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DESIGN: 6/10

DESIGN: 8/10

Small and simple design, nothing fancy but it does the job. The image on the home page is a nice picture but doesn’t really highlight the products on offer.

Modern and eye-catching without being too cluttered, particularly on the home page. Much of the text throughout the site is in quite a light shade of grey, which some people might find harder to read.



Fairly simple, but it would be helpful to have the list of products on the left hand side in alphabetical order.

CONTENT: News and media:



News and media:

No news page. There is a good page of media reviews and press clippings, but that is it.

Company information: 4/10 ‘About us’ page is limited to a couple of sentences, much more could be added here. Basic contact information present, with a separate link to ‘Trade enquiries’, which helpfully details the contact details of relevant wholesaler. Stockist page also available.

Product information: 7/10 Product detail is basically good – many of the items have more than one image showing use, with links to some handy FAQs for each. Scope to add more however.

Navigation fairly easy using top bar menu, but perhaps the menu could be a bit more obvious, in size as well as text colour? Contact details not as apparent as could be. Good search bar.


No news page as such, but there is an e-newsletter. One good idea is the retailer news page, though not updated since November 2010. A few interesting little updates on the home page, but they don’t appear to be archived anywhere. Detailed pages on sponsored riders, plus product reviews pages.

Company information: 8/10 Good company information under ‘About us’, including background, ethos and services offered. Contact information is fairly basic, just address, care line phone number and ‘info’ email. Well organised stockist list available, plus good ‘Buy online’ page with links.

Product information: 9/10 Products all logically sorted and well presented, with plenty of images for each (even smaller items such as gloves) plus easy links to ‘Buy online’ and ‘Size chart’. Minor point – when reading the information next to a product, it is a little annoying to have to scroll as the box is small. There are several helpful additional pages of relevant information on materials and care instructions.




July 2011


Equestrian Business Monthly


July 2011  
July 2011  

July 2011 issue featuring Summer Horse haelth including supplments, grooming, hoof care, etc. Business feature is on building a website