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Au t u m n Homes & Sitting rooms Join the Festival Communing w ith Nature Nina’s Greatest Decorating Tips 03-09-2010 13:51:44

Dear Reader, Whenever we sit down to write an editorial, we’re slightly baffled. How is it that we’re already working on an autumn theme again? It only seems like a few months ago that we wrote about autumn last. Why does time fly, and why is it in such a hurry? Time flies and seasons constantly change, but this is indeed a welcomed change! We’re very excited about living in a country where the seasons are so diverse. They all hold wonderful qualities. The only downside to fall is that we need to start packing up the garden for winter. The older we get the keener on gardening we get. This is probably due to the therapeutic effect gardening has on us. It allows us to block out everything but what we’re fiddling about with right here, right now. Whether you are absorbed in weeding, trimming or planting, you’re focused! If you want to plan a spring treat for yourself, now’s the time to plant lots of bulbs in the garden. Your herbaceous perennials and delicate plants need to be covered for winter as well. Once you’ve taken these measures, it’s time to sit back and enjoy the changing colours. Your fruit trees will soon start providing you with lots of delicacies that you can process for winter. This is one of the activities that we especially cherish as we do it with our families. Life is full of things you have to do, so why not focus on the things you want to do? Whatever free time you’re left with is yours, so cherish it! How about taking your family to an orchard to restock your pantry, going for a walk in the woods, taking in the drastically changing colours, or even just sitting inside with a warm cup of cocoa? Everything gets a lot cosier if you’re surrounded by the people you care about. Enjoy a snuggle with a blanket, watching the rain and wind, reading a captivating book, watching a movie, or even reading this very magazine? As long as you feel at ease, it doesn’t really matter what you do. We’ve decided to dedicate this issue to sitting rooms. This is, essentially, where we spend most of our time during fall and winter, so why not make it as inviting and relaxing as possible? It rarely takes very much to make a sitting room look and feel remodelled. Moving a bit of furniture around and adding a few new pillows will work wonders. If you consider yourself the creative type, cast a glance at the “do it yourself ” projects that could help you make your sitting room quite unique. We wish you happy reading and look forward to seeing you again in November. Prepare for the great Christmas edition! Lonnie and Vivian

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Helle har arbejdet med indretning de sidste seks år. De sidste to år har hun haft et tæt samarbejde med Jeanne d’Arc Living. Hun er selv vild med den lyse og stemningsfulde fransk/nordiske landstil. Hun er ekspert i at komme med gode ideer med udgangspunkt i din personlige stil og at finde nye og gamle ting til din indretning. Efter utallige henvendelser til redaktionen, fra butiksindehavere, tager Helle sig nu også af butiksindretninger.

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Helle kan bookes til private indretninger. Totalløsninger såvel som indretning af enkelte rum, hele butiksindretninger eller blot til at give inspiration til at skabe stemningerne i dit eget hjem eller butik.

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Nr. 7 - 2010 Published by Jeanne d’Arc Living Editors: Vivian Christensen Mail: Lonnie Würtz Jensen Mail: Graphic Designer & Translator: Bjarke Røschmann

Page 64. Handsome Crispbread

Flower Arranger: Susanne Sølvsten

Page 69. Great Theme: Spirited Sitting Rooms

Photo & Styling: Lonnie Würtz Jensen & Anette Støvring Christensen

Page 71. French Charm in the Sitting Room Page 77. Things we Love for the Sitting Room Page 78. Gúa’s Sitting Room Page 86. Things we Love for the Sitting Room Page 87. Nostalgic Shabby Chic Page 93. Nina’s Best Decorating Tips Page 116. Time for Chestnuts Page 122. Unique Notice Boards Page 128. Clothes we Love Page 130. Amazing Grapes Page 135. This is Where Serenity Lives Page 148. A Life of Luxury

Text & Styling: Vivian Christensen & Dorte Palsgaard Advertisement Sales: Kristian Mikaelsen Mail: Editorial Office: Jeanne d’Arc Living ApS Houmarksvej 92, Kondrup 8920 Randers NV Denmark Tlf: +45 36932010 Mail: Distribution: The magazine is sold through arts and crafts, flower and lifestyle shops. A list of our distributors is found at our website under the “magazine” tab. If you wish to sell the magazine in your shop, contact Private Subscribers: Graphical Production: CS Grafisk

Faience Romance

Photo: Anette Christensen/Jeanne d’Arc Living Text and Styling: Dorte Palsgaard/Jeanne d’Arc Living

Old faience is absolutely stunning. The colours are subtle but the patina is overwhelming. You can find a great selection of old and French, British and Nordic faience in lifestyle shops across the country. If lucky, you might just find some Danish or British faience at certain flea markets as well. Here, it’s a question of being swift and lucky. If you’re lucky enough to find it, make sure to quickly get your hands on it! It looks beautiful when scattered across your home. These delicate, beautiful café au lait bowls sport beautiful, green patterns. We think these bowls are extremely charming and basically, more patina equals more charm. Bowls can be used for more than just food. They look beautiful in the living room if you fill them with a bit of lace, ribbon and other old items. These delicate, old plates with black patterns are ideals for stacking on a kitchen table, but also for using them for setting the coffee table. The old salt shakers are extremely pretty. You can use a little cup for pinching salt or pepper. It looks delicate on the dinner table along with old plates and old faience, and now you really can set the prettiest table when expecting company! 5



The art of producing faience is as old as civilization. The art can be traced back to Babylon and Ancient Egypt. From the Orient, it spread along the coasts of Africa where the Moors brought it with them to Spain where faience production flourished during the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries. From Spain, the art travelled to Mallorca via Valencia where it played a vital part in producing exports for Northern Italy. Here, a rich tradition of making faience flourished. The city of Faenza was faience stronghold, and this is most likely where faience got its name. The seventeenth century was especially marked by the Delft-Faïence of the Netherlands. Britain quickly picked up on this, and they started, most noticeably in Staffordshire, producing what is known as British faience. Denmark also saw the birth of several faience factories… but they all buckled under the competition from Britain. Competition became immensely fierce as duty protection was lifted, and the dawn of the nineteenth century didn’t help much. 1807 saw the bombardment of Copenhagen, and the Danish state went bankrupt only four years later. Once the Aluminia factory of Christianshavn opened in 1862, faience production was booming anew!

Most old faience can be used for foodstuffs as long as it doesn’t have any visible, deep cracks or chips. This can make it unhygienic and unsanitary.


Jeanne d'Arc Living Magazine - ISSUE 7 (2010) Gorgeous Autumn  
Jeanne d'Arc Living Magazine - ISSUE 7 (2010) Gorgeous Autumn  

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