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HEALTH ORGANI­ SATION)! 7. SHOULDER PRESS WITH AGE OUR SHOULDERS LOSE SOME POWER. IN COMPARISON, EXERCISE 7 HAS THE EFFECT OF MAKING YOU FEEL FIT AND HEALTHY. It is best to arrange an appointment with a personal coach before the targeted training, in order to be well-informed regarding the possible methods, the actual state of one’s fitness, and the desired goal according to your age. At the moment, in addition to the 7 exercises mentioned above, the treadmill or moonwalker is also a great way to keep fit. Depending on the person, group training e.g. Pilates or Flow Bow, yoga or weight training can lead you to your goal. It is important to get advice from a professional and to begin very gently but regularly because that is the only way to have fun, and you will soon experience positive results.


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PRESTIGE India 01/2019  

PRESTIGE India 01/2019