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Nutritional support

Are you and your customers lost in a minefield of supplements? Simplify your life and theirs with an inexpensive solution from Hilton Herbs – Hoof & Health, combining the best of sea & soil. Contains deep sea kelp, calcified seaweed, bladderwrack and rosehip shells. Helps support healthy hoof growth, improve coat and skin condition, provide a balanced blend of vitamins and minerals, deepens coat colour, provides a bio-available source of Vitamin C and promotes mane and tail regrowth. Sizes from 4kg to 12kg. RRP: from £27.00. Feeding cost is 0.23p per day (assuming dosage of two scoops per day).

Kentucky Performance Products Infinity Rice Bran Pellet is a dense source of calories derived from a unique combination of fats. Contains natural vitamin E. A rich source of fatty acids, it contributes to the maintenance of healthy skin and coat, even with daily bathing. Also includes a proprietary blend of yeasts that supports normal digestive function. Suitable for horses of all ages. When used in combination with a low-starch diet, it offers nutritional support for equine athletes prone to muscle stress. Guaranteed to increase muscle, stamina and make the coat on any horse super shiny. Research proven and scientifically developed. Results within 40 days.

Hilton Herbs Ltd: +44 (0)1460 270701

Karoo Equine Ltd: +44 (0)1706 559569

Optimum performance

Maintaining soundness

Horse First supplements are the choice of many of the world’s leading riders, because they deliver the performance and results demanded in a highly competitive world. Its products are ideally suited for all horses irrespective of their use, formulated to include optimum levels of high-grade active ingredients. The range ensures the horse gets maximum health benefits and the customer gets exceptional value for money. With Horse First your customers can be sure that every penny they spend on supplements is financially the best the best option.

LitoVet, from Lanes Health, is the only equine supplement in the UK that contains GOPO, one of the main active components found in the Rosa Canina rosehip that can help to maintain soundness, suppleness and mobility. LitoVet was clinically trialled in 44 performance horses before being brought to market, despite GOPO being clinically proven in extensive human trials. Tests following the trial showed that the body’s natural repair processes were more active in the horses taking LitoVet than those on the placebo. Those on LitoVet also recorded significantly higher levels of vitamin C than the placebo group. Of the trainers, 70% said horses appeared more lithe, supple and easier to work the day after strenuous exercise. LitoVet is 100% plant-based and does not contain glucosamine or chondroitin.

Horse First Ltd: +44 (0)2830 848844

Battle Hayward & Bower Ltd: +44 (0)1522 529206

For healthy hooves

Improve mobility

Every Horslyx product provides a comprehensive nutritional package of vitamins, minerals and trace elements including ingredients known to improve and maintain hoof quality. These include biotin, methionine and zinc which, when combined with the balance of nutrients found in every Horslyx tub, work together to optimise health and support all round vitality. Feeding Horslyx also balances the deficiencies in forage and provides a trickle-feeding pattern to promote gut health and reduce boredom. Horslyx is available in four formulations, Original, Respiratory, Garlic and Mobility, allowing owners to feed specifically to their horses’ requirements in one cost effective, easy and effective method. Horslyx is available in 5kg and 15kg weatherproof tubs, plus 80kg in Original only. RRP: from £9.80.

MaxaFlex is a unique supplement from Maxavita which combines the soothing power of Green Lipped Mussel with glucosamine, MSM and HA to help maintain joint health and support mobility. The key active ingredient, a patented green lipped mussel extract called SuPerna, contains high levels of Omega 3 ETA fatty acids which are known for their natural anti-inflammatory properties. MaxaFlex works quickly to ease stiffness and improve mobility, with results often visible in as little as seven to 10 days. MaxaFlex contains no listed banned substances and is veterinary approved. RRP: £29.85 for 900g/30 day supply.

Horslyx: +44 (0)1697 332592

Maxavita: +44 (0)8450 752754


July 2011

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July 2011  

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