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“Capturing the FINE ART of Life”



Cover artist

Viktor At the young age of 6, Viktor found his love of art and sculpture through a potato and a peeler. While helping his grandmother in the kitchen, preparing a traditional Russian feast, he had the task of peeling potatoes. When left alone to his own devices, Viktor decided to get creative and make his very first horse potato sculpture. When his grandmother returned to the kitchen, to her surprise and amusement, she saw that several of the potatoes were in a rough image of a mini horse army. At that point, everyone knew that little boy would be a great artist one day.

COVER SCULPTURE - Viktor made this humorous and clever sculpture in conjunction to the Vuam Ocean Pioneers Collection (currently displayed at Google Headquarters in Mt. View, CA). As Viktor puts it, "this piece reminds me to be humble and to respect nature and all it's surrounding. No matter how big and bad and scary you think you are, you will have someone, sooner or later, that will end up biting you on your tail."

Sculptures in Granite • Commissions Invited


Italy had

Gian Lorenzo Bernini an Italian artist and a prominent architect who worked principally in Rome. He was the leading sculptor of his age, credited with creating the Baroque style of sculpture.


Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni, commonly known as Michelangelo, was an Italian sculptor, painter, architect, poet, and engineer of the High Renaissance who exerted an unparalleled influence on the development of Western art.

Chicago is the home to Viktor, a sculpture of granite. Viktor has created many sculptures from photographs of people that have impacted our lives to beloved family members. His works are on display locally, across the United States and in Europe.

Viktor stands atop a monstrous granite structure, roughly 16 feet tall. This will become one of his greatest pieces, a full round statue of an angel which he dedicated to his daughter for her sweet 16th birthday. The sculpture can be seen at Angelcrest cemetery, Valparaiso, IN.


JESUS SCULPTURE - 2013 - Viktor works on creating his newest memorial tribute to a local Chicago family that commissioned him to pay tribute to the passing of a patriarch of the family.


Centuries a part in time, linked by stone and passion ...

Bernini, Michelangelo, Viktor “A few basic elements bound together by the almighty forces of the universe make one of the most remarkable materials we call granite. To see beautiful colors of granite through your touch and to feel the back flow of energy of the divine creation is an exceptional pleasure to many of us. Shaping granite into different forms and sizes is the business of a few. Carving granite into beautiful human forms is a privilege of Masters.� - Viktor

Sculptures in Granite Commissions Invited For more information about Viktor contact Olga Bugaeva 708.389.3038 monumentalartworks@gmail.com

Sculptures in Granite Commissions Invited

Lloyd Bridges (environmental activist, Hollywood actor, scuba diver enthusiast)

Earnie Brooks (famed photographer, 6 ocean explorer, philanthropist)

Philippe Cousteau (ocean explorer, pilot and film maker)

Phil Nuytten (marine scientist, inventor and professional scuba diver)

The sculptures on these pages are currently displayed at the Google Headquarters in Mt. View, California. A temporary placement until a more permanent home is arranged.

Sculptures in Granite Commissions Invited For more information about Viktor contact Olga Bugaeva at 708.389.3038 monumentalartworks@gmail.com

It takes Viktor months of this intense labor of love to create each sculpted pioneer in his Vuam Ocean Pioneers Collection. Of course, if you ask Viktor he would say it took him his entire life; from the moment he decided to be a sculptor, to the day he thought of the idea to create the collection and to the time that he picked up the hammer and chisel to carve each bust. 7



“Capturing the FINE ART of Life�

Marc Rubin A World Diverse Artist Chicago Water Tower Commissions Invited www.MarcRubin.com

No. 1 Fine Arts magazine in Chicago

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Mother Nature Loves You Love Her Back

Keep Chicago Clean Mr. Blue Sky is back

Think about it. Do you throw trash on the floor of your own home? Chicago is home to many of us. Make the effort to use waste cans positioned through out the city.

V Special Interest


Self Portrait 1969. Marc Rubin “Style should be relevant to subject matter and the story being depicted.”


Marc Rubin is the only artist to captured the vitality of Chicago with bold colors using the unique styles of Pointillism, Surrealism, Surreal and Pop Cubism and Synchronism combining Post Impression, Cubism and Abstract Expressionism. Marc Rubin is in the artistic lineage of Masters George Seurat, Jean Debuffet, Henri Matisse, George Braque, Salvador Dali and Picasso. Do not wait until Marc is no longer with the art community to own one of his artistic renderings. - Vigore Chicago magazine

Although his works in Pointillism are masterful, his first love is modernism. It originally made sense to study George Seurat and his Pointillism as it is considered the starting point of all modern art. If you ask Rubin he will define him-self as a Fauve, the name of recognition self used by Henri Matisse and George Braque. Meeting Salvador Dali during a visit to the university led to an amazing friendship during the last decade and a half of Dali’s life. Salvador had been a fan of Pointillism since his teenage years. He is the reason that Ladies of the Canyon is also a surreal work. After the Art Institute exhibition they became as close a grandfather and grandson. Marc stayed with the Dali’s during several exhibition trips to Europe. Salvador painted in and invented styles which are not seen as Surrealism but Salvador told Marc that all true modern art is Surrealism as true abstraction is the effort of altering reality.

Salvador encouraged Marc to continue inventing new modernist styles. It is

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Chicago Skyline at night

Salvador Dali who named one of these established inventions as Surreal Cubism. In 1976 upon Marc’s return from a one man exhibition in Europe he was commissioned to paint a city-scape of Chicago. When asked to create a new style for the painting his response was the invention of Pop Cubism. Two of his many Pop Cubist city scapes were requested in poster form by The City of Chicago Cultural Center Stores.

Chicago Looking North From Millenium Park - Prudential Building

by a World Diverse Artist Marc Rubin • Commissions Invited

V Special Interest

Oak Street View South River View Chicago River View 1996 42 x 42 inches, Pop Cubism

South Loop View Chicago Water Tower

Definition: Intentional Fine Art that combines two or more styles form the current timeline or any previous age into harmonic balance. Marc Rubin has used Synchronism combining Post Impression, Cubism and Abstract Expressionism.




The following year, 1977, Marc Rubin made the greatest contribution to Fine Art since Georges Seurat invented and defined Pointillism in 1873. He defined and created the first work in his invention, Synchronism. Synchronism was in practice but never as a genre. Rubin’s Self Portrait 1969, combination of Cubism and Fauvism. The bold color and contrast of Marc Rubin’s works are derived from Seurat’s color principles which are the foundation of all modern art. Rubin continues to produce works in all the styles he started with and his inventions which define him as a truly unique artist. www.MarcRubin.com commissions invited

Jean Debuffet shared with Marc Rubin in Paris, “For any artist, when the child within dies so does the art.”

Marc Rubin shared with other artist, “Cubism expresses the character of character from the inside as well as the outside.”

“Chicago” 4x6 feet, Cubism, commissioned in 1975. The work envisions Chicago as a woman, depicted as the Biblical Eve, reaching out over Lake Michigan from the Chicago skyline at Oak Street and Michigan Avenue. Eve reaches for the only two choices presented by the city, a serpent of sin and the sun as an apple of the knowledge of good and evil. The influence of Marc’s friendship with Abstract Expressionist Jean Dubuffet is apparent in the rounded geometric shapes and use of black lines. Although Marc’s earliest abstract works show direct influences of Piet Mondrian’s Curvilinear Cubism and the yellow, red, blue color balance of Pointillist Georges Seurat, the influenced whimsy of Jean Dubuffet transforms the harsh reality of the artist’s message into a playful thought. 12




Judge a man not by how he speaks, but by his actions. His actions and the result of those actions reveal his true intent. - CEO, Vigore Chicago magazine

A sign "The Buck Stops Here" was on President Truman's desk in his White House office. On more than one occasion President Truman referred to the desk sign in public statements.



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women • men • bridal • evening

1718 North Clybourn, Chicago T: 312.787.3237 www.battagliafootwear.com info@battagliafootwear.com or battaglia-footwear@msn.com 14


1720 North Clybourn Chicago 312.397.1288 info@pattersonmenswear.com www.pattersonmenswear.com


Dancing a part of the

Fine Arts

Artistic Expression, Extreme Conditioning, Chemistry, Rhythm, Talent, Intense Excitement

... Jimmy & Dani Jimmy, do people ask you what you do for a living? Yes, and I tell them I am a professional ballroom dancer. No matter what they do for a living, they are immediately incredibly intrigued with every aspect of my life. The second question is typically, “you mean like ‘Dancing With The Stars’?” I respond, “it’s exactly like ‘Dancing With The Stars’.” Then they want to know what else do I do and I tell them I don’t do anything else. Dancing is my job. It is what pays the bills, pays for my daughter’s private education, my health insurance, and my rent. I do not have another job. Everyone thinks I am incredibly lucky to be doing something so amazing. It is hard for me to disagree with that.

Jimmy, How long have you been dancing? I have been dancing for approximately 19 years, professionally for about 12 years. The first several years I danced as a student, as an amateur, having fun, socializing, meeting people, and not taking it too seriously. Then slowly I realized I had a talent for dancing. I decided to quit my day job, move to Atlanta Georgia, and become a professional dancer for a living. I had a couple of odd jobs while I was training. Then I came back to Chicago in 2007 to work for Arthur Murray and I knew what I wanted to do for a living.


Dani, how did you get started in dance? Growing up I did theatre and ballet. I was invited to go to a swing dance class when I was in high school. I really enjoyed dancing, but with all my other high school activities, I did not pursue ballroom dancing until I finished high school. I had an incredible opportunity when a dance coach visited Huntsville, Alabama, my hometown. He noticed I had talent and he wanted to train me. I agreed and started competing as an amateur. In 2008, I won the World Smooth Pro-Am Championship. I won the championship after nine months of training and competitive dance; it was very exciting. So my question was, “what comes next?” I decided to become a professional dancer and have been working and teaching ever since.

Dani, how did you come to dance with Jimmy in Chicago? Jimmy and I have a mutual coach and she said I needed a partner. She told me that Jimmy was very talented and that I should consider moving to Chicago and partnering with him. There is a great studio in Chicago so I looked into the opportunity and it worked out for both of us.

What was the audition like? The audition process was not unusual. We did some basic and fundamental elements for the first several hours. Our artistic collaboration seemed to mesh as we shared our visions of dance.

Jimmy, recently both of you danced together in Indiana. What was that about? It was a charity event. Six local charities were involved. Once a year they host a “dancing with celebrity” event to raise money for the charities. Jimmy and I were invited to judge the one-night event and then perform. We did one number for the show. That was our début. It was fun. Our next event is in July in Costa Mesa, California, the Open Professional American Smooth Ballroom Championship. We are preparing for that now.

Is there prize money for the competition? Generally the prize money is only enough to cover the expenses, but the experience is great. The expenses involved are the entrance fees, travel cost, over night lodging, costumes, and it can all add up. So the prize money is nothing to retire on, but hopefully enough to break even. The exposure is the value of the competition. Making the finals, making the top six, being recognized in your art, that is really the ultimate goal. The competition allows others to see us and hopefully they will invite us to come in and coach at their dance school. We do coaching all over the country, so the competition is the platform for national exposure. At the competitions, everybody gets together, can see your work, and learns that you work in a dance studio, so networking through competition is very important.

When do you rehearse? Our rehearsals can be as early as seven in the morning or as late as ten at night and can go until after midnight. The dance performance rehearsals take place before or after the dance studio hours. No one see how many hours we rehearse and refine our work. The competitions are the stage to showcase our performance. Hopefully when people see us they hire us for events such as private parties,

charities, corporate parties or fundraisers. We go in and teach some basic dance steps of Salsa or Meringue and then give a small performance. Some events are very big. We have performed at the top of the John Hancock, at the Willis Tower, Navy Pier, and at The Museum of Contemporary Art. We performed at the Harris Theater last fall. A friend of mine is a jazz contemporary choreographer who also does a lot of West Coast Swing events and his dream was to bring the two art forms together. He had an idea in mind, so my wife and came out and did a couple of rehearsals. He said for us to just do what we do and he had three amazing jazz dancers dance around us. We did it for one number as a favor for a long time friend. He has brought us in for a lot of private and corporate events where we come in and teach a few basic steps. There are a few companies in Chicago that specialize in these type events and we provide the entertainment.

Does Chicago have dance competitions? Yes, there are several. There is one in August on Michigan Avenue at the Weston Hotel, called North Star Dance-ORama. Windy City Open and Harvest Moon Ball is another. Tickets are available for purchase by the public. We do a Chicago fundraiser here at Arthur Murray for a great charity, the fight against breast cancer, dancing with Chicago Celebrities. All the events can be found on the Internet.

Jimmy, why do you teach? I teach to pay the bills and it is how I take my love for dancing and share it at a higher level with other people. There is great satisfaction sharing our passion for dance with others. There is nothing more satisfying than watching someone come in that might be overweight, with diabetes, taking medication, and through making dancing a part of their life, six months later they do not have to take a single pill. I have seen dancing save marriages, change people, release stress, and

so much more. The value of dancing is so powerful. Nothing, other than of my family, has touched my life the way dancing has. I love dancing and music, and what I do is a combination of both. We live in a great city that is super busy with people who have high stress jobs. After fort-five minutes of dance, the stress of the day and the thoughts of a high impact job melt away. Dance students go home more refreshed for their families and in a better state of mind. I never realized the power of dance until people expressed their joy of not thinking about phone calls, emails, or text messages when they are dancing. The emotional benefit of dancing is often overlooked.

What is your higher goal? I think I will always teach and learn. Long term, it would be good to be a traveling consultant, on the road for a few weeks at a time, teaching at other dance schools across the country and being involved with other shows. I enjoy coaching and working with other professionals and also seeing how they work with their students. To know more about Jimmy and Dani ... their performances, private parties, dance lessons, coaching…email them at: Jimmy Mulligan jimmymulligan@chicagoarthurmurray.com Dani Atkins miljeweldca@yahoo.com

Dancing is a Sport ... In Europe “Dance Sport” is a common term. Television can not capture the speed and power of dancing. Dancing is a continuos athletic physical activity. Vigore considers dancing a fine art of life. American Competitive Ball Room Dance can be compared to the European Dance Sport 17

Hollywood Chicago


Movie production comes to CHICAGO transforming the corner of WELLS and HARRISON

The Chicago Film Office, a division of the Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events, leads the city’s effort to attract and enhance the production of feature films, television series, commercials, documentaries and all forms of local screen entertainment. Audiences around the world travel Chicago’s streets through its portrayal in filmed entertainment establishing a new global awareness of Chicago’s landscape and culture.

Adding to local favorites: Ferris Buellers Day Off The Blues Brothers, Dark of the Moon, Contagion, The Dark Knight, and Public Enemies as well as numerous television series have led to Chicago being ranked among the most respected production centers in the country.

Since 1980, more than 1100 feature films and television productions have shot in Chicago contributing $2 billion in local revenue. Chicago attracts hundreds of commercials and photo shoots each year that are produced for both national and international clients.

Red hair, guns, black leather and lab coats make up some of the wardrobes. The actors rehearsed each segment of the movie several times prior to the final shooting. The streetlights were removed at the corner of Wells and Harrison and fine gravel placed on the street, in preparation for the battle scene. Gunfire could be heard in the South Loop as the battle scene began.

Details make a difference. From the side utility boxes, pipes, doorway overhang, entrance step, sidewalk, grass, walk ways, window treatments, etc. ... all in the making of a production set. Large green screens are used for enhanced graphics that take a small production set and turn it into an entire city on the cinema screen.


The large group of supporting actors stay out of the sun waiting to be called to duty. Wait, wait longer, begin the scene, reherse, do it again, shoot, wait, wait longer and do it again, shoot again is a common routine.



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ET Emerging Talent R. Suzanne Beltran (Zannie B) I paint and create my art with a deep sense of consideration for man and his fate in the ever changing world using vibrant, intense colors creating layers, lines, shapes, textures juxtaposed like threads in fabric that allows movement of images that finds an outlet on canvas. The combination of these elements create expressions that are spontaneous, loud, subtle connecting feelings thoughts, into mysterious pieces, not only of color and form, but of energy and hidden meanings‌ My style and perspective allows my work to revelant instinctual life-force and universal thread that ties humanity together. They are created from a feeling deep within my soul instilling the dance of life and day dreams together.

R. Suzanne Beltran (Zannie B)

Carnival 15x30 20

Transition 24 x 36 Unity16x20

Under The Sea 24x36 R. Suzanne Beltran (Zannie B) abstractedge2005@yahoo.com

Through The Fire 36 x 48

Breakdown 20 x 24

Soul Song 24 x 48


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Boomers 1946 - 1964, 80 million - Most consumer spending Trillions in buying power. Respond well to print. Print drives them online. Seek health information. Newspapers. Emails.

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“Over 50 & Active” story. Active, Young at Heart, Passionate about Life ... Many 50+ people are looking to find new activities, organizations and careers. With healthier lifestyles, people are feeling much younger and living longer.

Gen Y, 1981 - 1995, 100 million - Friendship. Viral marketing. Peer recommendations. Social media, online gaming. Entertainment. Positive reinforcement. Texting.

Gen Z, 1996 - 2010, 20 million and counting, Very diverse population. 2007 largest birth year ever. Technologically savvy.

Over 50 & Active, Chicago Silver Hockey player Dr. John D. Sonnenberg, MD has won the Steve Archer trophy award for the best player of the week several times. Proudly he shared the trophy with celebrities Stan Mikita, former Chicago Blackhawk star, inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1983, and into the Slovak Hockey Hall of Fame in 2002 and Steve Konroyd, TV Studio Host in his 8th season as the pre- and postgame Television Studio Analyst on Comcast SportsNet and WGN-TV Channel 9.

Simply known as Tommy G., organizes the skate and creates the team rosters each week.

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ET Emerging Talent Fashion & Portrait Photographer JOSH FILAURI PHOTOGRAPHY www.joshfilauri.com jfilauriphoto@gmail.com 847 385 8046

JOSH FILAURI is a fashion and portrait photographer based out of Chicago. From the first time he picked up a camera at a young age, Josh knew that his passion in life was photography. His continuous work and interest in fashion is a testament to the passion still within him. Josh began his professional career shooting events and working with local fashion designers, enabling him to develop interpersonal relationships that would assist in paving his road to success. 22

His ambition and talent has earned him the opportunity to photograph at New York Fashion Week and has given him the opportunity to work with a variety of model agencies. With a zest for learning and always working toward perfecting and improving his technique, Josh takes full advantage of every opportunity to work with professional talent.

V Special Interest




TRAVEL Farmers Market - Vietnam Where can you find some of the freshest meat and produce in the world? Well, you would have to travel to Vietnam where the meat is so fresh that it’s still alive! Local farmers bring their goods to nearby farmer’s markets where they sell live chickens, fish, and goose. They clean and prepare your meat order right before your eyes. Farmers also bring fresh picked produce from the countryside. Their “not so western ways” are just fine with the Vietnamese buyers because it all tastes great and is, without a doubt, truly organic. These Vietnamese local markets are the main source of income for many people living in the area, so it’s important for them to sell their goods. But if they don’t sell everything in one day, it’s not a problem. They just sleep at the market place, waiting for the next day to try again.

Peter Jezioro’s unique photos capture the Art of Life. Vigore Chicago magazine recommends Peter Jerzioro for his passion, talent, expertise and ability to capture the moment. www.pjeziore.com


TRAVEL Farmers Market - Cambodia





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could the UNITED STATES become the

NEW EMERGING 3rd World Country

Read About It Soon Artwork by Nancie King Mertz ArtDeTriumph & Artful Framer Studios • www.NancieKingMertz.com• 773-832-4038 gallery 773-477-8990 office 27

Steven Ledell

Steven Ledell If Steven Ledell had stayed on the trajectory his parents had in mind, he would be a musician. Because the family had no money, the only way of achieving the “American Dream� was to attend college on a music scholarship, and since there were several scholarships offered, on a variety of instruments, the decision was made to attend the university that provided the most financial assistance.

Talent does not equate to passion, however, and once through college, Mr. Ledell pursued his passion in photography. Though largely self-taught, he has assisted a few commercial photographers including Bruce Lawerance in New York City. So when the time was right to start his own business, it made sense to continue with commercial photography. 28

Steven Ledell’s main commercial interest has been Fashion & Beauty Photography and he has had work in many national and international magazines. His clients have included Soft Sheen-Carson.Recent fine art photography has come about as a result of filling an artistic void. A finished photograph will appear in a dream, and the vision will persist until the photograph is taken. Steven Ledell Photography 773.780.5678 sledell.22@gmail.com www.stevenledellphotography.com


Our designs tell a story— your story. Whether a major metropolitan area, or a small rural Main Street, who doesn’t love the energy of a thriving, vital downtown area? The sense of community, the adrenaline rush of being part of the action, the thrill of discovering an upscale boutique that has shoes that are to die for! Healthy retail communities ensure that cities thrive.

Good design enhances the perceived value of your product, motivates customers and employees, and increases your bottom line.

—Lyn Falk

President, Retailworks Inc.

Lyn Falk created Retailworks, because of her passion for inspiring retail design. She loves being part of the revitalization of an entire Main street or of a single store trying to reinvent itself. Creating the wow factor with display windows that inspire and captivate shoppers to want to see more is just one way Retailworks ups the ante in a retailer’s quest to be the must-see store in their area.

Fresh back from GlobalShop 2013, held at Chicago’s McCormick Place, Falk sees exciting things covering a wide spectrum for 2014. Romantics will love the lush, drama-filled golden tones mixed with fiery reds and rich greens, while minimalists will appreciate the clean, ethereal neutrals, pale pinks, pine greens and subtle textures of repeating patterns that ensure less is more. Falk started Retailworks Inc. in 1995 and quickly built it into an award winning, nationally recognized design firm that 2LZZSLYZ+PHTVUK*LU[LY.YLLUÄLSK>0

achieved over a million in sales within the first five years. Some notable clients include: Allen Edmonds, the Kohler Company, MillerCoors, Harley-Davidson, Aveda, Kesslers Diamonds, Sears, and Breadsmith. But she has helped hundreds of independent retailers over the 30 years she has been designing and educating.

Falk and her team meet with retailers to determine their retail goals and personality or sense of spirit. She uses her knowledge in consumer behavior, business, and retail design to create an environment that tells the retailer’s unique story. Today’s savvy consumers are looking for a lot out of their brick and mortar experience. Interiors need to be inspiring, informative, memorable, and of course, yield results. Telling stories by interweaving textures and layering decorative elements, utilizing hot new products for walls and floors, and creating the unexpected ensures a store becomes a destination, not just a place to shop.


Looking to breath new life into a well-seasoned retail or general commercial space? Here are a few simple design tips for creating a profitable environment, courtesy of Retailworks:

Color Are your store colors appropriate for your image and product lines? Does the color palette you’ve selected set the tone for the mood you wish to create? For general commercial spaces, are you creating an ambiance that fosters productivity and creativity in your employees? White may be easy, but does it stimulate your employees during the typical mid-afternoon slump?


Lighting People respond positively to light that is ever changing (think nature: dawn, mid-day, dusk). Varying your light levels adds dimension to your space and positively affects your customers’ and employees’ psyches and biorhythms. If your space is currently lit only by fluorescent lights, punch it up with track lighting, table lamps, or floor lamps. Add a chandelier or some fun pendant lights over your checkout counter. Lighting is the most important design element in your space. If you aren’t illuminating your space properly, your sales are definitely suffering.

Acoustics What welcomes your customer into your space? The sounds of your environment help set the mood. Do you have music playing that gives shoppers a spring in their step? Do carpets, drapery and furnishings absorb noise, creating a peaceful ambiance in your boutique shop, or spa? Is your art gallery playing music that reflects and enhances the art on display?

Layout/Way Finding Did you know that strategically locating focal points throughout your store will lead customers effortlessly throughout the space? If you have a dead corner or a department that doesn’t get noticed as much as you’d like, it’s probably because you haven’t efficiently lured your customers from point A to point B to point C. The feet follow the eyes, so place an attention-getting focal point every 15-20 feet and watch how your customers change their shopping behaviors. You’ll be surprised how well this works!

Signage Good signage seems straightforward, yet in the grand scheme of running a business, it can easily be overlooked, or done poorly. Exterior signage should be professionally printed (or produced), well lit, clean, and easy to read. Interior signage should be strategically placed to make it easy for your customers to navigate your space. And scribbled signs taped to your window or a display? Never a good thing!

Furniture Does your furniture, and placement of it, meet the needs of your retail business? Are there comfortable furniture groupings in your salon or medical practice waiting room? Does your retail shop have welcoming chairs by the dressing room for patient (or not-so-patient) spouses or parents? Does your toy shop have tike-sized furniture to encourage children (i.e. parents) to linger? And do the style and color of your furnishings punch up the space and reflect your “brand”?


Regular Updating A little refurbishing and repurposing every year or so can go a long way in a tired space. Even an energetic space full of vitality can benefit from a redo every few years. Conduct your own “audit”, or bring in a professional like Ms. Falk. Whatever works to help you keep things interesting. Your customers should start looking forward to seeing what’s new and different in your business every season or every so often. Creating an environment that reflects your brand, tells your story, and caters to your target market is an essential part of being a successful business. You’ll feel the renewed energy of the space, and hopefully so will your cash register.

Creating an environment that ref lects your brand, tells your story, and caters to your target market is an essential part of being a successful business.

—Lyn Falk

President, Retailworks Inc.

www.retailworksinc.com 262.238.1860

6000 W. Executive Dr., Ste C, Mequon, WI 53092


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Honoring the bride before the wedding goes back for centuries, but in the 60’s, the sexual revolution brought about the bachelorette party. Bra-Burning feminists, drinking games and dancing on tables started it all. Women wanted gender equality and what a way to start! However, bachelorette parties did not become very common until the late 80’s and even then was greatly frowned upon. Even throughout the 90’s and beyond, notions of a bachelorette party as a night of strippers, liquor and drunken mayhem persisted in much of society. In 2003, VIP Bachelorette was founded from an idea that bachelorette parties needed to be seen as more than liquor and strippers. CEO Angela Burdick thought it was important for women (and society as a whole) to know that bachelorette parties are not taboo. They do not equate to “bad girls” but should be seen for what they are; a rite of passage, a time to celebrate friendships, share memories and bond with friends. Thus, the concept of bachelorette party options and packages for every type of women was born. Since 2003 VIP has been creating packages and creating memories. Our popularity continues to grow and our clients continue to come back. In 2003, VIP planned 42 bachelorette and girls night out parties and we were pretty impressed. However, over the years these numbers continued to grow. We must be doing something right, because we are proud to say that in 2012, we planned a whopping 819 parties! To date we have planned 3,509 parties…..

Yeah we’re sassy! “VIP was built organically; from the ground up with strong values as we have overcome many obstacles. We believe in family, loyalty and giving back to the community.”


VIP values can be defined by Family, Integrity and Respect. VIP mission is to offer the best pre-wedding and girl’s night out event services by focusing on a package for every type of style or need. We will work to become the company that woman turn to for all their events by standing by our values and creating unforgettable memories.

CEO Angela Burdick

What Sets Us Apart? Fun People Most companies wouldn’t lead with fun as what sets them apart. Let’s face it, the words “competitive salary” can be found in thousands of company’s answers. We believe in fun, and loving what you do, and where you work. Our associates enjoy working together – from creating new packages to checking out the newest hot spots. We encourage after hour socialization and… oh yeah, we love to eat! We eat together, not only at the office, but at many of the restaurants we work with. We encourage our staff to enjoy each other’s company and we do this through attending venue openings, on-site vendor presentations, community work, parties and family gatherings.


Our associates are energetic with hugely dynamic personalities. This is what makes VIP a fun place to work and what makes vendors and clients want to work with us. Often times you will find our staff guest bartending, participating in shows or dancing on a bar. It’s who we are, and we’re proud of it!

VIP is Inventive

Our staff dares to think differently. New packages, new ideas, and new procedures are what make us the leaders in this industry. Our staff have created a workplace where their best ideas can be shared and leveraged. We encourage our staff to be involved in the process of decision making and overall company activities.

VIP is Passionate The staff at VIP are unique, with their own strengths and talents, but all share a sense of enthusiasm, commitment and pride toward our business. We believe our competitive advantage lies in the quality of the people who work at VIP. Our staff make every effort to provide excellence in everything they do.

V Special Interest

Women Entrepreneur Bold•Sassy•Courageous

Using Unique Skill Sets and Talent VIP offers Variety VIP works to create and offer packages and options that appeal to every type of client and every type of desire. From Martinis and Makeovers & At Home Spa Services, to VIP Clubbing & Risque Burlesque Shows. With over 25 categories, 250 options and 100’s of varieties, there are sure to be packages that fit each group’s, or individual’s needs. We understand that we can’t be perfect (yet), so when someone says they need a package that we don’t offer, we take it seriously. We will work tirelessly to have that package within 30 days.

VIP is Inclusive Chicago has always had some of the best nightlife in the country. People wait in long lines with velvet ropes and cover charges that range from $10-$20. Drinks are priced anywhere from $8 to $20. Our packages are designed to include a variety of destinations or services for one price, per person. Our VIP Clubbing package is by far, VIP’s trademark package. It entails exclusive VIP entry to three venues, and drinks or champagne, for $25 per person. The savings is around $70 per person. Dinner packages work the same way. A full dinner followed by VIP clubbing is priced per person. Inclusive packages give our clients a stress-free more affordable option. For those clients who prefer selecting options individually, we offer plenty of À la carte services and packages which can be mixed and matched or even added on to an inclusive package.

Vip Perks VIP gives our clients incentives that go beyond the occasional freebie. Chicago’s hot spots can be extremely difficult to get into. Waiting in line is not a guarantee that you will get past the velvet rope. When a client books with VIP, we get them in and get them noticed! Many of the venues we work with are crawling with Chicago Sports Players and Celebrities alike. When clients book with VIP, not only will they bypass the line, but they will get in. Additionally, we provide party hosts to check on groups throughout the night. Gift bags come with many of our packages and the guest of honor is free with VIP Clubbing (silver package). Clients also receive discounts from our partners, online invitations and so much more! Bottom line… it makes sense to book with VIP. VIP BACHELORETTE, INC DBA - VIP Chicago Parties, VIP Bachelor, VIP Birthday Parties, 10009 W Grand Ave. (Suite 209), Franklin Park IL. 60131



Readers & Advertisers Take Note Mediums continue to proliferate. Attention spans continue to shrink. Free content is available everywhere. 93% of American adults still are attached to magazines. Young and old spend time with ink on paper, a medium often paid for in order to read. Magazines are engaging. Reading a magazine remains a uniquely intimate and immersive experience. Magazine readership is increasing, with readers spending an average of 43 minutes per issue. Those 43 minutes of attention are typically undivided. Among all media, digital or analog, magazine readers are less likely to engage in another activity while reading. The Internet is exhilarating. Magazines are enveloping. The Internet grabs you. The Internet is impulsive. Magazines embrace you. And both media are growing. Barely noticed amidst the Internet clamor is the simple fact that magazine readership has risen over the past five years. Even in the age of the Internet, even among the groups assumed to be most connected to digital media, the appeal of magazines is growing. An established medium can continue to flourish so long as it offers a unique experience which magazines do. A new medium, such as the Internet doesn’t necessarily displace an existing one magazines. Just as movies didn’t replace radio and TV didn’t replace movies. People aren’t giving up reading magazines just because they also enjoy the internet. It has been proven, print drives people to the Internet. 34

Art is alive and making an appearance again as a new generation of artist attempt to capture the style and learn from the Maters like George Seurat, Henri Matisse and George Braque, and today’s living Master Artist Marc Rubin, Master of Cubism Synchronism, Modernism, Pointillism and Fauvism

EA Emerging Artist Rosy G Art to me is a reflection of my inner soul and being. Each painting that I create has something to do with what is going on in my personal life. Besides one painting class in college, I am pretty much self taught and paint with my heart. I am very attracted to the Fauve period and its offshoot Cubism. I paint with vivid Fauve colors. Part of my attraction to color I do believe comes from my Cuban heritage and being raised in Miami, Florida. A turning point in my life was when I donated a painting to a silent auction to raise money to build a school in Vietnam. I was overwhelmed when my painting was bid on and sold. From then, I decided that a percentage from any painting that I sell will go to a humanitarian cause. I am very honored and grateful to have exhibited for the first time in Chicago with two other amazing artists. I plan to have a solo exhibition and hopefully partner with the homeless coalition. Rosy G artbyrosy@yahoo


Yikes! Bikes! Everywhere I go in Chicago, I see people on bikes. It’s great exercise and a wonderful alternative for that morning commute to work. But more bikes on the streets? I, for one, am scared! The Mayor’s office, along with Chicago Department of Transportation and many of Chicago’s citizens, has developed an initiative for updating existing bike paths and adding more bike paths throughout the city. This project, Streets for Cycling Plan 2020, has already begun and will continue over the next seven years. According to Mayor Emanuel, when finished, Plan 2020 will make Chicago one of the best and the safest places in the United States for bicycling to work, to the neighborhood grocery, or for taking the family on a bike ride through the city. Cycling Plan 2020 calls for new bike striping or re-striping and when finished will boast 645 miles of bike paths on Chicago streets. Plans also include ways to reduce crashes and injuries, a new bike share system and a two-way bike route through part of the loop. When work is completed, every Chicago resident will live within one-half mile of a bike path and a bike accommodation area. But is Chicago ready for more cyclists on city streets? It appears from this writer’s view, that many cyclists don’t know the rules of sharing the street. Many people cycling around the city do not use even the most basic biking rules, such as using their arm to signal a left or right turn. Do cyclists know that they must abide by the same traffic laws that apply to motorists? Some Chicago cyclists have their own set of rules which include traveling faster than the speed of light, swerving in and out of traffic without signaling, and cutting in front of motorists to turn wherever and whenever they like. Are they training for the Tour de France? Many of these cyclists are causing a safety hazard. Safety must be a key part of this program and it seems that cyclists and motorists alike need to be educated as to the rules of sharing the road. For example, what does the term “dooring” mean? Many cyclists are injured each year when a driver parks his car, opens his door without checking traffic and a cyclist then slams into the driver’s open door. Should cyclists wear helmets and carry insurance to insure their safety and cover damages in case of a collision? Who is at fault for bike related “traffic accidents”? Should bikes be registered and carry plates just like cars are required to do? Are bikes equipped with safety lights and reflectors, and it not, should that be a requirement on Chicago streets? Should we have bicycle cops? Shouldn't cyclists be ticketed if they are not riding in the bike lane, or are not abiding by traffic lights and traffic signs? Should a bicycle safety test be passed before bike licenses are issued? And what about driving conditions? Are there certain times of the day when bike lanes are unsafe to use? Should bike lanes be closed during times of the year when weather conditions are unsafe? It seems apparent

that Streets for Cycling Plan 2020 must be reviewed and updated periodically to insure that all shared streets are made as safe as possible and all questions and concerns have been addressed so that motorists and bicyclists know what is expected of them as this new plan is implemented. We must all be better educated so that bikes and motorists can share the streets safely. Our city must make it a priority to inform the public on just how the new bike paths will work. Cycling Plan 2020 could be a great program for decades to come, but only if everyone knows what they must do to drive and bike responsibly, insuring that everyone gets to their destination safely. Another problem with the bicycling plan is cost. What exactly are the costs of this eight-year program and who will pay for those costs? Chicago is struggling to pay existing bills, how can the city take on a huge program for bicycle paths and a shared bike program? Will the taxpayer be asked to pay more for the implementation of Plan 2020? Where will the money come from to maintain such a system? Will the taxpayer be burdened with an increase in taxes to pay for repair of bikes, bike racks, and bike paths? Will money for bike patrols be needed if cyclists don’t slow down and don’t obey traffic laws and signals? There are many questions about the mayor’s plan to develop a cycling network throughout the city. Cost is an important issue in this time of economic hardship. Safety and education of the public is a vital part of making this city a great bicycling community. Whether on a bike or in a car, everyone needs to know the rules of the road so that we can share this great city and keep everyone safe.

Dearborn & Harrison, South Loop: Left turning automobiles have seven seconds from green arrow light to yellow arrow light to enter the intersection and make a left turn. This allows for two cars to turn left from driver reaction to actual movement. Bicyclists have twenty-two seconds to use the intersection, which includes the standard crosswalk time plus additional time. The low volume of bike traffic at this intersection is not reflected in the time sequence for cyclists. A better solution for cyclists would be provisions for a longer green light in summer and a shorter green light during the other months of the year.

AUTO Parking



Placed appropriately, bike lanes provide another form of transportation and a healthy leisure activity.





Roosevelt Road, South Loop: Why did the city planners create a bike lane in the “middle” of traffic lanes? Common sense compels one to think about the heightened dangers of bike riding in the “middle” of traffic. The bike lane should be closest to the curb. Vehicles turning right have an additional caution to consider when approaching a bicyclist also turning right. Bicyclist often do not use hand signals, check their bike mirror or helmet mirror (that most do not have) or even look over their shoulder when changing lanes.

Providing bike lanes is a positive step in making Chicago a great place to live but city planners must give value to an old saying “think deeply then move carefully; avoiding a bad decision is a wise decision.”


Discover America


Cities throughout the midwest, such as Holland Michigan, celebrate events unique to their geographic area and businesses. From generations spanning decades and sometimes a century, families from the 1800’s established business that slowly became well recognized for their lifestyle and products.


located atop CityFlats Hotel



With 56 uniquely designed rooms, CityFlatsHotel blends luxury with eco‐friendly design to provide a distinct experience every time. CityFlatsHotel was the first LEED Gold Certified hotel in the midwest and is accredited through the United States Green Building Council. Stay at CityFlatsHotel.

Located on the top floor of CityFlatsHotel, CityVū Bistro boasts fantastic views of Holland in a casual dining atmosphere. We feature unique flatbread creations and delectable entrées. Try the Flat Fee Lunch for just $8.99 or unwind with Happy Hour, Monday thru Friday.

616.796.2100 61 East 7th Street / Downtown Holland / cityflatshotel.com


Harbor Country … Chicago’s Farthest Suburb in Michigan CAMDEN’S CORNER - By J.P. Camden Just some seventy plus miles from Chicago across the lake in Michigan, and just over a short hour’s drive by car or by AMTRAK, lie what could possibly be Chicago’s farthest suburbs. Home not only to thousands of summer and part-time residents from Chicago, it also has nearly 2,000 workers that regularly commute to Chicago and some even daily by train. So we were pleasantly surprised to learn that the eight towns that compose Harbor Country, and comparable to the Hamptons of New York, do not turn into arctic ghost towns during the winter. Instead they boost an active agenda of activities and happenings, including a vibrant social scene with major galas that would rival anything in Chicago during this time. First and foremost of these is the December Grand Party held in an eclectic venue just off the 94 highway as you drive in to the gateway to Harbor Country: its capital, the scenic lakeside town of New Buffalo. Every year the Grand Party grows larger and attracts partiers from locals and Chicagoans to those even from as far away as Malibu, California. Most major local restaurants showcase with sumptuous complimentary offerings and libations in addition to lively and spirited music that gets participants up and about dancing the night away. Most importantly though, is the vibrant diversity of people to watch and meet. In addition to local yokels’ in blue jeans it is not uncommon to see formally attired denizens of the many local ornate Malibu type lakeside mansions frolicking about too.

like this is doing where it is, out in the middle of nowhere basically. It is very upscale and sophisticated At the Grand Party, Cindy Hanlon and with a smart, Steve Shirey of Hinsdale, Illinois and young, eager, hostess-with-the-mostess Dee Dee Duhn efficient and friendly staff that not only serves up tasty appetizers and dinners but libations as well. With its classy and bright neon signs, it stands out at night against its stark, dark, rural lakeside town surroundings. It is like it was teleported out of Manhattan by some alien spaceship. And speaking of Manhattan, note well that Michigan is on Manhattan time; in other words Eastern. So remember that they are ahead one hour in Michigan in comparison to Chicago when planning your Michigan trips and activates. As to breakfast after a long night of festivities, it still is Rosie’s downtown, the number one breakfast favorite in Southwest Michigan, with a super-efficient and fast staff in addition to sumptuous, tasty, filling, morning meals. As to the Super Bowl, the talk of the town in Michigan was its very own Kate Upton, of the Upton’s of Whirlpool. Little cute Katie has really blossomed as a two time Sports Illustrated cover girl and now as a Super Bowl Mercedes commercial model to boot. Watch for this local favorite’s career to bloom further. When in Southwest Michigan, you never know, she could be the girl next door as she has a home in the area and is often seen at local parties and events.

Brian and Kyann Keller of Logansport, Indiana celebrate Kyann's birthday at Frankie's

Then in February, it is Beverly’s Ball in the elegant Silver Creek Event Center just outside town sponsored by the New Buffalo Business Association after their day time Winter Fest. Unlike the Grand Party, this is a more structured and subdued formal affair with a live orchestra and sit down dinner with men in suits and ties and the ladies in elegant evening attire. Still quite an event with a lot of fun people! As far as nightlife, the local “Cheers” bar and longtime landmark, the rustic Casey’s, has had some management problems and is closed until the spring. Another local favorite and icon, The Stray Dog, burned down last year but is quickly being rebuilt with a May scheduled opening.

As far as the upcoming summer goes, there is great concern about the low Lake Michigan and river water levels, the lowest since 1964. It has gotten so bad that a survey party on the St. Joseph River in December had to get out of their boat and walk to do their work! But one would never know the concern that sailors have for the upcoming Season as they came from all the Great Lake states to attend the traditional kickoff party for the 104th Mackinac Race, known as the Pink Pony, in Chicago. Attended by hundreds, this party is one of the highlights of January and certainly heats things up. This world class sailing race now has become known also for its ever increasing and lavish parties up to and after the July race, including the Gatsbyesque postrace party on the lawn of the stately Grand Hotel.

That leaves Frankie’s, up the Red Arrow highway from New Buffalo in the enclave community of Union Pier. It is one of those bars that you scratch your At Bev’s Ball, the hospitable Stacey Germain head trying to figure out what a place and Jan Rokley greeting arriving guests 38

If you would like to receive information about upcoming VIP events, yachting, openings and other special events in Michigan, please send an email to J. P. Camden, at Pacenet_2000@yahoo.com

ET Emerging Talent Sarah Church Sarah Church born in Janesville, Wisconsin and raised in Ohio has always marched to the beat of her own drum. In 1999 Sarah became friends with the shop owner of Birdella's Emporium which was a "freak boutique" catering to bolder statements of many subcultures. Sarah's custom garments and other creations were featured in several of Birdella's stores from 1999-2007. In 2000 Sarah Church moved to Chicago and began attending the Illinois Institute of Art Chicago. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fashion Design in 2004. During her second year of college she began an internship with Geoffrey Mac, soon after she became his assistant and continued to work under his wing for almost three years. In 2007 Sarah moved to Los Angeles. She started as the technical Illustrator for Ruby Rox in November of that year. Later in 2009 she found herself back in Chicago doing custom tour outfits for local bands, including Janus, while creating a women's collection on the side. Sarah started www.churchxoxo.com in 2011, she feature several different collections including her custom designs and many up-cycled fashions as well as vintage. Sarah believes in being kind to our environment and re-using/ refurbishing materials we already have to create unique or one of a kind looks (at a very affordable price I might add) is one of her ways to show her support of a more eco friendly planet. Little by little her hard work started getting noticed and she was offered a place in many fashion events. In 2012 Sarah Church was accepted as one of six designers in residence in the Chicago Fashion Incubator program sponsored by Macy's. She began to refine her image and develop her brand. This experience put Church on the fast track. Sarah felt very accomplished after seeing her Spring/Summer 2013 collection walk the runway at Fashion Focus and being featured in an article, produced by TimeOut Chicago, highlighting the journey it took her to get there. The continued support from press and social media, raving about the success of the event and the talented designers featured in it kept Church in high spirits even though she was a bit sad that her year long stay at the CFI program was drawing to an end. "It was one of the most challenging and rewarding years of my life" Church says. In March of 2013 Church was invited to participate in a very innovative event called the Fire Arms Fashion Show.

Sarah Church is currently being featured in a beautiful spread in the May Issue of Ink Fashion Magazine. Seeing this article was a very proud moment for Church, as if the world had finally embraced her‌tattoos and all. Today Sarah Church is sharing a studio space with another designer she met through the CFI program. Since Church is known as a bit of a "rock-n-roll" girl it is not surprise that she is surrounded by musicians in her new studio, it is also a band rehearsal space. "I love being surrounded by creative energy, hearing or seeing an idea emerge from someones mind into fruition is always inspiring." Church's path is as unique as she is. You can define her style as her own, as if opposing forces came together harmoniously. Her bold statements in design reflect her endless passion for individuality and expression. Her work and business will continue to innovate design for many years to come because, as Church likes to say with a smirk on her face, " What else am I going to do?"

Fashion Designer: Sarah Church Photographer: Rodger S. Ruzanka MUHA: Samantha Gribble Models: Unique Nefertari Love and Christiana Slabaugh 39

ET Emerging Talent Angela McAdrian - Muse Muses are the goddesses of the inspiration of literature, science and the arts.

I am a fashion model and co-editor of fashion magazine Seek.Me. Growing up, I loved immersing in fashion magazines. I love my life and how everyday, every job is a new adventure! There has been a lot of really cool experiences. I've always been a lover of beauty. I definitely consider myself an artist. I am the base for artist's to create with as a model. I definitely don't consider myself a fashionista, but I do like fashion. I love fashion photography. I love all the new people I get to meet.

"I don't like dreams or reality. I like when dreams become my reality because that is my life." -Jean Paul Gaultier Photo by : John Ng Assistant: Tim Brenmark Make Up Artist: Stephanie Van Hazebroeck Scarf: Nepali Scarves

"There is no beauty without strangeness." -Karl Lagerfeld

Photo by: Rey Sison

Behind the scenes photo set-up for Abigail Glaum Lathbury

Photo by: Jay Auskalnis

angelathemuse@yahoo.com www.angelathemuse.com angelathemuse.tumblr.com www.facebook.com/SeekMeMag www.angelathemuse.carbonmade.com www.facebook.com/pages/Angela-The-Muse/207082730524 40


Only 20 Minutes From Downtown Chicago


Computer Information Systems

Paralegal and Pre-Law




Organization Management



 Up to 35% of cost covered by program scholarships







www.ccsj.edu www.c www .ccsj.edu

Call: 219-473-4215 2400 New York York Av Ave. Whiting , Indiana


Credit awarded for work and life experience & iPads & eBooks are included with tuition



If you missed this ... get in touch with Shari for her next event. Hosted by: Benjamin Cottrell & Shari Duffy


Discover an affordable & distinctive way to share the riches of

Art Collecting

with the next generation ...

It's never too early to begin an art collection. Open a young person's eyes to the beauty of art by sending them fine art cards by Nancie King Mertz. Each one is only $4 and printed on acid-free card stock to slip into a 5x7 frame. Tell a story with a collection of her paintings from these countries: Nancie King Mertz plein air painting at North Pond in Lincoln Park.

Italy France Greece Spain China Mexico Peru Great Britain; or recall family trips across the US and around Chicago. You'll not only inspire a budding art collector, but perhaps a world traveler as well!

See hundreds of choices online or in-store to make your selection

ArtDeTriumph & Artful Framer Studios 2938 N Clark, Chicago, IL 60657 www.NancieKingMertz.com 773-832-4038 gallery 773-477-8990 office 43



ET Emerging Talent LINDSEY KATE Fashion/Bridal Illustration & Design

LINDSEY KATE, a rising fashion illustrator, is now expanding into the bridal market. Lindsey began her business as an illustrator and designer for up and coming brands, helping designers expand and share their ideas. She continues to work with new labels and artists, accessory designers, stylists, bloggers, and online retailers internationally. Illustrating, often under strict deadlines, she seeks to create work that is captivating and fresh, constantly exploring new techniques and media. Lindsey’s

work captures the elegance, beauty, and confidence of the female form. She enjoys working with new people and new ideas, with the opportunity to alter the mood and portray new designs each time. Illustrating brides is something Lindsey has always had an interest in. Drawn to the style and sentiment attached to a woman’s most extraordinary day is what Lindsey finds really

appealing. Capturing

this elegance and uniqueness that each bride possesses is the idea behind her one-of-a-kind illustrations. With a degree in Fashion Design and minor in Art History from Columbia College Chicago, Lindsey learned the importance of inspiration and developing her personal style. 46

While working as an alterations specialist in a bridal store she gained a better understanding of a woman’s wedding day and the individuality that each bride strives to feel. This is what she attempts to exemplify through her work as a bridal illustrator. Each piece can be customized to match the bride’s hair, makeup, accessories, and gown. With a choice of paper, media, and pose-these illustrations not only make a great piece for the wall alongside a wedding photo, but also make a wonderful gift for newlyweds and anniversaries. Lindsey typically works on an 11”x14” scale for these pieces, but can customize the work to match nearly any dimensions. Acrylic Painting Not only is Lindsey Kate involved in the art of fashion illustration, but she has a strong passion for painting as well.

Specializing in pure and partial abstraction, as well as Abstract Expressionism, Lindsey works primarily with acrylic on canvas. Many of her pieces are inspired by the natural world which she believes connects everyone both physically and spiritually. Modern art and the theory behind it have always been Lindsey’s areas of interest and it continues to motivate her and her creations. It is the emotional involvement in the work that really intrigues her, not just in the creative process, but even more so in the viewing of the finished product. She hopes that the work she creates can evoke an emotional response for each and every person, allowing them to get lost in the expanses and interaction of color. No two people’s interaction with the piece will probably ever be the same, she believes. Even within one viewer, as their mood changes so can the aura of the piece, making abstract art endlessly exciting. Lindsey Kate creates custom original work, her pieces can also be digitally reproduced on canvas and purchased as enlargements. To view Lindsey’s custom bridal illustration portfolio and extended acrylic painting portfolio visit www.lindsey-kate.com To purchase a print or commission work email: info@lindsey-kate.com or lindseykatemeyer@gmail.com Phone- 815.821.5217

V Special Interest

RISING STAR -Valedictorian of her graduating class at Columbia College Chicago. -Two of her pieces were chosen to be a part of the top 10 in the Charles James competition. Students were asked to create looks inspired by the historic couturier, and the top 10 were placed on display in windows along Michigan Avenue. One of her pieces was a satin, silk taffeta, and tulle gown, the other was a nude tube dress with long chiffon skirt and shoulder harnesscreated from wool and a process of bending and attaching twigs. -Lindsey was a finalist in the Eveningwear category of the Chicago FGI competition and her work from that was shown on the runway during FGI Career Day. -Lindsey’s Senior Thesis collection was chosen to represent Columbia College in Fashion Columbia, a fundraising fashion show. One of these pieces (photographed during the 2012 show) was also selected to be used in the online and print advertisements used for the 2013 show. -A photo taken and submitted by Allison Kortokrax (Korto photography) of Lindsey’s design was chosen to be in Vogue Italia online. The model, Christiana Slabaugh wore a lace shoulder piece designed and created by Lindsey, which was adorned with real butterflies that she re-hydrated and mounted to finish the look. Hair and makeup was done by Samantha Gribble. -A watercolor fashion illustration of Lindsey’s was used in a mural around campus and the city of Chicago to advertise Columbia College Chicago. 47

EB Emerging Business Vigore

A fusion of fashion and music Rock & Roll Chic MARTY CASEY SILVER ELEMENTS COLLECTION Designed by Marty Casey and Marla Zegart

V Special Interest

Fashion has taken on many forms, from a wide spectrum of art and entertainment origins. Emerging business have embraced the power of the Internet moving away from brick and mortar. The Internet has made entry into businesses a possibility without a large investment of money. Passion and a labor of love can bring forward ideas as never permitted before in the history of free enterprise and entrepreneurial spirit. Fusing modern artistry with urban edge, rockstar Marty Casey presents a line of contemporary jewelry and accessories Marty Casey Silver Elements Collection, a contemporary jewelry and accessories collection features a line of 925 sterling silver jewelry and modern, rock and roll chic accessories. The sophisticated line also has a philanthropic mission, with proceeds from every purchase benefitting the American Forests ‘Global Releaf’ Eco Restoration Projects. Marty Casey Silver Elements Collection was founded by highly-acclaimed musician, Marty Casey and fashion industry veteran, Marla Zegart. The duo seeks to transcend the inspirational elements of music into contemporary jewelry and accessories. Through a line of quality crafted and affordable sterling silver jewelry, leather handbags and beautiful scarves, the Silver Elements Collection offers classic pieces with rock and roll edge. Through the Silver Elements Collection, Casey and Zegart strive to connect the link between music and fashion with a product line built with integrity and the end consumer in mind.


The Silver Elements Collection takes inspiration from Casey’s music, and then translates that into fashion-forward jewelry and accessories. The line offers a full selection of rock and roll chic rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces and charms, along with leather goods and handcrafted scarves. Every purchase from the collection benefits the Marty Casey’s ‘Elements of Nature’ Fund, which works in conjunction with American Forests ‘Global Releaf’ Ecosystem Restoration Projects, to assist people in improving the environment through trees and forests. For additional information on the organization, please visit www.americanforests.org.

“Universe” Ring: A handmade sculptural work of art. Yards of silver wire orbit the exterior of this contemporary ring. Hammered silver sides and trim, enhanced with 14K Gold circles that represent the moon.

Sculptural Silver Jewelry • Sensational Scarves • Sumptuous Leather Bags To view the entire collection, please visit www.silverelementscollection.com

“Glam Rocks” Dog tag Necklace: This geometric and edgy design in finest 925 silver features our signature MXC logo and is encrusted with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS Silver Night crystals

Bon-APP-etit Cook It: An Amateur Cooking APP Vigore “Cook It” (patent pending) was inspired by the fact that nearly one-third of adults in the US don’t know how to cook. Because of this, these individuals are inclined to dine out, order in, and purchase pre-made or instant foods. This lifestyle can have detrimental effects on a person’s budget, as well as their health. It’s easy to see the correlation between the increasing number of people who can’t (or won’t) cook for themselves, and the rising number of obesity related illnesses in our country. “Cook It” is a system that takes a fresh perspective on helping people to learn how to cook in a way that is non-intimidating. The heart of the system is the “Cook It” application, which could be programmed for smartphones and/or tablet devices. The app allows the user to select the cooking skills that they are comfortable with performing (i.e. boiling water, chopping, etc.) and provides them with recipes that only require their specified capabilities. This allows the user to gain experience, build their confidence, and learn new skills little by little over time. It would also allow the user to save recipes for later reference, share recipes on their favorite social media sites, and track their improvement (based on the number of recipes they’ve completed and the number of new skills they’ve acquired over time). Additionally, within each recipe, “Cook It” would specify which tool to use for each task to further simplify learning to cook. The system would also include an optional set of basic cooking tools, which would be color coordinated to the recipe’s instructions to eliminate confusion and guess-work. Plus, the recipes would never call for a tool outside of the set (aside from measuring cups and basic pots and pans) so the user wouldn’t need to worry about not having the right equipment for a certain recipe. This aspect gives the system the potential to have further add-on packs of more advanced cooking tools, and potentially a full line of cookware.

About Heather, Designer: Heather is an industrial designer with a passion for design and innovation. She recently graduated with honors from the University of Illinois at Chicago with a BFA in Industrial Design. “Cook It” was her senior thesis project. Earlier this year, a panel of local design professionals awarded her with the IDSA Student Merit Award for UIC, and she was sent to Indianapolis to represent her school at the 2013 IDSA Midwest District Conference. Heather is currently working as a graphic designer, while also interning at an up-and-coming Chicago design consultancy called Y Line Product Design. Heather Morris • Industrial Designer 630-550-3901 heather_morris@outlook.com www.coroflot.com/morris 49


Rising Star Annie Diamantidis

Annies Handbags Annie Diamantidis, Luxury Handbag Designer started in 2009 with her collection carried in many luxury boutiques nation wide. In markets such as Beverly Hills, Chicago, and Miami.

Rhea clutch / messenger in leather with genuine snakeskin

Model: Paiy Hansra Photography: DazzleShot 50

new summer clutches

Annies Handbags Vigore

Annie Diamantidis

is known for using the most luxurious materials on her handcrafted accessories. From a collection of exotic crocodile, python, ostrich, and stingray in bright bold colors and finished with genuine 14k gold hardware. In 2009 due to the growing demand for her luxury accessories she incorporated her sought after leather collection with 14GP hardware. Whether it’s her exotic collection or leather line each design fuses femininity and contemporary style with exotic materials and unexpected hues creating timeless treasures.

The Kyria clutch is an oversized handbag that adds a pop of color to any outfit. Features two pockets (one zipped and one open) on the inside and a brown suede interior lining.

Nyx clutch

Since launching her namesake collection of luxury handbags, the Chicago designer is quickly gaining global recognition. Annie has been labeled by Michigan Avenue Magazine a “Chicago Made, Power Designer”, Fashion TV says Annie Handbags is a “Trend to Remember”, and Haute Living Magazine has labeled Annie one of the most influential Chicago residents, just to name a few.

Born in Chicago she moved to the Greek island of Chios at the young age of five. Having limited resources on an island her mother who was a seamstress, taught her to be resourceful. Annie was able to learn first-hand how to create items that were one-of–a kind. A year later she returned back to the United States where she now calls home but travels to Greece regularly.

Annie Handbags® was featured throughout the final season of the hit show Gossip Girl and designer Annie Diamantidis made a guest appearance as a “handbag expert” on the new hit reality show filmed in her hometown of Chicago called “Hardcore Pawn”. Rumor ring: Made from cobra skin, this unique ring is feminine, pretty, and fierce. Annie Diamantidis’ namesake Discreet enough to wear to work, or stack collection is rapidly growing. In her senior year at DePaul University on the rings for your Her signature style handLizard Ring she applied for an internship with one of weekend look. bags are made to form a Chicago’s leading jewelry designer’s woman’s body giving called Lana Bramlette and landed the them a custom fit and internship. After graduation Annie was Annie’s sought after hired immediately and was head of sales accessories are worn by in the Midwest region. After three years, the most beautiful women. determined to start her own label she took She caters to women who Heart Necklace a few years off to travel and visit several harmonize luxury with practicality. different tanneries and manufactures Her designs can be found in luxury in destinations such as Italy, Greece, Heart necklace: boutiques and hotels nationwide such and Turkey. Along the way she was Made from cobra as the Trump Hotel and Tower able to find treasures that she later Chicago, Roseark in Santa Monica, skin, this unique incorporated onto her handbags and and Avedon in Beverly Hills to name heart pendant is accessories. a few. feminine, pretty, and fierce. It’s the perfect pop of color to almost any look! Tycha Tote One purpose of Vigore Chicago magazine is promote the economical development of Chicagoland as a great place to thrive financially, enjoy life and live safely.

Annie Handbags Inc. 6263 N. Mc Cormick, Ste.160 Chicago, IL 60659 (Tel) 312.498.3933 www.anniebags.com

V Special Interest





• 24/7 back-up - we never say no to a showing • Internal specialty knowledge gives you an edge • Pocket listings and buyers • Co-operative marketing for a broader reach


MARKETING THAT RAISES THE STANDARD • Seminars and events • Tours by trolley • Luxury property marketing and internet sourcing • Relocation and direct target marketing






Extraordinary Realtors...





55 E ERIE 2005 $1,275,000 55EastErie2005.info

60 E MONROE $1,895,000 60EMonroe5901.info


130 N GARLAND 2412 $500,000 130NGarland2412.info



50 E CHESTNUT 1001 $2,550,000

180 E PEARSON 4806 $1,695,000



501 N KINGSBURY F $865,500

55 E ERIE 1405 $1,277,500


100 E HURON 4504 $789,600

100 E HURON 2103 $735,000







“Our previous Realtor didn’t know this challenging market and didn’t listen to our needs. You knew every building and got the job done immediately. Perfect!”

“I felt that you heard my preferences, did extensive research for properties that met my needs, negotiated the price assertively... Doing business with you made the experience pleasurable.”



...Extraordinary Results


Kristina S. Bobs dynamic woman

Kristina – Hot Mommas Arriving home in England after a whirlwind tour of Saudi Arabia, I step out of the taxi and set foot inside my house in Epsom, Surrey. The plane was a little delayed into Heathrow and it’s past my daughter’s bedtime, but I am delighted to see that she’s waited up for me in her nightie. My husband hugs me and takes off my coat as I kick off my heels and collapse onto the squishy kitchen sofa, exhausted but happy. It’s been a good trip and I’ve met some amazing women and shared some incredible stories.

Mentor & Role Model

Background I was born in Lithuania in the 1980s, when our little country was still behind the ‘Iron Curtain’ and part of the communist Soviet Union. I was lucky enough to grow up in a close-knit, happy family with a younger sister and parents who both worked full-time. Education was central to our world. My parents would drum it into us – “expand your mind, learn, study and grow”. Growing up, we had travelled as a family to Russia, Poland and the local states and even from a young age I knew I was destined for a cosmopolitan life, mixing with other cultures and nationalities. Different customs and traditions really inspired me and by the start of my twenties I could speak Polish, French, English and Russian as well as my mother tongue. The University in Leeds, in the North of England was a great insight into a different life for me, and it was where I really grew up into a self-reliant adult. I discovered had a strong work ethic and began working part time while studying. Professional The 90’s was the dawn of the great British home obsession. It was all about home makeovers on TV and in the stores. We were all de-cluttering, streamlining and neutralizing our color schemes, and I quickly noticed a gap in the market for a range of quality, contemporary accessories to dress these more minimal interiors. At the time I was travelling home to see the family in Lithuania - the land of traditional glassmaking - and I decided to start a little cottage business making handmade glass pieces to meet this need. I called the company Svaja, which means ‘dream’ in Lithuanian, and set up in a very small way. I started to exhibit the little collection at craft fairs and markets, and they sold. Orders got bigger and in eighteen months I moved up to the major UK trade shows and, being a bit different, we attracted the attention of some of the world’s top retailers - the ball was rolling! We now have a global operation with regional offices in Britain, Japan and the USA. Our designs are super modern and it’s a funny sight to see me tripping through these steamy, hot, traditional workshops in my high heeled boots, to illustrate my ideas to a burly glass man. Personal The business now takes me all over the world to work on bespoke projects for private clients, to visit retail customer in all corners of the globe and to share my experiences and stories. I always knew I wanted a family of my own and, again, in my mother’s tradition, knew I could juggle the two. I now am happily married and a very proud mother to a nineyear-old daughter. As a wife, mum and businesswoman, I understand the complexities of the female balancing act. We always want to be the best in each area but often something has to give, somewhere. My daughter is a happy, bright independent girl and rather than being clingy when I go away for work, is proud to wave me off on my travels. Her friends think I am a cool mum for doing an exciting job and love to hear my tales of far off cultures and places. I realize now how much my mother inspired me to work, to never feel second best, even in a very masculine world like glass making. I am proud to be her daughter and carry on her high standards of living. What do I see for the future? To see my daughter become an independent, positive young woman; to keep steering Svaja’s global expansion; and to have the time to work with women in emerging countries like Saudi Arabia, helping to inspire and guide them in their roles as modern women. More than anything I want to make my time on the planet as memorable and impactful as I can and leave a positive impact on everyone I have touched.


Hot Mommas Project Announces Winners of 2012-2013 Global Case Study Competition: World’s Largest Women’s Case Study Library Features Role Models & Mentors Kristina is proud and honored to take part in this Global competition and be a role model and help to increase the confidence of thousands of women across over 121 countries. Kristina’s submission to the Hot Mommas® Project was judged and declared the official winer of the Regional Winner: Northern Europe for the 2012-2013 Hot Mommas Project Case Competition, representing her home country of Lithuania. Washington, DC, USA, May 7, 2013– As Mother’s Day approaches, the Hot Mommas® Project announces the winners of its 2012-13 case study competition in which dynamic women from around the world shared their stories to serve as virtual mentors and role models.

“You don’t need to be a momma to be a ‘Hot Momma.’ Our venture celebrates diverse, dynamic women around the globe,” said Kathy Korman Frey, founder of the Hot Mommas® Project and Entrepreneur in Residence at the George Washington University School of Business, Center for Entrepreneurial Excellence, Washington DC. All winners, finalists, and authors will be honored in the Fall at the George Washington University School of Business. Cases include personal challenges such as work-life balance and “aha moments” in addition to traditional business lessons. Cases were judged by a panel of globally-recognized leaders in business, government, media, academia and nonprofit sectors including Lesley Jane Seymour, Editor in Chief of MORE Magazine, Maryam Banikarim, Chief Association of Women Business Owners, Ellen Thrasher, Head of the Small Business Association’s Office of Entrepreneurship, Princess Fay Al Jahan Ara, President of the RACH Charity Foundation, and Katherine Johnson, former Senior Vice President of Integrated Marketing for the Oprah Winfrey Network. The Hot Mommas® Project was conceptualized in 2002 and founded in 2005 to fill a gap in the education system: Scalable access to role models, particularly female ones. It is the recipient of a National Coleman Foundation Case Award, and was founded by a experienced executive and Harvard Business School case author who is the instructor of the nationally award-winning Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership class at the George Washington University School of Business. The Hot Mommas Project is included in the mission of the school’s Center for Entrepreneurial Excellence. The project partners with women’s organizations, universities, corporations, and institutions to teach its confidence-building, mentor programming, and leadership curriculum “To bring cutting-edge mentoring and leadership to your organization.”

Follow Svaja on Facebook www.Svaja.com 55


Elda de la Rosa is known as THE Chicago designer for red carpets everywhere. From wedding gowns and cocktail dresses, her look is very feminine and her designs carry a strong Spanish influence reflecting Elda’s heritage. With headquarters in Edgewater, being downtown “gives me a second home, and an additional great outlet to showcase my designs,” said de la Rosa.

Nestled along Grand Avenue in the bustling River North district, keen shoppers will discover the Made in Chicago store, located at 16 W. Grand. In partnership with the City of Chicago, this is where you can shop and discover 15 local designers featuring everything from evening gowns to sportswear, children’s wear and millinery, jewelry and accessories.

Just like shopping in any of the big department stores, each of the 15 designers offers a different design aesthetic, different sizing, and many do custom design work upon request. But each of them has discovered a benefit in being together. Taneasha Prunty has had her line, Gidi, picked up by other retailers who bought the line after seeing it at Made in Chicago.

Run by The Apparel Industry Board, Inc. (AIBI) the store originally opened in November of 2011 as a 30-day experiment during the Holiday shopping crunch. The results were so impressive, AIBI decided to keep the store open year-round to highlight and support our city’s local design talent. AIBI has been a major force in the local industry since its creation by Mayor Harold Washington in 1987. As a delegate agency of the city, AIBI’s mission is to promote the local design & manufacturing communities that employ thousands of people right here in our own backyard. “Chicagoans often don’t realize the depth of the apparel manufacturing that we have in Chicago,” according to Marsha Brenner, AIBI Executive Director. “What we find with our shoppers is they are absolutely delighted to support, buy, and shop LOCAL. With the headlines recently from Bangladesh where 1,100 garment workers died in substandard conditions, it really gives ‘shopping local’ so much more meaning.” The roster of designers you will discover in the store run the gamut from established design houses like Lauren Lein Ltd. and Elda de la Rosa Couture, to newer entrepreneurial companies such as Satoko Mizuno and Quirky Threadz.

Mother daughter design team Sandy & Alex Rueve head up the She Beads/He Beads collection for men and women. Their unique, hand-made beaded products include bracelets, earrings, necklaces – and even purse holders, votive holders, and unique home accessories. Sandy, who founded the company 20 years ago, said “We are a local company that works hard and believes in the power of Made in America products and services. The store gives us an outlet to reach the international tourist community and add to our local fans as well.” Because of the store’s focus on local artists, shoppers will not see their purchases coming and going and on every rack in all the major stores. They’ll instead find unique, quality designs that they can make their own! According to Lauren Lein, AIBI President, “ We may not be Paris, New York or Los Angeles – but we are successful and productive in our own way. Each designer in Chicago finds his or her own way by producing items that fill a niche the consumers respond to. The Made in Chicago store is a dream that has been talked about forever by many people. AIBI has made it a reality, and it’s one of the best things AIBI has ever done.”

Luz Maria Diaz is Chicago born and bred and is the design inspiration behind LuDia Couture, offering colorful halter tops and skirts for Spring, and perfect outfits for Brenner adds that the store is really nights on the town! She finds an outgrowth of industry changes. being in the store a plus. “The Made “For many years, local designers in Chicago store gives me a great would sell their lines to retail networking opportunity with other stores.... primarily mom-and-pop local designers, but it also allows stores found in almost every neighmy line to be seen by hundreds of borhood that was the place for the consumers. I then know what sells, neighborhood to buy clothes. what doesn’t, and can adjust to Today, with so much change in the meet consumer demand. And beindustry, most of those stores are no cause AIBI runs the store, it longer there. And, for a gives me a retail outlet local designer -- it’s not downtown where I don’t easy to sell a major store Special have to be there each and Interest and make a major profit. every day to staff the store.” 56


The Made in Chicago store gives our designers a window to the world and exposure to new customers.” “We’ve learned to be retailers. We’ve learned, like every other store, that there are good, strong months – and there are more challenging months. And the retail spending cycle is affected by absolutely everything: from weather, to the economy, to the endless fiscal cliff and even international tragedy. But we love supporting our designers so we have weathered the seasons together.” Store manager Kevin Sullivan is usually on hand to work with customers. “Our store is unique. You can find something you absolutely love. And if it’s not your size exactly, or if you want to add a sleeve to a tank dress, we get the designer on the phone and in most cases we can make it happen. We’re very big on customer service and our shoppers become loyal friends who visit us whenever they’re in the neighborhood. “





Best Delicious Meatball The art of cooking



And that neighborhood is universal. “We’ve had shoppers from almost every state and continent that you can think of. They love our city, they enjoy their time here, and they want to take something home with them that is unique and ‘special,’’ says Sullivan. “We help them find it!” The Made in Chicago store is open every day at 16 W. Grand. Hours are Monday-Saturday, 10am-6pm, and Sundays 11am-5pm. Mention this article – and you’ll get 10% off any full-price purchase. And for more information, you can call 312-836-1041 or visit www.aibi.com Visit them soon – and discover the talent that’s right in your own backyard!

Vigore magazine welcomes recommendations on signature cuisine throughout the Chicagoland area. Contact Olga@vigoremag.com www.vigorechicago.com

One goal of Vigore Chicago magazine is to promote the economical development of Chicagoland as a great place to thrive financially, enjoy life and live safely. 57

ArtDeTriumph & Artful Framer Studios • www.NancieKingMertz.com• 773-832-4038 gallery 773-477-8990 office



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Vigore C


Vigore capturing the “FINE ART of Life.” (vee-gor-ray: vigor, vitality)

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Cover artist

Marc Richard Rubin A Diverse World Artist Of Our Time Marc Rubin finished his college education in 1972. In 1973 he entered his thesis painting, "Ladies Of The Canyon", pointillism, surreal subject, acrylic on canvas, in the prestigious Art Institute of Chicago - Chicago Competition. His unanimous inclusion into the exhibition by 3 visiting museum curators and James Spiers curator of the Art Institute created profound recognition for a very young Marc Rubin. Within one year his works were shown and sold in Europe, Chicago and New York City.

Even before Marc Rubin began his thesis work in pointillism, he was absorbed in classic modern art. Marc had been exposed to the Art Institute of Chicago from his early childhood through his parents' love of art. He would meet and become friends with Jean DuBuffet and Salvador Dali in the mid 1970's. While Dali saw incredible magic in pointillism, Rubin found that magic in Henri Matisse’s Fauvism, George Braque's Cubism and Jean DuBuffet's Abstract Expressionism.



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