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Vigoré C


(Vee-gor-ray: Vigor, Vitality)


“Capturing the Art of Life”



Cover Artist


One goal of Vigoré

magazine is to promote

The Art of Life.

The Art of Life

begins with Creativity & Imagination expressed through many forms of art producing pleasing results, making thier way into our life experience -

entertaining the senses and the mind.

Sante Furio Founder / Owner Vigoré´ Chicago magazine

Vigoré Reinvents The Way Advertising Is Done providing the best offer by any magazine In-Print (actual magazine) and On-line (Internet) www.vigorechicago.com 2

Savory, Serious and Stylish

Chicago’s Best The Art of cooking

Delicious Meatballs


6550 S. Route 53 Woodridge (630) 968-8899 www.clarasrestaurant.com


SMILE and and accept accept it it with with LOVE Love life and all the changes which occur naturally along the journey. Fighting the aging process is futile. You will only loose the happiness and joy of life.

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Buon Appetito!! Vigoré magazine welcomes recommendations on signature cuisine throughout Chicagoland.

INSPIRATIONAL WORDS is a scheduled feature in Vigoré Chicago magazine. Amateurs and professionals can submit works to appear in-print or on-line to be highlighted in subsequent issues.


Photography by Bryan Whitely www.BryanWhitely.com Makeup Artistry & Hair Styling by Paula Heckenast

One of

Chicago as seen through the eyes of renowned and international artist Marc Rubin

Marc Richard Rubin The Most Diverse World Artist Of Our Time Even before Marc Rubin began his thesis work in pointillism he was absorbed in classic modern art. Marc had been exposed to the Art Institute of Chicago from his early childhood through his parents' love of art. He would meet and become friends with Jean DuBuffet and Salvador Dali in the mid 1970's. While Dali saw incredible magic in pointillism Rubin found that magic in Henri Matisse’s Fauvism, George Braque's Cubism and Jean DuBuffet's Abstract Expressionism.

Chicago Water Tower commissions invited Available print on canvas For more about Marc Rubin visit www.MarcRubin.com 4

Although Marc Rubin’s works in Pointillism are masterful, his first love is modernism. It originally made sense to study George Seurat and his Pointillism as it is considered the starting point of all modern art. If you ask Rubin he will define him-self as a Fauve, the name of recognition self used by Henri Matisse and George Braque. Meeting Salvador Dali during a visit to the university led to an amazing friendship during the last decade and a half of Dali’s life. Salvador had been a fan of Pointillism since his teenage years. He is the reason that Ladies of the Canyon is also a surreal work. After the Art Institute exhibition they became as close a grandfather and grandson. Marc stayed with the Dali’s during several exhibition trips to Europe. Salvador painted in and invented styles which are not seen as Surrealism but Salvador told Marc that all true modern art is Surrealism as true abstraction is the effort of altering reality. 5

Chicago River View 1996 42 x 42 inches, Pop Cubism Salvador encouraged Marc to continue inventing new modernist styles. It is Salvador Dali who named one of these established inventions as Surreal Cubism. In 1976 upon Marc’s return from a one man exhibition in Europe he was commissioned to paint a city-scape of Chicago. When asked to create a new style for the painting his response was the invention of Pop Cubism. Two of his many Pop Cubist city scapes were requested in poster form by The City of Chicago Cultural Center Stores.

“Chicago” 4x6 feet, Cubism, commissioned in 1975. The work envisions Chicago as a woman, depicted as the Biblical Eve, reaching out over Lake Michigan from the Chicago skyline at Oak Street and Michigan Avenue. Eve reaches for the only two choices presented by the city, a serpent of sin and the sun as an apple, representing good and evil. The influence of Marc’s friendship with Abstract Expressionist Jean Dubuffet is apparent in the rounded geometric shapes and use of black lines. Although Marc’s earliest abstract works show direct influences of Piet Mondrian’s Curvilinear Cubism and the yellow, red, blue color balance of Pointillist Georges Seurat, the influenced whimsy of Jean Dubuffet transforms the harsh reality of the artist’s message into a playful thought.

Jean Debuffet shared with Marc Rubin in Paris,

“For any artist, when the child within dies, so does the art.”

Marc Rubin Self Portrait 1969

Marc Rubin shared with other artists,

“Cubism expresses the character of the character from the inside as well as the outside.” www.MarcRubin.com 6

Ladies Of The Canyon

Pointillism - Synchronism 48 x 58 inches, 1973 Marc Rubin finished his college education in 1972. In 1973 he entered his thesis painting, "Ladies Of The Canyon", pointillism, surreal subject, acrylic on canvas 48x58 inches, in the prestigious Art Institute of Chicago - Chicago Competition. His unanimous inclusion into the exhibition by 3 visiting museum curators and James Spiers curator of the Art Institute created profound recognition for a very young Marc Rubin. Within one year his works were shown and sold in Europe, Chicago and New York City.

Intentional Fine Art combines two or more styles form the current timeline or any previous age into harmonic balance.

V Special Interest


South Loop View Commissions Invited For more about Marc Rubin and his works visit www.MarcRubin.com Images presented in VigorĂŠ Chicago magazine are available as prints on canvas. 8

Artist Marc Rubin’s 1976 Invention “POP-CUBISM”

Chicago Skyline at night

The same week the request was made Marc went to The Art Institute of Chicago to view a Pop Art exhibition that included Warhol and Oldenberg the creators of the Pop Art movement. He went away from the exhibition understanding the basis of Pop Art as popular culture portrayed with the tools of Fine Art. But, what the artist saw was immediately described by him as outright plagiarism. He saw Warhol's reproduction of a Campbell’s soup can and Oldenburg’s giant soft sculpture of a three outlet electric plug. Rubin decided to creatively blend popular culture with Fine Art. The result was a pure blend of Cubism with the popular culture art form of comic books, black outlined bold flat color. His Pop Art would fulfill the definition of Pop Art without plagiarism. Marc completed his first Pop Cubism city-scape, "Petite Chicago Scape” about a week later. His collector was pleased and asked for a larger work, a panorama of the Chicago skyline. Soon after the artist’s Pop Cubist works expanded to include nature and figurative depictions.


South River View

In 1976 just three years into his budding career, Marc Rubin was challenged by a collector of his Post Impressionist paintings. The man, a conservative bank president, amazed Marc when he expressed his wish to expand his love of art by collecting his first piece of Modern Art. He asked for a city-scape of Chicago portrayed in whatever manner Marc wished to make it.

Oak Street View Chicago Looking North from Millennium Park - Prudential Building 10

Oak Street View Chicago 2003

George Seurat Henri Matisse George Braque Pablo Picasso Salvador Dali Jean DeBuffet


and in our life time

by a World Diverse Artist Marc Rubin • Commissions Invited

Marc Rubin ...

Marc Rubin is the only artist to capture the vitality of Chicago with bold colors using the unique styles of Pointillism, Surrealism, Surreal and Pop Cubism and Synchronism combining Post Impression, Cubism and Abstract Expressionism. Marc Rubin is in the artistic lineage of the Masters Do not wait until Marc is no longer with the art community to own one of his artistic renderings. - VigorĂŠ Chicago magazine

Do not miss the opportunity to commission an original from a present day master. Marc is celebrating his 40th year career with requested exhibition in public spaces with his major works in Pointillism and Modern Art spanning his entire career that include his inventions, Pop Cubism and Synchronism.

V Special Interest


A Statement In Jewelry The jewelry you choose to wear each day or for a special event speaks volumes about who you are! Jewelry is one of the oldest and greatest forms of self-expression with each piece revealing something unique about the wearer. Of course when thinking of a Queen you automatically think of a crown. A ring on a certain finger can tell everyone you are taken without even having to say a word. The jewelry you wear actually has a power all its own and can leave quite a lasting impression. Statement making jewelry is forever in style and is the best way to ensure all eyes are on you… Wearing long linear earrings will create a slimming affect for shorter hair or when you are wearing it up for a special event. Putting on chandelier earrings created with amethyst stones will enhance brown eyes and do wonders for auburn colored hair. Green eyes? Accents of peridot casually wrapped around your wrist will make your eyes appear even greener. Are you fortunate in having blue eyes and want to draw attention to them? Add some beautiful sterling earrings that are dripping in sparkle. When the occasion calls for being as glamorous as a starlet? You simply add my “Platinum And Pearls Couture Statement Necklace.” In an instant you will feel and look incredibly fabulous whether you wear the necklace with a gown or pair of jeans.

Lori Frantz-Koenig President

I’ve just named a few things I take into consideration and think about when designing custom artisan jewelry for my clients. Before I even begin to create their “jewels” for a special gown or event I ask many questions to determine how they want to feel. Is it Romantic? Perhaps sultry? Or are they seeking simple yet sparkling bridal elegance? So many factors come into play- it’s never just about the color of a dress.


Custom jewelry is an investment in you. And when it’s designed exclusively with a client’s vision it becomes a form of art that expresses who you are and what you are feeling. And that makes it all worth it. The originality of my handmade quality couture pieces are unique and designed to bring out the best in a woman by enhancing who she is. My passion is creating those works in precious metals, exotic fresh water pearls, brilliant colored stones or crystals, and always adding at least a dash of my signature sparkle. So the statement you make with your accessories is just as important as the apparel you wear!

Coco Chanel said it best- “A girl should be two things; classy and fabulous.” Lori Frantz-Koenig’s fabulous jewelry has been featured on television shows such as “ET- Entertainment Tonight” and EXTRA with screen credits. Her couture designs have been seen on the RED CARPET and appeared at the Oscar gifting suites with Leeza Gibbons. Many national and local Chicago celebrities own a piece of her jewelry. Her jewelry can be found at “Art and Artisans” galleries here in Chicago and Von Maur stores nationally. Online store www.LoriFrantz-Koenig.com All custom inquiries are welcome Chicago studio 312-396-4044 Email:lorifrantz-koenig@msn.com


LETTERS FROM ACROSS AMERICA handwritten & typed, polished & rough

Often Forgotten: Democracy is a form of government in which all eligible citizens participate equally—either directly or indirectly through elected representatives—in the proposal, development, and creation of laws. It encompasses social, religious, cultural, ethnic and racial equality, justice, liberty and fraternity. The term originates from the Greek "rule of the people"

Whic h GA NG d R oy ed, B Whe l ue o o u b e l o n re di r Pur g to d al l A pa p t h e t r iot is PAT le? a s tr RIO so ong s uppo meone w TS go? ho rt for their feels I t t ak c o un es c o try. u Geor rage to b g e e a lea Democracy contrasts with forms Thom Washin gton der: a s of government where power is J effer Abra so ha either held by one person, as in a Harr m Linco n ln y monarchy, or where power is Rona Truman Who Allow l d held by a small number of c ould R i be ad e a ga n othe ng two p individuals, as in an ded t r is a olitic o thi a repr oligarchy. Nevertheless, s list esen l opposin ? t a g Allow tive g these oppositions, inherited r oups demo ing is t o allow crac the k from Greek philosophy, y or exist in h demo one ( another, ey word are now ambiguous . Allo even crati armony t y o u) c w o in th does i s ab repu ing is because contemporary ei le n blic. each nega ot appro to be th r not allo when on governments have mixed a v tive emot e of wha t which wing of t e (you) i democratic, oligarchic, on sw he ions t one towa (you e (you) i other (y illing to The g and monarchic elements. r ) s d o u) , i s s; ev the o diver reatness ther’ and one en when ; when Karl Popper defined of th sity w ( s tho eU ith a ught you) not the other democracy in contrast llowa nited St s fee abo u at nce w t one l to dictatorship or ithin es of Am (you er the b ). tyranny, thus focusing ound ica is bas a r ie s e d on on opportunities for the people of its ’ soci to control their leaders and to oust them ety. without the need for a revolution.

Several variants of democracy exist, but there are two basic forms, both of which concern how the whole body of all eligible citizens executes its will. One form of democracy is direct democracy, in which all eligible citizens have direct and active participation in the decision making of the government. In most modern democracies, the whole body of all eligible citizens remain the sovereign power but political power is exercised indirectly through elected representatives; this is called representative democracy or democratic republic. The concept of representative democracy arose largely from ideas and institutions that developed during the European Middle Ages, the Reformation, the Age of Enlightenment, and the American and French Revolutions.

The content of Letters from America are submissions from amateurs writers and not the expressed opinions of Vigoré Chicago magazine. Vigoré Chicago magazine takes the “observer” position providing an outlet for voices to be heard. The names of the contributors have been omitted for their protection. Vigoré invites opinions of our readers for publication in future on-line or in-print issue of Vigoré. 14

What Amendment should be added to the Constitution of the United States? Federal Balanced Budget Path To Citizenship National Language In June 1776, as Thomas Jefferson composed a draft of the Declaration of Independence from a second floor parlor of a bricklayer's house in Philadelphia, ... Jefferson was not aiming at originality. Jefferson expressed the convictions in the minds and hearts of the American people. The political philosophy of the Declaration was not new; its ideals of individual liberty had already been expressed by John Locke and the Continental philosophers. What Jefferson did was to summarize this philosophy in "self-evident truths". The Declaration articulates the highest ideals of the Revolution, beliefs in liberty, equality, and the right to self-determination. Americans embraced a view of the world in which a person's position was determined, not by birth, rank, or title, but by talent, ability, and enterprise. It was a widely held view, circulated in newspapers, pamphlets, sermons, and schoolbooks; but it was Thomas Jefferson, the 33-year-old planter from Virginia, who put the immortal words to it. Inspiration for Americans The Magna Carta was written in 1297 by a group of 13th-century barons to protect their rights and property against a tyrannical king. During the American Revolution, the Magna Carta served to inspire and justify action in liberty’s defense. The colonists believed they were entitled to the same rights as Englishmen, rights guaranteed in the Magna Carta. They embedded those rights into the laws of their states and later into the Constitution and Bill of Rights.


V Special Interest


Chicago needs an

There are several good locations for a VIKTOR granite sculpture of an angel

Viktor Italy had Gian Lorenzo Bernini an Italian artist and a prominent architect who worked principally in Rome. He was the leading sculptor of his age, credited with creating the Baroque style of sculpture.

Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni, commonly known as Michelangelo, was an Italian sculptor, painter, architect, poet, and engineer of the High Renaissance who exerted an unparalleled influence on the development of Western art.

Chicago is home to Viktor a master sculpture of granite. Viktor has created beautiful sculptures, impacting the lives of many in the Chicagoland area, throughout the United States and Europe. Many of his granite sculpture work are created from photographs of people and can be see locally at many locations. Viktor stands atop a monstrous granite structure, roughly 16 feet tall. This will become one of his greatest pieces, a full round statue of an angel which he dedicated to his daughter for her birthday. The sculpture can be seen at Angelcrest cemetery, Valparaiso, Indiana. Sculptures in Granite, Commissions Invited For more information about Viktor contact Olga Bugaeva 708.389.3038 monumentalartworks@gmail.com


What’s on your BUCKET LIST?

Special Interest

By definition, a list of things that one has not done before but wants to do before dying. People are living longer and the bucket list can start at a young age. Domestic or CONUS (Continental US) travel is considered to be travel to one of the 48 contiguous states excluding Alaska and Hawaii. From ocean to ocean there are endless adventures to take part in.

Malibu • Ojai • San Simeon • Santa Barbara • Solvang Tuesday

Wednesday Ojai Valley Thursday Santa Barbara Inn & Spa

Malibu for lunch 33 min

1 hr 2 min

49 min

Malibu is an affluent beach city in California, which consists of a 21-mile strip of prime Pacific coastline.

41 min

44 min

Leave ORD 10 AM Moonshadows Arrive LAX 12:30 PM or Paradise Cove

Solvang Buellton 6 min

dinner lunch La Super Rica Brophy Bros. Taqueria

San Friday Simeon

1 hr 54 min

2 hr 34 min

20 min The Morgan or Best Western Hotel

The wonderful climate of the Ojai Valley has drawn many who wish to rejuvenate their health and enjoy the dry air and seemingly never-ending sunshine

San Simeon - a key feature of the area is Hearst Castle, a hilltop mansion built by William Randolph Hearst in the early 20th century that is now a tourist attraction. The area is also home to a large northern elephant seal rookery. Nepenthe, "isle of no care," Must try: Gold Coast Margarita, Ambrosia Burger, ambrosia fries.

Carmel • Big Sur • Monterey • San Fransisco • Sausalito Big Sur Pfeiffer Beach

Big Sur Glen Oaks Bakery Hotel


Nepenthe Restaurant

Marriott Union Square


Great Eastern Restaurant

Tango Room Starlight Room Dancing & Drinks

Sausalito Redwood Forest

Alcatraz Crooked Street

Leave SFO 8:35 AM Arrive ORD 2:40 PM

Discover America - Do It Domestic 17

3 hours

Hearst Castle

Explore America, discover a great country from Sea to Shining Sea

Big Sur Point Light Station

San Fransisco

Big Sur

LETTERS FROM ACROSS AMERICA handwritten & typed, polished & rough

I subm it words this letter wi t are im portan h tears in my t eyes an “we ha d a sad ve to p heart ass the bill so t hat you can fin “What differe d out w nce doe hat's in s it ma it” ke” "If you like yo ur doct or, you can kee p your “Chang doctor" e will n o t come some o if we w ther tim ait for e.” some o ther pe transla rson or tion: Just do it! Oh w ell, Too bad, So what, I What h ’m the appene boss no d to: tr w uth, in tegrity , hones ty Concer n e d ci t iz e n

as ent w hers m e t nt ot l i s sta ” Th icians wa ip. It wil . t i n i h t s i s l ’ d o what d har me p d out those sa as cuase n i f can at h now o you law and NSTER th s l ve a l i , eb ore are is a MO o ser every h t c g t i h s s t V a s l e so arly Dear ave to pa new hea out it. It omis uches ne r r b h p u a e o m g t . n “W i t to nd co abou time talki ion a ense and l s made it or stop for a long s u enta m sc crem te, di law is im to fix America a n I b e t der ter”? ges d care huan h wa and a wi g oura e health rced fit. t c a n b e acy ion. Th o be a fo l ts ines, rnin h the t t mocr t wit ss state l ior conce ired resu u o A de e popula it seems y ab av cro des s the b lability a style beh ved the diver , though w o r e i e i h f a t n n. li v ch citize don’t verage, a birth to ld have a care pla “ o t r ut h d o th and t wing pene th care c sues fromlation cou new heal s p e a l h u l r t is llo Wha es in hea e many erse popu es of the d for tellect, a r a g c h g d in disre chan tance of t very div onsequen tant isdom an em. r a c p u l e o b e c v r e ti ac fo ith w ut t h for th nega rage r abo e divine w t is best e cove ut all the h t a a o ey ar e wh but r with itics elieve th nd decid l o p sa ob out ot ab duals wh ir citizen n s ’ t i e I er th indiv from to rule ov them

The content of Letters from America are submissions from amateurs writers and not the expressed opinions of Vigoré Chicago magazine. Vigoré Chicago magazine takes the “observer” position providing an outlet for voices to be heard. The names of the contributors have been omitted for their protection. Vigoré invites opinions of our readers for publication in future on-line or in-print issue of Vigoré. 18

HARRIS THEATER PRESENTS 2014-2015 SEASON FLEX PASS SUBSCRIPTIONS ON SALE NOW! HarrisTheaterChicago.org | 312.334.7777 Season Sponsor


Official Airline

LETTERS FROM ACROSS AMERICA handwritten & typed, polished & rough

Listen to the song..” God Bl ess Am It is ev erica” ident t . hat pas States t an ge void of d what it sta nerations we nds for r that pr . A new e proud of th id b y th e e past ge e and also vo genera tion ha United neratio i d o f th s emer e h a rd n s. ships e g Since i xperie ed t w as f n c ed o u forwar d think nded, the Uni ted Sta ing, en to th e C li g h tes of A reator, m God. T tened count from p ry with erica has bee eople w he Uni ted Sta na i th a sp many r This ev tes i efe i ri id Declar ence is found tual and relig s a society fo rences a ti rmed ious fo i n th e w undati and th on of Indepe o n. ndence ords of the e Cons titution , so n g s. , as we the Bill of Ri g ll as i n many p hts While the storm clouds gather opular The wo rds of t Far across the sea he were a guiding se document Let us swear allegiance s founde l To a land that's free d a soc ight for our f and their me o i aning e r countr t efather Let us all be grateful y befor y like no oth s , who er in h e 1776 with th For a land so fair is had de e velope tory. No othe all and highest of sta dad r Let us raise our voices n a re p re In a solemn prayer sentati dards such a emocracy ideals s freed an ve om for for ma d standards s government ny citiz . Thos eem to God bless America, e ens an d politi be difficult to high Land that I love. c live up ians. “Stand to Stand beside her, and guide her, beside her an with a d guide Through the night with the light from lig her, th and be ht from abov above. r o ca e” ug song. I me very popu . This line wa h the night, ts la s throug eems to offer r with religio added in 193 From the mountains, to the prairies, h diffic 9 u a s fans o p oetic p ult tim To the oceans, white with foam, f t l e h a e es. for God ’s guid God bless America, ance My home sweet home. God bless America, My home sweet home. To Vigore, It’s been said that life is a game…so play it. But what game do you play? Which team are you on? Well, you have two choices. You can be on the responsible team or you can play for the frivolous team. The responsible team lives within their means and pays their bills. They also thinks about the bigger picture, their community and their country. They know that, just like the weather, things change and everyone has to adapt and change too. The responsible team tries to think of the future and wants everyone to have a better life, knowing that there might be a cost for those changes. The frivolous team wants what they want, when they want it. Having debt is a way of life, but it means having more things. Thinking into the future and thinking about community or country is impossible and change for the good of everyone is out of the question. The frivolous team doesn’t want things to change because they might have to give something up. The question is, are you responsible and put the greater good above your own desires? Or, do you follow the majority and live the life of the frivolous citizen. Which team are you on? What game do you play? The content of Letters from America are submissions from amateurs writers and not the expressed opinions of Vigoré Chicago magazine. Vigoré Chicago magazine takes the “observer” position providing an outlet for voices to be heard. The names of the contributors have been omitted for their protection. Vigoré invites opinions of our readers for publication in future on-line or in-print issue of Vigoré. 20

What happened to the Chicago Whale Wall? LOST somewhere in Chicago Wyland’s work of ART

In 2008, twenty-seven years after Wyland’s quest began, the artist and the Wyland Foundation completed the monumental goal of painting 100 life-size public marine murals. These murals were painted in life-size dimensions to increase appreciation and understanding for aquatic habitats and the life within. Perhaps, most importantly, they have reshaped attitudes about marine life conservation. “We know now that water connects all the countries of the world,” Wyland says. “Our goal with these projects over the last three decades has been to convey the urgency of conservation issues What location would be the to the public. The health of our PERFECT CANVAS ocean and waterways are in for a new jeopardy, not to mention the WYLAND thousands of marine animals Whaling Wall and plants that face extinction nature’s underwater ocean kingdom mural if we do nothing.” The completed Whaling Wall campaign is one of the largest art-in-public-places projects in history, spanning 5 continents, 13 countries, and 79 cities around the globe

? Send Vigoré magazine your suggestion for a new Wyland Whaling wall

Find this wall and email your proof of discovery by photograph to Vigoré to enter a drawing to win two free tickets to Laguna Beach, CA.

San Diego, Cleveland, Indianapolis, New Orleans, Long Beach, Atlanta, Brazil, Toronto, Japan, Detroit, Utah, California, Hawaii, New Zealand, Florida ... the list goes on and on



LETTERS FROM ACROSS AMERICA handwritten & typed, polished & rough

tion of l evolu ults a i c o s to the en ins d little of action oft ricans e t u b i r 6, Ame nd lack as cont ation h tions taken a ts. Before 177 determined, r e n e g dult was n, ac aren w unger a s spoke grandp on’s position ise. This vie r s The yo . Their word parents and r p l e r o e p o t a h n e f a sc ch Americ generation o world in whi nt, ability and sermons and ort this e , er pp le the old d a view of th tle, but by ta s, pamphlets n starts to su r i e o t e i c p t r a a a o r r p ank emb ene ews adult g birth, r ough n not my ly known thr and the new on of ia de er pers rson h t o n was wi hen the med be a factor. a e s W ot toward spoken by a p n e g a books. n color will n u g e he lan ki ords ar nishable. W e of ulting w s e n i view, s m e a s u s u p nc e of color nce, yet if th ve, racist and ill the ignora en n o s r e nap fensi cepta ces, w ms that wh How ca race with ac considered of d between ra e e ? It se n s the sam rent race, it i to all races a be diminished d fe of a dif dard is applie iscrimination . rds d n or lgar wo u v one sta rejudice and not be a fact f o e ,p ill us us ule for racism ens, color w malicio ent be the r e h t t p s p m n e i nt? this ha out aga or and achiev so employme k a e p s i l edia and a behav t that ill the m ? When will er education w n e concep factor. h e s l h e W p c g i a m h i r s f l he be a ls o s al pport t olor will not toward ce into schoo u s d n an kin c p up a accept ey ers ste is happens, s d a e l how th y e h t t i t o n n n u e o h m t thers, ill com ind. W cial ticize o r another. So i When w n opens the m r c d n io treated judge a e way o educat ulse to ndards in on 'd want to be tor. p m i n they a fac s’ sta huma he way nother atural l not be It's a n asure up to a er people in t kin color wil s e th don't m or treating o this happens r n e o v h a beh in. W to live society

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Is Chicago becoming another New York City? A cleaner, better version ... but losing the unique blend of nature as buildings border the river. Buildings are know by their architecure with subtle references to ownership. The Wrigley building has W’s on the clock face high above the street. The Boeing building has a logo seldom noticed and the Hancock and Willis Tower are iconic presence in Chicago's skyline. Chicago is the birthplace of the modern skyscraper and now has its’ first bold and prominent building name (like a tattoo) for the world to recognize.

The unique open and spacious feeling of the Chicago river will soon be engulfed with buildings on both sides, blocking the spectacular views and the sun which permeates the residental buildings. City and river iconic views of downtown once enjoyed are now the ownership of corporations and the wealthy. Wolf Point should of been a protected historical landmark made into a park with a museum that memorializes Chicago’s rich history. Wolf Point is the location at the confluence of the North, South and Main Branches of the Chicago River. This fork in the river is historically important in the development of early Chicago. Chicago was a comfortable blend of nature, steel, glass, concrete, business and residents. The “green city” of the future has lost direction. These building could have been built in a number of other locations. New York City has a population density and building placement that makes the business district frustrating to operate within, traffic congestion and residential neighborhoods difficult to live in. This is the same destiny for the Wolf Point, River North area. People will be living in the shadows of buildings with views of structures instead of the sun, sky and river. A great city should have a concern to safe guard the quality of life for it’s citizens. The splendors of Wolf Point will be only an image to future generations. The “red” buildings is a rendering of Kennedy family, three tower megaproject on Wolf Point.

Photographs by Cay Clark

“Turning back time addressing disease, degeneration and aging”

V Special Interest

Growing up in his native Philadelphia, Ira S. Pastor, CEO of the regenerative medicine company Bioquark Inc., was never very far from pharmaceutical products. From his first job at the age of 6, scrubbing the medicine shelves in his father’s retail pharmacy, to cashier at age 10, to pharmacy technician at age 14, Mr. Pastor went on to get a professional bachelor’s degree in pharmacy from New Jersey based Rutgers University, and a business degree from the Fox School of Business at Philadelphia’s Temple University. From that foundation, Mr. Pastor spent a 25+ year career in various aspects of the pharmaceutical industry, including roles as Vice President of Business Development for the drug development company Phytomedics Inc., Vice President of Corporate Development for the pharmacy benefit management company Prescription Delivery Systems Inc. (acquired by Cigna Health Insurance) and working in various sales, marketing, and business strategy positions in industry giant Glaxo SmithKline. As exciting and dynamic as his chosen industry was, Mr. Pastor was always bothered by one overarching, unspoken theme: in an industry that globally generates close to $1 trillion in revenue annually, why were there so few cures emerging from the development pipelines of the major pharmaceutical and biotech companies, for any of the traditional chronic degenerative diseases responsible for human suffering and death? The industry was generating plenty of treatments to attempt to slow disease progression, and had many preventative agents in the form of vaccines, but when it came to actual cures for such dreaded current day maladies such as Alzheimer’s, Cancer, Congestive Heart Failure, Diabetes, etc. , the industry was batting close to zero. Mr. Pastor wanted to take a more detailed look at where things had gone wrong with a goal of trying to correct it. And what he found was quite eye opening. Since the inception of the modern pharmaceutical industry, researchers have attempted to reduce and study human health and disease at the level of their most basic components – proteins, genes, cells, etc. continually looking for new targets to develop drugs compounds that can interfere in some fashion with biological processes. However, these targets for the most part turn out to be no more than the late-appearing indications of dysfunctional tissues and organs (symptoms of disease), and have very little connection to any of the biological factors that precede these abnormalities (real causes of disease).

In parallel, from the clinical perspective, patients have continued to be classified and studied in a very standardized fashion at the population level, primarily based on disease symptoms and on disease characterizations from literally decades ago. These inclusive definitions of disease not only obscure important differences among individuals with common clinical presentations, but completely ignore underlying disease and/or toxicity mechanisms which can be extremely varied across populations. But how to fix the current situation? To develop products that would actually alter the regulatory control mechanisms of disease, not just their symptoms, and do it on a personalized basis, would require biopharmaceuticals that look and act very different from toady’s marketed drug products. Enter Mr. Pastor’s new company – Bioquark Inc.was set up to focus on the problem from a different angle. The company’s research program is focused on the development and commercialization of a novel range of biologic based products that have the ability to alter the actual biological regulatory state of human tissues and organs, with the goal of affecting actual cures across a wide range of diseases that have for the most part been considered “un-curable”. The biologic regulatory states of our cells, tissues and organs represent the central control processes behind our health (as well as our unfortunate transition towards disease, degeneration and aging). As such, the company’s core program focuses on developing a novel class of substances termed combinatorial biologics, which take a unique approach to reversing underlying disease, degeneration or aging processes, as opposed to affecting the symptoms of such conditions, as most marketed pharmaceutical products currently do today.


Bioquark Inc. was set up to focus on the problem from a different angle with the goal of affecting actual cures across a wide range of diseases that have for the most part been considered “un-curable”.

Combinatorial biologics, which work at the level of the regulatory genome, and are modeled off of biochemical dynamics found in various species which can naturally modify biologic regulatory state to achieve beneficial endpoints such as complex tissue and organ regeneration, disease reversion, and even biological age reversal. This is where Bioquark Inc.’s approach gets quite elegant and intriguing. Regeneration and repair are widespread phenomena in the biological kingdom, but the capacity varies among species. Both amphibians and invertebrates can replace lost or damaged organs and tissues that are identical in structure and function to the original, regenerating a wide variety of tissues including spinal cords, limbs, hearts, eyes, and even parts of their brains. In a similar fashion, many of these species possess fascinating skills for repairing and reversing cellular and genetic damage. Cancer, as an example, is found to be extremely rare in tissues of species displaying an efficient regenerative mechanism, even under the action of carcinogens. In many cases, when cancer does occur, tumors have been found to spontaneously remodel and integrate into their surroundings as normal, healthy tissue. Unfortunately for humans, the situation is very different. In most instances, the structure or function of an organ will not be restored after tissue damage, and is often replaced by scarring. Additionally, while humans do possess robust DNA repair mechanisms, these capabilities are diminished substantially over time as we age. Bioquark’s mission is to bring these capabilities back for therapeutic application in humans.

V Special Interest


LETTERS FROM ACROSS AMERICA handwritten & typed, polished & rough

This prayer is for all, especially the teenagers, twenty and thirty year olds that have lost faith in God and lost trust in themselves. Forgive them for placing their success, trust, faith, future and life in the hands of any earthly man with words of promises. Through their own confussion and weakness they have surrender and lost their freedom for life.

“Dear God, give me the love and strength to face myself and face my fears. I pray that all souls on earth can find ways to understand themselves and make the journey full of love. May all the experiences I face be accepted in good faith and justice. God, forgive me for my doubts in you and belief in myself and provide me the guidance to find courage, love, and compassion for my life and the journey.” -I Am

If this letter gets published , hopefully it whom it will will be read b light the torc y a courageou h of freedom and liberty. s person, wit hin The youth of America seem s to be of the their lifetime, opinion that they have litt if events did le value and young adults not happen in are old or irre running away levant. Why from or tryin adults in oth are so many er countries g to change a soci are running ety that man to? y young What life exp eriences hav e young peop make them w le from other ant to come countr to fostering a su our country? ccessful futu Learning from ies experienced that re of some. Und . For examp the past is es le, the Holoc erstanding a sential in aust did exis nd reflecting atrocities in t, despite the on the past ca the future. T belief n hroughout th sacrificed fles e last century prevent these type of h, blood and , the United S treasury figh tates has ting for foreig n nations all Freedom allow over the wor s growth. It ld. is a spark th mind. When at ignites hop we feel healt e h y, a things. Freed n alive, vibran t and prosper d creativity in the human om is not giv en in handou ous, we attra We must focu ts; it is earned ct these sam s on positive e . It goa negative thin king of waitin ls, achieved through hard is the path to self-freedom g for someth ing to be given work, and not focus on th . e to us. Life experien ce brings abou t life experien knowledge a ce is more im nd fosters un portant than derstanding. Because of th just words fr Ref lection an eir lack of life om people, in d experience a understand cluding polit nd reflection people, politic icians. , most young ians and the adults do not use of power . When confron ted with a ch allenge, do n for a solution ot put your h an ead you can reach d you will then be a role model for oth in the sand. Instead, look your goals an ers. Focus on force for oth d have the th the positive ers. The you ings you wan and th of Americ t. You can als prosperous; a needs to un o be a positiv through desir derstand tha e e, balance an to strive for t they can be d hard work thei . Their action give you an ea r own prosperity. Do not s can inspire look for other sy way out; th others s to give you is is enslavem freedom or to ent of the min Freedom of re d. sponsibility en instead of so lutions and in courages a carefree, care less mind, lo novations to America offe oking for excu achieve succ rs reedom. N ess. The Unit ses o other coun world, hopin ed tr S y draws mor g to work tow e people from tates of ard freedom and a better all over the life. The content of Letters from America are submissions from amateurs writers and not the expressed opinions of Vigoré Chicago magazine. Vigoré Chicago magazine takes the “observer” position providing an outlet for voices to be heard. The names of the contributors have been omitted for their protection. Vigoré invites opinions of our readers for publication in future on-line or in-print issue of Vigoré. 26

V Special Interest


Yikes  Bikes DANGER on  the Streets

Texting while operating a bicycle on a roadway should be illegal and punishable by a fine or lost of roadway privileged. Who has the right of way has little value to avoid an accident when there is aggressive careless cyclist behavior. Bicyclist should be at risk of fines and lost of roadway privileges as it applies to motorist.

There is an extreme danger in the way cyclist use the roadway. It is a common occurrence that bike riders (cyclist) ignore red lights pedaling through the light or stopping in the middle of the intersection waiting to cross. If a motorist applies thier horn in protest to their behavior, a look of bewilderment or disapproval is often the reaction of the cyclist (bike rider).

WHERE ARE THE TRAFFIC CAMERAS to catch cyclist violation Recently a notice has been added to the Vehicle Registration packet sent in the mail to motorist. It gives the right of way to cyclist when a vehicle is attempting to make a left turn and a right turn.

Cyclist should have mounted and visible license plates to assist pedestrian and motorist in reporting traffic violations


Where are the rules for cyclists when approaching an intersection or using the roadway

The vehicle information insert fails to indicate that cyclist need to use common sense and not assume motorist has made visual contact. Cyclist are overly aggressive with thier new freedom. Common moving traffic violations committed by cyclist are riding outside of the designed bike lane when one is present, splitting lanes, turning left on a red, not stopping for red lights, riding in the center of a lane not marked for bike usages, and riding in the middle of a vehicle lane moving slower then traffic causing congestion.

Insurance and safety requirements such as a helmet needs to be considered for cyclist


Wait for oncoming cyclist to pass; turning left in front of an oncoming cyclist is ILLEGAL

The roadway is now a more dangerous environment due to the uncheck, out-of-control bicyclist traffic flow. Where are the bicycle police to monitor the so-called bike-street lanes.

Who will be at fault when a fatality happen


LOOK behind you for cyclist and WAIT for them to pass before turning. Turning right in front of a cyclist is ILLEGAL

Cyclist often increase their speed looking to “get ahead” riding within and outside of the bike lanes as traffic slows during the heavy traffic hours. Cyclist threaten the safety of pedestrians and the motorist that do not see them or when cyclist make unpredictable maneuvers..

V Special Interest

Solution: Cyclist need to respect and follow the rules of the road. Then acceptance and respect will be extended to them form motorist. 27



Through Lynn Funkhouser’s Lens: The Story of an Ocean Pioneer An adult Blue-Face Angelfish (Pomacanthus xanthometapon) posing for Lynn's camera.

Every industry is made up of three main kinds of people: participants, leaders, and pioneers. The vast majority of individuals that comprise a given industry are participants or members, who generally follow the actions and recommendations of a much smaller number of industry leaders, none of whom would be in their positions of authority if it weren’t for the drive, vision, and determination of just a few pioneers. Lynn Funkhouser is one of these pioneers in the world of scuba diving and dive travel, as well as being an internationally published photographer, author, lecturer, environmentalist, and adventuress. Lynn’s diving career began not in the water but in the air. She worked as a TWA flight

A lovely school of Batfish (Platax orbicularis)

A diver emerging from behind a collection of purple sea fans in Tubbataha, Philippines

Orange Skunk Clownfish (Amphiprion sandaracinos) are notoriously difficult to photograph because they rarely stop moving

A brightly colored male Squarespot Anthias (Pseudanthias pleurotaenia) showing off for the camera while getting cleaned by a wrasse

attendant for many years, a position which she used to travel and dive the world before turning in her wings to devote herself full-time to a life of diving and photography. At the onset of her career, recreational dive equipment and technology was an emerging and rapidly changing field that Lynn played an A trio of Mandarin Fish (Synchiropus integral role in shaping splendidus), two males and a female, through testing of dive gear, doing a mating dance at dusk. while paving new ground as one of only a handful of ambitious and highly qualified water women like Zale Perry and Dr. Sylvia Earle, in this male-dominated industry. 30

Of the many beautiful destinations Lynn has explored, the Philippines captivated her attention the most, and for good reason. The Philippines are comprised of 7,107 islands, of which she has dived over 260 islands, making up the northern-most point of the Coral Triangle, an ocean area of approximately 2.3 million square miles that encompasses six countries in the Indo-Pacific: Indonesia, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines, the Solomon Islands, and Timor-Leste. The Coral Triangle (CT) accounts for less than 1% of the world’s ocean surface area but is home to one-third of the world’s coral reefs. The CT is the only place on Earth that rivals the biodiversity of the Amazon Rainforest in both species richness and environmental importance and the Philippines is considered by scientists to be “the center of the center of marine biodiversity”, so it’s easy to see why Lynn has spent 2 months there every year since 1975 and has taken countless photographs documenting the incredible variety of life found in these waters.

Lynn surrounded by her precious underwater camera gear

Lynn photographing a sea turtle in Tubbataha, Philippines

Lynn Funkhouser is an inaugural member of the Women Divers Hall of Fame Seaslug or nudibranch (Hypselodoris spp.) and was recently named the has a plume of hot pink and orange gills Beneath the Sea 2014 Diver sticking out of its back of the Year in Arts. As a founder of the International Marinelife Alliance (1986), Lynn went undercover to photograph and document fishermen using blast fishing and cyanide to capture fish, living alone in a hut on the island with them. She has received numerous honors and awards including but not limited to the SEASPACE/ PADI Environmental Awareness Award (1994), a Lifetime Achievement Award from The Philippine Aquatic and Marinelife Conservationists' Association, Inc., and has just been named the 2014 Beneath the Sea Diver of the Year for Arts.

In the 1970s, Lynn Funkhouser was the first female diver to enter the Caribbean Reef Habitat at Chicago's Shedd Aquarium. She is pictured here holding Mort the Green Moray Eel.

Lynn is committed to making a difference on this planet through her images and lectures. Her photos have appeared in influential publications such as Time, Audubon, International Wildlife, Newsweek and National Geographic Publications. Lynn has made countless contributions to the dive industry and continues on a daily basis to foster environmental activism through awareness, mentorship and appreciation.

Whale sharks (Rhincodon typus) feeding on plankton at the surface. 31

The Art of Food

Lovely lamb chops from Tanta

There is certainly an art to making good food, but at what point does the food actually become the art? Chicago's vibrant "food art" scene is constantly surprising us with edible creations that are so beautiful they almost look too perfect to eat. Almost. The annual “Chefs and the City” event hosted this year by the Union League Club of Chicago, under the direction of Chef Michael Garbin was a great reminder of just how delicious beautiful food can be. In its 10th year, “Chefs” has become a hallmark of creative food combos that dazzle the eye as much as the palate. All money raised from ticket purchases and auction items goes towards supporting the Vital Bridges Center on Chronic Care, a program of Heartland Health Outreach dedicated to helping more than 1,500 men, women, and children impacted by HIV and AIDS each year.

Grilled polenta main course from Karyn's

This premier culinary fundraiser is attended by hundreds of people and makes for a memorable evening of creative cocktails, sophisticated appetizers, mouth watering main dishes, and designer desserts that leave donors wondering if they really have to wait another whole year for “Chefs” to come around again! Sixteen of Chicago’s top chefs were featured, all of who concocted complex dishes that could satisfy even the most discerning of taste buds. The evening kicked off with refreshing springtime drinks provided by the mixologist from Sepia to go along with four appetizer options ranging from individually plated sushi bites

Main dining room at the Union League Club

from Jellyfish to an expansive charcuterie table by Tête. Then the four-course dinner began.

Chocolate hazelnut cake from The Wit

There were three different full menu options, too much deliciousness to cover in its entirety here, but here’s the gist of it: a sweet but spicy pork belly ramen soup from bellyQ for the first course; a wonderfully fresh spring veggie salad with lightly fried lump crabmeat cakes from the Union League Club for the second course; a precisely trimmed lamb chop seared to perfection served with a root vegetable puree and deconstructed guacamole from Tanta for the third course; and a rich yet refreshing haute couture lemon cupcake, filled with pistachio ricotta cream, topped with a smooth lemon ricotta whipped Italian buttercream resting in a delicate asymmetric tuille complimented by a crème anglaise from Swirlz Cupcakes for dessert. Every course was well balanced with unique flavor and texture combinations and somehow embodied the taste of spring. Some chefs even went so far as to incorporate edible flowers into their culinary creations in order to better illustrate their quest for springtime freshness. “Chefs and the City” is a perfect example of how serious Chicago and its talented food artists are about making unforgettable meals that delight all our senses at once and leave us looking forward to the next culinary experience as soon as our stomachs can handle it.

Soup from bellyQ

Alex Rose Contributing Article and Photography rdviolin2@aol.com www.alexroserenaissance.com

Lemon pistachio couture cupcakes from Swirlz Cupcakes


Alex Rose Rising Star Topside and Underwater Vigoré You seem to have a pretty long list of jobs. Can you tell us a bit about what you do? I definitely have quite a few jobs and have for a while now, and because of that I’ve always been called a renaissance woman. My main occupations have morphed over the years, and currently I’d call myself a writer. I have a science background (BS and MS in Biology) but now fill most of my time writing about nature with a focus on our underwater world. I’m the science editor of and contributing author to Ocean Geographic magazine(www.ogsociety.org), a publication dedicated to addressing important ocean conservation issues, and am in the process of writing a book about clownfish. It’s going to read a bit like an adult “Finding Nemo” and will be a compilation of fact-basedfictional stories that seek to tell the story of our world ocean through the eyes of clownfish. Everyone seems to feel the same irresistible attraction to these unique and charismatic creatures, and that’s why clownfish are the perfect ocean stewards. In addition to the writing, I’m also a scuba diver, photographer and professional violinist. As you can probably imagine, my favorite photography subjects live in the ocean.

Fishing boats in Nha Trang, Vietnam

A "Red Dao" seamstress in Sapa, Vietnam


Harlequin flying frog in Borneo

Brown booby bird in Galapagos

Traditional dancers in Bangkok, Thailand

Group of ocellaris clownfish in the Philippines

Vigoré How did you get into diving? I’ve always been a big ocean nerd. From the time I was a little kid, my parents took me to Chicago’s John G. Shedd Aquarium and I loved every minute I spent there. It opened up my eyes to a beautiful world I would have never known about and I got hooked on marine life. Now I’m a volunteer diver in Shedd’s Caribbean Reef habitat on the weekends where I get to feed the fish and talk to the public about sea life and answer their questions. I’ve been a PADI certified diver for about 6 years, and am in the water as often as possible. The diving is actually what kick started my traveling bug and I haven’t been able to stop since.

Vigoré Where’s your favorite place to travel?

Nudibranch (sea slug) in Puerto Galera, Philippines

That’s a really hard question to answer. My favorite diving so far has been in the Philippines. That part of the world is considered to be the center of marine biodiversity and only rivals the Amazon Rainforest in both species richness and environmental importance. As for land travel, India was incredible. The vivid combination of colors, textures, smells, and how they all interact with people’s everyday lives makes it a unique and wonderful place to visit. For a land and water destination, the Galapagos Islands stole my heart. They’re the ultimate combination of both underwater and topside beauty and history.

Vigoré What’s next for you? My goal is always the same: to enjoy my work so much that when I’m old people will accuse me of never having worked a day in my life. The driving force in my life is finding ways to protect our world’s precious marine habitats through diving, writing, education, and research. Everything I do can be summarized in one quote: “In the end we will conserve only what we love, we will love only what we understand, and we will understand only what we have been taught (Baba Dioum).”

Photography by Alex Rose Alex Rose, rdviolin2@aol.com www.alexroserenaissance.com

Woman making lanterns in Hoi An, Vietnam

Poison ocellate octopus in Dumaguete, Philippines

Mud People Beauty is only skin deep Artists react to what they see in life and recreate that in whatever medium they work in. As a photographer of Beauty and Fashion, I constantly work with beautiful models whose beauty is enhanced by make up, hair, and wonderful clothes. These models would be considered better than average in their face and body even without make up and hair, but with that added dimension; they do turn heads wherever they go after the photo shoot. The Beauty Industry view these models as the norm, but to mere mortals, the message life has to give is missed completely. The value of life, of what an individual brings to humanity – this is what inspired the Mud People.


Before I choose the model, I think about what I want to show in the photograph. I then think about which person or model would best convey that message. Many models have asked to be included in this project, so finding someone is not difficult – finding the right person is. The next step is to talk to the model about the theme of the photograph. This is true collaboration. Their thought about poses makes the story possible in a single image. It takes about four hours total from starting to apply the “stuff” to clean up, but the actual photo shoot itself only takes 30 minutes. The “stuff” is not always the same mixture. It depends on what works on that particular model. I tried everything on myself first before ever trying it on a model. I needed to know what it was like before trying it on someone else. Future photographs in this ongoing series will include photographs taken on location in nature settings. There will also be group photographs.

Steven Ledell

Steven Ledell Photography 773.780.5678 • sledell.22@gmail.com www.stevenledellphotography.com 39

RISING STAR Geodesic Designs Keith Skogstrom is from Urbana, OH. He moved to Chicago in 2009. Currently, I have a small design company called Geodesic Designs. The company specializes in custom furniture, artwork, and cabinetry. I collaborate with contractors, artists, and laborers to transform site specific spaces into designed manifestations of the client's ideals. I just completed a project for a new members-only speakeasy titled Birch Road Cellar. For this location, my company (Geodesic Designs) was responsible for two 30' art installations, a 14 person banquet table, a banquet restoration, custom island and wood counter top, custom cabinetry and counter for "bar", and a custom recycling deposit.

Geodesic Designs is also responsible for hosting a once-amonth pop-up art showcase at restaurants in Chicago. Each month we transform the booths and VIP areas into a hang-ready art fair. The goal of the shows is to connect artist with consumers. We take no money from the artist and give raffle proceeds to a local charity called Teen Living. Additional details and a schedule of upcoming shows can be found at sotachicago.com


Keith Skogstrom Artistically, I am interested in the mechanisms of industry and motion. Through this focus I create either kinetic sculptures or compositions of implied motion. The infinite symmetry of the circle is what draws me to create abstract cogs. I am currently working to incorporate motion activated motors in my work. I have always been interested in inviting viewers to interact with my work and this progression has become an obsession in my current studio. Visit my website www.keithskogstrom.com.

Keith Skogstrom geodesicdesignsks@gmail.com Direct: 937 215-4106


BEST WESTERN  RIVER NORTH HOTEL, CHICAGO is a city constantly reinventing itself and yet holding onto a belief in the American can-do spirit. From its beginnings as a marshland, the odds were stacked against Chicago’s success. But it grew. And it changed. And it triumphed – not once, but over and over, time and again.

Architects literally raised the city – whole buildings by several feet – in order to solve the problem of marshland. At the turn of the 19th century, Chicago hosted a World’s Fair that few said could be done but that everyone agreed was a wondrous success, second to none. In 1871 the Great Chicago Fire devastated the landscape, so Chicagoans threw the debris into Lake Michigan where it solidified, was developed, and is today the site of areas like Streeterville and the Gold Coast – desirable places. Success stories literally built on piles of ash.

Living and working here, there’s a tangible determination, an indomitable spirit. But through it all, Chicagoans remain open and inviting. We wear our Midwestern charms on our sleeves. Talk to a stranger at one of the many neighborhood street festivals, and you’ll quickly find a helpful word and a friendly face, and before you know it you’ll be shaking hands or snapping a photo together. Chicago is a big city that actually cares about hospitality.

At Best Western River North, we are a direct product of Chicago: we’ve gotten far and been in the business for over 20 years just by having a lot of determination, hard honest work, and by providing exceptional service where guests can enjoy a comfortable stay and still share a laugh with a staff member.

Best Western River North offers exceptional value. Our hotel is newly remodeled and boasts standard rooms as well as a variety of suites to make any traveler feel at home. Our onsite restaurant, Pizzeria Ora, specializes in everyone’s favorite: Chicago deep-dish pizza. For those intimidated by such a hearty meal, there are plenty of American choices.

You won’t find friendlier, more helpful staff members than our own. We’re happy to give you directions and even help plan your afternoon in the city so that you’ll get the most out of Chicago. We offer exceptional value with our low rates and complimentary services, such as free high-speed WiFi.

Come experience the history and spirit of America’s greatest city by staying where you’re treated like family. And if all that wasn’t enough, we’ll even throw in free parking when you stay with us, saving you upwards of $40 a day.

River North

We’re committed to our guests getting a first-rate experience of Chicago on most any budget. Give us a call. We’re waiting to welcome you.

Best Western River North Hotel 125 W Ohio St Chicago, IL 60654 312.467.0800 Toll Free: 800.727.0800 www.rivernorthhotel.com Free Parking


PRESS PROOF PRINTING Since 1987, Press Proof Printing has served the

Hotel / Hospitality ospitality Industry

“We believe, Your work is the heart of our company and Your success is our success.”

Since 1987, Press Proof Printing

has silently serviced the Hotel and Hospitality industry producing printed materials for other printing companies and print brokers. We now offer a direct path to order from Press Proof Printing with a better way to serve the industry. We are the only mid-west printer with a dedicated Hospitality focused creative and print department.

CreativeInspiration and


behind Quality Printing & Service

We Believe it’s about

Quality, Service, Relationships, Communication, Price and most important, You and Your Organization's Success.

We offer a solution, our expertise & experience to save you 10-20% off your annual budget from creative through print and delivery. We can assist you with printed materials to match your marketing approach highlighting your unique offerings & marketplace position. We offer on-line ordering from a secure custom website or if you prefer the “human touch” just call us. We are responsive 24 hours per day 6 days per week except holidays. Printed Products (Paper & Plastic): • Room Key Cards, Gift Cards • Room Key Card Holders • Note Pads • Door Hangers • Comment Cards • Guest Services Directories • Hotel Stationary • Envelopes, Letterhead

• Folders, Portfolios • Check-In / Check-Out Documents • Folios / Statements / Registration Cards • Vouchers, Cashier's Report • Maintenance Request Forms • Housekeeping Forms • Special occasion products

Visit our website

www.pressproof.com Home



Hotel Hospitality

Auto Industry

FTP 44

Ofc: 847.466.7156 Direct: 847.977.2027 santef@pressproof.com

Mother Nature Loves You Love Her Back



Chicagoland AUTHORS & BOOKS

Chicago Clean

Think about it. Do you throw trash on the floor of your own home? Chicago is our home. Make the effort to use the waste containers located through out the city. 38 Questions presents a way to be friendly, witty, and social when communicating (aka flirting) to a woman to discover her inner beauty - a woman’s personality and character.”

Plastic bags do not create

Learn to flirt in a romantic, playful and serious meaningful way to develop a relationship weather it be friends, lovers, short term involvement or long term relationship.

trash pollution - people do.

CHICAGOLAND AUTHORS & BOOKS is a scheduled feature in Vigoré Chicago. Emerging authors and writers can submit published works to appear and be highlighted in subsequent issues. For submissions visit www.vigoremag.com 45

Hotel Felix Chicago’s first LEED Silver certified hotel Because They’re Happy. Naturally. Upcycling, recycling, and eco-chic are some terms used to describe what Hotel Felix represents, but the hotel simply thinks of it as being Happy. Naturally – just as their tagline states. Happy. Naturally. is not about blending with eco-tourism trends, but it’s all about dedication to sustainability. Hotel Felix, Chicago’s first Silver LEED Certified hotel, strives to create an enjoyable experience for every guest, while advocating green initiatives and environmentally-friendly practices. Although Hotel Felix, located in Chicago’s trendy River North neighborhood, used recycled material in its reconstruction, it has a unique atmosphere to call its own. Between the carpets made of recycled material in the guest rooms to the low-voltage lighting in the lobby, one could say that Hotel Felix is eco-friendly from floor to ceiling. “Many different characteristics of Hotel Felix exemplify our commitment to sustainability. Our full recycling program and enhanced energy management system are just two of the ways we strive to maintain our Silver LEED Certification,” said George Jordan, Area General Manager of Hotel Felix Chicago and Senior Vice President of Oxford Hotels & Resorts.

“Most importantly, we aim for the guest experience to be consistent with our tagline, Happy. Naturally.” At Hotel Felix, eco-friendly amenities and programs can be seen before you walk in the door. On Earth Day 2010, the hotel welcomed a 7-foot-tall “doorman” who is made out of recycled pipes, an umbrella stand, a drill bit, and topped with a milk bucket head. This sculpture is named “Loren the Doorman,” and artist Allen Christian from House of Balls crafted him completely from found and reclaimed materials.


To celebrate Earth Day 2011 and 2012, they commissioned two additional sculptures named “Madeline, the Baker’s Wife” and a metal dog named “Scrappy.” Today, hotel visitors are greeted outside by all three larger-than-life sculptures (pictured). “This family of sustainable artwork reflects the whimsical and fun spirit of Hotel Felix. They are very lively art pieces that give character and depth to what Hotel Felix is,” said Jordan. “Loren, Madeline, and Scrappy are the first hello, the last goodbye, and a simple reminder to be Happy. Naturally.” The sustainable art pieces have become much more than simple conversation pieces. As you can tell by the name, “Loren the Doorman” is part of the team, and a 7-foot-tall reason to smile as you walk into Hotel Felix. To learn more about Hotel Felix Chicago, visit its website at www.hotelfelixchicago.com. And of course, their blog, which is appropriately titled Happy. Naturally. - at www.happynaturally.com.

Hotel Felix 111 W Huron St Chicago, IL 60654 Tel 312-447-3440 Toll-Free 1-877-848-4040 47

Annie Diamantidis Chicago-based handbag designer, honored her cultural roots by heading to a small village in Chios, Greece for her July 27 nuptials to Navy Pier building engineer Carmen Longo. The duo tied the knot in the same church where Diamantidis’ parents were married 50 years ago. Diamantidis accessorized her vintage 1950s gown with her own handbag designs, a minaudière — inspired by her island wedding. This minaudiere caught the eye of trend setters and soon after she created an entire collection of exotic and leather minaudieres. This also sparked attention of editors and buyers alike and now she can’t keep them in stock. They are all hand painted from exotic python, stingray, and lizard skins and are considered a piece of art by the women that collect them. They can be found in luxury boutiques in Chicago such as, Elements, Urban Flair in Barrington, and CityWoods in Highland Park.

Annie Diamantidis • Ofc: 312.498.3933 www.anniediamantidis.com 6257 N. McCormick Blvd. Ste. 160, Chicago, IL 60659 Annie Handbags and Accessories are for Today’s Goddess ™ Python Minaudiere Make an edgy statement while carrying this Annie Diamantidis clutch. Handcrafted with a silver-tone frame and twig closure. This clutch is wrapped in genuine blue and silver python skin.Minaudiere in genuine python skin. Dimensions 7"W x 3.5H


Stingray Minaudiere Exude timeless glamour while carrying this Annie Diamantidis clutch. Handcrafted with a gold-tone frame and twig closure.This clutch is wrapped in genuine stingray skin.Minaudiere in genuine stingray skin. Dimensions 7"W x 3.5.H

Jewelery as

WEARABLE S CULPTURE designed & created by Robert Trisko

National & International Award Winning Designs trisko2.com 320.253.5346 ian@trisko2.com


BangBang A new citizens war has begun. Who will be the heroes to fight it? The United Sates of America is in decline one city at a time. Who’ll Stop The Rain


STOP The Downfall of Chicago The faded words of a popular song represent the fading meaning of a great country, city and society. Who will stop the rain Oh, say can you see by the dawn's early light, What so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming? Whose broad stripes and bright stars thru the perilous fight, O'er the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming? And the rocket's red glare, the bombs bursting in air, Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there. Oh, say does that star-spangled banner yet wave O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave?

The words of our homeland’s resoundingly beautiful national anthem describe our country as “the land of the free and the home of the brave,” but these syllables seem to have become a mockery of what our big cities represent. In Chicago, violent crimes are crippling our city. Children are now prisoners held fast within the cycle of violence, and brave young people ready to take on the world have been replaced by cowards who hide from the challenges of life behind their guns. Only 5% of the world’s population resides in the United States, but the U.S. accounts for 25% of the global prison population. Considering we are the world’s largest jailer, one would expect lower crime rates, but rampant violence continues to spread like a malignant cancer though our communities. Despite an aggressive law enforcement system crime grows larger. The prevention of murder and crime starts at home with the support of citizens within the community. Do not blame the police for the work that needs to start within the local communities. The remedy for our city is not the toxic pills of increasing doses of government regulation and control, but is instead the holistic treatment of our collective city citizen body through education and social reform that starts in the home. From the graffiti sprayed across our historic landmarks and residential buildings like the territory markings of dogs, to the culture of rape and murder that’s allowed to flourish in the community, it is obvious that changes need to be made. This change needs to come in the form of a grassroots movement demanded by all members of our society, and fostered by parents, community representatives, and church leaders. Just like teaching children to say “please” and “thank you,” respectful habits start at home with parents and family members being role models for the younger generations. This attitude of respect for oneself and the lives of others must be reinforced at every angle possible. We need the unified support of families, community watch members, church leaders, politicians, high profile celebrities, the poplar community leaders and media representatives to incite the change necessary to save Chicago. Chicago is in decline and it’s from the roots of the society.

On the shore, dimly seen through the mists of the deep, Where the foe's haughty host in dread silence reposes,

We must work together to convey the universal message that violence is unacceptable. The current way of life represents a complete lack of empathy as well as a disrespect for the value and potential that every life holds. “Thou shalt not kill” are words that have lost their meaning in a place that desperately needs to be reminded of how precious life is.

What is that which the breeze, o'er the towering steep, As it fitfully blows, half conceals, half discloses?

The criminals along with the apathetic communities they come from should be ashamed as they silently watch their city be transformed by violence, greed and hate. It is time to cast off selfishness and cowardice by reporting crime, be altruistic and proud by living a life of kindness. It is time to reclaim our modern, progressive city of cultural diversity as a place of freedom, opportunity and the home of brave.

Now it catches the gleam of the morning's first beam, In full glory reflected now shines in the stream:

“No matter the level of achievement, earn your life and be proud of your contribution to the community of life. “ 51

'Tis the star-spangled banner! Oh long may it wave O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave! And where is that band who so vauntingly swore That the havoc of war and the battle's confusion, A home and a country should leave us no more! Their blood has washed out their foul footsteps' pollution. No refuge could save the hireling and slave From the terror of flight, or the gloom of the grave: And the star-spangled banner in triumph doth wave O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave! Oh! thus be it ever, when freemen shall stand Between their loved home and the war's desolation! Blest with victory and peace, may the heav'n rescued land Praise the Power that hath made and preserved us a nation. Then conquer we must, when our cause it is just, And this be our motto: "In God is our trust." And the star-spangled banner in triumph shall wave O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave!

Focusing on emerging Chicago artists

PAST EXHIBITIONS "Autobiographical" Nicholas Barron "Menagerie" George Keaton "Through the Cracks" works by Jennifer Cronin & Keelan McMorrow "Realities" Jennifer Cronin "Multicultural America" prints by Sam Kirk "Just a Moment" Lewis Taylor "Coltan" Rahmaan Statik "Alter Egos" mixed media works by Joseph "Sentrock" Perez "Breaking the Line" Keelan McMorrow "Memories" figurative work by Missy Dahl

Elephant Room, Inc. is a Chicago-based arts organization specializing in primarily local, under-represented artists working across all types of media. It operates an art gallery where art exhibitions are rotated every 6-8 weeks, and frequently hosts arts-related events, talks and workshops that are open to the public. The gallery works closely with the local community and continually seeks out new ways to serve as an artist resource while helping establish a thriving arts environment in the South Loop and newly recognized Wabash Arts Corridor. Focusing on emerging Chicago artists, Elephant Room is excited to introduce upcoming artists. Each year, the gallery strives to exhibit outside of their storefront space in the South Loop. From the artist behind a dynamic series of large-scale abstract works by Nicholas Barron, “Abstractions” is a new series of work by local photographer and abstract painter, Spencer Rogers. The exhibition is at Edenhurst Studio, just 5 blocks west of Elephant Room, and opens on Friday, June 6th with a reception from 5 to 9pm. The viewing hours and opening night are free and open to the public As Elephant Room is approaching their five year anniversary,. A larger group show is scheduled “March of the Elephants” includes new artwork by eight Chicagobased artists including George Keaton, Joseph “Sentrock” Perez, Rahmaan Statik, Sam Kirk, Keelan McMorrow, Christie ChewWallace, Hugo Garcia and Emily Dahlquist. The carefully selected grouping will certainly create a brilliant exhibition of work by some strong local artists. The thread tying all of the pieces together is the elephant. Artist talks, workshops and other unique art events will be scheduled throughout this exhibition. Elephant Room www.elephantroomgallery.com contact kim@elephantroomgallery.com 704 S Wabash Ave. South Loop Neighborhood Chicago.


"Urban Penumbra" mixed media works by Ray Ferrer "Ojero: A Character of Culture" Sam Kirk "Product of My Environment" Sam Kirk "Love, Lust & Desire" Zeph Farmby "Best Fiends Forever" artwork by BURN353 "Chicago Loves Me" artwork by Donte Mearon "The Art of the Wall" photographs by Gary Hoover “Portraits of Afghanistan” Photographs by Ivan Lo “Signs of Sustainability” Claudia Smalley & Magda Smolenska “Faces of Africa” Ira Feldman

“Reflected Existence” by Brandy Kraft

Brandy Kraft’s newest series of oil paintings explore light and reflection in relation to ourselves within the metropolitan world around us. “Reflected Existence” studies the mystery that is presented when one image is positioned directly on top of another. Kraft uses self portraiture and the portraits of others as subjects within the works in order to demonstrate that the overlapping reality of these reflections run parallel to our own separation from the present as technology distracts the subject. The result is a dynamic photorealistic study of the dual realities of the physical world versus the reflection of it and the subject’s physical presence versus their virtual absence. “Today’s technology allows us to dive into another dimension any time we like, so much so, that we often miss what’s going on right in front of us. This real life illusion continually stirs my imagination.” - Kraft. Equally as important as the study of these dual realities is the study of light within the reflected images. Kraft’s ability to accurately portray reality through her use of reflection and light results in dynamic paintings that are both relevant and inspiring. About the Artist In 2009 Brandy Kraft picked up a brush and began to paint. She attended SAIC on scholarship briefly before deserting the cold Chicago for sunny LA. In Malibu, she studied as an assistant under artist Robert Standish and was inspired by his style of photorealism. After that she spent one year refining her technique at Atelier Stockholm (Swedish Academy for Realist Art) where she studied the classical drawing methods of the old masters. While there, she spent her days learning to draw from life using pencil, charcoal and age-old techniques. Recently, her work has evolved into a slightly distorted and surreal style but stems from classical roots and clings to photorealistic aspirations. Kraft has returned to Chicago to continue pursuing her passions.

“Abstractions” by Spencer Rogers

Spencer Rogers’s newest series of paintings celebrate the notions of freedom, possibility and choices that are inherent in the complex process of creating abstractions. He possesses an unrestrained method of accumulating multitudes of layers, akin to Gerhard Richter’s squeegeed abstractions, and works by freely altering and eradicating his choices. The artist’s physical involvement with the work is central, and it’s in the process where joy, freedom and focus flourish. Action exists in art regardless of medium, and is the basis of creation, which Rogers emphatically illustrates with these investigations that question the notion of doing. The cause and effect of his movements are transposed onto the canvas resulting in a series that is unapologetic in its existence. For the first time, Rogers has combined his large format abstract painting with macro photography in order to create a series entitled “Modern Abstractions”. These images focus on some of the finest details found within the abstract paintings that are worth spotlighting, and will be available in a variety of sizes printed on museum quality plexiglass acrylic. “I enjoy working with the latest technology in image capture, processing and printing techniques to create the large macro acrylic pieces of the details. It’s a great time to be making this kind of artwork.” - Rogers About the Artist As a child, my mother sent me to art school at age 7. In college, I was fortunate enough to attend the Art Institute of Florence where I took up drawing and photography. It's where I was taught to see how light behaves. I experienced that freedom from thought, and that unconscious competence that comes with falling into a river of energy and swimming with the current. When I'm working, I focus. There's freedom in focus. I build layers, watching my plans become more, getting completely lost in process and witnessing the colors and the paint that blend in such marvelous ways. It's where joyous and laborious meet. 53

Washington DC Beauty Strength History Inspirational Tears & Sacrifice Freedom

freedom is not free Missing from the memorials is a dedication to the heroes of the World War I conflict. The war to end all wars. Number Serving 4,743,826 Deaths 116,516 Wounded 204,002 Prisoners and Missing 4,500 Total Casualties 320,710 Source: U.S. Department of Justice

Photography by Cay Clark

A salute to the heroes of yesterday Many family members with parents that served in front line active military duty seldom hear of what life was like, during their service years. Then a letter is discover, or a short conversation takes place, allowing a brief glimpse into thier experiences. Thier sacrifice and words create a lasting memory.

V VigorĂŠ

From the days of World War II, the Korean Conflict (War) and more years to follow, a diminishing group of Americans, soon to fade away into history, made a commitment to serve in the Armed Forces.

The Navy was great fun and excitement, especially for a young man. First time on the sea it was inspiring, the power of nature is truly understood. My role at first was very basic, got the hell scared out of me several times; I pissed in my pants a few times. As the years went I become more confident in my abilities and like all of us I began to study hard. I really enjoyed the sea life, it kept me out of trouble, it was fun, hard work, and thrilling.

Senior chief petty officer is the eighth of nine enlisted ranks in the U.S. Navy, just above chief petty officer and below master chief petty officer, and is a noncommissioned officer. They are addressed as "Senior Chief" in most circumstances, or sometimes, less formally, as "Senior".

Crossing the sea by boat in rough and smooth weather was challenging, I almost got washed over once because I was not listening, my chief saved me. The war years for me were short about 1.5 years. New technology was being developed and would soon change the face of the earth, - atomic energy.

Advancement to Senior Chief Petty Officer is similar to that of Chief Petty Officer. It carries requirements of time in service, superior evaluation scores, and peer review. In the Navy, it is the first promotion that is based entirely on proven leadership performance; test scores do not play a part. A Chief Petty Officer can only advance to Senior Chief if a board of Master Chiefs approves, convened once a year. Senior Chief Petty Officers make up just 2.5% of the total enlisted force of the Navy and overall fall within the top 4% of the enlisted ranks.

The war years were mostly spent cutting Japanese sea supply routes. Ship hunting was not our task. We did a lot intelligence work. I began to study electrical systems, it was easy for me and allowed me to be free to go through out the boat. I had a strong body, but the navy service slowly chipped at its health. The confines of the boat made exercise difficult. The enemy action of depth charges and bombings made it intense. You always had cuts and bruises, the boats were not made for comfort, it was war and there was a continual array of it. America did not have peace until after the A bomb, that brought peace. I didn’t spend much time in Europe, and glad we did not it was flattened.

Senior Chief Petty Officers take on more advanced leadership duties. In the Navy, their khaki uniform continues to reflect their responsibility level: It is similar to an officer's uniform, but with different insignia. The dress blue insignia consists of a perched eagle or "crow" with spread wings atop a rating mark, with three chevrons and one 'rocker' above the rating mark. Inverted five-point stars above the crow denote the rank of Senior Chief (one star). All other uniforms use the collar device to denote rank. It consists of a fouled anchor (an anchor that is entangled with its chain) with the initials U S N in silver, superimposed, with stars above the anchor to indicate higher pay grades, similar to the dress blue insignia.

We hated the Japanese and Nazis, we knew it would end quickly but did not realize the number of men that would die. I personally saw several men die from personal neglect and that made me wake up. I needed to protect myself, the boat and crew mates. Sneaking into the Japanese held harbors was always difficult and dam right scary. When you can only listen and can’t see and must go by trust; that is true fear. I knew from these times that I could trust the lord, he guided us through some tough scary times. With the required ship board discipline the Navy was good for me. My deepest memories are of the crews, the men who shared life abroad these submersible vessels. My time as a junior sailor was fun, I did not have to deal with much. But once I became Chief then it got hard, there your work effected lives.

E-7, E-8 and E-9 are still considered Petty Officers, but are considered a separate community within the Navy. They have separate berthing and dining facilities (where feasible), wear separate uniforms, and perform separate duties.

Some of the most difficult time was recovering downed pilots. Some alive, some dead and some half eaten by sharks. I praised the Lord for giving me the sea life and cursed Him when it was hard to go. I fought a lot with God, he would keep telling me to go on; I kept saying no, you are hurting me.

Advancement to Chief Petty Officer (E-7) or above requires a board review by existing Master Chief Petty Officers beyond the normal examination score and performance evaluation process. More appropriately a Chief is the backbone of the Navy, and only Senior Chiefs, Master Chiefs and Admirals wear stars. 56

V Special Interest


Letter submitted by Paul D. Furio, Retired Senior Chief (Petty Officer) Electrician’s Mate, U.S. Navy EMCS (SS) E-8 (SS- individual completed a qualification process on submarine systems) two days before he took his last breath and passed on at home in his sleep with his dog at his side (87 years old) - I love you Dad, now you are with God.


LETTERS FROM ACROSS AMERICA handwritten & typed, polished & rough


t is in the r governmen Power tempts ou of s es n k The wea ficials. our elected of human character character of of h the strengt and weakens rrupts. until power co orks of fathers, the w g in d n u fo r of ou hts and the The concepts he Bill of Rig us to a higher T , on ti u it st hold the Con Independence These Declaration of most of us can live up to. resent p n standard tha over 200 years ago still re r counou en words writt emocracy in andards of d st t es h ig h e th h. untry on eart try or any co ecomes gh times, it b al or ou en d te ea p re fici When a lie is e liar. No government of cover to th believable to right to manufacture lies standing e er d th group has wisdom, un ssip, the res or lack of up their failu . When the lie becomes go fact, ge nd becomes and knowled gend, the lege ed in history. It le es om ec b gossip record is shared and rator of and the fact rs later, after the perpet ered, ea u y e lie is ncov e th t a is not until th e, v li a nger ing to th the lie is no lo nfusion, pain and suffer co ly on causing ns remaining. affected citize ical to the nment is crit cials are er v go in cy Elected offi Transparen government. citizens which needs t a th in f ie el b its , honesty, t or gift from given a gran nd protected with truth e and a v to be honored merican citizens are bra ment A n . er ty ri ov g G te . uth and in to know the tr ple but are given a gh ou en g n stro peo ot above the ple. officials are n ition to represent the peo os p temporary erica States of Am da, ed it n U e th n s, At many level people with their own age y b om fr ed n cy er ga v n le is go build their ow of attempting to spective, at the expense er p h their selfis n citizens. the America ildren acting like ch see ay d to s n ia ic it can There are pol closed, thinking no one as the es O s. r with their ey nnot see other clothes”. ca ey th se u or has no them beca es, “the emper old saying go

The current political administration has taken on an issue that is outside their purpose and authority. No president should promote the idea that students should not have to pay for the agreed upon terms of tuition for college. The government should not get involved in the free business market of the US and decide which citizen should not have to pay all or part of their bills. If you do not pay for a service or product that you purchased, then that is considered theft. No one forced any parent to send their child to a college or university. If parents and/or students do not plan on paying for this education, then they are part of this crime. Education, like all life’s expenses is a freedom of choice and with that freedom comes responsibilities. Parents and children need to accept this responsibility. Shame on the individuals that commit political and criminal offenses against society. Shame on the individuals that protect those people. Shame on the individuals that turn a blind eye to the truth. Shame on the individuals that promote, encourage and support theft.

erica God Bless Am

The content of Letters from America are submissions from amateurs writers and not the expressed opinions of Vigoré Chicago magazine. Vigoré Chicago magazine takes the “observer” position providing an outlet for voices to be heard. The names of the contributors have been omitted for their protection. Vigoré invites opinions of our readers for publication in future on-line or in-print issue of Vigoré. 58

LETTERS FROM ACROSS AMERICA handwritten & typed, polished & rough

It is my opin No Governm ion that ent should tr es p a ss s on the heart of those given s and minds to God with th e use of taxes As it should or be on Earth force. and as it is in Heaven. New International Version "Give back to Caesar what is Caesar's and to God what is God's." New Living Translation "give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar, and give to God what belongs to God." English Standard Version “Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s.” New American Standard Bible "Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and to God the things that are God's." King James Bible Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and to God the things that are God's.

NET Bible "Give to Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and to God the things that are God's." Aramaic Bible in Plain English “Give what is Caesar's to Caesar and what is God's to God.” GOD'S WORD "Give the emperor what belongs to the emperor, and give God what belongs to God." Jubilee Bible 2000 Render that which is of Caesar unto Caesar, and that which is of God unto God. King James 2000 Bible Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and to God the things that are God's. American King James Version Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and to God the things that are God's.

Holman Christian Standard Bible "Give back to Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and to God the things that are God's." International Standard "Give back to Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and to God the things that are God's."

American Standard Version Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and unto God the things that are God's.

open 5 all business, sm m p 5 to m a

V Vigoré

Douay-Rheims Bible Render therefore to Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and to God the things that are God's. Darby Bible Translation Pay what is Caesar's to Caesar, and what is God's to God. English Revised Version Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and unto God the things that are God's. Webster's Bible Translation Render to Cesar the things that are Cesar's, and to God the things that are God's. Weymouth New Testament "What is Caesar's, pay to Caesar--and what is God's, pay to God." World English Bible "Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and to God the things that are God's." Young's Literal Translation 'Give back the things of Caesar to Caesar, and the things of God to God;'

k days per wee

for a 8 - if you can Do the math king Hrs efits hr. = 240 Wor + taxes & ben / ll 10 ro $ ay p id 6 employees a ly p , k rs. per week = $2,400 wee working 40 h ployment) ded to unem d a 1 (+ rs H 200 Working es & benefits payroll + tax id $12 / hr. = 5 employees a ly p , k k ee ee w w 0 0 er rs. p = $2,4 working 40 h ment) to unemploy ed d d a 2 (+ rs benefits 0 Working H arios. roll + taxes & $15 / hr. = 16 ay p id 4 employees a ly p , k k ee common scen ee w 3 w 0 0 re er a ,4 p . 2 e $ rs er = h h T 0 ses. r future, to working 4 s. In the nea small busines es ge n a si m u a b d e l il th w ose the work wage increase y hours or cl nts entering il m a ra u d ig d im m ce in u im m l d A re ga to Europe. ille eek, RESULTS: force similar s increase of 4 days per w k ou or en m w op or g n ly en ti e on ta h th e rise of big a ro Business is stem and wit ays off) and spirit with th d ’ sy rs ir ed fa eu rc n fo ed re ll . a ep .a eliminate entr s (a.k create a so-c nd reduce to ness and the aid vacation a si p s u n b u es n e ll b a si l u il b sm w the death of plae, there STAY OUT of ge increase is nment should a w er v m u go e im h T in . Am control free society. ructure and on a hopeful p u d corporate st ce la p on barriers the job creati The content of Letters from America are submissions from amateurs writers and not the expressed opinions of Vigoré Chicago magazine. Vigoré Chicago magazine takes the “observer” position providing an outlet for voices to be heard. The names of the contributors have been omitted for their protection. Vigoré invites opinions of our readers for publication in future on-line or in-print issue of Vigoré. 59

Congratulations from Vigoré Chicago magazine

V Vigoré

More Then Cupcakes • 7+ Happy Years


“In Honor” Chicago - 2001 Pastel, 15 x 20 “In Honor of those who lost their lives and those whose lives were forever changed” -Nancie King Mertz ART DE TRUIMPH www.NancieKingMertz.com 773-832-4038

Pam Rose, partner Swirlz Cupcakes® 705 West Belden Avenue, Chicago, IL 60614 Located in Lincoln Park! www.swirlzcupcakes.com • store (773) 404-CAKE (2253) ps ... cupcakes make people happy!®


captures the



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imitates Life


“Coral Reef Fish” Pointillism 1992

In 1890 George Seurat wrote, “Art is harmony.

harmony to achieve a successful depiction. Rubin wrote his own principle in 1977, “Synchronism”. It is defined as: “Intentional Fine Art that combines two or more genre’s/styles of art from any place or time into harmonious balance.”

Harmony is the analogy of contrary and similar elements of tone, color and line.”

He had a little known scientific inclination in the study of light and color. He created an artistic system of color he called “The Yellow Red Blue Triad”. It was derived from a current idea called “Chromoluminarism” that defined how color could be used to create the effect of light within a painting. Seurat used the principle to break down the color of any object into component colors that he used as groups of dots rather than a single blended color. He would not live long enough to see his system of color faithfully employed by another artist born long after the Post Impressionist era. Marc Rubin’s Pointillist works are not only influenced by the Pointillist works by George Seurat and Paul Signac but by Seurat’s principle that contrary elements can be brought into

Marc employs his principle when he includes nonPointillism flowers in the foreground of some works like “Sunrise on the Shore” and “The Day”. “It is the visual contrast of smooth flowers that provides an amplified three dimensional effect against the constant texture of Pointillism” says Rubin. He also uses varied sizes of dots and to achieve “Minimal Pointillism” works like “Lauderdale Sun”. Although Pointillism takes an inordinate amount of time as there are no shortcuts. Marc Rubin makes Pointillist works because as he says, “It’s the coolest art style ever invented and everybody loves it, especially me.” 62

Shed Aquarium in Chicago The city of Chicago is home to over 70 museums all striving to educate us about a wide variety of topics ranging from architecture to culture to science. Some of our most well-know museum destinations and places that regularly make the top ten lists of things to do in Chicago are the Museum of Science and Industry, the Field Museum of Natural History, the John G. Shedd Aquarium, the Adler Planetarium, and the Art Institute of Chicago. Some of our museums transport us to different times in history, while others exhibit the phenomena of our industrial world or educate us about space, but none open our eyes to a new world quite the way the John G. Shedd aquarium has done f or close to a century. Shedd aquarium opened in 1930 as a compliment to the

Field Museum of Natural History and was started with a donation of $3 million from John Graves Shedd. Mr. Shedd began working as a stock clerk at Marshall Field & Company in 1871 and thirty years later had become their second president. He had a dream “to construct, maintain and operate an aquarium or museum of aquatic life exclusively for educational and scientific purposes….” In order to fill the original marine animal habitats, over one million gallons of saltwater were shipped via train from Key West to Chicago. These exhibits showcased fish from the Caribbean and South Pacific that had never been seen before in the U.S. alongside native fish from the Great Lakes, and because of its incredible diversity of sea life, Shedd came to be known as “the world’s aquarium.”

This iconic Chicago institute houses an incredible variety

of marine life including but not limited to a rehabilitated green sea turtle named Nickel who lives in the 90,000-gallon Caribbean Reef habitat, an Australian lungfish called Granddad who has been living there since 1933, an incredible jellyfish exhibit, wonderful Pacific white sided dolphins and beluga whales in the Abbott Oceanarium, and a fantastic, new cownose ray touch tank. With over 5 million gallons of water and more than 25,000 fish, Shedd Aquarium boasts an amazing collection of sea creatures that can’t help but open our eyes to the incredible variety of life found in our world’s waters.

With the recent release of the documentary “Blackfish,” the ethics of zoos and aquariums have once again been brought into question. This film follows the story of Tilikum, a performing orca responsible for killing several of his trainers while in captivity, with the goal of challenging us “to consider our relationship to nature while revealing how little we humans have learned from these highly intelligent and enormously sentient fellow mammals.” Its release has sparked strong anti-aquarium sentiments as many people extrapolate the ill effects of housing an orca into an opposition to all animals kept in captivity. The argument here is of course that it is unnecessary and inhumane to keep animals in artificial habitats a fraction of the size of where they live in the wild while exhibiting or training them to entertain us, and if viewed from this “animals as entertainment” perspective, I would tend to agree with this opinion. I am of the opinion that some animals are just too large to be properly housed in captivity, and am also aware that not all institutions adhere to the strict health and welfare guidelines practiced by the majority of U.S. facilities, but entertainment is decidedly not the goal or purpose of displaying animals in reputable zoos and aquariums.

The driving force behind public institutions such as Shedd

is education. If humans are to understand the impact we’re having on our planet and all the animals that share it with us, we need to be able to see them face-to-face and interact with them on a personal level. Photographs and videos are not quite enough to illustrate the importance and beauty of the diversity of animal life on Earth, and captive environments give us the opportunity to connect with all these amazing creatures in ways that most people will never experience in a wild setting. Our relationship with zoo and aquarium animals can be perfectly summarized by this quote from the Senegalese environmentalist, Baba Dioum: “In the end we will conserve only what we love; we will love only what we understand; and we will understand only what we have been taught.” We need to understand these animals in order to develop an appreciation for them and ultimately want to protect them and their natural habitats, and places such as Shedd Aquarium promote this important mission of conservation through research, public programming and outreach education. Nothing can replace the wonder of touching a stingray, or the awe inspired by seeing a dolphin catapult 15 feet out of the water, and these are the experiences that as a child determine what kinds of adults we will become. I have been going to Shedd since I was three years old, and I can honestly say that it positively shaped my life. Between the Aquarium and the Field Museum, I developed a deep appreciation and respect for all living things and where them come from, principles that have pervasively governed my career decisions and life choices, and I would not be the person I am today if it weren’t for my time at these enriching institutions. Written by and Photography by Alex Rose



LETTERS FROM ACROSS AMERICA handwritten & typed, polished & rough


rent n the cur ministratio , tension r e d n d U in A a ion, p tizens ngton hest Washi more confus American ci ry. the hig races, o s m t n i o s e i r e e f h r w e . d t en te th be U.S promo arfare betwe rfare vision re in recent i ly l d a u d n n a a fo d old, w ken, w d conti ver be ated an the young an on words spo d those who g than e i t s n i comm tween s been ving an e fare ha t. Warfare be rfare against e earning a li gainst peopl gs. r a w n a l e a in n z p e e w h i o r t c , i e m a s a f f C p n e f gover religion belie ens, between of money,war t Christian t o e us s l k e a v s e m t l ins uld citiz gain lack a o a g d n h e a o n s r a n e a ” r f y d warfa d war ns an mone d “God for change. he wor care an n citize d etween betwee nt to work, b about health even using t r, for hope an r e a e o r y w d a a don’t , warf esus and Go for pr h taxes J n ever, this change. a h t e r throug fare against start o in ime, m ar all beg y. Let’s s and r t n u o This w e that it is a t ror and let’s c lf-truth iz ir ge our all real look in the m o chan ells us lies, ha t k r o ll and w that t Let’s a ageous ministration a. r u o c , end rave nt ad isive ag st be b nspare We mu so-called tra r up their div e ve with th ills fear to co t s n i t tha

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V VigorĂŠ

Amazing grace! How sweet the sound. That saved a wretch like me.

'Twas grace that taught my heart to fear, And grace my fears relieved.

When we've been there ten thousand years bright shining as the sun,

I once was lost, but now am found, Was blind, but now I see.

How precious did that grace appear The hour I first believed.

We've no less days to sing God's praise Than when we've first begun.

Countless generations in the United States of America embrace a spiritual connection that no government adminstration can diminish, subdue or eliminate. John Newton's passion and words has spanned hundred of years touching the hearts and minds of millions.

In the United States however, "Amazing Grace" was used extensively during the Second Great Awakening in the early 19th century. It has been associated with more than 20 melodies, but in 1835 it was joined to a tune named "New Britain" to which it is most frequently sung today.

"Amazing Grace," the enduring Christian hymn, is one of the most well-known and beloved spiritual songs ever written. It was penned by the Englishman John Newton (1725-1807), once the captain of a slave ship who converted to Christianity after an encounter with God during a violent storm at sea. He eventually became an ordained minister in the Church of England.

The most prevalent themes in the verses written by Newton are faith in salvation, wonder at God's grace, love for Christ, and exclamation of joy.

"Amazing Grace" is John Newton's spiritual autobiography in verse. He grew up with no particular religious alignment. He was pressed (involuntarily forced) into the Royal Navy and became involved in the Atlantic slave trade after his discharge. In 1748 a storm battered his vessel so severely that he prayed to God for mercy. In 1754 or 1755 he left seafaring altogether and began studying Christian theology. "Amazing Grace" was written to illustrate a sermon on New Year's Day of 1773. It debuted in print in 1779, but settled into relative obscurity in England.

The New Testament served as the basis for many of the lyrics of "Amazing Grace". The first verse, for example, can be traced to the story of the Prodigal Son. In the Gospel of Luke the father says, "For this son of mine was dead and is alive again; he was lost, and is found". The story of Jesus healing a blind man who tells the Pharisees that he can now see is told in the Gospel of John. Newton used the words "I was blind but now I see" and declared "Oh to grace how great a debtor!" in his letters and diary entries as early as 1752. The effect of the lyrical arrangement, allows an instant release of energy in the exclamation "Amazing grace!", to be followed by a qualifying reply in "how sweet the sound".


Revae Schneider Rising Star www.femmeducoupe.com

Revae Schneider, the Proprietress of Femme du Coupe founded the company in October 2011. Since debuting Revae has personally taught nearly 4000 cocktail enthusiasts better ways to make cocktails at home. She was named to Zagat’s Inaugural 30 Under 30 in 2012, recognized as BizBash’s 23 New Talents To Watch, and nominated for Bartender of the Year by Eater.com. She has developed cocktail recipes for Meredith Publications, been featured in digital web series for Cosmo and Elle Magazines, and highlighted by 1st Look TV as an Entrepreneur Under 30. Revae has also graced the pages of the Chicago Tribune, Michigan Avenue Magazine, and The Everygirl.

Photography by Heather Talbert

SEE. Inspired by her past career as a Fashion Stylist, Revae, to no one’s surprise, loves to dress up. From happy hour, to the perfect day drinking dress, to girls night out, Drink Fashionably pulls the perfect look for all boozy occasions!

SIP. Entertaining, pre-game drinking, or simply just want a cocktail? Sip provides a look inside a mixologist’s pantry, providing step by step, simple instruction on ways to make cocktails at home to fill your coupe!

SAVOR. Answering the age old question, “Where’s a great place to go get a drink in this city?” Join us to savor diverse tipsy experiences from a mixologist’s perspective throughout Chicago and any discerning destination that readily carries alcohol! 66

BE SOCIAL. Don’t you just love making new friends? We do too! Socialize with us as we mingle with a few entrepreneurial Femmes after our own heart and take a peek into their personal bars as they let their hair down to talk booze, business, and their latest buzz!

Lidia Wylangowska My art tells my story. It's a story of my world, of my thoughts and emotions entwined in an internal dialogue. And some of it can be expressed only through painting. It is incredible, how fairy-tales I heard once-upon-a-time, in my childhood actually influenced my life and defined who I am. As an adult, I still believe in happy endings and that good will prevail.

Lidia Wylangowska (847) 226-3887 www.lidiawylangowska.com www.facebook.com/lidia.wylangowska #120" Falling Up" 2013 80"x36" oil on wood

The Enchanted Pencil is one of the stories I remember very clearly. This special pencil could materialize anything drawn, such as doors that lead to any place imaginable. I realized this story has become hardwired in me. And now my paintings are those doors. Doors that lead me to my own world of peace and harmony. A world where dragons, wyverns, basilisks and dwarfs roam free. Where life has a deeper meaning which I do not yet comprehend but searching for this meaning is a fascinating process.

082 "Movement of Desire" 2012, 36"x 48" oil on wood 67

#142 "Mermaid" 2014 36"x 80" oil on wood

Rising Star

Elizabeth Harper I grew up in a darkroom made by my father in Kentucky. He taught me what an enlarger was and how to print and stain my clothes with developer. I guess you could say it’s in my jeans. I ran around with a camera and took pictures whenever I could. I took that love for photography and studied basic techniques in college at Elon University back in 1994. Years later I decided that is what I wanted to do with my life and enrolled at the Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, CA. It was said at my first day at Brooks that this was technical school not a creative school and I was ready to learn. Three years later I took my knowledge and set off to make a career out of it. I assisted for year and decided that I wanted to be the main photographer, so I established Lady E Photography as a business. I now am a full time freelance photographer. I relocated to Chicago two years ago from California to get a fresh new perspective and canvas for my work. I shoot architecture, editorial, commercial, and events to pay the bills, but what keeps me breathing is my fine art. My vision is to show you there is beauty in everything you see. You just have to have an open mind and look beyond the obvious. I have always been drawn to a more surreal outlook on life and my surroundings. My main passion as a photographer derives from the pleasure of capturing the extraordinary abstract beauty and sharing it with the ordinary eye. My work goes beyond simple photographic methods, with many layers to peel away. I consider myself a photographic artist. In 2011 I had the opportunity to create my fine art in a large scale for the Hotel Indigo in Santa Barbara. I was commissioned to create photographic walls murals for the hotel. The theme was "artist tools" because the hotel is located in the "Funk Zone" a highly trafficked artistic area of Santa Barbara. I produced 10 different images all pertaining to a tool used by an artist. They were shot full frame with a macro lens and some with an all almost repeating pattern. There are 46 different wall spaces and rooms adorning my art, some cropped to fit the dimensions of the wall. The photos were printed on Type II Vinyl wallpaper, the largest mural being 221" x 128" in the main lob by of the Glass Blower titled Tim’s Studio, (December 30), 2011. I have recently teamed up with a production company called fotoflot. My images are printed on Fuji Crystal Archive Professional Type C traditional photo paper and sandwiched between a layer of clear acrylic glazing and a sheet of white

Dibond as stabilizer in the back. This technique has been used in Europe for decades for the display of contemporary photography. Museums around the world show the most ground breaking photography using this method. This technique produces a glossy and 3-dimensional feel, that allows the viewer to feel like they are inside. You can find more information at www.fotoflot.com

My work has been described as dark, raw, feminine and unique. 68

Abandoned City Methodist Church in Gary, IN It represents determination and destruction, wreckage, pain and exhaustion. There is a hero, an act of bravery and sacrifice. It once was a place of power or pristine beauty but fell apart from the torcherous community that lived in a bubble and preached through fear. It's about being stuck and fighting for a chance of survival only to see a glimmer of hope and then it all falls apart again. It's "Beautiful Decay" at it's finest. Expect the worst but walk through it anyways because it's worth it. There is always a silver lining if you look for it. 69

Elizabeth Harper 805.636.1947 www.ladyephoto.com www.elizabeth harper.squarespace.com Instagram @ladyeharper, Twitter @LadyEPhoto

Hotel Indigo, Santa Barbara Located in the "Funk Zone" a highly trafficked artistic area of Santa Barbara displays the commissioned photographic artistry of Elizabeth Harper with the “Artist Tools” theme. Ten different images all pertaining to a tool used by an artist, displayed in 46 different wall spaces and rooms.The largest mural being 221" x 128" in the main lobby of the Glass Blower titled Tim’s Studio. Rm# 114, 117” X 126”, Holga Elizabeth's Studio II • Rm# 115 139” X 108”, Spray Paint Cans Lindsey's Studio • Rm# 117 66” X 108” Film Elizabeth's Studio I • Rm# 118, 138” X 108”, Spray Paint Lindsey's Studio • Rm# 119, 58” X 108”, Water Color Palate Watercolors • Rm# 120, 134” X 108”, Holga Elizabeth's Studio II • Rm# 121, 138” X 108”, Spray Paint Cans Lindsey's Studio • Rm# 122, 138” X 108”, Water Color Palate Watercolors • Rm# 123, 69” X 108”, Brushes Wallace's Studio II • Rm# 124, 57” X 108”, Water Color Palate Watercolors • Rm# 125, 52” X 108” Film Elizabeth's Studio I • Rm# 126 67” X 108” Brushes Wallace's Studio II • Rm# 127 40” X 108” Water Color Palate Watercolors • Main Lobby 221" X 128" Glass Blower Tim's Studio • Biz Center 1 77.5" X 80" Blowtorch I Jef's Studio I • Biz Center 2 77.5" X 80" Blowtorch II Jef's Studio II • Rm# 201 75” X 99” Brushes Wallace's Studio II • Rm# 202 76” X 99” Water Color Palate Watercolors • Rm# 203 128” X 99” Spray Paint Cans Lindsey's Studio • Rm# 204 24” X 99” Brushes Wallace's Studio II • Rm# 205 24” X 99” Water Color Palate Watercolors, Rm# 206 40” X 99” Film Elizabeth's Studio I • Rm# 207 42” X 99” Brushes Wallace's Studio II • Rm# 208 75” X 99” Holga Elizabeth's Studio II • Rm# 209 76” X 99” Water Color Palate Watercolors • Rm# 210 133” X 99” Spray Paint Cans Lindsey's Studio • Rm# 211 134” X 99” Holga 70

Elizabeth's Studio II • Rm# 212 49” X 99” Brushes Wallace's Studio II • Rm# 213 76” X 99” Spray Paint Cans Lindsey's Studio • Rm# 214 58” X 99” Water Color Palate Watercolors • Rm# 215 38” X 99” Film Elizabeth's Studio I • Rm# 216 38” X 99” Brushes Wallace's Studio II • Rm# 217 64” X 99” Spray Paint Cans Lindsey's Studio • Rm# 218 48” X 99” Water Color Palate Watercolors • Rm# 219 61” X 99” Film Elizabeth's Studio I • Rm# 220 61” X 99” Brushes Wallace's Studio II • Rm# 221 147” X

99” Spray Paint Cans Lindsey's Studio • Rm# 222 146” X 99” Holga Elizabeth's Studio II • Rm# 223 66” X 99” Water Color Palate Watercolors • Rm#224 59” X 99” Film Elizabeth's Studio I • Rm# 225 49” X 99” Brushes Wallace's Studio II • Rm# 226 64” X 99” Water Color Palate Watercolors • Rm# 227 38” X 99” Film Elizabeth's Studio I • Art Library 157" X 105" Pastel Chalk Tray of Pastels • End of Hallways 1 45" X 91" Above Brushes Wallace's Studio I • End

Rising Star Elizabeth Harper 71

Vigoré C


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“Capturing the Art of Life”

Reflection Crown Fountain, Millennium Park

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