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1|ISSUE5, APRIL15,2018


Dear delegates, It is time to say goodbye and set up our meeting for ThessISMUN 2019. All good things come to end, but we will keep our beautiful memories alive until next time. As Editor-in-Chief of this year ?s ThessISMUN, I would like to wholeheartedly thank my team, my journalists, my friends for making this experience even greater. But, first and foremost, I would like to thank my partner (in crime) Social Media Coordinator, Vassilis Servetas for always having my back, for the beautiful cooperation and of course our very funny moments.

I couldn?t ask for more. Honorable Secretariat, dear board members, delegates, members of the staff, it was a pleasure to meeting you all, in person and spent time together. Dear participants of ThessISMUN 2018, keep up with the good job that you have done here and continue to inspire and defend yourselves in every way. Make your difference to the world as you made it here! Raise your voice and seize every opportunity in your life. Thank you for being part of my life! See you in ThessISMUN 2019 By order of the Editor-in-Chief, motion not to cry!

2| ISSUE5,APRIL15,2018


TRUTHS Esteemed all,

Th er e ar e as m an y k in ds of t r u t h s as For the past few days, you?ve had enough t h er e ar e people. Keep that in mind when of me. I?ve made a habit of barging in your that Delegate from Denmark, France or Senegal makes your life a living hell. We committees, taking pictures of you in the worst possible moments. Needless to say, can?t approach truth by using a binary system. It?s not a matter of ?true or false? or I meant well and I can only hope you?re a matter of ?yes or no?. It?s a matter of happy with the result. patience and understanding ?the essential I?ve had an amazing time here in elements of real communication. ThessISMUN. As an outsider in the The fight through objections, crises, conference world, I can?t help but to stand disputes and misunderstandings is a -inadequate at times- and watch Drafts demanding one. It?s often easy to lose focus and Amendments flash before my eyes. I?ve witnessed determination, passion and and enthrone yourself as the truth keeper. But as different truths combine, miraculous involvement during the last five days. I?ve watched many versions of the truth being things can happen ?and there you have it; ThessISMUN through the eyes of an constructed throughout the committees amateur. and this whole procedure confirmed the first and only rule of quality journalism; It?s been a blast this ThessISMUN. We got there is no such thing as a perfect truth. ourselves a step closer to the truth, and by We don?t live in a Socrates-world anymore; the time I finish this sentence it?ll have truth is a beast running along an endless leaped two steps ahead. The dispute, corridor ?it always moves forward, it people ?it never comes to an end. always transforms and, just when we think Thank you for the wonderful memories. we?ve gotten a good grasp of it, it leaps Until next time. forward and leaves us far behind.

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FINALDAYOFTHEGA OMMITTEES NIKOSAPOSTOLIDISC LEFKI DIMOU FOTISTEGOPOULOS On the last day of the conference the closing plenary session of the GA took place, with the procedure of voting the draft resolutions being underway. Firstly, the dialogue in the Closing Plenary Session of the United Nations General Assembly started with the introduction of 1st Committee?s Draft Resolution 1.1, which was sponsored by France. Then, the operative clauses were introduced. He placed great emphasis on the maintenance of international peace and security, since the cyber threats had become more and more sophisticated and frequent the last decade. Moreover, the delegation of France toned the necessity of setting new norms and criteria for defining cyber-attack and recognizing the right to self-defense in cyberspace. After the end of the voting procedure for the Draft Resolution 1.1, the delegation of Saudi Arabia, took the podium in order to support the document 1.2 of the Draft Resolution about topic B. In this Draft Resolution the whole first Committee focused on the use of UAV?s, the criteria which can distinguish civilians and military targets, some common principles. Despite the disagreement on behalf of the Greek representative, the delegates succeeded in reaching common ground. Concerning the 2nd Committee of the GA, Draft Resolution's (1.1) Sponsor was the Swedish delegate who congratulated everyone inside the committee for the hard work and effort.

The delegate, who spoke in favor of the draft, highlighted the relation between International Trade and Sustainable Development, focusing on LDCs (Least Developed Countries), and developing countries participation in International Trade. The delegation of Australia was the Sponsor for the Draft Resolution 1.2 and started his speech with a quote from John Kenneth Galbraith: ?Economics is extremely useful as a form of employment for economists? Beginning with the first topic of the 3rd Committee, the draft was sponsored by the representative of the UK, who made a really good job during the sessions. It is a resolution that occupies itself with many different issues, like narcoterrorism, drug manufacturing, the raising of public awareness and the improvement of border controls. The delegate of the Russian Federation though, expressed her concerns about the clause nr. 19, regarding how drug usage is eliminated. With regards to the topic B of the committee, the French delegate backed up the draft, supporting that the use of accurate reports and statistics can be an effective measure of having precise data on stateless people. What is more, emphasis was given to the elements of social inclusion and integration in the labor market, while the access to primary education on behalf of the stateless children was also underlined. Political will was also crucial, according to his statement.


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CLOSING CEREMONY ThessisMUN 2018 came to an end with the closing ceremony which was very moving, yet entertaining. Five days full of challenge and hard work are all over. The floor was firstly taken by the chief academic officer Theodosis Karvounarakis who acknowledged each and everyone?s efforts that participated in this year ?s MUNThessis. Professor Emmanouella Dousis went on giving her thanking through Skype to the conference as a whole. Moving on, professor Paroula Naskou-Perraki who created ThessisMUN was awarded and then she congratulated both the members of the organizing team and the delegations of all countries. Awards were also given by each committee?s board members to some specific delegates. It is an undeniable fact that participating in a MUN is worthing and educational. For example, board members of Council of Europe (CoE) stated that ?relying on your ability is the key to success?. The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) urged everyone not to stop dreaming. UN General Assembly-1st Committee pointed out that the law of MUN is collaboration. Of course, ThessisMUN 2018 wouldn?t be successful without the participation of the delegates who were hard-working and true diplomats. They were keeping actively working under all circumstances and they were successfully expressing their countries?points of view. Furthermore, their position papers were excellent despite the short-time frameworks. They all showed us what MUNThessis really is and we hope to see them next year. UN Secretary General Evangelia Dedousi or ?the mother of 2018?s MUN? expressed her thoughts about her experience and advised the audience to let our work make the noise, not our words. In the end, board members as well as secretaries general and crisis coordinators of ThessisMUN 2019 were announced. All in all, it was a wonderful and unforgettable experience with spicy debates, great cooperation, productivity, respect for each other and funny moments. It is very honorable to belong to a ThessisMUN family.

ThessISMUN Daily News / 5th Issue  
ThessISMUN Daily News / 5th Issue