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At the dawn of the motoring age a Dutch vehicle manufacturer was building cars to become a benchmark for foreign counterparts. Combining technological innovation with a drive for engineering perfection and superb quality, Spyker cars won gruelling races and set speed records, swiftly becoming known as the most prestigious cars of their time. Words: TONI ACKERMANN Images: Š SPYKER

nose and the short rear section of the car give it a powerful stance. The relation between the wheelbase, the overhangs, the width of the front and rear of the car, and the height of the car give it a dynamic, powerful elegance. The design underlines the car's performance potential, but does so without any extrovert features distracting the eye. This almost architectural purity of the design gives the car a clean shape that represents the essence of the Spyker experience. To better the aerodynamic

performance of the vehicle, several styling changes were made. The canopy was stretched backwards and the shark-like gills were abandoned, making for a cleaner, smoother look. The front end is now characterised by a larger grille while the rear diffuser was redesigned for improved functionality. An extra spoiler under the diffuser boosts the ground effect thereof. The wheelbase of the C8 Aileron is 15 centimetres longer than the shorter base of the first generation cars, giving greater driving comfort and stability at high speeds, not to

mention significantly improved road handling. Thanks to this longer chassis, the Aileron has more interior space, which results in a higher comfort level and improved ergonomics. The interior, with its typical attention to detail, is made of the highest quality leather from the Litano range of the Dutch Royal Tannery Hulshof. Both driver and passenger sit low, close to the car’s centre of gravity, where the reaction of the car to the input of the driver is easily felt. Space was created around the Spyker-characteristic floor-

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