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(Vee-gor-ray: Vigor, Vitality)



Vigoré Captures The Art of Life for our readers enjoyment, our contributors exposure, our advertiser’s prosperity, promoting artistic expression, people, life style, and businesses. The Art of Life begins with Imagination & Creativity expressed through many forms of art producing pleasing and interesting results, making thier way into our life experience - entertaining the senses and the mind.

“It is my sincere prayer that Vigoré assist in the achievement of helping others.” Sante Furio Founder, Vigoré magazine

Vigoré is an Italian word that translates into English as vigor or vitality. Vigoré originated in Chicago and is the perfect magazine name for the people, culture and artistic talent. Vigoré is In-Print (actual magazine) and On-line (Internet, flip-magazine) for a total market connection. Visit the website for details. www.vigorechicago.com or www.vigoremag.com



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MASTER MASTER ARTIST ARTIST of ofour ourlifetime lifetime

Synchronism Post Impression Cubism Rubin's first self portrait, acrylic on canvas 44x52 inches, Fauvism, painted in 1969. The history of this work makes it the artist's most important college work. It was created after Marc misread an assignment sheet in his art for architects course during his over worked freshman year at the University of Illinois, Champaign Urbana. Based on the works of the Fauves, a French Art movement that overlapped the Post Impressionist Era. His assignment actually asked the students to study and write a few words about the Fauves. His Art Instructor, Abby Drew, saw promise in Marc and acquired the Dean of the School of Fine and Applied Arts to allow him to take painting and drawing in the Fine Art school. By New Years Eve 1970 he was a Fine Art student allowed to pursue Architectural Design that included drafting and advanced perspective drawing.

Abstract Expressionism In 1977, Marc Rubin Marc Richard Rubin made the greatest contribution to Fine Art since Georges Seurat invented and defined Pointillism in 1873. Marc Rubin defined and created the first work in his invention, Synchronism. Synchronism was in practice but never as a genre.The bold color and contrast of Marc Rubin’s works are derived from Seurat’s color principles which are the foundation of all modern art. Marc Rubin continues to produce works in styles which define him as a truly unique artist. Intentional Fine Art: Timeless, combining two or more styles from the current timeline or any previous age into harmonic balance. Marc Rubin has used Synchronism combining Post Impression, Cubism and Abstract Expressionism.

His original major had become his minor. This painting was seen by a special campus visitor, Salvador Dali who saw the influence of Picasso during his early Fauve years. When Dali asked to meet the artist his teacher Abby Drew brought him up a studio class where Marc was working on his long term Thesis work in Pointillism, "Ladies of the Canyon". Dali had a great love for Pointillism which only those close to him knew. They started a decade long friendship that day.

Salvador influenced Marc to make his canyon painting Surreal. If it wasn't for Rubin's first self portrait made because he misread an assignment he wouldn't have personally met the famous visitor nor been influenced to create "Ladies of the Canyon" That took unanimous honors at The Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago Exhibition 1973. That exhibition launched Marc directly into his career in Fine Art at an advanced level. Of course it didn't hurt to have the museum curator in happy uproar because Salvador and Gala Dali came to Chicago to see the painting in exhibition and sing praises of his young friend. The two remained close friends until the Maestro's passing. The work, "Self Portrait 1969" remains in the artist's private collection till this day.



Atrocity 911


wisdom of life, communication and politics Read this three times. By the third time you might make it a part of your life. Earth, the universe, civilization, all of these things develop just like concepts on earth: trial, error and improvement. Improvement is called evolution, and yes, it’s all a process from the birth of stars, to the sciences of the universe.

There is a fine line that intersects the two energies of male and female. Man and woman follow the same principles of nature. When it is hard to understanding just look at nature for the answers. For anything to grow its needs a builder and a nourisher. Something male or female to reach out and forge, and something to nourish the outcome. This exists in all aspects of life. Some as pairs others as single entity’s. There are species that do both, build and nourish. They switch roles within themselves. This example for man and woman as you know will be the breast of this conversation. So, the male energy, outward, strong, and vigorous. The female receiving, encompassing, and nourishing. Provide life to seeds, provides life to ideals, provides life to concepts. Woman create the base for fertilization of the concept. This goes from birth of children to government and The yin and yang civilization. Behind man’s greedy ways is of energy usually the need to feed women something, working the way it Something for them to nourish. Men must forge, hunt, and aspire. Women must nourish, must in order for cuddle, and hold or protect.

life to exist.

Men must feel the power of conquest, woman must feel the power of nourishment. Men feel confined and persecuted without this feeling, the same for the women, they must have the nourishment. Woman talk a great deal, they love the story, the love, the drama, the every little detail. They love any experience that encompasses nurturement.


This is a requirement for women in order for women to have the patience to raise infants. Women can set in one spot holding a baby that can’t talk or think for years at a time. So, God made it so they can sit together and talk. Women pamper their body’s, men use their body’s. Women try to hold their youth, men destroy their youth. Women prize the communication process, men fear the process. Women love the concept of building a home. Men tolerate the process and consider the home as a place to rest and eat.Take either side out and you have failure. Nothing will change, nothing will grow, nothing will take root. Each role makes the powerful force of creation possible. Men carve the nurturing, women crave the security.

Enlightened people recognize the time they are in history, the type of process that is needed. Enlightened, those aware of themselves, those aware of others. Those aware of the situations that affect their individual lives. That is why women are usually better than men with money. That is why they have been few female based civilizations, they are not as well suited for governing as men are. There are women in governing positions but not on higher level global scale spanning the centuries. Yes, there is a fine line that intersects the two energies’. This is where you must learn to communicates. The fine crust that touches each side. The problem is both sides try to control their outcome. Men and women need to be more flexible and understanding of each power needs and wants.

Remember without both men and women there is no growth, this is why more women are in politics today. To bring balance and peace. Remove the female energy and there will me much war. 5

So, it quite easy to understand, women are always looking at concepts and realities that create life. Life needs a clean place for fertilization. So, they clean, build nests, pamper themWomen are better suited for selves, create security. nurturing, that is why Hillary is not Women are willing to president. It would have been sacrifice their own desires for the future. For example, smoother, but with little changes. raising children and putting There would have been a dollar a day aside for the increased taxes, increased children’s future. Men have a hard time with this welfare programs, increased process, they would rather social services, more open build vaults of reserves and fill the vaults, they steal, kill, tolerance for illegal immigration, conquer and forge. So, more leniency on criminal there are checks and activities, and increased U.S. debt. balances in the process. There is not one better or A shift away from democracy and worse, just the yin and yang towards authoritarian of energy working the way government (parental, mother it must in order for life to exist. knows best). All this under the

disguise of, in the best interest of the american people.

Men and women’s roles in the communication process was designed to be different. It was not meant to be smooth and in total cooperation. It was designed to allow complete encompassing of the ideas being discussed.

So that means there will be many different angles of the conversation. It will seem destructive at times, but generally leads to a complete full answer. Men and women do not realize that this is the process. this concept has been shared times but somehow it is never communicated or taught as doctrine. The women have been discriminated upon for ions because of man’s ego. The man’s ego is needed for the building process and in most cases its ok. However, in today’s world which is of peace, the man must adjust. In a non-waring historical time, a pushing ego will miss many of the necessary elements needed for success. With the community of life being more balanced the communications needs to be the same. Its hard for man and women to learn and execute this concept. But for people that want good communication and good results in today’s world it needs to be exercised.


Enlightened people recognize the time they are in history, the type of process that is needed. Enlightened, those aware of themselves, those aware of others. Those aware of the situations that affect their individual lives. Individual life is what we are discussing, not human evolution or earth evolution.

The root of Trumps bad press is Hillary. She is upset and wants to cause him pain. Women will not fight with their body, they prefer to strike deep in the root of a person. They want to inflict emotional pain. They want to scar of their scorn to run deep. Why, because men will forget and history will always be a vicious circle.

So, it needs to be well understood in order to have complete success. Men and women need each other, not just for propagation but for building of societies and future generations. Can’t worry about the past, the items from behind are not relevant. The lessons learned are, but many are not important.

Like technology what came from the past is obsolete, but the concept becomes the base for the future. What is the base today was the new and exciting of the past. So, events or situations from the past have little bearing on today. Men and women should not look at the past in their communication, because it does not fit. What fits is only what is important for today. So as men and women work thru the daily processes of life they must realize the communication process is about thoroughly reviewing all the elements that make up their lives. So, conflict in the communication process and lack of seeing the same point is expected and should be anticipated. Shared by Robert Autero

Read this three times. The first time you might feel disagreement. The second time you might see the truth you do not want to accept and the wisdom of the words. The third time you might see how clear and simple the words are to understand, easy to absorb and make a part of your life. 7


Lily Pond Whole Marc Richard Rubin A Diverse World Artist Of Our Time Marc Rubin finished his college education in 1972. In 1973 he entered his thesis painting, "Ladies Of The Canyon", pointillism, surreal subject, acrylic on canvas, in the prestigious Art Institute of Chicago - Chicago Competition. His unanimous inclusion into the exhibition by 3 visiting museum curators and James Spiers curator of the Art Institute created profound recognition for a very young Marc Rubin. Within one year his works were shown and sold in Europe, Chicago and New York City. Even before Marc Rubin began his thesis work in pointillism, he was absorbed in classic modern art. Marc had been exposed to the Art Institute of Chicago from his early childhood through his parents' love of art. He would meet and become friends with Jean DuBuffet and Salvador Dali in the mid 1970's. While Dali saw incredible magic in pointillism, Rubin found that magic in Henri Matisse’s Fauvism, George Braque's Cubism and Jean DuBuffet's Abstract Expressionism.


Although his works in Pointillism are masterful, his first love is modernism. It originally made sense to study George Seurat and his Pointillism as it is con-sidered the starting point of all modern art. If you ask Marc Rubin, he will define himself as a Fauve, the name of recognition self used by Henri Matisse and George Braque. Meeting Salvador Dali during a visit to the university led to an amazing friendship during the last decade and a half of Salvador Dali’s life. Salvador had been a fan of Pointillism since his teenage years. He is the reason that Ladies of the Canyon is also a surreal work. After the Art Institute exhibition they became as close a grandfather and grandson. Marc stayed with the Dali’s during several exhibition trips to Europe. Salvador painted in and invented styles which are not seen as Surrealism but Salvador told Marc that all true modern art is Surrealism as true abstraction is the effort of altering reality. Salvador encouraged Marc Rubin to continue inventing new modernist styles. It is Salvador Dali who named one of these established inventions as Surreal Cubism. In 1976, upon Marc Rubin’s return from a one man exhibition in Europe, he was commissioned to paint a city-scape of Chicago.

Not only an Artist but the Pied Piper of Artists

When asked to create a new style for the painting, his response was the invention of Pop Cubism. Two of his many Pop Cubist city scapes were requested in poster form by The City of Chicago Cultural Center Stores. The following year, 1977, Marc Rubin made the greatest contribution to Fine Art since Georges Seurat invented and defined Pointillism in 1873. Marc defined and created the first work in his invention, Synchronism. Synchronism was in practice but never as a genre. Marc Rubin’s Self Portrait 1969, is a combination of Cubism and Fauvism. Marc has defined Intentional Fine Art that combines two or more styles from today or any previous age into harmonic balance. Below is a work in Synchronism combining Post Impression, Cubism and Abstract Expressionism. Marc Rubin, “Style should be relevant to subject matter and the story being depicted.” The result has been one continuous period of diverse works.

Musical Still Life of Flowers in a Vase


Father and Child


Must an artist BE DEAD before their creations are revered? It has only been since the advent of politicalisms that Fine Art has been politically pushed as far away from humanity as is possible. Political tyrants will always fear free thinking as that is one thing they cannot control. Making Art is the natural manifestation of free thought. Collecting Art is an expression of free thought. To continue their control of humanity one totalitarian group in America worked hard to invade all of the platforms for expressing thought including radio, TV, print media, education and the internet. You have probably been coerced into believing that Art is for “those other people”, not you. Well, that is a heinous lie. You see it is as natural as breathing to have Art in your life. In fact owning Art of high or low cost is a fulfilling experience. What you collect expresses your singularity. Artists with great technical talent and the ability to awe humanity must be enjoyed while you and they are alive. Tyrants benefit from dead artists as they can rewrite their lives to suit the “group think” that bolsters their control. Real Artists open windows of truth that allow you to freely see and feel life. Think; if artists are prevented from recognized achievement, so are you!

30x72 Pillar of Fire Vibrance 11


sunburst 7’ x 12’ 13



Sunset in The New Land” Pointillism 1983, 34” x 54”


Beach Sand 1983 La Jolla Cove


San Diego JAZZ 9x12


La La Love




(vee-gor-ray: vigor, vitality


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Photos by Cay Clark

Robert Trisko Designed & Created by

Trisko Jewelry will be presenting their designs at art shows across the USA. Contact Trisko Jewelry for information on the upcoming shows and their locations. www.trisko2.com • 320.253.5346 • ian@trisko2.com

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Ladies Rings

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Robert Trisko

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www.trisko2.com • 320.253.5346 • ian@trisko2.com


Nancie King Mertz

Nancie is a Master Pastelist in the Pastel Society of America, The Chicago Pastel Painters, and the International Association of Pastel Societies. She travels the city and the world to paint & teach, producing approximately 150 oil & pastel paintings each year. She is a life-long painter, with painting degrees from Univ. of IL and Eastern IL University, where she taught for 3 years, now serving on their graduate advisory board.

Nancie and her husband, Ron, own ArtDeTriumph & Artful Framer Studios, a popular gallery & frame shop in Chicago's Lake View area, open 7 days a week. Her work is featured on many of the Chicago-based television shows, an Urban pastel set has been launched in her name on Amazon, and she will soon begin production of instructional videos. www.NancieKingMertz.com

"Light on Lake Street" 11 x 14 pastel painted in July under the rumbling EL tracks by Master Pastelist, Nancie King Mertz

next page "Along the I&M Canal in Lockport" July 2017 plein air pastel by Chicago artist Nancie King Mertz.


#chicagoflowers “Time of the Season” Chicago


Photos by Cay Clark



(Vee-gor-ray: Vigor, Vitality)


Pass the 28th Amendment Federal Balanced Budget

The U.S. government collects an abundance of taxes and should without a doubt certainly achieve a balanced budget. Mandate individual States to have a balanced budget in order to receive tax payer funded federal support.

Thirty-three amendments to the United States Constitution have been proposed by the United States Congress and sent to the states for ratification since the Constitution was put into operation on March 4, 1789. Twenty-seven of these, having been ratified by the requisite number of states, are part of the Constitution.

STOP THE SHELL GAME with tax payer money

V Special Interest


Charles Safford 1887 - 1957 Newburyport, Massachusetts This singular sleeping goose is Charlie Sa ord’s undisputed masterpiece and one of the greatest of all American decoys. Its meticulous craftsmanship and elemental sculptural power place it in a rari ed league with the nest of all Massachusetts working goose decoys—the back-preener and its rigmates made by Captain Charles Osgood and in the Shelburne Museum collection; the two hissers and unique sleeper made for the Brayton family by Joseph Lincoln (the sleeper and one of the hissers are currently in the renowned collection of Paul Tudor Jones II); and the three mortised-head geese by an as-yetunidenti ed master that were discovered by Adele Earnest and have been treasured and cared for over the years since by such other legendary collectors as Stewart Gregory, Dr. James M. McCleery, Donal C. O’Brien Jr., and Jerry Lauren. While Sa ord carved a number of other geese, this is his only known sleeper. He did make oating birds, but many of his geese, including this one, were oversized, intended to be screwed onto metal triangles along with rigmates and left in the marsh throughout the hunting season. The majority of the two dozen or so geese he created for his own use have alert, upright heads, but he also carved subtle swimmers and at least one contented bird – its head and neck snuggled down and back into its chest, which is part of the Bertram and Nina Fletcher Little collection at Cogswell’s Grant in Essex, Massachusetts, a property owned by Historic New England. Sa ord’s unique sleeper is all about the complex relationships between its big, powerful body and the elegant curves of its carefully observed, muscular neck pulled up from the right across its chest, its head then turned back laterally so the tip of its bill rests against the carved inside edge of its right wing. True sleepers, with heads that rest on—not arch over—the back of their bodies, are among the rarest of all decoy forms. Only Albert Laing, who carved an extraordinary sleeping swan and several impressive sleeping ducks, left us examples as sculpturally intense and imaginative as this one. Charlie Sa ord’s name is not nearly as well known as his work warrants, but the strength of this single carving is su cient to place him in a pantheon that includes the aforementioned names and others familiar to all collectors—including Blair, Bowman, Caines, Cobb, Crowell, Holmes, Shourds, Ward, and Wilson. Sa ord lived his life on his own terms and devoted more than 30 years to living among, hunting, and, nally, protecting the geese and other game birds of his beloved Plum Island. He knew his birds well. This splendid goose, the pinnacle of Sa ord’s work as a decoy maker, speaks volumes about his lifelong passion for wild birds and the prodigious talents he brought to portraying them. —Robert Shaw Robert Shaw is the former curator of the Shelburne Museum and the author of North American Bird Decoys: Nature, History and Art, and Call to the Sky: The Decoy Collection of James M. McCleery, M.D.

Important Canada goose by Charles Safford. Sold for $517,500 | July 25 & 26, 2017 Guyette & Deeter Auction 12 th most expensive decoy ever sold at auction

Guyette & Deeter, Inc. Est. 1984 - Over $170,000,000 in sales The Leading and Most Trusted Decoy Auction Firm in the World Investment Quality Decoys and Sporting Art from $500 to $500,000 plus Four Decoy Auctions Per Year February Charleston, SC At Southeastern Wildlife Expo

April St. Charles, IL

July Portsmouth, NH

At Midwest Decoy Show

At Sheraton Harborside Hotel

November Easton, MD

At Easton Wildfowl Festival

Guyette & Deeter Recent Sales left top: “Startled Retreat,” 20” x 40” acrylic on board, Bob Kuhn | $109,250 left bottom: “Loon Toller,” 21” x 30” watercolor, Andrew Wyeth | $94,875 right: “Good Luck,” 23.5” x 16” watercolor, A.B. Frost | $92,000

World record price for a decoy established in January 2007 when Guyette, Schmidt & Deeter with Christie’s sold this Lothrop Holmes merganser hen for $856,000

Free Appraisals Mail or email photos to Gary Guyette | 410-745-0485 decoys@guyetteanddeeter.com OR Jon Deeter | 440-610-1768 jdeeter@guyetteanddeeter.com

PO Box 1170 St. Michaels, Maryland 21663 410-745-0485 Fax : 410-745-0487 www.guyetteanddeeter.com



Special Achievement


Top Chicago CHEF of 2017

BEST Mexican cuisine

with a French influence

Food For Life making a difference

someone to know cuisine to experience

Carlos Gaytan Executive Chef, Owner Mexique carlos@mexiquechicago.com www.mexiquechicago.com www.facebook.com/mexiquechicago 312.850.0288


Mexique is a full service restaurant offering modern Mexican cuisine with a French influence. French recipes and cooking techniques during the French occupation of Mexico in the 1860's became an important element in the evolution of modern Mexican gastronomy. Come join us at Mexique as we introduce this historical blending of French and Mexican cuisine with a modern personal style by Executive Chef Carlos Gaytan in a fun and casual environment.

Chef Carlos Gaytan arrived in Chicago in early 1991, quickly working his way up from pantry cook to line cook at Sheraton North Shore Hotel.

In 1996, Carlos earned a position as Chef Garde Manger at the Union League Club of Chicago, ranked as the best private club in the nation.

In April of 2004 Carlos became the Chef de Cuisine at Bistrot Margot where he worked with renowned French Chef Dominique Tougne

In May of 2008, Carlos opened his own restaurant -- Mexique on Chicago Avenue in Chicago. Mexique has received much recognition since its opening, 2009, Chicago magazine’s top new restaurants 2010, Best restaurant of 2010 2011,“Chef of the Year 2011,” by the American Culinary Federation. 2012, First Michelin star 2014, Top Chef Finalist


Creativity Love Dedication 33



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I Love Juice Bars locations: Belle Meade, Nashville, Brentwood, Jackson, Murfreesboro, TN Boca Raton, FL Carmel, Indianapolis, IN John's Creek, Columbus, Suwanee, GA Charlotte, NC Fort Mills, SC Dallas, TX Plum Market Michigan locations: Bloomfield Ann Arbor West Bloomfield Ann Arbor North Campus Newton Nectar - Boston, MA Vive Float Studio - Frisco, CO Fresh 101 Cafe - Detroit, MI Apple A Day Cafe - Miami, FL

Mera Bites Founders Sol Solis and Anna Hagopian

Perfectly Imperfect a healthy snack company is pleased to announce their official business launch and nationwide debut of its sweet-snack product line. Mera Bites is working to encourage a healthy lifestyle with their creation of a gluten-free, guiltfree cookie packed with nutrients and flavor.

“We believe good food sets you free,” said Anna Hagopian, cofounder of Mera Bites.

A flavor-packed, healthy snack hits the palate of America. After having seen first hand what healthy eating can do for overall wellness and what happens when one’s health fails, Hagopian and co-founder Sol Solis made it a mission to provide nutrient-rich alternatives to traditional sweet treats. Choosing only the highest-quality ingredients, this cookie is a great option for those who want to satisfy their desire for a delicious bite, while also freeing themselves from dietary limitations. The handmade treats are a great way to enjoy a snack or dessert, including for those with dietary restrictions, who want to savor pure, wholesome foods as nature intended. Mera Bites has created a cookie that can be included in every lifestyle, including those who follow gluten-free, grain-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, preservative-free, and Vegan diets, as a natural and delicious snack on-the-go, making healthy choices easier. People of all walks of life are enjoying the guilt-free, clean-food deliciousness of Mera Bites. Founded in 2015, Mera Bites is run by Anna Hagopian and Sol Solis, two women who share a passion for healthy eating and fit lifestyles, which compelled them to create a sweet snack that they could enjoy. They offer Chocolate Chip & Coconut, Vegan Double Chocolate Brownie, a seasonal Paleo Pumpkin Spice, and their new No Sugar-Sugar Cookie flavors.

Try Them All Anna and Sol are working hard to build a clean food company with a focus on nutrition and wellness. Mera Bites can be found in many locations around Chicagoland and neighboring states, and have immediate plans to expand into new markets. These bites are catching the eyes and taste buds of many people; to learn more about the company, the cookies and the brains behind the baking, go to http://www.merabites.com.

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MERA is the Latin word for Pure, Simple & Naked, as is the integrity of our (whole-food) ingredients. The deeper inspiration behind our name comes from the Greek word "Meraki." Co-founder (and proud Greek), Anna Hagopian, Meraki (v): to do something with creativity, soul and passion; to put your essence into your work. This word eloquently captures the unique work ethic and drive behind how and why our company operates.




Special Achievement

Vigoré Chicago’S Top 2017 Entrepreneur




Food For Life fresh natural ingredients moving away from processed foods

making a difference

someone to know a product to experience

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Dill Pickle 22 Egg Harbor locations (WI, IL and GA) Inovasi Restaurant Sunset foods: Libertyville Lake Forest Long Grove Northbrook Highland Park www.zappsdancinggrains.com

Founders & Artisan Bread Maker Luis Zapp, CEO Sure Food Products

Better than sliced bread! North suburban bread-makers put the GOOD in carbs

Glenview, Ill. April 2016 -- Everyone’s talking about no-carb and low-carb diets. But recently, a company in Glenview, Ill. has made good carbs a part of the nutrition conversation. Zapp's Dancing Grains, maker of five flavors of Good Carb Breads, is serving up a delicious option to health-conscious bread lovers and diabetics alike. Small business owners, scientists and artisan bread makers, Jorge and Luis Zapp, spent 10 years conducting research and in vivo trials. Ultimately, this father and son team patented their unique baking process. The result is a slowly-digesting, low-glycemic bread that is great news for anyone looking for a healthier, great tasting option. With growing availability in local food markets and restaurants, people are starting to find Zapp’s Good Carb Bread throughout Chicagoland at Sunset Foods, Foodease Restaurant Market, Beatrix, Egg Harbor Café among many others.

“We stone mill our own ancient varieties of ancient wheat and barley in-house every day, to warrantee the freshness and integrity of our delicious bread. We want to make everyone healthier one slice of bread at a time” Luis Zapp, Founder ZDG. Diabetes struck the Zapp family in 2006, which jump-started their quest for a unique bakery product that would bring flavor and aroma - and bread - back into their lives. Zapp's Dancing Grains is one of the only companies in the world that creates a patented bread. They hold additional patents for their cutting-edge good carb rice and pasta. Zapp’s has also successfully completed full Low Glycemic and Diabetic Friendly certifications with in vivo human trials through the Glycemic Research for their Original flavor of Good Carb Bread. “Ever since I discovered The Good Carb Bread, I’ve been obsessed with it. Not only I feel great but I also lost over 15 pounds over 6 months after I started replacing bad carbs with Zapp’s bread. It’s really amazing!!!” Bettina, Lake Forest, IL For samples and more information, contact: Luis Zapp Zapp’s Dancing Grains, 847-372-5428 lzapp@dancingrains.com zappsdancinggrains.com




Special Achievement

Vigoré Chicago’S Top 2017 Entrepreneur



Food For Life fresh natural ingredients moving away from processed foods

making a difference

someone to know a product to experience

Pam Rose, Partner Swirlz Cupcakes®



STOPtheHATRED Religious, Religious, Social, Social, Racial, Racial, Economic, Economic, Cultural Cultural

It takes an

American Patriot instead of a Politician to

PROTECT SERVE & HEAL Over thethe past eight Washington politics Over past eightplus plus years years Washington politics created a mess. politicians take created a mess.Now Nowthe the same same politicians take obstructive lackofofaction action obstructiveaction action and and lack waiting themoment moment remove patriot and waiting for for the toto remove the the patriot and take take credit forcleaning cleaning mess created. credit for upup thethe mess theythey created.

Artists are the frontline Warriors of Free Speech by Marc Rubin "People are saying freedom of speech will soon be a footnote in history because of the Charlie Hebdo massacre." Civilization, it seems, is too often on the edge o failure. Pundits are saying that. But Artists are saying, "We see and will record the deeds of humankind. We will remind all that humanity should not regress to a state of brutal savagery. We will continue to display all human thoughts from which civilized concensus is achieved.

We are the ones that the destroyers of civilization seek to silence on account of their ignorance and fear." The Charlie Hebdo massacre has brought fear of reprisal for freedom of expression to the forefront of our civilization. Americans must be reminded that the U.S. Constitution is the most liberating document of law produced by any human civilization. It calls for the protection of words and images.

It also establishes government as the protector. This document has produced nonstop human progress. It calls visual artists to freely express all societal discussions through images and objects. Once words have been spoken they quickly fade away but images remain and the ideas they depict are not forgotten. - Marc Rubin

"Reaching For Life" 22� x 28, Surrealism 1969 (Marc Rubin’s first painting on stretched canvas - acrylic)


Jeff Zimmermann

A native of Chicago, Jeff Zimmermann has achieved national and international recognition for his large scale murals featuring painted images of contemporary pop culture and sensitively rendered portraits. Zimmermann’s pop-culture references range from innocuous consumer products such as beer cans, hard candy rings, and high healed shoes, to more symbolically charged images like pistols and portraits of political figures. The images are discrete and floating, knitted together by geometric areas of flat color. The overall aesthetic is smooth and sensual: shiny metal and glossy surfaces, rendered in saturated colors. Zimmermann’s paintings have the sex appeal of commercial art, and any irony surrounding that connection is light and playful. The artist’s background as a graphic designer explains his shrewd use of flashy and graphic forms which also permeate the mass media (Zimmermann’s selfproclaimed competition), operating on the theory that we all deeply love flashy stuff.

Incorporating into his works people excluded from the aforementioned categories—what he calls real people—Zimmermann familiarizes himself with a community while allowing its members to breathe authenticity and life into his paintings.

The portraits in Zimmermann’s artwork are dignified and attractive, directing the viewer conversation toward a democratic humanitarian dialog, while giving the work an emotional depth that complements the polished context of his product-based world. But despite rendering real people, Zimmermann refuses to allow prospective models’ real-life stories of success and struggle to compel him to select them; instead, he chooses subjects according to the conceptual and aesthetic dictates of his paintings.

Dark Matter, Acrylic on masonite, 72' X 8' 2003 Installation view from the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago While rooted in contemporary life and consumer culture, Zimmermann’s work also reveals a sympathetic affinity for everyday people. And though he carefully avoids didacticism, instead playing the role of objective visual journalist, viewers may get the sense that he has reached his own conclusions. The portraits Zimmermann renders on such enormous scale enact a specific agenda in his work. In an effort to subvert the notion of what corporate and entertainment culture considers newsworthy, Zimmermann incorporates into his murals a diversity of people who live and work in the communities he visits—these are not the faces we know from the news, magazines, and television, or those whose historical or political status already qualifies them as subjects for public art.


His models at first only serve the visual narrative of his paintings. Reluctant to state conclusively the significance of the personalities in his murals, Zimmermann prefers viewers to make their own discoveries. But when community members, who are often familiar with the faces represented, engage the works personally, interpretations may arise that even Zimmermann cannot foresee. Presenting his subjects with something that borders on reverence, their humanity remains intact. In the end, the artist’s process of culling the communities surrounding the sites for his public artworks communicates ideas that are bigger than any one person.

Jeff Zimmermann (773) 844.1852 www.painter-z.com www.jazim.com 2712 W North Ave STO Chicago IL 60622 USA


A City of Laws ... To Serve & Protect


GLOBAL HOAX #1 The Earth is an immovable center of the universe and the sun moves around the earth


V Special Interest

Don’t get to close to the edge 2017



GLOBAL WARMING (Climate Change)

is Man Made

(Pollution is Man Made)

person or class of persons) considered superior by others or by themselves, as in intellect, talent, power, wealth, or position in society:

The Earth’s climate is influenced by solar events in relationship to the

Earth’s natural evolvement and position in the solar system. The elitist lead-

ers of the climate change movement should visit every foreign country that exports to the United States demanding they produce products under the same EPA regulations and restrictions as the U.S. manufactures operates under.

The U.S. should not import from any foreign country that does not manufac-

ture under the current U.S. EPA regulations and restrictions. Then world wide pollution will be reduced. No man made influence can make the earth spin, wind move, the sun to rise, change the earth’s molten center or make the

moon appear? With sarcastic humor - OMG, WTF, - we’re all sure glad Santa Claus has wheels on the sled to deliver free gifts due to the global warming

climate effect. Let’s take care of the planet in a rational balanced approach.


Cars & Pedestrian A pedestrian is killed in a traffic crash every two hours

A pedestrian is killed in a traffic crash every two hours and one is injured every seven minutes, according to data compiled by the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration.

Innovative, simple adjustments to make CHICAGO pedestrian and vehicle traffic safer and flow smoother without so many interruptions.

In 2012, 4,743 pedestrians were killed and an estimated 76,000 were injured in traffic crashes, NHTSA said. Pedestrians account for 14 percent of all road fatalities.

On ONE WAY streets, moving the location of just one pedestrian crosswalks 12 - 14 feet from the intersection could save lives, prevent accidents and allow traffic to flow smoothly. Moving the crosswalk area would eliminate the vehicle to pedestrian “collision danger zone” and reduce the vehicle to vehicle collision from behind. With heavy pedestrian traffic one vehicle turning can delay or prevent the flow of traffic. Moving the crosswalk would lessen the urge for pedestrians to cut-the-corner.

And while it's getting safer to travel in a car, according to NHTSA statistics, it's getting more dangerous to walk or run. Total traffic crash fatalities declined 22 percent from 2003 to 2012. Pedestrian fatalities were steady from 2003 to 2007, declined in 2008 and 2009 and rose precipitously from 2010 to 2012. In 2012, pedestrian fatalities were up 6 percent from the year before, NHTSA said -- the highest number of deaths in five years.


Bus Stop


Relocated Crosswalk


#chicagoflowers “Time of the Season” Chicago


Photos by Cay Clark


With Just One Hand Carry 2, 3 or 4 Pizzas


made for customer convenience

Excellent Marketing Exposure

Advertising potential as a walking billboard VERSATILE 3 or 4 triangle pizza slice boxes or customized to fit other containers


White, Kraft or Print in 1 - 4 colors

14” 16”

INNOVATION DELIVERED TRI-BOXTM carriers stop the clumsy juggle and shuffle of transporting food boxes Customer Convenience = Customer Loyalty = Return On Investment Customers that purchase several take-out pizzas / food orders should have a secure, easy and convenient way to carry them.

USED FOR: • Pizza • Pasta • Pies • Bakery & Cakes • Other food boxes & containers • Custom made ti fit your products • Easy to carry multiple food boxes • Prevents food shifting & leaking • Best way to keep food level • Excellent for Advertising

Purchase direct from TRI-BOXTM or ask your distributor to buy TRI-BOXTM carriers. License Agreement to manufacture is available to any interested company

CONTACT TRI-BOX o: 847-466-7156 cell: 847-977-2027 e: info@tri-box.net www.TRI-BOX.net U.S. Patent App. No. 15/430,638, "Container Carrier Apparatus and Methods of Making and Using the Same"; Ref. No. FUR-002-P-US TRI-BOXTM is protected under Patent Pending #62347891. Direct Purchase and License Agreement to manufacture is available to any interested company. TRI-BOXTM a subsidiary company of Press Proof Printing. Manufactured in the U.S.A.

Artisan Pizza:

The Healing Food

Did you know women

di prim'ordine nutrimento = top class nourishment

between the ages 19-49 need more than twice as much iron in their daily diet than men? And while you could be eating foods with iron, depending on what you're eating with them, your body may not be absorbing much of it. There are two kinds of iron, heme iron and non-heme iron. Heme iron is found in meat, fish, poultry and is well absorbed by the body. Non-heme iron is found in beans, and lentils, whole grains, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds, and eggs, and is not as well absorbed by the body.

You can help your body

I have been border line anemic for most

absorb more non-heme iron by eating foods high in Vitamin C and/or heme iron at the same time.

of my life, and I take iron supplements. After reading an article in a cycling magazine about healthy pizza toppings providing a great body replenishing/body building meal, I wanted to create a pizza that would be incredibly high in iron, but also taste delicious. Something that would satisfy all the requirements of a healthy, nutritious meal, but not taste like the 'healthy' meal we think of

So I selected each ingredient when we're trying to eat healthy.

specifically to increase my iron intake, then decided on how they would be prepared, and put it all on one of our 100% whole wheat thin artisan pizza crusts. I call it di prim'ordine nutrimento; it has olive oil & herbs sauce, roasted red peppers, minced garlic, pesto chicken with baby spinach and black olives.

Wow, talk

about tasty! It instantly became one of my

favorites! But I didn't know if anyone else would like it. I mean, for most people, the words "healthy pizza" brings up images of those things we'd rather blend and drink instead of bake up on a nice pizza crust. I frequently host tasting evenings where I sample some of my newest artisan pizza creations and everyone who tasted my 'di prim'ordine' scored it top for the tasting. That alone, totally blew me away!

Since then, I have been

working with unique-to-pizza vegetarian ingredients and prepared them as toppings, creating entirely new vegetarian and vegan artisan pizzas. I've been having a lot of fun creating these recipes, and giving them jazzy names. I call one of my new favorites "Jack and the Beans Talk" because, I think it's hilarious, and it has red kidney beans, chick peas, baby spinach and Monterey Jack cheese.


Diana Cline is a two-time Canadian Pizza Magazine chef of the year champion, 3 time winner of "Canada's Best Pizza Chef" at international pizza competitions, judge for international pizza culinary competitions in Las Vegas, Italy and France, and partner with Diana’s Cucina & Lounge in Winnipeg. In addition to creating award-winning recipes. Diana is also a consultant to other pizzeria owner / operators in menu development, creating systems to run a pizzeria on autopilot, along with marketing and positioning to help operators grow their business effectively and strategically. She is available for consulting on a limited basis, for more information contact her at diana@dianascucinaandlounge.com.

I've also been working

It's very tasty, and the samples have all been very well rated!!

on a from scratch vegan pizza cheese for the past few months. While there are non-dairy options available, none are designed specifically for pizza, and, as we all know, baking an ingredient in a 500 degree or more pizza oven changes the texture and mouth feel of the ingredient. It's been my experience that most vegan cheeses turn into puddles in commercial pizza ovens and I wanted something that would still have a nice 'bite' to it. I also wanted it to taste so delicious, that even the carnivores liked it too! I spent a little while dreaming up and playing with ingredient matrixes to create just the

Earlier this

month, I hosted a vegan cheese pizza tasting

right balance of taste and function.

evening and, at first, I wasn't sure that there would be any real interest in it. But, it turned out incredible!! I sold out - packed the lounge and had people who didn't get to buy tickets just showing up! Lucky for us, we have a patio and the weather was nice that evening so we managed to accommodate everyone. It was a little crazy - the good kind of crazy, that is, we had every plate we owned out on the tables that night! I was lucky that I'd made a bit of a bigger batch of my vegan cheese recipe, because at the end of the tasting, there was literally only enough for one medium pizza, which I made for my staff. The feedback was phenomenal! People wanted to order one or more of the vegan pizzas they'd sampled to take home that night! And several guests wanted reservations for the weekend because they wanted to bring friends

And while I am

currently busily getting ready to fully launch my

back with them.

vegan pizza cheese on our menu, I am also seeing the possibilities of so many more artisan pizzas designed as body healing meals. Just like my delicious, iron rich, and facilitated body absorbing di prim'ordine, other artisan pizzas designed for, for example, those with low potassium. No processed ingredients, into the oven, artisan pizza dough, marinara, tomato slices, massaged kale, and roasted asparagus, out of the oven, drizzled with honey.


feel the touch of nature

Organic & Pure Skin Care





ORGANIC & PURE CLEANSER EXFOLIATOR REJUVENATOR • Reveals fresher-looking skin • Helps to stimulate circulation • Exfoliates away dullness for an even complexion • Helps to smooth the skin

Body Scrub Organic

Body Scrub 100% Pure

Hand Scrub For Tough & Tender HandsTM

Face Scrub For Normal & Combination Skin

Neo-Derm products follow the Ancient Greek and Egyptian beautification customs in a modern way with the same natural ingredients. Try our products for a healthier life experience. *Greek Sea Salt is from the Gulf of Patras, Greece.

Neo-Derm provides all natural products with zero chemical additives. Make Neo-Derm a part of your daily natural beauty ritual.

The blend of Neo-Derm’S natural ingredients covers a wide range of proven beauty and health benefits. EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL for the skin has been described as “liquid gold,” a term that still resonates today. Olive Oil is an antioxidant, offering natural protection, doesn’t clog the skin pores, beauty booster and skin enhancer. SEA SALT* is precious for its high mineral content and its coarse crystals, the perfect texture to cleanse, exfoliate & reveal rejuvenated looking skin to stimulate circulation when applied.

Made in the USA. Ingredients imported by, NEO-DERM, LLC, Franklin Park, Il 60131

LAVENDER essential oil includes its ability to eliminate nervous tension, disinfects the skin and enhances blood circulation. BLOOD ORANGE essential oil contains a number of health benefits including providing effective relief from inflammation from the swelling of muscles and joints, a known antiseptic known to fight infections in various wounds and acts as a good skin conditioner where it is effective in treating acne and dermatitis.

Phone: 708-651-1240 sales@neo-derm.com www. Neo-Derm .com

Lidia Wylangowska

works mainly in portraiture and figure painting. She prefers a composition that is informal.

“My clients like the fact that they are not predictable. Posed�, Lydia explains. Visual story-telling is an important aspect of Lidia's artworks. While her artistically expressed stories revolve around personal exploration of her internal and external worlds and their wonders, imagination and meanings, her pieces allow viewers to interpret for themselves. Her distinctive, dynamic artworks display a wide variety of themes and moods; executed in muted, neutral colors, dramatic contrasts are created with vibrant hues or tones that are layered over lacy, vegetal, and web-like textural relief patterns. This combination of realism and abstraction that plays across the surface of her pieces, imbues them with a sense of the merging of internal and external possibilities.

Iwona Kumpin, Groshek Art Gallery Chief Curator

Lidia Wylangowska http://www.lidiawylangowska.com

My art tells my story. It's a story of my world, of my thoughts and emotions entwined in an internal dialogue. And some of it can be expressed only through painting. It is incredible, how fairy-tales I heard once-upon-atime, in my childhood actually influenced my life and defined who I am. As an adult, I still believe in happy endings and that good will prevail. The Enchanted Pencil is one of the stories I remember very clearly. This special pencil could materialize anything drawn, such as doors that lead to any place imaginable. I realized this story has become hardwired in me. And now my paintings are those doors. Doors that lead me to my own world of peace and harmony. A world where dragons, wyverns, basilisks and dwarfs roam free. Where life has a deeper meaning which I do not yet comprehend but searching for this meaning is a fascinating process.


"Copper Sky" 2016 36" x 80" oil on wood

L i d i a Wy l a n g o w s k a

"Gem" 2017 32"x36" oil on wood

L i d i a Wy l a n g o w s k a

"I Am" 2017 32"x36" oil on wood

Special A r t i s l o v e m a d e v i s i b l eInterest ...


"Exodus" diptych 72"x80" oil on wood

Something to think about Technology: Silent Killer of Communication By Alexis Olson Communication is depleting, conversing is a must. If we don’t talk, this generation will become a bust. Sure we will have technological advances, but all the relationships you pass will never have any chances. Sending a text bubble into the air isn’t communication: there is no emotion or confrontation. It’s just a few words laid out on a screen-kind of like an essay but a little less extreme.The point is straight forward, but the words don’t mean as much. It’s like having a blank canvas without a paintbrush. I don’t want to live in a world where life is on screen and where talking to a stranger is looked at as extreme.

There are more than 170 million of us using social media daily: that number is extremely high and makes me think we are getting lazy. The average young adult has 649 Facebook friends and that popularity is just not reality. The Facebook era should come to an end. Now that I have your attention, is it safe to say that many of you are unaware of the negative impact of technology on you today? I’ll be glad to inform you of the situations at hand: just lend me your ears and give me a chance. Look around this moment, go on take a look. I guarantee you will see someone with their face in their phone rather than a book.

Phone calls should not be obsolete, and a text message shouldn’t make you feel complete.

On average a child is given a phone at age 8. I don’t mean any hate, but I can’t relate. Cell phones were unimportant when I was small: heck I’m only seventeen and I remember the phone being attached to the wall.

We’ve become so close to an LED screen that it’s given names like baby, and protected like the queen.

Does anyone find it strange that stranger’s walk past you everyday without sending a smile or hello your way?

We live life through selfies, pictures, and snapchat stories, but we don’t live in the moment- and frankly the moments are getting boring.

It’s a bit embarrassing that a cell phone can be smarter than you when Siri or Cortana beep in to give you a clue.

Now don’t get me wrong- technology can be helpful, but when a child’s first words are wifi we should be remorseful.

Conversations have become awkward and mostly one-sided; when we don’t talk face-to-face people are just less exciting.

Technology isn’t life; we shouldn’t portray it as that. Family and friends are more important as a matter of fact.

As generations went on society shifted - now let’s all take a moment and give it some recognition. Adjust your lives; change the world one word at a time; just move away from your phone, and talk to someone new. You could be changing the world! Wow who knew?


Remember when people talked

Communication is an art form to appreciate and cherish

1962, Frances V. Furio Secretary to the Woodridge Chief of Police, Joel Kagann


To Be Human What does it mean? What does it become? Why do I need to try? Why do I need to live? How do I walk through life? Why do I need to be on earth?

Questions man (humans) has asked for eons, questions the animals have thought, questions the universe has imagined. Questions, always questions, but man never seems to find the answers that will make them happy.

Man always seeks answers, always asking what is life, what should I do in life, what can I have in life, what can I get in life, but seldom are the questions on how to live life, seldom on how to excel in the honor of life. Many have asked and seeked long for ones that truly understand the process and the challenge of the life experience. A great majority seem to think that life has some defined purpose, some defined plan, some defined arrangement that must make sense or it is not the proper way. Life was not intended to be this way, it was intended to be an experience that defines a spirit, a definition of every element in the universe. Nothing in life is identical, nothing in life is the same, nothing in life can be duplicated, it all has uniqueness. Yet man seems to seek to find only answers that other people place in front of them, only answers that are easy to see, only answers that are not difficult to sort. The true answers are in the deep inner sprit of one’s soul, it’s a place where so many have a hard time to find. So I ask all who seek answers, what is it to be, what is it to exist, what is to be human. So many philosophers, so many spiritualists, so many priests and so many deeply loving people have asked the question and only few have been able to find the true answer. If you are to understand yourself, if you are to see God, if you are to see your soul, if you are to learn, to love, to walk in the path that brings salvation, what must you become, what must you be and why should you be it?

It is very true that this is a journey, a journey through an existence, a journey that reveals who you are. How is truth found, how is truth understood and how is truth revealed. It is done through the process of life, the process of existence, the process of life and death. Some life is short and some life is long, some life is meaningful and important and some life are just a waste. How does one decide which that they will be, how does one decide which they should follow, how do I find the path I need to search. How do I justify my existence, how do I see and find the truth? Every day, every minute I hear these thoughts.

Why can’t they see the answers, why can’t they find the truth, because they don’t understand the reason for life? They don’t understand the reason to life, they don’t understand the process that life servers.

How many exist, how many work, how many pray and hope, how many try to survive and find some meaning to what they do. Almost all, very few, live to live, to experience, to exist, to love they self, to cherish in what they do, to honor in what they do, to find a strong path that leads directly to their own heart.

How can the heart be found when it is full of fear and uncertainty? How can the heart be found when they only search a few minutes each day? How can the truth be seen if they only want to feel happy. The truth is in the experience, the discovery, in the flaws, in the cracks of humanity. Without the cracks and holes, without the spaces and lack of understanding then there is no chance to see the truth. The truth of becoming human and the truth of seeing the existence of one’s soul.

If one person can see the truth all the universe will open and shout, the truth is the very core that I build life on. The human that’s exists now is self-centered, and oblivious to man’s true struggle. The current being only knows his needs, and feel it’s a great act of God to help others. It is truly sad, man must help others in order to see who he is, he must see others in order to see him self and his true core. In the future when mans knows himself better he will see that he is every man and every man his him and he will not want to harm anothers. It’s way off in the future, but it is also now, now what is important is where each person exist in the time frame of time. It is so is hard to say what is human when you view from one point of evolution and the point man is on the time line. Man does not understand the beginning and the end, as people only know where they stand. If you want to truly understand yourself look at it in the perspective of where you stand in the overall development of man. When you look at it that way you will realize that man is no where for if you are at the end you will not see the beginning. If you are in the middle you won’t see the beginning or end. So how can man truly understand what is man if he cant see the whole experience. So if you want to truly understand man you must see the whole picture and to see the whole picture you must be God. So man truly will never understand what it is to be human, only God can understand the true course and definition of human. So now, you might accept that understanding human is not possible. It is possible for man to only understand the moment they exists, the only moment that they can see. Man focuses on where he was and who he was, but cannot see where he will be. Many spiritualist say learn who you were to understand who you are today. The truth is only see what you need to learn so you can be a fuller person in the future.

Many can see the past, only a few can see the future. There have been astrologists that write passages of the future, but the truth, the one thing I want them to see is them. What will they be in the future? Nobody has understood this concept and in these words I want people to begin to realize what the understanding of human is truly. Quite simple! I want man to see himself the very next minute he exists. This will show man the real truth and if they can do this, they will understand what is human and who I Am. Shared by Robert Autero




I would describe it as mixed medium. I used ink to print objects like a couple fish sides (I think it was a flounder and a trout or something), a fork, maybe some cloth (it has been a while). Then used gesso, oil pastels, and more ink to highlight or create patters and used color to form depth by pull things into the foreground or pushing things into the background. I think the whole piece was just about playing around with our field of vision; the ability to create dimension out of flatness, just an exercise in painting and printmaking really. I was having fun with texture and allowed it to be created very organically.

I didn't do a sketch first; I started by placing the ink prints down, then blocked some of it out, added color, then used ink to define some things, blocked more stuff out, and continued to layer and layer more on. I think what drew me to 2-D work at the time was that even if you put a layer on top of something you can manipulate it to appear behind that thing (for example the most defined fish in the middle-ish was, I believe, the first thing I printed on the paper). I felt mostly indifferent to the piece all these years and just looked at it as an "exercise" to play around with technique, but seeing it now... it is actually pretty cool and I'm proud to have produced it.

Created by Krystal Krisciuna

Vigoré C


(Vee-gor-ray: Vigor, Vitality)


“Capturing the Art of Life”

Profile for Vigore Magazine

Vigore Chicago November 2017  

Vigore Chicago November 2017