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Interview with the President “Deep

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Blood - where? how?


20 August 2011

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I have spoken to you about letting go of of...well, cream. You were adorable! your past baggage, overcoming your fears, staying positive no matter what, inspiring Klāvs, you practically taught me InDesign people and being inspired in return. the first night around. You were a true carebear, going around giving massages. I owe As this issue is dedicated mostly to com- you my gratitude. mittee articles, I would like to write one of my own about my committee, the Press Andre, my fellow Estonian, you were my Team. confidante. Your articles showcased creativity. Pure brilliance! We should stop I could not have hoped for a better set of laughing at each other’s laughs, I’m going people to work together with. to have six-packs on my cheeks or something. Ritvars, you were as quick as a bullet, always there when I needed an article done Oscar, you were the man of the hour, the quickly and concisely. Your music helped ultimate friendly guy that everybody wantme stay awake this last night. And you, my ed to get a piece of. You and your camera boy, are attentive! worked wonders. I thank you for quitting your job! Juris, I admire your imaginative way of writing (check out his committee article) and Ritvars, Juris, Filips, Elīza, Irma, Klāvs, Anyour passion (Euroconcert!). And the way dre, Oscar - you will always hold a special you interacted with your delegates - what a place in my life, as you were my first jourbig heart you have! nalists. Filips, your witty answers entertained me, I humbly thank you for the experience of the Press Team and everyone else. Your having been your editor. sense of drama and humour I could n o t have done without. The owling is a comAnd for the people who came to entertain pletely different matter, though... me when I was sitting behind my laptop – Elīza, you were a spitfire - constantly run- you are the best!

ning around, throwing around ideas here and there. Your presence, when we were Ieva, Ieva and Signe - I can not thank you enough, really! able to finally catch you, made me smile. Irma, Miss Not-So-Hipster, I enjoyed your For the last time, writings immensely. What a talent! May I Your Editor just add that whipped cream is made out



Journalists: Ritvars Masト]s Juris Gogulis Filips Kapustins Elトォza Spilnere Irma Tukト]e Klト」s Galenieks Andre Tamm Oscar Haglind The Embassy of the Netherlands in Riga, Latvia


President Jamie – The inside story

By Oscar Haglind

By Oscar Haglind


Maybe there is a little prankster leprechaun in all of us. But there is one person at this session who is quite a large wee leprechaun. This “Irish” president has a lot going on for his pot of gold. Today we are digging in.

You seem to have a great interest in history. How come? I do. Because everything that happened will probably happen again. It’s slightly different. In some other form. What is the best part of being a president? The best part with being a president is that you actually have a legit reason to meet people and take an interest in how they are doing. What they are doing and how they are doing it. You can’t do that as a delegate. You can’t just go up to a chair and just ask them how they are doing, or ask them for advice. Or ask them to help you with a problem. Or even help them with a problem. I like to help people solve things, I love to help people figure things out. I love to cater for their needs. And in the process, I suppose, somehow I do, I enjoy myself. I help myself. I learn more simply by having a reason to talk to people. What do you do when your not EYPing? A lot of studies. A lot of long distance running. Swimming. Canoeing. Reading, writing. I do a lot of socialising to but I think that goes without saying. I love to cycle long distances. I love to swim in freezing cold waters. I love to meet new people. I love to travel, explore new countries. Basically I do a hell of alota things. And people, I do love people. What’s your favourite coffee break snack? Kebab flavoured instant noodles. Jamie has been in the EYP since 2006. He is a man of many traits and has impressing knowledge in history and politics. He has an amazing power to boost your energy just by standing next to you. He’s truly inspiring and caring. And to this day I have never met a man with a manlier handshake. No homo. The only word worthy of describing this person is a word that Jamie himself seems to favour. Beaucase our president is truly HAZAA-licious. I have no doubt that this guy will sky-rocket and find his way to the end of the rainbow. A Slice of Jamie Music or Sports? Chocolate or Gummy-Bears? Video games or Football? Hugging or Kissing? Backpacking or All inclusive? Sci-Fi or Slasher movie? Car or Bicycle? Mozart or Van Halen?


The mighty, mighty ENVI Even

seven nation army can’t stop them

They met on Monday. They were so excited. But, they had no idea what they were getting into. Introducing themselves as the shy Chinese men, they soon turned into 11 Churchills and, what a wonder, started lying. There were many different lies, each more complicated than the last. And the Churchills’ lies were really good. After they had met and got to know each other, they learned to look at life from many different perspectives. If you ask from the delegates, they’ll say that they love Funky Chicken or Banana Dance, or Big Fat Pony, but not ENVI! One person loves Suck & Blow, another – Street Fighter. But their favourite game is a tie between Alele and the Coin Game. Just how awesome is that, eh?

By Ritvars Māsāns

Of course, the fun didn’t end there! They started the REAL work. They moved forward like lightning bolts through open sky – spending just enough time to understand each topic, never getting stuck for too long. On their way to the castle, they learned a game. I hope you’ve already guessed which game they learnt, ‘cause you just lost it. Did I already mention that they’re eco-friendly, too? They want to decrease the use of chemicals while growing food, use urban planning to decrease the polution in cities, decrease the number of fast food restaurants in the city and many more things. They’re also musically gifted. During the very first day they sang ‘We are the EYP’. Later, they made a new song. .

At the end of the day, I’ll be missing them a lot. Because no matter how many songs they write or games they play, nothing can explain the awesomeness of the great committee of ENVI 6

The twelve musketeers One for all, all for one

By Filips Kapustins

They say teamwork is one of the most difficult procedures to learn. It requires the ability to work together towards a similar vision, even if that vision becomes extremely blurry. It is the fuel that allows ordinary people attain extraordinary results and the delegates representing AFCO have definitely brought that to the table.

It did not take long for them and the General Assembly. action. The Chairs emto realize that a single perOne is for certain, everyphasised the importance son can’t whistle a symthing great was achieved of daring to do something, phony - it takes the whole with enthusiasm and creasaying that it is already half orchestra to play it. And tiveness and that is where the way to success, and that is what they have been our lovely captains of the the open-minded delegates doing since the first were happy to learn minutes they met. and improve. The way they made progress and com- ‘a single person can’t whis- When a team outpensated their lack grows individual perof skills with mu- tle a symphony – it takes the formance and learns tual respect and the whole orchestra to play it’ team confidence, exconviction that ‘nocellence becomes a body can get there reality. That was the unless everybody case with my delegets there’ was just splenship, Andreia and Didzis, gates. did. stepped in. AFCO, thank you for the By dividing the tasks, they They encouraged the team opportunity. multiplied their success to be both positive and proand created a strong base ductive by putting different for the upcoming future teambuilding games into


JURI – The Last Man Standing

By Elīza Spilnere

No one remembers why the dispute began. No one knows what it was about. One generation after another failed to find a compromise. For centuries the Capulets and the Montagues have rivalled all over the world until they met in Cesvaine. Which is the right decision? JURI has been struggling with this question from the very beginning, starting with zombie attacks and wondering in jungles and ending with a resolution on quite the controversial topic – should drugs be legalised or not. You have the marvellous chance of taking a look into JURI ‘s world. Lairis is the most indescribable of all JURIs. He is the boy in the green suit with shiny green cylinder from EuroVillage. Who can forget him? Evita is the girl who danced at Euroconcert in a long red skirt. She’s a true energy bomb, ready to share ideas (and energy) day and night. Niklāvs and Ola are the two fellows with golden tongues. Both are active and reliable and both have had the real EYP spirit from the very beginning.


Oh, Romeo and Juliet! Times may change, but love stays the same. Konstantīns and Madara are the couple who could help you get BINGO.

Toms and Dzintra are passionate fighters who will do anything to save unicorns. Sounds silly? But, have you ever thought about how Skittles can be that colourful all the time? Deivids plays the guitar and is into psychology and he has his hat on all the time. No one knows how his hair looks like. Raimonds is the tall guy. Always sweet enough to ask “How are you?”, if you look a bit like an ordinary journalist (read: overworked and under slept). Intars and Lauris are the two friendly boys with whom you can have a quick chat, if you spend free time outside. At first sight they might seem quiet, but still waters run deep. Egons looks like a serious man whom you wouldn’t want to mess with. But don’t judge the book by its cover. The last time Egons got into a fight was in form four. Raivita is a lovely and helpful girl. You will recognise her from wearing dresses and skirts all the time. And then there is the last man standing – Kārlis Caune – JURI’s Santa, Rocky, Barack Obama and Candy Man in one person. This is the man who would suffocate just for a brief moment of starlight sparkling from HER eyes.


By Ritvars Māsāns

As a sequel to ‘The Perfect Delegate’ and ‘The Perfect Chair’ the journo team presents you ‘with The Perfect Organiser’! Find out what an organiser does, test yours and become one!

Patient, yet strong and strict. Perfect orga has good health. But, the main thing, I think, is a good sense of humor. It’s always great to have a few laughs. /Ieva F. (Head Orga)/ Friendly, ready to do anything. And also, he/ she has a bad sense of humor (It’s that bad it’s actually good). /Ieva V. (Head Orga)/ Invisible. Sexy. Has lazer eyesight. Thinks sleeping is for pussies. Can teleport (always around when needed, never there when not needed) /Niks (Chairperson, ENVI)/ Funny, with good style, has a laugh that freaks you out, active and, of course, serious enough. /Diana (ENVI)/ Supportive, friendly and fun person, and responsible as well. /Kaspars (CULT)/ Does not have blood in his caffeine. Can balance at least 80 coffee mugs in a hand. He is never seen, but always there. /Jamie (President, chair for ENVI)/ Always chill. Mostly seen somewhere drinking tea, because he/she has done everything in advance and doesn’t have to hurry. /Alex (Mysterious Guest)/

Brings food to chairs all the time. Gives backrubs for free. Brings just the right stuff we need, even though we didn’t know we needed it. /Kate (Chairperson, TRAN)/ In addition, the perfect organiser can... .. lift all food boxes all by itself, .. repair the printers & copy machines, .. google a gogleplex, .. find a way trough the castle, .. find anyone in the school, .. win the dance contest, .. make noodles in a blink. /Jamie (President, chair for ENVI)/


Forget about the rest EMPL is in fact the best

This is a message for all the other committees. You probably noticed an extraordianry committee, who are not only the winners of the scavanger hunt, thus beating each and every other committee of the session, but they are also incredibly charming, clever and charismatic. Quite a catch, I know! You can now look into the mind of every member of the Committee on Employment and Social Affairs, so as to be able to start a conversation with them at some point (bear in mind the golden rule, though).

By Irma TukÄ ne

I am so glad that I had the chance to be your journalist. I enjoyed every moment I spent together as shallow and cliche as it may sound. I will not qoute you, I will not describe each and every one of you. We have memories for that.I’ll just smile and thank you for the time we spent together and I hope to seeing you soon, in EYP or simply just like that. Cheers, Irma 10


The TRAiN of Love By Andre Tamm

Sometimes in life you have to make tough choices. For TRAN, this is no problem because LOVE should always be top priority (especially when deciding railway positioning). Ladies and gentlemen, I present you a crash course on love. First sight. It all has to start somewhere and a true love story should always begin with... awkwardness. Still, I could already see curious glances and smiles being exchanged during name games. And so the hunt begins. The first date. Tip: there is nothing more memorable than having a snowball fight to get to know each other. First laughs exchanged, you start seeing a sparkle in everybody’s eyes. Your first problem. It might happen that your stick rises too fast or you feel like you’re in the middle of a swamp. In the end, the only thing that matters is not what you did, but how you did it and that you did it all with love. The move-in. Disputes settled, it’s time to start living and working together. You had to make some tough decisions, but you were never afraid of a challenge. Sometimes you have to sacrifice someone for the name of love and choose who to save on a balloon. Your decisions showed that you valued diversity and potential. I could not have been prouder when I saw that the ability to


unite people towards a common goal was more important to you than empty fame. The break-up. Nothing beautiful is meant to last for too long. Sadly, we must take our separate paths. But, we can always take out our old love letters to read about the good times we had. Love letter from delegates: We had a lot of fun, fun, fun cause you are all so cool, so everybody stay as you are. It was the nicest time this summer; we make a good team that can make even hard work interesting. You, our chairs, really supported us; you are awesome teachers, the best at the session. Loved the energisers! Partyyy!! Miss you!!! xoxo Love letter from chairs: You were always full of positive energy; you can joke in every situation, even during a difficult GA. We adore your varied talents and your remarkable skill of being awesome. We all enjoyed each other’s company and we are proud you are all filled with that precious EYP spirit. ♥♥♥ With love, your Prince (Charming) of the Castle Andre

Deep Thought in Action vol. 2

By Filips Kapustins

After listening to some fruity tunes of the fire alarm, I decided to sidetrack my attention from the chaos surrounding me. So instead of an intentional owling session, I came up with another round of answers to your points.

1. Isn’t CULT the best comittee? There is still room for improvement in order to become as superb as AFCO.

an unfolded box in the warehouse, I got placed in the middle of a cardboard stack. Does that count?

8. Do you have a problem? Violence is not the an2. Do you like banan- swer. as? I prefer melons. 9. Do you like turtles? 3. What is the fastest As long as they are teenway to draw a dog? age, mutant and a bit ninja. Just Yahoo! it. 10. How many legs do you have? I have none since I am a 5. Do you want to par- boombox. ty? I am quite used to a sta11. Why is the board so tionary lifestyle. sexy? 6. Why can’t we go to Because they can. Just like the shop? Actually you can. Barack Obama. 4. How tall is Jamie? Very tall.

It is just that you are not a l l 12. What does the No o w e d to. Homo rule mean? 7. What is the most ex- It is usually said to show traordinary place where you that you aren’t gay after saying something that sounded have made out? Back in the day when I was gay.

13. What else can be deep? The Mariana Trench. 14. How long does it take to catch a bunny and where is it possible? About three seconds. Where? The Bunny Catchers game on 15. Who are the best - orgas, chairs and journos? Although you have to give credit to all of the CJO’s, journos are the best by far. 16. How do you know you exist? I don’t. I live. 17. Have you ever ran naked around the house? That is not how I play. 18. Have you ever considered leaving EYP? No. Since I care about people and you would miss me.


u t

n n



g in

e th


Surely, the General Assembly is the right time for showing off your knowledge and debating skills. However, it is also the time for you to look classy. Some of the many gorgeous participants let us take pictures of them. Enjoy!

Une, deux, trois – DROI! DROI! DROI! By Oscar Haglind

The old French aristocrats, before the revolution in France, are what I think about when I’m observing DROI work. But without the fancy (and rather silly) outfits. When I say aristocrats, you might think of spoiled brats who were born into money and who just strut around all day. But the aristocrats that I am talking about are the well educated and intelligent, who have earned their title for merits. These are the people who really fought for language. This is exactly the feeling I get when I walk into the committee room [of DROI]. I instantly get thrown into a debate on how to preserve the Latvian language, at the same time helping the minority languages to prosper and live alongside with Latvian. Usually, when you enter the room, Ance will be talking. She is active and has loads to say; notwithstanding the good presentation in the first part of the GA. Jotting down activities and and thinking away are Daina’s tasks. She is

the vegetarian who really parties hard according to the rumours... And hang out long enough with the usually silent Aramands and he will come up with a really good point he’s been working on throughout the debate. Same goes for Juta, but she will occasionally giggle at something that can be interpreted in a funny way. This shy girl really knows how to find the little joys in every conversation. Sadly, this band of aristocrats lost two valuable minds, Haralds and Diana, who had to leave the session early. Still, Diana was truly prepared for the session and had strong arguments that left everyone mind-boggled. Haralds, the funny and confident, “crossdressing” guy (who really outshone the others in Honey Tell Me That You Love Me – even I couldn’t break him). Last but absolutely not the least, we have Kristiana and Renate, who are both a bit shy and serious, but can really let loose in a game of Ninja or Street Fighter. Even though this committee may sound like the smart and silly type, you would not want to meet them in a dark back alley. These guys are KILLER at the Ninja game. They may just as well be the fastest and best mind tricksters amongst the delegates. This could be due to the extreme ninja vibes coming from their splendid chair Gundega, but this is only a speculation. So, all in all, these aristocratic ninjas can be described as très magnifique.


If I were asked to choose a city with a castle where I would be happy to spend my time in the summer, I would choose the countryside city of Cesvaine, with its amazing historical castle. You, my fellow delegates, have had the great chance to experience all of the city’s positive energy. Many years ago the castle got the title Dream Castle, but with this session it has become officially known as the Castle of The Two Ievas. We, the officials, hope that you had enough of both the educative and fun. Sleepless nights, teambuilding for at least 10 hours and committee work for about 14 hours. Save your Cesvaine memories for some while, find your new best friends on Facebook, if you haven’t done so yet.


See you some day again in some magic EYP circle playing some awesome EYP game and remember, EYP is about the p e o p l e!

SeeyouinCesvaine By Juris Gogulis


Big Fat Power Plant By Klāvs Galenieks

Industry, research and energy – at first sight it seems that there couldn’t be anything more boring and less creative than that. However, the few days I spent together with ITRE proved me wrong. Lead by two VP’s, ITRE has been from a very unique committee since the beginning of this session. But an interesting chair pair is not even half of what makes them special. I realised that despite this committee having delegates with many different viewpoints, it is very united. Each one of them can choose a completely different path, but in the end they will all come to the same conclusion. Everyone remembers how Arvīds was enjoying the game of Virgins and Perverts. It will be impossible to forget Sabīne’s beautiful smile and optimism, the niceness of Kitija.


Somebody STOP u-s-s

Roberts will stay in our minds as amphilosophic smart guy, Agnese with her insightful comments, which were later also used by others, Anete with her wise advices. I remember someone saying that Reinis looks like a blond surfer, still no one can deny his intelligence. Inga was such an excellent observer in the committee, Kristīne was never afraid to stand by her strong opinion, Evija was always eager to develop herself as much as possible , and Guna has been loaded with tons of energy and willingness to learn. ITRE chairpersons described their delegates as a bunch of cool guys who’ll rock the world. I just couldn’t agree with Tate and Boaz more, especially because the favourite game of the committee is Big Fat Pony.

Article on the next page -->

By Juris Gogulis

Have you ever heard of a story about the Knights of the Round Table, who were fighting for the freedom of love and justice? I bet you have! They lived in the Middle Ages and were chosen very carefully by a couple of elders from the village, which had the Castle of the Heroic Knights at its base. They were supposed to protect each other throughout the centuries because they believed that everyone’s souls were going to live forever.

Backing up the ladies, were the guys. I would like to begin with the unpredictable Ralf, who is the most high-spirited amongst the committee, always having something to say. We also have the helpful and honest Gundars, who extremely loves sports and who is always ready to save the world. Matīss, everyone had fun with you, you are an awesomely fun guy, I hope to dance back to back with you someday and of course your kiss to Inese looked pretty good [rawr]!

Nowadays people do not believe such stories anymore. I thought the same way before my visit to Cesvaine, where I become a witness to the real knights’ existence. I met them a couple of days ago in the Committee on Security and Defence. These knights turned out to be nine charming youngsters. Smartness will rule the world someday – I know that Lauris and Reinis can be the I am sure that you are dying to find out the names leading men. Guys, your smartness is just of the brave hearted people, the warriors of our cen- killing me. tury, who unexpectedly changed my life. The last and the most perfect person whom Let me start off with the ladies. There is the charm- I have ever seen is the leader of the bunch, ing Inga, who always smiles and whose passion is our honey, Paula. Her positive emotions folk dancing. She always gets what she wants. and smiley faces surrounded us with love. Her hugs, games, talks and Chika-Chika Inga, your brave choice during the GA, made you game made all of us scream loud. unbeatable. These guys together made the magic cirNext we have the unbelievably creative Monta, who cle like the Knights of the Round Table has been in love with EYP since the year 2008.She many centuries ago. is unable to feel pain because, as we all know, she loves hitting everything. 500 words is not enough to describe this circle of friendship. It’s not enough to describe our many hours of talks and laughs. Have some fun after the session, remember it for the rest of your life and do not forget about me and Paula. I am proud to have known such great knights. The last lady I would like to present is the always Eight brave Knights of the Round Table, quietly positive Beāte, who is trying to be stricter in stay awesome! her decisions. Then we have the extremely enjoyable Sintija, who inspired me during teambuilding with just her look and let’s not forget the kiss that she got from Matīss during the teambuilding [rawr].

Your journo – Juris Gogulis


The Castle Balcony Chronicles

By Andre Tamm

and Kristaps Ozoliņš

Eight exceptional young women and a brave gentleman… LIBE. Haven’t I heard this somewhere before? Eight women, one gentleman. Eight extraordinary, beautiful women with grand individualities and a responsible, strong and kind gentleman in the middle… If you look into the direction of the second language of EYP and its culture, where passion and intellectualism drip from the motion pictures like honey, you may have already guessed with which cinematographic piece I am comparing LIBE, a committee of eight sirens and a lonely sailor, of eight noble ladies and one valiant knight, or simply of nine fantastic politically conscious, socially responsible delegates whose eager young minds will be framing the world of tomorrow and are, indeed, framing it already today. So what did you accomplish during these days? Cartography, a skill once trusted only to the wisest of men, was a breeze for you. Therefore, it was surprising to see us fail with a name game. Again and again and again and… Well let’s just leave it at that, because moments later you were already back in full gear, crunching numbers and conquering swamps. You showed us your passion for discussion on the first evening when you voluntarily spent two hours on your own, working on your topic. Before GA you were happy to have a meeting at midnight. When working together, your true colours really shone. You learned to step out from the box that is Me and into the box that is We and were that much stronger of a team for it. As your ideas flowed, I watched the circle gradually get smaller and smaller. You couldn’t afford the loss of even a single word from your peers, paying attention at all times, slowly fusing into oneness. Of course a committee would be nothing without its chairs and their endless patience, constant tips, neverending understanding and humour. Kristaps and Kristine, the nine fearless politicians are truly honoured and want to say THANK YOU. And finally, never forget these thoughts from LIBE to LIBE: enjoy every moment of your life, challenge yourself, play the pointing game, keep smiling, you are obliged to meet everybody again (go, go FB), you all have amazing, creative ideas and you’re simply the best.

20 So… anybody wanna do a shower-sprint? - HAZAAAAA

By Klāvs Galenieks

The Golden Dozen The four titans and their eight sirens

Sky is covered with clouds, it’s dark and calm everywhere,and you can’t hear any voices around. Only a few people are wandering around in total silence. They are seeking for the daylight, believing that there will be a day when skies will clear and the sun will rise above their heads. CULT is here to bring the light into your life. Committee on Culture and Education impressed me from the first moment I met them. It was not only because they were very united, cheerful and responsible, but also because of their attitude during both teambuilding and committee work. You should’ve seen the happy faces of their chairs, Arnolds and Marian, when they realised that instead of partying their delegates have gathered together to prepare for the next day’s committee work. Even though each one of the four committee titans (Ralfs, Daniels, Kaspars, Oscar) is completely different, they share a single power source, as only cooperation between these strong young men made CULT so lusty. But, do you know what sometimes happens when four strong men come together for a common task? Well, to keep their passion at a healthy level, Gundega, Karmena, Madara and Helēna were following the discussions and checking the quality of arguments.

Linda, however, is more like a fighter, ready to take responsibilities and defend her own opinion. The lovely and peaceful Diāna brought harmony to the committee, and together with the sincere and truthful Anna they created a tolerant and a respectful atmosphere. And I simply must compliment Zane on her dancing skills and courage! In the end, just for your own safety, bear in mind that the worst thing to tell anyone from the Committee on Culture and Education is the quote: ”I don’t know, I don’t care, and it doesn’t make any difference!” (Albert Einstein) The most history based topic was in the safe hands of these delegates who do know, do care, and are certain that it changes everything.


Where did the blood come from?

By Irma Tukāne

Castles are supposed to hold secrets within and secrets are supposed to be revealed, right? The Castle of Cesvaine seems to answer the typical castle description. And is there a better time or place to look for something suspicious than the terrace right outside the room where coffee breaks take place? After an insignificant investigation, a red, blood- like (not to imply anything) stain was found on one of the walls. Driven by curiosity, Irma asked the participants of the session to explain the cause of it. Deterrent enough, opinions vary. It could be any or all of the following legends. Who knows? The mystery remains. Once there was a fair maiden. A princess, in fact. She was playing on the balcony with her white bunny. And there was a gardener with a lawn mower. It was an accident. /Kristaps (delegate, TRAN)/ Catwoman lost her virginity with Spiderman there. /Gundega (Chairperson, DROI) and Filips (Journalist, AFCO)/ A drunk and very merry baron was getting back home from the pub the other night, whilst singing “Pursuit of Happiness”. He cracked his head. /Mārtiņš (Organiser)/ Period gone wrong. /Kārlis (Chairperson, JURI)/ Those are actually the tears of a unicorn. Depressed Vikings killed his friends in order to get their horns. And that’s why he cried the tears that stained the wall. /Lairis (Delegate, JURI)/


It is definitely a love story, a love triangle, an act of jealousy. There was this girl, loved by two different men, who couldn’t stand each other. One of the men wanted to kill the other one, but the unfortunate bullet killed the girl. The stain is a proof of the tragic love story that happened centuries ago. /Katrīna (Observer)/ A bird flew into the wall. It died, but then Jamie kissed the bird, thus bringing it back to life, the blood is still there but it’s a happy story, after all. /Andre (Journalist, TRAN and LIBE)/ A good strawberry year. /Elīza (Journalist, JURI)/

Third Issue of LNC'11  
Third Issue of LNC'11  

Brought to you by the lovely Press Team: Ritvars Masāns Juris Gogulis Filips Kapustins Elīza Spilnere Irma Tukāne Klāvs Galenieks