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Christine Barry Alfonso, Co-Director of the Modern Art Music Movement (MAMM), in a digital portrait by Lawrence Gartel, “The Father of Digital Art” and MAMM member and advisor.

Victor-Hugo Vaca Jr. is an indefatigable provocateur and social activist who practices the compassionate wealth he preaches. His calendar is filled with charitable performances and generous donations of his For Jennifer This painting in the Contemporary Abstract Expressionist time and talent for the benefit of style of Victor-Hugo Vaca Jr. represents The Muse in her purest form as education and other vital causes. Mother Earth, Mother Music & The Mother of All Creation. Commissions are open for his “Muses Series” in which the essence of a woman is captured for eternity on canvas in his unique interpretation. Custom art created live at Weddings and Special Events are once-in-a-lifetime mementos. Surf & Song During one of Victor-Hugo Vaca Jr.’s many charitable performances, the spirit of Eric Clapton's touring guitarist, Tag Graves was channeled and emerged on canvas, in the shape of a guitar, painted live, on stage during a MAMM Jam in Fort Myers, Florida, at a VIP Special Event of The Surf & Song Festival benefitting Autism research, as an All-Star Band consisting of members of Bon Jovi, The Bellevue Cadillac & Foster Child sang Blind Faiths classic, "Can't Find My Way Home" at The Sydney & Berne Davis Art Center. For more information on upcoming exhibitions and the popular series of The Maverick Artist Victor-Hugo Vaca Jr. contact Christine Alfonso of The Global Marketing Alliance at 954-615-7171

Vigore Chicago April 2014