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Every website needs visitors. Without them you won’t get any sales. In this edition we cover a whole range of marketing strategies that you can use to promote your business. Online marketing is especially good for small businesses as it allows you to reach a highly targeted audience, even if you are on a small budget. Facebook advertising is especially effective but other sites such as Pinterest have a large legion of loyal fans and businesses of all sizes are recognising that. Online press releases are another excellent way to telling people about your site. In fact you are spoilt for choice with all of the fantastic marketing strategies that are revealed in this issue. Best wishes

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Unlike most of our competitors, we don’t offer “one size fit’s all” packages and ONLY sign an agreement with a client AFTER we analyze their situation and know exactly what marketing efforts will have the biggest positive impact on their business. Because of this laser like focus and attention to detail, we strictly limit ourselves to 30 clients per team. This allows us to deliver the superior service and quality you should expect of your marketing program. We are adding new clients every day, so if our teams are full, please subscribe on our website at, and we will be sure to put you on our waiting list.

Guido Mueller is the lead marketing mastermind behind Local Web Partner. Considered a marketing guru, Guido draws upon his years of experience as the head of a marketing and sales office of an international company in South America and his accumulated knowledge of online marketing. He delivers this savvy know-how to local businesses around the globe to help them succeed in the ever-changing online marketing landscape. Ask me anything at

Local Web Partner LLC was founded in 2011 with the simple goal of offering local businesses superior service, transparency in services and an expert online marketing experience. As a result of this goal, clients can expect top line growth without the usual fluff and high cost of so called “online marketing experts�. Try Us to Manage Your Online Marketing Presence.

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B2C Marketing Magazine - 21 Ideas To Get People Talk About Your Business  
B2C Marketing Magazine - 21 Ideas To Get People Talk About Your Business  

This is a free sample of B2C Marketing Magazine issue "21 Ideas To Get People Talk About Your Business" Download full version from: Apple A...