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WINNING BAITS EXPERT ADVICE The match tactics you need to try now!

Attract even more big carp into your swim.

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BIG FISH MIXES Bait tricks that break records.


Welcome With anglers such as Tommy Pickering, Des Shipp, Lee Kerry, Andy Findlay, Lee Edwards and Ian Russell leading the development of new baits; it is inevitable that with

their experience and knowledge of baits and fishing, Sonubaits produce baits which consistently put fish in the net.

With their input we have been able to create some very exciting products which have been thoroughly tested to their exacting standards, so they are easy to use and made with the highest quality ingredients available sourced from all over the world to create baits which they have ultimate confidence in.

At Sonubaits we are constantly developing products to suit anglers needs, baits that are easy to use and catch fish. To do this we have developed existing ranges such as F1 and Supercrush Green by introducing compatible products in the same range. We have also developed new ranges such as Tiger Fish and Chocolate Fish which are the next level of fishmeal based baits with added enhancements. Within the ranges there are Liquid Flavours, Feed Pellets, Soft Hooker Pellets and Pastes, all of which provide the answer to many fishing situations. I hope you enjoy using Sonubaits and wish you every success with your fishing in 2011.

Ian Day





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Contents 4 Bring On The Tigers - Tommy Pickering 6 They’re Great! - Tommy Pickering 8 Mmmmmmm Chocolate - Lee Kerry 10 Go Green! - Lee Edwards 12 European Gold - Tommy Pickering 14 Sweet Success - Des Shipp 16 Groundbaits 20 Perfection Every Time - Andy Findlay 21 Fin Perfect Range 22 ONE to ONE Paste 23 Fibre Paste  24 Soft Hooker Pellets & Bait Accessories 25 Pump Pellets Like A Pro - Des Shipp 26 Banded Pellets 26 Pellet O’s 26 Drilled Boilies 27 Bait Paint 27 Liquid Flavours 27 Paste Pellets 28 Action Range 30 Hemp ‘N’ Hookbaits 31 Get On the Tins - Ian Russell 32 Surface Baits 33 Super Carp Method Mix 33 Carp Boilie Crush 33 Robin Red Stick Mix 34 Halibut Power - Dai Gribble 36 Barbel & Carp Paste And Pellets 37 S-Pellets 38 Try The Monkey - Ade Kiddell 39 Make A Pellet Paste - Duncan Charman 

Tommy Pickering looks at Method feeder tactics with the new Tiger Fish range

Page 8 Lee Kerry has some match winning tips for the new Chocolate Fish baits

Page 10 Find out how Lee Edwards gets the best from Supercrush Green

Page 14 Des Shipp reveals his top tips for fishing with the awesome F1 range

Page 20 Match innovator Andy Findlay exposes his pellet preparation edges

Page 31 Carping guru Ian Russell talks particle tactics for big carp

Page 34 Discover specimen hotshot Dai Gribble’s approach with Halibut Pellets

Page 38 Barbel maestro Ade Kiddell uncovers his top tactics for feeder fishing

Page 39 Big fish specialist Duncan Charman’s barbel methods are revealed

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Bring on the


Sometimes a groundbait blend is so good you simply have to tell the world about it, and that’s certainly the case with the all new Tiger Fish bait from Sonubaits.





■■ The sweetness means that it’s attractive to bream as well as carp, so it’s great for commercial fisheries

“If you want a groundbait that you can mix up on the bank, this is the one.” Tiger Fish is a mix based on something friends and I have been using for some time, harnessing the pulling power of nuts into a groundbait for carp. It’s a sweet-smelling mix that came about after various discussions and observations from specimen carp fishermen, who were all raving about tiger nuts and their effectiveness. By incorporating pure, milled tiger nuts into the mix, it gave us something stiff enough to be used as a method mix but still fluffy like the more finely sieved mixes. This is what I love about Tiger Fish, because it’s the easiest groundbait to mix that I’ve ever used. If you want a groundbait that you can just mix up on the bank, this is the one. I tend to mix it slightly overdamp – there’s no messing about and you don’t

“I have also done well mixing Tiger Fish 5050 with 2mm Fin Perfect feed pellets around the Method feeder.”

need to sieve it. I’ve been using it since the middle of last year and it’s helped me to a number of great match results along the way. Most of my fishing with Tiger Fish has been using it in a Method mix, although I have also done well mixing it 50-50 with 2mm Fin Perfect Feed Pellets around the Method feeder.

the corresponding Tiger Fish products you can use in conjunction with the groundbait, there is a bait for most situations. Give it a try, I know you’ll love it as much as I do.

y m m o T

Tommy Pickering

Former World Champion

The sweetness means that it’s attractive to bream as well as carp, so it’s great for commercial fisheries where you might want to catch both species of fish. This range of bait well and truly passes the acid test because fish absolutely love it. It’s the first bag of groundbait I put in my bag these days – it’s that good. And with all

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Former world champion match angler Tommy Pickering takes his UK Method feeder tactics to another level with the new Tiger Fish range… Along the way, the Method feeder has been very kind to me. It’s a tactic that’s worked brilliantly for me on commercial venues all over the UK and has helped me to some great victories through the years. As a means of putting carp on the bank quickly, I think it’s a tactic that’s hard to beat. The principles are simple. Deliver a neat package of bait, with the hookbait hidden inside. Rather than using a cage or open ended feeder where it’s hard to get the hookbait right next to your feeder, the Method is designed to get a more aggressive response. I want the hookbait right in the middle of the bait attached to the feeder. Fish like carp, bream, F1s and tench are aggressive feeders and I want to play on that to get bites as quickly as possible on the Method. One thing I have found on commercial venues is that some days groundbait on the feeder works best, whilst on others soaked pellets are more successful, and it’s this pellet approach with the Tiger Fish Feed Pellets I want to tell you about, because some of the fish I’ve caught this way have been real monsters. The pellets go soft and sticky when soaked and can be moulded into a ball making them perfect for using with the Preston Innovations Method feeder and mould. Because of the added Tiger Fish extract, the pellets leave their scent around the feeder, which drives carp and bream nuts, if you excuse the pun. Their stickiness makes Tiger Fish pellets great for slightly longer casts or deeper lakes, or just when you want the feeder mix to be fairly inert to provoke the fish into attacking the bait. And trust me, with Tiger Fish pellets on the feeder they’ll be doing exactly that!






To do this, I use either groundbait or softened pellets on a Preston Innovations flatbed Method feeder. These are designed with a flat lead on one side, so the feeder always lands bait side up, presenting your hookbait right amongst the feed. For accuracy when casting and for a neater setup, I use one of the dedicated Method moulds, which creates the perfect oval shape every single time. You’ll see what I mean in the pictures – how ingenious is that?

“I’ll either use a Korum Quickstop for softer baits like Tiger Fish Soft Hooker Pellets, or a bait band for harder baits like the Feed Pellets.”

Tommy’s Pellet Method 1. Place your hookbait in a Preston Innovations Method Mould and then fill with pre-soaked Tiger Fish Feed Pellets. 2. Push the matching Flat-bed Method Feeder into the pellets. They will stick brilliantly to the feeder fins. 3. Push the button to release the Method Feeder. The finished package is guaranteed to get you bites.

3 situation, but where possible I like to go as light as I dare to give the hookbait more freedom of movement. I’ll use a PR36 or PR39 hook, as these patterns are perfect for hairrigging. Hair rigs work best with the Method, and I’ll either use a Korum Quickstop for softer baits like Tiger Fish Soft Hooker Pellets, or a bait band for harder baits like the Feed Pellets When I’m fishing this way, I’ll always feed a spot down the edge with some of the softened pellets because you can virtually guarantee that some really big carp will appear in the margins later on in your match or fishing session. This is where perhaps dropping in a small ball of Tiger Fish ONE to ONE paste can provide a few bonus bites, or a Soft Hooker that’s steeped in the Tiger Fish goodness. You can’t argue with the track record of pellets and it’s why I always take plenty with me. Now, with the Tiger Fish attraction giving me the edge, I have no

hesitation in preparing them for every fishing session, because sometimes groundbait attracts smaller fish like rudd and very small carp, so switching over to the pellet approach singles out the larger specimens that help win matches. Give the Tiger Fish range a whirl on your next session and don’t rule out the use of Feed Pellets around the Method feeder. To prepare them, use the simple rule of soaking the pellets for a minute for every millimetre of the bait. If it’s a 4mm pellet, soak it for four minutes, and so on. Then simply drain off the water, give the pellets a bit of a mix to ensure they’re all evenly prepared and by the time you’ve set your rod up, the pellets will be ready to fish with. Good luck and tight lines. I hope to see you on the bank some time.

y m m To

Tommy Pickering

Former World Champion

I set up the feeder behind a Korum Quick-change bead, which enables me to change hooklink materials quickly and efficiently. The feeder is freerunning on Power Max® 8lb line, which is by far and away the best main line I’ve ever used, and the hooklink is made from Reflo® Power™. Both of these lines are very tough and durable, which is important when playing bigger fish. I will gear the diameter of the hooklink to the fishing

You can try Tommy’s pellet Method feeder approach with the Feed Pellets from the Tiger Fish, F1, Chocolate Fish, Supercrush Green and Fin Perfect ranges. Choose the bait you are most confident with and give it a try!

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Chocolate! Lee Kerry reports on fishing the new Sonubaits Chocolate Fish range and explains why it’s not just women who love chocolate!!!

“Its a first choice for me when I’m on waters with plenty of larger specimens.” 8



“Chocolate Fish isn’t just a groundbait, it’s a whole range of superb products. Products I’m sure will boost your results, in the same way they’ve boosted mine”


■■ Chocolate Fish is a bait sensation. Awesome in testing and winning matches week after week, it’s a superb attractor of all species.

Upon first impression, the Chocolate Fish smell fills your nose with that incredible, sweet smell that we all know and love, but underneath the chocolate aroma is a groundbait that’s absolutely brimming with fish attracting ingredients. There’s a staggering number of proven fish catchers included in this mix, like crushed feed pellets, fishmeals and a chocolate powder that tastes like heaven. Fish love it, and it’s a first choice for me when I’m on waters with plenty of larger specimens around like carp, tench and bream.

Chocolate Fish isn’t just a groundbait, it’s a whole range of superb products. Products I’m sure will boost your results, in the same way they’ve boosted mine. So make the most of this brilliant collection of attractors, because it could totally transform your season.

. K . e e L

Lee Kerry

Park Dean Masters Winner 2010

Due to the balanced blend of ingredients, you cannot put enough Chocolate Fish in the water. The bites will just keep coming and coming, it’s absolutely awesome. I especially like using the dedicated Feed Pellets with an extra boost of Chocolate Fish Liquid flavour added during the soaking process, and I can’t wait for the summer months when I’ll be able to start hauling once again on the two Chocolate pastes in the range. Whether it’s Fibre Paste on the waggler or ONE to ONE Paste on the pole, there’ll be plenty of chocolatey goodness bringing the bites my way.

In the summer months, boosting your groundbait and pellets with a liquid flavour can make a huge difference to your catch rate. The Chocolate Fish booster liquid creates a flavour trail of attraction in the water, that really gets the fish competing.

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Match ace Lee Edwards reveals why he believes the new Supercrush Green range can help anglers everywhere catch more fish than ever before.

“Supercrush Green offers a unique blend of attractors, For me it’s almost a guaranteed match winner.” 10



Supercrush Green is probably Sonubaits’ most versatile groundbait. It’s a real edge in matches on commercial venues and for 2011, the range has been expanded to offer you more choice than ever before. Supercrush Green offers a unique blend of attractors that really get fishes taste buds going. For me, it’s almost a guaranteed match winner.

lots of bream, tench and roach too. You know that if you’ve got Supercrush Green in your swim, you can guarantee that you’ve invited everything to the party – great in match fishing! For 2011, Sonubaits have developed plenty of brilliant complementary products. The Soft Hooker Pellets are absolutely awesome and are something I’ve tried to emulate in the past. Now, Sonubaits have got it spot on and I’ve had some great results on these already.

Pure crushed green Koi pellets with added feed stimulants, are finely sieved for the perfect consistency and texture in the groundbait, whilst a blend of fishmeals, fish oils and fish attractors are used to provide loads of attraction.

The new Feed Pellets are just as impressive and the specially formulated liquid packs a real punch. Try squirting the liquid into slightly moistened Feed Pellets and watch your results soar!

It’s a groundbait I use a lot in my match fishing as a bit of an edge on waters where standard brown fishmeal groundbaits are used by the majority of anglers. Carp and barbel love the Koi pellets that get crushed up to make this groundbait and you can also attract

The Feed Pellets look quite dark in the bag, but a quick soak in water transforms them into something really special. A lot of the guys have enjoyed some great results using these pellets around a Method Feeder or inside of the new Preston Innovations Pellet


Feeders – you really can give yourself the upper-hand in a competitive situation by using these instead of standard paler pellets. Also new to Supercrush Green is a dedicated Fibre Paste and ONE to ONE paste, enabling you to match corresponding products every time you fish. I love using Supercrush Green for fishing down the edge on the pole, and this is where the new ONE to ONE paste in this range comes into its own. This seems to get bigger carp mooching around and can provide some really big bonus fish. I think because Supercrush Green is so rich in fish attractors, this unique range of products is sure to help you put more fish in the net in 2011. Give it a try!

s d r a w L.Ed

Lee Edwards

Welsh International

■■ Supercrush Green groundbait has gained such a huge following over the years that utilising the ingredients in a more complete bait range was an obvious step. Sure to improve your season, wherever you’re fishing.

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Check out our superb new range of European style, bread-based groundbaits that have been designed to International match winning standards. The impressive new Dutch Master Feeder and Silvercrush groundbaits have been designed in conjunction with some Holland’s best match anglers, along with Sonubaits’ core team of match Internationals like Des Shipp, Lee Edwards, and myself. The knowledge of Arnout van de Stadt and Arjan Klop has been used as background for all these mixes, as both are top Dutch match anglers with lots of International experience. Their help has been invaluable. Arnout is one of the Netherlands’ leading feeder anglers and has been crucial in the development of the Dutch Master Feeder mix. The resulting groundbait includes a secret mix of fish-attractors that are perfect for all feeder work. It’s especially made for use in cage and open end feeders. It has the right structure and stickyness for this type of fishing. It ensures this groundbait

■■ Both mixes are great for carrying feed baits.


is able to transport lots of baits like casters, maggots and worms, releasing them easily on the bottom.

boast a unique blend of totally natural ingredients that will give European anglers everywhere a real edge.

Originally designed for the big deep rivers in Holland, but equally suited on the lakes and rivers in England, this groundbait is sticky enough to be cast big distances in a feeder and will carry other baits like worms, casters and corn, releasing them in the swim building up a concentrated area of food.

By adding these mixes to the range, Sonubaits offers a complete range of outstanding quality groundbaits, which cover all our fishing everywhere in Europe. Collectively, we are really happy with new mixes – all of them are made for a different way of fishing. The the mix is 100% natural, so live bait stays alive in it!

I tend to use the groundbaits with a really simple open-ended feeder setup, which incorporates a Korum Feedabead attachment for the feeder, and Quickchange Bead for the hooklink. The hooklink itself will be something like one of the Preston Innovations Competition Hooks To Nylon, with the PR 355 my favourite hook pattern for hookbaits like maggots and worms. Meanwhile the Silvercrush match groundbait calls for a totally different approach, and is best fed whilst pole fishing. Using a Preston Innovations PB Silver float and Xceed Line, I can create an ultra neat, refined presentation for fish like roach and skimmers. A blend of biscuits, breadcrumb, seeds and spices are crushed to create a versatile groundbait designed for fishing on the pole or waggler on lakes and rivers and canals. It can be fed neat or with the addition of other baits like worm, casters and corn. Both the Dutch Master mix and the Silvercrush match groundbait


Check them out if you’re looking for an alternative to fishmeal-based groundbaits. They’ll certainly keep your net full of fish this season.

y m m To

Tommy Pickering

Former World Champion

BAIT GUIDE 2011 ■■ These two new bread-based groundbaits are awesome for silver fish species

“By adding these mixes to the range, Sonubaits offers a complete range of outstanding quality groundbaits, which cover all our fishing everywhere in Europe.” visit sonubaits.com today 13

Sweet Success This awesome sweet fishmeal mix isn’t just for F1s, you know. Some of match fishing’s elite believe it to be the best skimmer attractor ever made and carp love it too.

NEW ■■ F1 really is the number 1 formula, which is why we’ve increased the product selection with pastes and pellets. The sweet fishmeal blend is a hit with carp, bream and F1s, so it’s great for commercial fisheries.

The following that the superb Sonubaits F1 range has gained is nothing short of extraordinary. But what do you expect from such an extraordinary fish attractor? This creamy aroma doesn’t just fill your peg with fish, but your keepnet gets pretty crowded too! Although originally developed as a mix for the F1 strain of carp in many of our commercial match venues, the F1 groundbait and liquid has found favour with bream and big carp too. As a mix for targeting skimmers, I can honestly say that I can think of very few mixtures that even come close to being this good. There’s certainly nothing out there that comes straight in a 2kg bag that works this well, and that’s thanks to all the hard work and development with guys like me and Tommy Pickering


guiding the Sonubaits team on what we needed. These days, I’ll use F1 as a feed on the pole line for skimmers and F1s, down the edge for big carp, or in a feeder as a carrier for other bream and carp attracting baits like casters and maggots. The sweet fishmeal blend offers anglers a real alternative to inferior breadcrumb mixes – there’s no breadcrumb in F1 groundbait at all – and that’s why I think it works so well. The fish know it’s good for them and the blend of attractors just keep them coming back for more. I enjoyed some unbelievable success on F1 last year and love it on venues like Barston or Larford Lakes, as you can win matches with carp or bream. A mixture of the two with a few F1s thrown in makes


it a great all-around fish puller and once they’re in your peg and ripping the bottom up, they’ll stay there throughout the course of the match. For 2011 Sonubaits have taken the F1 range to another level, with dedicated pastes, Feed Pellets and improved Soft Hookers. I’ve already been using these to great effect in the testing stages and I have to say, I’ve been blown away by the power of the F1 attractant. It’s something different and whether you’re chasing your biggest ever weight of skimmers, a bagful of F1s or loads and loads of carp, it’s the bait range you need to give some serious consideration to.

p p i h S Des

Des Shipp

England International


“I can think of very few mixtures that even come close to being this good.”

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P-Mix Pure crushed hemp and fishmeal pellets with added feeding stimulants, finely sieved to create the perfect competition groundbait.

P-Mix • A pure fish catching groundbait. • This combination of hemp and fishmeal pellets is one of the finest fish attractors available. A very high quality mix which is truly versatile for all species of fish and many different methods. • Mixed on the wetter side, you can introduce a lot of particles such as dead maggots or casters, and it is ideal for the big waggler and groundbait approach on carp venues. All you need to do is give it a squeeze and, because of the fine graded particles, it holds together and binds superbly. It is also a great feeder groundbait when mixed a little drier, it will help to gain you extra bites because of the hemp content.

Using P-Mix has won me some big matches on loads of venues, equally good on the feeder and pole.

Des Shipp

Spicy, Meaty Method Mix A blend of pellets, fishmeals, spices and meat extracts are crushed together to make a unique flavoured groundbait.

CAUTION: HOT! Spicy, Meaty Method Mix • Spicy Meaty Method mix is an all round groundbait perfect for targeting specimen fish such as carp, bream, tench and barbel. It can be used in a number of different ways depending on the fishing situation. • For use on the Method feeder simply add two pints of water to the bag of groundbait and mix thoroughly, leave this for 45 minutes to allow the groundbait to fully absorb the water and riddle. It is equally suitable for use in cage feeders or can be balled in when mixed slightly dryer.



Try fishing luncheon meat over the top of this groundbait. You will be amazed at the results.

Lee Edwards


Match Method Mix Working closely with Des Shipp and Les Thompson we developed the ultimate pellet based Match Method Mix for use on commercial fisheries. free INSIDE

Match Method Mix

This is the only Method mix I need on commercial carp venues. I have won countless matches using this bait.

Les Thompson

• Designed for use by the modern match angler who wants to fish the Method on commercial match venues with confidence. With full, easy to follow, mixing instructions on the pack it is simple to create the exact mix that Des Shipp and Les Thompson use. The mix is based on the highest quality pellets and fishmeals available. • Its consistency is such that it stays on the feeder through the cast and impact with the water. Once the feeder has hit the bottom it breaks down quickly, building up the swim and keeping the fish there without overfeeding them.

Dark Match Method Mix A dark green version of the massively popular Match Method mix. The groundbait mixes and performs exactly the same as the original. free INSIDE

Match Method Mix Dark

Regular accurate casting builds up the swim creating a tighter feeding area.

Adam Wakelin

• Designed for the modern Method feeder angler, the darker colour offers an edge when fishing in shallow water or up to features such as islands or far marginal edges as fish are less wary of dark groundbaits in clear water. This also makes it a good winter mix. The particles which come off the feeder attract the fish into the area creating competition without overfeeding them. • Free in every bag is a Preston Innovations flat bed inline Method feeder which is designed for use with the Quick Release Method Mould. The groundbait performs perfectly with this set up and because of the streamlined shape of the feeder, accurate casting is much easier.

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Supercrush Green Pure crushed Green Koi carp pellets with added feed stimulants, finely sieved for the perfect consistency and texture. Supercrush Green • Super rich in high quality fishmeals, fish oils and fish attractors, this unique groundbait will help put more fish in the net. Due to the fine texture it is ideal for use on a Method feeder or mixed over wet it is perfect for use as a sloppy groundbait fed through a pole pot. • Supercrush Green is a superb groundbait for mixed fisheries as it attracts all varieties of fish. The crushed green Koi pellets included in the mix will attract carp, bream, tench and silvers.

Ideal for separating softened feed pellets, simply add to the pellets and mix. As they are fed the green groundbait falls slowly through the feeding zone.

Lee Edwards

Exploding Fishmeal Feeder A hemp and fishmeal based groundbait for the modern feeder angler that bursts from the feeder.

Exploding Fishmeal Feeder • A modern feeder mix which is based on hemp and fishmeal. Due to the particle sizes it explodes out of the feeder providing a perfect feeding area. The speed at which it comes out of the feeder means you can very quickly build a swim with regular casts. • Exploding Fishmeal Feeder can be mixed quite dry which means that it will empty from the feeder even more quickly. It can be used as a straight mix or can be used for plugging the ends of your feeder when introducing other baits into the swim.

This incredible groundbait explodes out of the feeder creating a feeding area, regular casting builds the swim to a frenzy!

Lee Robbins

Supercrush Dark A fine dark fishmeal groundbait perfect for use on clear venues either by itself or to darken other groundbaits.

Supercrush Dark • Its light fluffy consistency makes it perfect for a variety of methods when pole fishing. Mixed dry it can be used on its own or as a coating for luncheon meat to provide added attraction, this is particularly effective when fishing shallow. • When mixed normally Supercrush Dark holds together until it reaches the bottom where it breaks down quickly creating a bed of fine particles, which holds fish in the swim without over feeding.



Using Supercrush Dark in conjunction with F1 groundbait makes a perfect skimmer mix on clear venues.

Steve Saunders


F1 F1 is the ultimate mix for bream, skimmers, carp and F1s. The sweet fishmeal mix is virtually irresistible. F1 • Designed in conjunction with Tommy Pickering and Des Shipp. • Easy to mix and binds really well in a feeder. • Fine fishmeal particles create an inactive mix when dampened which is perfect for a rapid breakdown of feed around the hook. • Crushed pellets make F1 easy to mix. It can also be balled, or cupped in as slop. • Best when mixed the night before but can be mixed on the bank.

Great for carp, F1’s and skimmers. This is my first choice on mixed species fisheries.

Des Shipp

Chocolate Fish NEW

Chocolate Fish is a high food content mix boosted with a creamy, intense chocolate flavour that all fish love. Chocolate Fish • Designed in conjunction with Tommy Pickering and Lee Kerry. • Binds really well inside a feeder or around a Method feeder • Crushed pellets provide small food items that will keep bigger fish in your swim for longer. • Can be mixed over-damp to create an inert summer mix for big carp. • Easily mixed on the bank and can be riddled for silver fish fishing.

Mix Chocolate Fish over damp for use on the Method feeder.

Lee Kerry

Tiger Fish NEW

The Tiger Fish combination has been phenomenal during testing and won various matches around the UK. It’s great for carp, bream and even F1s. Tiger Fish • Designed in conjunction with Tommy Pickering. • Nutty extracts are used to enhance the mix with natural sugars that help the mix go sticky and milky. • Best mixed over damp for Method feeder work, but works just as well mixed normally for general feeder and pole work. • Tiger Fish attractant will attract carp and bream of all sizes and varieties. • Easily mixed on the bank, does not need to be riddled.

Try mixing Tiger Fish groundbait with the matching feed pellets for bags of big carp.

Tommy Pickering

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Perfection, every time Innovator Andy Findlay reveals why he chooses the Fin Perfect range for the modern tactics he uses to win matches week after week The Fin Perfect range is still the number one choice for commercial match fishing and still features heavily in the majority of my best match wins. Whether I’m using the Feed Pellets on the pole, feeder or waggler, I know that I’m giving the fish exactly what they want, every time I fish.

Feeder or Cone device. Only these pellets go to the right texture, so you’ve got to have them in your armoury. I’d recommend soaking 2mm pellets for 2 minutes, 4mm for 4 minutes, and so on and so forth. You can tweak this to suit your own preferences, but

But one of my favourite ways to keep an edge over the competition is to use the Fin Perfect Feed Pellets in different ways. Either using the Pellet Cone tactic, or in conjunction with a Preston Innovations Pellet Feeder. I was heavily involved with the development of both of these tactics, but it was only the versatility of Fin Feed Pellets that enabled me to try these things. By simply soaking the Feed Pellets for a number of minutes, you get the perfect texture for loading a Pellet



you want the pellets to be nice and spongey, so a big carp can come in and hoover up the lot. Leave the pellets to soak up all the water – if they’re still wet to the touch, give them a good shake and leave them to go fluffy. There isn’t a carp, bream, tench or F1 in the country that won’t go for Fin Perfect Feed Pellets, so whether you’re Pellet Feeder fishing, fishing pellets shallow on the pole or waggler, cupping them down the edge for bites in the last hour of your session or just moulding them into a Cone, they’re versatile enough and attractive enough to work in every scenario you can think of.


Andy Findlay Commercial Ace

Andy Findlay Tip


To make soft Feed Pellets, put the pellets in a bait tub and cover them in water. Leave them underwater for one minute for each millimetre the pellet is — so two minutes for 2mm, four minutes for 4mm and so on. After soaking, drain off all the water give them a shake and leave for 10 minutes, they are then perfect for putting around a Method feeder.

Fin Perfect Andy Findlay has an unrivalled record on commercial fisheries. As one of the UK’s most forward-thinking match anglers he has developed a range of baits and mixes which have been fine tuned by many years of experimentation and fishing experience.

Expanders are available in these sizes: 3mm 4mm 6mm 8mm



Feed Pellets are available in these sizes: 1mm





Feed Pellets


Ton-Up 6mm

• Our Feed Pellets can be used straight from the bag or can be softened in water and compressed onto a Method or into an open end feeder to give versatility of presentation for any angling situation. These are the number one choice of pellet for the majority of our match fishing consultants.

• Fin Perfect Expanders are conveniently prepared in a pellet pump and create the perfect soft pellet every time. They can easily be coloured or flavoured by adding our range of dyes and flavours to the water in the pump and they are equally effective as loose feed or on the hook.

• The expander of choice by professionals, it is an expander pellet but with a much more uniform structure for perfect consistency when pumped. These are denser than a standard expander pellet, so can be fed into the swim with much more accuracy after they have been pumped.

Andy Findlay Tip

After softening Feed Pellets, they’re perfect for use with a Flat Method Feeder and Quick Release Mould, from Preston Innovations. It’s a real match-winner that you can always rely on for a few extra bites.

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■■ The simplicity of ONE to ONE Paste made it a firm favourite with anglers everywhere, which is why we simply had to include a selection of new flavours!



Mixing traditional paste has never been easy, but ONE to ONE solves this problem, providing you with the perfect paste every single time.

Mixing ONE to ONE

• It is so easy to mix; simply use the same amount of powdered paste mix and water. Pour them both into a bait tub and mix thoroughly, this creates a very sloppy mix but simply leave it for 30 minutes and it will absorb all of the water and create the perfect paste for fishing on a pole. • The best way to use your paste is to take the size you would like to use and roll it into a ball, put your thumb in the middle to make an indentation and put the hook in the thumb print, fold the paste over the hook and mould round the hook, this is then ready to place in the pot.


• Included in each bag of ONE to ONE paste is a free paste pot designed to ship out the paste on the pole. These have been designed by Andy Findlay and he recommends that you place a few Fin Perfect Feed Pellets in the bottom of the pot before shipping out to help feed your swim. • ONE to ONE paste was such a hugely successful bait in 2010 so we simply had to boost the range with some new flavours. Again, these are matched to the new Tiger Fish, Chocolate Fish, Supercrush Green and F1 ranges.

■■ ONE to ONE paste is great when potted in with your FREE Preston Innovations Paste Pot, which you get in every bag.

To mix ONE to ONE paste simply add the same volume of water and paste to a bowl and mix. Leave for 30 minutes to let the paste absorb the water, then it can be made into a ball and is ready to be hooked.




■■ Suffice to say, Fibre Paste has created a new style of fishing. It’s a match winner, which is why we’ve included new dry mixes to match our 2011 bait range

Fibre Paste

■■ Fibre Paste is the first paste of its kind that can be directly hooked and still be cast long distances.

A revolution in paste fishing for the modern angler. • Totally unique, stringy consistency • Will easily cast over 60 yards • Easier to use than standard pastes • Stays on in water much longer than standard paste • Rugged texture means increased attraction



• Use larger hooks and heavier line with Fibre Paste as it catches larger than average fish and the larger hook will also help to keep the paste on. • Fibre Paste sinks slowly which means it can be cast on a waggler rod at cruising fish and it will fall slowly giving more time in the feeding zone. • It is a presentation which fish won’t have seen before and therefore will not be able to resist. • Fibre Paste is available pre-mixed in natural, red and green. Perfect for all fishing situations. Simply tear a piece from the pot, and hook it on.


Andy Findlay’s Tip


• This paste has a unique texture with a soft consistency which means that it can be fished with confidence on a pole, waggler or feeder. The bait is still really soft and fluffy and easily presented at distances of over 60 yards. • Normally if paste is fished on a rod it has to be made so stiff so that it will stay on for the force of the cast, this then means that the hook will not pull through therefore making hooking the fish more difficult. • Once you have mixed the paste make it into a ball and just tear a pinch off and simply hook it on, it does not need to be moulded, this way it leaves a rough edged paste unlike any other. Once it is in the water small particles of the paste begin to fall away enticing fish to feed, this also feeds the swim.

1. Add any flavour required. 2. Mix in water, a little at a time, to reach desired consistency. 3. Mix thoroughly. 4. Mould into a ball. 5. Tear off a good-sized piece for easy hooking.

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Soft Hooker Pellets NEW

Soft Hooker Pellets

NEW FLAVOURS Soft Hooker Pellets

• They are perfect for shallow fishing on a pole when getting lots of bites, excellent for waggler fishing with confidence knowing that they do not fall off on the cast. Can also be hair rigged when fishing with a feeder. • Available in 4mm, 6mm and 8mm.

Soft Hookers are some of our most popular hookbaits, which is why we’ve included a flavour for each of the new bait ranges. Match your hookbait to your feed. Available in 4mm, 6mm and 8mm.

Bait Accessories Here at Sonubaits we realise that modern fishing tactics require specialist products to provide you, the angler, with simple solutions to all your bait preparation needs. Bait Pump • 0.5ltr capacity Bait Pump, ideal for preparing expander pellets, and introducing colours and/or flavours. • The lid features a vacuum indicator button that shows when the air has been removed and a month/day indicator to show the age of the contents. The pump is also ideal for keeping casters fresh.

Luncheon Meat Cutter • For perfectly cubed luncheon meat there is nothing better than the Sonubaits Meat Cutters. • They cut the luncheon meat to the same uniform sized cubes making them perfect feeding and hooking. • Available in 6mm, 8mm and 10mm. (Supplied with spare wires.)



■■ Ton-Up pellets are perfect for use with the Sonubaits Bait Pump, to create the ultimate boosted feed pellet.


Pump Pellets

Like a Pro

Pumping the perfect Expander pellet is an artform that’s hard to master. Not if you’re Dorking ace Des Shipp, though, who has some great tips on preparing expanders to make the perfect hookbait. I’ve hit on a new way of preparing my Fin Perfect Expander pellets that I’ve just got to tell you about. It’s so simple and creates absolutely perfect soft hooker pellets, which you often need when conditions aren’t favourable. All I do is take a handful of Fin Perfect Expanders and put them in a plastic sandwich bag. I just cover them with water and immediately drain all the water out of the bag. I then knot the bag loosely and chuck it in my carryall, ready for the next morning. When I get to my peg, I take the pellets – which have gone rubbery in consistency by this time – and I pump them. I’ll add liquid flavours on some venues just to get an edge, and the Sonubaits range is ideal for this. The expanders go super soft after pumping, but because they have had a chance overnight to absorb the moisture in the bag, they don’t start to split when you hook them on. This is because the

fibres haven’t had water forced through them. Going from a dry pellet to a wet one in 30 seconds as they would normally do when you pump them from straight out of the bag often splits the pellet. Because they’ve soaked the water up overnight, their molecular structure, if that’s what you can call it, remains strong and intact. The pellets don’t need to be kept in water either, once prepared in this way, which is useful in some swims. It works and works well, so give it a try. It’s so simple I don’t know why I didn’t think of it ages ago!

pp i h S s De

Des Shipp

England International

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Banded Pellets

Pellet O’s

• A common method of attaching small hard pellets is by using a bait band, however attaching them to a hook is not easy. The pack comes with two Korum hooks with attached bait bands so fishing the banded pellet is now such an easy task it gives you more time to enjoy fishing.

• Pellet O’s are the perfect kit for fishing with drilled pellets. • Pre-drilled pellets to save time and effort. • These come with two Korum Quickstops on hook hairs and a Korum Quickstop needle.

Flavours / colours Available

• Pineapple, White Chocolate, Carp, White Fish Sizes Available

• 6mm, 8mm, 12mm

flavours Available

• Crab, Halibut. • Sizes Available

• 8mm, 12mm

Drilled Boilies Drilled Boilies have been developed to make hair rigging a boilie a quick and simple task. The kit is supplied with two Korum Quickstops on hook hairs, a Korum Quickstop Needle and enough boilies for a good session catching plenty of fish. Boilies are usually hair rigged and often when putting a baiting needle through them they will split or fracture causing them to be weak and come off the hair. At Sonubaits we have eliminated that problem by pre-drilling the boilies for you and supplying them with two Korum hook hairs with Quickstops and a Quickstop needle making them even easier to use.

Drilled Boilies • Pre-Drilled boilies • Complete with two Korum hook hairs. • Korum Quickstops and Needle supplied Flavours / colours Available

• Pineapple (Fluoro Yellow) Tutti Frutti (Fluoro Orange) Krill (Fluoro Pink) White Chocolate Sizes Available

• 8mm & 10mm










Bait Paint • The Sonubaits range of dyes can be used to prepare baits in advance or tweak baits whilst you are fishing – ideal for switching the fish on again when your swim has gone quiet. • Bait Paint is so simple to use just spray over your baits giving an even coating, leave for a couple of minutes and then they are ready to be used. • Bait Paint can be used on pellets, boilies, corn, meat, groundbait, particles etc.

NEW New Liquid Flavours New for 2011 are liquid flavours to complement the new Sonubaits bait ranges. This gives more choice and the ability to use attractors that complement each other.

Liquid Flavours • Ideal for flavouring maggots, boilies, pellets, sweetcorn, luncheon meat and groundbaits. • The flavours can be added hours before fishing; at home or on the bank to add extra flavour to pull fish into your swim.

Paste Pellets • There are six flavours available in the range, Bacon Grill, Halibut, Fishmeal, Catmeat, White Fish and Supercrush Green with added Betaine. These pellets are made from paste and so have all the properties and advantages of paste but in pellet form. • They can be squeezed and moulded to any shape required, and wrapped round baits and because they are made from paste they are easy to hook or hair rig. • Supercrush Green with added Betaine is perfect when used in conjunction with our Supercrush Green Groundbait.

“Paste Pellets are a great carp hookbait.” Andy Findlay Commercial Match Ace

■■ Sonubaits Paste Pellets can easily be wrapped around a boilie

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Action Range Everything you need to catch carp...

The boilies are rounder, more uniform, brighter and include more of the tasty goodness that makes the Action Range so special. As baits for getting a few bites from your local day ticket venue, there are few better options.



in c


■■ Action Boilies are designed to get carp into your swim as quickly as possible. Whichever flavour you choose, you can sure you’re using a top quality bait..


We’ve revised the blend of attractors and boosted the nutritional profile, to create what we believe to be the best shelf-life range of baits on the market.

We’ve stuck with the range of hookbait enhancement products like dips, pop-ups and stick mixes, to give you more options when boosting your bait to get more bites. So check out the Action Range, because it’s sure to provide you with plenty more fish in the net.

lu d e s F R

The Action Range from Sonubaits has undergone somewhat of a revamp for 2011 and is now better than ever!

Action Boilies

Flavours Available

• Pineapple • Strawberry • White Chocolate • Crab & Crayfish.



• Developed by Sonubaits especially for day ticket waters and highly pressured venues. • Containing large quantities of soluble foods, Action Boilies leak irresistible attractants into the water. • With our unique, nutritional recipes including the latest tried and tested feeding stimulants and taste enhancers, action is virtually guaranteed. Sizes Available

• 10mm, 15mm, 20mm


e g d E Neil

Neil Edge

C h oice of 4

Carp Expert

 ry glugging a few Action Boilies T in the matching dips in a separate pot. This will harden them, and boost them with loads more flavour and attraction.

Neil Edge

Action Pop-ups

ours fla v

• Flavour-matched to Action Boilies. • High flavour leakage

free spod INSIDE

Action Spod Mix • Action Spod Mix is a blend of high quality pellets which leak off their attraction at different rates therefore giving an instant reaction and holding fish in your target area for longer. • It is perfect for use with all flavours of Action Boilies, Dip and Bag Mix.

Action Dip • PVA friendly. • Flavour-matched to Action Boilies. • Full of feed stimulators. • Add to Action Bag/Stick Mix. • Use as a Boilie Dip before casting. • Get attraction round your hook.

Action Bag/Stick Mix • PVA friendly. • PVA bags included. • Flavour matched to Action Boilies. • Taste enhancers, amino acids and appetite stimulators. • Variable breakdown rate. • Get attraction around your hook.

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CARPIN’ Great Value & Even Better Results

The hemp in Sonubaits’ particle tins is a high quality, large grain with a supreme splitting rate. Because the hemp and hookbaits are cooked together in the tin, all of the juices are kept with the bait which optimises the level of attraction to all species of fish. Unlike when mixing particles separately, the flavour of the hemp is infused into the hookbaits meaning they’re even more irresistible. In these handy, ready-to-use tins you get the perfect amount of hookbaits and free offerings. All of the particles are prepared to the highest standards, so not only do fish find them incredibly tasty, they’re also totally safe to use. Hemp ‘N’ Maple Peas

Henp ‘N’ Tigers Hemp and tigers is the perfect combination when big carp are the target. Tiger nuts are rich in natural proteins, oils and sugars which carp find irresistible and combined with Sonubaits hemp are the perfect match to help you catch your biggest ever specimen.

Hemp ‘N’ Mini Maize Mini maize is a smaller alternative to maize and a perfect bait for all specimens. The toughness of these little golden grains prevents nuisance fish from pulling it from the hair, so despite it’s small size, the mini maize can be fished with confidence.

Hemp ‘N’ Corn

Maple peas are a truly classic bait which has fooled a huge amount of carp, tench and bream over many decades. The infusion of the hemp flavour through the maple peas in the cooking process enhances the flavour of what is an under-rated, yet very effective particle bait.

The hemp and corn combination is ideal for all species of fish. The corn in the tins is a specially selected variety with plump, succulent grains which can be hair rigged or hooked. This provides a totally versatile can of bait, ideal for feeding in the margins or using at range through a spod.

Hemp ‘N’ Peanuts

Hemp ‘N’ Giant Maize

Hemp ‘N’ Peanuts is the perfect way to fish with safelyprepared peanuts. This is a devastating combination that maximises the full attraction of the not-so-humble peanut. On waters where nut fishing is allowed, this is a combination that will give you the edge over other anglers.

Giant maize really has to be seen to be believed. These very large grains of maize are perfect for larger carp, and many anglers use it’s size and pulling power for overseas trips and on venues where nuisance species are prevalent.

Hemp ‘N’ Black Tigers

Hemp ‘N’ Crushed Tigers

Black tiger nuts are a different variation to standard pale tigers, where the skin naturally turns black. They are a fantastic alternative to a standard tiger nut bait, as they have the same nutritional properties and natural attraction but offer all this in a colour most carp won’t have seen before. They’re a real edge!

This combination is perfect when using tiger nuts as a hookbait. Because the nuts have been crushed, it allows their natural sugars and attractants to leak out into the water at a faster rate, creating the perfect feeding area.

Hemp ‘N’ Mini Tigers

Hemp ‘N’ Maize

Mini tiger nuts are baby versions of a standard tiger, however they are harvested earlier making them sweeter in taste. The combination of Hemp ‘N’ Mini Tigers is perfect for margin fishing, and also ideal for mixing in with spod mixes. Their unusual shape makes sure carp never grow tired of picking them up.


■■ Hemp with perfect hookbaits.


Hemp ‘N’ Maize is an all time classic combination, responsible for the capture of many big carp. Because the maize has been cooked for the optimum time, the sugars which come out during this process are infused into the hemp seed, giving a new and unique natural flavour to the hemp.


GET ON THE TINS! Top UK carp angler Ian Russell reveals why he never goes fishing without Sonubaits particles.

“Hemp ‘N’ Black Tigers helped me to catch over 20 fish at Abbey Lakes” If you’re a carp angler looking for an edge, then these particle tins are exactly what you want to be using. The baits are cooked inside the tin, keeping in all those lovely juices and attractors that would usually get lost if you were to boil up the particles yourself. Because the hemp and hookbaits are cooked together in the tin, the intense flavour from each soaks through the baits, giving you the ultimate leak off of tasty, carp-catching scents and smells. I always keep a few tins in the back of the motor, so I’m never caught short on any session. I might only introduce one tin of bait at the start of my trip, but if those carp start really ‘aving it, then I’ll not hesitate to introduce another tin to keep the fish coming. If you were making your own particles, you’d have to pretty much use the full lot you’d prepared otherwise it will ferment and go off, which can be an expensive loss of bait. With the Sonubaits tins, you can steadily increase the bait you apply without any waste. Some of my favourites so far have been the Hemp ‘N’ Corn, Hemp ‘N’

Mini Maize, and the Hemp ‘N’ Crushed Tigers, though over in France the Hemp ‘N’ Tigers and especially the Hemp ‘N’ Black tigers helped me to catch over 20 fish on a trip to Abbey Lakes whilst filming the Avid Carp DVD. I absolutely love combining one of the tins with a bag of Sonubaits’ Hemp & Hali Crush. It creates a lovely stodgy mix so you don’t get any spod spill.

■■ The hookbaits in the tins are fantastic.

The hemp is quality and the particles themselves are steeped in their own juices, making them ideal hookbaits. The ratio in the tins between the hemp and hookbaits is ideal, so it’s just a case

of hair-rigging a tiger, grain of maize or even a maple pea, and casting it out over the top of the rest of the tin. Tip your hookbait off with something like an Avid Corn Stop and you’re laughing! In short, what I’m telling you here is that the tins are awesome! If you haven’t started making the most of these devastatingly effective fish attractors, then now’s the time to give them serious consideration. Get on ‘em!

“In short, what I’m telling you here is that these tins are awesome!”

ell s s u R Ian Ian Russell

Top Carp Angler

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Surface Baits

Surface fishing is one of the most exciting ways to catch carp, which is why we’ve developed bespoke, user-friendly products that will get big fish slurping down bait after bait.

Hookable Floaters • Pre-softened Hookable Floaters are floating pellets that maintain their structure in water and stay on the hook or hair.

■■ Hookable Floaters and Floating Tuff 1’s make the ideal target hookbait when fishing with Oily Floaters for big carp.

Floater Pack • All the bait you need for a day’s surface fishing. The pack contains highly buoyant boosted fishmeal hard floaters and two pots of hookable Tuff 1 floating hookbaits, in two flavours, Fishmeal and Strawberry • Simply catapult out the boosted Fishmeal hard floaters to attract the fish and hook one of the Tuff 1 oil enhanced hookbaits and cast out amongst the hard pellets.

Try catapulting 11mm floaters when fishing into the wind as they are heavier than normal floating baits.

Chris Ponsford


Oily Floaters • A hookable floating fishmeal pellet impregnated with fish oil to provide a slick that fish home in on. When it comes to surface fishing, the best and easiest pellet to use is the Sonubaits Oily Floater. With an increased level of oil and a slightly softened texture, it is very easy to hair rig or side hook them.



Super Carp Method Mix • Designed for modern anglers who want to catch more fish. • Advanced specimen Method mix which is high in proteins, oils and proven stimulants designed to select bigger fish. • The 2kg re-sealable bag comes with a FREE Korum Method Feeder inside. • Super Carp Method Mix has high levels of feed attractors and food value which brings fish into your swim. It mixes up very easily and because of its binding properties creates a sticky mix to which other particles such as pellets, corn or broken boilies can be added. • Super Carp Method Mix will withstand casts of over 100 yards but will still breakdown easily in water, the more particles you add the quicker it will break down.

■■ Excellent value for money – Super Carp Method Mix includes a FREE Korum Method Feeder

Robin Red Stick Mix

Carp Boilie Crush • An irresistible blend of crushed boilies, hemp, carp pellets and halibut pellets. • Ideal for use in a PVA bag or it can be mixed with water and used as a Method mix, or simply balled in. • Creates a bed of particle feed which carp find irresistible

• A ready to use PVA friendly mix which compacts to form the perfect stick or bag mix. It contains fishmeals, fish oils, hemp, sugars, spices, taste enhancers, amino acids and Robin Red. Robin Red is an ultra effective blend of bird food, peppers and spices with a high vitamin content to make a valuable food source which is why it is one of the all time great carp attractors.

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HALIBUT POWER! If you’re a big fish hunter like me, then you’ll have harnessed the pulling power of Halibut Pellets at some point down the line. I hardly ever go fishing in the Spring and Summer months without cartloads of them!

Whether I'm trying to trick a carp on a PVA bag setup, spodding out pellets to get the bream feeding hard, or simply float fishing for tench down the edge, the attraction from these baits is key in my approach. Sonubaits have some of the best quality Halibut products money can buy, from 4mm to 22mm hard pellets, to complimentary items like Crushed Halibut Pellets or the awesome Hemp & Hali Crush. Now this groundbait


is without question the number one groundbait for specimen fishing that the world has ever seen. It's glistening with oil and packed with feed particles that send fish potty.

can also be used for PVA sticks. It can be mixed sticky or loose and creates a massive spread of particles on the lakebed, which will keep fish coming back over and over again.

I tend to ball it in to create a big groundbait patch, and whether you're on a stillwater or a lake this is definitely something that gets a lot of fish in your swim. In fact, I'd go as far to say that it's the best barbel attractor I've ever used, and that's really saying something.

It's such a versatile groundbait for the specimen angler and as it attracts fish in droves, you just can't go on the bank without it. Get on it!

It will mould around a Method feeder, into large open-end feeders and



l b b i r G Dai

Dai Gribble

Specimen Angler


Hemp & Hali Crush • 95% crushed hemp and halibut pellets • Rich in oils and feed particles. • Provides a constant and prolonged stream of oils which fish will naturally home in on. • The variation of feed particle size will entice fish to feed and take as much of the bait as it can. • This versatile mix can be used as a Method mix, stick mix, feeder mix, spodded or just balled in to create a bed of particles.





1. After following the mixing instructions on the bag; Load your PVA funnel with stick mix. 2. Squeeze the bait tightly into the PVA using the plunger. 3. It should look like this, then tie the PVA off. 4. Push a gate latch baiting needle through the stick and hook the loop of your hooklink. 5. Pull the hooklink through the stick and you’re ready to cast out.

Make a PVA stick


Mix Hemp & Hali Crush with wet items like prepared particles to create a stodge. This prevents any spod spill when casting and will help build a cloud of feed over your baited area.

Halibut Pellets in PVA Bags • Called ‘Go Bags’ these pre-filled bags are ready to go. The ultimate in accurate baiting. • Simply fold the bag, nick your hook through it and cast it out. There are 10 pre-tied PVA bags filled with 4mm Halibut pellets and some free 10mm mixed boilie hookbaits.

Dai Gribble

1.8kg Halibut Pellets, 4, 6 and 8mm

Crushed Halibut Pellets

• The use of halibut pellets has increased massively over the last few years; this is due to their fantastic fish catching capabilities. • The pellets contain the optimum balance between protein, fat, carbohydrate, energy, vitamins and minerals. They are carefully formulated using a mix of high quality protein and energy sources including highly palatable fishmeals, pre-digested fishmeals and fish oils. The use of betaine, green lipped mussel meal and shrimp meal also ensures high levels of attraction. From the ingredients – the protein and oil content – you can see why this is such good bait.

• Crushed halibut pellets make a fantastic addition to all baits. We crush the halibut pellets leaving bigger chunks of crushed pellets as well as much finer particles, as this will keep fish feeding for longer. It can be used neat as a groundbait or stick mix, or added to existing groundbaits to enhance them. • A good tip when baiting with halibut pellets is to mould them into a ball. This can be done by putting them in a tub and adding hot water, and for added attraction, Sonubaits’ Halibut flavour. Leave for about half an hour and the pellets will absorb the liquid and become sticky enough to mould into a ball.

Also available in smaller bags 4, 6, 8, 11, 13 ,17 and 22mm

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Barbel & Carp Paste and Pellets

If you’re looking for the very best baits for specimen fishing, we believe the new Sonubaits Barbel & Carp products provide the perfect range when targeting big fish. Barbel & Carp Paste • Paste is often used to enhance hookbaits for barbel fishing. And we believe Sonubaits’ Barbel & Carp Paste provides a higher level of attraction than any other. • The paste we have designed specifically for this purpose is based around hemp– which is one of the best barbel baits available. This has been flavoured with three of the best barbel flavours we know of – Spicy Sausage, Cheesy Garlic and Halibut. • It also has a unique texture, so it can be wrapped round any bait or fished by itself providing an irresistible scent trail.

Barbel & Carp Pellets • Barbel & Carp Pellets are designed to be needle friendly, high in oil and leak out flavour and attractants in water. The flavours we’ve used match the Barbel Paste, so are ideal for fishing on the hair and wrapping the paste round.


Barbel Liquid Elliptical Barbel & Carp Feed Pellets • The perfect pellet for barbel & carp, these high oil, high protein pellets are elliptical in shape which means that they don’t roll on the riverbed, concentrating the barbel in the area you’re fishing.


• Designed to be squirted on groundbaits or pellets to give extra attraction. As they are oil based flavours, they will soak into hard hookbaits like Pellet O’s and make them last longer in the water. • Available in: Hemp & Halibut, Hemp & Spicy Sausage, Hemp & Cheesy Garlic.


■■ Combine matching Barbel & Carp Paste and Pellets for the ultimate hookbait.


S-Pellets S-Pellets


• Nutritionally balanced hookable pellets which constantly leak an additive laced oil to pull fish into your swim and trigger an aggressive feeding response. • They can be hooked directly on the hook or hair rigged • Perfect texture to withstand being cast on the feeder or waggler.

• Hali-Hookers contain 50% more fish oil than a standard halibut pellet and are also suitable to be hooked or hair rigged without the need for drilling. Loaded with a secret blend of fish-friendly attractants and light and heavy fish oils the Hali-Hookers create an unrivalled underwater attraction in cold or warm water which fish actively seek out.

Sizes Available

• 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 11mm

Sizes Available

Tuff 1s • Tuff 1s are the perfect pellet for using on a hair rig for specimen barbel, chub, tench, bream and carp. A tougher formulation means the bait stays on the hair rig longer. Tuff 1s breakdown in a different way to regular Hali-Hookers and S-Pellets as they soften from the outside releasing their attractants but still retain a firm core. Flavours available

• 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 11mm

• S-Pellet, Hali-Hooker, Monster Crab & Mussel, and Strawberry Sizes Available

• 11mm (S-Pellet & Hali-Hooker only) 16mm

Strawberry S-Pellets • Strawberry S-Pellets are a fruity version of the S-Pellet and ideal for use when the water responds well to non fishmeal based baits. They are also ideal for species which prefer sweet baits such as tench and bream. Sizes Available

• 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 11mm

Monster Crab & Mussel S-Pellets • Monster Crab and Mussel S-Pellets have the same high leakage rate and unique feeding triggers as the original S-Pellets but using Monster Crab & Mussel concentrate to enhance their flavour. Sizes Available

• 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 11mm

S-Pellet Feed - 2mm, 4mm • Rich in fish oils and fishmeals this pellet is an ideal accompaniment when using S-Pellets and also provides an excellent feed for other hookbaits. The pellets can easily be softened by adding a little water so can be used on the Method feeder or through a cage feeder.

S-Pellet Groundbait

Try using Sonubaits S-Pellet Tuff 1’s in conjunction with Korum Quickstops. They’re brilliant when you want to quickly change hookbaits, and maybe try different sizes or flavour combinations. Because the pellets are such a unique texture, you can get the Quickstop and boilie needle through them really easily.

Duncan Charman

• Pure crushed carp pellets finely sieved to create a versatile groundbait designed to select bigger fish. This modern groundbait has been designed specifically for catching large bags of carp on commercial fisheries. It is rich in fish oils, fishmeals, and attractants and has been finely sieved. • Because of the sieving process which removes any larger particles it creates a very inert Method mix which is easy to mix and becomes very light in the water which means it will cloud up readily to attract fish to the bait.

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Try The Monkey Ade Kiddell is an expert barbel angler and over the years has perfected a new style of feeder fishing that’s totally transformed his results. Here’s how to create the ultimate Monkey mix… If there is one flavour that has caught me more barbel than any other it has to be Spicy Sausage. When my supplies of the flavour dried up a couple of years ago, I along with many other barbel anglers searched high and low to find a replacement flavour that had the same effectiveness. Along with the baits gurus at Sonubaits, I tried and tested several samples but none matched that original flavour. Eventually, we came up with something that matched the original flavour both in the aroma and more importantly its effectiveness. Early results were incredible, not just for barbel but also for chub, and especially carp. The challenge now was to include the flavour in a range of easy to use baits, simply a hookable pellet, a paste and a liquid bait enhancer. The end result is the Barbel and Carp range that not only includes the Hemp & Spicy Sausage flavour but also the reliable and effective Hemp & Halibut and another all time favourite, Hemp & Cheesy Garlic. To compliment the range the four sizes of elliptical shaped pellet make a welcome and effective change from normal pellets. I have found all three flavours work well. The Halibut has the edge in the summer but when there’s any colour in the water then the Cheesy Garlic comes into its own, whilst the Spicy Sausage is an autumn and winter classic.

To get the best from the baits I use an open ended feeder filled with a mixture of different sized pellets that have been softened and enhanced with the liquid flavour to match the hookbait I will be using. I call this mix The Monkey.

■■ The Hemp and Spicy Sausage hookbaits are Ade’s favourites for barbel fishing.

I mix equal measures of 4mm and 8mm Elliptical Feed with double the measure in 6mms. Using the same size measure I add some river water and a good squirt of flavour, before giving the whole lot a good shake up. Make sure all the pellets are coated and for the next 10 minutes give them a good mix every couple of minutes. After 10 minutes, pour off any excess liquid. The resulting pellet mixture should now be left for a further 10 minutes to become sticky. Fishing The Monkey is easy. Cram an open ended feeder with the mix and if you’re on the river, fish a long hooklength, around 4 feet or so. If targeting carp with this mix, try much shorter hooklengths. Hair rig your chosen hook bait and away you go. Because the Hookbait Pellets are also laced with flavour, you end up with a combination that’s just too good for any fish to resist, which is why I always favour The Monkey. Give it a try, I’m sure it will improve your fishing.

l eAdelKiddell d d i A.K

Specimen Angler




Make a Pellet Paste Duncan Charman’s barbel fishing is very different to most, but he certainly catches a few. Check out his approach with soaked pellets for a unique, but effective baiting strategy.

Understanding exactly how your loose feed and hookbait is acting once you have cast it into your swim is vitally important, however how many of us take the time to experiment and watch what’s happening? I for one have to know how things are sitting and working, just like a competent carp angler will check in the margins how his critically balanced bait is acting. By spending countless hours on the bank, lowering rigs into shallow runs that contain fish, then watching how they react has helped me to develop and fine tune what I believe to be the ultimate big barbel catching method out there today, especially on the low density, big fish rivers of the south. What I needed to do was to get my freebies concentrated around my hookbait and after careful thought the use of scolded halibut pellets moulded around the lead presented itself. Not only were the pellets damp, which added weight, but I was able to produce a paste that was able to

hold pellets of different sizes and consistency. The paste was loaded with CSL which clouded the water and the different sized pellets meant that a clever fish was unable to get preoccupied on one sized pellet, almost annoying it so it dropped its guard and hovered everything before it up. The CSL and oil from the pellets leaked off an immediate scent trail downstream which pulled fish upstream, homing in on a small concentrated area of food, one that included my hookbait, and so the ‘Method-Lead’ was invented. Combining a Gripper or Stone like lead free running on the mainline with a braided hooklink of no more than eight-inches my catch rate exploded and the quickness in receiving a

■■ These Elliptical Feed pellets won’t roll in moving water, making them perfect for barbel fishing.

bite was incredible. Stretches of the Loddon which previously had proved so difficult, became relatively easy and by adapting a ‘catch a fish from a swim then move on’ approach I was able to build up a picture of each stretch and what they contained very quickly. The days of sitting behind a rod after dark watching an isotope became a thing of the past, as I was now able to enjoy catching big barbel during the day. The Kennet, a river some said the method would never work, became another that my tactics suited and I was able to rove around during the daylight through different swims in a short space of time with stunning results, and then leave before anyone arrived. Having taken more than ten barbel over fifteen pounds is testament on how effective this method is! Tweaking a winning method is something that all anglers should do and the introduction of the Barbel & Carp Elliptical shaped pellets allowed the area of feed around the lead and hookbait to be concentrated even more precisely, and they don’t need to be scolded, I just add cold water to them the a couple of hours before fishing which softens them and they can be used in exactly the same way. Sonubaits Barbel & Carp Hookbaits or Pellet O’s has removed the fiddly job of drilling hard pellets and the purposelycreated paste can be moulded around the hookbait for added attraction. Sonubaits have certainly made barbel fishing easy…just add water!


ma r a h .C


Duncan Charman Specimen Angler

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Sonu Baits Catalogue 2011  

Sonu Baits product catalogue for 2011. With articles from the top Match, Carp, and Specimen anglers. Great tips and advice for all anglers,...


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