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magazine 4th issue 2014

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Amazing THEME:


euse R at a children’s level

Plenty of Easter activities:

· Easter lamb · Set your Easter table · Make pretty eggs

You’ll find plenty of inspiration and ideas in this month’s

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Oplev en verden af interiør, mode og veltillavet mad i nostalgiske og hyggelige omgivelser, Hos os finder du et stort udvalg, af spændende interiør og mode - valgt med omhu fra ind- og udland. Lad dig inspirere ud over det sædvanlige, eller nyd stemningen i caféen over vores populære weekend Brunch, en veltillavet frokost, eller en kop kaffe og en lækker tærte. Se mere på: eller


Dear Reader

I’ve set up the most amazing workspace in my home. Just a tiny room that we had "left over", which we’ve now converted into a lovely office. I love sitting in there all by myself late in the evening or – even better – early in the morning just after the sun rises because I have a view of the fields, our small wooded area and the horse pasture across the road. From here I can follow the changing seasons and I take joy every time I sit down in being so close to nature. April is an especially exciting month. This is when the extremes really show themselves. It can be anything from snow showers and freezing weather to 70 degrees and perfect weather for wearing shorts and going for a bike ride or enjoying our afternoon coffee on the porch. We’ve seen it all in the month of April. That’s why it’s important to stay patient and rein in the temptation to get your flower pots all planted even though the good days may seem almost summer-like. Bring some branches and spring plants from your yard inside instead and use them when decorating for Easter. This way you’ll be bringing springtime into your home. Or dive into other indoor pastimes. Make the incredibly pretty plaster eggs, which look antique, or perhaps the kids’ rooms need a makeover? You’ll find plenty of inspiration in our April issue, in which we also bring you four wonderful – and very different – homes.

Lonnie & Vivian

Happy reading!

Who are we, and why the name Jeanne d’Arc Living? The French heroine Jeanne d’Arc was an amazing woman with an unusually strong will and sense of purpose. She didn’t ascribe to the common opinions of her time of what one should or should not do. Instead she went her own way and fought till the very end for her beliefs. In using her name in connection with our company, we do so with the utmost respect for this remarkable woman. We also feel that there’s a lesson to be learned from her – even now, 600 years later. We should all have the courage to go our own ways and dare to stand out from the crowd. From the very beginning these have been some of our main goals for the company. We continuously aim to think outside the box and stand up for what we believe. Today part of the company is a publishing business that publishes our own magazines and books. The common thread in everything we do is the French-Nordic country style. We publish a magazine that keeps to the style, avoiding distracting advertisements within the magazine. This is, of course, a challenge. It requires a substantial amount of editorial material and that we do most of it ourselves in order to make ends meet. The magazine is published in eight languages and sold in many parts of the world. We also run a wholesale business with our own designs produced both here in Denmark and abroad. The company has been around for almost ten years and is jointly owned by Lonnie Würtz Jensen and Vivian Christensen. If you’d like learn more about us and the company, you can follow our everyday life on our blog. All the best,

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magazine No. 4 · 2014 Published by Jeanne d’Arc Living


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4. Anna’s Remarkable World

Page 16. Anna’s Fairytale Tiaras Page 22. Homemade Macarons Page 28. White & Soulful Page 46. Elaborate Easter Eggs Page 50. French Details Page 62. THEME: Reuse at a Children’s Level Page 64. Nursery with French Simplicity Page 69. Inspiration for the Dream Room Page 74. Tough Boys Page 78. Every Girl’s Dream Page 82. French Elegance Page 86. A Children’s Paradise Page 90. Decorate your Home for Easter Page 95. The Perfect Townhouse Page 108. Wonderful Dishes with Lamb Page 114. A Natural Easter Page 120. Set the Table with Gossamer Flowers Page 126. Light and Lovely Cabinet Page 132. Old Paper Edgings

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Photos & Text: Jenny Tidemo. Editing: Rikke.

AnnasRemarkableWorld ’sRemarkableWorld

Fil de fer or wire art is an old craft that’s been making a comeback. It’s become quite the trend in recent years concurrently with reuse and vintage becoming so big in decorating. Anna Fleberg started making things out of wire as a hobby many years ago. In the beginning she only made things for herself and a bit for her friends. She also made hostess gifts and birthday gifts. But over time she started to receive special orders for her work. Today her very unusual and unique craft is in demand all over the world. It all started 15 years ago for Anna. It was pure coincidence – or accident, in fact – that set the wheels rolling. Anna was on vacation in Spain with her family when she slipped on some stairs and broke her wrist. During her rehabilitation, her doctor advised her to crochet or knit to regain the strength in her wrist. But instead she started playing with wire and a whole new world opened itself to her.


She quickly discovered that she had creative talents, and her life was completely transformed. The craft was an educational process, and once she started receiving orders she decided to follow her heart and quit her job in order to pursue her new-found passion. To Anna there are no limits to what’s possible. Everything that she lays her hands on is transformed into something amazing. Imagination and inventiveness are some of the qualities that she has always possessed. Even as a child she was seized by the thought of reuse and often understood that something like an old piece of fabric could become some sort of amazing piece of art. This love of recycling has followed her through life and thus become the common thread in her work. She can fall in love with an old button, a snippet of old lace or a small pearl and use it to create a quirky and extraordinary item. She creates her works of art and applied arts with great respect and admiration for the old craft. There’s true love and passion in all of her pieces. Anna Fleberg is well-known in the interior decorating community and 6

AnnasRemarkableWorld sRemarkableWorld ’



AnnasRemarkableWorld ’sRemarkableWorld

among people with in interest in vintage, reuse and design. Her crafts are so sought-after that there’s a waiting list to order. The craft is time-consuming, and since she has chosen not to mass-produce her ideas and only create unique items, the waiting time can be long. She quickly expanded her art to also include quirky pieces of art using old textiles. But most of her pieces are a combination of the old textiles, small knick-knacks and fil de fer in perfect harmony. Wire, wonderful pearls and crystals, old lace and fabrics, buttons, fabric roses, doilies, ribbon and tulle all play a part in her work. Anna is always on the lookout for all of these vintage treasures. Everywhere are shelves filled with rows of jars with pearls and buttons. Drawers and closets are filled to the brim with vintage textiles and other materials. There’s a delicious smell of roses, lavender and jasmine. Anna places scented soaps, candles and potpourri in-between her materials. She likes when everything is wonderfully 9

fragranced. There’s an enchanted atmosphere in Anna’s studio, which is in the family’s apartment in Stockholm, Sweden. It’s so nice to work from home. That way she’s always there if the kids need her. She can work when she wants and whenever an idea strikes her. Family is the most important thing to Anna. When she was an employee, there was no time. After she started working from home, she was able to plan her days to spend time with her children after they got home from school. Now they’re bigger and self-sufficient but all of the lovely and cozy times that they spent together was worth it all. The family’s apartment is full of atmosphere and creativity. The style is romantic and French-inspired. Anna’s artistic spirit is evident throughout. Everywhere you look, you’ll see fun and extraordinary details. She loves old furniture and things, which she often finds at auctions and flea markets. Almost everything in the family home is reused. She likes to mix romantic elements with raw details. Things should be surprising and exciting, and nothing should be predictable. 10

AnnasRemarkableWorld sRemarkableWorld ’



AnnasRemarkableWorld ’sRemarkableWorld

Chandeliers, lanterns, angel wings, crosses, hearts, birds, candlesticks, bells, tiaras and other weddingrelated items decorate throughout the apartment – all of them Anna’s remarkable creations, of course. Peace symbols, personal mobiles, Christmas decorations, jewelry and bird cages are other examples of the things that Anna makes. And that’s not all ... her imagination knows no boundaries. She once made a small marionette puppet theater with characters from Romeo and Juliet for a customer in France. Wedding decorations are something that has really gained popularity recently and she receives many orders for decorations for parties as well as the bride’s hair accessories.


Anna is thrilled to work with what she loves, not to mention the fact that she can do so in the family home. It’s nice to be able to be there for her family even during busy periods. When you first meet Anna, you immediately sense that what drives her is her great love of the art. She spreads warmth and joy around her, and no one is left unaffected by this amazing woman. Just meeting her is an experience ... and it’s a pleasure to see her wonderful creations and her home! Visit Anna’s remarkable world at:


AnnasRemarkableWorld sRemarkableWorld ’


Photos & Text: Jenny Tidemo. Editing: Rikke.

Anna’s Fairytale Tiaras


Beautiful tiaras are just one of the hot ticket items within the French-Nordic country style at the moment. They’re also something that Anna just loves to make. Read on to find inspiration for how to make your own tiaras and get Anna’s best tips.


Jeanne d'Arc Living Magazine - ISSUE 4 (2014) Amazing Spring  

This is a free sample of Jeanne d'Arc Living Magazine issue "ISSUE 4 (2014) Amazing Spring" Download full version from: Apple App Store: ht...

Jeanne d'Arc Living Magazine - ISSUE 4 (2014) Amazing Spring  

This is a free sample of Jeanne d'Arc Living Magazine issue "ISSUE 4 (2014) Amazing Spring" Download full version from: Apple App Store: ht...