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Issue 14

June 2014

Mind Mapping for Ebook Publishing

Great Memory Techniques

Tips and Techniques of Great Writers

Making your Mind Maps Easier for Others Try this simple technique


Michael Hollauf Mind Mapper, Business Man, co-founder of MindMeister

Techniques used by World Memory Champions

The Lean Canvas Mind Map Build Simple Business Models to test that Great Idea


Faizel Mohidin Jamie Nast Chuck Frey Adam Sicinski Liam Hughes Jim Lauria Raphaela Brandner Tarek Fahmy

Editor: Faizel Mohidin Design & Layout by Sheeth Hanief Publisher Web: Copyright Š Faizel Mohidin 2014


CONTENTS Editor’s Note Meet the Experts - An Interview with Michael Hollauf MindMeister

Mind Mapping for eBook Publishing: Becoming a Writer, Mapper, and Synthesizer Jim Lauria

Legends: How one small enhancement can make your mind maps much easier for others to interpret Chuck Frey

Better Meetings with Mindjet MindManager Michael Deutch

Improve Memory with Number Associations Adam Sicinski

The Lean Canvas - Creating Success the Scientific Way Faizel Mohidin

Dirty Tricks in Negotiations Tarek Fahmy

Biggerplate Unplugged Berlin: 16th October 2014 Liam Hughes

News and Events

MindMaps March 2014

Learn from Experts

Better Brainstorming

Teacher’s Guide to

The Top 7 Reasons NOT to Mind Map

and Practitioners

Mind Mapping

Beyond Standard

Mind Mapping and Symbols

How to Learn a Second Language

Adam Sicinski

Chuck Frey



January 2014

Issue 08

December 2013

Best Mind Mapping Resources

Methods of Mind Mapping

Increase The Visual

News and Events

Mixed Bag

Impact of

October 2013


Mind Map of the Month

Issue 05

September 2013

What Great Leaders Do Skills Development Mind Map of the Month

MindMaps Issue 04

August 2013

Conversations with Walt Disney Adam Sicinski

What Great Leaders Do Skills Development

Lateral Thinking Meets RadiantThinking

Your Mind Maps



November 2013

Conversations with Einstein

New Series: Impact Educators

Issue 06

Issue 07

Personal Case Studies

News and Events

Blueprint To Success



MindMaps Issue 09


Life Skills Coach, Visual Thinker and Inventor of the IQMatrix


Author, Trainer and Founder of Idea Mapping Success




Jamie Nast USING

10 Values of Collaborative Mind Mapping

When is a Mind Map Not a Mind Map?



How to Overcome Obstacles

The 5 Minute Project Plan

How Mind Maps promote Critical Thinking

Lateral Thinking Meets RadiantThinking

February 2014

Increase the Effectiveness of Your Mind Maps

Using Icons

Problem Solving

MindMaps Issue 10



April 2014

Issue 11


MindMaps Issue 12


how to learn

A Beginner’s Guide Evaluating Ideas More Idea Mapping

Creativity Hacks Chuck Frey

Mind Map of the Month Paul Foreman

ea IdMind

Mapping Jamie Nast

Editor’s Note

Editor’s Note

Year Two - A reflection of the past year, and a peek into the future USING



Faizel Mohidin

Editor and Publisher of Using Mind Maps Magazine Maximizing your Success at work, in business, in your education and in your personal life.

Editor Faizel Mohidin


ell, now I am in year two of the Magazine. I thought I would take some time this month to reflect on where I’ve come from, and where I am going, with the Magazine. Hopefully, it will interest you, as my main purpose is to make you more effective in your career, in your business, with your learning, and in your personal life.

The Beginning It was more than 2 years ago that I first conceived the idea of a magazine devoted entirely to Mind Mapping. I was struggling to keep up to date with what was happening in the Mind Mapping world, what the Experts were doing, and the latest developments in Mind Mapping Software and collaboration. I thought that a monthly magazine would be the ideal platform to make this easier and more enjoyable. Also, I always loved the idea of running my own magazine, but until then, it was simply too expensive to start up a magazine in such a small niche. Also, magazines were not really that successful online. People simply did not interact the same way with a digital magazine on a computer, as they did with a physical magazine. The Breakthrough Then, I discovered the iPad. This seemed to be perfect. Swiping on an iPad was very similar to paging through a magazine. This seemed like a match made in heaven! The iPad was soon followed by a host of other tablets, mainly Android, making a tablet affordable to many more people. People started purchasing tablets instead of personal computers. I thought to myself - there had to be a way to deliver a magazine to these devices.

Editor’s Note

Then, I discovered the Apple Newsstand. Finally, there was a platform to publish, deliver and take payment for magazines. Up to this point, digital magazines were not really going anywhere, as the process was too cumbersome for users. I immediately wanted to get on board. But, it was not that easy. An App (application) needed to be developed, which needed either programming skills, or the purchasing of an App. And it couldn’t be an ordinary App, it had to be a Newsstand App, meeting all the requirements of the Apple Newsstand. I finally came across a platform that could deliver a magazine to the Apple Newsstand, but at quite a cost. I decided to throw caution to the wind, jump in, and purchase an App platform that could deliver a magazine to the Newsstand. And my life would never be the same again!

A Setback Now, I sat with the ability to create a Magazine and deliver it, but I needed two things, content, and a graphic designer. The graphic designer was necessary to ensure the magazine was professional and could compete with the look and feel of all the ‘big name’ magazines. Getting a designer was relatively easy, as I could hire somebody. Content was a bit more difficult. I could write it all myself, but that was not the intention, as I needed to focus on the publishing process. As a publisher, I had to focus the problems that I wanted to solve, and the customers that I wanted to serve. I wanted to deliver value to people who are interested in Mind Mapping, but simply do not have the time to follow all the expert blogs, tweets, Facebook news feeds, RSS feeds, newsletters, emails, etc. I wanted to keep them up-to-date with one easy to use, beautiful publication - a magazine. To achieve this, I spent nearly six months building relationships with existing Mind Mapping Experts, and promoting them, before I could produce the first magazine. Being interactive, I had to demonstrate to the experts

Using Mind Maps Magazine - June 2014  

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