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in fabric for panels, divans and curtains, and over 400 choices in leather available from catalogues; combinations and styles are infinitely variable and can be combined to satisfy the most demanding of tastes. Starting up front with the cockpit, which features the most modern, Honeywell Primus Epic avionics suite with heads-up display and infrared synthetic vision, flight crews have at their fingertips some of the most cutting-edge tools with which to operate efficiently, but more importantly, safely. Aft of the cockpit one finds a crew divan, necessary for long-haul flights requiring three pilots, with one resting at any given time, as well as the crew lavatory – one of three, wellappointed lavatories found aboard this craft. Behind the crew rest is the galley, which serves as a fully functional meal and refreshment centre and has large amounts of counter space, a custom sink that swings out from behind sliding doors, and as many conveniences as one would expect of a modern, luxury kitchen. A touch screen control panel in the galley allows the flight attendant to control video and music, lighting, pleated curtain window shades and temperature in any or all zones. Cabin lighting – styling lights, accents and downwash – is by way of LED lights, with red, blue or green tint options available. Cabin air refresh is designed so that air circulates without drafts, a task handled by careful attention to the environmental control system diffuser.



Behind a closing door you enter the heart of the Lineage: the conference centre, which is laid out in a club-four seating arrangement, each with pull-out side ledge tables and an LCD monitor (up to 42 inches) against the front left bulkhead. Each seat has been designed using computerised pressure mapping of test subjects to deliver the optimal density and layering of foam cushioning. Further individual seating is available in the next zone aft, which forms the fore-section of the main cabin. Once more, each seat is wired with connectors for power and signal, behind recessesed outlet covers situated in the side ledge deco panels. All eight executive seats across the various zones are equipped with controls for sound and video. This section also features the mid-cabin lavatory on the left hand side, and an in-flight entertainment cabinet on the starboard side that is factory equipped with three DVD/CD players and sound systems by Audio International, or DT Sound. The largest zone features an entertainment area with 42-inch LCD mounted atop a credenza, two adjacent chairs and the “wow” divan, named for its impressive size, on the opposite side of the mid-cabin zone. Custom-built speakers assure theatrelike surround sound that includes subwoofers hidden beneath the stretched divan. External noise is minimised through the judicious use of layers of insulation around the fuselage and under the floor – the amount of which is dictated by

customer audio requirements while not compromising too much weight, which affects payload and maximum range. Capping off the main entertainment area is an executive office area with CEO’s desk featuring voice connectivity through the Air Cell system, as well as Iridium satellite communications and a Thales-built wireless Internet connectivity suite. Located at the very end of the cabin is the VIP bedroom and lavatory, which includes an optional shower. There are warmed floors in the shower area thanks to the use of radiant heat, while the bedroom features a Grosse Point-lined wardrobe. The Lineage is able to carry enough water for an indulgent shower time of 93 minutes, notwithstanding the other water usage from entities such as galley and lavatories. A large baggage compartment is built into the left-hand rear of the aircraft and depending on other options, measures a cavernous eight cubic metres. It is heated and pressurised and can be accessed during flight from the rear of the aircraft. Designed to carry 19 passengers in ultimate, large-scale luxury, the Lineage can also be configured to carry more pax, should the customer require, thanks to its original design as a 100-seat airliner. Of course, this requires sacrificing some luxury. At a base price of only $41 million, some 30 percent less than that of its rivals in this class, there is currently no greater value for money on the market.  Contact Embraer Executive Jets: Agent in Africa: Lynton Van Aswegen • Email: • Tel: +27 11 465 0314 • Fax: +27 11 465 2532 • Mobile: +27 82 947 4444 • Visit:


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