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EDITORIAL EDITOR-IN-CHIEF,CHRISTINE TOLIKA SOCIALMEDIACO-ORDINATOR, VASSILISSERVETAS Delegates, It is always more than inspiring to see young people, striving for excellence, for finding common ground and feasible solutions on matters on top of the international Agenda.

even the United Nations would be jealous.

By the end of the day, we hope that you will have some spare time to sneak a peak in our issue, because today the Press Team will give the best ANTI-Oscars for ThessISMUN 2018. Brace yourselves delegates! They will not be The first Topic Areas, the usual ones! Take a rest under discussion, has today, since tonight you are officially closed and it?s time not going home till dawn!! to discuss and start drafting resolutions for the second By order of the Heads of topic Areas. Press Team, motion to show Time passes quickly, so how the Greeks do it. delegates keep up with the hard work that you already done, form your alliances, submit your proposals and make Draft Resolutions that

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Amid the risks of the situation in the area of Myanmar and Bangladesh spiraling out of control, the president of the Security Council encouraged all members to cooperate and deescalate the ongoing tension by finding solutions based on common ground. All Member States showed restraint in these dangerous circumstances and to an extent they avoided any acts that could escalate the situation and worsen the damages. After thorough discussions and a lot of work, the ambassadors decided that such transgressions would not go unanswered. They have noted the systematic deadlock at the Security Council, and are therefore willing to act in accordance with the critical situation.

The operation was carefully orchestrated and methodically planned in order to minimize the existent ??wounds??and prevent any potential collateral damage within the vulnerable areas. Moreover, they followed a plan with a UN based peacekeeping mission in order to ensure the protection of the civilians by fulfilling their legitimate demands because too many lives were lost due to this crisis and for ethical purposes they cannot afford to lose any more. Their efforts are aiming the end of suffering amongst innocent people, thus underlining once more that whenever safety and security are threatened, they put aside their differences and simply deliver.

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Since the final deposition of the Draft Resolution regarding the first topic has been successfully completed, the debate inside the 1st Committee of the General Assembly focused on topic area B. After the delegates had expressed their sincere satisfaction about this significant issue, they discussed how UAV?s can be used in military operations and underlined that human life must be protected as a fundamental right by establishing international applicable safety standards. Afterwards, the delegates completed the process of the Working Paper and they continued by formatting the Draft Resolution. On the Draft Resolution for the second topic area, delegates placed great emphasis on some significant topics. First and foremost, the Draft Resolution recognizes that Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) can be used for intelligence and security purposes when answering to an immediate and urgent threat to international peace and stability. The last 3 days the first Committee efficiently managed to cooperate in order to submit an effective Draft Resolution for tomorrow?s GA Plenary Session Closing Ceremony.


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LEFKI DIMOU It was the last-but not least- day of sessions. 2nd Committee of the General Assembly was working in a fast-paced procedure, in order to be on time. By the end of the day, Draft Resolution for topic area B, which is ?M odalit ies f or t h e in t er gover n m en t al n egot iat ion s an d t h e adopt ion of a m u lt ilat er al legal f r am ew or k f or sover eign debt r est r u ct u r in g pr ocesses? was voted. The overall picture of the Committee was really satisfying. Delegates were well-informed about the issues to be discussed. Most of them were actively involved in the debate and introduced constructive proposals. There were no problems during the procedure and all Committee?s members cooperated efficiently. Even disagreements were resolved without further delays. Dear delegates keep up the good work and we hope to see you again in ThessisMUN 2019!

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FOTISTEGOPOULOS The 3rd session day in this year ?s conference was the most productive one, as delegates entered the discussion for the topic B, regarding the prevention of the phenomenon of statelessness. After fruitful debates and conversations, the representatives of the states came into a working paper that it will be the basis of the upcoming (draft) resolution, voted upon later on. It is a comprehensive text, which covers many aspects of this issue, such as the education of stateless people, their representation before the law, the definition of the term ''statelessness'' and the inclusion of these people in the labor market.

Overall, the atmosphere in the committee was really good during all sessions, with the existence of cooperative spirit among the delegates and despite the disputes arisen, everything functioned well. We should not underestimate the efforts of the board members, who intervened when needed and undertook initiatives to move forward the debate. On behalf of the press team, we would like to thank you from the bottom of our heart for making this year 's 3rd GA Committee exceptional and so unique!

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OLYMPIASALAYIANNI The UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) had its last council session which was very hard-working as the delegates made a great progress in drafting topic area?s B resolutions sponsored by the United Kingdom (UK). Judging from the final outcome, the Economic and Social Council managed to far outweigh the pressure of time and fulfill its goals (action against climate change and promotion of transitional and restorative justice). By doing so, each and every delegate congratulated the entire delegation on the wonderful collaboration they were having all these days. The board members were also being very helpful as they were always successfully assisting the procedures of the conference. Debates, disagreements, arguments, unanimities as well as creativeness, cooperation, respect for each other and funny moments during social events and flower-giving were some of the elements of ECOSOC?s 2018 participation in ThessisMUN .


7| ISSUE4,APRIL14,2018 contractus principle? and the subsidiary basis is ?rebus sic stantibus?. Judges rejected Claim C. As it concerns Claim D, judges examined a speech made by an expert, a Law Professor, to whom they addressed five questions. Judges accepted Claim D, as the Kingdom of Karagkana has the right to terminate the unilateral peace treaty, because there is a bridge of material rule by the Republic of Satranistan. The principle of ?non adimpleti contractus? is fulfilled.

UN INTERNATIONAL COURTOF JUSTICE(ICJ) ARIADNICHARPANTIDOU Today, judges examined the Claim C (The operation of Karagkana in the Golden Sea Island constitutes an illegal annexation of Satranistan?s territory). They had to examine an expert, to whom they addressed four questions, concerning the peace treaty and the tension between the implementation of the article 62 of the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties. The Kingdom of Karagkana tends to terminate the bilateral peace treaty. The main legal basis is the ?non adimpleti

In conclusion, we have to note the judges were characterized by professionalism and respect to the rules of procedure. The Board members were always very helpful, aware of all the facts, the incidents and the laws and we assumed that they certainly master the International Law, Conventions and Treaties.

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MARIAMOULA The last day of the sessions has come and time is running out. By the end of the day, the delegates of Human Rights Council will be finished with the second and last Draft Resolution, finally completing their assignment.

During these three days of numerous hours of sessions on sensitive topics, the delegates managed to rise up to the challenge and complete their task successfully. It has been a great procedure full of productive discussion and willingness to actively participate and cooperate in order to find common ground and, with the assistance of the exceptionally helpful board, come up with satisfactory proposals. The atmosphere between the delegates has been very positive, even though the time has been really pressing. It was obvious that they aim for everyone to be expressed, they were willing to compromise and there were no intentions of self-elevation at the expense of the mission of the committee.


Delegates must be thanked for sharing their ideas with the world and providing everyone with such a wonderful experience, making ThessISMUN 2018 even better than anyone would have expected. Hope to see all of you back here next year!

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UNCOMMITTEEONTHERIGHTSOF PERSONSWITHDISABILITIES In the final day of committee?s sessions at ThessISMun2018, the CRPD committee voted the Draft General Comment of topic area A and proceeded instantly to the next topic. Delegates launched the discussion about the General Comment on articles 6, 7 and 16 ?Combating violence against women and girls with disabilities?. The committee made a considerable effort to approach this sensitive matter and underlined the forms of violence against disabled women, the role of education and international organizations so as to protect the rights of women and girls with disabilities. The insurance of equal employment, the combat of sexual harassment and forced prostitution were some of the most controversial subjects that were discussed. In parallel, delegates recommended drastic solutions, legislative and policy measures in the attempt to resolve this serious topic.

Finally, the Draft General Comment of topic area B was signed and ratified while delegates were summarizing their views consistent with the rules of procedure. The delegates of CRPD committee achieved their goals, inspired fundamental values and expressed the feelings of persons with disabilities to a great extent.

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UNITEDNATIONSEDUCATIONAL,SCIENTIFIC ANDCULTURALORGANIZATION(UNESCO) AIKATERINITOSKOU This year ?s delegates of UNESCO Executive Board were more than willing to debate, negotiate and strongly defend their countries?policies. But with persistence and cooperation the delegates managed to find interesting suggestions concerning both Draft Resolutions. The 4th day of committee session started with a moderated caucus in order to submit their last proposals upon the topic area B. In the end of the day, an excellent Draft was voted.

It is time to thank each and every one of you for this great debate and the interesting proposals. UNESCO was a strong committee this year, with lots of participations and voices which were heard among the sessions. Apart from that, UNESCO had lots of funny moments, beautiful flowers and jokes. We hope that all of you had a great experience. And if you did, we will be more than happy to see you in next year ?s ThessisMUN.

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INTERNATIONALMARITIME ORGANIZATION(IMO) CHRYSOVALANTIS-MARGARITIS ANNAOGLOUKOUTSOS Today the sessions of the International Maritime Organization came to an end. All the delegates had excellent and fruitful discussions throughout the sessions of these past 3 days. They had brief debates on certain moderated and unmoderated caucuses, made great decisions and cooperated to come up with working papers, draft reports and finally drafts that even the United Nations would envy. They talked about the importance of clean seas, they highlighted the effects of HNS spillage (Hazardous and Noxious Substances) on the economy and had a excellent cooperation with the Board. Specifically, this 4th day of the conference

and the committee sessions the delegates discussed, briefly, about who carries the responsibility for the spillage of HNS substances in the sea. Finally, on a more personal note, thank you delegates, board and other members of the press team for these amazing 4 days of interaction, dialogue and debates.

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On April 14th the North Atlantic Alliance has been constantly working on diminishing and combating internal structural defects that may jeopardize the future of the Council. All members structured a working paper focusing on addressing and solving the ongoing crisis in Syria and the Imia islands, as well as addressing ways that may facilitate the confrontation of imminent threats. The Alliance managed to stay united and treated differences and misunderstandings with great caution, whilst finding fair solutions by establishing common ground. Realistic goals and effective proposals were adopted by all member states in order to ensure that the future of NATO is reassured and sustainable. Dialogue was encouraged in the event of conflicts, whilst maintaining closer partnerships and cooperation within all members. All members of the alliance were cautious and dealt wisely and effectively with all the crises that came along the way. They exceeded every expectation regarding their will to cooperate and found fair solutions that served rightfully every country?s needs, by providing targeted assistance.


Progress has been noticeably made, thus creating and establishing a beacon of hope that will amplify the continuous purpose of NATO to strive for the guarantee of peace and security around the world.

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ATHINAMITRAKOU- DAKI Even though the fourth day has arrived, the Council of Europe was more than eager to debate on Topic B: ?Pr om ot in g gen der equ alit y an d com bat in g st er eot ypes t h r ou gh edu cat ion al policies? and introduce their proposals to the rest of the ministers. We could easily detect an intense preference for this topic, so the procedures were quicker and more efficient. Both Draft Recommendations are considered proof of commitment and great cooperation between the ministers. The proposals included in the draft recommendations show incredible creativity and willingness for change when it?s needed. We also salute the magnificent competence of the members of the board to not only regulate the procedures inside the committee but also inspire the ministers to aim higher than they could ever imagine.


Through all these days, we?ve watched a lot of hard work been done by the ministers who devoted themselves to the procedure in order to achieve the best result. The difficulties that occurred in the discussions about Topic A were surpassed and the fruitful cooperation that was shown during the discussions about Topic B revealed the splendid features of all Ministers. The flowers that filled the conference room today indicate how loveable the CoE can be. It is time to say our goodbyes (for now) and it?s only fair to praise this year ?s CoE that showed an incredible visage which instantly sets the bar high for next year ?s CoE to top its attribution. To be continued?


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We were wondering what this Conference really means to you, as it is officially one of the most well-known Model United Nations Conference in Balkans. So, here are some of your answers, the way you live, you feel and you perceive the ThessISMUN institution, in one word, one sentence and one beat. -UN Secu r it y Cou n cil President: ?For me, ThessISMUN means a journey that started in my 1st year of studies and it is ending alongside my graduation. A journey full of experience, knowledge and deepening on knowing myself and the other, the different, the opposite!? Vice- President: ?For me ThessISMUN means people, memories and heated debates. A filling experience that has a lot to teach you about issues of the international community, as well as human interactions.? -UN Gen er al Assem bly- 3r d GA Chair: ?Friendship, family, knowledge, experience, self-development, getting out of the comfort zone?. Co-Chair: ?ThessISMUN for me is a motivation to be better in every aspect of my life. It became a family! Especially for me, it gave me the opportunity to gain knowledge in very specific matters, as well as to be familiarized with the role of the UN. -UN Econ om ic an d Social Cou n cil (ECOSOC) Chair: ?Temptation? Co-Chair: ?Trip? -UNESCO President: ?Socialisation? Vice-President: ?Nerves?



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CHRISTINETOLIKA We begin with Secretariat: The first ANTI-Oscar goes to her Excellency Secretary General: ?Road r u n n er ?. Well done your Excellency! You managed to win this title with your worth, as you gave us an unforgettable experience and nothing was missing from this conference. ?M iss Th essISM UN 2018?? .. Madame President of the General Assembly Elli Tsitsipa! You worked it and we voted it! Let?s move on to some interesting but definitely funny awards. ?Best socks collection?: Rumors say, that he is probably the brand ambassador of Happy ?Best moustache in ThessISMUN?. Chair of the 1st Committee of General Assembly! Doesn?t he look like a rebel from Velouhiotis?selected few? The next ANTI- Oscar goes to our beloved President of UNESCO, Panagiotis Moumtsakis. Or you just can call him ?The GodFather ?. Last but not least, we couldn?t omit our men in black. The fear of NATO and Security Council. Delegates?nightmare. Every time they enter the committees, delegates start trembling, shivering and getting ?crisis? attack. ?#MEPIANEICRISIS? to Crisis Coordinators, Dimitris Zacharopoulos, Jason Lavdas. Congratulations to all of you. You deserved it! By order of the Heads of Press !

ThessISMUN Daily News / 4th Issue  
ThessISMUN Daily News / 4th Issue