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“Capturing the FINE ART of Life”

Aaron Chang


Cover artist

Aaron Chang Vigore- As a force in visually defining the sport of surfing Aaron has pursued his photography to the far ends of the earth. For 25 years, as a senior photographer for Surfing magazine, Aaron was at the core of the surfing world discovering new talent and surf spots on a global scale. Having traveled to 40+ countries in search of the perfect adventure Aaron’s work has graced the covers of over 100 magazines. Aaron Chang has been featured on Fuel TV, PBS, and is currently the subject of a documentary film on surf photographers in the film titled, Lost and Found. The award winning Gallery in Solana Beach, California in the Cedros Design District is home to Aaron’s art. Specializing in large scale fine art prints of Aaron’s best work, the prints are setting new standards in photographic art.

Aaron Chang’s mission statement reads: “I seek, through photography, to convey a sense of wonder with the amazing architecture of life. It is my hope that when presented with the beauty of God’s creations, viewers might ponder the gift of life given to us so freely. It is our nature to easily become blinded to this beauty and to forget what a wonder it is to be alive.” An active member of his community, both personally and professionally, Aaron serves on several boards and contributes to many charities. Currently residing in Encinitas, California, Aaron is married and the father of 2 boys. www.aaronchang.com


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“Capturing the FINE ART of Life”

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Visit our website and “Like” our magazine Send all Blog submissions for consideration to Olga@vigoremag.com Subscribe to Vigore to receive your free magazine www.vigorechicago.com • Ofc: 312.341.1190 Vigore (vee-gor-ray) an Italian word meaning vigor or vitality


Mondragon – widely regarded as one of the best surf photos of all time. Published on more magazine covers than any other surf shot.

International Surf Day – image used by Surfing Magazine, commemorating one day of the year to catch a wave at your favorite break!

NaPali Dream – Lush, tropical coastline meets warm Kauai waters in this slice of Paradise.

Kauai Cave – A huge cave opens to perfect serenity on the North Shore of Kauai.

Blue Perfection – Shot in the pristine waters of Tahiti, this crystal cathedral is awe-inspiring!

Huahine Huts – Serene turquoise waters surround tropical huts in this Tahitian paradise.

Majestic Day – This image was shot in the water at Blacks Beach in La Jolla during a big winter swell.

Andy Irons Teahupoo – Shot in Tahiti, this photo was featured in Surfing magazine as a decisive moment for both Andy and Aaron.

Michelle – modern, pretty, surreal.

White Waimea – Frothing foamy pit with perfect symmetry and shape.

Doug Brown Pipe - This is the shot that put Aaron on the map! One of the first wide angle shots ever of a Pipeline.

Young Slater and Brothers – Shot in Cocoa Beach, FL, this shot embodies the Endless Summer.

Evening Session – Offshore winds and warm light form the perfect elements for this serene color palette.

Chamber – sun streams through a veil of water, capturing a moment of silent perfection.




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The Ocean Art of Aaron Chang


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1718 North Clyborn • Chicago T: 312.787.3237 www.battagliafootwear.com info@battagliafootwear.com or battaglia-footwear@msn.com 10


1720 North Clybourn Chicago 312.397.1288 info@pattersonmenswear.com www.pattersonmenswear.com

Jennifer Christenson’s Miss Illinois USA 2012

First Runner Up Experience The pursuit of accomplishing something "outside of the box," can be frightening but it can also be the most amazing experience of your life. Throughout my life, education has always been my first priority. It was important for me to prove that I had a brain. I was sure that people underestimated me because of my looks and my smile. I thought it was impossible to be recognized as smart and beautiful. Then I grew up. I found liberty when I learned how to just be me-all of me. I began to embrace every attribute and asset that I possessed. I followed my heart and decided to participate in a pageant, but not just any pageant, the Miss Illinois USA pageant. I dreamed of how far I might go if I worked hard and did all that I could to make myself a better Jennifer. In preparation for pageant week, I trained twice a day in the gym, boxing and lifting weights. I maintained a strict diet that required serious focus and dedication, which meant, for example, I had to give up chocolate! I even had to learn to master the “pageant walk”, and who would have thought that learning the art of outfit changes could be such a challenge? But all of these challenges gave me confidence and helped me learn to be “me” and not compare myself to anyone else. These steps were in preparation for pageant weekend. What goes on during the official competition weekend is CRAZY! Behind the scenes: Literally, you run off stage, jump out of six inch heels, strip off whatever clothing you can while zooming to the dressing room for your next outfit. This required running down a hall and across the hotel, up the stairs and down another hall. You have exactly two minutes (with the help of chaperones zipping or gluing your clothes to your body so they don’t move or fall down on stage) to change and run all the way back to the stage, pretend you are not out of breath, smile so long that your lips quiver, walk while trying not to trip or fall, stare at the judges and smile- still don’t fall- make sure you are walking to the right spot, look for your stage cues- but not too long because you 12

don’t want to lose eye contact with the judges get off stage, run like you’re on fire again to change clothes once more and make it back for your next time on stage in a bikini! Don’t forget to suck in with shoulders back, smile, have natural and flowing arms and hands, pose, and don’t think about how exhausted and hungry you are! A lot of us pushed lettuce around on plates for the three days of the competition and for many of us, this diet had gone on for months or even years prior to the pageant. The most common thing I heard was, “I can’t wait until Sunday at 8pm…I’m going to eat pizza!! Once upon a time, I would have rolled my eyes at a girl on such a diet, but now I understand. Done in a healthy way, these girls were committed to a goal, and I learned to respect that. I also respect that these women found the gumption to stand in front of an audience with pride and say, “Here I am!” They open themselves up to judgment, and if it doesn’t work out as they hoped, they build resilience. They try again. Not everyone can do that. A common misconception about pageants is that these girls are consumed by all that is fake, superficial, and unrealistic and they do not represent what a “real” woman is. That is not true. This IS who they are and they are real women. They are beautiful, yes, but they are also smart and dedicated to be their best. Beauty is only a part of what they embrace about themselves. They work hard to enhance who they are, and damn right, they should put themselves on a stage to model it. They have earned it. Poise, class, health, and beauty from the inside-out is how I would describe the young women participating in the Miss Illinois competition.

This entire experience was one that built confidence, sisterhood, endurance and dreams. We are all made of Mind Body and Spirit. How we develop each is what determines how fulfilling our lives will be. We all have God given attributes. How we maximize and utilize what He has given us is our way of giving thanks and honoring Him. This pageant was a LOT of work and focus… A LOT…and I couldn’t have done it if God hadn’t made me who I am, inside and out. I’m grateful and I now have the confidence to own it. I am proud to be ALL of who I am. Thank you to everyone who has been with me throughout my journey.



Moving forward ...

Jennifer Christenson’s experiences have led her to a media career that began at WCIU-TV in Chicago, where she produced and hosted an entertainment news show, The Chicago Insider. She interviewed celebrities such as Sarah Jessica Parker, Vince Vaughn, Ben Affleck, and President Bill Clinton. Jennifer has also hosted and produced Positive, a talk show on WYCC in Chicago, where she interviewed stars like Donna Summer and Mario Lopez, and tackled tough issues like cancer awareness and education reform. She has hosted a human rights based talk show, Inside the Ladies Lockeroom. Her strong research skills became an asset in bringing accurate facts and effective details to inform audiences of important issues such as poverty, healthcare, and social justice. Jennifer is now the CEO and founder of her own public relations and production firm, offering consulting, PR, and client events, Her mission is to connect professionals who want to network with other professionals to develop and promote business growth and success. Jennifer Christenson


Viktor Out-of-the-shell Out of the Shell is an exotic piece that captures a multi-faceted explanation of woman and life.

For more information about Viktor contact Olga Bugaeva at 708.389.3038 monumentalartworks@gmail.com


Viktor At the young age of 6, Viktor found his love of art and sculpture through a potato and a peeler. While helping his grandmother in the kitchen, preparing a traditional Russian feast, he had the task of peeling potatoes. When left alone to his own devices, Viktor decided to get creative and make his very first horse potato sculpture. When his grandmother returned to the kitchen, to her surprise and amusement, she saw that several of the potatoes were in a rough image of a mini horse army. At that point, everyone knew that little boy would be a great artist one day.

Levitation – Upon a close look at this sculpture, a person can notice that this woman is both levitating (her cloak is resting on her legs) as well as falling down (her hair is flowing up). It is a transcendental reflection on the calmness and chaotic nature of life. Viktor explains that “even during moments of falling down, a person can still find peace and inner Zen, you just have to look for it.�



at work

“A few basic elements bound together by the almighty forces of the universe make one of the most remarkable materials we call granite. To see beautiful colors of granite through your touch and to feel the back flow of energy of the divine creation is an exceptional pleasure to many of us. Shaping granite into different forms and sizes is the business of a few. Carving granite into beautiful human forms is a privilege of Masters.� - Viktor For more information about Viktor contact Olga Bugaeva at 708.389.3038 monumentalartworks@gmail.com

Viktor is at work on the first cuts of what is a large solid block of grey granite, which will become a beautiful two part bust of Hans and Lotte Haas. This is one of the total of 14 busts that compose the Ocean Pioneers collection currently exhibited at Google Headquarters in Mt. View, CA.


Viktor stands atop a monstrous granite structure, roughly 16 feet tall. This will become one of his greatest pieces, a full round statue of an angel which he dedicated to his daughter for her sweet 16th birthday. The sculpture can be seen at Angelcrest cemetery, Valparaiso, IN. For more information contact Olga Bugaeva Ofc: 708.389.3038 monumentalartworks@gmail.com

Vigore Birth of the Messenger – This piece currently stands at the Grounds for Sculpture outdoor museum in New Jersey. The close up shows the detail of the work done in this transcendental piece. The other side (not shown) is of the man in the womb. On the front is the woman who represents the life force and the doorway from which the messenger emerges.

630 Nor th Washington Street Naper ville, IL 60563 (630) 922.4000 • www www.lipodoc.com .lipodoc.com MAKIN MAKING GN NAPERVILLE APERVILLE APER VILLE MORE BEAUTIFUL BEA UTIFUL ONE PATIENT PATIENT AT PA AT A TIME Dr. Leon F. Tcheupdjian, M.D. and Leslie Forrester, R.N., of the Liposuction and Cosmetic Surgery Institute, are a father and daughter duo committed to bringing beauty to Naperville. Dr. Tcheupdjian, M.D. has been fulfilling women’s dreams of taking who they are and helping them become what they want to be for more than four decades. “Dr. T” specializes in liposuction/lipotherapy and has probably performed or supervised more liposuction/lipotherapy procedures than any other American cosmetic surgeon. Additionally, he teaches physicians the art and science of liposuction/lipotherapy and fat transplantation. Dr. Tcheupdjian, M.D. is recognized as a pioneer in the development and practice of new techniques in current use and he has designed several of the

modern surgical instruments currently used in liposuction and fat transfer. life to finding the “I’ve dedicated my life latest and greatest treatments for my patients,” Tcheupdjian, M.D. said. “I show up at my office everyday eager to help my patients look and feel good.” Leslie Forrester, R.N., known to many in Naperville as the “Wrinkle Fairy”, grew up in the business. She is a graduate of Loyola University and achieved her B.S.N. at Rush University. Forrester, R.N, now works side her,, helping women look by side with her father and feel beautiful. As a certified instructor and speaker er,, Allergan, Inc. enlists her to train doctors and other practitioners on the proper way to inject Botox Cosmetic and Juvederm. She is currently working on a book focusing on the ever evolving world of cosmetic medicine, and hosts a Radio Show On REWIND 100.3 called Beauty Time.

“It’s my goal to be the best possible injector I can be for for my patients,” Forrester er,, R.N. said. “I have a loyal follo following of patients, and that’s something to be really proud of. My patients look ffor orward to seeing me, and I look for forward to seeing how good they look when they leave.” At the Liposuction and Cosmetic Surgery Institute, Dr. Tcheupdjian, M.D. and Leslie Forrester er,, R.N. do everything from minor procedures to complex makeovers, right in their Naperville office. They offer a wide range of services including: Botox Cosmetic, Face Lifts, Chemical Peels, Tummy Tuck, Breast Augmentation, Body Contouring, Vein Therapy and Cellulite treatment. They are truly committed to their craft and bringing beauty to Naperville. For more infor inf ormation and a full list of services offered at the Liposuction and Cosmetic Surgery Institute, please visit www.lipodoc.com www.lipodoc.com.

630-922-4000 • www.LipoDoc.com www.LipoDoc.com 20


ANTI-AGING, HAIR, SKIN, BODY Argan Oil is loaded with essential fatty acids like linoleic acid, which is the precursor of vitamin E. It is well known for it’s anti-aging moisturizing and antioxidant properties. It has been scientifically proven that Argan Oil is able to correct the age-related deficiencies in skin that cause dehydration and loss of skin elasticity. It is found to contain 700 mg per kilogram of tocopherols (Vitamin E-related compounds) – that is twice the amount found in olive oil. It is a natural antioxidant and can stimulate intracellular oxygenation, which helps neutralize free radicals and protects soft tissue. The nutrient content of the skin is restored with the help of Argan Oil topical application.



New on the scene

CK Studio Salon & Spa (Downtown Skokie) 8040 N Lincoln, Skokie, IL. (773) 455-3335 www.orafrique.com




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The CK Studio Salon is your destination for the latest cutting and coloring techniques. Our goal is to help you show your inner and outer beauty by giving you the confidence to look and feel great. Whether you need just a quick trim or a complete makeover, we want to make your experience at the CK Studio Salon & Spa, one which you will want to share with your family and friends. We are so pleased to provide you with the best ORGANIC CHEMICAL FREE cosmetics and skincare at discounted prices. We believe in women empowering themselves with the tools to create "their vision, and their look" We know how intimidating cosmetic counters can be and we are here to bring our cosmetic counter to you. If you currently do not receive our monthly newsletter's with monthly specials, please sign up, all we need is your email address. Don't forget to "Friend Us" on Facebook.... You never know what specials will appear on there.

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L’or D’afrique Inc also provides wholesale products to distributors, department stores, salons, boutiques, specialty shops, and neighborhood stores. In addition, we private label our product to meet the standard of your company. If you would like to carry L’or D’afrique products contact: L’or D’afrique Inc PO Box 34147 Chicago, IL 60634 Ofc: (312) 404-6929 Email: info@orafrique.56

www.vigorechicago.com • Ofc: 312.341.1190 Vigore (vee-gor-ray: vigor, vitality)


CHICAGO: City of Views Vigore - From sunrise to sunset, with the moon appearing in the winter

early evening sky, Chicago is a jewel city in the midwest. Unique to Chicago are the many bridges that connect the city.


he trunnion bascule bridge or Chicago bascule type bridge was developed and perfected in Chicago. Nineteen bridges of this type span the Chicago River, from Lake Shore Drive to Congress Parkway. Chicago and Cook County are home to one of the largest collections of historic bridges in the country, and no other city in the world has more movable bridges.

Creative architects have designed and positioned buildings to take advantage of the man made and natural elements of Chicago, creating spectacular views

The photograph above was taken from the inside of a condo unit on Canal Street facing the river looking out towards Lake Michigan. This wonderful “Nature City” view will be lost forever due to the corporate expansion of Chicago soon to resemble New York City. This historic area should be a “landmark site” protected from over development. Photos submitted by Cay Clark

Marc Rubin’s “Chicago River View” 1996 - Pop Cubism.

Expansion and growth threatens the beauty of living in Chicago. 900 ft.

Chicago developed around the area where the three branches of

Planned River Point Development

750 ft.

the Chicago River converge. Today, the views of the river, its canals and beautiful Lake Michigan are spectacular. But more developement and expansion in downtown Chicago threatens to block those spectacular views. Wolf Point, the last open space in Chicago, sits where the three river branches meet and developers have a plan to build three massive skyscrapers on Wolf Point’s small, four acre lot. This plan will add to the congestion, and will further diminish Chicago’s skyline. Wolf Point needs a better plan one that will enhance the area with intelligent development, improve the quality of life of its residents, and preserve Chicago

650 ft. 525 ft.

Wolf Point Development as proposal by Wolf Point Owners, LLC

Marc Rubin‘s images are available as reprints on poster and on canvas through Vigore Chicago magazine.

as the “Jewel of the Midwest”. 25


j ewelr y sculptures ltd

National and International Award Winning Designs 26

designed & created by

Robert Trisko jewelr y as Wearable Sculpture速

one of a kind

trisko2.com 320.253.5346 ian@trisko2.com

Trisko Jewelry will be presenting their designs at art shows across the USA in 2013. Contact us for information on the upcoming shows and their locations.

Trisko jewelry sculptures ltd

designed & created by

Robert Trisko jewelry as Wearable Sculpture速

trisko2.com 320.253.5346 ian@trisko2.com 28

Unique Artistic Style ... invite Rosemary to your next event

“Public’s Interest” in the “Public’s Best Interest”

Is the

The “public interest” refers to outcomes best serving the long run survival and well being of a society. Specific actions taken such as real world policies are affected by and made in the name of “public interest”. Public interest issues change over time as a society changes and it’s needs change. But are “public interest” policies always in the “public’s best interest? Public interest groups in the United States perform important functions. Public interest groups identify problems and often bring about change. They help governments by providing policy makers with information essential to making laws and they educate legislative members and the public regarding specific issues. They share a desire to affect government policy and they put pressure on policy makers to pass laws to benefit their cause. Their goal could be a policy that exclusively benefits one segment of society (e.g., government subsidies for farmers) or a policy that advances a broader public purpose. (e.g., improving air quality)

Problems with “Public Interest”Public interest groups have a great capacity for good but they can also create change producing very different results than those anticipated. These groups, in their drive to promote awareness and change, can many times distort realities or only show one side in order to move people, public opinion, and politicians in a specific direction. In desperation to further their cause, “public interest” groups can create anger and fear. Public interest groups often move to create the illusion of working for the public good, but they can be in direct contradiction to the "public’s best interest”. One important example of this is in the wood, pulp, paper products and

printing industry. Fueled by strong public interest and supported with enforcement by the EPA, unions, federal and state regulations, all applying a great amount of economic and public pressure to protect the environment, have diminished the United States wood and pulp industry. There has been a dramatic reduction of new mills opening in the United States, other mills reducing operation days, and some mills totally closing. A strong “public interest” initiative to protect the environment has decreased paper manufacturing in the United States, allowing China and Indonesia to make paper for U.S. markets, creating an economic downturn in the U.S. paper industry that is detrimental to the “public’s best interest”. To achieve what is in our best interest, economic stability cannot be accomplished without homeland manufacturing. Our best interest could be achieved at a global level by boycotting the purchase of foreign manufactured paper that does not meet the U.S. EPA manufacturing standards. The United States has reduced emissions dramatically, while other industrial growing countries have increased emissions three fold. With the “public interest” as the driving force to protect the United States environment and reduce pollution, our government has moved in an extreme direction. The cost to the United States is loss of jobs, loss of tax revenue, loss of a leadership position as a global paper product provider, and diminished scientific development to improve the paper manufacturing process. Trees contribute to many of our land’s ecosystems and they should be protected, but an average of 4,000 acres of forest is being converted to commercial development every day of the year, year after year. Without government incentives to hold on to these areas,


Special Interest

owners of America’s woodlands are feeling the financial pressure to sell their land to commercial developers at an alarming rate. Groups like the “Print Grows Trees”, campaign to support print on paper and give woodland owners the financial incentives they need to keep America’s woodlands safe from commercial development.

Unions: “Public’s Best Interest”? Unions protect wages, benefits, working conditions and job retention. However, their inability to compromise in negotiations has created job loss. In recent times, unions have also demanded that workers accept lower wages and benefits, claiming that this is the way to save jobs and remain competitive. One example is the AFL-CIO and SEIU, unions who have refused concessions and accepted layoffs, claiming that state and federal democratic representatives will answer the problems of newly unemployed workers.

Positive Results of “Public Interest” Policies Public interest initiatives have begun to help paper companies save the forests by diverting waste from landfills, decreasing the overall carbon footprint of paper products and decreasing dependency on coal and other fossil fuels. The paper industry’s goal is to recover and recycle 60% of all paper that Americans consume. Using old paper to make new paper uses thirty to fifty percent less energy than making paper from new trees. Pollution is also reduced by 95% when used paper is recycled to make new sheets. The process of making paper for print in the United States utilizes more than 60% bio-fuels. Bio-fuels are environmentally friendly because they are neutral with respect to the emission of carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide given off by burning bio-fuels is balanced by 29

the carbon dioxide absorbed by the plants grown to produce them. Paper mills even use what’s left from the manufacturing process to generate bio-energy on site.

Politics: Problems and Opportunities The political party that controls a government has an impact on and passes legislation regarding issues they deem important to the “public interest”. Americans need to be aware of what issues are considered important. Politics, along with public and private interests are inseparable. These competing and ever changing forces can affect what is considered in the “public interest” and can affect our lives today and the lives of future generations to come. We should question whether laws enacted regarding those issues are in the “public’s best interest”.

Conclusion Critics of public interest have expressed that public interest concepts are almost always imprecise and expansive. Others argued that public interest is about an ideal rather than a scientific discrete construct. An important distinction between “public interest” and public’s best interest” is that “public interest” is an ideal, whereas “public best interest” has specific, identifiable content. Public’s Interest and Public’s Best Interest share an artificial distinction because they have soft boundaries and inevitable meld. There is a distinction, even somewhat unrealistic, in that it reflects two largely separate points. Karissa Herbst -Photographer karissaherbstphotography.com The photo was taken in the early evening in the winter of 2011 at Joyce Kilmer Park in Robinsville, NC.


Special Interest 30



It takes all of a moment for the smiles and the smells to register

Chicago’s oldest all cupcake boutique. As a brand as proud of its

when you walk into

cupcakes as it is of just making people happy, it is no surprise

Swirlz Cupcakes stands out in a crowd.

Going strong in our seventh year of business, Swirlz

Cupcakes’ reach is ever-broadening. What started as a cozy niche in the heart of Lincoln Park has quickly spread across the street to the once home of Children’s Memorial Hospital, out to the twenty regional Whole Food grocers, and across the nation in the form of our new shippable Chocolate Chunk Cookie, which is free of gluten, soy and dairy.

Each tasty treat, whether cupcake or cookie, is made fresh on-site by our dedicated Swirlz pastry chefs. Creating the perfect cupcake is a meticulous process that begins around midnight with the preparing of our homemade buttermilk batter and continues throughout the morning as customers begin to line up at the door. The cupcakes are baked in small batches to ensure the quality and integrity of the cake. Each cupcake is then hand-piped with the trademark whipped Italian butter cream swirl and individual, flavor-specific garnish. It is worth noting that our Swirlz team has come up with over 750 flavors since the brand’s conception. Why so many flavors? It comes back to the brand itself— we are here to make you happy. Whether it’s the Twixie cupcake with its

salted caramel butter cream and hidden shortbread cookie layer or the gluten-free Lemon cupcake filled with a homemade lemon curd that strikes a chord with you, there is truly a homemade goody for every customer. Swirlz prides itself on providing tasty desserts to an underserved gluten-free and vegan clientele. The gluten-free and vegan gluten-free cupcakes have made such a name for themselves, people call up and stop by our little bakery from all over the country. In fact, it is for these customers that Swirlz broadened its scope and created the Chocolate Chunk cookie. If our gluten-free and vegan customers could not make it to us, we created a cookie that we could ship across the nation to them.

Swirlz Cupcakes is a brand built on individual attention and delivering happiness—to the cupcakes, to

you, and to our community. Swirlz has served and continues to partner with neighborhood schools, large retailers including Macy’s and Nordstrom, Children’s Memorial Hospital, now the Ann and Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital, the Ronald McDonald House Children’s Charities Group, PAWS Chicago, the University of Chicago Celiac Disease Center, and many others. We are committed to

Pam Rose, Partner Swirlz Cupcakes®

serving our customers and our community by bringing them our own brand of happiness in the form of a cupcake or a cookie, and a smile.

Pam Rose and Brandon Mayberry, the hearts and minds behind the Swirlz brand, have put seven years of

hard work, late nights, and even baked, iced and delivered cupcakes themselves in order to see a cupcake dream come to fruition. It is by no accident that the Swirlz brand has risen to recognition and become a hallmark of the Chicago area that it is today. Even Martha Stewart has picked her favorite Swirlz Cupcakes flavor—our Chocolate Passion Fruit. Most days, you can find Pam in the Swirlz kitchen brainstorming new cupcake flavors—most recently a line of premium Greek yogurt cupcakes in unique Mediterranean flavor profiles, or in the store front, passing out smiles and cupcakes by the dozens. While Brandon began locally invested in Swirlz, his eminent opera career has carried him to The New York Metropolitan Opera House. But even from New York City, he keeps a finger on the pulse of the business, the Chicago community, and our faithful customers.

Pam and Brandon have lent their hearts and minds and breathed life into a brand that

has become an entity unto itself. Ask any of the neighborhood kids who stop by after school for a cupcake, or the boyfriends who have proposed with a cupcake in our tiny store front, or the families at Ronald McDonald House who spend an evening decorating cupcakes with the Swirlz team— they will tell you, Swirlz Cupcakes delivers happiness. We are humbled to be a part of this community, privileged to be invited into your lives, and dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality cupcakes, cookies, and smiles.

Swirlz Cupcakes® Located in Lincoln Park! www.swirlzcupcakes.com (773) 404-CAKE (2253) twitter: @swirlzcupcakes

Photograph by Caitlin Saville Collins • C.Saville Photography csavillephotography.com • csavillephotography.blogspot.co


Photograph by:

Peter Jezioro www.pjezioro.com 847.922.5414 jeziorop@gmail.com


Peter Jezioro, provided the photographs for this issue and Vigore’s October 2012 issue, “Has Chicago lost the Art of the Door?” and “Where are Chicago’s Demons & Angels.” Vigore Chicago magazine recommends Peter Jerzioro for his passion, talent, expertise and ability to capture the moment. www.pjeziore.com




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Within: A Medical Suspense Novel A movement is happening in cancer care, far from the sterile halls of conventional hospitals and the one-shot-fits-all drugs of pharmaceutical companies. Doctor Richard Blake and his synergistic, personalized treatment stand at the forefront of this revolution. But Plaxin Pharmaceuticals will stop at nothing to suppress the doctor’s groundbreaking discoveries. Print and eBook versions are now available on Amazon. Visit withinanovel.com to learn more. "Within" is a work of fiction.


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Claremont Press Encounter giants from Lincoln to LaSalle and Grant to Goethe with this sculpture-tour guidebook of Chicago’s largest park. Named a Chicago Writers Association Book of the Year, “Giants in the Park” honors Lincoln Park’s bronze heroes with biographical narratives and watercolor rendered illustrations. It features the histories behind the monuments -- stories about the artists, the benefactors, and the unveiling ceremonies. “Lost” statues and the park’s cemetery years are documented as well.

Visit www.lincolnparkstatues.com to learn more about “Giants” and to see a listing of book-related events, including walking tours, bike tours, book talk presentations, and a WGN radio interview with Rick Kogan on August 26th! Watercolor rendered statue illustrations are available as note cards and giclee prints online or at Art de Triumph/ Artful Framer Studios.

“This lovely book, which is accented by the author’s watercolors of the statues, belongs on everyone’s Chicago history bookshelf” – Greg Borzo, author of The Chicago “L” and “Where to Bike Chicago”

Giants in the Park is “a passionate, personal project (combining history, art, love of Chicago, love of books), beautifully executed.” – Sharon Woodhouse, Publisher, Lake

“Giants in the Park is an essential item for any Chicago lover’s bookshelf.” — Rick Kogan, WGN

Giants in the Park is “a passionate, personal project (combining history, art, love of Chicago, love of books), beautifully executed.” -- Sharon Woodhouse, Publisher, Lake Claremont Press


OVER 50 & ACTIVE What do many 50+ Chicago area residents have in common? I retired 3 years ago after nearly 30 years as a Sales Executive for CIGNA Corporation and DST Health Care Solutions. Upon retirement, I was determined to pursuit life’s next chapter doing something I truly knew I wanted to do.

Dan O'Connell doconnell@chicagowalktour.com

My initial inclination was going into teaching. I have always been a prolific reader of history and I felt this would be the discipline I would have the most to offer. However, after coming to the realization that this was not a possibility, too many history teachers in Illinois, I decided to move in a different direction. Besides my family and friends, I have two great passions in life; my love for the city of Chicago and my love of history. After I retired two years ago, I decided to unite these two passions by creating Chicago’s Finest River Walk Tour. My friends advised me that Chicago already had many bus, boat and walking tours. I agreed, but I was convinced that the city of Chicago did not yet have Chicago’s Finest River Walk Tour and needed it. The reason I knew this was because after taking many of

these tours, I realized that no one of them told the real “Story” of Chicago and that story needed to be told. Thus, in 2010, Chicago’s Finest Tours was born! Today, Chicago’s Finest Tours is the 6th highest ranked activity (out of 140) in the city of Chicago according to tripadvisor.com. We are Chicago’s most dynamic and fun entertainment alternative! We offer our guests highly passionate and energy-packed activities ranging from walking tours, bus tours and highly advanced scavenger hunts – Ultimate Quest. We distinguish ourselves by providing our guests captivating storytelling, keen visualizations and infectious enthusiasm! Our mission is to ensure each guest walks away with a smile on their face and better understanding of our amazing city. Chicago’s Finest Tours Ofc: 312-202-0745 doconnell@chicagowalktour.com www.chicagowalktour.com

Silver Hockey Club in Chicago – Fifty and Older I feel like life has just begun. I am singing and living in Chicago, a worldclass city. I am loving life more than ever. After singing part-time in Indiana for many years, I made the decision to end my twentyfive year teaching career, retire, and move to Chicago. That is when my exciting journey began!   I sing Sinatra to Adele, easy listening to rock and roll. We provide piano bar music for dinner parties and nightclubs.  We play great dance music for weddings, parties and downtown clubs. Christina & Company msblueworld@yahoo.com 36

There may come a time in a hockey player’s life when he asks himself, “should I stop playing this sport?” Men in the Chicago Silver Hockey Club may think back on days when the game was easier with fewer bumps and bruises during competition, come back each week and they still love the game. Younger skaters, who watch the “Silvers”, make comments like, “for old guys, they can still shoot and skate!” These young skaters might not be able to see into their own future and understand that the desire to skate and compete exists for a lifetime. Each Silver skater looks forward to the next time they hit the ice and feel the kid in them once again emerge.

Tommy G. Founder & Organizer Chicago Sliver Hockey Club




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Be Bold.  Be Free. Scarves by Michael Foster are available for purchase online and in select boutique retailers throughout Chicago. Visit his website or Facebook page to view available designs and receive exclusive updates about Michael’s appearances throughout Chicago, Hollywood, and the fashion industry, and check out his scarf designs, events, and upcoming skincare line. www.michaelanthonyfoster.com facebook.com/michaelfoster48

Michael Foster

the RISE FASHION on Scarves by Michael Foster are made from 100% Organic Egyptian cotton and designed by Michael himself. He is inspired by seasonal color palates and the latest fashion trends, and he enjoys the way different shades come together to accent not only each other, but also augment the personality of the wearer. When asked about his bright, colorful approach to men’s fashion, he explains, “Bold colors demand attention and create an aura of importance. In the animal kingdom, the male species have always had more elaborate coloring to attract their mates and stand out from the crowd. My dream is for all men to feel confident and comfortable in color.”




WHAT ABOUT PINK! Headlines from Australia, UK and the United States:

The Terror of the Red Pen ... Study shows red pen corrections bum students out ... No More Red Ink! ... Teachers starting to shun red pens ... Teachers banned from using 'confrontational' red ink in case it upsets children Teachers traditionally wielded a red pen because it stood out on paper, against black or blue, the shade typically used by students. Some argue that American culture is one of extremes. They say the same students who receive color-sensitive grades leave school and play gory video games. And some attribute the dwindling number of red pens in the classroom to self-esteem sensitivity run amok. Skeptics discount fears of the shade and wonder whether all the attention to the color of a grade has any substantive effect. One visual arts professor at a University in California, said the negative reaction to grading in red is culturally embedded – a reaction more ingrained in the teachers than the students. Teachers may start out using purple, a color that they seem to think has less negative connotations, but in time, after kids have gone through 12 years of purple check marks, they're going to think purple is an awful color. Many educators say the choice of pen color is only the tip of making the grading experience a positive one for kids. Some argue that the science of grading is so much more than a check mark on a piece of paper. Another teacher who instructs aspiring teachers at a California State University, said callous grading can cause kids to loathe school, and she cautions her students against correcting tests in red. A principal at a California Elementary school, said grading is much more sophisticated than it used to be. Every aspect of grading – from the language used to the teacher's tone and the color of ink used to make corrections – leaves a psychological imprint on students. Teachers are instructed to use more neutral colors – blues and greens, or shades of purple because thay are more calming colors.


The color purple is used in Manhattan, and has emerged as a new color of choice for many educators. Australia says 'no' to use of red pen by teachers. Press Trust Of India / Melbourne December 05, 2008. The teachers in Australia have been asked to stop using red pen to mark students’ work as it can harm their mental health ... Teachers shouldn't use red colored pens to mark homework 'because it's like shouting and upsets pupils' A U.S. study says red pen makes students anxious. Children feel "shouted at" but psychologist say criticism is a normal part of life. Anyone for hot pink? Turquoise blue, hot pink, lime green? Could different colors solve the problem.

Street Talk

Are these the same children that play “blood and guts kill everything in sight” video games. The DUMBING of America continues as educators in Washington DC, consider the removal of Civics classes (Government and Politics the study of the rights and responsibilities of citizenship) with more Physical Education and Music classes. What demographic needs this type of assistance to graduate? Which politician benefits by a higher percentage of less educated graduating students? What will be next? Paying students to go to school and receive bonuses for passing grades? Then I would expect, improved student grades could be another government, tax payer funded program considered a part of national security. School is for learning and preparing children to live in the real world. If such a minor thing as red ink is so damaging to their self-esteem, I have no idea how they are going to become functional adults.


Are teachers still teaching? Are grades important?

Special Interest

F A +


Student Student Question: Answer: What are the


Good Job 1 out of 3, t sorry abou You PASS ed pen the scary r

“The three Rs (as in the letter R) refers to the foundations of a basic skills orientated education program within schools: reading, writing and arithmetic.” It appeared in print as a space filler in "The Lady's Magazine" in 1818 though it is widely quoted as arising from a phrase coined in a toast given by Sir William Curtis MP in around 1825.


reading OK sp se o -?sp cl ugh W riting o A rithamtics -? sp en rgot

ly f o you on d the A n the W a

Since its original creation, many others have created new words for what the Rs stand for. Some have tried to update the 3 Rs as Relating, Representing and Reasoning. Advocates of traditional education question how students who struggle with basic skills can be expected to be successful at higher order thinking levels.

Street Talk Unbelieveable, students are being coddled into accepting less then they can be. Next I will hear, the words “Fired and Failure” are banned from use because it is too harsh. “Released and Redo” will be the new words to cover situations when an individual does not meet the expected standards.

If we treat our children like snowflakes how are they going to make it in the real world, with real jobs, competitive colleagues, work stress, relationship issues etc., if they can't even handle a red X mark on their school assignments?

Students are coming up short in America’s educational system. Parents, family members and grandparents need to be more involved and take responsibility. Children do not want to learn detailed course material. Making children learn reading, writing and arithmetic is not easy. Students face many distractions from friends, social media and countless electronic games and devices.

The ban on red ink is bizarre. Red ink is the quickest way for pupils to see where they are going wrong . I give teachers who have ditched their red pens an F.

I don't feel the color of the ink a teacher uses makes a difference when giving feed back to the student on an assignment. I think the type of feedback is what is important. Feedback should be positive and constructive to help the student produce better work at a higher level of thinking. I tend to use non-red colors when I grade papers. I think bright colors of blue, purple, pink or orange are more pleasant to look at than red. Or, maybe I use these colors as a form of rebellion to the red ink I saw on my own assignments as a student. One day, in my early years of teaching, when I was in the teachers' lounge, I watched an elementary teacher grade a student's language arts assignment. I didn't really know what the teacher's comments were or what the content of the student's work was but the student's paper was filled with teacher comments and at that time the teacher used red ink. The student's paper had more red ink than pencil that the student had used to write the assignment. My thought was that the student needed more instruction from the teacher before completing that assignment. Hopefully that teacher retaught the student the skills Mary Fairfield needed to complete a good assignment Special Education Teacher that would earn a red inked smiley face at the top of the paper! 41

“Our underlying goal is to share our love and passion for health and nutrition with others. The name Suja means ‘long, beautiful life’ in ancient Hindu, a term which perfectly embodies the foundation of our juices and what they can do for you.”

Suja’s organic juices will keep you balanced and hydrated to thrive The body's internal system is a hardworking machine and just like us, it needs a break from time to time. That's where Suja’s raw, cold-pressed, organic juices come in handy. Packed with alkalizing and enzymatically active greens, roots, fruits, and herbs, Suja juices deliver your body the nutrition it needs without the chore of breaking it down. This allows the digestive system to rest and repair while old toxins are escorted out of the tissues and eliminated from the body. This whole process is enjoyable too. Suja’s unique certified organic blends combine the most delicious flavors to make the experience a treat from start to finish!

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Suja was created from a passion to help people transform their lives through nutrition. We believe living a healthy lifestyle brings out the best in all of us, but most people don’t know how to start and maintain vibrant health. As a child, founder Eric Ethans grew organic gardens and developed a fascination with the way seeds became living, delicious plants. He saw the connection between the life force in the plants and the life force in the human body and discovered juicing as the easiest, most pure way to assimilate these incredible nutrients. Co-founder Annie Lawless developed a passion for health and nutrition as a teenager after years of dealing with a bothersome autoimmune skin disorder. Through juicing and a modified organic diet, she is now symptom-free and believes if you give the body what it needs, it will heal itself. Our vision at Suja is to share this passion and knowledge of high quality nutrition with you.

go EW a N hic rC fo

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Mediocre to Moxie

Crystal O’Connor Moxie Entrepreneurs CEO

MOXIE is never Mediocre ... Crystal not only obtained her College degree (the first in her family) but excelled in sales and marketing, sold commercial real estate, started several businesses and now runs her favorite Moxie Venture from her 4,000 square foot log home overlooking 25 acres of tranquility in Iowa with her three children.

Vigore - From Mediocre to Moxie. Fear of failure used to drive Moxie Entrepreneur’s CEO Crystal O’Connor. As a child growing up in Decatur, IL she thought struggle and mediocrity were the only options. Living in a trailer for some of her younger years with her family she swallowed words like “money doesn’t grow on trees” and “college isn’t for you, it’s for smart, rich kids.” At school she barely scraped by with a ‘C’ average and wore clothes other kids pointed and laughed at. She remembers once her socks getting wet through her Kmart brand tennis shoes and inserting a piece of rubber to the bottom to add a few more months of wear. Crystal dreamt of owning a pair of Nikes which at the time were all the rage. Being bullied in high school her freshman year for not wearing the latest fashions was the norm and failing three classes her first semester was just another reminder that she wasn’t good enough. While some kids feared not getting an ‘A’ in Biology, she feared getting to Biology class without getting bullied or humiliated.

circumstances …. And this she knew she didn’t want to be. In fact, she realized most of the people she’d surrounded herself with most of her life had similar victim mentalities and chose mediocrity over Moxie.

By age 18 she was living in her car while trying to attend classes full time at a community college. After a short time of sleeping at a nearby park she decided to quit her classes and sell back the books she had bought. Walking out of the campus book store that day she made the bold decision to spend all $43.00 of it on a safe hotel room for one night. Giving up and scraping by were all that she knew. Later, after a failed marriage she realized women tend to marry at the same level of their self esteem. She left with 3 kids, a two door sedan and a truck full of miscellaneous furniture. She was starting over but this time had 3 kids to feed.

So, against many of those same peoples’ advice, she made a bold decision to invest in a mentor. That was the best decision Crystal made and she’s never looked back. Not only did she get the perspective she needed but she found that the Moxie she’d always had was just waiting to escape. Her love of entrepreneurial ventures and inspiring others to create their own economy like she did is her mission and passion now. Turns out anyone can bounce back when they just make the decision. Failing early was one of the best things that could have happened to her. Having failed so much in her beginning life she realized it fueled her love of creating something out of nothing. She doesn’t fear being homeless or living in her car because she’s already done that. Once you’ve hit rock bottom she says…. there’s only one way to go…and that’s up. And when you apply moxie to your actions there isn’t anything that can’t be achieved and the speed of which you acquire it is only measured by the amount of moxie you give it.

Today, Crystal not only shares with others how to get Moxie in business but literally shows them how to get MOXIE with life as well. She has customers all over the world and flies them in to spend two days with her at her log home as she mentors them on how build Six and Seven figure businesses. She and her team treat them to R&R as they plan out their business and dream life …. Complete with website, business plan, marketing calendar and the steps to take each day to reach their desires. Everything changed for her when she decided to hire a mentor herself after hearing author and speaker Bryan Tracy say “you become the five people you spend the most time with.” That statement gave her a jolt down her spine because at the time she realized she was surrounded by people that were horribly dissatisfied with their lives and were the victims of their

Moxie means ambition and courage. Sometimes the only way to get Moxie is to believe you can acquire it. She says Moxie is Faith in Action. Action only comes with knowing full well what you don’t want and deciding what you do want. Most people for instance fear being homeless and it is a humbling experience however, once you’ve faced your fear you know exactly what to do to turn it around. That doesn’t mean you have to hit rock bottom, Crystal explains but it does mean you really need to roll up your sleeves and ask yourself “what is it that I really want? What is stopping me from getting it and what will happen if I don’t get it?” The answer to the 44



Special Interest

second question usually always falls into the category of inaction, which is the ‘cousin’ of procrastination and the ‘sister’ of fear. They are all connected and once fear is replaced with Moxie the world will reveal a path laid out for you like a yellow brick road to Home. Mediocrity and Moxie are both decisions. They both require facing fears; the only difference is that Moxie will reveal to you the ‘hero’ within and Mediocrity will only reveal the victim. You mentor and learn how to live a Moxie life with Crystal and her team. Whether you have a struggling business, you have only an idea you need off the ground or you simply want to create a Six or Seven figure income, Crystal and her team can help you. Her Moxie VIP Days can literally change your outlook and life practically overnight with detailed strategic planning for online and offline business. She takes her students through a 6 step proven process in two days that can takes them from $0 to Six Figures and beyond. To learn more and reserve your VIP day visit www.MoxieEntrepreneur.com. support@MoxieEntrepreneur.com


READERS & ADVERTISERS TAKE NOTE Mediums continue to proliferate. Attention spans continue to shrink. Free content is available everywhere.

93% of American adults still are attached to magazines. Young and old spend time with ink on paper, a medium often paid for in order to read. Magazines are engaging. Reading a magazine remains a uniquely intimate and immersive experience. Magazine readership is increasing, with readers spending an average of 43 minutes per issue. Those 43 minutes of attention are typically undivided. Among all media, digital or analog, magazine readers are less likely to engage in another activity while reading. The Internet is exhilarating. Magazines are enveloping. The Internet grabs you. The Magazines embrace you. And both

Internet is impulsive. media are growing.

Barely noticed amidst the Internet clamor is the simple fact that magazine readership has risen over the past five years. Even in the age of the Internet, even among the groups assumed to be most connected to digital media, the appeal of magazines is growing. An established medium can continue to flourish so long as it offers a unique experience which magazines do. A new medium, such as the Internet doesn’t necessarily displace an existing one - magazines. Just as movies didn’t replace radio and TV didn’t replace movies. People aren’t giving up reading magazines just because they also enjoy the internet. It has been proven, print drives people to the Internet.

Fact: During the time span of Google, magazine readership has increased 11 percent. www.vigorechicago.com •312.341.1190 • info@vigoremag.com Vigore (vee-gor-ray) is an Italian word meaning vigor or vitality. 45

Chicago West Loop Oldest Restaurant


th anniversary Passed on from one generation to the next and the next, the Palace Grill has a warm atmosphere to enjoy a hearty meal.

Vigore - The Palace Grill located at 1408 W. Madison has served good food at affordable prices for 75 years, but it has not always been called The Palace Grill. It’s not even clear which month the DeMars Grill (originally named) opened in 1938.The name of the restaurant later changed to the Palace Grill in the 50’s. In 1955, however, George Lemperis’ father Pete and his cousins Gus and Mike Alpoganis purchased the restaurant, and it has been a thriving family business since. George Lemperis has owned and managed the Palace Grill for 35 years. In 2012, George’s daughter Christina carried on the family tradition by coming to help her father.

Palace Grill, 1408 W. Madison Street, Chicago (312) 226-9529, just minutes from the Loop and the United Center. The old Palace Grill, photo taken in 1978. 46


Special Interest

A classic diner with stainless steel counters and tables, the restaurant welcomes customers from all walks of life, and you just never know who is going to stop in. Famously visited by Oprah Winfrey, Mayor Daley, Al and Tipper Gore, the Russian Prime Minister Viktor Chernomyrdin, countless TV/radio personalities and of course everyone’s favorite- the Chicago Blackhawks. The Blackhawks regularly pick up egg sandwiches before practice, and they even brought the Stanley Cup to the restaurant three times in 2010.

STaTE oF MiND Judge a man, not by how well he speaks, but by his actions. His actions and the result of those actions reveal his true intent. - CEO, Vigore Chicago magazine

A sign "The Buck Stops Here" was on President Truman's desk in his White House office. On more than one occasion President Truman referred to the desk sign in public statements.

The Lemperis Family George, Rosalie, Peter & Christina The Palace Grill is known for breakfast food, such as its Denver Omelette and hash browns, corned beef hash, or skirt steak and eggs. Throughout the years the Palace Grill has been featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show, Windy City Live, the Sandwich King, Secrets of a Restaurant Chef and Chicago’s Best. The high praises come from hardworking Chicagoans and foodies alike: Sun Times food critic Pat Bruno recently voted the Palace Grill as the best breakfast restaurant in Chicago. The restaurant’s legacy transcends even George’s outsized personality: This year the restaurant will celebrate its 75th anniversary. In celebration of its anniversary, “The Palace,” as its affectionately called by its regular customers, will offer several theme specials. On Mondays, for example, the restaurant offers 75-cent menu items. The Palace Grill can honestly boast that they have the best customers in the city of Chicago. This is their way of giving back to the amazing customers who have supported the business throughout the years. This summer, the “George Lemperis restaurant is planning a customer has a large passion appreciation party to celebrate for life and the the past, present, and future. family business. Please join us, but be sure to stop He warmly greets in before then! customers by name as they enter his establishment.” - Vigore magazine

For example, in an address at the National War College on December 19, 1952 Mr. Truman said, "You know, it's easy for the Monday morning quarterback to say what the coach should have done, after the game is over. But when the decision is up before you -- and on my desk I have a motto which says The Buck Stops Here' the decision has to be made." In his farewell address to the American people given in January 1953, President Truman referred to this concept very specifically in asserting that, "The President - whoever he is - has to decide. He can't pass the buck to anybody.

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Where Chicago Learns To Dance

With the beginning of a new millennium, social dancing is again a significant part of popular culture for all generations. Today, the Arthur Murray Franchised Dance Studios continue a tradition of more than 100 years in teaching the world to dance.

2013 - Arthur Murray Dance Studios celebrates its 101st Anniversary ballroom • latin • swing • salsa • weddings • clubs • parties It is almost impossible to convey the many benefits that Arthur Murray students have received as a result of their dance lessons. Many singles and couples find that it has created more romance in their lives.

Arthur Murray PRIVATE LESSONS GROUP CLASSES PRACTICE PARTIES 116 West Illinois, Chicago 312-644-7554 www.chicagoarthurmurray.com

Others rave about losing weight and all the health benefits dancing has to offer. And still, others enjoy how great they look and feel when out on the social dance floor.

Arthur Murray’s ins tructors are experienced an d talented with a teachin g style that is s erio us fun with smiles and laughter. - Vigore Chicago magazine -


Techno Dance

“Once a person understands the simple basics they readily form personal opinions of modern art. It is interesting to unlock what seem to be highbrow art secrets as they are actually simple and very easily understood.

It is criminal that, during the last 50 years, simple authentic Fine Art knowledge has been purposely omitted from our civilization. It has always spurred innovation and positive societal growth and unique personal opinion. Without Fine Art we will lose our ability to form unique personal opinions that are valid and equal to anyone else's.

"Techno Dance" is a type of Classic Cubism which depicts motion. The authentic description for Techno Dance is "Cubist Futurism". Futurism was created by Russian and Eastern European bloc artists who were cut off, by language and logistics, from the French and German abstract art movements. What they did see in non-Russian publications were pictures of French Cubist art such as George Braque, Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse etc., with titles and descriptions they could not translate. The result was their own interpretation of the images where in they thought they were seeing imaginary depictions of the unseen such as motion, sound, the wind and more. Because they did not understand that they were

seeing abstractions of classic realism, they created works showing people and animals in motion followed later by depictions of sounds.

The French, upon seeing these new works and learning of their visual intentions, named all as a new art form that shows the present and what is about to happen and they named it Futurism. The idea led to comic book characters showing motion, explosions and light rays while it was also blended with Cubism adding motion and sound or actual depictions of music and flowing water. Currently it is most commonly the motion and emotions in Abstract Expressionist works that most people know as "Non-objective Abstract Art". A good Expressionist example is the famous work by Jean DuBuffet, "The Running Cow". Marc Rubin often blends Futurism into his Cubist and Expressionist works. "Techno Dance" shown on this page, is rooted in flat Cubism while depicted on other pages, "Sea Shells", "The Burning Bush" and "Grow" are rooted in Surreal Cubism and "Birth Of Seth" depicts rays of light in Expression. Futurism is seen by Rubin as the most important addition to all of 21st century 2D and 3D Fine Art. 49

Sea Shells (Surreal Cubism)

Marc Richard Rubin A Diverse World Artist Of Our Time

Marc Rubin often blends Futurism into his Cubist and Expressionist works. "Sea Shells" and "Grow" shown on these pages and "The Burning Bush" depicted on the following page, are rooted in Surreal Cubism

www.marcrubin.com 50

Grow (Surreal Cubism) 51


Marc Rubin: Birth of Seth

Marc Rubin: Burning Bush

Marc Rubin: Flowers In A Red Vase

www.marcrubin.com 53


Dada Ain't YourYour DaddyDaddy Dada Ain't

'unless your daddy'unless is anyour imperial sadistic anarchist'

(part 1 - written by Marc Rubin)

daddy an imperial sadistic anarchist' (part 1 - is written by Marc Rubin)

"DADAism"; As defined by Tristan Tzara in 1917 in his proclamation, "The DADA Manifesto"; DADAism is defined by DADAists as the greatest of all art movements, the culmination of fine art transformed into anti-art. The entire DADA Manifesto can be read at; www.MarcRubin.com Well, if Dadaism in all of its negative political manifestations had not been sneakily brainwashed into American society since 1917 this article would be great comedy. However, the reality and extent of its covert saturation has America at the point of collapse. The five Fine Arts entertained us and recorded religion, politics and history before our age of technology. In our time the daily importance of Art remains but it is now a mixture of Art and Dada anti-art. Fine Art keeps moving forward but Tristan Tzara’s manifesto states: DADA is the abolition of the future, the abolition of memory, the abolition of archeology, the abolition of prophets (God), the destruction of the family and the negation of beauty. Knowing the basis of Dada art makes it easy to recognize. Overall it expresses a negative rant that the world is bad and should be destroyed. Knowing the difference between the two is simple. If something is presented to you as “Art”, start by reading its title and then let your inner sense of aesthetics form your personal opinion.

History When artist Tristan Tzara wrote his

"DADA" rant in 1917 he attacked the core of civilization. He came from German wealth and rode out World War I at his family's chalet in Switzerland. He was an unsuccessful budding artist before the war. In 1917 his disenchantment with the art world and the war boiled over into a document that would be seen today as obvious hate speech or at the least a nasty rant. It has the tone of a spoiled child's tantrum. It coalesced many political deviants and disenchanted artists into an anti-civilization cult known today as The Progressive Political Movement. That politic defines a common mass collective of people governed by a socialist dictatorship. In their vision art is propaganda. Personal opinion is smothered by rules for the collective. While Fine Art engenders personal opinion and emotion, Dada anti-art would be their vehicle to control humanity. In 1917 Fine Art was alive and well but through persistent clandestine effort our institutions of education and the arts have been quietly over taken and demoralized. Progressive control uses artists or sentences them to lifelong obscurity. The concepts in Tzara's manifesto persist within the progressive political movement and DADA art. It was Salvador Dali who read an article in the Paris Times that proclaimed the birth of a new art movement called Surrealism and went to meet the Surrealists hoping to join a new exciting art style just as the Post Impressionists and Fauves and Cubists had done. As he told me in the mid 1970's he met the Surrealists and saw that none of them had produced any art in their new art style. 54

He said they were rich kids who talked and talked but never painted or sculpted. So Salvador decided to create and define the art style himself and went home to Spain and made his first Surreal paintings. When three of the group’s members paid him a surprise visit they saw his Surreal art invention but railed at him because of his first major invention, 'the kinda cubist kinda realistic street scene' a style that remains well enjoyed and much used. They returned to Paris and panned him in a paid article in the Paris Times. They said he made untalented pretty paintings that were uninspired and trite. Salvador still wanted the groups praise so he began to visit other members and by the time of the first DADA art exhibition he had read the DADA Manifesto and was fully aware of their anarchist political cult disguised as an art movement. Many modern artists from all over Europe were hoodwinked into making art for the DADA Peace Exhibition protesting the horrors of war. Salvador did not include himself but he painted a symbolic peace dove as called for by George Braque. Salvador's dove is depicted as a dead bird within a cats belly and he added a patch of sand to his painting, a technique used by Braque, to warn Braque and the others of the DADA movement’s secret intentions. After Salvador Dali’s death the progressives began to slowly rewrite his life and the meaning of his work. For those of us who actually knew Salvador their rewrite is seen as slander. He was neither a communist or homosexual. He often used his art to wage war against the dada’s.

DADA Manifesto:

dada is the abolition of memory

Salvador Dali 1931:

“The Persistence of Memory”

The Persistence of Memory - Salvador Dali 1931


Special Interest

Dadaism has led to today’s confusion, “what is art?”

In 1919 the DADA Art Movement was declared dead when Fine Art painters and sculptors read the manifesto and walked away. The only artist of early promise to remain was Marcel Duchamp. His painting, "Nude Descending A Staircase" is still enjoyed as one of the greatest pieces of Cubism ever made but Duchamp decided to buy objects like a men's wall urinal or a bicycle tire and rename them declaring each to be a work of art. By doing so he defined DADAism as anti-art that makes fun of Fine Art. After a century of clandestine efforts we see all sorts of junk or common manufactured objects perpetrated upon us as "art with a message". Further, Fine Art constructs and Duchamp called many of his works deconstructions. Politically, Duchamp opposed World War I and identified with Individualist Anarchism, in particular with Max Stirner's philosophical tract “The Ego and Its Own”, the study of which Duchamp considered the turning point in his artistic and intellectual development. It might seem that Duchamp wanted to gain attention as a quirky artist. In reality he had become a card carrying anarchist ready to assist in the political destruction of western civilization and morality for the sake of “A New World Order” based in totalitarian socialcommunist control. With the backing of the world progressive movement, located in Paris, he fought to remove the beauty and soul from art. He thought he could “re-invent

the purpose of the wheel” in his found object piece, “Bicycle Wheel”.

Nude Descending A Staircase - Duchamp

Kurt Schwitters was repulsed and was excluded from the Dada movement for actually making Fine Art with found objects. He reacted by naming a new style called “The The Cherry Picture - Kurt Schwitters Merz” (German word for commerce) in opposition to anti-capitalism communist Dada. His work, “The Cherry Picture” tells a story in the tradition of Fine Art as opposed to Duchamp’s anti-art, “Bicycle Wheel”. Today, everyone understands what a collage is but there is still no artistic purpose for anti-art. Dadaism has led to today’s confusion, “what is art?”

Dadaism is anarchy Fountain - Duchamp

The Dada view that anything can be called art serves to demean personal opinion. In reality everything is not art. Dada says you should never read the title of a work of art because for it is meaningless. In fact it is the title that can immediately tell you whether you are viewing Art verses Dada non-art. Fine Art conveys a human message. Dada anti-art insults your intelligence and humanity.

Read Titles or Be Fooled Understand that modern art starts in reality which is abstracted to enhance a message, create a new aesthetic or tell a fuller story than realistic art. We are often lured to approach what we perceive from a distance to be art but upon a closer look we become confused. It’s all in the title. Do the words relate to the piece? Are the words negative, cold or demoralizing? Do the words open your imagination to a story or human message? Isn’t it curious that people still want to know why Mona Lisa is smiling but nobody wants to know why Duchamp bolted a bicycle wheel to a stool. You decide!

Bicycle Wheel - Duchamp 55

Vigore -

"What Chicagoans don't know about their Dubuffet." Who renamed this art Monument and Beast?

With limited art knowledge this Jean Debuffet sculpture expression is obvious. You can see bushes, trees and a man. The sculpture has vertical lines and soft rectangular shapes. What you are seeing in the center is the leafy parts of the trees. In a speech given at the Chicago Art Institute, Jean Dubuffet addressed the City of Chicago announcing his work with a detailed explanation.

Jean Debuffet shared with Marc Rubin in Paris,

“For any artist, when the child within dies so does the art.” Forest and Conqueror

(original name given by Jean Dubuffet)

Interview with Marc Rubin In the 1970’s Chicago born artist Marc Richard Rubin was introduced to painter and sculptor Jean Dubuffet following Marc’s inclusion into the 1973 Art Institute of Chicago competition exhibition. They became fast friends. Jean’s influence remains in many of Marc’s works and can be seen as early as 1975 in Rubin’s 4ft. by 6ft. cubist work “Chicago.” It was around that time that Jean told Marc the City of Chicago was going to purchase and include his large sculpture “Forest and Conqueror” in its new downtown collection of outdoor public sculpture. Jean shared with Marc his artistic intentions and sculpture technique as an expression for his love of nature and man’s ability to conquer and tame his raw natural environment for both beauty and sustenance. The Dubuffet’s work graces the plaza at the James R. Thompson (State of Illinois) Building at 100 W Randolph St. Several locations were cited to Jean however 56

the final choice brought him tremendous pride. The installation was made a short time before Jean Dubuffet passed away. Today Marc Rubin remains upset over the renaming of the master work. Today it is called Monument and Beast a title that is opposite to its original intention. Jean told Marc, “How perfect! I could not have wished for a better location. It tells the story of man conquering the forests of Europe to create beautiful farms. This is the story of Illinois too.” Marc still speaks of the importance of Dubuffet’s series of “natural” works such as “Four Trees” at the Chase Manhattan Bank Building in New York City and Dubuffet’s “walled gardens” that were created to give man a place from which he can view the surrounding natural environment.

“Chicago” 4x6 feet, Cubism, commissioned in 1975 Marc Rubin said, “I

hope one day Chicagoans will learn the truth about their Dubuffet sculpture. The true title explains the work. Jean created a sweet, light hearted and whimsical masterpiece.

The pure and simple meaning of “Forest and Conqueror” is warm and endearing but lost to changed words, “Monument and Beast”, that invoke images of cold monumental skyscrapers and hard hearted political beasts rather than settlers clearing land to create rich farmland and a city with more trees and gardens than residents.”

“Chicago” The work envisions Chicago as a woman, depicted as the Biblical Eve, reaching out over Lake Michigan from the Chicago skyline at Oak Street and Michigan Avenue. Eve reaches for the only two choices presented by the city, a serpent of sin and the sun as an apple of the knowledge of good and evil. The influence of Marc’s friendship with Abstract Expressionist Jean Dubuffet is apparent in the rounded geometric shapes and use of black lines. Although Marc’s earliest abstract works show direct influences of Piet Mondrian’s Curvilinear Cubism and the yellow, red, blue color balance of Pointillist Georges Seurat, the influenced whimsy of Jean Dubuffet transforms the harsh reality of the artist’s message into a playful thought.

www.marcrubin.com 57






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Lost photos of the Beatles and the Rolling Stones can be found in the hallways and stairway of the Betsy Ross Hotel, Miami Beach, FL.

Italy Adv e ntu re & Trav e l

12 Days ... InterestIng, enjoyable, DIfferent, romantIc, exhaustIng, WonDerful

Vigore - Depart from Chicago on a Saturday, 3:40 PM and arrive in Rome the next day at 8:10 AM. Flight time: 8 hours and 10 minutes. The flight is exciting and exhausting. Some people may advice to have a glass of wine and try to sleep on the plane but this is easier said than accomplished. For first time travelers, when arriving in Rome, Vigore suggests arranging for a private transfer from the Rome Fiumicino Airport to your Rome hotel. The driver will meet you in the arrival hall outside baggage claim after exiting customs. Rome has simple customs when it comes to tipping. Tip the driver: 5 Euro or 1 Euro per bag. 1 Euro is a coin and the 5 Euro is paper money. Your early AM arrival will not guarantee your room will be ready. Most likely you will need to wait in the sitting room or find an outdoor cafe. Make sure you announce your arrival at the front desk. With some luck the hotel will clean your room quickly and allow you to check in as early as possible. Always be patient and be polite. Knowing a little of the Italian language will always bring a smile to those you are trying to speak to and you will be respected for your effort. Italians are very friendly and are willing to correct your speech, but don’t be surprised if they give you a look of bewilderment or as you attempt to speak their language. Taking an Italian language class before you travel makes the trip much more enjoyable and gives you a feeling of confidence about the new world you have entered. Italian language classes also allows your instructor to share stories about Italy greatly enhancing your experience. Vigore magazine learned Italian from Giovanna (Jackie) Dimetros several weeks prior to traveling.

Many buildings and homes are landmarks with a stories to tell. Every corner of Italy contains an ancient ruin. Rome is a city that has been rebuilt on top of itself many times. It is impossible to see all of Italy in one trip. Vigore planned the Italy trip through Sunset Travel & Cruise and highly recommends their travel expertise. The following trip itinerary was custom designed by Sunset Travel & Cruise - just one of countless possibilities. In Italy every corner contains an ancient ruin.


CHICAGO Saturday – Depart from Chicago to Rome at 3:40PM and arrive Rome on Sunday at 8:10AM. 8 hrs 10 minutes. International Terminal 5. ROME Sunday 4 nights – Hotel Dei Borgognoni Private transfer from Rome Fiumicino airport to Rome hotel. Driver will meet you in the arrival hall outside baggage claim after customs. Driver tip: 5 Euro or 1 Euro per bag. Monday – Skip the Line: Vatican Museums Walking Tour including Sistine Chapel, Raphael’s Rooms and St. Peter’s. Meet the tour guide at the bottom of the steps across the street from the entrance to the Vatican Museums. The steps are located next to Cafe Vaticano on the corner of Via (street) Tunisi and Viale (avenue) Vaticano. Tuesday – Skip the Line: Ancient Rome and Colosseum Walking Tour. Meet the tour guide from the Piazza (square) located directly above the 2nd floor exit of the Metro B stop Colosseo. Wednesday – On your own in Rome. This a good day to travel to the country side. There is so much to see. It is overwhelming. Thursday – Rail (train) from Rome Termini to Florence S.M.N. (train station) – 1st class – Departs Rome at 9:46AM and arrives Florence at 11:21AM. Take a taxi from Firenze S.M.N. (train station) to Hotel Plaza Lucchesi. FLORENCE Thursday 4 nights Hotel Plaza Lucchesi, Friday – Skip the line: Florence Accademia Tour. Meet at Via (street) Ricasoli 58-60. Same day afternoon tour. Skip the Line: Uffizi Gallery Tour. Meet at Piazza (square) degli Uffizi. At the entrance gate Door 1. Saturday – Cinque Terra Small Group Day Trip from Florence. Meet at Cafe Paskowski in Piazza Repubblica. Bring a backpack with small snacks, sweaters & water.

Sunday – A day on your own in Florence. This is a good day to take a country trip or to relax and wander around town. Find a delicious hidden place to eat by asking the locals.

Depart from Venice at 7:25AM and arrive in Rome at 8:30AM. Depart Rome at 10:00AM and arrive in Chicago at 1:40PM (same day).

Monday – Rail from Florence S.M.N. to Venice S. Lucia train station – 1st Class – Departs Florence at 10:25AM and arrives Venice at 12:33PM VENICE – 3 nights Arrive at the Santa Lucia train station. From the foundations in front of the station take the ACTV boat, line 1 Lido, heading towards Rialto / San Marco and get off at Cà d’Oro. The Hotel Giorgione is only a 5 minutes away: take the narrow street, turn right onto Strada Nuova. Once in campo Santissimi Apostoli, towards your left side you will see Hotel Giorgione.

Sistine Chapel ceiling

Monday 3 nights - Hotel Giorgione Tuesday – Venice walking Tour and Gondola Ride. Meet at the Tourism Information Office located on the side of Correr Museum. Wednesday – A day on your own in Venice. See Murano, Burano islands. Venice is a maze of narrow streets (look more like alleys in the United States cities). Plan on getting lost. Definitely use the GPS feature on your phone. Thursday – Private transfer from Venice hotel to Venice Airport. Leave time to walk.

One of the Cinque (5) Terra cities 65

R F V ome



Recommended moderate priced hotels:

Rome Hotel

Hotel Borgognoni


Florence Hotel

Hotel Plaza Lucchesi


Venice Hotel

Hotel Giorgione


Recommended Italy tours with skip to the front of the line: • Vatican walking tour • Ancient Rome walking tour • Colosseum walking tour • Florence tour • Tuscany tour • Venice walking tour Learn more about Italy before you travel : • www.parlafood.com • www.lonelyplanet.com/italy/florence • www.italylogue.com/featured-articles/top-10-things-to-do-in-rome.html

Enhance Your Travel Enjoyment

Learn the Italian language from Giovanna (Jackie) Dimetros before you leave on your Italy adventure or learn for any reason. Vigore - To enhance the pleasures of the Italian adventure Vigore magazine recommends Giovanna (Jackie) Dimetros. Giovanna explained, "Learning the language opens the pathway to learning the customs as well. My Italian classes often include acting out various scenarios one may encounter while traveling through Italy. Ordering in restaurants and cafes, asking for directions like where the "bagno" (bathroom) is, pushing ahead through lines (Italians do NOT wait their turns), and knowing that wine is usually cheaper than water are just some of the things we usually cover. Private tutoring can be arranged as well as small classes with friends or family members." Testimonials are the best way to share the excitement of learning Italian from Giovanna. “Who thought it would be a possibility to become fluent in another language in your mid forties? Learning with Giovanna made it easy and fun as well. I didn't know a single word or phrase in Italian and after less than 6 months of classes with her I flew overseas to Southern Italy and was able to converse daily with Italians in Italian! What a triumph it was to be able to ask for directions, or a bus schedule, or even to order a meal. I continued on with classes after this trip, and found it increasingly easy to think and speak faster in Italian. Giovanna tailors the classes for your needs, whether it be an upcoming trip, or a job transfer to Italy. She has been practically everywhere in Italy, and really makes learning fun." Traci S., River Forest, IL "Simply put, Giovanna’s classes provide me with more than I had hoped for. Each session is interactive, dynamic, challenging, and filled with great camaraderie. Of most importance is Giovanna’s desire to have us learn and understand what she teaches, not just try to memorize. My goal was to reach a point where I no longer felt like a tourist in Italy, and while my learning will be a lifelong pursuit, I’m now comfortable conversing with locals who speak no English at all – a great tribute to Giovanna!" Judy G. ,Chicago, IL current student Giovanna (Jackie) Dimetros jackiearte@hotmail.com 67



Kate Johnson while in college changed her degree to Special Effects Makeup and Hair for Film and Theatre. She was in love!

Not long after moving to Chicago she found success in print, film, commercials and fashion shows. She worked as an artist and trainer for companies such as Smashbox, Nars, Vincent Longo and Kevyn Aucoin, learning how to bring out the beauty in every skin type. A true believer that a great team is where creativity is born she always ensures that the clients needs are her top priority. Kate Johnson 847-401-7765 Info@KateJohnsonArtistry.com www.KateJohnsonArtistry.com


MICHAEL ALAN STEIN, A prestige, ready-to-wear women's apparel line launched in Spring 2012.

The Wall Street Journal, who aptly deemed Michael Alan Stein the "sleek assassin," noting the clothes precision cuts and streamlined curve consciousness. Michael Alan Stein, a fresh voice in the legacy of great American fashion. Email: info@michaelalansteinstyle.com Web: www.michaelalansteinstyle.com

Twitter: theMASstyle









Guyette, Schmidt & Deeter World’s Leading and North America Decoy Auction, has sold decoys for over

Waterfowl Decoys


HISTORY,ART unique works of

and Charles H. Perdew

Extremely rare decoys sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

and won second place for his craftsmanship. The Perdews made and sold thousands of decoys over the years, as many as 300 each season. But Charlie especially enjoyed turning out a decoy for a customer to give for a birthday, anniversary, or other special occasion. Edna Perdew did all the painting until 1941, when she contracted an illness that prevented her from painting. Charlie then carved and painted, but because of her unique technique, Mrs. Perdew’s painted decoys eventually became more valuable than those painted by her husband.

Vigore - The following was compiled from, a Biography of Charles H. Perdew, written by Don Clark, and from a interview conducted by Cay Clark with Mrs. Almira Clark (wife of the author). For fifty years Don Clark was a boat pusher and duck guide for the Swan Lake Duck Club (just north of Henry, Illinois). A boat pusher takes the hunters to the duck blinds, puts out decoys, and calls the ducks in as they fly over so they can be shot in flight as they come into range. Originally live birds were used as decoys, but for repeated use and controlled placement more and more hunters used wooden decoys. Because of the keen eye sight of the ducks, the decoys needed to be as realistic as possible. Charles H. (Charlie) Perdew, also of Henry, made decoys and duck calls for waterfowlers in Swan Lake and other duck clubs in the area.

Charlie used various kinds of tools over the years, many of which he made himself. In later years he used a band saw to cut out the body and head blocks, but it should come as no surprise that Perdew still did the shaping with a worn pocket knife. Both the head and body were given a final sanding by hand, and then of course, hand painted. All of Charlie’s gunning decoys were hollow, but his decorative half-size and miniature decoys were carved from solid wood. He made ornamental decoys, duck calls and many species of life-size songbirds but Perdew was never able to keep up with demand since he carved each item by hand.

Don Clark used Perdew’s decoys and duck calls and later wrote the biography of this extraordinary man. Charles Perdew was born in Putnam County, Illinois on a farm about three miles east of Henry, Illinois on April 30, 1874. He and his brothers helped on the family farm and it was here that he first ventured into decoy making. As a boy of fourteen, he took the side rails off an old rope bed, cut them up in pieces and threw them in a fire to char. He then retrieved the wood, took a drawknife and cut some of the charring away to make Bluebill duck decoys. He used these decoys to shoot ducks near his home, selling them in the Chicago market. Little did he know that this practical endeavor would someday help turn wooden ducks into American folk art that would be in demand by collectors all over the world. Charles Perdew had many talents and many paths to follow before he made a name for himself carving duck decoys.

Decoys and duck calls carved during the mid-1800’s to the mid-1900’s are now in demand by collectors and are considered great works of art. Carvers crafted original pieces with precision and attention to detail, greatly increasing their artistic and monetary value in today’s art market. The Lakeview Museum in Peoria, Illinois, exhibits the folk art of duck decoys, displaying waterfowl created by some of the best carvers in the country. These lifelike decoys with their distinctive patterns are a special folk art, and one need not be a hunter to admire them.

In 1902 Charlie married Edna Haddon of Henry who started painting his duck and crow decoys. Between 1903 – 1909 Charlie perfected his crow call and patented it November 2, 1909. Together the Perdews worked and watched the decoy business grow. In 1924 Charlie entered a pair of handmade mallard decoys in a decoy contest at Abercrombie & Fitch of New York

Charles Henry Perdew passed away September 21, 1963 at age 89. As Clark wrote in Perdew’s biography, Charlie was “a rugged individualist, a great decoy maker and…a fine American who many people shall never forget.”

“Of all our folk arts, none is more strikingly American than the decoy”


Guyette, Schmidt & Deeter Est. 1984 - Over $138,000,000 in Decoy Sales Five Auctions Per Year South Carolina | Ohio | Illinois | New Hampshire | Maryland

This unique sampling of shorebird carvings are from the finest and most important collection of Elmer Crowell decorative shorebirds to ever be assembled. Each carving was made in Crowell’s workshop on Cape Cod between 1900 and 1930. This collection will be sold at our summer auction in Portsmouth, New Hampshire August 1st and 2nd. For questions about these carvings or any of our upcoming auctions please contact Jon Deeter

April 2013 Auction Catalog

For free appraisals contact:

Over 230 full color pages with Guaranteed condition reports $45 catalog / $150 yearly subscription Call 410-745-0485 to order

Jon Deeter | 440.543.1416 jdeeter@guyetteandschmidt.com P.O. Box 1170 St. Michaels, MD 21663


Asia is known for Ivory Tusk, Italy is known for Carrara Marble, Introducing Maurice Super,

America’s Moose Antler Vigore - Maurice Super began his career as a fireman in the city of Peoria Illinois in 1979 and worked his way up to battalion chief before retiring in 2009. During those years, Maurice stumbled on the fact that he had a talent for carving. During his rookie year as a fireman, Maurice was given a hose man position and was not assigned to a permanent firehouse location. Instead, he filled in for men who were on vacation or off work for other reasons. Firemen refer to this as “bouncing”. As a rookie, Maurice wanted to work in the busiest fire houses where all the action took place. It’s also common for battalion chiefs to place rookies in active fire houses to see that they get the valuable experience they need as quickly as possible and to see what new arrivals are made of. However, these action packed assignments can be elusive. Early in Maurice’s career, he was sent to fill in at a station on the north side of Peoria. It was typically a slow station compared to some of the other fire stations and Maurice was not looking forward to it. Arriving at the station each day, he did the usual cleaning, training and cooking and then waited for the next fire call. One afternoon Maurice noticed one of the captains was in back of the station on a picnic table, carving. Maurice followed him and sat and watched him carve for the rest of the afternoon. The next workday was much the same, but when Maurice again followed the captain out to the table, the captain handed him some carving tools and a block of wood and said, “if your going to sit there kid, you might as well try carving something”.

Maurice typically worked a 24 hour shift and then had 48 hours off duty. He started spending a lot of off duty time learning how to carve. Maurice had always been fascinated by how things are made, but carving things into shapes quickly became a passion. He tried different types of carving with many types of mediums. For a while Maurice was consumed with duck and bird carving, and soon was entering competitions around the country. Maurice’s passion for carving included caricature carvings, carousal horses, cigar store Indians, Santa Claus and other Christmas carvings, and even chain saw carvings. But his interest always drifted back to wildlife and western scenes. On a trip to Alaska, Maurice went into a shop that displayed moose antler carvings, so he bought a moose antler to carve when he returned home. “A moose sheds his antlers every year and grows a new set just like the whitetail deer does here in Illinois.” Maurice explained. “Great thing about a moose antler is that it is solid all the way through, where a whitetail is only solid for a few inches near the base”. Maurice has since carved many scenes from moose antler including a western stagecoach with six horses.


Special Interest

As Maurice shared his thoughts, he made it clear that he does not really do carvings to sell but carves to express himself and his passion and it shows in all his work. He has donated carvings to many good causes and has been learning the process of making molds and castings to mass produce his work so his carvings can be made more affordable.

Maurice said he has had many mentors along the way that were willing to share a wealth of information on the proper technique and the proper tools for each type of carving. Members of the carving community are very generous and Maurice has seen carvings over the years that are amazing and he says there are many talented artists using the medium of moose antler. Maurice gets much of his inspiration from watching the wildlife near his farm. The three acre pond that he can see out of his kitchen window provides a first hand view of nature at its best. Vigore discovered Maurice Super in Henry Illinois, while on assignment covering a waterfowl decoy art show. For over forty years, the Henry Decoy Waterfowl show has been very successful, drawing people from all over the country. The show is a well kept secret to collectors and a rich art display to others. Maurice’s carvings are part of this totally American art scene, so the next time you see an unusual carving, it just might be from a moose antler, and if you ask for the artist’s name, it just might be Maurice Super.

“I do not name my art. I had some brass plates on them at one time , but I found them distracting. I leave it up to the person looking at the piece to come up with a name that they see in the work. I have heard a lot of different phrases. 911 remembered, tribute, carved in bone, ducks in the trees, geese locked up. - Maurice


BATTAGLIA F O O T W E A R women • men • bridal • evening

1718 North Clyborn • Chicago T: 312.787.3237 www.battagliafootwear.com info@battagliafootwear.com or battaglia-footwear@msn.com 78


1720 North Clybourn Chicago 312.397.1288 info@pattersonmenswear.com www.pattersonmenswear.com


Vigore magazine recognizes Kristina Bobs

a rising star and design influence - decorative and structural glass

Interview by: Brand Expert Sarah Christophers We catch up with Kristina, Svaja’s founder and Creative Director, for an intimate chat about the company, her achievements and her dreams for the future. It’s an incredibly busy and exciting time for Svaja, and for Kristina: she’s just squeezed us into her hectic schedule, between trips to Saudi Arabia and New York. Life is increasingly on the move...

Tell us about your big Svaja projects of the moment “We talk of being cosmopolitan but at the moment I really am living it! Svaja is growing and my main priorities are setting up solid and stable operations in our key new markets. Our USA office has just opened in NYC and things are really taking off there, and I’m just back from the Middle East which has been a major focus for over 18 months. It’s a region that’s leading the way for our bespoke (made to specifications) interior and structural glass and we are working with some amazing private clients: from palaces to six star hotels.”

Which parts of the world do you most enjoy? “I’ve really relished getting to know parts of the Middle East. It’s an incredible region and we have customers that take me to Saudi, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, all over. Here they like the best of the best of everything for their interiors and it is incredibly exciting and dynamic. I’m finding it fascinating learning about Islam and their beautiful arts; my old perceptions have really been altered as I’ve spent more time understanding their ways of life. Barriers are coming down all the time: who would have thought that I’d be there in Saudi, in a pair of high heels and a hard hat, on the site of a new hospital, discussing decorative glass installation with ten hardened male contractors. Things are changing and I feel somewhat of an ambassador for female creativity and business. It makes me smile.”

Tell us more about the structural side of Svaja glass.

“Yes this has been steadily growing. We work with interior designers, architects and private clients to create bespoke products for their How do you come up buildings. It could be a piece of decorative with new designs? glass art to go on a boardroom wall; it could be a one-off shower enclosure for a palace; “Travel is a major inspiration source for couture tiles or a splash-back for a made to me. I’m lucky enough to travel to so many Kristina S Bobs, Founder & Director measure kitchen. We’ve been asked to do www.svaja.com places for work and I feed off their cultures, incredible glass doors, walls, huge mirror architecture, design and fashion. I also make frames, the list goes on. Basically we work sure I squeeze in some down-time with my family, and one of with a client to make something totally unique the places that recently started my creative juices flowing, and fulfil their dreams. It’s extremely satisfying.” wasn’t too far from home: Segovia, the ancient Spanish city. The fusion of European design and Arabic aesthetics knocked What’s new for Svaja on the retail front? me over. It comes from so far back in history but it seems so attuned to the way we should be thinking now: a true fusion “Well our glass animations keep on surprising me. Through of east and west. It’s something that really resonated with me the economic downturn, when people have been spending and is reflected in many of my new designs.” less, the demand for elegant, yet simple animal sculptures keeps growing. It’s amazing. Horses have been our major new thing, created by customers requests, and we welcomed Horatio and Henry to the family not long ago. They’re strong, sculptural and particularly popular with men.”

Tell us more about your US plans. “I’ve always been interested in weaving the mood and tastes of our international customers into our ranges. Our Svaja US online store is opening ( www.svajaus.com) and with the American operation really beginning to take shape and the country being so vast, I think we’ll get a lot of feedback from buyers and customers. It’s always exciting to take this, play with it and give them something back that exceeds their expectations. It’ll be fun getting to know their interior tastes a little more!”

Mystic Wall Panels (London Restaurant) 80



Mystique Sculptures Svaja means dream in your native Lithuania. What dreams do you have for the future? “So far we have home accessories, linens and fabric, structural glass and Red Sands Plate Diameter 16 interior art nicely bubbling (Shanghai Restaurant) away. My dream is to build on this and work towards lighting and furniture innovations incorporating our glass artistry. This would be fantastic and unlike anything else out there. A fusion of Lithuanian glass craftsmanship and cutting edge design: my dream.”

Four Panel Glass Door

V Serious, Smart, Silly, Sassy, Sweet and Sophisticated For our readers enjoyment, our advertisers prosperity and our contributors exposure.

Vigore captures the “Fine Art of Life” 81

Restaurant • Lounge & Music Speakeasy 111 Kinzie Street 312.880.1511

UNTITLED enjoy life experience it


Dinner For One (Surreal Cubism)

www.marcrubin.com 83

Vigore meets Fabio - Siena Tavern restaurant Siena Tavern, 51 W Kinzie St., Chicago, IL 312.595.1322 • sienatavern.com

Sante Furio, Owner, Vigore magazine meets Fabio Viviani, Executive Chef Unique and Delicious

The fresh ingredients used are alive with flavor. The recipes are centuries old passed down through the Viviani family for over 12 generations from grandmother to grandmother. After a long intensive search I believe Fabio has brought to Chicago from his mother’s kitchen in Siena Italy the Best Red Sauce, Best Meatball, Best Cannoli, Best Tiramisu and Best Kale salad. The cuisine is delicious and our waiter (Justin Kats) was well informed about the menu and responsive. Siena Tavern blends the mediterranean style of cooking with an Best in American - Chicago twist. Chicago - Vigore magazine Kobe Meatball - roasted tomato sauce, bellwether ricotto, shaved bail It all began on a trip to Siena, Italy when Top Chef: Season 5 Fan Favorite, Fabio Viviani, returned to his native country with Lucas Stoioff and David Rekhson, the partners of Chicagobased hospitality company, DineAmic Group.

Bomboloni - Siena traditional Italian sugar donut, with 3 fillings, whisky-caramel, chocolate hazelnut, raspberry chianti

Siena Tavern will bring the sophistication and charisma of Viviani’s cuisine Best in Unique and Chicago energy of a Delicious bustling bar, to the epicenter of Chicago’s dining scene in River North. Tiramisu - roasted white chocolate, espresso meringue

Blending old world comfort and hospitality, the décor at Siena Tavern will reflect a Coccoli - crispy dough, hybrid of a rustic Italian stracchio cheese, prosciutto market, a fine dining di parma, truffle honey restaurant and a modern industrial tavern. Best in Best in Chicago Chicago Cannolis with Pistachio Gelato dark chocolate, hand dipped ricotta, candied orange

Tuscan Kale Caesar - oven dried tomato, parmesan, rosemary focaccia croutons, lemon caesar dressing

www.sienatavern.com 84


Bob Summitt


Playful & Expressive • Elegant & Distinguished • Refined & Warm

Vigore - Bob Summitt captures posing, lighting, composition and expression. All the key elements to a great portrait to capture memories to cherish for a lifetime. Bob offers studio space and location photography.


Summitt Photography 309-364-3862 sphoto@frontier.com www.summittphotography.com

Where is

Chicago’s Art Deco

Vigore your photographs of ... send

buildings, homes, signs, furniture, wall decorations, ... Art Deco is a style of architecture popular in the 1920’s to the 1940’s. Art Deco started in Europe after World War I and represented the modern world, and it was embraced by America with gusto. It stood for all that was new and glamorous. From cruise ships to restaurants and even signs and lighting, Art Deco is still a part of the American landscape. The U.S. has many examples of art-deco architecture. New York, Chicago, and Detroit have many art deco buildings: The famous skyscrapers are the best-known, but notable art deco buildings can be found in various neighborhoods. Detroit's - Fisher, Guardian and Penobscot Buildings, all of which are now National Historic Landmarks. Los Angeles, California -Wilshire Boulevard, Bullocks Wilshire building and the Pellissier Building and Wiltern Theatre, built in 1929 and 1931 respectively. Miami Beach, Florida, has a large collection of art-deco buildings, with some thirty blocks of hotels and apartment houses dating from the 1920’s to the 1940’s. Art deco was popular during the later years of the movie palace era of theatre construction. Excellent examples of art deco theatres, such as the Fargo Theatre in Fargo, North Dakota still exist throughout the United States.


Hoover Dam an unusual example of art deco design. Many dam guides state that the design was to be Gothic Revival,

including the installation of gargoyles with water shooting out of their mouths. Minneapolis, Foshay Tower, 1929. The building was built right before the Great Depression and is one of, if not the only obelisk shaped office building in the world. Minneapolis, Rand Tower and the Wells Fargo Center, modern art deco architecture. St. Paul, MN -1st National Bank Building and the Saint Paul City Hall. The city of Rochester, Minnesota houses the Plummer Building, the original building for the world-famous Mayo Clinic, which was built in 1927. Cincinnati, Ohio, Union Terminal, an art deco style passenger railroad station. Carew Tower, a 49-story art deco skyscraper built in 1931. Flint, Michigan - The Paterson Building has extensive art deco throughout the interior and exterior.


Special Interest

Art Deco

Amateurs and professional photographers can submit photos to Vigore magazine for consideration to be published in Print or Internet viewing through the “flip-magazine.� www.vigorechicago.com

When in Miami contact Christina #1 Walking Tour Vigore-

Vigore recommends taking a weekend trip to Miami Beach in early June before it warms up to the hot level or in early October before the peak season. Take the #1 walking tour in South Beach with the most popular tour Christine Michaels guides in the district. Christine & Company will enlighten and entertain you with fascinating facts and stories. Two hours will pass quickly with a comfortable walk. Stroll along Ocean Drive and learn about the history, the significance of Art Deco, the role of Miami Vice and Hollywood and other pop culture. You'll admire the architecture from the outside and design with decor on the inside. Contact Christine Michaels, 305.814.4058 www.artdecotours.com, artdecotours@yahoo.com 89

Smart Fish Swim In Schools ®

Creating a Masterpiece The Art of Swimming By Susan Wainscott Vigore- The art of swimming is like a

masterpiece that is created and inspired by someone with vision and passion: a parent, teacher, or coach. Susan Wainscott, founder and CEO of Swimtastic Swim School, compares the creation of this masterpiece to putting together a thousand-piece puzzle. Like each corner of a puzzle or the four corners of a swimming pool, the foundation for success begins with four key pieces: a 90 degree warm-water pool, professional teachers, small class sizes, and individual attention. Susan and her husband Barrett have provided this foundation for twenty-five years, teaching thousands of infants and children the art of swimming. They have taken Swimtastic from their backyard pool to a franchise brand, and over the past ten years they have owned and operated two indoor, year-round swim schools in the Milwaukee area. As Susan explains: Nature provides the first piece of the puzzle; an infant’s innate ability at birth to hold his/her breath underwater. Beginning at the age of six months, every skill we teach focuses on breath control. An infant learns to hold his breath during our water adjustment phase, as we gently squeeze a water-filled wash cloth over the baby’s head and face. Then, with the first dip of facial immersion, we teach the infant to increase his breath hold from one second, to three and then five and beyond. When a committed parent faithfully brings his baby to the once a

week program, we can often teach him to swim before he learns to crawl or walk. This paints a clear picture that infant swimming is a tremendous activity for parent/child bonding, but it is also a development tool; promoting strength, muscle coordination, safety skills and social interaction, as the child learns to move and swim comfortably and confidently through the water with precision and expression. This is another important piece of the puzzle and a part of the journey of creating a masterpiece.

BORN to SWIM: easier then crawling or walking


Awakening As when an infant discovers his ability to hold his breath underwater, an awakening occurs when a child first learns to swim independently. This is the moment every parent, teacher and child celebrates. It is a gift that every parent treasures and this gift lasts a lifetime. I still hear my son saying, "Hey mom! Look at me!" When an infant kicks through the water and surfaces for a breath, or an Olympic champion glides through the water with beauty, grace, and style, leaving us breathless, an awakening has led to a form of art.

Relationships Life is about relationships. Relationships are fundamental to any child learning the art of swimming. Whether a parent is giving a newborn a bath or a coach is

working with an Olympic swimmer, the parent-child-teacher relationship is another key piece of the puzzle that creates a genuine love for the art of swimming. Effective communication is critical in this relationship. The personality type of the child: eager, terrified, or timid, determines the type of teacher best suited for his needs. It is our hope, that through these relationships, each child will learn to love the water. This leads to the ultimate beauty of the art of swimming; the relationship between the child and the water. Over time, with practice, focus, and determination, the puzzle pieces fit together as the masterpiece begins to take shape.

Timing Whether it is marriage, family, or a career change, life is about timing. In swimming, timing is everything. If it’s baby’s bath, a swim class, or the perfection of a skill required to master a swim stroke, timing is another key piece in the art of swimming. As a professional swim teacher, identifying the exact timing for progression at every stage is critical for success.

Chicago’s Best Beet Salad Vigore-

The art of teaching swimming is a gift. The art of teaching that puts all the puzzle pieces together and creates a lifelong swimmer and a beautiful masterpiece. Knowing when to transition a bubble blowing with a wand to bubble blowing in the water, from breath holding to exhaling at the surface level, or to underwater swimming, the timing is crucial with even the most basic skills. An individualized approach to the introduction of each new step meets the needs of all our children. The use of proper timing is Visit Swimtastic at one of the reasons we have www.swimtastic.com successfully taught so many for a location near you or children the art of swimming. for franchise information. ©Copyright 2011 Swimtastic Corporation. All Rights Reserved

Best Beet Salad in Chicago By Olga Bugaeva, Director of Social Print & Media

I have tasted many delicious salads, but nothing comes as close to my Russian heart as beet salad. I have found that the best beet salads absolutely must have five staple ingredients: beets (red or gold), cheese (preferably goat), some kind of greens (my favorite is Spring Mix, but arugula and frisee also add a lovely touch), nuts (almonds or walnuts), and of course the dressing (something to the balsamic effect is perfect).

Ok, so you ask – where does one find such a delicious salad? Drum roll please… Wildfire! This 1940’s theme restaurant has several locations throughout the Chicago-land area. The salad is well worth the money since it comes in two portions (big and bigger), and unless you are very hungry, you will most likely take some home. The dressing is neither too sweet nor too bitter. The Spanish marcona almonds are a smooth and creamy touch to the vibrant goat cheese sprinkled across the top of the field greens. And, of course, the golden and red beets in combination with the other ingredients take this beautiful salad to the pinnacle of deliciousness. If you love beet salad as much as I do, please make a reservation at the Wildfire closest to you, and experience one of my favorite salads. Enjoy! Olga

Vigore magazine welcomes recommendations on signature cuisine throughout the Chicagoland area.

Susan Wainscott is the founder and CEO of Swimtastic Swim School

Contact Olga@vigoremag.com www.vigorechicago.com


Harbor Country … Chicago’s Farthest Suburb in Michigan CAMDEN’S CORNER - By J.P. Camden Just some seventy plus miles from Chicago across the lake in Michigan, and just over a short hour’s drive by car or by AMTRAK, lie what could possibly be Chicago’s farthest suburbs. Home not only to thousands of summer and part-time residents from Chicago, it also has nearly 2,000 workers that regularly commute to Chicago and some even daily by train. So we were pleasantly surprised to learn that the eight towns that compose Harbor Country, and comparable to the Hamptons of New York, do not turn into arctic ghost towns during the winter. Instead they boost an active agenda of activities and happenings, including a vibrant social scene with major galas that would rival anything in Chicago during this time. First and foremost of these is the December Grand Party held in an eclectic venue just off the 94 highway as you drive in to the gateway to Harbor Country: its capital, the scenic lakeside town of New Buffalo. Every year the Grand Party grows larger and attracts partiers from locals and Chicagoans to those even from as far away as Malibu, California. Most major local restaurants showcase with sumptuous complimentary offerings and libations in addition to lively and spirited music that gets participants up and about dancing the night away. Most importantly though, is the vibrant diversity of people to watch and meet. In addition to local yokels’ in blue jeans it is not uncommon to see formally attired denizens of the many local ornate Malibu type lakeside mansions frolicking about too.

like this is doing where it is, out in the middle of nowhere basically. It is very upscale and sophisticated At the Grand Party, Cindy Hanlon and with a smart, Steve Shirey of Hinsdale, Illinois and young, eager, hostess-with-the-mostess Dee Dee Duhn efficient and friendly staff that not only serves up tasty appetizers and dinners but libations as well. With its classy and bright neon signs, it stands out at night against its stark, dark, rural lakeside town surroundings. It is like it was teleported out of Manhattan by some alien spaceship. And speaking of Manhattan, note well that Michigan is on Manhattan time; in other words Eastern. So remember that they are ahead one hour in Michigan in comparison to Chicago when planning your Michigan trips and activates. As to breakfast after a long night of festivities, it still is Rosie’s downtown, the number one breakfast favorite in Southwest Michigan, with a super-efficient and fast staff in addition to sumptuous, tasty, filling, morning meals. As to the Super Bowl, the talk of the town in Michigan was its very own Kate Upton, of the Upton’s of Whirlpool. Little cute Katie has really blossomed as a two time Sports Illustrated cover girl and now as a Super Bowl Mercedes commercial model to boot. Watch for this local favorite’s career to bloom further. When in Southwest Michigan, you never know, she could be the girl next door as she has a home in the area and is often seen at local parties and events.

Brian and Kyann Keller of Logansport, Indiana celebrate Kyann's birthday at Frankie's

Then in February, it is Beverly’s Ball in the elegant Silver Creek Event Center just outside town sponsored by the New Buffalo Business Association after their day time Winter Fest. Unlike the Grand Party, this is a more structured and subdued formal affair with a live orchestra and sit down dinner with men in suits and ties and the ladies in elegant evening attire. Still quite an event with a lot of fun people! As far as nightlife, the local “Cheers” bar and longtime landmark, the rustic Casey’s, has had some management problems and is closed until the spring. Another local favorite and icon, The Stray Dog, burned down last year but is quickly being rebuilt with a May scheduled opening.

As far as the upcoming summer goes, there is great concern about the low Lake Michigan and river water levels, the lowest since 1964. It has gotten so bad that a survey party on the St. Joseph River in December had to get out of their boat and walk to do their work! But one would never know the concern that sailors have for the upcoming Season as they came from all the Great Lake states to attend the traditional kickoff party for the 104th Mackinac Race, known as the Pink Pony, in Chicago. Attended by hundreds, this party is one of the highlights of January and certainly heats things up. This world class sailing race now has become known also for its ever increasing and lavish parties up to and after the July race, including the Gatsbyesque postrace party on the lawn of the stately Grand Hotel.

That leaves Frankie’s, up the Red Arrow highway from New Buffalo in the enclave community of Union Pier. It is one of those bars that you scratch your At Bev’s Ball, the hospitable Stacey Germain head trying to figure out what a place and Jan Rokley greeting arriving guests


If you would like to receive information about upcoming VIP events, yachting, openings and other special events in Michigan, please send an email to J. P. Camden, at Pacenet_2000@yahoo.com



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Vigore Vigore capturing the “FINE ART of Life.” (vee-gor-ray: vigor, vitality)

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Capturing the FINE ART of Life


“The Dawn of Anticipation" and “ The Essence of Soul" mixed media which comprises encaustic, acrylic, fiber paper and powdered pigment.


A special Thank You to our new contributing staff members Cay Clark, Consultant Krystal Krisciunas, Facebook Specialist Chris Blauvelt Editor Olga Bugaeva, Director of Social Print & Media

Natalie Wetzel Making art is a way of life for me – deep, dynamic and transforming.

Fine Art • Uptown Normal 104 East Beaufort Street • Normal, IL 61761 • 309-808-0472 Like on facebook under The Pod in Normal, IL.


Cover artist

Marc Richard Rubin A Diverse World Artist Of Our Time Marc Rubin finished his college education in 1972. In 1973 he entered his thesis painting, "Ladies Of The Canyon", pointillism, surreal subject, acrylic on canvas, in the prestigious Art Institute of Chicago - Chicago Competition. His unanimous inclusion into the exhibition by 3 visiting museum curators and James Spiers curator of the Art Institute created profound recognition for a very young Marc Rubin. Within one year his works were shown and sold in Europe, Chicago and New York City.


Even before Marc Rubin began his thesis work in pointillism, he was absorbed in classic modern art. Marc had been exposed to the Art Institute of Chicago from his early childhood through his parents' love of art. He would meet and become friends with Jean DuBuffet and Salvador Dali in the mid 1970's. While Dali saw incredible magic in pointillism, Rubin found that magic in Henri Matisse’s Fauvism, George Braque's Cubism and Jean DuBuffet's Abstract Expressionism. Although his works in Pointillism are masterful, his first love is modernism. It originally made sense to study George Seurat and his Pointillism as it is considered the starting point of all modern art. If you ask Marc Rubin, he will define himself as a Fauve, the name of recognition self used by Henri Matisse and George Braque. Meeting Salvador Dali during a visit to the university led to an amazing friendship during the last decade and a half of Salvador Dali’s life. Salvador had been a fan of Pointillism since his teenage years. He is the reason that Ladies of the Canyon is also a surreal work. After the Art Institute exhibition they became as close a grandfather and grandson. Marc stayed with the Dali’s during several

exhibition trips to Europe. Salvador painted in and invented styles which are not seen as Surrealism but Salvador told Marc that all true modern art is Surrealism as true abstraction is the effort of altering reality. Salvador encouraged Marc Rubin to continue inventing new modernist styles. It is Salvador Dali who named one of these established inventions as Surreal Cubism. In 1976, upon Marc Rubin’s return from a one man exhibition in Europe, he was commissioned to paint a city-scape of Chicago. When asked to create a new style for the painting, his response was the invention of Pop Cubism. Two of his many Pop Cubist city scapes were requested in poster form by The City of Chicago Cultural Center Stores.

The Apple Tree Surreal Cubism, 1997

Marc Rubin’s artwork has been on the front cover of Vigore and is often requested for future publications. The back cover displays “The Apple Tree” another artwork of Marc Rubin.

The following year, 1977, Marc Rubin made the greatest contribution to Fine Art since Georges Seurat invented and defined Pointillism in 1873. Marc defined and created the first work in his invention, Synchronism. Synchronism was in practice but never as a genre. Marc Rubin’s Self Portrait 1969, is a combination of Cubism and Fauvism. Marc has defined Intentional Fine Art that combines two or more styles from today or any previous age into harmonic balance. Below is a work in Synchronism combining Post Impression, Cubism and Abstract Expressionism. Marc Rubin, “Style should be relevant to subject matter and the story being depicted.” The result has been one continuous period of diverse works. Marc Rubin’s Self Portrait 1969 95



Artist: Marc Rubin • The Apple Tree, surreal cubism, 1997

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Vigore Chicago April 2013  

Capturing the fine art of life.

Vigore Chicago April 2013  

Capturing the fine art of life.