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Fist of Peace

“Capturing the Art of Life”

The Maverick Artist Victor-Hugo Vaca II, visual arts catalog exceeds 1,000 original drawings, cartoons, adhesive art, abstract art, abstract-expressionism, surreal art, story-boards, contemporary art, modern-art-gonzo-journalism, Modern Art Music Movement™ Rock n’ Roll Memorabilia and fine-art paintings. To tour Victor Hugo's Labyrinth of Creativity visit

FRONT COVER “Fist of Peace: Modern Art Music Movement (MAMM) Logo.” By Maverick Artist Victor-Hugo Vaca II This painting was created on January 27, 2007, live on stage, in front of a packed venue, by the Maverick Artist Victor-Hugo, at the “Underground MAMM Jam for Peace”, in West Palm Beach, Florida, alongside Dj Josh Wetherington and Dj Cristopher James. As corrupt politicians demanded an invasion of Iraq, by U.S. military forces, over false allegations of weapons of mass destruction in the hands of dictator, Saddam Hussein fake news propaganda was being perpetrated on public trust, by The New York Times, to enable war mongering, The Modern Art Music Movement dared to swim against the rising tide of false reporting for corporate profit and interests, by organizing peaceful Happenings across the U.S. to raise awareness about fake news, government corruption and a broken U.S. justice system, while promoting common sense diplomacy, compassionate wealth and peace.

Read Vigoré ... more than just pictures ... like a constant whisper of wisdom & enlightenment in the wind that reaches out to connect with those listening.

Vigoré Note: Vigoré Chicago magazine is a unique magazine that looks to open the minds and hearts of it’s readers. Vigoré contains articles and images that are silly, sweet, sassy, serious, sad and sophisticated. All the ingredients of life.

The images and articles do not look to make changes. Vigoré is focused on the impact of words and images rather than punctuation or perfect grammar. Often a smooth presentation of words dampens the impact and clarity of the writing. This issue is most important to read at a critical time in history, art and life. Vigoré takes the position as a leader in the magazine industry. The Vigoré approach is politely persistent and gently aggressive.

Changes within the mind take place slowly. Sometimes change of opinion takes many years and debate. From the common sense approach to the more complex. Look at the history of long debate about the harmful effects of cigarettes or asbestos. Einstein’s theories were opposed for many years. Stroke rehabilitation has gone from ignoring the affected areas to challenging the stroke areas. It took years of pioneering research to get the main population of researchers to change their view.

Vigoré Chicago magazine respects the intelligence and positions of all people but simply states many people’s thinking is not fully developed. Vigoré hopes eventually people will expand their thoughts in time. The role of the articles (writings) is not to make changes. It's to allow individuals access to a fuller level of awareness and to discover perspectives that are not available to them anywhere else.

Many people are afraid of spiritualism and are not truly sure what role God plays in their life. People want clarity but countless can only find their truth through position and power. History has proven, position and power does not provide truth or truly allow the individual to see even the smallest truth. “It is my sincere prayer that Vigoré Chicago magazine assist in the achievement of helping others.” - Sante Furio, Founder, Vigoré Chicago magazine

A special thank you to the many highly skilled artists that have contributed to Vigoré. We wish you continued creativity. Recently Published

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Vigoré ... more than just pictures

like a constant whisper of wisdom & enlightenment in the wind that reaches out to connect with those listening. ...

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The Art of Life begins with a creativity, expressed through many forms, making its’ way into our life experience - entertaining the senses and the mind.

Vigoré Chicago Magazine is hailed as the “New Standard for Fine Art & Life Style Magazines”. Vigoré offers a look at famous artists, those not usually covered in other publications, plus information about art, art trends, and a different way to look at life. Vigoré (vee-gor-ray) is an Italian word that translates into English as vigor or vitality.

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What is the purpose of the writings?

The purpose is help people have a broader understanding and become more aware

of the pitfalls and dangers associated with today’s life style choices and influences.

These include the traditional problems of poor behavior with alcohol & drugs, nutrition or

exercise. To help individuals become more

aware of their characteristics and how they relate to the challenges associated with

adulthood, parenting, community interactions, career choices and old age. It’s all about self-awareness and preparation, making the right choices in life that will lead to their own personal freedoms.

Short articles that are meant to challenge

the reader's current thought process and to

provide different viewpoints that will help them see life’s challenges in a fuller perspective.

Chicago Water Tower, is situated at 800 N. Michigan Avenue. Castle Design. Constructed in 1869 using big limestone blocks, the Chicago Water Tower, with all its small neo-gothic towers resembles more a tiny European medieval castle than a water tower. It was designed by architect William W. Boyington. continued on next page

What Chicagoans don't know about their Dubuffet Who renamed this art Monument and Beast? With limited art knowledge, this Jean Debuffet sculpture expression is obvious. You can see bushes, trees and a man. The sculpture has vertical lines and soft rectangular shapes. What you are seeing in the center is the leafy parts of the trees. In a speech given at the Chicago Art Institute, Jean Dubuffet addressed the City of Chicago announcing his work with a detailed explanation.

Forest and Conqueror (original name given by Jean Dubuffet) Interview with Marc Rubin In the 1970’s, Chicago born artist Marc Richard Rubin was introduced to painter and sculptor Jean Dubuffet following Marc’s inclusion into the 1973 Art Institute of Chicago competition exhibition. They became friends. Jean’s influence remains in many of Marc’s works and can be seen as early as 1975 in Rubin’s 4ft. by 6ft. cubist work “Chicago.” It was around that time that Jean told Marc the City of Chicago was going to purchase and include his large sculpture “Forest and Conqueror” in its new downtown collection of outdoor public sculpture. Jean shared with Marc his artistic intentions and sculpture technique as an expression for his love of nature and man’s ability to conquer and tame his raw natural environment for both beauty and sustenance. The Dubuffet’s work graces the plaza at the James R. Thompson (State of Illinois) Building at 100 W Randolph St. Several locations were cited to Jean however the final choice brought him tremendous pride. The installation was made a short time before Jean Dubuffet passed away.

Jean told Marc, “How perfect! I could not have wished for a better location. It tells the story of man conquering the forests of Europe to create beautiful farms. This is the story of Illinois too.” Today Marc Rubin remains upset over the renaming of the master work. Today it is called “Monument and Beast” a title that is opposite to its original intention. Marc still speaks of the importance of Dubuffet’s series of “natural” works such as “Four Trees” at the Chase Manhattan Bank Building in New York City and Dubuffet’s “walled gardens” that were created to give man a place from which he can view the surrounding natural environment.

Marc Rubin said, “I hope one day Chicagoans will learn the truth about their Dubuffet sculpture. The true title explains the work. Jean created a sweet, light hearted and whimsical masterpiece.

The pure and simple meaning of “Forest and Conqueror” is warm

and endearing, but lost to changed words, “Monument and Beast”, that invoke images of cold monumental skyscrapers and hard hearted political beasts rather than settlers clearing land to create rich farmland, and a city with more trees and gardens than residents.” More about the Water Tower

The Chicago Water Tower and nearby pumping station were the only two buildings in downtown Chicago that survived the Great Chicago Fire of 1871. The tower reaches a height of 154 feet or 47 meters and towered over all the neighboring buildings. Today it is dwarfed by the many skyscrapers surrounding the tower. The pumping system was built to provide the city with clean water, pumped from intake bins that were located in Michigan Lake. The tower became functionally obsolete in 1906. Since its survival of the Great Fire, the Water Tower became one of the city's most famous icons as it symbolized Chicago's resilience. It was threatened with demolition several times - in 1906, 1918 and 1948. The tower was eventually restored in 1962.Today the tower is one of the most important historic attractions in Chicago.


“How Georges Seurat’s Dots of Paint Changed the World” By Marc Rubin

Pointillism was invented in 1883 by a French artist, Georges Seurat, during his formal art training. Seurat proposed a radical theory of realism depiction that was completely different from all historic painting techniques. Rather than blending colors to achieve photo-like realism Georges applied his paint in small discreet strokes that achieved a real appearance at a greater viewing distance than was common place. When one stands back from his works, the small brush strokes combine in the viewer’s brain to achieve realism, but when a work is closely approached the viewer sees a myriad of seemingly unrelated dots of color. He proved his theory with his first Pointillist painting, “Bathing at Asnieres” in 1883. His fellow classmates embraced his now proven theory as a new form of Fine Art painting they called “Divisionism”, to explain the radical betweenembraced blended brush strokes and Seurat’s fellows Paul Signac, Piet Renoir,works. GeorgeSoon Braque and Claude His difference fellow classmates his now proven theory as adots. new His at a distance in one of Braque’s after, a younger Monet madethey paintings which Seurat’s dots were achieve softer version of Pointillism. form ofimmediately Fine Art painting called in “Divisionism”, to explain thesomewhat Pabloblended Picasso to sought outaBraque and worked together Their with him works became known as Post Impressionism movement. They retain the upof close a distance appearance of Pointillism. radical difference between blended brush strokes and Seurat’s for asame period timeverses during at which they further developed Cubism Paul Cezanne, Braque extrapolated by creating paintings whichmodern patchesgenre’. of color were placed next dots. His fellowsHenri PaulMatisse Signac,and Piet George Renoir, George Braque and furtherand established it as a in classic Meanwhile Henri to each Monet other as patches not dots paintings in the spirit Pointillism. their tweak to developed the style, Divisionism. 1903that Matisse and Claude immediately made in of which Seurat’sThey dotscalled Matisse, further his FauvismBy works maintained Braque were calling their to further adaptations of the new style, “Fauvism”. George of Braque moved intoa amore different direction sense that he were somewhat blended achieve a softer version of Pointillism. the division colorssoon and employed recognizable calledworks Abstractionism but was renamed by a reporter from the Paris newspaper as Cubism due to the depiction of a town at a disTheir became known as soon Post Impressionism movement. of realism. tanceretain in onethe of same Braque’s works.verses Soon after, a younger Pablo Picasso sought out Braque and worked together with him for a period of They up close at a distance appearance time during which furtherHenri developed Cubism and established a classic modern genre’. Meanwhile Henri transformed Matisse further of Pointillism. Paul they Cezanne, Matisse, and George Braque it as From 1883 to the world of Fine Art had been intodeveloped his Fauvism works that maintained division of colors a more recognizable sense of realism. From 1883 to extrapolated further by creating paintings inthe which patches of and aemployed world of Modern Fine Art. In the 1920’s and 1930’s in Europe 1917 were the world of Fine had been intodots a world Art. In the the totality 1920’sof and in movement Europe andgave America color placed nextArt to each othertransformed as patches not in of Modern andFine America, the1930’s Fine Art birth the totality of of thePointillism. Fine Art movement gave to Modern Architecture. Most notablyArchitecture. Cubism gaveMost birthnotably to American Artgave Decobirth andtoCubism the spirit They called theirbirth tweak to the style, to Modern Cubism combined withBy Post Impressionism birth to French Deco. Pointillism is seen as theand beginning the transformation “Divisionism.” 1903 Matisse and gave Braque were calling Art their “American Art Deco” Cubismofcombined with Post and will forever remain much loved. is recorded asBraque the father of Impressionism Modern Art. gave birth to “French Art Deco.’ Pointillism is further adaptations of the Georges new style,Seurat “Fauvism”. George soon moved into a different direction that he called seen as the beginning of the transformation and will forever “Abstractionism” but was soon renamed by a reporter from remain much loved. Georges Seurat is recorded as the father the Paris newspaper as “Cubism” due to the depiction of a town of Modern Art. Henri Matisse Georges Braque Vincent Van Gogh As Georges Seurat's most ardent follower, Paul Signac steadfastly promoted the principles of Pointillism. Signac’s experiments with the style were the most significant contributions to Divisionism – Pointillism and were employed by all of the Post Impressionists including Vincent Van Gogh. Paul Signac also followed Seurat’s “yellow - red – blue” color principle. The chromatic color scale was invented by Georges Seurat to break down blended colors used in photo-like realism to be used in his Pointillist works. Paul Signac often used this principle in its most basic and energetic primary color form. The other Post Impressionists followed his lead. Henri Matisse used this color principle throughout his career in modern art as did Post Impressionist Vincent Van Gogh. The principle is the reason for later colorful works of abstract modern art and graphic art. Paul Signac The Chromatic Color Scale and Pointillism of George Seurat were employed through the 20th century in offset color printing and color television. Today, every pixel on your computer or digital device is George Seurat’s Pointillism. The next time you change your PC screen resolution or inkjet print a photo you will now know that the letters DPI mean “dots per square inch”. Georges Seurat, “Sunday Afternoon on the Isle of Le Grand Jatte”

Rubin and the Pointillism Connection The only living Pointillist

Seventy years later, to the day, a young Marc Rubin would stand in front of his first masterwork in Pointillism in the Art Institute of Chicago where George Seurat’s masterpiece, “Sunday Afternoon on the Isle of Le Grand Jatte” placed on unending exhibition in 1903. As a child, Rubin was fascinated with that painting and everything George Seurat had given to Fine Art. He was especially interested in Pointillism and Chromatic Color as the basis for Modern Art. The artist continues to make Pointillist works while he makes works in shorter work periods of Post Impressionism and varied Modern Art styles that follow pure Divisionism principles.

Marc Rubin Self Portrait

TAOS 1969

In 1890 George Seurat wrote, “Art is harmony.”

“Harmony is the analogy of contrary and similar elements of tone, color and line.” He had a little known scientific inclination in the study of light and color. He created an artistic system of color he called “The Yellow Red Blue Triad”. It was derived from a current idea called “Chromoluminarism” that defined how color could be used to create the effect of light within a painting.

Seurat used the principle to break down the color of any object into component colors that he used as groups of dots rather than a single blended color. He would not live long enough to see his system of color faithfully employed by another artist born long after the Post Impressionist era.

Gailardias 1996 commissions invited

Marc Rubin’s Pointillist works are not only

influenced by the Pointillist works by George Seurat and Paul Signac, but by Seurat’s principle that contrary elements can be brought into harmony to achieve a successful depiction. Rubin wrote his own principle in 1977, “Synchronism”. It is defined as: “Intentional Fine Art that combines two or more genre/styles of art from any place or time into harmonious balance.” Marc employs his principle when he includes non-Pointillism flowers in the foreground of some works like “Sunrise on the Shore” and “The Day”.

“It is the visual contrast of smooth flowers that provides an amplified three dimensional effect against the constant texture of Pointillism” says Rubin. He also uses varied sizes of dots and to achieve “Minimal Pointillism” works like “Lauderdale Sun”. Pointillism takes an inordinate amount of time as there are no shortcuts. Marc Rubin makes Pointillist works because as he says, “It’s the coolest art style ever invented and everybody loves it, especially me.”

Hill Country 1975


June 7, 1958 - April 21, 2016 PRINCE’S FUNERAL By Mark A Rudis

The phone call came only an hour after I saw the headline that Prince had died. The news article stated that he was found dead in his suburban Minneapolis home. The rock star was iconic, different, ground-breaking musically, and I knew him, though not really in any close way, more peripherally by association. The caller said, “Please come. A small memorial and reception is gonna happen right after the cremation. There’s a glitch though, with the coroner. He said he’s gonna do a autopsy. And we don’t know how long that’s gonna take, so …sometime this weekend.” I accepted saying, “I am honored and will be there.” A long drive in springtime would be nice for thinking and for looking at the landscape and the seasonal changes. I drove the nine hours to get to Paisley Park, Prince’s estate, and as the sun set at that time of year when lengthening days are more noticeable, I checked into a nicer chain hotel. Decades earlier I had been a fresh lawyer for a small copyright, trademark and patent law firm. My girlfriend back then sometimes played, or sang or danced with Prince’s groups. Being just an occasional hang-outer, I’d have a few drinks, and wait for and expect nothing in particular. The musicians and crew got to know me - they had elementary legal questions they asked me all the time. I was happy to answer, and looking back, we each cherished such bonding colloquy whether sourced from Prince and his music or from our own backgrounds. Odd that frequently I got invitations for jam sessions or concerts, usually by voice mail when that first was invented, then by email when it was invented. Even though I eventually broke up with the girlfriend, I still was invited. She went on to other gigs and relations with other musicians. No one cared to make the connection we weren’t a couple anymore. And the get-togethers were fun, there always was someone familiar to chat with and have a few drinks and maybe find a future date and maybe plan a group outing. The get-togethers functioned as a social network in the old meaning of those words. Once, Prince, whose voice and manner were ordinary when talking about business and family, and I casually talked about wills and trusts, so I wrote up a draft trust to show him. But I never really finished it. Well, I thoroughly drafted the trust, but when it came time to list the assets within the trust, really just an exhibit to be attached at the end of the document, and to name the trustees who would become empowered to act for the trust, Prince just took the document, said “Thanks”, and never again asked me about it. I thought nothing much, just, “Cool. I gave him some legal advice for the future; he’ll likely take it to his real lawyer someday.”

At the memorial service, the midday atmosphere was similar to long ago, small, post-jam-session parties and, lucky for me, there were more than a few familiar faces. A few decorated tent pavilions had been set up to house food-and-drinks service and to shelter long tables with pictures, artifacts and memorabilia. Flower and sculpted bush arrangements big, tiny, and imaginative stood at attention. From among the people I was acquainted came lots of elementary legal questions about potential next steps for the estate of Prince. My responses and comments were friendly but sparse because I had no clue about his business affairs. My long agoex-girlfriend was not there. We waited a long time for Prince’s remains from the cremation to arrive at Paisley Park. Guests strolled among the flowers and displays of small statuary of Prince emblems. People speculated about the design of Prince’s urn. Would it be in the shape of a guitar? Abstract? Purple? We drank Perrier and champagne, and ate strawberries and canapés. Lots of his music collaborators were there, most of whom I did not know. Apollonia, a famous prior collaborator, was there. Prince’s family mostly was down to earth, a real contrast with flamboyant and spiritualistic Prince who switched religions just about as frequently as he recorded new albums. Prince’s mother and father each had multiple children by manifold partners creating an extended family of many step siblings. The family members spent a lot of time on the phone receiving condolence messages. In their comfortable company, they and I could share ordinary funereal conversations. By contrast, most others were whacky show business people who came overdressed and who chatted in a splashy style. Apollonia appeared absorbed in a very serious phone conversation away from the food-and-drink pavilion among monumental-sized flower arrangements, some of which looked like the Easter Island monoliths. She slowly strolled, looking downward. Then, loudly and dramatically she said into the phone, “He is alive?! He didn’t die?! Ooh.” Several people turned and stared. My mind started to imagine what she could be talking about, when two people, a colorfully-dressed couple not yet middle-aged who had been gabbing endlessly about recently attended parties of rock stars, jointly tensed. The two babbled briefly and intensely at each other. I observed to Prince’s sister, “These two are real drama queens.” As if a marching command had been given to these two windbags, they quickly set off through the crowd semi-loudly repeating that Prince was alive, he didn’t die, Apollonia said so. The astonished expressions on the guests’ faces spread rapidly through the small crowd. One Perrier drinker queried deeply, “This is hoax funeral?!” From where I stood I heard unseen, more distant voices repeat, “Hoax?”

Within moments, all eyes turned to Apollonia, who obliviously maintained her phone conversation among the flowers. I took Prince’s sister’s elbow, pointed us over toward Apollonia and said, “Let’s talk to her.” As we walked, an invisible social wall went up dividing the party of everyone else from me, the sister and Apollonia. Though she did not sense our approach until we were eight feet away, Apollonia rapidly said into the phone, “Love you, bye!”, then to us, “My dog, my Fluff Puff had surgery for a cyst and I just thought he was going to die!! But, of course, he’s fine!” She went to hug the sister who put up a hand in the ‘pause a moment’ gesture. I remarked, “We have a developing situation.” They both stopped to stare at me, the sister with a head tilt meaning proceed with the explanation, and Apollonia with a nothing-could-go-wrong smile. I assembled my vocabulary slowly, “A couple of overly enthusiastic … actors here overheard your phone conversation and misunderstood your … your emotionally charged words … a, about Fluff Puff. Those two’s,” I pointed, “unfortunate interpretation has been announced to the guests.” Apollonia scowled and questioned, “What are you talking about? Who … what actors?” Still pointing at the two, I summarized, “Many here now believe that Prince is not dead. They all heard,” here I changed my voice to sound falsetto, ““Prince is not dead, he’s alive.”” I, the sister and Apollonia turned to the small crowd on the other side of the invisible proscenium between us. Everyone peered back at us through the imaginary social wall. Birds chirped, and the sun shined. Comprehension slowly emerged on Apollonia’s facial expression. She glowered at everybody. “My dog is alive! My dog!” she pled and demanded simultaneously. Amid the crowd, reactions were mixed. Someone quietly muttered sarcastically, “Who cares about her dog?” Another said, “What … is the hoax? Another, “Whew! That’s good news.” The two gasbags who started the calamity persisted. “Prince is so spiritual! I can’t wait until he gets here.” I walked over to them and said, “Please stop, you’re upsetting Prince’s sister.” They responded in unison, tersely, “Stop what?” Sensing the impossibility of intelligent communication with these two, I shrugged and walked back to Prince’s sister and the on-going conversation about Fluff Puff. The death-or-life ambiguity heightened viscerally when the urn, in the shape of Paisley Park, arrived. The faces of the guests were fixed with looks of

disconnection and confusion and wonderment. The urn’s carrier, a step sibling of Prince, paced with her extended family members in a dramatic procession one step at a time into the space between the crowd and the three of us. Circular and pointy purple artifacts, Love Symbol #2 prominently among them, were presented by the step siblings then set upon like-shaped smaller pedestals surrounding the urn’s larger pedestal. A number of doves were released from their cages. Murmurs abounded about the authenticity of the urn’s contents, and about other fanciful possibilities. A musical tribute played through the sound system. The sister slid to the side of the urn and began her eulogy. A whispered voice from the crowd asked to no one in particular, “Well… is he dead or alive?” “Shhh.” The short, formal eulogy ended and everyone flooded from the sun into the shady food and drink pavilions. One can only imagine the variety of brainless dialogues I heard. The vocalized words “spiritual” and “mystical” and “hoax” flapped in the garrulous atmosphere like party balloons hanging out of a car window in traffic. All guests were classified, in my mind, into goofball entertainment industry types or sensible artists and family. Though I equally mixed with the different groups, while chatting with the goofballs I prodded their heady speech and enabled their whimsy by saying things such as, “I wonder if Prince will parachute in. From a helicopter… shaped like a dove…” Eyes looked upward. Even later, after hours of shared stories summarizing our now past lives with Prince, and after up-to-date assurances that the urn really contained his ashes, many left still expecting Prince to show up, to expose the hoax by arriving in costume. Others shrugged as they got into cars and limousines. Fiction

Part 2

Rubin and the Pointillism Connection

Marc Rubin also paints in the spirit of Divisionism like the Fauves, Post Impressionists and early Modernists. In fact he celebrates George Seurat in every painting he has made. Whether employing large or small brush strokes or large or small areas of color in his works, the artist draws on Seurat’s Pointillism and his Triad Color Principle. The Triad Principle is simple and produced from scientific experimentation. It defines white as the perfectly balanced neutral state of color. It is simply this: We see objects because the light reflecting off of them. We can’t see an object with our eyes in the absence of light. When you pass ordinary white daylight through a triangular prism the light breaks into a yellow, red and blue rainbow. This means that equal amounts of true yellow, red and blue are the components of white. George Seurat said white is a perfect balance of all colors combined equally. When you blend the three into the three possible pairs you get green, orange and purple, the midway points in the Triad.

Seurat’s Triad Principle Color Wheel

Seurat believed one could balance a painting’s colors and their amounts to achieve Perfect Balance although pigment is not light so one can only achieve a theoretical white. Marc Rubin achieves theoretical white in the majority of his works but having the knowledge and ability also allows him to achieve a grey balance, that Henri Matisse often used, or a purposeful balance to a chosen color. In the end, color balanced works can be pastel or vibrant and never clash with any environment. Rubin often speaks about Seurat’s Triad Principle as the most important component in Modern Art. Marc Rubin demonstrate the artist’s adherence to Seurat’s Triad Principle and Divisionism. Rubin’s wide range of collectors is proof that the genius of George Seurat changed the world.

Flowers in the Round 36 x 36 commissions invited

Girl with Bird

Bliss 1997


Flowers-Red Vase 1996

Dinner For One 1999

The American Dream Freedom & Hope Enriches The Human Spirit To Create & Soar

V Special Interest

Generational Characteristics It’s quite funny how people must characterize the periods of when individuals are born and then try Most individuals from almost any time to tie certain characteristics to each segment. This really does not make any sense at all. People have period have the same basic values. been trying to create segment for the individuals of the world since man first lived. The Chinese have a whole system built around the birth dates and years During times of prosperity people are very optimistic and people are born, there are astrological systems that forward in their thinking and life preparation. They often supposedly characterize the various types of people. are not energetic about life or the desire to put in the extra effort needed to excel. The children of rich families It's also funny that some people really do believe this are often this way, hard for them to find the motivation and use it as guidelines in their daily life. It would be and drive to form their own identity. Many times, future much better to define individuals by what they believe generations do not excel much beyond the original root in and what the value and the various ways people try of success and spend most of their lives trying to live up to accomplish their goals. to previous accomplishments. Most of the individuals from almost any time period have the same basic values. The family core is the essential element in most people’s lives. The only real difference is how each culture defines and enforces the guidelines that define family.

This is truly a problem in many societies. Some remain poor only because they have never seen or believed there could be something different. In today’s world, the communication between the various cultures in the world has become more frequent and transparent. Transparency can only develop in cultures that allow this type of activity, 50% of today’s world the people are still not aware of what is truly happening in the world's daily events. Most of the knowledge that can have an influence on others is suppressed or not communicated. prosperity

The situation in the world truly defines how individuals develop in his or her life; the social implications and influences that shape people minds and hearts. In difficult times, people become very fearful and paranoid. They During times of are generally very skeptical people are very optimistic about life and once a period So, what each generation is or what and forward in their thinking characteristics they will possess whole begins it usually lasts 15 to 25 and life preparation. years. In today’s world, things heartily is determined by the culture they change very rapidly and are are raised and the level of transparency communicated quickly through the various media about life they are entitled to engage. After the last outlets. The social media segment has become the World War, the people were eager to start families, and voice of many. However, social media has also now careers. The hardships they faced hardened their minds become business based and will lose the ability to and heart and the efforts they used to survive were create social reform. used to start and rebuild life. In Europe and the other occupied countries, the devastation was so dramatic All of this is about making life better for people and the in most cases it took several generations to recover. future generations. Social change means the development of individual perspectives and viewpoints on life. Recovery consists of physical recovery, spiritual If they only have seen war or hunger, you can’t expect rejuvenation and mental preparation. Each of these these people to have bright optimistic views on life. They areas can take years if not lifetimes. There is not a will always express hope and faith but will have little trust proper educational process that can truly describe for they have experienced few abundance's in life. The or provide healing techniques that can unravel the communication that is being perceived as the true view damage and pain caused during strifes of this of the current world has a great deal of influence on the magnitude. It’s so easy for individuals, or countries various generations. to declare war and revenge, only the ones that have experienced the aftermath in some previous conflicts really understand the true devastation that war causes The generational characteristic on the minds, body and spirits of the people in conflict.

that business labels the various generations is ridiculous.

You constantly hear that certain groups of people do not want to not willing to sweat. This is not true on any means.

The wise scream for peace and work or are diplomacy and the youth cry for revenge and conquest. Sometimes fighting is the only solution to some disagreements, but it never has to be so encompassing as the last previous conquests that involved the entire world.

Any conflict of arms causes a great amount of pain and seldom is the outcomes worth the effort. In most cases, direct actions could have solved the situations at early stages. Conflict on this scale is much harder to take place in today’s world due to the level of transparency that has developed. Somewhere in the undetermined future difficult situations around the world will be quickly addressed by the world’s leaders. The generational characteristic that business labels the various generations is ridiculous. It's truly nothing more than one person trying to get recognition over somebody else's perspective. If they just reviewed the current situation, each group of people is experiencing from their country, community, workplace or family, they would easily see what is the best course of action for each group and the optimal way to communicate providing answers or inspiration that will make a significant difference.

No doubt many individuals have created their own problems and barriers and demonstrates little interest in making any real change in life. These should not be ignored, but neither should they be embraced. They should be given the choice but must do the work themselves. The welfare concept has not worked in many civilizations. It should be only for the ones who absolutely are unable to perform or meet certain criteria. With this overall outline of possible reasons for generational characteristics, it should not be hard to understand why it's difficult to truly understand where people are standing in life. Now take all the countries of the world with all the languages, cultures and religious preferences and try to form a general option of the world. What is a right in one place is wrong in another, that is life and the universe. What is constant is people’s desire to love one another, have families, support their beliefs and support their cultures. People from all over the world pray for peace, harmony, love and good health. They pray and hope the leaders of their perspective countries will not get affected by the power of position and that their purposes for leadership are based on the people’s needs.

You constantly hear that certain groups of people do not want to work or are not willing to sweat. This is not true on any means. They are willing to work. They are willing to perspire. They are willing to sacrifice time and energy if it has value for their So, the concept of trying What is constant is people’s desire to lives. So many of the ones that are to pinpoint a group of crying about not finding good help are love one another, have families, support people is flawed and just not willing to provide a package really has not been of their beliefs and support their cultures that will help the individual develop value when looking at beyond the current duties the position holds. The from an overall world view. It does work when you are employers are not willing to offer anything beyond dissecting small segments of people that share certain minimum wage without any benefits of any sort. Most common characteristics with a portion of their of these employers can pay more or can increase prices to perspective society. pay a salary that is beneficial. The founders of America were considered radicals by It will take the government of each country to set some and conservatives by others. The very constitution guidelines that will bring up the wages the individuals are that governs the United States is radical in some many paid. The employers will pay more, and the employees will ways. The world’s timeline of social change is all based receive more, and the work will continue. The concept to on reform and desire for various groups of individuals to work your way up from the bottom to the top is long gone. improve life. It’s a level of work at a level of pay, if they want more the individuals will need to get additional training, schooling or The bottom line is not to pass judgement on any one or higher levels of education. any groups of people. Leaders should be aware of the need for constant change and be willing to invest the There will be no exceptions soon, the opportunities will be time to understand the reason social change is being available if the individuals are willing to put in the time and driven. Whether it’s business, religious, globally or energy to become qualified. Even the most mundane jobs national politics, the natural evolution of a society will will require some degree of training and education. The real demand change and reform. In many cases, these duty of society is to find ways and means to provide people conflicts are very painful and cause great separations the education and training for the new jobs. with the many cultures of the world. The one common goal should be building a better experience for future This should be done without a desire to make a great deal generation to grow and prosper that enhances the of profits from this training. The people will engage if they human experience. are given the opportunity that will not bury them for life. People need to be informed and educated on how to Written by Roberto Autero advance in life, many of the lower-income individuals do not have the opportunity or resources that can help them understand how to move forward.

The American Dream

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V Special Interest

Carolyn Barbarite My name is Carolyn and I am the creator of JAVAMELTS. On Valentine’s Day 2016, my husband of 27 years was pouring me a cup of coffee. He had purchased cards and wrapped candy hearts for me and my three girls. I looked down and I said to him, “Wouldn’t it be so awesome if I could open a candy up and drop it into my cup of coffee and it would flavor and sweeten it to make it taste special and delicious?” After that the following months were spent researching, developing for what is now JAVAMELTS! JAVAMELTS are Individually wrapped flavored sweeteners for Coffee, Tea, Cappuccino and Espresso. They are Non-Dairy, Gluten Free, Made with 5/6g of Real Sugar, 1=1tsp., Only 20 Calories Each, Shelf Stable for 1 year and they are absolutely Delicious. We launched February 2017 and the response has been nothing short of AMAZING! In the past 11 months I have been networking, selling door to door (calling upon local businesses/stores/restaurants), and taking booths at National Trade Shows. We are getting set up now with some of the largest names and distributors in food. I am certainly grateful and very appreciative of each and every opportunity but I have to say that it takes a lot of hard work, perseverance, and a little bit of good old fashioned luck! Because of JAVAMELTS’ mass appeal and markets to sell in, we have tapped into catering / restaurants / travel / gift baskets/gourmet food stores/office coffee service/office supply channel, etc. I honestly can say we have come so far in a relatively short amount of time but it wasn’t without a lot of teamwork from my husband, daughters, and business people I have met along the way. I am eternally thankful for it all and can’t wait to see what the future holds for JAVAMELTS! Carolyn Barbarite, President JAVAMELTS Registered Trademark FILED for MWBE Certification 631-257-5359 (o) 631-366-6085 (f)


NEW Place your company name here Drop 1 to 2 JAVAMELTS in an 8oz cup of Coffee, Tea, or Cappuccino. Use 1/2 for Espresso. Stir well and enjoy. (Dairy can be added if desired)





Non-Dairy 5/6g of Real Sugar 1=1tsp. Only 20 Calories Each




Great Taste and Easy to Use Your customers will love JAVAMELTS! No mess No spills No bugs No clean-up

No waste No aftertaste Healthier Portion Control

Individually Wrapped- Shelf Stable One Year (Bulk fillers and 24 pc ct. retail boxes available) JAVAMELTS 2018


The American Dream Freedom & Hope Enriches The Human Spirit To Create & Soar Annie Diamantidis Growing up the daughter of immigrant parents Annie Diamantidis designer of her namesake collection was born in Chicago, her parents wanted her to learn about her heritage first hand so they moved back to the Greek island of Chios when she was five years old. Having limited resources on an island, her mother who was a seamstress taught her to be resourceful. Annie was able to learn first-hand how to create objects that she desired, this is how she began to lean about fashion. A year later she returned back to the United States where she now calls home but travels to Greece regularly. In her senior year at DePaul University she applied for an internship with one of Chicago’s leading jewelry designer’s called Lana Bramlette and landed the internship. After graduation, Annie was hired immediately and was head of sales in the Midwest region. After three years, determined to start her own label she took a few years off to travel and visit several different tanneries and manufacturers in destinations such as Italy, Greece and Turkey. Along the way she was able to find treasures that she later incorporated onto her handbags and accessories.

Annie® Handbags, Inc. 6257 N. McCormick Blvd. Ste. 160 Chicago, IL 60659 312.498.3933 Annie Handbags and Accessories are for Today’s Goddess ™

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Lindsey Kate Custom Bridal Illustrations is the new thing to watch for in the wedding industry. It is easily one of the most unique and personalized way to commemorate such a beautiful occasion. Lindsey Kate is a fashion illustrator who specializes in this interesting art form. Having studied at Columbia College Chicago, she earned her BFA in Fashion Design with a minor in Art History. Upon graduating as Valedictorian, she dove straight into the fashion illustration world-creating imagery for designers, retailers, advertisers, and individuals.

Lindsey’s work captures the elegance, beauty, and confidence of the female form. Capturing this elegance and uniqueness that each bride possesses is the idea behind her one-of-a-kind illustrations.

Lindsey Kate's passion for this art form came from her long-time love of design and historic art. She knew she wanted to go into the illustration aspect of the fashion world ever since she was young. Fashion illustration is able to intertwine design and fine art in such a way that allows a whole new kind of interaction with fashion for anyone who views or owns a piece of her work. The innovations and theory that come from the artistic spirit behind fashion creation is of constant inspiration to Lindsey. Being able to make a career out of this specialty is a great honor to her and having that love behind her work allows her to be eager for each new project she takes on. Lindsey Kate has always had a specific passion for bridal wear, so illustrating brides and couples on their most special day came as a natural idea for her. Having pursued a fashion and art education, as well as having experience working in formal and bridal wear alterations, has all helped Lindsey Kate to fully understand body, fit, and design. This expertise as well as understanding the emotion that surrounds this ceremony helps her to create these wonderfully detailed, yet fashionably illustrations. With a Custom Bridal Illustration you are able to choose each detail-from paper and medium to pose. The process begins by sending your photos post wedding via email. it's great to have multiple shots of the gown, and detail images of jewelry, hair, flowers, and other accessories you'd like included. These small details help to really bring back special memories of the day for generations to come. These illustrations can be done from historic photos, as well as current images.

Mike Cooper

As a Fashion Illustrator, Lindsey Kate creates a fashion style image from these photos. She focuses on the beauty, strength, and confidence of each woman she illustrates and exemplifies that in the most elegant way. In addition to bridal illustration, Lindsey Kate also offers illustrations of couples, groomsmen, bridesmaids, mother of the bride and groom, or any other group you may like. These beautiful one-of-a-kind illustrations make wonderful keepsakes, wedding gifts, and anniversary gifts for loved ones. Pricing for this unique art form start at $75 and are based on medium as well as how many individuals are requested within the illustration. To request your own custom piece or gift, email Lindsey Kate. Lindsey Kate Owner of Lindsey Kate Fashion Illustration & Design /custom-bridal-illustration “What inspires me and where my passion comes from for this art form. There really is no other reason for doing this other than that it is what I love to do and that's how I think everyone should spend their lives doing what they love. I have no ulterior motives driving my business and there was never any question that this is what I would pursue as my career.�

When I first began in photography my passion was storytelling.... I wanted to be able to show all the things I saw and places I went as well as the events surrounding me. That passion grew to include other things like learning all the aspects of print production. In 1994 I landed a job at Ambrosi & Associates. The graphic print production house of SEARS, TARGET, KOHLS etc. There in the film library i began to understand how it all works to create national advertising. I often would go over to the studio on May street to watch the shoots for the clothings ads... Elite modeling agency was across the street, Harpo studios was next door. I climbed the ladder at work and became a Digital Image Coordinator for hard-lines on client SEARS. I spent many hours working with the photo art directors learning the ropes of that role. Product photography was added to my arsenal of things I could shoot and the dynamics of lighting. By 2004 I made the transition to digital cameras trading in my 35mm film cameras. Models is what i wanted to shoot ... Beauty and what i felt was lacking in the fashion industry. It has been along road with digital first cameras were like 6 mega pixel in quality and weren't great at low light? Today 20-80 mega pixel powerhouses exist and your medium format 200mp goliaths. In 2010-2012 spent a few years shooting mainly portraits for LIFETOUCH portrait division. For me it was gaining more knowledge and daily experience in shooting all types of people, families, pets all over Illinois. 2012 I leased a 4000 sq ft studio in the west loop to keep my creative juices flowing....Because I found just doing portraits boring? By the end of 2012 I started shooting real estate for agents ... previously i shot those kinds of images for fun. It has turned out to be one of the greatest experiences to date! This road has been long but busy, along the way shooting in contests, magazine covers, album covers, book covers, fashion shows, and music venue concerts. I feel as if I've covered every aspect of the game? Its been more than I expected... in some cases more than i could have dreamed? Photography has take me around the world...I am truly grateful for all the experiences! Follow on Twitter @Kingcoop65

Robert Trisko

Designed & Created by


My creations are typically geometrically based because of my background in Math and Art. I taught Design, Art and Mathematics for twelve years. I have a Master’s Degree, plus 45 credits in Sculpture and Metals with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics. I design and create jewelry as sculpture first, thus eliminating the circle in a ring, and adapt my images to Wearability hence, I trademarked the terms “Wearable Sculpture®” R # 1916357 as the way I identify my style. Most of my creations stand on a tabletop as a Sculpture-in-the -Round. Many are architecturally influenced. They are additive and subtractive sculptures allowing me to mix and match designs. All my sketches or cutouts go through a wait period, so I can re-analyze my images before I produce a proto-type of my sketch in wax. My creations sometimes are fabricated and cast to alleviate solder joints, giving a much cleaner end result. Because of my background in Math, I am a perfectionist, and strive always for a perfect end result.”

Robert Trisko

Trisko Jewelry will be presenting their designs at art shows across the USA. Contact Trisko Jewelry for information on the upcoming shows and their locations. • 320.253.5346 •


Sculpture forms that stand alone


Endless creative possibilities with stackable designs Architecturally influenced designs


National and International Award Winning Designs

WEARABLE SCULPTURE® • 320.253.5346 •

Robert Trisko designed & created by

one of a kind The Diamond Amusement Park Sculpture-In-The-Round Mathematically Pleasing from all sides

Jux-Opposed Diamonds Continuos Lines of Movement Trio of Diamonds Arch-E-Structural


WEARABLE SCULPTURE® • 320.253.5346 •


Robert Trisko designed & created by


Ladies Rings

Custom Bands

Pendants / Slides



3D Rings

Men’s Rings

Photography by Larry Sanders Sanders Visual Images, Milwaukee, WI 414-672-6727 877-SANDERS (877-726-3377)

The American Dream

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Freedom & Hope Enriches The Human Spirit To Create & Soar Colleen Chinlund

Wrangling Life’s Little Frustrations “Colleen created Lasso, an innovative necklace storage solution”

Inspired to create a simple but elegant solution to help women conquer their day without worry or hassle, Colleen created Lasso. How many times have you wanted to wear that perfect necklace but you were short on time and the chain was tangled….we all know where this story ends. The concept of a world of untangled chains and the need for a real solution became my motivation and is now a reality, or at least it will be this spring. As a busy mother, wife and professional the value of time is precious, so any time wasted can make us crazy!

dress without stress. no tangles. no broken chains.

My goal to find a meaningful impact to enhance our daily lives, even in this small way, was worth the challenge. The concept of Lasso struck me on a trip I was taking with my husband to Miami...bags packed, seated on the plane, window seat, thank you Greg, staring off into the sky. From that moment forward, I made it my mission to bring Lasso to life. Aside from wanting to prevent that time wasting effort of untangling your chains and to help you protect your cherished valuables, my protect your favorite greater goal is to help tap that inner calm to promote that outward glow. It may seem superficial but fashion invokes a feeling, when you look good you feel good, pieces at home and accessorizing is not only fun but can add the confidence we need to or on the go. complete a look and let our personality shine. Lasso is the accessory to protect your accessories and whether you use it for travel, transition from the gym or work to a day or night out, or simply for home organization, I wanted to take the stress out of getting dressed. I could not be more excited that Lasso will be ready for launch in spring 2018!

Visit for updates. Lasso

The surprising relationship between being able to tell someone else’ emotions and your income By Yongmei Liu

Not everyone is able to look at someone’s face and tell exactly what emotions that person is feeling.

psychological research We then asked the participants to report their annual income. What we found is that those people who are good at recognizing emotions also make significantly higher income!

Could it be some other undetected factors, and not emotion recognition ability, that have influenced income? The strength According to psychological of our study is that we actuarially excluded some possible research, the ability to recognize alternative explanations. For example, men may make more emotional expressive cues from money than women for doing the same job; older workers may faces, voices, body gestures, or a make higher income than younger workers; those with more piece of art is not a gift bestowed training, higher position, or work longer hours a week, may to all humans. Those who are able make more money. We controlled for all these factors, and the to do so are considered emotionally effect of the ability to recognize emotions on income remained. intelligent. We even conducted an independent second study with 156 participants, Emotional intelligence is some So, why on earth is emotion and the finding was proved robust. sort of an asset. Those who are

recognition related to income? emotionally intelligent tend to So, why on earth is emotion recognition have better emotional health, Our study offers some insights related to income? Our study offers better relationships with others, some insights into this question. into this question. higher job performance. It all Besides emotion recognition ability makes sense. Right? After all, and income, we also asked the participants’ colleagues and emotions are the eye to a person’s soul. If someone is happy, supervisors to assess an important interpersonal skill of the we know that something good has happened to her and she’s participants, that is, political skill. This skill pertains to whether willing to do things to stay in that pleasant state of being. If the participants are socially well attuned, influential, appear to someone is sad, we know most likely something considered be sincere to others, and good at social networking. valuable has been lost. When someone is angry, we know some sort of wrongdoing must have been done to this person. The results indicated that people with a good ability to This information we glean from the emotional cues will then recognize emotions are considered by both their colleagues help us properly respond to the person experiencing those and bosses as more socially and politically skilled than others. emotions, sometimes with love and compassion, other times So it seems that a person’s ability to recognize emotions with caution and care. Appropriately responding to emotional accurately helps them to work well with others,do their jobs cues of other people thus helps us manage our day-to-day more effectively, and that’s why they make more money. interactions with others, coordinates important relationships, and, when it comes to work, helps us get what we need from “Can the ability to recognize emotions be improved,” you the right people at times when they are in the right kind of may ask. The good news is that there has been evidence mood. After all, won’t we be more willing to work with and help suggesting “yes”. In fact, many organizations today have others who seem to simply “get” us? training programs that help their employees and managers improve their emotional intelligence. I personally think That all sounds good. But if I go on to say that emotional improving emotional intelligence starts with paying attention intelligence will even go so far as to help you make more to your own emotions. In other words, make emotions matter at money, will you think it’s too much of a stretch? I won’t blame work. Pay attention to how you feel about a task, an issue, or a you if you do. But what if there is actually evidence supporting person. Pay attention to how others feel about an issue, rather my claim? than simply what they think or say. Once emotion occupies a more significant place in your personal and work life, you will A few years ago, my colleagues, Tassilo Momm, Gerhard start to notice what other people are really feeling, what they Blickle, and a few others of us did a study. We invited 142 are really trying to tell you. You will then be able to care and working adults to assess how well they can recognize the understand more deeply. emotions of other people. We showed each of them 24

pictures of faces and 24 voice recordings expressing emotions. After each picture or voice recording, the participants were asked to identify the emotion expression — was it angry or sad, happy or scared, for example. On average, the participants succeeded in 77% of the cases. People who succeeded in 87% of the cases were considered to be good, and people who succeeded in more than 90% were considered really good. Those below 60%, in contrast, were seen as not so good in recognizing emotions.

To find more information about our study, please feel free to contact me at, or find the original research article: Momm, T.S., Blickle, G., Liu, Y., Wihler, A., Kholin, M., & Menges, J.I. (2015). It pays to have an eye for emotions: Emotion recognition ability indirectly predicts annual income. Journal of Organizational Behavior, 36, 147-163.

psychological research



Chicagoland & International

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War Priest Bishop Verolino: The Silent Knight of the Holocaust in Hungary By Bernard J Bruno

Edited by Mark A Rudis

Bishop Verolino circa 1955 In 1955, my law practice in Melrose Park served the Italian community with clients ranging from Chicago to Italy and included Chicago Outfit personages and ordinary bread bakers and many characters. One day a client, Al, called to ask if I could help him out with a favor. “I’ll try. What is it?” “Well, I have a cousin who is a Bishop and he called from Italy and asked if I could drive him around Chicago and do some business. Spontaneously I agreed, but I work every day and now we are in our busy season and I don’t want to lose any overtime. I just didn’t think. Could you help me out? I will pay you.” “I‘m sure. Let me know the dates and I’ll keep them open for him.”


Al introduced him, “This is my cousin, Bishop Gennaro Verolino, now the Nuncio to Guatemala.”

We reached the double doors which opened with a loud outcry, voices of many, “We thank you.”

“Yes, Your Excellency. When would you like to go?”

In front of us was an auditorium size room about half the size of a basketball court jammed full, shoulder to shoulder people, men, women, and children, old people and young people, teenagers and babies. Then as if on a signal, each came forward - singles, couples, families, and groups. Each had a short quip, shook his hand, and slipped away, some had tears in their eyes, some were crying. None of them touched him except to shake his hand. They all came forward, spoke, and walked away.

“Tomorrow morning if it is convenient with you.”

“You took us in the building and gave the passage papers.”

“What time?”

“Do you remember me, you put me on the boat?”

“Is 9 a.m. convenient?”

He shook his head, no.

I nodded.

“You let us sleep in the chancellery before we left.”

In the morning when he got in the car and before we moved he handed a card with two addresses in Chicago, one was on the north side and the other was on the south side.


“Glad to meet your Excellency”, and as was protocol I knelt down to shake his hand and to kiss his ring. “No no. That isn’t necessary any more. Albert tells me that you will take me to various places that I must go.”

“Can we go to these addresses?” “Yes.” “There is one restriction I must of ask of you. These visits are confidential and you should not reveal the addresses or what occurs when you accompany me until after I die”. “OK,” I answered expecting something secret. The north side address was a large apartment building complex. We got out and went in a small vestibule with a large mail box panel. He gave me a name to look for and before I rang the name the entrance door opened and a man came out and almost in a spiritual whisper said, “Your Excellency”, knelt down and kissed his shoes. Then he got up and embraced him for a long moment in silence with his arms on the Bishop’s shoulder looking into his eyes. “It has been a long time? Come we have been waiting for you.” I was not introduced and just followed them. As they started slowly to walk arm in arm down a long corridor to double doors at the end the Bishop said, “Of course, I’m sure you understand I do not remember your name.” The man spoke as we walked slowly, “Your Excellency, you cannot remember a single name or person. We were too many at that time and the conditions were scary. Today we are few in Chicago. I was twenty then but I remember you now as vividly as when you pulled me and others out of the marching line formed for shipment to the concentration camp. I can still hear your voice, “Are you a Jew?” and asking my name. How can I thank you for my debt of gratitude for saving my life?

“You came to the railroad station and took us out of the line with your papers.” “No, I don’t remember.” Some groups in silence approached him and kissed his shoes and trouser cuffs. Introducing a teenager, “This is the baby you handed to me while I climbed on the lorry.” “You saved my whole family and we are all here to you with a thank you.” “When we learned about the concentration camps, you spared us. What can we do?” “What can we say? Without you we would not be here talking to you, our savior.” “You let us in and had them fill the papers so we could leave Hungary.” “All you asked was personal data not if we were Catholic.” “We were Jews and you were Catholics and you helped us!” On and on until the last person expressed gratitude. There wasn’t a dry eye in the place. Everybody was wiping a tear of happiness and gratitude. Gradually the auditorium emptied with a small group asking us to stay for lunch. “No thanks, I have another appointment.” The Bishop took his leave solemnly, his parting words spoken with a sort of religious purpose and reason, “No one is obligated to me. I just was doing my duty.” I was ignored and lost in the jubilation.

Bishop Verolino: The Silent Knight of the Holocaust in Hungary

“Yes, of course.” I put Bishop Verolino in my son’s room and my son in the basement.

We all knew where we were going. If you had not been there we would not be here now. We all owe you a great debt of gratitude that cannot be paid back. Some were babies then so they don’t know how great you are, our Silent Knight.”

War Priest

Later Al called, surprised to tell me Bishop Gennaro Verolino had arrived and could he stay at my house. Could he bring him for an introduction and make arrangements?

In the car I was stupefied, dumbfound, astounded and reluctant to talk. I was familiar about what they were referring, the German concentration camps during World War II Jewish genocide. But grateful, why to him, a priest? How did he save so many people? I was anxious to ask but remembered his caution so I stifled my tongue. From the north side to the south side we drove without one spoken word, I only with an anxious heart. The south side building was a fenced-in Convent for Nuns. I rang the doorbell and a Nun answered the door and greeted the Bishop by kneeling on one knee and kissing his ring, “Your Excellency, Mother Superior is waiting for you. Come in.” As we followed her I was amazed that she knew who he was because he didn’t identify himself to her. She stopped at a door and opened it to the dining room, a large room with a long table and individual chairs, maybe fifty I guess. The Nun said as she left, “Mother Superior will come in shortly.” No sooner said than Mother Superior entered greeting, “Welcome Bishop Verolino,” kneeling and kissing his episcopal ring, “We are honored to have you visit us.” Bishop Verolino began, “Mother Superior as you know I have been appointed Papal Nuncio to Guatemala. It is a savage country of untold turmoil, social unrest, persecutions, mass murders. Human rights are being violated and atrocities are committed in the name of politics. My assignment there is to establish some semblance of religious tolerance and acceptance.” He continued sadly, “I know your eight Sisters have been released from China. There they we accused as spies and suffered torture. I come here knowing that your order perseveres in troubled areas. I request humbly, are you able to send some of your Sisters with me to Guatemala?” Mother Superior responded, “Your Excellency with all due respect, I must refuse you. You force me to make a hard decision. I have just recently received the eight Nuns from China who were tortured. The Chinese Communists pounded straws under their fingernails for confessions. You know they were not spies. I believe they suffered enough and I cannot order others to a place with risk of being tortured. I am partly familiar with the Guatemala civil war there. From the stories that I have heard there is no semblance of peace. I read about the brutal death of the Bishop there. I cannot send Nuns into the midst of a battle. I also know that if ask for volunteers many would come forward.” I learned about the atrocious murder of Guatemalan Bishop Juan Jose Gerardi Conedera years later from a news archive. The Bishop returned home and three Army officer assassins used a concrete block brutally to bludgeon his head making identification impossible. He was identified only by his episcopal ring. Bishop Verolino acquiesced politely, “Mother, I understand your position and I give you and your Sisters my prayers.” She offered lunch. The Bishop accepted. He and I had lunch alone in the large dining room. When we finished and prepared to leave, Mother Superior appeared and expressed her regrets again so we left.

When we got in the car I asked, “Where to now?”


He did not answer me. I gazed over at him and the best that I can describe his countenance was that of unconscious person. Again I asked him in a louder voice, “Your Excellency! Where to now?” Taking him out of his trance, “Home.” The Bishop was burdened by his immense knowledge of human cruelty. Accepting Mother Superior’s decision must have created a tinged feeling of disappointment. I asked what he had to do tomorrow. “Nothing. I will make arrangements to fly to Guatemala. I thank you for helping me out and God bless you.” At my house he made arrangements to fly to Guatemala. The next day, as we drove to O’Hare airport in virtual silence to catch his flight, I agonized with myself as to ask his address and get more information but then decided that this is Church business and I should leave it alone and merely go along about my business. Goodbye, Bishop. Many years after my couple of days driving around Bishop Verolino, I had a luncheon appointment with a friend, Frank Chesrow, a Cook County, Illinois, Commissioner. Frank had been an Army Colonel during World War II and was recognized for having aided the Neapolitan people in Naples, Italy, after occupation by the Allies. The Nazis ravaged the city by releasing the prisoners from jails, destroying the port, wrecking the colleges, damaging all the hospitals and supplies, and wreaking total destruction in every and all possible ways in revenge for the Italian Government’s capitulation to the Allies. I had never been in Frank’s private office before. We always would meet at the restaurant. But on this day his secretary told me to go in as he was signing some papers. “Good morning Frank,” I greeted. “Come in and sit down. I’ll be finished in a minute and we will go.” Waiting, I looked at the walls covered with photographs of public and popular persons: U. S. Army General Mark Clark, British General Montgomery, and close by was a photograph of Bishop Gennaro Verolino together with Pope John, President Kennedy and Frank Chesrow. “Frank! I didn’t know you knew Bishop Verolino!” “Yes, he is a very popular person in the Jewish community as you know.” “No, I didn’t know. Several years back I was introduced to him and all I did was drive him around. I am surprised to see him in this photograph with you, President Kennedy, and the Pope.”


Frank replied, “This picture was a special commemoration for the city for Naples, Italy, and President Kennedy was in Rome. In the German occupation and evacuation of Naples and the Allied invasion by General Clark and General Montgomery the Nazis deluged total destruction upon Naples. The people had no food and were starving. Their only food supply was scavenging the Army food dump. Under Orders I provided them with Army supplies for which I was made a Knight of Malta and Papal Chamberlain.” Frank, while we prepared to leave his office, offered more background. “Bishop Verolino’s birthplace was in Cerra in the Naples area. Back early in the war he was situated in Budapest where the German Nazis where taking a foothold. I believe but am not certain Jews from the surrounding Hungarian countries were moving into Hungary to escape condemnation and going to the concentration camps. Bishop Verolino and the Cardinal in Budapest issued Vatican papers to all Jews who went to Nunciature and identified their personal data. The Vatican papers allowed Jews free passage out of Budapest. He is recognized for having saved thousands of Jews from going to Auschwitz. He is a big hero to the Jews.” “Man alive! I was totally ignorant of all this history of him. To think I was in the presence of such an extraordinary man and he never hinted a small clue that would indicate who he really was. I’m dumbfounded!” “Don’t feel bad. I got my information from other people. He never mentioned anything to me excepting thanks and gratitude for helping the people in Naples when I was with him at the Vatican. He made me feel better than him. Just a great man!” To myself I acknowledged my own ignorance of not having recognized the significance of the long-ago Chicago gatherings for Bishop Verolino. This history was interesting and knocking at my bones so I started to research. On March 19, 1944, Adolf Eichmann was transferred to Budapest and ordered large scale concentration camp deportations. Between May 15 to July 1944, approximately 437,000 Hungarian Jews were deported to Auschwitz for extermination. Deportation was stopped in July 1944 by agreement between the Hungarian government and the Nazi SS for the legal reason that many Jews were national citizens of different countries, namely, the Nation of the Vatican, Sweden, and Switzerland. During the Nazi occupation of Budapest, Bishop Angelo Rotta was the Papal Nuncio lobbying the Hungarian government to stop Jewish deportation. Rotta asked for and received Papal approval to issue false passports and travel certificates to Jews in Hungary. He housed Jews in a number of buildings marked with symbols of the Vatican and other countries, and he hid them in monasteries and clerical institutions. About 30,000 Jews were spared from German identification at great personal risk to the Bishop. One honorable and tragic example: Sister Sarah Salkahazi, a Jewish Nun, dressed Jewish women as nuns at their clerical

buildings, the Sisters For Social Service facilities. When someone reported her to the SS she and five other nuns were arrested and brought to the banks of the Danube River. They were ordered to remove their shoes, then were shot, and fell or were thrown into the river. Sister Sarah Salkahazi was beatified as a martyr saint on September 23, 2006 in Rome. Bishop Rotta’s secretary at that time was then Father Gennaro Verolino. Father Verolino issued the certificates with the Vatican seal that granted the holder the Vatican’s certificate of protection. The certificates were not printed forms but typewritten documents allowing the holder recourse of free passage from Hungary. The certificates had a blank place to insert a name. Father Verolino gave the Vatican typewritten certificates to Jews who sought help at the Budapest Catholic Chancery Office, and passed out the certificates in dramatic fashion sometimes. In an interview he summarized his efforts, “We had an immense line of people waiting at the Chancery for a chance to get a certificate. Some certificates were hand-delivered to Jews standing in line ready for shipment to concentration camps, at the railroad station waiting for a train to go to the concentration camp, and others who were sheltered in buildings, facilities, and institutions.” Bishop Verolino explained, “Our Chancery doors were always open and no one was ever turned away. The only question asked was, “Are you a Jew?” Then we gave a type written Letter of Protection certificate signed by Bishop Rotta to every man, woman, and child as the license to leave Hungary for salvation. This was the only work we did ...” The inaugural Swedish Per Anger Prize was presented in 2004 to Bishop Gennaro Verolino by Per Anger’s widow, Elena Anger. The award is named in memory of the ambassador who was legation secretary in the Swedish Embassy in Budapest during World War II when the city was occupied by the German army. The award is bestowed on personalities who promote human and democratic values. At the awards ceremony two Hungarian boys who had received Letters from Bishop Verolino were present in gratitude. They approached Verolino with tears in their eyes telling how he pulled Jews out of a line ready to board a train to the concentration camp. Archbishop Verolino donated his Per Anger Prize award money to a Jewish school in Nazareth for boys. Soon after, now Archbishop Verolino gave an interview on January 2, 2005, and commented on his receipt of the Per Anger Prize. He summarized, “I wasn’t courageous, I was just doing my duty.” No, it wasn’t courage of the moment - it was a persistent ‘quiet courage’ for years. In the mid-1990s I was in Rome on business for three days and I thought of contacting Bishop Verolino. I called the Vatican and made inquiries about talking with him. They answered would they would check and call back, nothing else. I didn’t hear from them until, on my check-out date, I was handed a telephone message slip from him but there was no time to call, I regret.

I just wanted another chance in my ignorant way to kiss his hand, this time to recognize him for his greatness.

War Priest


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Talent does not equate to passion, however, and once through college, Mr. Ledell pursued his passion in photography. Though largely self-taught, he has assisted a few commercial photographers including Bruce Lawerance in New York City. So when the time was right to start his own business, it made sense to continue with commercial photography. Mr. Ledell’s main commercial interest has been Fashion & Beauty Photography and he has had work in many national and international magazines. His clients have included Soft Sheen-Carson. Recent fine art photography has come about as a result of filling an artistic void. A finished photograph will appear in a dream, and the vision will persist until the photograph is taken.

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Food Food For Life The following words are taken from a book soon to be released. Sections have been omitted. The writing is in the raw form (just like good food for life) designed to penetrate the mind. Often refined writing looses its potency just like processed food or bio engineered food looses its’ absorbable nutrition. This section establishes the importance of HEALTH covered in the next section. Where you are in life or where you stand in life depends on many things; age, education, health, financial strength, and how spiritual the individual. All these factors are important because each has different factors. And the factors have different applications at different times. People need to take constant stock of where they are in life. This is a moving target with all the factors of life having an influence. It's about recognizing the exact spot people are standing and making decisions that are well balanced and beneficial. There are times in life where various factors have greater importance. At times, it’s all about family and family activities or it’s all about money or health. It's all of these factors, all are essential pieces of life, all are important and have various levels of importance each day. Taking stock is critical. Keeping score of what is important and at what time.

What happens in life is that people don't take the time to review all aspects they are facing. People look at things they enjoy or feel they can have impact. Some love the parental role, some are involved with the religious experience. Seldom do you find people who are aware where they are in all categories. Remember we all talking about people who would want the right outcomes. So where they are in life is very critical. If there are goals or future needs, then constant monitoring is extremely important. So if you are plotting a life timeline it's critical to have each piece of the puzzle in order. An enlightened individual is aware and has taken full stock in all aspects of their life. Think back on life, how many times would you have made different decisions if you would have just stopped and took a look? Enlightened people are aware of the situations.They realize that not all will be perfect. Some decisions will probably be off-balance and confused. But at least they would have reviewed the process. Many times they know how to make good decisions and often they do, but the decisions are not made in life as a whole. What is important, the sum of the parts equals the whole. The sum of the prime elements in life make up the whole.

V Special Interest

To have a complete process, people need to look at all points of life: Spiritually, physical, mental, family, financial and health. ... ...This process of decision-making needs to be constantly reviewed. It's very difficult to find all the answers. It's very difficult to see all the obstacles. People need to expect challenges in the process of life.

If there is time taken for self analysis and evaluation. There will be time for course correction.

However mental preparation will allow people to absorb mistakes and miscalculations. Some find great success, but seldom do people find complete fulfillment in all phases of life. ... This can be done in all phases of life, youth through old age. If there is time taken for self analysis and evaluation. There will be time for course correction. It takes awareness of what is needed in each phase of life. What is important at one time will not be important at other times. ... If your effort is balanced and blends all aspects of your life, the experience will be much fuller and memorable. Whether it is a child, teenager, adult, small business or large corporation. All need to be guided and measured for achievement or they will cease to exist.

History is full of civilizations that have failed and hurt millions of people. This would not happen if each individual took responsibility for themselves. If people could visualize their goals, then see the pointless items they pursue and the countless hours of empty thinking; if people put nothing into reaching their goals how can they expect to get something out. Planning and reviewing one’s progress is a fundamental aspect of life. ... Nobody can control or predict all the positive outcomes in life. This is a fact, but all should at least give their very best to achieve the maximum they possibly can for themselves, family and others. A spiritual awakening individual looks at all aspects of life at all times in life. What are the key points in life? Our spirit our body our nutrition our education our own discovery our communication: to self to others to family to our social responsibilities.

Vigoré Note: If you are an antagonist, no matter what is heard or what is written you will try to find fault and holes in the subject, discussion or writing. Often this is the reason antagonist people have week faith or no faith in anything. They lack the ability to find any real truth in spoken or written words to guide their way. Continue on next page


True health starts the moment you are born.

The process needs to be monitored and tailored to the specific needs of each person. For example, if you are a runner your diet needs to be specific for the nutritional requirements. Many individuals learn this process once they understand what they are and what they want to achieve. It’s really a simple matter that starts early in life but families do not understand the process well enough. You would think that having a child would include a course in infant through teen years nutrition. A good understanding of how the body grows and functions. A clear understanding of the immune system, its’ functions and needs. Today this material is available but the realization that this knowledge is critical for all children is not. Many of the foods for infants is of poor grade. The foods the children are exposed to through the early school years all the way through college is often poor and provides limited poor nutrition. So in the years where the body grows physically and the brain is absorbing a great amount of information, the nutrition is least. Many people do not begin proper nutrition until mid or late life. This is not the appropriate approach.

Packed and processed foods are damaging to the body. Soaps, detergents, shampoos, deodorants and many body conveniences are extremely harmful to the body.

The body needs fresh air, clean water, a balanced level of physical development and solid nutrition. With the new cooking technologies, good quality foods is available. The so called nutritional chart are more designed by business and not by nutritional specialists. The nutritional base was never designed to be animal fat based. A diet lean in fat and sugars is critical. If nutritional experts studied long living people, who have good health all their life, they would see the animal based diet is not present. Animal protein is very important, but in a balanced approach. Business has made nutritional food very poor and inefficient. Fresh food is easy to prepare, but families do not truly see the importance of simple and fresh. The amount of time spent purchasing a can of soup is not much different than making it fresh.

The gourmet touches are insignificant, the desire for flavor is insignificant. Disease and sickness do not care about or recognize flavor. The source of true energy is fresh food with a great source of minerals and vitamins. When you look at nature you see many colors. Red, blue, green a whole cascade of colors. There is also a color that is popular and that is brown. Too many of our foods come from the colors that don’t contain fresh mineral and vitamins. The body needs greens and lots of it. What creates the oxygen in the atmosphere ? Is it green leaves or the brown leaves? Brown refers to food without life, processed foods, old foods and packaged foods.

V Animal products are good to a point but man has created a furnace that fuels the body with sickness and carcinogens. Look at the cancer today. It is being fueled by sugar and dead products. Countries, races, civilizations all have cultural differences. Many of the items passed to each generation is poisonous and harmful to the body. The body needs fresh minerals and vitamins to grow and to maintain proper cellular structure. Cells need to be healthy. Cells will still divide and grow healthy or not healthy. The body needs fresh minerals and vitamins to grow and to maintain proper cellular structure. Cells need to be healthy. A body full of rich and healthy cells are nurtured with fresh foods that are full of life and will build a strong foundation. Sandwiches, cheap meats, cheeses, cereals, all of these products shaped and developed by man are just empty vessels. A very limited amount of nutrition is truly available to the body. So these young bodies that are taxed with the course of growth and development are actually starved. So the true immune system is never properly developed. There are no test today that shows the body’s development, the strength of cells, and the strenth of the immune system. There are currently many tests available today but only a few specialists are trying to solve mysteries in the body. If some of these tests were performed as part of the routine health checkups of infants, children, and young adults, much of todays diseases would be much more manageable.

Food For Life

Food Food For Life

Special Interest

Man destroys man, it’s greed, it’s desire to stand ahead of one another breeds destruction. If man would compete to make each other better the world would be much different.

So what we are expressing is for each individual to become aware, and accept the responsibility to care for each other and especially one self.

The body requires daily exercise. Not every other day or three times a week.  Everyday, even just the process of walking at a steady brisk pace would clear the body and allow for proper maintenance. Everything in life needs maintenance and balance.

To much or too little will damage the body. Proper sleep, exercise and nutrition will allow for the life experience to have fewer obstacles and road blocks. So many look at nutrition as an hourly process one built upon emotional release. They do not look at their diet on a weekly or monthly basis.They just consume and hope it is proper and balanced.

The whole life experience is built around the health conditions of the body. The state the body resides in determines the daily outcomes. The healthier the body is, the better expected outcomes in life will be. So this process requires awareness and enlightenment. Awareness of what you’re doing, what you have done and what you need to do. The same process we had discussed at length except only focused on health, nutrition, body development, and maintenance. If you truly want a strong life that is balance it must start with the body and its’ foundation. Even if you are sick or in a weakened state, you can work each day at improving the condition the body exist in. So exercise must start young. The beginning can be just walking or crawling that is balanced with rest and nutrition. Again the key here is fresh food that is alive with minerals and vitamins.

This writing is not meant to be a specific guide. There is enough knowledge available today. Enough resources on every corner that only needs to be absorbed.

Again this is a process that enlightens people to the requirements in life that need to be reviewed and analyzed on a regular basis. There is always a way or options to take care of ones health. Of course life has certain moments that are challenging, threatening and dangerous. But these moments are not all of life. As soon as individuals can reason for themselves, some concentration should be directed to the body and learning the requirements for it to remain healthy through the course of life. There truly are a very few moments in life where health care should not be the primary concern and the center of each persons concentration. Anything that has a direct effect on the body needs to be a focus of eduction and awareness.This includes nutrition, exercise, sex, alcohol, work, drug usage, social interaction, child raising or anything that effects a persons’ individual health. If more focus was placed on each individuals’ physical condition and the knowledge needed to maintain its’ condition, all of life on earth would drastically change. There is a small chance that man will truly change on a large scale effort. Society will remain what it is unless individuals change. Once people truly see the benefit of taking care of their own health, - then society, cultures and races will begin to change. Life is still a very hostile existence for many people, but that does not change the requirement of health care. The youth need to build the core of their body with good nutrition, exercise and rest. The adolescent needs the same. The early years of adulthood are also the same. The later years require more rest and less vigorous exercise. It’s clear that all aspects of life needs to be monitored and measured. Most people live on the border of what is best for their health. This does not allow any room for error. The body’s health vitals are all close to being out of the tolerance required for stability. Weight, blood sugar, blood pressure, cholestanol are inconsistent and irregular. Some how this has become a struggle for so many people. If they would have learned the true horrors and suffering they could face, - life would be different.

Why must people suffer in order to learn and control their health. Why must people need to have complete or almost catastrophic events in order to recognize what is important. So again it’s about monitoring, measurement, knowledge and awareness.

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STOP the

HATRED (Intolerance)

Vigoré Note: This article is extremely important to read. There is a possible strong connection between the disrespectful vile language and vile behavior of adults that is being revealed in actions of young adults in America. Loss of respect for human life, loss of self love, selfish thinking and destructive behavior have saturated society through the media, social networks, politicians, other sources and people. All the vile language and actions of the so called elitist, politicians, people of stature and higher book knowledge - education, people of community positions and wealth are on display for children and young adults to absorb. Respect for life, spirituality and basic morality is being attacked. Many adults have acted like petulant children with planned emotional tantrums to receive attention, looking to blame others instead of looking at thier own words and actions.The words and actions of adults carry energy and emotions of wretchedly bad behavior and vile humor, highly offensive, unpleasant and objectionable: repulsive and disgusting to the senses and feelings: morally debased, depraved, and despicable: foul; filthy language - all with no value to the community of life.

Children to young adults are easily confused because they can not see a life path to community living with spirituality, tolerance and respect. Without love and tolerance they can not see how a community functions as a whole. It takes all individuals to make a good country. The sorrow and pain is on the adults to carry.

“May the light of God shine upon you and guide you always. May you accept your life with responsibility, good faith and good justice.” -Sante Furio - Founder Vigoré magazine



V Special Interest

are the citizens to protect and save the United States of America from Corrupt Politicians, Bias Media Communism, Socialism, Elitist, and


We are not going to write about hate for that is not a subject man should understand. We will talk about intolerance. The Intolerance of Man

Intolerance is a very powerful concept that has been built into life from the first birth. The various entities in the universe have different purposes and viewpoints and often these concepts clash. Some concepts are old and should have died long ago. Individuals who have malice or miss content for others are shrouded with confusion.

How can some individual hold ill ways toward another person based on race, religion or political view? If they house great levels of ill will, then they are infected with a deep thread of evil. There is little chance of any redemption in life or any acceptance from others who are balanced and not threatened by these conditions. Hate crimes or any actions of these sorts are great fouls of mankind. They are the very seeds that feed the evil.

Hate or intolerance to other races or cultures is a deep poison of the mind. There is no forgiveness, and there is no penalty that is strong enough. People who fight with one another based on religious differences, or cultural approaches to life are truly dark to the concept of spirituality. How dare a person call himself a God fearing man or woman if they house contempt for others born from the same heavens. The competition for the earth resources and the ability to control the power of the human experience is the fuel that burns the fire within the minds. What are the real differences that burn within the people's hearts? Through history, it has been based on religious differences or cultural differences and ways of life.

Many of the things that fuel the intolerance, and deep-rooted disagreements are based on different viewpoints and styles of life.


Why must people burn in the desire to hurt each other for simple differences, for simple disagreements and for simple answers? How do they expect the Lord to accept their prayers, how do they expect the lord to listen and provide answers?

The intention of the human spirit is to help others, to savior one another, to share and build existence for others to experience. The concept of man was never intended to destroy others, or impose control over ones of less means and ability.

How do they expect to find any clarity of mind and spirit if they fill their hearts with dismay and hate for others?

The great teachers have stressed the importance of humility and kindness.

What is gained from hating one who has differences in view point, what do they expect will come? If hate or anger is the voice, then the only thing that can be received is pain and discomfort.How can you hate another without truly knowing them and their view point? History proved that many conflicts and differences are only settled by fighting and death. The desire and willingness to prove ones point and even inflict death on others or accept death in the belief that they are right is nothing but confusion.

Many great teachers have walked the ground of our lands and intolerance, malice, discontent and hate are not in their language. Tolerance, acceptance, willingness to work together and love one another is the voice. So, if love thy neighbor is the word of the great teachers, then hate, intolerance and malice are the words of evil. If you find yourself truly harboring these feelings about other groups of people, and true is the word that needs to be viewed. For many people get angered over deeds that hurt others. This is much different than the deep-rooted emotion of hate. One feeling of anger is emotional and one of hate is just evil.

If you can truly find the desire to hurt others and hope their lives are harmed, you need to end your life. For evil has become rooted within your soul and only death or a deep emotional cleansing can save your soul. The concept of hate will not be forgiven in heaven, for the gates will not open, you will be cast aside and driven away from the gates of heaven and forgiveness. If you truly find yourself housed in evil thoughts toward others you need to remove yourself as fast as possible.

The very concept of hate itself is a crime against each other. How can individuals of the same source be willing to cause dismay on each other based on race, religion, cultural or lifestyle differences? People with these tendencies have long rooted malice, and false ideologies. Holding anger or intense misdealing toward anyone or anything will only harm the persons own soul. It's like suicide of the soul. To hold displeasure or contempt for groups of people of different life styles is understandable.

However, to hold intense ill will that can transform into actions of destruction is not within the means of the human design.

The very foundation of the great religions of the world dictates rules based on relationships of equality. This is the root teaching of the true word of God.

The fundamentals of life values are based on the concept of good or evil. The desire to help, build and share; versus the desire to destroy, maim or suppress. The concept of heaven and hell is correct and real. The concept of good and evil is real, the concept of compassion and intolerance is real.

Where do you stand is the true question? If you can hold malice, hate or any feeling that causes great divisions or harbors feelings of pain or destruction, then you should consider yourself ones of the devil's children not gods. The child of evil, the child of dismay and destruction, the child born into the world to harm others.

Re-look and study your reasons. If it’s truly you, or is it, a false belief and a misdirection in understanding? If you find the real answer is hate, then you are truly finished and will be lost to anger, pain, suffering and condemnation for life.

What side do you stand on Acceptance or Intolerance? VigorĂŠ Note: Forgive the INFANTS for they do not know what they do. Teach and guide the CHILDREN so they can soar to great heights. Be cautious, be aware of and do not follow the ADULTS who push intolerance and jealously onto others through their words and actions. If you have bitter hate, jealousy and selfish ambition in your hearts, do not boast and be false to the truth. This is not the wisdom that comes down from above, but is earthly, unspiritual, and demonic. For where jealousy and selfish ambition exist, there will be disorder.


Political, Political, Religious, Religious, Social, Social, Racial, Racial, Economic, Economic, Cultural Cultural

It takes

American Patriots instead of Politicians to

PROTECT SERVE & HEAL Over the past decades Washington DC politicians created a mess. Now the same politicians take obstructive action or take no action. Power, greed and rego has been in existence since the beginning of recoded human existence. In a democracy, political behavior can be controlled with amendments and through checks and balances. Which new generation of politicians will propose 3 new amendments: 28th. Federal Balanced Budget with a limited deficit 29th. Congressional Consecutive Term Limits 30th. Libel Malicious Intent through Public Broadcasting Thirty-three amendments to the United States Constitution have been proposed by the United States Congress and sent to the states for ratification since the Constitution was put into operation on March 4, 1789. Twenty-seven of these, having been ratified by the requisite number of states, are part of the Constitution.

Everyone’s Lives Matter In Memory of Commander Paul R. Bauer Chicago Police Department 18th District 30 plus years ... to Serve & Protect

Rest in Peace Commander Paul R. Bauer. We pray for your family during this difficult time. Your service and love touched many people. -Vigoré Chicago magazine

Photo by Cay Clark

Jeff Zimmermann Contact (773) 844.1852

Jeff Zimmermann - A native of Chicago, has achieved national and international recognition for his large scale murals featuring painted images of contemporary pop culture and sensitively rendered portraits. The portraits in Zimmermann’s artwork are dignified and attractive, directing the viewer conversation toward a democratic humanitarian dialog, while giving the work an emotional depth that complements the polished context of his product-based world. “Dark Matter’ August 2003 Wall Mural over 14 feet tall Displayed at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago and 2712 W North Ave STO Chicago IL 60622 USA The role of this images is to allow individuals access to a fuller level of awareness and to discover perspectives that are not published anywhere else. Your subscription helps support the importance of art and the creative expressions which captures the art of life. Painted By Jeff Zimmermann


Something To Think About

What Makes a Good Politician? What is a politician’s role? How do we evaluate candidates and pick individuals that will be good representative for the people? The role of a politician has changed through history, the original concept was for a common voice to unify the needs of the people. It has truly changed during civilizations development. The true inner working of people who control the power and influence often make arrangements that are favorable to their own specific needs. In today’s society, specifically speaking about a democracy, the position has been changing. The relevance of the internet and social media has created transparency. People are more willing to share what they see and experience in others. There was a time when whistle blowers were rare, today making points of difference and pinpointing wrong doing is quite common. The current politicians in office are finding it much more difficult to find common ground. Getting constituents to agreed or stand together on issues is becoming challenging. The leaders need to spend time with the community and truly find real answers that will have merit for the communities. A politician’s role is to manage a unified approach to providing good sanitation, security, economic stability, schooling, housing and a voice with the other communities. They need to look at building infrastructure that is meaningful and sustainable for extended periods of time. The role is to provide the people the representation with a voice in the region, whether its local, state or national.

What has happened is, favoritism that is supported by money has become the leading voice. The political atmosphere has become a series of battles for influence. Small groups arguing for what is best for their own specific interests, without regard for the overall outcome or long-term effort. The roles is quite simple: provide safety, keep the governing services efficient and affordable, provide adequate safety, religious representation, education and financial opportunities. Education needs to be career based and health oriented. The people of community should have easy access to health care and continuing education. The confusion comes from all the well seated individuals who have established a foundation of control and financial stability. These individuals are unwilling to give or change anything that is not beneficial to their needs. Politicians look at the intensity of their efforts and feel they deserve preservation at all costs.They fail to see their own failures and short coming and put pressure on community leaders to keep them favored. Many politicians do not have financial stability to stand alone or to fight all the various influencers from the immediate community, not to mention the local, state or nation elements. There is uncertainty because politicians are only looking at the future and fail to see that if they manage their current situation there will be endless number of opportunities.

Vigoré Note: The role of this writing is to allow individuals access to a fuller level of awareness and to discover perspectives that are not published anywhere else.

An individual looking for a long-time political career is a risky choice for their interest will easily be persuaded by their desire for longevity. People are always looking for representatives that are easy to talk too, provide a feeling of trust and integrity and unfortunately have little regard to understand the candidate’s true motives. It only takes a few moments to understand the issues of the day and to see where the political views should be positioned. It is a really simple process for campaign managers and speech writers to prepare views and position views that represent the majority of the constituents. By getting funding from influential and financially able supporters who will benefit from the process is quite easy and builds quick popularity. However, the key motives are hard to see. What is their financial situation, who are their business associates? What plans, or scenarios will be put into motion with the position? This information will determine if the office holder will work for the people or only the financial supporters that enable their position. Man or woman it does not matter, its all the same. People should not complain if policies and programs that truly benefit the lower income status will have very low priority. Only when their concerns reach local, regional or nations attention from media exposure will these issues be addressed. Many times, they are only glossed over and held in a neutral position until a greater story makes prominence. This is a strategy that is commonly used in political arenas. There are issues that drive media attention and receive no true movement. Politicians try to stay on the majority side of these issues, they are constantly weighing the various positions and trying to keep themselves ahead in the overall score card.

Politicians know immediately that you can’t serve two masters and it’s very hard to please both sides of any issue. There are always multiple positions just like day or night and all the shades in-between. Party lines, government agencies, environmentalist, economic and world situations all influence the process. For people to truly see where an candidate or politian stands in life they need to review the historical trail the person has walked. The truth is in the past, the historical events and positions the individual supported, believes in, or hopes to have in the future. Its all there if people just look hard, this is why political campaigns are nasty affairs and have been designed with the intention to flush out the truth. Its not a clean business and never will be, but the truth and historical backgrounds will show the politicians true nature.

People looking for political positions are not the most wholesome individuals. They are not the meek or subdued. They are highly motivated people looking for their mark of power, position, financial strength or historical relevance.

Anyone in these achievements (power, position, financial strength or historical relevance) will be confronted with the deal makers. It’s the crossroad of every good and bad intention of the time. All paths cross here, all voices meet here, all intentions collide here, this is the place of true realization of mankind merits and faults. Their characters, voice, intent, malice, all that comprises man’s will can be discovered and exposed.

Something To Think About Expression People are always trying to make notice of their presence in life. This is all good, but the expression should have a true merit not just an emotional release. Expression is the voice and signature one places in life, the mark, the effect upon the individuals they touch, the individuals they embrace and the individuals they confront. All those who have experienced life know of the trials and tribulations of life. So, there are many times where joy and excitement take place, and there are the moments of strife. In either situation, how one handles the situation is critical. I say critical, because the mind is continually changes and creating new images and impressions from life. It can go from being sweet and humble to angry and distraught in a moment. People must be aware that impression and images that are formed from events in life can take over and change the mental and spiritual outlook on life. Impressions and experiences from life must be reviewed and responses need to be revisited and determined whether the insight should be kept or disregarded.

Remember Your New Year Resolution Remember your new years resolutions, write it down. Each individual’s path is unique. Stay on your path, it will be meaningful to others. It is not just a waste of time and energy. In life, your health is number 1, it will allow or open opportunity to longevity of life for individuals to accomplish what they want to accomplish. Remember each family member that gave poor commitment to health contributing so much pain and anguish on family loved ones. Don't pass on your individual neglect to others to take care of your health, so that the loved ones around you can have freedom in their life. It's really quite simple, treat your body like it's a separate person and you will see how hard you are on your body. Care for your body and it will protect you on your life journey.

Wisdom & Enlightenment

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Who do you think of when you think of an art collector? Do you think of yachts and country clubs, golf, champagne and tennis? Or do you think of bowling, beer, sports and NASCAR? While most people think that the world of fine art is dominated by the blue blood crowd, you may be surprised to learn that more and more blue collar folks have learned to appreciate art. While blue collar workers may not have the talent to paint or create and often lack formal art education limiting their ability to express art appreciation in words, that doesn’t mean that they don’t appreciate art. Many blue collar art collectors with a careful eye and open mind collect fine pieces of art. What is art? Art conveys intense emotions. Often art reflects the life of the artist.

Art is the freedom of thought created in a tangible form. From the blue collar art collector’s point of view, even breathtaking artwork may remain unrecognized by the professional art collector or dealer. While critics may call some art work kitsch, art that is regarded as tasteless, sentimental, or ostentatious in style, art, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. An art collection can start with one piece selected for one area in a home growing into a large and diverse collection over the years. Because of that diversity, it may appear that the collector is struggling to find an identifying style. But a careful inspection reveals the back story of each piece of art, the humor, the brilliance it conveys, and the pleasure the collector takes in every one.



Water Lilies, a series of 250 painting by French impressionist Claude Monet, may be art to one person and a velvet Elvis may be art to another. In fact, the signature “Dogs Playing Poker,” nine dogs sitting around a card table, may be more recognizable by more people than any work created by the old masters, with the possible exception of Leonardo Da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa.” Art, and the artists that create art, are actually fairly modern concepts. Oil paint was first used for Buddhist paintings by Indian and Chinese painters in Afghanistan sometime between the 5th and 9th centuries, oil painting did not gain popularity as a medium for art in the West until the 15th century in Italy. About that time, the Italian artist and biographer Giorgio Vasari first coined the idea of “work of art” a term that first included only painting, sculpture, and architecture. When works of art were later expanded to include music and poetry, those five arts became collectively known as “the fine arts.” And it was during the Renaissance that “the fine arts” were raised to a loftier perception and artists were often afforded a higher social status. They were also considered to be inspired by some higher power not available to the masses. That then is perhaps the basis for the idea that people who appreciate the fine arts are also at some higher level of society. But consider Alfonso Iannelli, the 20th Century sculptor, artist, and designer. According to Tim Samuelson, Chicago’s cultural historian, Iannelli who is best known today by collectors and historians who rank him as a valuable contributor to American art made in Chicago, wanted to create art that people would experience in their everyday lives. According to Sam Guard, Iannelli believed that art is a public creation designed to make all people’s lives better, whether they have blue blood or a blue collar.

Every Artwork Tells A Story ...

L i d i a Wy l a n g o w s k a Art is love made visible ...

Lidia Wylangowska works mainly in portraiture and figure painting. She prefers a composition that is informal.

“My clients like the fact that they are not predictable. Posed�, Lydia explains.

"Is it Possible?" h.40" x w.36" oil on wood

Visual story-telling is an important aspect of Lidia's artworks.

While her artistically expressed stories revolve around personal exploration of her internal and external worlds and their wonders, imagination and meanings, her pieces allow viewers to interpret for themselves. Her distinctive, dynamic artworks display a wide variety of themes and moods; executed in muted, neutral colors, "Exodus" diptych dramatic contrasts are created with vibrant hues or tones that are layered over lacy, vegetal, and 72"x 80" web-like textural relief patterns. This combination of realism and abstraction that plays across the oil on wood surface of her pieces, imbues them with a sense of the merging of internal and external possibilities.

My art tells my story.

It's a story of my world, of my thoughts and emotions entwined in an internal dialogue. And some of it can be expressed only through painting. It is incredible, how fairy-tales I heard once-upon-a-time, in my childhood actually influenced my life and defined who I am. As an adult, I still believe in happy endings and that good will prevail. The Enchanted Pencil is one of the stories I remember very clearly. This special pencil could materialize anything drawn, such as doors that lead to any place imaginable. I realized this story has become hardwired in me. And now my paintings are those doors. Doors that lead me to my own world of peace and harmony. A world where dragons, wyverns, basilisks and dwarfs roam free. Where life has a deeper meaning which I do not yet comprehend but searching for this meaning is a fascinating process.

Lidia Wylangowska Lidia Wylangowska

"Conquest for Paradise" 2016, 24" x80" oil on wood

Art is love made visible ...

Lidia Wylangowska

"Mermaid" 2014, 36"x 80" oil on wood

Sea Horses

East meets West Medicine and Beauty

Are you in a truly fulfilling relationship? Do you have a great sex life?

If the answer to either of those questions comes up negative, you might take a lesson from the seahorse. Apparently these unusual creatures of the ocean have the secret to a long and happy relationship.

What is the secret?

Dr. Amanda Vincent of Oxford University's department of zoology in Canada studied the unique mating and reproductive process of the seahorse and uncovered many of their mating rituals. For starters, they have only one mate for life. Yes it’s true. No partner is abandoned for a younger seahorse or for one with a bigger habitat, and no secret rendezvous in the sea grass near the coral reef next door. It is believed that this lifetime relationship enables the seahorse “couple” to become an efficient and effective baby-making team, producing around 1,000 young per year, a family large enough to break up even the happiest of couples.

Yet, these two dedicated lovers remain steadfast in their commitment to each other. When mating, the female seahorse deposits her eggs (100-600) in the male brood pouch and the male fertilizes them internally. The male carries the eggs in his pouch for three to six weeks. He then releases the fully formed, miniature (only one centimeter long) seahorses into the water. Sounds like a plan – daddy seahorse is just as important as mommy in bringing their baby seahorses into the world. No wonder they remain so close.

What a team!

To further reinforce their bond, the happy couple greets each other every morning and sometimes in the evening, an interesting yet sometimes overlooked mating ritual.

They spend the rest of the day separated, the male takes care of the eggs and the female goes out to hunt for food. Ah yes, absence does make the heart grow fonder.

Even before Dr. Vincent’s discovery, the mystical seahorse has a long been viewed with awe, a kind of submarine saint. The seahorse looks like a Gothic hallucination, with the profile of a horse, the snout of an anteater, and the spiraling tail of a dragon curling inward towards its belly and head. The scientific name for the seahorse is hippocampus, Greek for "bent horse."

Seahorses range in length from about a 1/4 inch to 14 inches and come in a variety of colors and species. They swim vertically, as if by magic, beating their fins up to 70 times a second. These one of a kind species of the deep blue are found in temperate and tropical coastal waters all over the world. Seahorses live a happy and fulfilling life, but they also provide many services for people on land.

Ground up and mixed with herbs, seahorse has been used by the Chinese for centuries to treat many illnesses such as: arteriosclerosis, kidney disease, respiratory infections, and circulatory disorders.

The Chinese have also used seahorse as an aphrodisiac.

The Chinese have claimed it as a possible cure for infertility and sexual impotence, but we could expect nothing less from our fertile friends from the sea. Mix some seahorse with a few herbs and throw away that bottle of Viagra. And yes, seahorses can also be eaten. Whole seahorses are made into soup. The taste is similar to dried scallops. The Cantonese have a Seahorse Soup recipe that calls for 4 seahorses, pork stock, ginger and carrots.

It is considered an added benefit to the meal if the male seahorse happens to be pregnant. Of course one must be careful when trying to eat the seahorse. They are served anatomically intact.

All this demand for the power of the seahorse has caused an international sensation, with trade, mostly dried seahorse used for medicinal purposes, valued at $40 million a year.

The best quality seahorses used in traditional Chinese medicine are the smooth, pale, large seahorses—now selling in Hong Kong for up to $550 per pound. So it seems that the seahorse is valued all over the world to cure what ails us, to provide a gourmet meal, and yes to improve our sex lives and teach us a little lesson on how to keep that love alive. Sea Horse Cocktail Ingredients: 60ml Vodka, 30ml Apple Juice 30ml Cranberry Juice 1 teaspoon Pernod 1 teaspoon fresh Lime Juice

To make this cocktail pour all ingredients over ice and serve. Garnish with mint leaves.

Vigoré magazine received many request to reprint this humorous article.This article provides factual information presented in a humorous way.

Shoes It’s hard to imagine a life without shoes.

For many of us, yes I mean women, life would not be worth living without that final decision of which pair to wear before stepping out into the world. After all, a perfect pair of shoes can change your life, Cinderella. But women haven’t always had the comfort and luxury of that closet full of footwear to make our ensemble complete. It seems that until four thousand years ago, everyone went barefoot. The first shoes were made of a

single piece of rawhide and enveloped the entire foot. Many women may currently have that same shoe in their closet. They were worn for both warmth and protection.

Today, women rarely consider warmth and protection when making a shoe purchase. Sandals originated in warm climates where the soles of the feet needed protection, but the top of the foot needed to be cool. Did they have sandals in eighteen different colors back then? I think not. In Europe pointed toes on shoes were

fashionable from the 11th to the 15th century. Ah, the pointed toe, which brings us to another fact, that many people already know; sixty-two percent of shoe wearers say their feet hurt. The other forty-four percent must be men.

In the Middle East heels were

added to shoes to lift the foot from the burning sand, which is how the love/hate relationship with high heels began. We thought this next trend started with the new millenium, but in Europe in the 16th and 17th centuries heels on shoes were always red.

Throughout the world, each pair of shoes were made identical for both feet, until left and right footed shoes where first made in Philadelphia. In Europe, it wasn’t until the 18th century that women’s shoes were different from men’s.

“The perfect shoe can change your life.”


Six-inch-high heels were worn by

the upper classes in 17th century Europe. Two servants, one on either side, were needed to hold up the person wearing the high heels.

Boots were first worn in cold, mountainous regions and hot, sandy deserts where horse-riding communities lived. Now we wear our boots with short-shorts and tank tops. Heels on boots kept feet secure in the stirrups.

In the Middle Ages a father passed

his authority over his daughter to her husband in a shoe ceremony. At the wedding, the groom handed the bride a shoe, which she put on to show she was then his subject.

Today, in the U.S., shoes are tied

to the bumper of the bridal couple’s car. This is a reminder of the days when a father gave the groom one of his daughter’s shoes as a symbol of a changing caretaker.

In China, one of the bride’s red shoes is tossed from the roof to ensure happiness for the bridal couple.

Close to half of the female (43%)

has been injured, by their shoes. Eight percent of women have experienced severe injuries such as sprains or breaks, and it is believed that 100% of these women state that it was all worth it. Unlike clothing, which is the most frequent online purchase by women, online shoe shopping has not yet caught on. Only fourteen percent of women make any of their shoe purchases online.

The average American adult woman shoe size is 8. In 1986, 12% of

American women had shoe sizes 9.5 and higher, but in 1998, 30.4% of all women’s shoes sold were size 9 and above.

Current statistics may be depress-

ing. Either womens’ feet are getting larger, or their feet hurt so bad that they finally have to buy the correct size.

The average increase in the protrusion of a woman’s buttocks is 25% when she wears high heels.

In Hungary the groom drinks a toast

to his bride out of her wedding slipper. It is a possibility that this is allowed only because the bride knows she will never wear that pair of shoes again.

15% of the female population

has over thirty pairs currently in their closets, a statistic that could be contested as too low, and a fact well hidden from the significant other. Also, thirty-three percent of women have trouble finding the room to store all of their shoes.

On average, women purchase four

pairs of shoes per year, at an average cost of $277 per year. This could be another point to be contested. This leads us to another absolute fact. Ninety-seven percent of women say that their shoe shopping has never created any financial problems. However, one survey indicates that 13% have hidden at least one shoe purchase from their significant other.

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Modern Art Graphic Novel Series Based on Award Winning Film Sheds Light on Allegations of Serial Killer Spinal Surgeon. "Redemption: The Story of The Crackhead Jesus Trials Part II- The Second Coming of the Three Muses- Chapter 1”, the first in a series of ten modern-art-graphic-novels that tell the story of the alleged serial-killer-spinal-surgeon operating out of Mercy in Baltimore, Maryland, premiered at Art Basel Miami Art Week 2017. The work of modern-art-gonzo-journalism reveals serious allegations of FDA fraud, sexual misconduct and deadly toxic leadership being covered up in D.C. area hospitals as public trust in mainstream news media continues to plummet. The New York born Latino author, Victor-Hugo Vaca II, reached over 220,000 listeners in over seventy countries, appearing on several radio talk shows and podcasts promoting his censored book. The question of why the Washington Post failed to investigate recent allegations of a serial-killer spinal-surgeon in its own back yard, in favor of using valuable resources to investigate forty-year old allegations against Judge Roy Moore, in Alabama, days before a special Senate election, arose in conversation, begging the question, “Is the Washington Post choosing politics over public trust in its own community?”

My birth name is Victor-Hugo Vaca Jr. On stage, when I am performing with the Modern Art Music Movement, I am known as, The Maverick Artist Victor-Hugo. When I am manifesting creations in the multi-universe as a modern-art-gonzo-journalist, my job is not to be politically correct, it is to witness, observe, analyze and document so as to colorfully communicate the wisdom of ages, for seven generations forward. The point of my artwork, my Diary-Of-The-World-On-Canvas, is really, to make everyone think outside the box.” – Maverick Artist Victor-Hugo Vaca II The Maverick Artist Victor-Hugo Vaca II, visual arts catalog exceeds 1,000 original drawings, cartoons, adhesive art, abstract art, abstract-expressionism, surreal art, story-boards, contemporary art, modern-art-gonzo-journalism, Modern Art Music Movement™ Rock n’ Roll Memorabilia and fine-art paintings. To tour Victor Hugo's Labyrinth of Creativity, The Victor-Hugo Collection Fine Art Gallery visit


Whatever the answer, just as Harvey Weinstein allegations festered for decades, the more the story of Crackhead Jesus is censored and buried, the more the Streisand Effect takes over and the more people around the world find out about allegations surrounding Charles C. Edwards MD, as the maverick artist plans to tour the United States appearing on talk shows, in support of his groundbreaking modern art graphic novel series, throughout 2018. In 2017, men in power positions, like Judge Roy Moore and Matt Lauer were exposed as alleged sexual predators using toxic leadership and abuse of power to exploit women and children. News media has also protected and enabled men, like Harvey Weinstein and Charlie Rose, by suppressing decades old rumors and allegations of misdeeds. Evidence shows, The Washington Post, Miami Herald and Baltimore Sun have buried years old rumors and allegations, of a serial-killerspinal-surgeon nicknamed, Crackhead Jesus, stalking the United States from Baltimore, Maryland. Public trust could only wonder why news outlets instead favored covering stories about a woman who claims President Donald Trump should be impeached because he once asked for her phone number, instead of reporting on serious allegations that an orthopaedic surgeon of the spine is an alleged serial-killer performing experimental spinal surgery on human subjects without FDA approval. The surgeon, who operates on the human fiber of being has been lauded as a pillar of the community in People, Newsweek and 20/20. He has also been described in newspapers as a wealthy slumlord and a criminal CEO, using lawyers to manipulate a two-tiered U.S. justice system to avoid jail time.

"CARES" By Maverick Artist Victor-Hugo. This Modern Art Music Movement, MAMM Jam creation was manifested in New Port Richey, FL alongside former members of the Merle Haggard Band, Molly Hatchet, Conway Twitty Band and several other senior musicians including MAMM Patron, Helen Loben, Chicago native, who, at 94 years old, played piano during the three hour concert to benefit the Cares Program for Seniors, with such youthful spirit, the joy was contagious and ultimately, was interpreted on canvas, in musicolor, by Victor-Hugo Vaca Jr. as love.

Victor-Hugo created modern-art-gonzojournalism and travelled throughout the United States with the Modern Art Music Movement producing live art with world famous bands, including members of The Goo Goo Dolls, Cheap Trick, Boston and The Wailers, to name a few, in order to raise global awareness about growing allegations that Charles C. Edwards MD is an alleged serial-killer spinal-surgeon. The works of modern-art-gonzo journalism inspired an award-winning film titled, "Crackhead Jesus: The Movie", which recently made world headlines, after the U.S. Supreme Court "Slants" trademark ruling. The controversial film which has been screened internationally and took "Best Screenplay" honors at the La Romana International Film Festival, was produced by the Modern Art Music Movement during a seventy-two-hour film competition in Delray Beach, Florida, to raise awareness about a clear and present danger in the Baltimore, Maryland area, where the maverick artist once lived, while serving as a Naval Academy Midshipman officer at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, before receiving an honorable discharge as a whistleblower in the early 1990's. Over the course of a decade in exploring the character of someone entrusted with tearing into the fiber of ones being, a long list of allegations surfaced, which allowed the artist to paint a gruesome picture of an alleged serial-killer-spinal- surgeon, using toxic leadership and abuse of power, to rack up an extensive body count supported by the same journalistic apathy that allowed Harvey Weinstein to perpetuate his evil acts for years. “Tracking a serial-killer is like trying to put together a moving jigsaw puzzle. ” Victor-Hugo Vaca II says. Serial killers leave crumbs of evidence in plain sight because they can’t fight the urge to get caught. For most people, the hard part is seeing the crumbs for clues but intuitive artists, detectives and investigative journalists often see past the "truth" into reality. After all, what good are all those brilliant crimes if no one takes the credit?

“Love: Opera Diva #3” By Maverick Artist Victor-Hugo Vaca II. As seen on PBS channel Modern Art Music Movement™ segment titled, “The Maverick Artist Meets The Opera Diva”.

"TechnoMuse" By Maverick Artist Victor-Hugo. This oil painting was produced at "Revolution" in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, December 15, 2006 as part of "The Sonic Duel For Virtual Supremacy" with BT performing "This Binary Universe", Thomas Dolby performing "The Sole Inhabitant" and Modern Art Music Movement MAMM Jam with Dj Josh Wetherington and Victor-Hugo Vaca Jr. manifesting this unique work of art, on stage, in front of a live, sold-out, audience.

" Sunflower 4 Muse" by Maverick Artist VictorHugo. This oil painting (48x48) was created to warn future generations of the economic terrorism permitted to manifest and prosper by toxic leadership during "The Bailout Age". The Scream-like figure shouts into the multiverse, "A.I.G. A, I, gee-whiz, I told you so." The numbers underneath the Chinese text represent the landmark Florida case, dubbed by mainstream media outlets as, "The Crackhead Jesus Trials", which exposed the existence of a legal mafia creating a butterfly effect to undermine the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights, allegedly, officiated by a Florida Bar President, who like The Supreme Leader of Iran, is accountable to no one on earth.

TO COMBAT FORGERIES, COMING OUT OF ARTIST MILLS IN DAFEN, CHINA, THE MAVERICK ARTIST VICTOR-HUGO MIXES HIS SPERM, WITH PAINT, TO CREATE DNA SERIES: Semen Serves To Authenticate Artwork For Fine Art Collectors, In A Global Market Saturated With Counterfeit Paintings, Produced By Master Fabricators. Before there was "Fifty Shades of Grey", the DNA Series premiered at the controversial “Ground Zero” exhibit in 2005 during Art Basel Miami Week, to critical acclaim. On June 14, 2009 the Maverick Artist VictorHugo Vaca II created "Sensuous Magic (S&M)" as part of his DNA Series, exhibited at Gallery 101 in North Beach, Fort Lauderdale. Dafen, China is home to 5,000 artists who produce dozens of replicas weekly, collectively churning out more than half of the oil paintings produced in the entire world each year. For forty dollars, you can get a near perfect replica of Vincent Van Gogh’s, Starry Night or Leonardo DaVinci’s, Mona Lisa. For that reason, the Maverick Artist Victor-Hugo Vaca II mixes his body fluids with paint, to safeguard the investment of fine art collectors who wish to ensure the authenticity of his unique works of modern-art-gonzo-journalism. “When I heard artists were using blood, vomit and feces to create works of art, I thought that was disgusting.” Maverick Artist Victor-Hugo Vaca II said. “I thought semen would be a better body fluid to work with. Fortunately, girlfriends agreed and…well, the rest is history.”

“The Holy Spirit Tells Joseph Of The Immaculate Conception” By Maverick Artist Victor-Hugo Vaca II As seen in the feature length action drama, “The Last Hit” available on Amazon Prime and on DVD.

"Sky 4 Jennifer" By Victor-Hugo Vaca II was originally manifested February 1, 2005 in the artists's Florida beachfront studio, which he calls his "Labyrinth of Creativity". The work of art was remixed on November 23, 2009 by the Modern Art Music Movement (MAMM) in front of a live audience at a "MAMM Jam Happening" on stage at the legendary "Buck 15" in South Beach, Miami, Florida, with the Maverick Artist Victor-Hugo performing alongside Columbian rock band, Feneiva, in the run up to sold- out, "MAMM Jams" featuring the multi-media artist, during Art Basel.


MASTER ARTIST of our lifetime

Synchronism Post Impression Cubism BACK COVER: What Dreams May Come from The Architects Yellow Pencil -19 x15

Abstract Expressionism

In 1977, Marc Rubin made the greatest contribution to Fine Art since Georges Seurat invented and defined Pointillism in 1873. Marc Rubin defined and Marc Richard Rubin created the first work in his invention, Synchronism. Synchronism was in practice but never as a genre. The bold color and contrast of Marc Rubin’s works are derived from Seurat’s color principles which are the foundation of all modern art. Marc Rubin continues to produce works in styles which define him as a truly unique artist. Intentional Fine Art: Timeless, combining two or more styles from the current timeline or any previous age into harmonic balance. Marc Rubin has used Synchronism combining Post Impression, Cubism and Abstract Expressionism.



(Vee-gor-ray: Vigor, Vitality)


What Dreams May Come from The Architects Yellow Pencil -19 x15

Vigore Magazine March 2018  
Vigore Magazine March 2018