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SHED WINTER WEIGHT and keep it off!

Reverse It! Type 2 diabetes

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natural skincare: solutions that work

Natural Solutions x APRIL 2013


33 54 36 Early Intervention to Reverse Diabetes


The encouraging news is that diabetes can be prevented, reversed, and managed effectively by keeping your cells healthy.

42 The Organic Choice

Despite the conflicting results of nutrient content studies, the benefit of organic foods goes far beyond vitamins and minerals.

on the cover 10 Reasons We Need Trees Eat Right, Sleep Tight Secrets To Avoid Sunburn Ancient Grains Bee Healthy Reverse It! Type 2 Diabetes Shed Winter Weight 15 Tips to Get Your Family Outside

10 14 23 26 33 36 54 61

46 Become More Alive Now

Here are some new ways of choosing nutrition to unlock your inner power and vitality.

54 Melt Away the Pounds

This spring, shed your winter weight and keep it off.

58 Six Tips for Healthy Joints

There is much you can do to keep your knees and joints in top condition: here are a few favored recommendations. 2


APRIL 2013


Research dating back to the early 1900’s has shown that calcium and strontium work synergistically to strengthen bones and that they have a crucial “yin-yang” relationship in that process. For that reason, Doctor’s Best has put together the strongest bone-strengthening team on the market today: Calcium Bone Maker® Complex and Strontium Bone Maker®. Together, they can make a significant contribution to maintenance of your long-term bone health.

Calcium Bone Maker® Complex

Calcium Bone Maker Complex (CBM) is a comprehensive maintenance formula which supplies 600mg calcium per day as highly bioavailable microcrystalline hydroxyapatite, a rich source of bone building nutrients. � CBM is an organically prepared bone extract combining collagen and other bone matrix proteins, along with bone growth factors. � CBM also provides vitamins C, D and K and the essential minerals magnesium, potassium, zinc, copper, manganese, and boron, all fundamental to bone health. � CBM supplies 1800 International Units of cholecalciferol (vitamin D3) per serving. Supplements combining vitamin D3 with

� Human studies utilizing different forms of strontium have been conducted since the 1950s. Stable strontium in many different forms has been used in trials that have reported effectiveness of supplemental strontium in promoting healthy bones. NOTE: While it is important to maintain optimum calcium intake when taking strontium, it’s also crucial to take these supplements separately, as they will compete with each other for absorption in the digestive system. calcium need not provide as much calcium. � The addition of highly bioactive vitamin K2 (as MK-7) assists bone calcium management and ensures that calcium is deposited only where it belongs (bone and other hard tissues), rather than where it does not belong. � CBM avoids the use of magnesium oxide or other poorly absorbed ingredients by providing the dimagnesium malate form, which drives far more magnesium into the blood than does magnesium oxide.

NOTE: CBM was formulated to avoid sup-

plying more calcium than the body can utilize, which occurs with many calcium supplements. High calcium intakes have potential to cause major adverse health effects.

Strontium Bone Maker®: Calcium’s Bone-Building Partner The strontium citrate in Strontium Bone Maker® supplies strontium which promotes bone formation and decrease bone resorption. � Strontium stimulates bone formation and retards bone resorption. This means bone-making processes can keep up, and bone health can be effectively maintained. � Strontium is a bone-seeking mineral which is absorbed into the crystalline structure of bone called ‘hydroxyapatite.’ � By inhibiting osteoclast activity, bone cells that break down or “resorb” bone as part of the normal bone remodeling process, strontium helps maintain bone density.

Always Ask For the Best

Strontium Bone Maker and Calcium Bone Maker Complex are science-based formulations, manufactured with ingredients of unsurpassed quality, and delivered at clinically-proven potency. To find out more about these or any other Doctor’s Best products, call 800-333-6977, or visit our website at

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. ©2013 Doctor’s Best, Inc.

Natural Solutions x APRIL 2013


contents 61


in every issue Publisher’s Note 6

Food Matters

26 Sprouted Flour: The Latest Trend in Healthy Eating? Health Matters

10 12 14 15 16

The Amazing Tree Keep Weight Loss on Track Eat Right, Sleep Tight A Brainy Breakfast The Family Dog Q&A

Reviving an ancient healthy tradition and making bread easier on your system. 28 Cook’s Corner: Breakfast in a Hurry Why not try a healthier option that is great for a busy lifestyle, but won’t ruin your diet? 30 Just Raw: Eating Red Cabbage Get your antioxidants, polyphenols, and vitamin C here.

simple solutions

18 Spring Finds

Focus on

Natural Solutions has found the latest and greatest products for you to try this Spring!

32 Vitamin E 33 Superfood: Bee Pollen Why bee pollen has earned its superfood rank.

Ask The Doctor

20 Get Your Body Going Every month we ask top practitioners to address your health concerns. This month we search for answers on how to get active again after a long winter indoors.

inner balance

61 Nature: The Ultimate Antidepressant If it’s been years since you’ve spent time outdoors, consider these strategies to reap the benefits of nature.

Natural Radiance

23 From Sun-Kissed to Scorched

get inspired

Avoid the biggest sun mistakes this season.

64 Forty Years of Compost Inspired by Silent Spring, master gardener Bob Dickey grows vegetables the old-fashioned way.



APRIL 2013


From a series on Cellfood clinical research: Why Cellfood Works

Cellfood: A Powerful Antioxidant by Drs. Iorio, Bianchi and Storti International Observatory of Oxidative Stress, Free Radicals and Antioxidant Systems Parma, Italy 65,000


Biological Antioxidant Potential 35,000

times higher!

30,000 25,000


20,000 15,000 10,000 5,000 0

Hydrogen Healthy human plasma



Conclusion: ‘Cellfood’s very high biological antioxidant potential is almost 30 times higher than the normal value of healthy human plasma.’ ‘Cellfood is a natural formula that is able to reduce oxidative stress, the main factor in premature biological aging.’ Visit our website to see this study in its entirety— and to see other clinical and lab studies regarding Cellfood:


Scientific studies around the world continue to prove how Cellfood benefits the body in extraordinary ways. Free radicals cause cellular oxidative damage in every moment— and are considered to be the leading cause of premature aging. Cellfood’s unique technology splits water molecules— and then safely bonds nascent oxygen with free radicals to form stabilized oxygen throughout the body. No other formula does so much for your overall health. By adding just 24 drops of Cellfood to your bottle of water each day, you’ll be cleaning and detoxifying your body, eliminating free radicals, and bringing oxygen, hydrogen and 129 pure plant-based essential nutrients into every cell of your body. And Cellfood has a 100% satisfaction guarantee— with NO time limit!

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publisher's note

Welcoming Spring


or those of us living in the northern section of our country, spring is a season we eagerly look forward to. In this issue we are reviewing a few topics that are relevant as short winter days turn into longer spring days. Whether we are heading off to warmer climates for a break from winter, heading to the mountain slopes for spring skiing, or just going outside to enjoy a warm spring day, we need to be careful about sun exposure. There is nothing that can ruin a vacation faster than suffering from serious sunburn. Planning ahead and bringing the proper sun protection will keep you from wasting precious vacation time searching for sunscreen—or from having to avoid the sun altogether. Getting ready for your spring vacation is also a time when you might notice those few extra pounds you picked up during the winter months. Trying on a swimsuit or shorts and finding they don’t quite fit like last summer makes for a quick wakeup call. In our shedding winter pounds feature, we provide several tips for dropping the extra weight you may have put on during winter hibernation. This issue also includes an article on organic food choices. This has been an important issue in the news for the past several months. Although it

may not be practical for every reader to raise free-range organic chickens for egg production—or to have a pasture-fed cow for fresh milk—it is possible for even urban apartment dwellers to have a small window box or container garden that will allow you to grow fresh lettuce, strawberries, tomatoes, or even green beans or peas. We would love to share our readers’ gardens (whether a single pot or backyard garden) in our fall issues. As your garden grows and you get ready for harvest, take a picture and email it to editor@naturalsolutionsmag. com. If we publish your picture, you will receive a Whole Foods gift card.

Dick Benson publisher

3 things I learned in this issue: Putting sunscreen on the top of your ears, the most often forgotten place, is important—ears burn easily. Bee pollen cannot be recreated in a lab. Early music lessons boost brain development.

Natural Solutions - April 2013  
Natural Solutions - April 2013  

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