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Eazitools Equestrian Eazitools Equestrian is a specialist manufacturer of innovative stable and field tools. The company has one simple aim, to make difficult, labour intensive jobs around the yard easier and less stressful on the users’ muscles and back. Customer Service

The eazitools concept began in 1999 with the launch of the Rag-Fork; an equestrian tool designed to effortlessly remove the poisonous weed ragwort and help prevent back-strain, even in the hardest of soils. Since then the company has grown significantly and has extended its range of products to include shavings forks, muck-forks and accessories.

features a double-cranked shaft to minimize leverage and improve posture. Specially sharpened and rounded prongs lift and cup with additional ease and curve at the back to help sift shavings and reduce waste. All tools in the range are available in attractive and easy to spot colours and are rust and rot proof, as well as easy to clean. “Our products are designed to be the best possible tool for the job. If a prototype doesn’t work well in my own yard, then it isn’t good enough for our customers. A lot of thought has gone into making our tools as user-friendly as possible and this is reflected in the feedback we receive,” says Becky.

Quality products

The company is family run and based in Doncaster, South Yorkshire. Day-to-day operations are overseen by managing director, Becky Ball. Becky says: “The necessary everyday tasks associated with stable and yard management, such as mucking-out, can be hard work for horse-owners. We spotted an unfulfilled niche for making equestrian tools more user friendly, in particular tools that are lightweight yet strong and safer to use.” As an experienced horse rider, eazitools Equestrian products have been designed to reflect Becky’s own practical experience in the yard and to help make caring for horses as easy as possible. For example, the Ergonomic Shavings-Fork

Eazitools products are sourced in both the UK and Far East. Quality control is stringent and tools are subject to rigorous testing processes before being sold on to customers. So confident is eazitools in the quality of its products that the company has introduced a lifetime guarantee on all its tools. Says Becky: “Durability is a must and we don’t compromise on quality just to keep manufacturing costs down. Our tools are designed to last, so that customers know that they are getting value for money. However, if a customer is not happy with the quality of their tool we will immediately replace it or provide a refund, no questions asked.”

of the products. “People want innovative products that last but don’t cost the earth,” says Becky.

Customer service is also of paramount importance to the company and it is keen to build on its well-earned reputation for high levels of client satisfaction. “We often get calls from our customers saying how friendly and helpful we are,” says Becky, adding: “Aside from our high levels of customer care, we offer excellent margins for wholesalers and retailers alongside heavyweight PR and advertising support.” Eazitools Equestrian products have received widespread coverage in the leading national equestrian and country magazines and the company has established strong brand awareness. “Our customers often ask for the Rag-Fork by name,” says Becky. As part of its pro-active marketing strategy, the company will shortly be launching a trade section on its website, which will feature an online ordering system and highlight monthly product promotions and special offers.

Value for money Despite current economic conditions, the company is keen to keep its products at affordable prices, which reflect the quality

July 2011

Sales success Although the UK accounts for the majority of sales, there has been a year on year increase in sales to Europe, including the Netherlands. Within the UK the company has widespread experience in selling to some of the largest wholesalers and multichain retailers, but is equally happy to do business with independent retailers. “There is no minimum order on any of our products.” Says Becky.

Plans for the future Eazitools is currently working at expanding its range, with plans to add plastic stable and field products for the 2011/2012 winter-season. “As well as expanding our range it’s also important to reinvent our products to keep them fresh. We’re always adding new ‘funky’ colours, which prove very popular with end users”, says Becky. “We always listen to customer feedback and recently introduced a longer version of the Rag-Fork, which is more suitable for taller users and helps prevent backstrain.” The company has also recently diversified into the gardening sector and in 2009 Becky launched Pet Possessions (www. – an online pet accessories store. “Our current client base includes many pet owners and so we decided to diversify ‘horizontally’, and supply products that are different from our core business but still likely to appeal to existing customers.” To find out more about the eazitools Equestrian range visit or call +44 (0)1302 746077.

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July 2011  
July 2011  

July 2011 issue featuring Summer Horse haelth including supplments, grooming, hoof care, etc. Business feature is on building a website