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Welcome to the first EVER Prestige Imports emagazine! This publication is possible because of you, our customer, and we are very grateful to be able share some of this year’s highlights with you. Inside you will find details regarding customer appreciation events (including Oktoberfest 201 2 which brought in over 11 00 people), the showcasing of very special customers and other riveting reading material.



Oktoberfest 201 2



The Ride To The Corners



My Prestige Experience: A Letter From A New Customer



A Pair Of Porsche Enthusiasts And Their Speed Yellow 997 Turbo



Prestige Imports Velo News



The Race For The Cure



201 2 Day At The Track



It's As Good As It Gets



These Vehicles Have It All



We Took Our Customers For A Drive... On The Lake



Meet The Porsche Service Team

We are excited about the future of our dealership and are proud to announce the acquisition two pieces of property located near the main store. Our hopes are to be able to grow both the Porsche and Audi brands over the next several years in order to keep up with the demand for our products. Again, thanks to you, we have experienced double digit percentage growth over the last two years in all departments, while keeping our customer service index scores at levels that are higher than the national average. We are committed to you and appreciate your continued support. Our management team is always here to assist, so feel free to reach out to any of us at any time. Scott Dounn, Service Manager; Dave Stribling, Porsche Service Manager; Rich Gallegos, Parts Manager; Jim Frost, Collision Center Manager; Heather Pridemore, Customer Care Manager; Scott West, Audi Sales Manager; Adam Moore, Pre Owned Sales Manager; Dean Blackwelder, Porsche Sales Manager; Billy Long and Rhiannon Valijalali, Finance Coordinators. Sincerely, Justin Adis General Manager

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OKTOBERFEST 2012 This year’s Oktoberfest was a tremendous success! We had over 1 ,1 00 guests on hand to witness the display of the new 201 3 Audi RS5, S6, S7 and S8 models as well as JDX Racing’s Porsche 911 GTC car. This was our first year featuring Helga’s German Restaurant & Deli, and we also had authentic German beer from Paulaner. Amadeus Nut Company’s was on hand to provide fresh roasted nuts. The food and drink was delicious and in high demand, unfortunately, this resulted in some long lines. We apologize for the wait and we will definitely revisit the layout of the food line for 201 3.

Also at Oktoberfest, Prestige Imports General Manager Justin Adis presented a brand new Audi A4 to Rick and Ellen Scivicque - winners of the Prestige Imports "Win an A4" contest. Entertainment during the event was provided by Helmut Fricker playing his Alphorn and Accordian, Joe Gruenwald playing his Zither, and the Schuhplattlers performing their traditional Bavarian dances. Additionally, the unloading of the beautiful gold JDX Racing 911 GTC car from their big purple trailer drew quite a crowd. The car was lowered from its perch high in the trailer and pushed into the Porsche Showroom without ever firing up its engine. The onlookers agreed that this was quite the site to see. As the night drew to a close, The Schuhplattlers opened up the dancing to the young and the young at heart, and the crowd really enjoyed seeing the little ones mimic the moves of the big folks in the lederhosen. We’d like to issue a big thank you to everyone involved in making our 22nd Annual Oktoberfest such a huge success and we are already looking forward to the 23rd edition of this great event. See you at Oktoberfest 201 3!

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The Ride To The Corners

After spending 1 4 days on the road for The Ride To The Corners, former Prestige Imports General Manager Don Adis and pals Stuart Boulter and Ted Graham made their return to the dealership just in time for our annual Oktoberfest. The Ride To The Corners was a fundraiser to benefit The Action Center in Lakewood, CO whose mission is to provide help for the working poor and homeless of Jefferson County. The Ride To The Corners raised over $3000 to benefit The Action Center. With temperatures ranging from 33o to 1 07o, Don and his crew traveled 6,922 total miles (not including the 1 ,500 miles from Denver to Blaine, WA or the 2,485 miles from ME back to CO) in 1 4 days at an average speed of 60 mph. They proceeded from Blaine, WA to San Ysidro, CA, to Key West, FL and finished up in Madawaska, ME. On the way back to Lakewood, the guys stopped at the Geographical Center of the United States near Lebanon, KS. Along the trip, they met up with

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people from around the country who were part of the Southern California Motorcycle Association (SCMA). Don explains everything in his blog, and if you haven’t already, check it out at Below is an excerpt from part of the trip. Excerpt from Don’s Blog... But first, I digress. A week or so before we began this adventure, I got on to the SCMA web site and signed in as a new member to their “Forum.” I made some comments about our Four Corners Ride (which the SCMA started as a quasi-organized event, some years ago). I noted that we were doing this ride not only for our own entertainment, but that we were going to try to raise $10,000 for The Action Center in Lakewood. The response I got was much more than I had any expectation of. I got a lot of responses from members of the SCMA (who hail from all over the US), with “Atta boy, way to go, have fun,” to “Hey you guys, when you’re passing

through, let me know and I’ll meet you for coffee or where ever.” Elliot Gates, who lives in the San Ysidro area, in support of our efforts, came to meet us at the Post Office there, and we had a delightful visit, all on his time. How nice is that? Then, I got an email from Mark Lenson. Mark lives in Boca Raton, FL. I don’t know Mark, but he latched on to our Four Corners Ride idea of raising money for a good cause right away. Almost immediately after reading my post on the SCMA Forum, Mark sent a message to me. He made a donation of over $400 to The Action Center! He invited us to visit when we were in southern Florida and offered to pay for our nights lodging and a meal. Well, last night we stayed in a very nice Hampton Inn in Homestead, courtesy of Mark. This afternoon we rode up to Boca Raton to meet Mark. He paid for our dinner. Mark’s kindness and generosity overwhelmed all three of us. We had a wonderful dinner and visit together. He took us to a restaurant that he knew of in the area. We started talking with the manager who, by the end of the evening, had taken a photo of all of us by our bikes and was going to post our web site information on their Facebook page! Now, that’s what it’s all about! Total strangers showing an interest in something worthwhile and

actually doing something with it. Our country is full of people like these who are all doing good things every day and with everything they do in life. We have met so many really nice people along the way so far. At a gas station, people will walk up to us, drawn by all the decals on our bikes, to ask us where we’re from and where we’re going. Invariably, we end up talking about the ride we’re on and what the greater purpose of it is. Without fail, they all show a genuine interest in our journey and our cause. A few nights ago, while staying at a motel in Killeen, TX, we printed out some little paper “cards” with information about our web site and the charity that we are riding for. As we speak, I do believe that we’ve handed out almost all of them already. Wow. As a side light, today we rode down to Key West and back (260 miles of very slow driving) and have ended the day in Boca Raton. We’ve now made it to 3 of the 4 corners of the US. Tomorrow we head for Madawaska, ME, about 2,500 miles north of here. Let the journey continue with such positive energy! And, don’t you forget to do what ever you can, in what ever way, to support The Action Center.

Second Excerpt from Don’s Blog...

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My closest and most enlightened friend would call this “a rampage of appreciation” for motorcycling: I love motorcycling. I love being outside all day. I love my motorcycle. I love how it is so responsive to my every input. I love the sound of the exhaust as I cruise along, as I accelerate, as I decelerate. I love shifting up and down through it’s 6 speed transmission and trying to make every shift as smooth and seamless as possible. I love going through curvy, twisting, technical sections of road; setting the bike up for each curve, choosing the correct line, slowing a bit on entry and accelerating through and out of the corner. I love the fact that motorcycling takes 100% of my concentration, 100% of the time. I love trying to pack all my necessities in a very limited amount of space. I love the sound of the wind as it passes by my snug and cozy helmet. I love the heated jacket that I can wear when the temperature drops, that keeps me comfortable even when its 40 degrees. I love my waterproof clothing that keeps me dry in the rain. I love the sound of the road passing underneath me and watching the

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texture of the pavement change. I love watching the road for anything that might influence my passing; little pot holes, sand, gravel, strips of tar, fragments of truck tires, chairs falling out of rickety old pick-up trucks, fresh oil, rail road tracks, cattle guards, bridge grates, water, ice, snow, mud. I love the smells that fill my nose with fragrances all day long; freshly cut grass, hay, alfalfa, apple orchards, orange groves, sage, the air right after it rains, pine forests, autumn leaves, cow . . . ., well, not so much that, and the smell of spring.

My Prestige Experience: A Letter From A New Customer Good evening Justin, I would like you to know about my recent experience at Prestige Imports on Wednesday, October 24, 201 2. My purchase of a Audi Q5 was unexpectedly carefree and pleasurable. Who knew. First of all let me tell you that I have been a devoted Volvo owner for years. I have had 8 Volvos, and had the last one for 8 years. When I started looking for a new vehicle I wanted something that I hadn't anticipated from Volvo. Audi offered that. I visited the showroom months ago and met Gerhard. He provided not only a test drive, but professionalism and expertise that I have not experienced for some time. When you're a repeat customer, dealerships and salespersons don't have to gain your trust. They know you'll buy. Big mistake... I was leaning towards an Audi, and I knew that I could get a better deal for a lesser car from Volvo. But it was not only the Q5 that impressed me but also Gerhard. The consummate professional, with his phenomenal sense of humor, expertise and knowledge that helped make my final decision, it was a pleasure to work with him. He learned what I was looking for and delivered. Gerhard even let me know the name of the cargo carrier that my vehicle was on with it's ETA and of course, I charted it's every move. Originally, I planned to purchase, changed my mind to lease, then changed it again to purchase. He calmly understood in each circumstance and told me to make the best decision for me. During the financing Billy was helpful and made everything, smooth and painless. Yet another phenomenal consummate professional. I requested driver and passenger window tinting and a front license plate holder, Jackie called today and I have both enhancements scheduled next week. So now I'm an Audi owner, but not just an Audi owner but, a Prestige Audi owner. Thanks to exceeding the customer service experience from Gerhard, Billy and Jackie. I have enjoyed my vehicle in the short time that I've had it, and look forward to many pleasurable miles ahead. And, I'm finding out the computer isn't as difficult as I first thought. Regards, Marla

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A P ai r of P ors ch e E n th u s i as ts An d Th ei r S peed Yel l ow 9 9 7 Tu rbo

As members of the Porsche Club of America (PCA), Kathy and Walt are what some may call “Porsche enthusiasts.” They are very active as Rocky Mountain Region PCA Driving Instructors and both hold PCA Club Racing licenses. Walt is the PCA National Club Racing Rules Chair, and Kathy has chaired the Rocky Mountain Region’s Club Race for 1 4 years. Kathy and Walt credit their strong relationship with Prestige Imports to the fact that Prestige “has always been a big part of the Rocky Mountain Region (RMR). Starting back when Don Adis was [the] General Manager. Don was a huge supporter

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of all of our Club Events. Justin Adis and Dean Blackwelder have followed in his footsteps and have continued to support RMR. Prestige is our Club Race Title Sponsor and we all appreciate this greatly. We have also had the privilege of using [the] facility for many of our club meetings.” They purchased their first Porsche in 1 991 at Prestige Imports, a Chiffon White 1 984 Carrera, sold to them by Don Adis. Already owners of two Porsche race cars, they purchased their most recent 997 Turbo in May 201 2. Kathy described the eleven month search, “several years ago, Walt caught me online looking at newer Porsches. Many of us have dreams of owning a beautiful

Porsche, and this dream came true for usOour wish list included: water cooled Porsche 911 with the ‘Metzger’ engine, very comfortable seats, and lower mileage, fast is always good but guaranteed, and had to be either Red or Speed Yellow.” As luck would have it, they found the perfect vehicle in Thousand Oaks, California and Walt just happened to already be in Irvine, California for a Club Racing Scrutineers meeting. Kathy made the call to Walt to check out the vehicle and the following morning he picked the car up for the long, but exhilarating, trip back home. According to Kathy, “It was quite a bonding experience for him. He knew the engine’s power... [after driving an] identical black 480 HP turbo at Pikes Peak International Raceway, which meant using the cruise control on the Interstates. At Cedar City, Utah, after an overnight stop, he cut across the mountains to the east to sample the curves and amazing scenery before getting back on I-70 for home.” As Kathy put it, the “cream in the coffee” was having Hans-Peter and Wolfgang Porsche sign the hood at the Porsche Parade this past summer in Utah. Kathy was truly happy saying “nothing could get better than that.” The couple, who are both retired, purchased the Speed Yellow Turbo for their cross country adventures, regional tours, and the like. Kathy explained that both she and Walt have large families and they love to travel and visit them as much as possible. They recently returned from attending the PCA Escape, a low-key alternative to the national Porsche Parade, hosted by a different region each year. This year’s event was held in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Having never even heard of Eureka Springs, the couple thought it would be “a hoot” to drive out and attend the event this year. They caravanned out to Arkansas with two other couples and stated, “we had a wonderful Porsche time.” Kathy summed it all up by stating, “we are looking forward to many miles of quick and comfortable travel.”

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PRESTIGE IMPORTS VELO NEWS Prestige Imports is proud to be involved in the local bicycle-racing community. The Prestige Audi Cycling team competed in numerous races over the past few months with experience of all levels and had some strong finishers along the way. Below are a few of the races in which Prestige Imports had involvement. July 21 st marked the 47th Annual Bob Cook Memorial Mt. Evans Hill Climb, which allows bicycle racers from age 9 to age 85 to traverse the highest paved road in the United States, beginning at 7,540 feet and climbing to 1 4,264 feet. Prestige Imports was proud to be a sponsor for the Mt. Evans Hill Climb where hundreds of racers competed and was a challenge for all racers. The Vuelta A Salida on August 1 8 had over 1 ,000 participants of all skill levels who had the option to race a 1 00-mile course, or a 50mile course. As the title sponsor, Prestige Imports was proud to introduce the newly redesigned 201 3 Audi AllRoad as the official vehicle of the event. Also, a big congratulations is in order to our General Manager Justin Adis, who finished 3rd in the 1 00-mile course, which in itself is a true accomplishment. Due to the success of the event, it will now be known as the Prestige Imports Vuelta a Salida. August 25th was the seventh and final stage in a 7-race series known as the Epic SingleTrack Race. Prestige Imports was present as a sponsor. This race began in Fraser and finished at the base of Winter Park Resort. A 26-mile-long race is the longest of the series, known as King of the Rockies.

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On August 29th, customers and fans were invited to visit Prestige Imports where three cyclists from Team Garmin-Sharp-Barracuda were in attendance. Tom Danielson, Lachlan Morton and Alex Howes were on hand to sign autographs and meet the Prestige Imports customer base and cycling fans.

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Prestige Imports was a sponsor of the Bob Cook Memorial Mt. Evans Hill Climb and provided a number of pace cars during the race.

Kevin Chadwick and Peter Pretzler of the Pretige Imports Cycling Team wait for the start of their group at the Bob Cook Memorial Mt. Evans Hill Climb.

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Prestige Imports General Manager Justin Adis gets ready to climb Mt. Evans.

Riders pose for a picture with the Prestige Imports Team Car during the fun ride preceding the start of the Vuelta a Salida.

Ladies from the Prestige Imports sponsored Naked Women's Racing Team pose for a picture with Lachlan Morton, Alex Howes, and Tom Danielson of Team Garmin-SharpBarracuda.

A group of cyclists, including Tom Danielson, Alex Howes and Lachlan Morton of Team Garmin-SharpBarracuda, start the climb up Lookout Mountain in Golden, CO.

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The Race For The Cure Prestige Imports was excited to have a team in the 20th Anniversary Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure that took place October 7. This year’s team had 1 5 participants and raised $720.00 to go towards breast cancer research. Participants ran, walked or slept in to raise money that goes towards breast cancer research.

Did you know that Prestige Imports is on Instagram? Check us out...

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The second annual Prestige Imports Day at the Track was held on August 23rd, 201 2 at High Plains Raceway in Byers, CO. Customers brought in a wide variety of their own Porsche and Audi vehicles to take turns on the track and we had four vehicles available for test drives. Our Porsche 911 Carrera S, New Boxster, Audi S4 and Audi S5 were all in high demand and spent the whole day on the track – when they weren’t on their way back in to Byers for gas. This customer appreciation event was an exciting time for the Prestige Imports team to connect with our customers and spend time getting to know them and their vehicles. It was also an incredible opportunity for everyone to spend some time behind the wheel with a professional driving instructor riding shotgun. A few members of the Prestige Imports team got the chance to put our new race car through its paces. The 2004 Porsche 911 GT3 sports a matte black finish with glossy red racing stripe and logos. It looks right at home on the track at High Plains. In addition to all the excitement out on the track, there was a film crew on hand to shoot video. Their setup included a custom made helicopter that was able to hover over the track and get some unbelievable shots of cars streaking past. To see the final video for yourself, be sure to check out our YouTube channel: >>> All in all, the Day at the Track was a fantastic event, and we can’t wait for our next opportunity to head out to Byers and put the hammer down.

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It’s As Good As It Gets... For over 25 years, Roxanne has been a part of the Porsche franchise. Since purchasing her first 911 in 1 987, and having numerous 911 s since, Roxanne now owns a 2002 996 Cabriolet as well as a new 201 3 Cayenne Diesel.

She has always had an interest in cars, especially German engineering. Roxanne has deemed Porsche as “her brand.” She recently declared that she hopes she will always be in a position to own Porsche “There are certainly other well made cars in the market, but Porsche is different. Nonowners seem to think it is about speed, but to me, it is really about performance; speed is just part of that performance equation. I think they are great cars and I love driving them.” Roxanne is a big proponent of 911 owners attending driving school. “Driving a 911 is great fun – but it became even more fun for me once I learned how to drive it. A 911 is pretty powerful – and taking a sharp turn is exhilarating especially if you drive into it! These cars want to be driven – they want to be driven hard, want to be pushed”. She credits the driving school that she attended with giving her that appreciation. Roxanne is passionate about her 911 , “there’s nothing like driving one, second gear is totally awesome in a 911 – it’s as good as it gets.” The newest addition to Roxanne’s journey with Porsche is her new 201 3 Cayenne Diesel. She loves the idea of having a responsive SUV that is also fuel efficient. She does not intend to take her Cayenne off road, but looks forward to driving it to Montana and Wyoming when she takes her annual fly-fishing trips. She’s a self proclaimed “mountain girl.” Over the years Roxanne has purchased several Porsche vehicles from Prestige Imports. She attributes her continued relationship to the experiences she has had with Prestige Imports’ Sales and Service professionals. She explained,

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“they have a long-standing relationship with Porsche and understand the cars as well as the buyer.” Roxanne keeps up on her routine maintenance and is most appreciative of the long standing relationship she has had with Porsche Service Manager, Dave Stribling. In her own words, “their service manager, in particular, is the guy I trust. He owns Porsche [vehicles] himself and he has worked in the service bay – subsequently, he truly understands these cars.” Roxanne is proud to say she “wouldn’t consider doing business with another dealer.” The only problem Roxanne has had with her vehicles is that she doesn’t get to spend nearly enough time behind the wheel. As a consultant, she spends a lot of her time working. However, when she’s not on the clock, she makes time for cooking and is in the process of writing a cookbook. She’s also looking forward to extending her fly-fishing trips now that she has the Cayenne Diesel.

These Vehicles Have It All!

Mark and Shelly are a married couple that share a passion for the Audi and Porsche brands. Mark is a mechanical engineer and entrepreneur. He started his own HVAC Manufacturers’ Representative Company, Edge Mechanical Systems, Inc., in 2006. His wife Shelly also has her own business since 1 999, Addison’s Hair Design, Inc., and is currently working towards a difficult board certification in Hair Color. In addition to running their businesses and working hard they are a very active couple. According to Mark, “I love being active and it’s amazing to have a wife that loves all of the same activities. Shelly and I truly do just about everything together as a couple.” Mark and Shelly’s hobbies include: snow skiing, scuba diving, backpacking/hiking, cycling (road & mountain), hunting, cooking, photography, traveling, and spending time with family and friends. The couple also enjoys being around cars and they have attended many Prestige Imports events. They

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attended both the 2011 and 201 2 Day at the Track events and Oktoberfest 2011 . Shelly described what it’s like to participate in a Prestige Imports’ event, “It’s always nice to see our Prestige friends at different Prestige Imports’ venues and to talk about cars and such. The days at the track are especially fun for me, as I love everything about being at the track – the smell of race fuel, the sound of the fast cars, watching all the fast cars, and sometimes an opportunity to drive!” Mark and Shelly own a 2011 Audi S4 and a 2009 Porsche Cayenne Turbo S. The S4 is Mark’s daily driver in the spring and summer and the Cayenne is Shelly’s main vehicle and considered to be the “family vehicle.” When asked what he likes most about his S4 Mark stated, “I’m going with Accelerating, Braking, and Cornering, and of course, the car looks awesome” which he credits to the Prestige Imports’ Service Department. Being an engineer, Mark takes great pride in the modifications to his S4, “Prestige’s Service Department is top

notch and has installed all of the aftermarket, high performance modifications to the Audi. The list of modifications is very long and Aaron always has that ‘what’s next’ look on his face when I walk into the shop.” The Cayenne was nearly a surprise for Shelly but Mark wanted to make sure she absolutely loved the vehicle before purchasing it. They were in the market for an AWD vehicle that would be reliable for winters in the foothills. Shelly loves that she gets the best of both worlds from her Cayenne, “there is no need to compromise. This vehicle has it all; horsepower, torque, handling capabilities, and is beautifully designed! I love to drive this car since it’s fast, comfortable, and has a great sound system! It’s nice to have a vehicle that you feel safe in the winter and can have fun in the summer. The fact that you can haul what you need and still have a sports car is pretty darn amazing!”

Mark and Shelly originally came to Prestige Imports because it’s close to where they live but they will continue to come to Prestige Imports “due to the relationships [they] have built with the dealership.” Mark hopes to add a Porsche dedicated track car and GT3 to his garage in the future.

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We Took Our Customers For A Drive... On The Lake

On February 1 8th of 201 2, Prestige Imports hosted our first ever Winter Driving Event on the frozen surface of Georgetown Lake, and it was a blast! We had an impressive gathering of our loyal customers come out to test their driving skills in some of the finest machinery in the world, in some of the toughest conditions that Colorado has to offer. But do you think we would turn this group of would be racers loose on the ice with our own cars? Well, YES!! Kind of. The event was hosted by the US Audi Club and they provided expert guidance from their highly trained instructors. For the event, we provided a 201 2 Porsche 911 Carrera S (991 ), a Panamera 4S, and a Cayenne, as well as an Audi A4, A8, and 3 Q 5’s. We kicked things off with eggs, bacon, sausage and waffles at Ed’s 1 859 Café in Georgetown, where

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drivers met their instructors and received some preliminary tips on how to tackle the ice. Of course nothing beats real world experience, so after breakfast, we headed over to the lake and started everyone with a slow introductory lap and car control exercises, where drivers could take the vehicles through their paces with live instruction. After the morning driving sessions had concluded we headed back over to Ed’s for some lasagna, spaghetti, and fantastic cake. Then it was back to the ice, where drivers got a chance to engage with a redesigned and more complicated course for the rest of the afternoon. The day’s activities wrapped up at about 4:30 and everyone said their “goodbyes,” and “we’ll see you next years.” It was a lot of fun and a great way for drivers to get some experience with the demands of

winter driving in a controlled environment. We’d love to tell you what a great time everyone had, but we’ll let them tell you insteadO. “Had the opportunity to join Prestige at their Winter Driving Event up on Georgetown Lake and enjoyed every minute of it. Highly recommended to any Prestige customer who gets the chance. Great way to spend a SaturdayD..sliding around on the ice learning the true potential of your vehicle in adverse conditions with professional instructor sitting next to you in the passenger seat. Thank you Prestige!” – Christian “Just recently I had the pleasure of attending the Audi Ice Driving Event (in my 2009 Audi A4) put on by Prestige Imports and the US Audi Club up in George Town. I’ve always wanted to do something like this but have never gotten the opportunity, so when I got the invite I knew I had to attend. The day was amazing! Everyone was very nice, helpful, and the event was very well organized. They had plenty of expert drivers on hand to help assist people who did not feel comfortable or wanted more training on how to properly drive on the ice. The event was not over crowded so we all got ample ice driving time. Both lunch and breakfast were paid for by PrestigeD” –prettypinkshoes

The 201 3 installment of the Winter Driving Event is right around the corner. It will be held on January 5, 201 3. Stay tuned for invitations and details!

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Meet The Porsche Service Team Dave Stribling - Porsche Service Manager I am a familiar face to most of you and many of you likely know my long history with the Porsche brand, but for those of you who are new to Prestige Imports or Porsche or maybe who don’t know me as well, I would like to formally introduce myself – my name is Dave Stribling and I am the Porsche Service Manager for Prestige Imports. I am originally from Texas but moved to Colorado in 1 998 at the young age of 1 7. I have built a great life in Colorado and get to share it with my beautiful wife Shelley and my lovely little girl Julia. As a family we enjoy traveling, sailing, going to race tracks, and visiting with friends and family. My first car was a 1 967 Bronco that always seemed to be broken. I was always a bit of a car guy but the broken down Bronco is how I got into tinkering with the engine and making repairs. I bought my first Porsche when I was 1 8. My neighbor had an orange 1 977 924 for sale. I took it for a spin and fell in love with the way the car drove. It wasn’t very fast but extremely nimble. Overall the car was in terrible condition and not something you would want to own, but it opened my eyes to Porsche. I started searching the internet and found that 944’s were in my price range. I found a black 1 984 944 in Cheyenne Wyoming and immediately bought it. In 2000 I bought my second Porsche, a 1 980 911 , and started going to the track. Since then I have owned only Porsche’s, about 1 3 of them, aside from a diesel truck to pull the 911 to race tracks around the country. I raced with the Sports Car Club of America and Porsche Club of America for many years – resulting in many first in class wins. In 2005, I set the record for fastest lap in my class at Pueblo Motorsports Park – a time that has yet to be beat (lap time 1 :45.06). I acquired my first technician job in 2000 at the little repair shop where I serviced my 944. Two years later I began a career as a technician at Prestige Imports. Since starting with Prestige Imports I have been promoted three times: the first promotion was in 2006 to Porsche Shop Foreman, second when I became the Porsche Service Writer two years later, and the third promotion was in 2011 when I was asked to be the Porsche Service Manager. I enjoy many things about working at Prestige Imports: a great team of people, I get to be around cars, I race the company GT3, but most of all I have made a lot of friends and built strong relationships with many of you. I look forward to continuing those relationships, strengthening others, and making many more friends along the way.

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Scott Sommerfeld - Porsche Service Advisor Let me begin by saying that I am anticipating meeting all of you and assisting you with your vehicle needs. I am new to Porsche, but have worked at Prestige Imports in the Audi Service Department since March of 201 0. Prior to that I worked for an Audi dealer in Minnesota and have a total of 1 6 years of automotive experience. I am originally from Wisconsin but have lived in Colorado for the last 3 years. I am an avid golfer and love exploring all of the beauty that Colorado has to offer. In my free time I enjoy spending time with my three children: Kaylea, Mason and Braden. During my time as an Audi Service Advisor I have received many accolades. I was a finalist for Audi's prestigious Twin Cup Challenge for the last 5 years finishing 1 9th, 11 th, 6th, 5th and 4th in the United States. I love what I do and love learning about the product I am representing. I have been recently given the opportunity to work as the Porsche Service Advisor and I am very excited to be in a position that will continue to challenge me. Prestige Imports has been and continues to be a great place to work and I look forward to putting my skills to use with Porsche to ensure you the best possible service experience. If you happen to be in the area or at the dealership, even if you don't need service, please feel free to stop in so that I can have an opportunity to meet you and get acquainted with your vehicle.

Anthony Figueriedo - Porsche Shop Foreman I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself, my name is Anthony Figueriedo, and I am your Prestige Imports Porsche Shop Foreman. I spend most of my time in the Porsche shop ensuring a high standard of quality workmanship on every vehicle we maintenance or repair. I share your love and enthusiasm for performance vehicles because it is engrained in the makeup of who I am. My father owned a car dealership and motorcycle dealerships, so I grew up around motor and car racing. I spent my youth racing cars all over Europe and was the youngest driver at the World Championships in 1 979. I represented my country, overseas, at the World Formula Kart Championships and was a Factory Works driver in formula cars for the Swiss Racing Team. My family is very competitive - my brother also raced cars all over Europe and my sister has five Olympic medals. My competitive nature and hands on expertise with European exotics makes me the perfect fit for the performance oriented customers here at Prestige Imports. I love to talk "shop" so the next time you stop by Prestige Imports I'd be happy to answer any technical or racing questions. I look forward to tuning your vehicle soon.

11/2012 ACCELERATE 29

Jaime Perry - Porsche Service Concierge Jaime has been offering excellent customer service for the last 1 2 years. Half of her experience has been in the automotive industry. Her genuine care for customers, attention to detail, and strong customer service skills make her the perfect Porsche Service Concierge.

Matt Tanksley - Assistant Service Advisor Matt has worked at Prestige Imports collectively for 3 ½ years and is currently the Porsche Assistant Service Advisor. He has a technical background from volunteering at Second Creek Raceway and really likes being around cars. He enjoys working at Prestige Imports because of the great people.

Kyle Marshall - Porsche Technician Kyle has been a technician for 5 years because he likes the gratification of finding and fixing problems. He is originally from St. Louis, MO where he attended the Ranken Technical College. Kyle has been a member of the Prestige Imports Service Team for the last 2 ½ years.

Drew Hoffner - Porsche Technician Drew has been a technician for 5 ½ years. His experience spans across many of the European Exotic and Luxury vehicles. He has worked at Prestige Imports for 9 months, and likes being a technician because he gets to be “hands on” and enjoys doing something different every day.

Chad Goering - Porsche Technician Trainee Chad is the newest member of the team. He is currently attending Lincoln Tech and working at Prestige Imports part time as a Porsche Tech Trainee. He graduates December 21 st and looks forward to continuing on as full time member of the Porsche Service Team.

30 ACCELERATE 11/2012

11/2012 ACCELERATE 31


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