lightweight magnesium sealed body construction Protects the internal mechanics – further prolonging the lifetime of the reel. Ergonomic handle Soft-touch material for maximum comfort during prolonged use.

20 preston innovations | product guide 2012

SPACE STATION XSII Featuring a lower frame than the previous Space Station which allows more units to be added under the seat. This makes it more versatile. It comes with a two compartment tray fitted directly to the frame, a deep drawer unit and a two compartment add-on unit which can be used either attached to the deep base unit as part of a stacking system or fitted above the frame. The new style footplate offers increased grip thanks to a new covered finish and a more stable base frame. Continuing with the large footprint and large profile legs from previous Space Stations the XSII features non marking legs and cassette style slide out footplate. Comes supplied with full instructions and parts to convert the two compartment unit into a sliding unit which fits into the frame.

included free with space station Xsii seatboxes: ■ 2 x keepnet Arms ■ 1 x super side tray ■ 1 x double ripple bar

See the FULL ranGe prestoninnovations,com

XS ADD-ON UNITS To complement the Space Station XS and XS Box ranges there is a comprehensive selection of OnBox Add-On units. These can be used to customise your seatbox to suit your preference. Whether you need more winder storage, more accessory storage, or just want additional units to make a stacking system, there are units available. If you fish a wide variety of venues, the use of Add On units and a Stacking Unit Lid enable you to transport a huge range of accessory tackle and rigs to the venue without having to change your standard box configuration. Spare legs are also available should you need them for your setup.

2-PIECE PLATFORM The 2-Piece Platform features a large lightweight aluminium 770mmx700mm area which breaks down into two pieces for ease of transportation. Large enough to accommodate our Space Station seat box along with many other manufacturers’ boxes, the larger profile legs offer a super stable fishing platform and is completely compatible with OffBox accessories making it the complete fishing station.

preston innovations | product guide 2012 21

seatBoXes ■

SPACE STATION COMPACT The Space Station Compact has been developed to offer all the benefits of other Space Stations but with a smaller footprint thanks to its more compact frame system making transportation easier. It also features a removable footplate which is adjustable on the leg system to allow the angler to adjust the footplate to suit their most comfortable fishing position. The Compact comes with a two compartment unit fixed to the frame, a deep drawer and a deep sliding compartment which fits under the frame, it also has a covered footplate which provides a stable fishing platform.

included free with space station Compact boxes: ■ 2 x keepnet Arms ■ 1 x super side tray ■ 1 x double ripple bar


Adjustable and removable, the covered footplate provides a stable fishing platform.

Adjustable leg system means you can find the optimum position to suit any fishing situation.


new side locking catch locks the base unit securely in place and is easy to access.

The Space Station Compact – compared to the Space Station XSII 790mm

22 preston innovations | product guide 2012




A great all-round box with plenty of storage, the X4S comes with two deep (40mm) front drawers, one deep (40mm) side drawer which is divided to take Inbox winder trays and one shallow (20mm) side drawer. feAtures ■ Non-marking legs ■ 4 x Telescopic front legs ■ Fully covered non-slip footplate ■ Large profile legs ■ Positive plastic clips ■ Recessed pole seat ■ Comfortable broad carrying strap ■ Retaining strap on drawer unit

X6S ONBOX The X6S seatbox has been developed with larger profile legs to make it more stable. These feature non-marking knuckles and increased sized swivel mud-feet. The cassette style footplate slides neatly underneath the box for easy carriage and has a full non-slip cover. The X6S comes with two shallow (20mm) front drawers, two deep front drawers (40mm) and one full width drawer which is divided to take Inbox winder trays and one deep through drawer divided to take most popular terminal tackle items. The units have positive plastic clips and hinges which allow easy addition and removal of units.

feAtures Non-marking legs ■ 4 x Telescopic front legs ■ Fully covered non-slip footplate ■ Large profile legs ■ Positive plastic clips ■ Recessed pole seat ■ Comfortable broad carrying strap ■ OffBox Accessory pack ■ Retaining strap on drawer unit ■


included free with Xs6

X3S ONBOX The X3S comes with two deep (40mm) front drawers, and one deep (40mm) side drawer which is divided to take InBox winder trays.

feAtures Non-marking legs ■ 4 x Telescopic front legs ■ Fully covered non-slip footplate ■ Large profile legs ■ Positive plastic clips ■ Recessed pole seat ■ Comfortable carrying strap ■ Retaining strap on drawer unit ■

X3SD ONBOX The X3SD comes with two shallow (20mm) side drawers, and one deep (40mm) side drawer which is divided to take InBox accessory storage boxes.

feAtures Non-marking legs ■ 4 x Telescopic front legs ■ Fully covered non-slip footplate ■ Large profile legs ■ Positive plastic clips ■ Recessed pole seat ■ Broad carrying strap ■ Retaining strap on drawer unit ■

preston innovations | product guide 2012 23

insider inForMation with des shipp

Des Shipp

Lifts the Lid ChAmpion tACkle

We've managed to sneak a look in top Preston Innovations consultant, Des Shipp's Seatbox for a look at the gear he uses, what he uses it for and why. Des is an England International having won no less than four World Team Gold medals, add this to two European Team Golds and you have a very capable angler. In 2007 Des won the Parkdean Masters earning himself £25,000, but that’s not the only time he’s won, managing another win in 2011 giving a combined total of £50,000! Des has also won the Kamasan Final and also been part of a winning pair in the Angling Times Pairs match. I think by now you will realise that he is a force to be reckoned with! LIFtInG the LId In Des' Space Station XSII there is a whole array of essential bits and pieces, to ensure that he has everything he needs to fish effectively. Des' number one line choice for most venues and fishing situations is Reflo Power; the built-in stretch and its super strong but supple properties are the reason why this line is the fastest selling line in the UK. Des uses Reflo Power for his carp rigs and for many of his hook links. It ensures that you have confidence in your rigs. There is also a Super Soft Shot dispenser. This is a massive part of Des’ tackle box and something every angler should own! The Super Soft Shot dispenser cuts out the need to be carrying around 6 pots of different sized shot! Des uses the Super soft shot on his pole rigs, the five different sizes from no.8 right down to no.12 are perfect for fine tuning his pole rigs on either carp rigs or delicate bloodworm rigs.

24 preston innovations | product guide 2012

LIKe a MaGnet To save carrying around hundreds of packets of hooks in various sizes and patterns Des uses the Preston Magnetic Hook boxes. They fit neatly inside the Deep Drawer Unit and will save you having to route through hundreds of packets of hooks. As you can see Des has more than one of these hook boxes and rates them highly. SoCK It and See Permanently attached to the leg of Des’ box is a long cross arm and pole sock this keeps the pole at hand once you’ve unshipped. Des said “I use this all the time as it stops my pole getting damaged”. If you have to break down your pole section more than once due to tight swims the pole sock is very useful. SLIder WInderS The Slider Winders are a big part of Des’ seatbox. Virtually all match anglers have a variety of pole rigs to cover a wide range of situations and fishing styles and I'm no different. As you can see I carry a wide range of ready tied rigs to cope with all the situations I’m likely to encounter. To store these I use slide winders. The variety of sizes available caters to all my rig storage needs. The range of trays and boxes are ideal for changing to suit the venue I’m visiting. Plus they're ideal for safe storage of your rigs at home.

POP-UP SLIDER WINDERS The sliding anchor can be moved along the full length of the winder. There is a small retaining spike at both ends of the slider so it doesn’t matter which way you wind your rig on. The tapered ‘V’ hook holding slot can accommodate hooks as small as size 26 without damage.



desCription 5 x 18cm Slider Winder - Red


5 x 18cm Slider Winder - Yellow


5 x 20cm Slider Winder - Red


5 x 20cm Slider Winder - Yellow


5 x 22cm Slider Winder - Red


5 x 22cm Slider Winder - Yellow


5 x 26cm Slider Winder - Red


5 x 26cm Slider Winder - Yellow


15 x 18cm Slider Winder Plus InBox Tray - Red


15 x 18cm Slider Winder Plus InBox Tray - Yellow


7 x 26cm Slider Winder Plus InBox Tray - Red


7 x 26cm Slider Winder Plus InBox Tray - Yellow


5 x 26cm Narrow Slider Winder - Red


5 x 26cm Narrow Slider Winder - Yellow


10 x 26cm Narrow Sider Winder Plus InBox Tray - Red


10 x 26cm Narrow Sider Winder Plus InBox Tray - Yellow


10 x 13cm Slider Winder - Red


10 x 13cm Slider Winder - Yellow


20 x 13cm Slider Winder Plus InBox Tray - Red


20x 13cm Slider Winder Plus InBox Tray - Yellow

preston innovations | product guide 2012 25

thinking oUtside the BoX


The Pro Pole Support works on the same principle as the original Pole Support and is perfect for fishing at very long range giving hands free support. This version has longer front arms which place the roller support further away and gives more clearance at the front of the platform, which allows easy access to keepnets. The roller has smaller ripples for accurate pole positioning. Comes with a full set of inserts that can be changed to suit different leg profiles.

POLE SOCK Perfect for keeping your pole close to hand and preventing it sliding forwards. The Pole Sock has a band around the neck to make location easy and prevent snagging. Fitted with a standard thread to fit onto a bank stick or OffBox accessories.

POLE GRIP Holds your pole close to hand.Gently sprung plastic sides grip pole sections from 3 - 6. Use with either a standard bankstick or one of several OffBox attachments.

26 preston innovations | product guide 2012



A range of carefully sized square groundbait bowls, constructed from a durable, waterproof EVA material. Perfect for containing your mixed groundbait or prepared pellets on a side tray. Available in three sizes, 3 litre, 5 litre and 12 litre.

Collapsible groundbait bowl with solid supporting hoop. Available in two sizes, Small and Large

FInd oUt More

SIDE TRAY SET A multi-functional tray set, comprises of a large side tray (430mm x 390mm), and two bait trays (Deep and Shallow). The side tray features a groove on the underside, allowing either bait tray to be slid underneath - ideal for keeping baits and accessories dry in wet conditions.

Complete with a telescopic leg

OFFBOX TACKLE & BAIT TRAY (2 PIECE) Manufactured in two pieces for easy transportation. The tackle and bait tray features two halves which are approximately 280mm x 390mm (inside). One holds a plastic tray ideal for groundbait or large quantities of maggots, pellets etc. The other half is a flat tray which will hold your hookbaits and tackle requirements.

Adjustable to fit most seat boxes the tray attaches to two seat box legs. Complete with an additional support leg for stability that is also handy for attaching accessories to the outside edge of the tray. Supplied with a set of OffBox inserts to suit most seat boxes, a plastic tray and the supporting leg.

preston innovations | product guide 2012 27

pole rollers

“whether you

choose a flat roller or a tripod style the preston innovations range offers the best of both worlds”

Featuring a rapid assembly design, these lightweight flat rollers come with their own compact padded bag for ease of carrying. The standard roller offers a large 500mm wide bed for positive pole location and the XL version has a width of 700mm. The adjustable legs have a maximum height of 500mm on the standard version and 700mm on the XL which will clear most bankside obstructions whilst offering a stable base.

pro flat roller folds down to a manageable size for easy storage.



ROLLER STOPS This clever attachment has been designed to end the age old problem of poles blowing up and out of V rollers, resulting in many expensive broken sections. Simply attach the Roller stops at the end of each roller, creating a padded stop to prevent the pole from ever blowing out of the roller in adverse conditions. Compatible will all preston v rollers

MEGA PRO V ROLLER The highest quality roller we have ever produced. The ultra sturdy tripod features legs that can be laid out flat, providing the most stable set up possible. With its range of height adjustments it can also be set high enough to navigate over any tall obstacles. Featuring the same rollers as used on the Super Pro V, with its centre roller made in two parts, perfect for situations where you need to break down twice. This top class roller is also supplied with the innovative new roller stops as standard. These clever little attachments are fitted to the end of each of the side rollers, stopping the pole from blowing out in windy conditions.

28 preston innovations | product guide 2012

PRO V ROLLER The UK’s best selling V pole roller! Based on an ultra lightweight tripod, this roller has been a huge success since its launch. Not only does it have height adjustable features, it also has the added advantage of being able to alter the angle at which the legs are set, making any type of bankside terrain easy to cope with. The braced tripod assembly locks securely and has drop-down leg extensions which are locked at the required height by quick release clasps. The height adjustable centre pole also locks with its own handwheel.

SUPER PRO V ROLLER Based on the popular Pro V Roller, there are several key differences on the Super version. An extra set of internal legs enable the roller to be set higher than before. To prevent overbalancing the base of the centre section has a clip suitable for attaching a groundbait bucket or carryall making the roller more stable. The centre roller is now made in two parts to make unshipping and breaking down twice as easy. The Super Pro V Roller still packs away in its own compact padded carry case.

METHOD FEEDER HAIR RIGS A range of 4” (10cm) hooklengths, designed specifically for Method Feeder fishing. Featuring a PR-C1 circle hook, which is a pattern that has become extremely popular for this style of fishing thanks to its unique shape that virtually eliminates fish loss. Each hook is tied to 4” (10cm) of high quality reliable line, and is available with either a hair rigged bait band or a Korum Quick Stop. 8 hooklengths per packet.

The sliding anchor can be moved along the full length of the winder. There is a small retaining spike at both ends of the slider so it doesn’t matter which way you wind your rig on. The tapered ‘V’ hook holding slot can accommodate hooks as small as size 26 without damage.

HOOKLENGTH RETAINING SYSTEM The InBox Hooklength Retaining System has been designed to store and protect pre-tied hooks and hook lengths. Available in two sizes; small or large. Each System retains six different sizes of hooks/hooklength strengths, in lengths up to 15cm (6”) in the small one, and 30cm (12”) in the larger version. The ultra-slim design can be stored in a drawer, under the seat or in the main compartment of a seatbox.




MINI MONSTER HOOKLENGTH BAG The perfect way to store and transport hooklength boxes. This compact storage bag has been designed to carry a combination of the Small and Large systems.

All-round hooklength retaining system

ALL-ROUND HOOKLENGTH RETAINING SYSTEM With pins at 7.5cm (3”), 10cm (4”), 15cm (6”) and 20cm (8”) the All Round system can hold hooklengths for virtually all situations that you are ever likely to encounter. There is additional space at the ‘hook end’ to allow for any hair rigs, bands and Quick Stops that may be used. Designed to specifically fit into the side drawers found on the Space Station and OnBox seat boxes, whilst also being compact enough to fit neatly into carryalls and bait bags.

method hooklength retaining system

METHOD HOOKLENGTH RETAINING SYSTEM The Method rig box is the ideal solution for carrying literally hundreds of short hooklengths, perfect for method feeder fishing. With pins at both 7.5cm (3”) and 10cm (4”), it will hold the most popular lengths used for this style of fishing. Once again, there is enough space at the ‘hook end’ to accommodate hair rigs with bands, Quick Stops or standard loops.

50” FIBREGLASS FLAT BACK BROLLY Based on the legendary Flat Back Brolly, this version has lighter fibreglass arms and a 210D waterproof nylon cover with taped seams. Complete with pegs and storage sleeve.

preston innovations | product guide 2012 29

Feeding with Fin paste Master Check out Andy's guide to paste fishing videos on our website

30 Preston Innovations | Product Guide 2012

Fin-tactic wAys to feed

How you feed your peg efficiently is critical, in search a solution we've have picked the brains of one of Britain’s most innovative anglers — Mr. Andy Findlay Keeping fish in your swim is possibly the most important part of match fishing. There are several Preston product’s that I use to feed my swim with each having its own use. Here’s what I use and why! KUp KIt A Kupping Kit is an essential part of pole fishing. Wherever I go when I have to use my pole, I have my Kup Kit and Kups in my bag. These help me deposit bait out to my swim with extreme accuracy even at 16 meters. The kit comes with two different sized pots depending on how much bait you want to put out; in summer the bigger pot comes in handy when you want to feed a lot of bait initially, the smaller Kup is ideal when putting small amounts of bait into your swim.

FInd oUt More

UnI Cad pot Once I have initially fed my swim it is important to keep the swim topped up and keep the fish grubbing about in the area. These Uni Cad Pots are ideal, sitting right on the end of my top kit- right above the fish! The clever elastic attachment allows me to have the pot right on the end of my pole! pInpoInt CatapULt Catapult’s are they perfect way to get bait out to long pole range or even further. They will tightly group your bait around a float or over the top of a straight lead, creating a fish attracting sound as your bait hits the water. I use these for all my shallow pole fishing. peLLet Feeder These are fantastic for fishing tight to island margins that are out of pole range. They leave a neat pile of pellets right next to your hookbait for the carp to find. These feeders cast like a dream and hold onto margin slopes due to the dimpled lead. 

preston innovations | product guide 2012 31

Feeding with Fin

the Method Feeder The Method feeder is one of my favourite feeders. It is mainly a summer tactic, and when the fish switch on to the Method you can manage big weights of fish. The Method feeder will present a bait for fish to find quickly due to the flat-bottomed construction; allowing for virtually instant bites when the fish are really having it!

32 preston innovations | product guide 2012

paSte potS When fishing with paste on the pole these pots are essential. The Paste Pots allow you to ship out sloppy paste and drop it right on top of your spot. The clever, tall design also means that you can put a few pellets into the pot first to really keep your swim alive. The three sizes allow you to position them where you like. Whenever I use paste, these Paste Pots are always attached to my pole.

open-ended FeederS Sometimes I find myself on a fishery that has a ban on Method feeders; this is where an Open-Ended Feeder is perfect. I can pack the feeder with groundbait, pellets or even meat depending on the day and venue. The different sizes are great when you need to change if the fish want more or less bait. Ignore them at your peril.


DOUBLE ELASTIC This Double Elastic has been developed to make the threading of the popular Double Elastic system as easy as threading single strands. Once threaded, the strands can be easily separated resulting in perfectly fitted double elastic.

FLUORO SLIP ELASTIC Fluoro Slip Elastic is produced from pure latex combined with special fluorescent pigments that do not affect its strength or performance. Available in 10 strengths, on five metre spools.

SLIP ELASTIC Slip Elastic was the first colour coded elastic available and is still incredibly popular. Pre-treated with Preston Slip lubricant to give outstanding abrasion resistance and reliability it is available in five metre lengths from ultra fine size 2 up to a powerful 16.

This high quality pure latex is sized in both diameter and numbers. Supplied on five metre spools, this elastic has a super smooth surface and consistent stretch to give the ultimate performance and reduce the number of lost fish.

MEGA STORA BUNG Designed to be used with Hollo elastics or heavy solid elastic, the Mega Stora Bung features a large winder which allows adjustments to be made by simply removing the bung and winding elastic on, or off, the bung winder. Manufactured from lightweight plastic, the Mega Stora Bung can be easily cut to fit most top kits by following score lines around the coned part. Available in either a Mega Stora Bung twin pack or as a single bung with an extractor Rod.

HOLLO ELASTIC Using the highest quality materials and made to the strictest quality standards, results in trouble-free, consistent performance. Available in six different strengths to suit all carp fishing situations from 9 up to a very powerful 19. Thoroughly tested by our consultants, Hollo Elastic comes in 3m lengths in a sealed bag that ensures it stays in perfect condition. The ratings correspond to normal elastic ratings, so a 13 rating is between 12 and 14 normal elastic strength. Due to a special manufacturing process, injecting lubricant inside the elastic is not required.

preston innovations | product guide 2012 33

elastication Connectors

product guide 2011

elastiC ConneCtors

HOLLO CONNECTORS Colour coded to match Hollo Elastic and made from ultra strong moulded plastic, these large connectors are designed for all hollow and large size solid elastics. A snap fit on the sliding collar ensures security.


Slip Extreme Connectors are similar to Preston Slip Connectors but have an almost fluorescent colour. Available in four different colours the Micro Extreme Connector is designed for elastics up to size 6.

Designed to fit internally into the number 2 section of match kits, or wide bore power kits.

34 preston innovations | product guide 2012


SLIP BUSH INTERNAL Designed to fit inside the pole tip, the Slip Internal Bush is made from PTFE for friction-free performance. The small shoulder fits neatly to the end of the pole and the internal section, whilst the strong construction makes fitting easy.


- for up to number 8 elastic

Manufactured to micro tolerances to ensure a perfect secure fit, the Slip Micro Connectors are suitable for elastics up to a grade 8. Supplied with two sleeves, each with a different size of hole to ensure a perfect fit no matter what grade of elastic is being used.

DACRON CONNECTORS These Dacron connectors have been specifically developed to provide a neat link between your elastic and your rig. The Dacron holds your rig away from your pole tips whilst the purpose designed bead makes sure the Dacron points forwards to keep tangles to an absolute minimum. Now available in 6 sizes to suit all popular elastics from a fine solid latex grade 3 or 4, through to a powerful Hollo 19.

Slip Carp Connectors are supplied as standard with two sleeve, each with different sized holes, to ensure a perfect fit with the elastic being used. These strong connectors are available in four colour options that match Slip Elastic.

Having an almost fluorescent colour making them highly visible when playing fish, the Carp Connector Extra are ultra strong and suitable for all strong elastics. Available in four different colours.


- for elastic sizes 6 and above

- for all strong elastic


- for up to number 6 elastic

SLIP PTFE BUSH EXTERNAL Manufactured from pure PTFE, these external bushes are shaped to minimise the chance of line catching the back of the bush.

product guide 2011




STORA PULLA BUNG SYSTEM The stora-pulla bung has been developed to allow you the advantage of a pulla bung whilst still being able to adjust the tension of your elastic without having to retie. Also available in a twin pack so you can use the system on any Pulla Bungs you already have fitted.

storA pullA bung

Enables you to adjust your elastic tension, whilst still using the Pulla Bung System.

1. Push the bung (sold separately) into the base of your section. Mark the bung and cut off, being careful not to cut the internal tube.

2. Once trimmed to the rough size, adjust by removing one or two ribs at a time until the tail protrudes approximately 15mm

3. Attach the winder to the end of the elastic and thread the loose end through the tube of the winder.

4. Thread the elastic through the Pulla Bung and attach your chosen connector. The tension of your elastic can then be adjusted with the winder.

“A range of quality products that continues to grow and develop, yet stands out amongst others. A true test of their robust durability, innovation and unsurpassed reliability”

HOLLO PTFE BUSH Made from PTFE, the Hollo Bush provides maximum performance when used with all hollow elastics. Designed to fit all power kit tops, the wide diameter ensures elastic is released smoothly. They can also be used directly on match number 2 sections. The tapered rear of the bush prevents unnecessary tangles.

STRETCH SLIP BUSH EXTERNAL Designed for strong elastics, the Slip Stretch Bush has a thin walled construction that can be stretched to fit externally over a number 2 section. preston innovations | product guide 2012 35

deep water with lee edwards



e d i u g l a surviv

Welsh International, Lee Edwards reveals the rig he uses for fishing in deep water on venues that others would think are unfishable!

welsh international lee edwArds on top form – shAring his deep wAter seCrets 36 preston innovations | product guide 2012

lee is no stranger to fishing deep waters, having fished various venues that many pole anglers would describe as – too deep! well according to lee, they are wrong.

Number 8 Slip Elastic

Float PT Series 2 6g

0.19mm Reflo® Power™

Fish will feed in very deep water and being able to target them effectively from deep water will give you a huge sense of achievement. Starting from the tip end, Lee connects his rigs to his size 8 Slip Elastic using a Dacron Connector, giving a neat connection. The main rig line I use is 0.19mm Reflo Power line. This is a fairly stiff line and helps to cut down tangles when using rigs that can be 20ft long! This goes down to a 6.0g PT Series 2 float for use in 20ft of water. The thick plastic bristle is great for visibility and the carbon stem gives strength when catching a lot of fish, also preventing tangles. The next vital piece of the rig is the use of a Line Through Olivette. The 5g Olivette is held in place with a number 10 Stotz below it. Set at equal 8-inch intervals below this are three number 8 dropper shot. A small micro swivel is tied onto the rig to further prevent line twist and finally a 20cm hooklength of 0.11mm Reflo Power line is then looped onto the swivel. This will allow you to swap and change line diameters and hook sizes if you feel you need to go lighter or heavier! SeeKInG SKIMMerS Lee will usually start fishing at 13m with this rig, allowing him to fish and feed a peg comfortably increasing efficiency instead of struggling with a 16m pole all day! 

5g Olivette with No 10 Stotz

x3 No 8 shot

A swivel 0.11mm Reflo® Power™

PR333 Size 16 - 22 (Not To Scale)

preston innovations | product guide 2012 37

deep water with lee edwards

remove the Deep Water Pulla Bung at the end of each section, cutting the need for specialised kits of this style of fishing and also cutting down on the cost of expensive extra sections!

As mentioned earlier, Lee uses Size 8 black Slip Elastic; great for cushioning soft mouthed skimmers as you guide them up through the depths into your waiting landing net. The size 8 elastic is connected to a Pulla Bung, ideal for tightening elastic to net fish but with deeper rigs – this can cause a problem. This is where the Deep Water Pulla Bung excels! Simply fit the Deep Water Pulla Bung into the base of your number 4,5 or 6 section depending on depth of your rig, attach the power gum to the connector on your standard Pulla Bung and you are away – all the benefits of a Pulla Bung even on your 6th section! Due to the connector you can


deep IS FIShaBLe This is an excellent rig for big deep lakes or rivers when skimmers, roach and larger bream are the target. Remember just because a venue may be very deep doesn’t mean that if is unfishable. Get out and try the venues you have overlooked you may be surprised what you catch. ■

reflo®power™ has been a revelation for thousands of match anglers. it’s so strong and never ceases to impress.

pullA bung

4th–6th seCtion

top kits pole rig

deep wAter pullA bung

1. Replace the bead on your normal Pulla Bung with a connecter to attach your power gum to.

power gum


2. When using it just pull the power gum until you have the required tension.

38 preston innovations | product guide 2012

pole elAstiC to ConneCtor

3. The tube in the Deep Water Pulla Bung will allow the connecter to pass through, so you can pull the elastic

4. The tapered nose on the Deep Water Pulla Bung allows the elastic and connecter to easily pass through.

lee edwArds – welsh internAtionAl i find myself using a combination of both pulla kits and pulla bung techniques. each has advantages – depending upon the situation. for example, when i’m using matchkits and elastic of 13 hollo or lighter, i favour the pulla bungs. this enables me to use light elastics and alter the tension whilst playing fish. this means i can start with a grade or two lighter than would otherwise be possible and pull (tighten) the elastic. the pulla system makes netting a fish easier too. this is because you don’t need to have so many sections added on, therefore netting is less risky for breakages and also easier in cramped swims. it also means i can add a deep water pulla bung in deeper swims

Lee Edwards has mastered the Pulla Bung master

when i am fishing in water which is deeper than my power top two kit i prefer to utilise my pulla kit. it offers the advantage of being able to get to your elastic whilst still having your fourth section attached. playing a fish becomes just a case of reaching up and grabbing the small bead that protrudes from the bush in the number two section of the kit. pulling it down allows me to adjust tension when playing a fish on my top four kit. des shipp – englAnd internAtionAl

Des Shipp often uses his Pulla Kit – particularly in deeper waters.

preston innovations | product guide 2012 39

winning rigs




‘Bottom Rig for Carp’

‘Catch Everything’ Rig

Still water roach Rig

The thick bristle on this float helps me to distinguish between the genuine bites and liners.

Great for small carp, skimmers, F1s and good quality roach/silvers. Used with a dead maggot this will catch all species.

Good for depths 4-8ft.

Good for depths 4-6ft.

Nº13 Hollo Elastic

This rig is perfect for catching roach and small skimmers. The cane tip is great for sensitive roach bites. The shotting can be spread out to catch fish on the drop set 1 inch overdepth this is an awesome rig for roach. Good for depths up to 3ft.

11 H Hollo Elastic

Nº8 Slip Elastic

Float PB Carp 5 4 x 14 - 1g

Float PB Inter 2 0.4g

Float Chianti 4 x 10

3 x Silicone

0.13mm Reflo® Power™

3 x Silicone

0.15mm Reflo® Power™

0.11mm Reflo® Power™

6 x Nº10 Shot.

4 x Nº8 STOTZ

6 x Nº12 Shot.



2 x Nº10 Droppers.

2 x Nº10 STOTZ

Loop to Loop

Loop to Loop

6” 0.11mm Reflo® Power™

Hookbait: Pellet Hair + Baitband

6” 0.128mm Xceed PR434 Size 16/18 (Not To Scale)

Hookbait: Dead Maggots

3 x Nº12 Shot. Loop to Loop 6” 0.9mm Xceed

PR434 Size 16

(Not To Scale)

Hookbait: MAggot

PR311 Size 18 (Not To Scale)

40 preston innovations | product guide 2012




River Rig

Island Margin Rig

Carp Shallow Rig

This is a great all-round river rig for slowly running your bait through the swim. Perfect for river roach.

For fishing tight to islands at 1416m on long pole. It is possible to position the bait right up to the shelf by moving it around till the bristle is just visible.

Perfect for targetting when fishing very shallow in open water.

Good for depths up to 10ft.

Good for depths up to 3ft. Nº5 Slip Elastic

15 H Hollo Elastic

Float PB Silver 4 2g

Nº13 Hollo Elastic 1 x Nº10 Stotz Back Shot

Float PB Carp 4 4 x 12

Float PB Inter 7 4 x 12

3 x Silicone

10ft 0.13mm Reflo® Power™

0.15mm Reflo® Power™

0.15mm Reflo® Power™

3 x Nº10 Shot. Directly under float.

Line through Olivette 1.75g 1x Nº10 Stotz. (To hold Olivette)


3 x Nº10 Shot.

2x Nº8 Shot. Equally spaced

1 x Nº10 Shot. Above the hooklink. Loop to Loop

Loop to Loop 4” 0.13mm Reflo® Power™

6” 0.08mm Reflo® Power™ Hookbait: Pellet Hair + Baitband

PR322 Size 18 or 20 (Not To Scale)

Hookbait: Meat

PR29 Size 18 (Not To Scale)

Hookbait: Pellet Hair + Baitband

PR36 Size 16 for bait banding (Not To Scale)

preston innovations | product guide 2012 41


pb inter series ■


Slim design with painted nylon tips, ideal for small baits particularly pellet and corn. Good on the drop float when fishing through the water.


PB INTER 9 Ultra slim long bodied float with wire stem and a plastic bristle, ideal for dotting down with pellets and other small baits.

42 preston innovations | product guide 2012

Slim round bodied design featuring a carbon stem and painted nylon bristle. Ideal for deeper water in calm conditions and slow moving rivers.

Wire stemed dibber for fishing shallow or in shallow water. The wire stem gives good stability in rough conditions and cocks the float quickly



PB INTER 10 Same shape as the Inter 9 but with NE W a thicker plastic bristle, and a wire stem for stability.

Slim round bodied design featuring a stable wire stem and painted nylon bristle. Ideal for deeper water in windy conditions and slow moving rivers.

Carbon stemed dibber for fishing shallow or in shallow water. The light carbon stem helps reduce tangles when fishing at distance.


PB INTER 7 Short wire stemed float with a painted nylon tip for fishing shallow water with small baits. Also makes a good on the drop maggot and caster float.

PB INTER 4 Slim design with a wire stem and painted nylon tip, suitable for use with small baits like pellets and maggots in most depths of water.

PB INTER 8 Short carbon stemed float with a painted nylon tip for fishing shallow water with small baits. Also makes a good on the drop maggot and caster float.

PB INTER 11 Same slim body shape as the NE W Inter 10, with a plastic bristle and 0.8mm fibre stem.

“designed in

conjunction with england international des shipp, the pb inter series is a collection of some of his favourite patterns. with a distinctive paint finish and high quality carbon and steel stems, all nylon tips are painted to make them glow brightly when light shines through them.”

pb silvers developed in collaboration with des shipp and lee edwards the silvers range incorporates some of the tried and trusted patterns they find themselves using on the international stage each year, as the name suggests this range is especially suited to silver fish fishing on traditional venues.

PB SILVER1 The slim body down shape of this float combined with its carbon stem make it suitable for fishing with small baits on the drop in good conditions. Finished with a high quality carbon stem and a painted plastic tip which shows up better in bright light conditions.

PB SILVER 2 This float features a slim body down shape and a wire stem, making it suitable for fishing small baits in the bottom quarter or when conditions are less favourable. Finished with a high quality wire stem and a painted plastic tip which shows up better in bright light conditions.

PB SILVER 3 The round Body of this float and its wire stem make it suitable for deeper water and fishing on the bottom. Finished with a high quality wire stem and a painted plastic tip which shows up better in bright light conditions.

PB SILVER 4 Featuring a round body and carbon stem this float is suitable for deeper water and fishing on the bottom in good conditions. Finished with a high quality wire stem and a painted plastic tip which shows up better in bright light conditions..

PB SILVER 6 This is a slim bodied float which is suitable for small fish on the drop or shallow its high quality carbon stem makes it suitable in good conditions.

PB SILVER 5 PB silver 5 features a slim body and painted fibre bristle these are ideal for fishing delicate baits on or just touching the bottom Finished with a high quality wire stem and painted fibre bristle.

PB SILVER 7 The wire stem on this float makes it suitable for fishing shallow or on the drop when conditions require a more stable float

preston innovations | product guide 2012 43

new dUra eXtreMe

Extreme Measures new rAnge of line-through floAts

44 preston innovations | product guide 2012

dura extreme 8

dura extreme 7

Any angler that fishes for carp on commercials will know how essential a good strong float is vital. Hanging to swap and change floats and rigs can cost you time and fish during a match, which is why the new Dura Extreme range of pole float has changed my commercial carp fishing! The tough foam line through boddies eliminate the problem of line cutting in. The study carbon stem is built into the tip, preventing the tip from snapping should the fish run through a marginal reed bed. The spring eye will not pull out of the body under tension, a common problem in inferior floats. The weak spots on these floats have been eliminated, ensuring you are getting the strongest, most durable float that you can buy. The various different body styles allow them to be used for a wide range of situations where strength and confidence is your kit is essential! â–

dura extreme 6

dura extreme 5

dura extreme 4

dura extreme 3

dura extreme 2

dura extreme 1

Match expert Lee Kerry introduces a new range of Preston Innovations line-through floats. The Dura Extreme collection will be in tackle shops this summer. Lee explains what makes them so unique...

stem inside bristle

strong spring eye


strong spring eye

strong ďŹ bre glass stem

preston innovations | product guide 2012 45


bAZZerlA CArp

the preston bazzerla Carp range contains five models that cover most modern match carp fishing. robust glass stems, strong eyes and thick tips are all featured in this range. ■


A short robust float with a fibreglass stem. Ideal for shallow or margin fishing with big baits.

PB CARP 3 Short float with a thick nylon tip and fibreglass stem. Bulbous body for holding still in windy conditions

PB CARP 2 Buoyant tipped dibber with a fibreglass stem which makes it ideal for fishing larger baits up in the water.


Shouldered dibber suitable for fishing large baits shallow, thick balsa tip with carbon stem.

tyson floats have bodies coated in tough varnish and have been constructed using quality carbon and fibre glass for the stems.


PB CARP 5 Suitable for fishing large baits in open water, the PB Carp 5 features a thick nylon tip and fibre glass stem.

46 preston innovations | product guide 2012

TYSON 3 Slim round bodied float with a thick cane tip and carbon stem suitable for deep water with big baits.

Round bodied dibber suitable for fishing with large baits just under the surface. With carbon stem.

PB CARP 4 Ideal for fishing up to features on snake lakes with a fibreglass stem and thick nylon bristle.


Diamond shaped body with a fibre glass stem suitable for big baits and deep water.



Shouldered dibber suitable for fishing large baits shallow, thick balsa tip with carbon stem.

TYSON 5 Teardrop shaped body with a plastic bristle suitable for occasions where more sensitivity is required.



TYSON 7 Ultra short, pea shaped dibber, perfect for fishing extreme shallow rigs. With a thick wire stem.

pt series

with their classy coloured lacquers, matt finish, long stems and larger sizes the pt series floats are ideal for traditional match fishing situations on a wide range of venues. ■


For fishing deep still or slow moving water, offers a thick, sensitive plastic bristle and a high quality carbon stem.



For fishing moving water or during adverse weather conditions, the Series 2 incorporates a thick plastic tip and high quality carbon stem.

Designed for deep water and line to hand fishing. Long slim body reduces tangles and offers less resistance on the strike. Plastic tip



Perfect for where bites may come on the drop. Slim body and plastic tips to register all your shot as they settle. Fine carbon stem.

For fishing still or slow moving water. Pear shaped body and long stable wire stem with a sensitive fibre tip. Large sizes are perfect for deep water roach fishing.


PT SERIES 4 For presentation of baits such as pinkies or bloodworm on still or slow moving water. Ultrafine plastic bristle and quality wire stem.

For fishing still or slow moving water. The Series 7 has a bright solid plastic tip and a wire stem for stability

PT SERIES 8 For fishing still or slow moving water, the Series 8 has a bright fibre tip for increased sensitivity

PT SERIES 11 For deep water ideal for holding back, with wire stem and plastic bristle

PT SERIES 9 Ideal for shallow water its body shape makes it good for adverse conditions, with wire stem and plastic bristle

PT SERIES 10 Ideal for shallow, its slim body shape makes it suitable for fishing on the drop, with wire stem and plastic bristle

preston innovations | product guide 2012 47

Champion Feeder with Tommy Pickering well versed As current england feeder team manager, Tommy pickering is a feeder fishiing legend

48 Preston Innovations | Product Guide 2012

Feeders Champion

Winning Ways

With such a wide choice of feeders available on the market picking the right one can sometimes be confusing – we’ve enlisted the help of former World Champion Tommy Pickering to guide you! As the manager of the Preston Innovations England World Feeder Team, Tommy Pickering offers some great advice to anyone interested in feeder fishing. We caught up with Tommy just after he lead the team to victory at the friendly international in Ghent, Belgium. Tommy is set on bringing the Gold medal back to England in the summer at the World Feeder Championships and won’t stop until he’s done it. Tommy is a very accomplished feeder fisherman with many huge catches and match wins under his belt put down to the feeder. Using the correct feeder in each situation is key. Here Tommy tells us what feeders he would use in various different circumstances.

Banjo Feeder The Banjo feeder is my first choice fishing setup for winter fishing where carp, skimmers and F1s are the target. The small area of soaked pellets is just the right amount of feed and is presented in a more concentrated way than when using a Method feeder. The bait will remain within the confines of the Banjo feeder, before the pellets expand and rise up from within its walls. Soaked 2mm Fin Perfect Feed pellets from Sonubaits with a little Tiger Fish groundbait – just a handful – will see the tip going around time after time, whatever the weather. For quick and perfect loading every time you can use the Preston Banjo Mould.

Method Feeder When I need to catch a lot of carp on the feeder in quick succession a Flatbed Method Feeder is my first choice. These feeders allow the bait around them to break down extremely quickly, sometimes even as the feeder hits the water. The bonus of having the lead weight on one side is that the feeder will always land the right way up, with your hookbait right where the carp want it! Small 2mm pellets and a handful of dampened groundbait are again my number 1 bait choice. For bagging up in summer look no further!

Open-Ended Feeder The open ended feeder is the first I reach for when I am fishing for Roach, Skimmers and Bream. It is a fantastic way of getting a bed of groundbait out to lengths past pole range. The Open Ended feeder is simple to set-up and the most effective way is to have this running on the mainline. To start off you can use a big feeder to get a bed of groundbait down, and then swap to a smaller feeder to keep the swim topped up throughout the session. The camouflaged colour prevents the fish spooking while in the swim, meaning more bites and more match wins!  

www.prestoninnovations.comPreston Innovations | Product Guide 2012 49

ChaMpion Feeder with toMMy piCkering QUICKLoad FeederS The quickload Feeders are a top feeder for fishing on the rivers when maggots, hemp and even chopped worms are deadly for a variety of species. The brown colouration blends in well on the river bed and the holes are perfect for letting the bait out once on the bottom. These really are a river essential and with three different sizes and various different weights you can use them in virtually any conditions! So there you have it, Tommy Pickering’s way with feeders! Hopefully you will now know which feeder to choose when you get to your peg – take this on board and you won’t go far wrong.

sCoop your wAy to viCtory Tommy's method of quickly reloading a Pellet feeder has proven invaluable in recent months...

peLLet FeederS The Pellet feeder is one I would use if I’m looking to introduce a small pile of pellets tight to an island. The weighted base and drab brown colour blend into the bottom excellently. I use the inline versions most of the time with a small Quick Change Bead to attach the hooklink. These are perfect for putting a small bed of pellets tight to an island margin.

1. To tie an in line pellet feeder thread your main line through the tail

2. Pass the line through the feeder and out through the bottom

3. Thread a Quick Change Bead onto the line

4. Tie the Quick Change Bead on

5. once the bead is attached you are ready to attach the hooklength

6. Attach a short hooklength and close the bead

7. Pull the bead back inside the feeder

8. Fill the feeder with dampened pellets and tuck the hook bait inside

50 preston innovations | product guide 2012


Masterminded by commercial expert Andy Findlay, this new style of feeder literally provides ‘dinner on a plate’ for commercial carp. The way the Banjo feeder is loaded with the hookbait in the middle of the circular plate, and the way it deposits the feed pellets by forcing them to erupt out, covering the feeder and leaving the hookbait sitting dead centre, provides the perfect presentation every time as the area of feed is so confined. The loaded shape creates a weight forward set up, meaning casting distance and accuracy is improved. The feeders can be used on their own, or for the perfect loading every time use in conjunction with one of the Quick Release Moulds designed specifically for the Banjo feeders.

METHOD FEEDER STOPS AND FLYING BACK LEADS Very similar to the In-Line Flat Method Feeder in both size and construction but elasticated for shock absorbing fish-playing. The flat-bottomed design ensures they always land the correct way up with the bait at the top of the groundbait or moulded pellet ball. The light brown/translucent colour blends in with both groundbait and the bottom.

ELASTICATED FLAT METHOD FEEDER Very similar to the In-Line Flat Method Feeder in both size and construction but elasticated for shock absorbing fish-playing. The flat-bottomed design ensures they always land the correct way up with the bait at the top of the groundbait or moulded pellet ball. The light brown/translucent colour blends in with both groundbait and the bottom.

preston innovations | product guide 2012 51


INLINE PELLET FEEDERS Preston Inline Pellet Feeders have been developed to be used with damp pellets. Using a short hooklink you can present your hookbait right amongst your feed. Our pellet feeders feature a flat design which makes them ideal for fishing tight to islands where the dimpled lead will help them grip on the sloping margins. Their line through nature means they can be fished running or semi fixed for safety. Available in two frame sizes.

ELASTICATED PELLET FEEDERS Designed for use with dampened pellets, the elasticated pellet feeder allows you to use a short hooklength to present your hook bait right amongst your feed. The short elasticated section absorbs the shock of sudden takes and can easily be removed to be re-elasticated. The flat botttomed design makes them unobtrusive when cast tight to island margins, whilst the dimpled lead means they are better equipped to hold on slopes. Available in two frame sizes.

OPEN ENDED GROUNDBAIT FEEDERS The Open Ended Feeder features a wide lead–for increased stability, whilst the natural camouflage colour is unobtrusive to fish. The semi-flexible feeder link helps to reduce tangles by making the feeder stand away from the rig. Available in three frame sizes.

neW For 2012 We haVe IntrodUCed a CoMprehenSIVe ranGe oF SWIVeLS and LInKS WhICh WILL Be USeFUL For aLL SortS oF appLICatIonS WIthIn YoUr FIShInG

52 preston innovations | product guide 2012

QuiCk getAwAy Using a bait band tied to the hair can be effective when you need to catch quickly because it is very fast to re-bait when you use a Quick Bander

1. Select the pellet size you want to use Using a Quick Bander open the bait band which is mounted to the hair rig

2. Place the pellet in the bander and release allowing the bait band to grip

3. Carefully slide the pellet off the bander and position the bait band

4. The finished presentation catches lots of fish

when feeder fishing tommy insists on a top quality reel. An inception 4000 fi ts the bill perfectly

DUTCHMASTER BULLET FEEDER Stream-lined wire cage feeders, with the loading on the base to help them cast straight, even in crosswinds. Available in two sizes and a comprehensive variety of weights to suit all conditions these feeders are designed for long distance fishing.

FLAT PEAR Perfect for a wide range of situations, the tapered shape provides a weight forward set up suitable for long range casting, and the flat profile means it will remain stable on a sloping bed or flowing river. Available in four sizes, 0.5oz and 0.75oz are non-toxic. 1.1oz and 1.5oz are lead.


The cube shaped design is ideal for targeting sloping lake beds, whilst the aerodynamic ‘bullet nose’ aids casting distance and accuracy. Available in four sizes, 0.5oz and 0.75oz are non-toxic. 1.1oz and 1.5oz are lead.

DISTANCE BOMB When long distances are required this shape really comes into its own. The streamlined design provides optimum aerodynamics, and the small flattened sides reduce rolling on any sloping beds. Available in four sizes, 0.5oz and 0.75oz are non-toxic. 1.1oz and 1.5oz are lead.

preston innovations | product guide 2012 53

pole Feeder aCCessories


UNI CAD POTS A top quality range of pots that will securely fit onto any tip from a fine 2.5mm up to an ultra thick 8.0mm thanks to the clever elastic attachment and soft over-moulded rubber base. Available in four sizes, each supplied in a twin pack complete with four different lids, enabling the angler to match the lid to the conditions and baits being used.

these quick-change caps allow for different baits and distribution techniques to be employed quickly while fishing. making it easy to adapt to changing conditions.


PASTE POTS These Paste Pots were developed in conjunction with Andy Findlay. They're large enough to deliver loose feed pellets and your soft paste hookbait in the required area. Three different sized fittings allow for a range of depths likely to encounter. Availabe in three sizes: Small, Medium and Large.

54 preston innovations | product guide 2012



CARP CAD POTS Cad Pots are designed to be left on the pole whilst fishing. They clip directly onto the top of the pole and are available in two individual sizes (Small and Medium) as well as a Mixed Pack (Small, Medium and Large). Each is supplied with removable, aperture opening tops. The Carp Cad Pot has a large ‘keyhole’ groove that will fit larger diameter power kit tops, between 5mm and 7mm.


The small mesh pouch and light elastic make this catapult perfect for pole fishing. Soft pouch ensures accurate grouping. Supplied with a spare set of elastic.

SOLID POUCH SMALL Ideal for feeding on the pole line. The solid pouch is particularly good for dry baits such as pellets. Supplied with a spare set of elastic.


The medium strength elastic is ideal for long range pole fishing and short range feeding for rod and line. Supplied with a spare set of elastic.

SOLID POUCH LARGE This catapult is perfect for pellet waggler fishing, where the solid pouch provides tight grouping for dry baits like pellets. Supplied with a spare set of elastic.

LARGE MESH HEAVY With a larger frame and pouch, and heavier elastic this catapult is perfect for rod and line work. Ideal for lengths to 25m. Supplied with a spare set of elastic.

PELLET CATAPULT Fitted with a solid pouch designed for feeding pellets of all sizes. With a non-tangle swivelling elastic attachments and a medium elastic for accuracy.

GROUNDBAIT CATAPULT Fitted with a large preformed groundbait pouch, swivelling elastic attachments and heavy elastic. Fires groundbait up to 50m.

STOTZ Stotz are a hybrid shot designed for use on larger diameter lines (they also work perfectly on fine diameters too). The wide groove makes placing them on the line quick and easy. Another advantage is the increased surface area that grips the line. This prevents damage and also stops the Stotz ‘pinging’ off under stress. The flat ends of Stotz produce a neat bulk when they are grouped together.

SUPER SOFT SHOT Accurately calibrated for consistent weight, Super Soft Shot is made from 100% lead and has a well-formed, central cut groove, which makes positioning them on both large and thin diameter lines quick and easy. The super soft lead also enables them to be moved on line with minimal damage.

NON-TOXIC SHOT Preston Non-Toxic Shot is made from a soft dense alloy that is accurately calibrated for consistent weight. The grooves are designed to be closed with gentle finger pressure and a special recess in the top of the groove enables them to be opened easily with your fingernail.

preston innovations | product guide 2012 55


NEW ■ ■


Streamlined easily changeable olivettes complete with soft silicone tube for easy attachment.

The Pellet Waggler Float Stop Kit is perfect for securely locking pellet wagglers to your mainline without the need for shot, which can often damage the line resulting in lost fish. Simply pass the end of your main line through the wire to form a loop, and then slide the stops and snap swivel onto your line, resulting in one stop above the float, and three below.

LOADED INSERT PELLET WAGGLER Incorporating an insert, these wagglers combine the attractive splash with increased sensitivity offered by an insert. Ideal for shy fish. The loading makes them suitable for use with Preston Waggler Adapters as no additional loading is required.

56 preston innovations | product guide 2012

Loop tyer and disgorger comes in packs of two, supplied with full instructions.


Available in two sizes, small and large.

Streamlined dense alloy olivettes, with in-line construction fitted with a soft tube insert to protect your line from damage. Available in a wide range of sizes with the size printed on the body.



LOADED DUMPY PELLET WAGGLERS Made with a dumpy body to create a splash and to help stop the float diving. The thick tip is easy to see and prevents the float diving under from false bites and line bites.

DISGORGER Plastic disgorger with two different ends. One end has traditional slot and the other a loop end for larger hooks. Choice of Small or Large.

Can be used for stopping sliding floats and also for creating semi-fixed feeder and bomb rigs. Available in three sizes: Micro, Mini & Standard.


INSERT PELLET WAGGLERS Incorporating an insert, these wagglers combine the attractive splash with the increased sensitivity offered by an insert. Provided with a quick change silicone adapter.



Due for release in 2012 these pellet wagglers are the ultimate in versatility. Available in two diameters and an insert variety. The flighted tops are interchangeable to allow you to tailor the floats, changing the tip colour to suit the light conditions you are faced with. They also come supplied with two different sized disks which fit around the loading. These act as a brake, so when the float hits the water you're fishing instantly. This is because the float hits the water in just the right way for fishing this style.


Designed to take the strain out of getting the now mountainous amount of gear which match anglers take to their pegs. The support bar is fully adjustable to suit our OnBox and Space Station designs and it can also be turned around making the shuttle suitable for a wide range of other boxes. With four wheels supporting its entire weight it’s simply a matter of pushing it to your peg. The problem of punctures is eliminated by the solid tyres which can be adjusted to give more ground clearance.


preston innovations | product guide 2012 57

Monster lUggage monster double holdall

FInd oUt More

NEW triple net bag feeder and Accessory bag

evA groundbait bowls

MINI MONSTER HOOKLENGTH BAG The perfect way to store and transport hooklength boxes. This compact storage bag has been designed to carry a combination of the Small and Large systems. Reinforced plastic sleeves sized to hold either one large or two small boxes. Consists of 6 sleeves – perfect for carrying lots of hooklengths. Compatible with the original small and large Hooklength boxes.

MONSTER EVA GROUNDBAIT BOWLS A range of carefully sized square groundbait bowls, constructed from a durable, waterproof EVA material. Perfect for containing your mixed groundbait or prepared pellets on a side tray. Available in three sizes, 3 litre, 5 litre and 12 litre.

MONSTER TRIPLE NET BAG Designed with three lined compartments each of which will accommodate three keepnets. There are two additional outside pockets which will accept landing nets and Off Box side trays. 48cm(H) x 56cm(W) x 15cm(D)

Monster luggAge rAnge

The range of Monster luggage is going from strength to strength. With an increasing portfolio of products all designed by anglers, for anglers. This collection truly lives up to it's name.

58 preston innovations | product guide 2012

tray and net bag

tackle and Accessory bag


For the angler who wants to carry their nets and accessories together. The front compartment will easily accomodate two keepnets and your trays whilst the two folding compartments (20cm(h) x 65cm(w)x15cm(D)each) will take rollers and OffBox accessories or bait. It features carrying handles and an adjustable padded shoulder strap which makes carrying easy. 41cm(H)x65cm(W)x30cm(D)

Developed to accommodate a selection of feeders in the two pouches, which are included. There is also a plastic box which will accommodate floats. The other pockets will accept the two sizes of InBox Hooklength Retainers. 22cm(H) x 46cm(W) x 33cm(D)

MONSTER HARDCASE CATAPULT POUCH Top opening catapult pouch for storing all your catapults. Protects elastics from damage and helps prevent the tangled mess, which can occur in the bottom of your carryall.


MONSTER EVA BAG This extra large, fully waterproof EVA bag has been designed for the match angler that attends venues requiring up to four keepnets. The generous capacity will also accommodate landing nets and side trays, including the popular Mega Side Tray. The innovative design features plugs in the base for easy draining of retained water. Complete with heavy duty carry handles and shoulder strap. 66cm (H) x 60cm(W) x 26cm(D)

MINI MONSTER FEEDER BAG Designed to accommodate both feeders and floats, it has two small pouches inside ideal for separating different sorts of feeders. The lid features a rigid plastic box suitable for the safe storage of floats. The outside pocket will fit the small InBox hooklength retaining system (not included) 20cm(H) x 28cm(W) x 18cm(D)

2010 fish-o-mania Champion neil mckinnon demonstrates the flexiblility of the monster pole holdall available in 8 or 12 tube.

preston innovations | product guide 2012 59

luggage Monster Hardcase

product guide 2011

Monster lUggage

MONSTER TACKLE & ACCESSORY BAG This innovative carryall type bag has two fold out compartments at the top designed to take two rollers, along with pole supports and any other accessories you need. The large base compartment will take bait or larger tackle items (its also large enough to accommodate a Monster Hardcase Feeder Accessory Bag). Now also features an external pouch and retaining strap, perfect to attaching side trays to the outside of the bag. 41cm(H) x 65cm(W) x 30cm(D)

MONSTER TACKLE & NET BAG For the angler who wants to carry their nets and accessories together. The front compartment will easily accomodate two keepnets and your trays whilst the two folding compartments (20cm(h) x 65cm(w) x 15cm(D) each) will take rollers and OffBox accessories or bait. It features carrying handles and an adjustable padded shoulder strap which makes carrying easy. 41cm(H)x65cm(W)x30cm(D)

MONSTER MEGA BAIT BAG The Mega Bait Bag has a large insulated main compartment big enough to accommodate all bait requirements. It is fitted with an adjustable non slip padded shoulder strap and padded carrying handles for easy transport. 22cm(H) x 50cm(W) x 32cm(D)

60 preston innovations | product guide 2012

MONSTER TABLE TOP BAIT BAG Designed with a rigid lid which forms a useful tray. Thermally lined to keep bait cool for long periods, with a large main compartment for all your bait requirements. Featuring a durable wipe clean lining Includes three large outer pockets

that are ideal for hooklength boxes, catapults and other accessory items. 25cm(H) X 55cm(W) X 40cm(D)

product guide 2011

Monster Hardcase



MONSTER HARDCASE HOLDALL The Hardcase Monster Holdall for up to four ready-made rods and all your pole gear. Particularly suitable for festivals, the Monster comes complete with two removable rod sleeves, which can each hold two ready-made rods. The two back compartments will take up to eight tubes and feature Hardcase construction and have a padded division, making them suitable for storing poles and top kits. 190cm(H) x 26cm(W) x 36cm(D)

MONSTER HARDCASE ROD SLEEVE (190CM) This sleeve is the same as the one in the Monster Hardcase 190cm and will accommodate two made up rods with sections up to 190cm (6’) in length making it perfect for two piece 12’ rods. It can be used on its own, in combination with other Monster Holdalls or used to store spare made rods at home or in the car. 190cm(H) x 13cm(W) x 14cm(D)

MONSTER POLE HOLDALLS Fully padded holdall, designed specifically for housing a pole, complete with extensions and a large selection of top kits. Incorporates a concealed side pocket suitable for storing umbrellas, landing net handles and banksticks. Available in two sizes, 8 tube and 12 tube. 8 Tube: 191cm(H) x 22cm(W) x 18cm(D) 12 Tube: 191cm(H) x 32cm(W) x 18cm(D)

preston innovations | product guide 2012 61

CoMpetition lUggage

manufactured from a high quality, wipe clean fabric, the Competition match luggage has been designed by preston innovations to perform to the highest standards. with the emphasis on quality, the comprehensive range includes two Carryalls (45 litre & 55 litre capacity) a double net bag, two bait bags, four rod holdalls (Competition rod sleeve, 12 tube, 10 tube and 8 tube), rod tip protectors and high quality reel Cases in two sizes.

COMPETITION ROD SLEEVE 190CM Designed to carry two made-up rods with reels, with the extra protection of padded reel pouches, and 3 unmade rods. Supplied with five sets of rod bands and tip protectors. Both the internal divider and outer shell are padded for extra protection Accommodates rod sections up to 190cm ■ Full Length Zip for easy access ■ High quality zips and tags for increased reliability ■ Velcro protectors ■ Velcrobands hold the base of sections securely together ■ Durable wipe Clean Fabric

62 preston innovations | product guide 2012

In two sizes: Single or Double

COMPETITION REEL CASES Padded compartment for protection, with Over sized zips. Ideally suits match size reels. Also suitable for carrying feeders and small accessories

BAIT BAG SET High quality bait bag with thermal lined main zipped compartment. Large outer pocket suitable for side trays and bait waiters. Comes supplied with an OffBox Double Knuckle Bait Waiter, as well as 2 x Small Bait Tubs and 2 x Medium Bait Tubs.

COMPETITION 3 ROD AND 10 TUBE HOLDALL 190CM A multi-functional twin compartment holdall, with one side designed to carry three made up rods with reels attached, whilst the other features a 10 tube compartment ideal for storing a pole, extensions and top kits. Supplied with three sets of tip protectors and rods bands, and incorporating a padded reel pouch and internal divider, this holdall provides maximum protection for your made up rods and reels. There is also an internal pocket, that is suitable for storing umbrellas, banksticks and landing net handles. On the outside there are two grab handles, perfect for loading the holdall into the back of a car without any potential damage to the reels.

large: 20 litre (42cm dia)

45 LITRE CARRYALL Two front and two zipped end pockets. Large main compartment and keepnet compartment. Additional outer pocket for landing nets and bait trays. Over sized zips for increased reliability. 45 Litre Capacity: 43cm (H) x 50cm (W) x 30cm (D)

55 LITRE CARRYALL Large capacity carryall with the same design as the 45 litre version. Larger main compartment, keepnet compartment, outer pocket, two zipped end pockets. Padded shoulder strap and over sized zips. 55 Litre Capacity: 45cm (H) x 55cm (W) x 30cm (D)

small: 5 litre (27cm dia)

medium: 10 litre (36cm dia)

GROUNDBAIT BOWL SET A set of three groundbait bowls in a heavy duty waterproof material. Perfect for many uses, the largest is ideal for mixing your groundbait and features two carrying handles, whilst the smaller sizes are ideal for storing smaller amounts of groundbait or pellets on your side tray.

preston innovations | product guide 2012 63

Cone Zone with andy Findlay QUiCk thinking Andy is renowned As A mAster of pellet fishing

64 preston innovations | product guide 2012


Cone Zone

pellet mAster – hAuling mAChine Match maestro Andy Findlay reveals the winning pellet fishing technique that's seen him win matches all over the country... Carp love pellets, but sometimes the Method isn’t the best approach to catch them, especially on waters where it is overused and especially in winter, when carp are moving slower and you want to feed less. Sometimes the carp just want a small mouthful and will also shy away from your main line, but a pellet fished on its own hasn’t been that effective for me. In a match situation, you always want an edge, and mine was created by using a cut down pole bung to create a small cone. I would then load this with soaked feed pellets, and ram them into the cone so they compacted together in the same shape. The resulting cone shape of pellets could be threaded onto your hooklink with a baiting needle. Today, I use a new invention. The Preston Innovations Quick Cone device negates the need for a gated needle, as your hookbait is actually moulded into the centre. These are really easy to load. It’s made the technique easy and given everyone a level playing field.

1. Half load the plunger and press the pellets in.

When fishing the feeder, the golden rules are to utilise your reel’s line clip, be accurate, and leave the feeder where it hits bottom so that it can do its work. With the cone, you can search through your swim as there’s never any bait building up. It can be a good technique in the winter allowing you to search your peg. I tend to use a Quick Change Bead setup for the hooklink, with a small Preston Cube Lead attached behind this on a new Preston Feeder bead. They’re ideal for slopes or bumps as they won’t roll around like a conventional lead.

I use an 11’ 8” Preston Innovations Dutch Master feeder rod for most of my feeder or pellet cone fishing, and find it an ideal balance between having casting capabilities and being able to play big fish on light tackle. The through action puts me in total control at all times. I use a PC-R 3000 reel or Inception 3000 loaded with 8lb Power Max. I prefer the smaller size as it makes playing the fish more enjoyable as both are so light. This ingenious technique is just another edge that any innovative angler can introduce into their fishing. Give it a try!

Having a good hooklength storage box is vital when using the Cone as you can have a variety of lengths in there. Sometimes you can tweak the length of the Reflo Power hooklink to get more takes, but other times changing from a hard pellet to a soft hooker pellet can be better, or even a lump of punched luncheon meat or polony. You can fish the cone with your normal feeder fishing rods and reels, and set the rod up the same as when using a feeder, with an XS Feeder Arm for stability. Setting it so there is just a slight bend in the quivertip, you’ll be able to see line bites and judge how the carp are behaving in the swim.

2. Lay the hook length across and hook on to the peg

■ Pellet Cones are a quick and efficient way of working with pellets when targetting carp...

3. Remove the hook from the peg and press the plunger down to release the cone. preston innovations | product guide 2012 65

weather prooF Clothing hood Adjustable storm hood with stiffened peak. Can be concealed within collar.

Quick release Adjustable clips allow you to quickly adjust the straps of the bib and braces.

sleeve Cuffs sleeve cuffs are made from neoprene to prevent water running down arms.

Zips & storm flaps storm flaps cover all the zips and pockets for added protection

Zips & storm flaps Quality zips are covered by storm flaps for even greater water protection.

bib & brace Attached to a fixed, central point, the braces offer greater comfort.

siZe guide

leg bottoms wide opening leg bottoms allow for quick changes.

66 preston innovations | product guide 2012




38" / 40"


42" / 44"


46" / 48"


50" / 52"



bib and braces

Complete suit – front

Complete suit – back

the df10 suit offers the greatest protection from the elements. if you’re a serious match angler, you’ll appreciate the huge benefits offered by this kit. the suits are waterproof to 10,000mm, whilst retaining breathability, thus giving the most comfort. ■

DF10 SUIT The DF10 suit has been specifically designed to meet the needs of anglers, with high waterproof and breathable ratings and generously cut around the arms and shoulders to give ease of movement. Once you have worn one it becomes obvious that its been designed to allow unrestricted movement in fishing situations. Storm flaps cover all the zips and pockets for extreme protection and re-enforcement has been added to key areas such as shoulders and knees.

Adjustable neoprene cuffs help to keep out the elements, and a concealable hood which


features draw cords and a stiffened peak make the DF10 suit an ideal choice for all-round performance in adverse weather.







10000mm 3000mm

preston innovations | product guide 2012 67


NEW ■ ■


A soft touch fleece hat that is extremely warm and comfortable to wear. The fleece is highly efficient at eliminating heat loss from the head in winter.


WINTER HAT Made from warm fleece, the Winter Hat is designed for extreme winter conditions. With full sides the cover the ears as a Velcro chin strap for a snug fit the winter hat is an advanced version of a traditional balaclava. The sides can be folded up if required.

A warm, comfortable and stylish knitted hat. Eliminates heat loss and is a must have for winter fishing.



MICROFLEECE The microfleece is an essential item of clothing. It provides a lightweight and effective level of insulation and is extremely breathable. Perfect as an outer layer in cool months, or as a mid-layer during the winter. Features a zipped chest pocket and elasticated cuffs.



Designed for extreme bad weather, offers ear and neck protection with a peak to keep the elements at bay in the worst weather.

Stylish blue cap with black peak and embroidered logo. The long peak is great for cutting out the glare from the sun.

PRESTON 2 PIECE UNDERWEAR Soft microfleece fabric retains heat whilst wicking away moisture. For maximum performance wear as a base layer next to the skin. When worn as part of a layered thermal system the Drifish Thermal Undersuit will dramatically increase your comfort levels. Team with Drifish fleeces and outer rainwear for total protection from the elements.

68 preston innovations | product guide 2012

“the range of clothing never fails to impress, it’s the most comfortable and practical fishing gear bar none.” des shipp

England International

DRIFISH TROUSERS Manufactured from a waterproof, lightweight, hard-wearing, breathable material reinforced in the knee and seat areas, with adjustable ankle and waist for ease of getting on and off, these lightweight trousers are ideal for summer.

DRIFISH BIB & BRACE Manufactured from a hard wearing, lightweight waterproof material. Reinforced in the knee and seat areas for increased durability, the DriFish Bib & Brace features adjustable ankles and elasticated waist for ease of getting on and off. Perfect for year round usage. preston innovations | product guide 2012 69

FleeCes, JaCkets and CasUalwear

NEW windproof breAthAble

PRESTON HOODED PULLOVER FLEECE A practical, warm, lined pullover fleece that can be worn as an outer layer in warm weather or as part of a layer system under waterproof clothing. This two tone fleece features a front pouch pocket, two side pockets, drawstring hood and a quarter top zip.


PRESTON COMPETITION SOFT SHELL JACKET Short Competition Jacket manufactured from a two tone contrasting water resistant soft shell outer fabric lined with warm fleece material. Features full length zip, two side pockets, elasticated cuffs.

PRESTON POLO SHIRT High quality 100% cotton polo shirts. Features embroidered patch logos to the left chest, sleeves and back of neck. Available in blue and grey.

limited edition Clothing rAnges

PRESTON LEISURE SHIRT A stylish and leightweight shirt. Ideal for wearing in warmer weather. As worn by the England Feeder Team during the recent friendly international in Ghent, Belgium, where the team stormed to victory – taking 1st and 2nd place! The shirt is designed to keep anglers cool and allow for easy movement.

70 preston innovations | product guide 2012

keepnets and landing nets

HAIR NET II Manufactured with a strong square profile frame with the mesh attached to the inside of the frame. The fine nylon mesh makes it suited to hair rigging because your hair or Quick Stop won’t pass through the mesh. This net is also perfect for traditional silver fish fishing. Available in 18” and 20” sizes.

DEEP QUICK DRY LANDING NET Manufactured from a square profile for increased strength, the frame has the mesh fixed inside making this net easily manoeuvrable through the water. Features a deeper mesh making it suitable for larger carp. Available in 18” and 20” sizes.


QUICK DRY KEEPNET Manufactured from a mesh that holds much less water than other mesh nets which enables them to dry out much quicker after use. Also very useful on flowing water as the mesh offers less resistance to the flow. All hoops have tough corner guards for protection. Available in 3m, 3.5m or 4m.

QUICK DRY LANDING NET Manufactured from a strong square profile frame, the Quick Dry Landing net is attached on the inside of the frame making it neater and easier to pass through the water. The large mesh aids manoeuvrability and the depth of the net is ideal for match sized carp. Available in 18” and 20” sizes.

BLUE CARP KEEPNET Available in 3m, the Blue Carp Keepnet is made from ultra soft material that conforms to commercial fishery requirements. Top ring 50cm x 40cm.

The Latex Keepnet has external rings and a tough latex mesh to cope with the large catches. The square rings prevent the net from rolling when used in flowing water and the 4m length is perfect for high banks. Supplied in a carry case.

SILVER KEEPNET Made from ultra soft material that conforms to all fishery regulations, the Silver Keepnet is a multi-purpose net designed for silver fish. Top ring 45cm x 35cm. Available in 2.5m

preston innovations | product guide 2012 71

ChaMpionship Mentality


Mentality The Preston Innovations team are a super successful group of championship-winning match anglers. To find out how you, too, can become a champion, we’ve asked them to reveal what gives them the winning edge

72 preston preston innovations innovations || product product guide guide 2012 2012

The joy of fishing is the fish don’t know how old you are or how experienced you are. It’s why we at Preston Innovations are promoting angling outside of the fishing community, to encourage new anglers into the sport. The I ♥ Fishing campaign reaches out to new, would-be anglers. Ambassador Nigel Botherway, whom most of you will know from Talk Sport radio’s Fisherman’s Blues programme, is the talisman for the campaign, but we also have the backing and involvement of Tommy Pickering and Des Shipp. These are two England Internationals, one of them a former World Champion. They both started somewhere, so remember that when considering what you want to get from your fishing. Match fishing by its very nature is competitive, so if you like the thrill of competition, you’ll

be interested in how our team of consultants and top anglers have made it to the top. Read on, as we ask Internationals Tommy, Des, and Lee Edwards to reveal how they approach their fishing to stay at the very top of the game. tommy pickering – England Feeder Team Manager, 1989 World Champion, Three Team England Gold Medals, World Club Championship Winner, Parkdean Masters Champion, Three-times UK Champion, Fishomania Runner-up. “I think the I ♥ Fishing campaign is great and I wish there were schemes like it around when I started fishing. The Club Korum fishing tackle that supports the project is a great way to start out feeder fishing, float fishing or pole fishing – I’d recommend them to anyone, having used them myself!

“Like many, I started at Club level from a very young age and learnt so much by fishing different venues and learning about new styles of fishing. Years later, when my invitation came to fish for my country, it was overwhelming and I knew that all my hard work and effort had paid off. “I re-lived that experience recently when I was asked to manage the England Feeder Team in the World Feeder Fishing Championships. I feel privileged to be in that position but I never take it for granted. “Part of a championshipwinning attitude is down to a number of things, but having that burning desire to win is surely the biggest reason of all. Some people are ‘born winners’ but I believe you can give yourself that edge by fishing well, keeping it simple

and most important of all – believing you can win. Without that self belief and confidence in your fishing, you’ll never develop that winning edge – being able to cope with the pressure of big matches. “For some of us, it’s International Fishing that provides the biggest pressure, or going into a Festival final in a position to win the whole thing. I’ve been in that position on numerous occasions and sometimes it’s all down to lady luck – but you can certainly stack the odds in your favour by believing you’ve got the ability to win. “If you’re serious about match fishing, analyse how much effort you’re putting in and weigh it up against the rewards. You’ll tend to find that the anglers who put in the legwork are consistently in the frame. 

preston innovations | product guide 2012 73

ChaMpionship Mentality

The ones who turn up believing they’re going to win – well they’re the ones who usually do.” des shipp – England International, Four World Gold Medals, Two European Gold Medals, Two-times Parkdean Masters Champion, Kamasan Final Winner, Silvermaniac Winner, Angling Times Pairs Winner, Countless Festival Wins, Countless Winter League Wins. “I feel under a certain amount of pressure to win every week. Some say I’m a victim of my own success! Being sponsored, being a Team England member, having so many titles to my name – it means everyone expects me to empty the lake, regardless of where I draw! “That pressure is probably what helps me sometimes. Don’t get me wrong, I like winning, but it’s different when everybody’s expecting it. When things do go wrong I always analyse why – it’s important to do that. Could I have caught more from my peg? What if I’d not fed so much? These are things you have to question retrospectively to make sure you’re doing it as well as you can.

74 preston innovations | product guide 2012

“I suppose that’s my edge – being a perfectionist. If you don’t set the bar high, you’ll never achieve those big ambitions, so you’ve always got to think like a winner. That passion to win, the urge to be a champion, isn’t just something you wake up with one day. “I put so many hours of effort into my fishing before I even get on the bank, it’s not just about those five hours on your box. Whether it’s tying rigs, making bait preparations, or doing venue research, that effort makes a real difference. “My advice to anyone who wants to be a champion would be to aim high and learn as much as you can from anglers who are already at that top level. Your progression will accelerate if you’re taking it all in.” lee edwards – Welsh International, World Bronze Medalist, World River Record holder, Holder of three venue records, Merida Masters Champion, plus numerous Festival Wins.

my seatbox, I’m there to win. The rewards are obviously very appealing, but it’s the credibility and respect that you can earn by being a ‘winning angler’ that’s most important to me. I am lucky enough to fish for my country and my main goal is to win the World Championships. So many great anglers have managed it and to my mind, it’s the biggest prize of all. “Like most people, I started out fishing locally and got more deeply involved in match fishing as I went along. With so many clubs and tackle shops arranging matches, it’s easy to start fishing more competitively – traveling the country and learning about the UK match fishing scene. If you keep winning, that draws people’s attention to you and that’s how you get sponsorship deals and invitations to events and qualifiers. Without the commitment in the first place, though, you’ll find it hard to stay on top. Preparation is probably the most crucial part of the puzzle for any big match, so that’s what I’d urge people to concentrate on.” ■

“I fish to win. I’m not an outwardly competitive person but when I’m sat on

www.prestoninnovations.comPreston Innovations | Product Guide 2012 75

ask the eXperts

Ask the

Experts ■

DES SHIPP The twice winner of the Parkdean Masters, Des represents what a master match angler should be.

TOMMY PICKERING Tommy heads up the England World Feeder Team

LEE EDWARDS Welsh International and master match angler, Lee is an expert on the pole and rod and reel.

NEIL McKINNON 2010's Fish-O-Mania Champion, Neil favours long pole, shallow fishing. Primarily targeting carp as a match winning technique.


The astouding success of the new Ask an Expert feature on has lead to some interesting questions being raised. We've selected some of the more common ones to put to our match fishing guru's – have a look at their answers... Cad potS Dear Lee, I like to use a pole pot fixed to the end of my pole to feed whilst fishing but my top kits have different diameter tips with different elastics in is there any way I can carry just one set which will fit all my kits Steve Tracey Lee SaYS: I’m using uni cad pots which attach with elastic this means that they can be used on any sized tip from a fine match top right up to a power kit carrying 19 hollo they also come in a variety sizes for feeding different quantities of bait.

eLaStIC ISSUeS Dear Tommy, On my local fishery elasticated methods are banned I would still like to use the method, how would you suggest I fish it? Gary Lambert toMMY SaYS: To be honest in most situations I prefer an inline feeder. However there are a few important things to note; Your rod choice is important and needs to match the size of fish you expect to catch. As a rough guide I would use an F1 rod for fish up to 3lb in weight any bigger and I would use a Mini 10ft Carp. Your feeder needs to be stopped at your hooklength and I find a method feeder bead is ideal. It enables you to change your hooklength so you can alter your presentation or change a broken one quickly and efficiently.

A paste fishing legend who's winning matches all over the country. The 'Fin' is the brains behind the original Banjo method Feeder.

LEE KERRY Also a Parkdean Champion, Lee can often be found at his favourite venue Stainforth & Keadby Canal fishing pole over bloodworm.

76 preston innovations | product guide 2012

UpGrade KItS

Method CaStInG

Dear Des, I have a GIS 12 pole but I'm looking to upgrade will the kits fit the new poles? Anthony Jones

Dear Tommy, When I’m casting my method feeder into shallow water next to islands I find I get lots of indications and then nothing develops. Do you have any advice on how to combat this problem? Phil Newell

deS SaYS: All the GIS poles are compatible with oneother so you will be able to carry over your tops from your old pole. In fact, the new poles are all available as pole-only packages so you can buy just the pole. If you ask your retailer they'll be able to give you prices on these options poLe and rod ConUndrUM Dear Lee, I mainly fish commercials and normally just set-up a pole, but I also need to carry made-up rods just in case I need them. What do you use in this kind of situation? Paul Dawley Lee SaYS: The Hardcase Rod Holdall will carry all your pole fishing tackle and has two sleeves incorporated. I use these to hold my made-up rods. The Hardcase design also offers excellent protection for your rods whilst not in use.

toMMY SaYS: What I expect is happening is fish are coming straight to your feeder and knocking it until all your bait is off. Alternatively if you experience a drop back they are knocking it off the shelf into the deeper water where there are no feeding fish. This would explain your lack of bites after a while. To stop this happening you could try fishing a slack line to your feeder. Make up your mould leaving the hook out so you are fishing straight away and not waiting for your groundbait to be knocked out and reveal your hook bait.

aLternatIVe pULLa? Dear Neil, I have been using Pulla Bungs but I am more used to Stora Bungs. Is there a way to adjust the tension of my elastic to suit the size fish I am catching? Phil Rafferty

FIShInG ShaLLoW Dear Neil, I fish shallow quite a lot but seem to have problems once I manage to get the fish feeding really shallow – say 15cm from the surface. What rig would you use for this? Nigel Minton

neIL SaYS: This year I have been involved in developing a winder to go on your pulla bung which will combine the advantages of both systems you can see it on page 35. There are two types. One with the bungs and another as separates – for people who already use the pulla bung system these should solve the problems you're experiencing.

neIL SaYS: In these circumstances I would use a Tyson 7 with all the shot bulked just under the very short stem. The wire also makes it cock as soon as it hits the water.This will help register bites as soon as you rig's in the water. That's important when your lucky enough to get fish feeding that shallow.

aSK YoUr QUeStIon at:

SpooL hoLder Dear Andy, I like to leave my rods made up but I dont have as many reels as i have rods. I can't think of a way I can leave just the spools attached and leave the rod still made up. Do you have any ideas on how I can solve this? Peter Gordon andY SaYS: We have a spool holder which will attach to your rod, this means that you can leave your rod banded together and swap your reels between made up rods. For example leave your bream gear set up at home and transfer your reels to your carp gear for a match on a comercial.This also has the added bonus of protecting your spools in transit and storage.

preston innovations | product guide 2012 77

MatCh Fishing dvds

Match Fishing


Action on

video librAry Continues to grow

We regularly catch up with our team of expert match angling consultants live on the bank with the cameras rolling to bring you all the latest tips and advice from the top. WInnInG peGS 5 and 6 The Preston backed series Winning Pegs has gone from strength to strength over the last three years. The DVD's are free from all good tackle shops and feature one of our match-winning consultants taking the viewer back to the scene of a significant match victory. Des Shipp, who has stars in serveral of the discs is proud to be a part of the success ful series "The thing I love about these DVD's is that they show the viewer exactly what tactics we use." The DVDs are targetted specifically at serious match anglers "Winning Pegs gives an insight into how we change our approach to meet the match situation." Des continued "There's no other DVD out there that offers the match angler this level of advice and expert tips" This summer you'll be able to get Winning Pegs 5 and 6 from all good tackle shops. Be sure to like our facebook page to be kept up to the minute with release dates and information. Head over to:

TE LISU O HING F AMBAS H TC ■ Andy offers some fantastic advice in the Absolute Match Fishing DVD.

78 preston innovations | product guide 2012

aBSoLUte MatCh FIShInG The success of the Winning Pegs DVD's lead to the Absolute Match Fishing series, first aired on Sky Sports in July 2011 and hosted by 'people's champion', Tommy Pickering. Joining him throughout the programme are match angling heavyweights like Andy Findlay, Des Shipp, Lee Edwards, Lee Kerry, Steve Sanders and Emma Pickering. Tommy was proud to be part of the show "The series is a comprehensive guide to becoming a better match angler,"

"Filming is with these guys is always great fun. We've enjoyed some fabulous fishing around the UK demonstrating all the latest tactics." Tommy recalls. "There's plenty of fish playing action, and loads of advice from the guys about how to be a better match angler. I'm thrilled that Preston have made sure this DVD is available to own." For further details on the DVD please visit, where you'll also find news, features, and the Preston Innovations consultancy team's regular match results.

Due to overwhelming public demand Absolute Match Fishing is now available to own on DVD. This double disc set includes the entire series of Absolute Match Fishing plus over 25 minutes of bonus footage.

Tommy is a regular on Sky Sports appearing on Tight Lines many times over the years. He's a natural, relaxed in front of the camera and a true professional. It's this style of presenting that makes Absolute Match Fishing different to all the other fishing programmes.

The exciting new DVD features loads of bonus footage as well as tactical tips and hints from match fishing's finest. Tommy and the gang visit commercial carp meccas like Barston, The Glebe and Woodlands View in the Midlands, along with the Stainforth & Keadby Canal and River Wye. and Tommy's 'home turf', Lindholme Lakes.

WINNING PEGS at Whiteacres ■ Lee Kerry stars in the latest Winning Pegs series of DVD's along with Tommy Pickering, Des Shipp, Lee Edwards.

FInd oUt More

TE LISU O HING F AMBAS H TC ■ England International and Tommy's daughter Emma Pickering talking about pole fishing on snake lakes



ering mmy Pick

To Hosted by



head to head...It'S the CLaSh oF the tItanS In The Clash of Titans, we take two match fishing legends and set them head-to-head. Filmed at Woodland's View, Tommy Pickerng and Des Shipp are challenged in a one-on-one match. The pressure is on as Des struggles to meet Tommy fish-for-fish. Tommy's tactic on the Method seems to be giving him the edge, but can Des pull off something special with the pole as the method catch-rate begins to slow? As the match progresses both anglers must adapt and change their tactics to stay ahead. With Des and Tommy landing big carp, the race to the the actionpacked weigh-in is on! The DVD captures all the action of a match situation, whilst still delivering top tips and advice from these two champion anglers. The show is hosted ■ It's Pickering Vs. Shipp in by none other than The Clash of the Titans...this Nigel Botherway – the summer on DVD. Find out voice of talkSport's who comes out on top in this must-see DVD. fishing show. Nigel poses questions to both anglers prompting them to explain what they're doing each step of the way. This really is the ideal opportunity to see two of the world's greatest match anglers fight it out in a grudge match to see who comes out on top. The exclusive DVD is available this summer so be sure to get your hands on a copy.



PLUS: over 25 m

ins of UNSEEN

Due to public demand Absolute



Fishing – the acclaimed TV Series specifically tailored to match angling, is NOW AVAILABLE ON DVD Be among the first to own this superb DVD and join Des Shipp,

Andy Findlay, and many more. Tommy Pickering hosts the DVD – packed full of advice for all levels of Match Fishing. This DVD features over

3 hours of match fishing at its very best.

As shown on


Scan the QR code with your Smartphone to find out more...


. f f o e r a


delivering knoCkout performAnCe where it Counts, the tyson pole from preston innovAtions is A reAl Contender. Packed with power the Tyson is the strongest gXr compatible pole to date. Complete with a comprehensive spares package making it the ideal pole for all carp fishing situations.


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