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Investing in fine art now easier through Assetline, Mossgreen alliance Sydney, NSW, April 22, 2014 -- Art lovers and collectors can hold onto beloved works for longer and even expand their collections through Assetline and Mossgreen's partnership. Access value instantly It allows investors in art, antiques, jewellery, sports memorabilia and stamps to access money fast and easily when buying or selling valuable items. Assetline's Sale Advance Loans allow collectors to access a substantial portion of an item's value within 24 hours and the rest once the sale is complete. "The auction process can take several months but selling an item too quickly can decimate its value. An asset-based loan gives investors the best of both worlds: they can access money instantly while waiting for the very best price," says Paul Sumner, Managing Director, Mossgreen. "Mossgreen and Assetline already work actively together on the valuation of assets, and this initiative is the natural extension of an evolving strong working relationship," Paul Sumner says. Invest now, pay later Assetline will also offer Mossgreen customers Acquisition Finance, allowing them to invest in art and collectibles and pay later on. Certain categories of asset are only auctioned a couple of times a year so collectors run the risk of losing out if they don't have the cash available at the right time. "There's no need to lose out on an exciting opportunity due to a short term cash crunch. Instead Assetline will offer up to 40% of the estimated price on each lot, and Mossgreen then stores the item securely until the balance is paid," says Nick Raphaely, Co-Founder, Assetline. "Mossgreen is active across a wide range of asset classes, quite unique in Australia, and this makes the partnership very attractive to Assetline," Nick Raphaely says.

Low cost liquidity Because the loans are short-term the overall cost in interest is low, and far less than the value lost through a fire-sale. Paul Sumner says it will give more people confidence to both buy and sell. "Liquidity has always been a problem with art. You can have very sound investment in arts and antiques, but your money has traditionally been tied up for the medium-to-longer term. Assetline is the market leader in the personal asset lending category and Mossgreen is delighted to be offering our customers these exciting new services through our partnership," Paul Sumner says. Acquisition finance: when you want to bid at auction, you can access a pre-approved line of credit for up to 40% of the low auction estimate on each lot. The lender will settle directly with the auction house for the loan portion of the purchase price and store the asset securely for you. Sale advance loan: if you are planning to sell an asset at auction or private sale but would benefit from some immediate cash up front, you can access up to 70% of the estimated sale price prior to the sale. This delivers the best of both worlds: immediate liquidity and also the opportunity to achieve the highest sale price for an asset. Notes to Editor About Assetline Assetline is a leading Australian personal asset lender. Founded in 2012, it enables entrepreneurs, business owners and high net worth individuals to borrow against their high-end personal assets in an environment that is confidential, flexible and secure. Assetline lends from $5,000 - $1m against gold and silver, jewellery, diamonds, luxury watches, fine art and antiques, cars, luxury boats and fine wine collections. Assetline addresses a market need currently not catered for by private banks and aims to be the lender of choice for anyone considering using their high-end valuables to secure a loan. Link: Link: About Mossgreen Mossgreen is Australia's pre-eminent venue for buying, selling and enjoying objects of beauty, rarity and value. Established in 2004 as a boutique auction house specialising in the sale of single-owner collections, Mossgreen has conducted many of the largest singleowner auctions held in Australia. After merging with industry veteran Charles Leski in 2013, Mossgreen opened its state-of-the-art new premises in Armadale and is now unquestionably the finest auction and gallery venue in the country.

Link: About Personal Asset Lending Personal asset lending is an innovative form of finance that allows people to borrow against their high-end personal assets, such as art collections or prestige cars, in an environment that is confidential, flexible and secure. It addresses a market need currently not catered for by private banks, and is tipped to become a multibillion dollar industry worldwide. Contact: Nick Raphaely Assetline Level 13, 101 Grafton Street, Bondi Junction, Sydney, NSW, 2022 Australia 1300 370 821

Investing in fine art now easier through Assetline, Mossgreen alliance