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P restigiou S F I R E S

Prestigious Fires are truly the most exclusive fires in the world. Created for lovers of beautiful furniture, the Exclusive Outdoor fire collection is unsurpassed in its pursuit of excellence. For millennia, fire has played a central role in the home, keeping us warm and when night descends, fuelling our passion. It possess ethereal qualities unlike any other element, drawing ones gaze in deeper as the flames flicker and dance. It is both destructive and creative. With cold rolled steel, ingenuity and meticulous attention to detail, we have tamed its destructive nature and harnessed its energy to create a stunning collection of unique outdoor fires unlike any seen before.

Taking inspiration from many places the Exclusive Outdoor range takes outdoor fires to levels of excellence previously unseen. Our passion for design and knowledge of manufacturing and materials combine in perfect harmony to deliver the products you deserve. From our eye catching hole in the wall fires through to our exquisite fire tables, you can be sure that every detail has been carefully considered. Working alongside our team of designers, our Bespoke service offers individuals the ability to create unique centrepieces designed to your exact requirements. Consulting you at every step along the way, the journey begins with a sketch and culminates with the fire of your dreams. Prestigious Fires, exceptional quality made in Sheffield. 1

“Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort.� John Ruskins

CONTENTS EF5000 PF1000/1200

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Madrid Bahama Milan Dining Oslo Tampa Valencia Seville Seattle Torch

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Gas Insert

A natural focal point for any outdoor gathering, this gas fireplace adds sophistication to its surroundings and ambiance to any occasion. Control of the fire is via a battery powered touch pad with three heat settings mounted on the frame of the fire. The innovative design means that no flue is needed, making installation simple.

Vent Free

The EF5000 is an open-fronted fireplace which does not need a flue. This feature makes the installation simple and allows you freedom in choosing the fireplace location without worrying about a flue disturbing your view.

Control Panel

The EF5000 comes with a push button control panel discreetly situated on the right side of the fascia. From here you can ignite the fireplace as well as adjust the flame height for extra warmth and viewing pleasure.

Zero Clearance

This fireplace is rated zero clearance so you will not need to build an expensive fire rated wall construction. You can install this fireplace directly into a plasterboard timber framed cavity and place a TV above it. See manual for details.


Choice of Facias


The EF5000 is available with a choice of three surround finishes.

Fascia Size: Viewable Flame Area: Fuel:


Stainless Steel



1290mm W x 645mm H x 60mm D 900mm W x 400mm H LPG and Natural Gas 16.5kw

Choice of Fuel Beds The EF5000 is available with a choice of three pebble fuel beds.

Black Coals

White Coals

New Zealand River Rock



Gas Inserts

The PF range of outdoor hole in the wall gas fires are the only frameless inserts available off the shelf which do not require a flue or working chimney. With its warm glow and good looks, the PF range create a stunning focal point in any garden. The beautiful line of dancing flames are complemented by a range of attractive ceramic toppings. Available in 2 sizes, 1000mm and 1200mm, and running on either LPG or natural gas, the PF range brings a touch of luxury to your patio.

Choice of Fuel Beds

White pebbles, Glass ice or Black diamond

Weather shield

Each PF fire is provided with a weather shield to protect the fire from the worst of the weather.

Touch Pad Controls

The PF range is controlled by a touch pad connected to the fire via an 8m cable. This can be mounted indoors or outdoors in a weather proof enclosure. The touch pad can be used to light the fire and increase and decrease the flame height.



3 Bahama Gas Fire Tables - Bianca Piracema Granite

Baroosh, Marlow


Gas Fire Table

The Madrid gas fire table is the ultimate focal point for any outdoor space; its powerful 19Kw gas burner makes it perfect for sitting around on a summers evening. With its contemporary style, use of high quality materials and a modern manufacturing process, the Madrid will stand the test of time. Customisation options allow customers to tailor the Madrid to their personal style, meaning that the fire table will compliment any garden or terrace.


Madrid Specification Customisation

Base Colours

The Madrid fire table is available with a choice of three powder coat finishes for the stainless steel base, as well as a variety of table top materials.

Table Top Materials






Ceramic Wood





Technical Information

The Madrid fire table comes fitted with our signature square gas burner, available in either LPG or natural gas.

Output: LPG - 19kw NG - 17kw



Gas Fire Table

With its stunning granite top and amazing attention to detail, the Bahama fire table is the perfect focal point for any outdoor seating area. The soft warmth that radiates from the Bahama is in contrast to the hard, clean granite surfaces. When these contrasting fundamentals combine, the result is the remarkable magnificence that makes the Bahama the finest gas fire table in the world. Created in the U.K by our highly skilled team of designers and engineers, the Bahama is made from laser cut stainless steel and the highest quality materials, the Bahama fire table would last a lifetime in any garden setting.


Bahama Specification Customisation

The Bahama’s table top is available in either honed Nero assoluto granite or a variety of polished granites.


Technical Information

The Bahama fire table comes fitted with our signature square gas burner, available in either LPG or natural gas.

Output: LPG - 19kw NG - 17kw


Madrid & Bahama Optional Extras Pull Out Drawer with Ice Bucket

The Madrid and Bahama fire tables can be fitted with a drawer which pulls out from under the table. The drawer can be used to store the fire’s lid, glass and cover, as well as additional accessories up to 20kgs. An ice bucket is also included, perfect for keeping drinks cool on a warm summer evening.


LED Lighting

Set the mood with under table LED lighting, available in warm white or red, green and blue. Supplied with remote control. iPhone/iPad app also available.

Locking Access Door

The access hatch which contains the fire controls can be fitted with a camlock for added safety and peace of mind.




The Milan gas fire dining popular with high end res outdoor dining experience With enough space for eig show-stopper for any dini

Optional Extras

Upgrade your Milan dinin wow-factor. The optional locking acce especially popular on the M commercial properties suc Alternative granites are al

Technical Informati

The Milan fire table come available in either LPG or

3 Milan Gas Fire Dining Tables - Nero Assoluto Granite

Wetherspoons - Green Dragon, Leek

Gas Fire Dining Table

table is a truly unique way to dine outdoors; staraunts and individuals alike, the Milan is an e to remember. ght guests, the Milan dining table would be a ing party.

ng table with LED Lighting to add even more

ess door which hides the gas fire controls is Milan dining table as it is often found outside ch as bars and restaurants. lso available as well as a choice of base colours.


es fitted with our signature square gas burner, r natural gas. Output: LPG - 19kw NG - 17kw



Gas Fire Table

The clean, sloping sides of the Oslo gas fire table give it a strikingly modern appearance. The compact design means that it takes up a suprisingly small amount of floor space, while its angular profile prevents it from looking dainty. The Oslo is a gas fire table unlike any other

Technical Information

The Oslo S fire table comes fitted with our signature square gas burner, available in either LPG or natural gas.



LPG - 19kw NG - 17kw


Gas Fire Table

Using our 950 linear gas burner, the Olso R gas fire table is an impressive sight to behold. With the same sloping sides as its smaller sibling, the ‘R’ retains the clean aesthetic while offering a much larger fire profile. The ‘line of flame’ created by the linear gas burner creates a stunning effect as the eye is drawn across the surface of the granite top.

Technical Information

The Oslo R fire table comes fitted with our signature linear gas burner, available in either LPG or natural gas. Output:

LPG - 25kw NG - 23kw



Gas Fire Table

The Tampa gas fire table is a modern interpretation of the primordial campfire raised to coffee table height to invite conversation and to place a drink or canape upon. Handcrafted in smooth high-performance concrete, this serene outdoor fire pit cradles its flame in a beautifully sculptural concavity. A peaceful floating slab, the Tampa’s glow invites reflection and intimate gatherings.

Technical Information

The Tampa S fire table comes fitted with our signature round gas burner, available in either LPG or natural gas. Output:


LPG - 19kw NG - 17kw

Gas Fire Table Features Stainless Steel Trim and Lid

Our fire tables come complete with all stainlesssteel trim and lid to protect the burner when it is not in use. The trim, lid and access hatch are available in a brushed stainless finish.


Removable Glass Windshield

All our fire tables are supplied with toughened glass windshields; ideal for use on breezy evenings in the garden. We use low-iron glass which is incredibly clear and does not have the green tint found in cheaper types of glass.

Choice of Fuel Bed

Three different fuel beds are available; white pebbles, glass ice and black diamond.

White Pebbles

Glass Ice

Black Diamond

All-Weather Cover

An all weather cover is also included, this keeps the table in top condition over the winter months.



Gas Fire Table

The Valencia gas fire table is constructed from a stainless-steel bowl, spun especially for Prestigious Fires. Available in a variety of finishes and with a choice of materials for the top, which is spilt into four quarters for an easier installation. A large central opening in the top is filled with ceramic pebbles for an authentic fire pit look.

Technical Information

The Oslo S fire table comes fitted with our signature square gas burner, available in either LPG or natural gas. Output:

LPG - 19kw NG - 17kw



Gas Fire Table

Inspired by the Metropol Parasol in Seville, Spain. The Seville gas fire table is a striking piece of design which uses an ingenius construction method to create a soft bowl shape from flat sections of steel. Available in ultra-modern stainless steel, or weathered corten steel with either a toughened glass or concreto top. Different combinations of materials reveal new charachteristics in the table. Fitted with our signature round burner and glass windshield, the Seville is not only an amazing example of contemporary design, but also a high-performance outdoor gas fire table.

Technical Information Output:


LPG - 19kw NG - 17kw


Gas Fire Table

Inspired by the Seattle Space Needle, designed by architects Edward E. Carlson and John Graham, Jr, and opened in 1962 for the World’s Fair. The Seattle gas fire table uses modern manufacturing processes such as laser cutting to combine the futuristic Mid-century modern style with contempory quality and craftsmenship. This incredible gas fire table is sure to be a conversation-starter in any setting.

Technical Information Output: LPG - 19kw NG - 17kw



Gas Fires

The Torch is an incredibly adaptable system, offering great flexibility and durability. Using a unique burner the Torch can be configured in a variety of ways. Ideal for use where low maintenance and inaccessibility prevail, the Torch’s construction battles the elements on a daily basis. Through rain and snow the Torch can keep going. Its unique hot wire ignition system ensures care free running day after day. Available in a variety of sizes and outputs there is no project that the Torch cannot be configured for. With remote access controls that can be located at some distance from the burner, locating a Torch in the centre of a water feature couldn’t be easier. With a range of standard products and a bespoke service available, no project is too big for the Torch.


Gas Fire Burners

All of our gas burners are made exclusively for our outdoor gas fires, featuring an all stainless-steel construction and complete w glass windshields. A pre-aeration chamber ensures that the gas is properly mixed with sufficient air to produce the cleanest burn burers do not creat soot or smoke, so are perfect for sitting around and enjoying all year round. With various lengths avaible in t square and round burners, we can always find the right burner for the job.


with perfectly clear low-iron ning flames possible. Our the linear burner, and our


“The details are not the details. They make the design.� Charles Eames






A Bespoke project begins with a concept. Whether working from an architect’s drawing, or providing the creative spark needed for your dream fire, our designers can turn your ideas into reality.

Usin desi conc mod prod to m draw

BESPOKE The Process Materials

All stainless-steel construction ensures that Prestigious Fires products will stand the test of time.



Our fire tables come complete with all stainlesssteel trim and lid to protect the burner when not in use, available in either brushed stainless finish or powder coated.


None of our prod headquarters wi of engineers sea Extensive testing products means use them with co mind.



We keep our clients involved in the design process of a custom fire table, photo-realistic renders are just one of the ways we can help you visualise your Bespoke product.

ng the latest computer-aided ign software, we develop our cepts into working virtual dels. Designing Bespoke ducts in this way allows us make adjustments and create wings for clients to approve.

Laser Cutting All of our stainless-steel parts are lasercut to ensure the highest possible levels of accuracy.

ducts leave our ithout our team al of approval. g of our gas s that you can omplete peace of

Water Jet Cutting

Water jet cutting is a method of cutting materials from CAD drawings; water is shot through a nozzle at very high pressures, by mixing the water with abrasive particles the jet is able to cut through granite and other hard materials up to 30mm thick.


We deliver all of our Bespoke fire tables in person. This makes the Bespoke process truly a start to finish journey.


Veere Grenney Architects









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