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HOOFCARE Protect dry, brittle hooves PRO FEET Hoof Moist is an entirely natural product with a dual action – it improves hoof condition and acts as a hoof cosmetic. Oil and grease free and especially formulated to sustain the moisture content of the hoof and allow natural fluctuation of moisture levels. The ingredients are of human cosmetic grade and the manufacturing process used in its production results in a smooth gel consistency to allow for even application. Hoof Moist also contains teatree, which gives it a natural antiseptic quality. Research shows that traditional oil and grease applications can be detrimental to the health of the hoof, because both substances prevent the absorption of the very moisture essential for the maintenance of supple robust hooves. Particularly useful throughout the summer months as, applied daily it donates valuable moisture to the hoof during the warm dry weather. NAF: +44 (0)1600 710700

World’s easiest barefoot boot? The Easyboot Trail hoof boot, a revolutionary new barefoot boot for leisure riders of barefoot horses, is now available in the UK. The boot is distributed in the UK by Trelawne Equine and is manufactured by EasyCare. The simple design will appeal to riders and drivers that enjoy pleasure riding, hacking, endurance, sponsored rides and carriage driving – it is a medium distance riding boot, most suitable for distances of up to 25 miles. EasyCare has developed a boot that is incredibly easy to apply and adapts to a broad range of hoof shapes. RRP: £54.99 for sizes 0–6, £64.00 for sizes 7–10. Key features: sold in singles, easy to apply – simple closure, available in 11 sizes, comfortable and lightweight, drainage holes in sole. Trelawne Equine Ltd: +44 (0)8442 578585

New Hooflex Natural W F Young has launched the new Hooflex Natural Spray as part of its expanding hoofcare range. New Hooflex Natural 5oz Spray is a brand-new, first of its kind way to apply hoof dressing. This innovative design sprays from any angle, even upside down. The quiet, non-aerosol spray eliminates messy brushes while keeping the product free of dirt and debris. The new natural formula contains six active natural and herbal ingredients including tea tree oil, arnica, comfrey and avocado oil. These help promote strong, healthy hoof growth when barefoot or shod, and maintain the hoof’s moisture balance. Hooflex Natural spray is available in 148ml non aerosol spray, RRP: £11.99. Absorbine:

July 2011

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July 2011  
July 2011  

July 2011 issue featuring Summer Horse haelth including supplments, grooming, hoof care, etc. Business feature is on building a website