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Best-in-Class Digital & Social Solutions for the Equestrian Industry



Best-in-Class Digital & Social Solutions for the Equestrian Industry

If you sell a product or service, you no longer have a choice on whether to ‘go digital’ or do social media. The question is, how well do you do it? Equestrian Influence is an inspired development from our highly respected equestrian trade publication Equestrian Business. We are extremely proud to have authentic and active relationships with our ever-expanding audience. With video and visual content at its core, Equestrian Influence invites participation from brands that understand the power of visual brand messages across all forms of digital activity and social media. We engage with all audiences from consumers to professionals, yard owners and retailers to create content that converts in to sales.

Digital Trade Toolkit Many retailers are transferring online to survive, but many also lack the knowledge, confidence or skills to truly engage their audience.

Putting products at the forefront, we collaborate with manufacturers and wholesalers to furnish retailers with readymade digital assets that can be used free-of-charge across their own websites and social media channels, to feed an ever-more hungry audience. If you want help powering your products across the internet, or want to find out how we can help boost footfall, talk to us today to see how we help to generate more sales.

Our Toolkits include

• Online Banners - pushing a particular product or

service? You need banners! When it comes to online advertising, banners utilise prominent space. This provides great visibility and thanks to our bespoke design and understanding of equine language, your brand will become recognised and remembered.

• GIFs – not just for having fun with memes and building

engagement, looping GIF animations are an excellent option to capture attention. They bring product illustrations to life with moving parts and show how to use a certain product. Easy to use on social media, embed in emails or websites, GIFs are a handy addition to get your message across.

• Graphics - optimised for use on websites and different

social media platforms, high quality graphics are a must to get your products seen and sought-after. Describing special prices, new additions or added sizes, our graphics can contain any information you want to share.

• Content Creation - do you struggle with words or

are unsure how to distribute announcements effectively? Equestrian Influence takes the pressure out of the process by producing well written, well researched content that is readily available to share with the wider industry.

Roaming Reporters Our roaming reporters are taking to the road to create vlogs, visiting retailers and yards, taking products with us to see how they are received by the marketplace. If you want to know what people think of your products, now is the time to get in touch. Or if you are exhibiting at an event and would like us to come and capture the action, let us know!

If you are a retailer, yard manager or have a role in the decision-making process and want to provide us with your expertise and feedback, become part of the conversation by joining the Equestrian Influence Facebook group. @EquestrianInfluence

Product Videos If a picture is worth 1000 words, a stunning video is worth millions. We produce product or service videos that can be aimed specially at the trade, or the consumer as desired. Following a discussion with you on your aims and aspirations, we will produce an impressive, cost effective video with professional voice over and animation that converts products in to sales. Once produced, it is yours to use as you wish. If you require the kudos of it being a trade Equestrian Business production, that’s shared across our trade channels that’s not a problem. If you require a consumer Equestrian Influence production that’s shared across consumer media that’s fine too and even if you want a clean unbranded version solely for your own use, we are happy to accommodate your needs. Whatever you need, we have the experience and a melting pot of ideas to produce something that will blow you and more importantly your customers - away!

Animated Explainer Videos Do you have a story to tell? This cost-effective, unique animation or whiteboard style is a great option if you’d like to talk customers through your products or services step-by-step. We make the process simple and what’s more our animated explainer videos come with a skilfully written script, professional voiceover and backing music making them great value for money.

Animated Logos Do you want to capture the imagination and demand attention in the marketplace for your brand? An animated logo is an exciting, fresh way to present your brand and can be utilised effectively across a number of digital platforms, including websites and social media profiles. Bespoke and extremely cost effective, our animated logos are eye-catching and exciting.

Social Media Posts

Need help boosting exposure for your brand on social media from an independent voice? Want to see more engagement and follower numbers grow? We’re here to help. With active accounts across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, Equestrian Influence helps to get you seen. If you want to share special offers, are looking to hire new recruits, or have a product you want to shout about, we get your clicks going in the right direction.

• Have you often wondered what makes retailers stock a certain brand or product? • Would you like to know what yard owners think of your products? • Or do you want to gain valuable consumer opinion? Whether your product is new to the market or has been revamped, we will put it to the panel and provide a valuable Equestrian Influence “Best on Test” badge that can be used on all marketing materials as desired for those products that do indeed come out best. Whether you are proud of your product’s packaging and POS for retailers, or your product’s technical innovation, there will be an applicable Equestrian Influence “Best on Test” category.

Equestrian Influencer Reach Together with our own reach of over 36,000 – which grows daily we are also working with a number of select influencers across the trade. Collectively, we have the power to affect purchase decisions because of our combined authority, knowledge, position and relationship with our audience. This provides your brand with a unique opportunity to collaborate with us to achieve your marketing objectives.

Talk to us today, so we can keep the conversation moving for you.

Equestrian Influence | Tel: +44 (0)1953 850678 | Email: ei@equestrianbusiness.net

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