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May 2014 RCN News Magazine is published by SeaWaves Press Inc. ISSN 1929-4050 Copyright 2014

Letters 4 HMCS Protecteur Fire 6 Dave Shirlaw Publisher Federal Government Makes Major Investment Greg Curtis Editor Jim Bates Scale Trap-pings in Halifax Military Facilities 7 John MacFarlane Nauticapedia Articles Operation Caribbe 2014 in Full Swing 8 Melissa Martin Employment Matters Columnist COM DEV Completes Successful Design Review of MEOSAR Search and Rescue 418-145 West Keith Rd. North Vancouver, B.C. V7M 1L3 News: (778) 968-7447 Repeater 9 Adverting: (604) 309-4203 OSI Selected to Design Integrated Bridge and Circulation: (778) 908-7937 Navigation Subsystem for AOPS 9 RCN Photos from AD Baker III Collection 10 Cover Photo Legion Supports Granting Citizenship to Night lights in hangar of HMCS Regina underway for Mid- “Lost Canadians” 10 dle East; Naval Scientists & Cape Breton stern scrapped The Coxswain’s Rules of Engagement 10 Legion Urges Gov’t to Push for Arctic Star 11 Special mail order offer for RCN News readers: Get the first novel from famed Canadian Naval Histo- New Veteran’s Charter 11 rian Fraser McKee THE ELLESMERE PICKUP. A Vancouver Visitors 12 lone gate vessel crew fund themselves in the middle Vard Marine Opens Canadian Office in of Cold War intrigues in the Canadian Arctic. Send Vancouver 12 $20 (cheque or money order only) to: SeaWaves Some Biographical Sketches of Interesting Press Book Specials 418-145 West Keith Road Canadian Scientists with Naval Links 13 North Vancouver BC V7M 1L3 Books Review 16 For Posterity’s Sake 17 Report Released in American Dynasty-HMCS Winnipeg Collision 19 Protecting Canada and Investing in Aerospace Sector 19 Ex Atlantic Shield 2014 Involves USN/RCN 20 MDA to Support RCN Submarine Training 20 Only Operating East Coast Sub out of Commission Until September 21 Scale Trap-pings by Jim Bates 22


RCN News Magazine

Letters Unfortunately, we have been unable to save the stern of the Flamborough Head.

served our country during WWII: (Ivan Leonard at 5:00, Peter Miller at It is with heavy hearts that we send out this last communication 14:00, and Council’s discussion 3:57 on timeline). regarding the fate of the Flamborough Head stern. Despite a couple of motions put forward by Councillor Pam Bookham to Feb 28 - The SOS Committee learned that Councillor Pamela save the stern, and the efforts of the SOS Committee, we were Bookham had prepared a motion for the March 3 Council Meetunsuccessful in saving the stern. At this time, we do not being asking Council to rescind their votes of February 24 and find lieve there is anything more we can do unless someone could a place for the stern at the Waterfront. miraculously come up with a couple of million dollars, which the City may or may not accept, since we believe that the cost of Mar 3 - Council did not support Councillor Bookham's motion, retaining the stern was not the only reason for scrapping it. despite an offer by the SOS Committee to provide assistance in finding a location for the stern and offering to fundraise. A sad We wish to thank each of you for supporting our initiative. day for our Committee, City and Country: case any of you live outside of North Vancouver and wish to Videos/March-3-2014 (Ivan Leonard at 4:40, Jennifer Clay at know more about the exact sequence of events, we have listed 12:50, and Council’s discussion at 3:46 on the timeline). those below, along with links to the relevant section of the CNV website, in case you are interested: Council made statements that they didn’t think the people of the City of North Vancouver wished to keep the stern. The many Jan 27 - Councillor Pamela Bookham put forward a motion to comments, petition signatures, e-mail, and conversations, indibring the discussion regarding the stern into the public domain. cate quite the opposite. Council voted to support this motion and the Mayor directed Roger Brooks, the city's branding consultant, to incorporate the If you are unhappy with the Council’s decision, you are welstern into the Waterfront Plan and suggested that it may be come to write and let them know. time for the SOS Committee to start fundraising. Starts at 4:07:35 on timeline at: By Canada Post: and Council Videos/2014-Council-Videos/January-27-2014 141 West 14th Street North Vancouver, BC Feb 18 - Roger Brooks presented his plan, but said that the V7M 1H9 stern was not to human scale and, hence, suggested it did not have a place in the main part of Waterfront Park. His plan how- By e-mail: ever had room for an ice rink, splash pad and Ferris wheel. Attention Mayor and Council and sent to the clerk kgraHere is a link to his presentation and artistic renderings: Peter Miller Feb 21 - The SOS Committee learned that Council had comc/o The SOS Campaign Committee missioned and received a report from its staff on options and costs for the stern and recommended to Council that it be scrapped: 2019.pdf. Our committee also learned that Council would vote on their staff's recommendation on Monday, February 24. Dear Editor Feb 24 - Council voted to scrap the stern, due to costs already Remembrance allows Canadians the opportunity to show our incurred and the costs yet to be incurred. It did not allow any public discussion on this other than a few two- minute presenta- serving men and women that their sacrifices will never be forgotten, and that they will always have Canada's respect and tions by our committee during the Public Input period. They recognition. They need not fear that their sacrifices will be in agreed to save an as-yet-undetermined piece of the stern, to vain. By commemorating the historical accomplishments of use as a memorial to those who worked in the shipyards and 4

RCN News Magazine - May 2014  

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