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’sec’. The few parts that give volume to a room should speak a clear language. That’s our distinctive mark.” Sustainability plays a key role in all business areas of the Vendome Group: On the one hand, they basically do not undertake designs that are trend-oriented or that have already been created in such a way that they will be replaced after a few years with the “next big thing”. On the other hand, they use hydrogen in their production facilities, and their manufacturing processes are certified – and are also controlled. An estimated 80% of the packaging material can be reused, and the wood waste needed for insulation is shredded and used for heating. Of course, there are differences in the longevity of the furnishings which they make for a five-star hotel or that of a two-star hotel, such as the Ibis Hotel in Zurich, one of their recent projects. “It’s just a matter of different demands, not aesthetics,” says Irpinio. Working on a limited budget is even great fun. “Then it’s all about the small details, the refined finesse, that ends up looking really great without having to be expensive at all.” The simple interiors of the Vendome Group – whether a luxury hotel or private residence – are of a timelessness and elegance that will be long in demand. For 2019, there are some exciting projects for the design house based in Rotkreuz: in early summer, a large design collaboration will finally be announced, consisting of three hotels (two in Switzerland, one in Milan) and a number of private customers are also scheduled. You will recognize these projects by their soft but self-confident whisper, “Made in Italy”. For details see:

“Custom-tailored designs for the most beautiful venues worldwide”: The Swiss interior design company, The Vendome Group, has counted among its clients an illustrious range of hotels and high net worth individuals, including The Chedi Andermatt, Mandarin Oriental Paris and the Park Hyatt Milano. From the development and planning of the design and the individual furniture production, up to your ready to move in dream home, at home and abroad, here the complete interior work is professionally taken care of. Everything is from a single source, and from a very stylish hand: that of Gaetano Irpinio. After studying interior design in Milan, the aspiring Zurich designer gained experience with star architect Antonio Citterio. This opportunity influenced him both personally and in his aesthetics: Whoever knows the Bulgari Hotel in Milan will recognize Citterio’s lavish signature. The Vendome Group speaks the same language, but with a gentler, reduced dialect that is particularly appealing to customers in Switzerland. “Italy plays a very important role for us, both in terms of craft and design,” says Irpinio. The Vendome Group works as a contractor with its own carpentry, upholstery workshops and factories that produce luminous objects or bronze sculptures: all Swiss designed and Made in Italy. For perfect quality and compliance with all its design goals, the Vendome Group employs its own scouts, who constantly visit the production sites and check the work process. This is “essential” at the level of custom workmanship. For the family man, the art of understated luxury is clear in the choice of raw materials worked with. “The few materials we use are very precious. Whether it is for a sofa or a sideboard which we design and custom make in Italy, it’s really all very


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PRESTIGE India 01/2019  

PRESTIGE India 01/2019