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mounted pedal box. The dashboard was completely redesigned to suit the new identity, and to improve ergonomics and functionality. Air vents were designed in turbine style, and a multifunctional LCD display integrated between speedometer and odometer. Chronoswiss dials and switches are available as an option. The cabin is still free of touch screens and black plastic, though it is not lacking in modern amenities. Driving the car is an experience in itself. To power it up, flip up a red cover in the middle of the dash to reveal a toggle switch which must be switched on first, before the start button can be pressed. As the powerful V8 engine roars to life and you give a little gas, the 1,425-kilogram Aileron shoots forward with remarkable clout, reaching 100km/h in 4.5 seconds. With a power output just shy of 300Kw, a maximum speed of 300km/h and the ability to produce 480Nm of torque, this is certainly an easy car to drive hard and to drive fast. The Aileron is fitted with a brandnew front and rear independent double-wishbone suspension system. This includes a new kinematic layout of the front and rear suspension, front and rear stabiliser bars, mono-tube dampers, coil over damper steel springs, and anti-dive and antisquat setup for improved handling properties. The suspension components are made

of forged aluminium where possible, to keep the vehicle’s unsprung weight as low as possible. Shock absorbers are now placed vertically within the wishbones. The Aeroblade™ wheels of the first-generation cars were replaced by newly designed 19-inch alloy wheels. New 10-blade, 19-inch directional rotor wheels, branded Rotorblade™, are available as an option. These wheels are inspired by the turbine blades of a jet engine – another hint at Spyker’s aviation heritage. The C8 Aileron will be available with two transmission alternatives. The first is a six-speed Getrag manual gearbox, with ratios perfectly matched to the V8 engine. The second is a ZF six-speed automatic gearbox, which comes standard with paddle shifts behind the steering wheel. Both transmissions retain Spyker’s trademark exposed gear change mechanism. All Ailerons will be fitted with a six-speed torque converter automatic transaxle. But what makes this car what it is really isn’t the way it drives. Rather, it is the rarity; the unusualness of this car that gets heads turning. Spyker believes that this sort of exclusivity is what will attract around 75 buyers per year. The vehicles will be available later this year, with base prices starting at around $220,000. Visit for more information. 


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