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#3 March 2014

Azimut Grande 120SL Yacht

Welcome That was quick! We are already into March, blimmy this year is going quick. So, welcome to issue 3, featuring more luxurious products for you, so grap them while they are still available. In this issue we have a very special item for our Poker readers... We have Poker Chips with an 800,000 year old astroid imbeded in the centre of each chip, complete with its own leather case. Not Bad RIGHT. We also have a house in Marbella, that will blow your mind with stunning location and stunning views. We have the addition of Jewellery in this issue and this feature is here to stay. Featuring a brilliant company in the UK call ROX. They have a wealth of experience in the Luxury Market and are worth looking up. We have dispalyed there last collection, which should get you going. We also have exclusivly featured a Mclaren P1 for sale, so make sure you check that out on JamesEdition. Well, thats enough from us, enjoy this issue... Khawer Carr Founder, Xanadu Luxury & Johan Bengtsson CEO,

The Most Exquisite Gaming & Poker Chipset ever made, PERIOD!

120 calibrated slices of an ancient asteroid that landed on earth approx 800.000 years ago. Enhanced with diamonds, rubies, sapphires and gold to create the finest gaming chips ever made. With Siberian woolly mammoth enclosed. Packed in hand stitched Swedish calf skin, Swedish Reindeer suede lining and locked with handmade 18K white gold hinges and locks. The balance and weight of the chips are close to perfect. The sound is very pleasant. The feeling while holding them is captivating. The beauty is extreme. The flashes in the gems are stunning. A concept with very few compromises.Working in a blurred area of design, art, jewellery and product development. In the manufacture nothing has been sacrificed in search of relative perfection and total uniqueness. Thereby creating a very special piece that affects most people deeply.

The Set needs to be viewed and handled in real life to be truly understood. Sufficiently beautiful and unique to be viewed on images but they can't convey the true powers of it. It is a one-off masterpiece, the only one that has been and ever will be made in this form. Based on an iron meteorite collected in the region of Muonionalusta, Lapland, Sweden. This since the artists surname translates to steel and the main components in that alloy are iron and nickel, the same ones as in a type IVA fine octahedrite meteorite...

Desirability 4.9/5

Style 5/5

Presence N/A

Kind One of a We are proud to show you a few exclusive cars, Jets, Yachts and properties from around the globe. This time we are showing you a stunning Island in The Bahamas, a stunning Lotus Venom, featured only in this INDEX and on JamesEdition.

2013 Brabus 800 Based on Mercedes-Benz G65 AMG The G Class was originally conceived as a utilitarian vehicle, a result of which is its legendary strength and reliability, however its role has changed over the years. Now BRABUS have applied their world renowned skills to further refine and individualise the G Class and the result is this spectacular vehicle showcasing BRABUS’s ability to enhance powertrain, interior and suspension. The engine has been upgraded to 800hp and the suspension with BRABUS Ride Control while the exterior has been personalised with the Widestar kit and 23 Monoblock F wheels and the interior has been treated to luxury BRABUS Mastik Leather in Cuio with contrasting Cognac Leather and Alcantara elements.

Priced at ÂŁ 352,445 Desirability 3.9/5

Style 4.1/5

Presence 4.2/5

TOTAL 12.2/15

CarreraGT 2006

Year: 2006 VAT: VAT Paid Location: H端rth, Germany Mileage: 9500 km, 5903 mi Gearbox: Manual Fuel type: Petrol Color: Silver Car type: Cabriolet Drive: LHD Engine: 10 Cylinder Drive Train: RWD Interior Color: Brown

Priced at  364,000 Desirability 4.1/5

Style 4.3/5

Presence 4.8/5

TOTAL 13.2/15


When a Bugatti Veyron seems a little too tame‌ Hennessey Performance (HPE) has built the last word in hypercars: the 1244-bhp Venom GT, an aluminum-chassis, carbon-bodied machine whose 7.0-liter twin-turbo aluminum-block V-8 will obliterate any other production car from 50 to well over 250 mph. The Venom GT, whose midlongitudinal dry-sump powerplant drives massive 345/30R-20 rear tires, holds the Guinness World Record for 0-300 km/h (186 mph) acceleration, accomplishing the feat in just 13.63 seconds. In a separate 2-mile standing-start contest, the Venom GT attained a speed of 265.7 mph. Given a little more road, the GT’s peak velocity of more than 270 mph would most likely have been realized.

This handbuilt hypercar handles and stops as fiercely as it accelerates, with Penske doubleadjustable coilovers, double A-arm suspension all around and Brembo 6-piston aluminum calipers clamping 15-in. carbon-ceramic rotors at each corner. Composite materials and aerospace-quality construction techniques keep the Venom GT strong, safe and light; its hybrid aluminum monocoque/ tubular structure incorporates chrome-moly steel rollover hoops, and the entire car weighs in at a svelte 2743 lb. Forged monoblock aluminum wheels are fitted with Michelin Pilot Super Sport radials.

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XL INDEX - XL INDEX Issue #3  

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