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june 2018



Make Up or Break Up’s

Shan Boodram

talks sex, dating & relationships Dr Sheron Brown on how to be true to yourself

Spring & Summer style tips by

Celebrity Stylist

Zerina Akers

Fitness Expert Robbie Ann Darby sheds light on fitness & mental health

First Match & Orange is the New Black Actor Jimmy Gary Jr.

Netflix’s “Free Rein” Star

Jaylen Barron opens up about her leading role in the critically acclaimed series JUNE 2018






JUNE 2018 Editor’s Note

Cover Credits: Photographer/creative director: Amina Touray, @aminatphoto Makeup artist: Niehla O, @niehlao Stylist: Janel Styles, @janelstyles77 Two tone jeans jacket with splash of pink: @infatue Provided by: @PR_SOLO Gold/cream bodysuit with beads: @madamemethven Provided by: @nowprla

CO-OWNER/EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Shawn Stuldivant CO-OWNER Barry Stuldivant GRAPHIC DESIGNERS Alexandra Zabludoff Nyree Wright WRITERS Jennifer Akotoh Dr. Sheron Brown Joyce D. Epps Latasha M. Ford Farheen Nahvi Aisha Powell Unique Ratcliff Farren Washington


JUNE 2018

Hello Bronze lovelies! In my last note spring hadn’t quite sprung yet, but now we are well on our way to summer and I’m so excited! There’s just something about the warm air, blue skies and bright rays of sunlight. Everything seems to come to life, sort of like a rebirth. Since the beginning of time, nature has been producing rebirths – the act of reappearing or starting to flourish. This can apply to us too, and we don’t have to wait until the changing of a season to do it. Everyday is a chance to be reborn and start anew. As long as you are blessed with life, you have the opportunity to change, grow and flourish. This month’s issue is packed with greatness starting with our beautiful cover star, Jaylen Barron, star of the Netflix series, Free Reign. Be sure to read our exclusive interview with the young breakthrough actor as she reveals how she got her start in acting and talks about her role on the show. We have so many other great individuals featured in this issue as well, way too many for me to name here, but if you find a quiet spot, relax and sip on your favorite beverage, I guarantee you will enjoy every article and every interview. Until next time, happy reading!

xoxo, Shawn vant i d l u t S


6. Interview with Ebony S Garris of The Hair Extension Gallery 10. A RAD Experience with Fitness Expert Robbie Ann Darby 14. Towards a Better You Interview with Life Coach Diane Lang 22. When the Cookie Jar is Closed 24. Learn to Mix, Match & Style Spring & Summer Looks wth Celeb Stylist Zerina Ackers 28. “Make Up or Break Up” Dating expert Shan Boodram 32. Skin Deep Beauty with Beauty Expert Tiffany Torrence 38. Letter to My Younger Self

Jaylen Barron


40. How to be True to Yourself 44. Bronze Magazine Spring Pop Up Shop Recap Photographer/creative director: Amina Touray, @aminatphoto Makeup artist: Niehla O, @niehlao Stylist: Janel Styles, @janelstyles77 Luxury gold dress w/ gold buttons, half shoulder design: @houseofhend Provided by: @pr_solo Jewelry bracelet with 3 nobe designs: @n.m.designs Provided by: @nowprla Gold ring with studs: @jewerlrybar.usa Silver ring with gold studs fitted two finger: @jewelrybar.usa Provided by: @nowprla

JUNE 2018



The Extension Gallery Transforms Women’s Hair Through Luxury Hair Brand

By Jennifer Akotoh


ronze Magazine recently had the pleasure of interviewing Ebony S. Garris, Creative Director of The Extension Gallery! Hailing from a long line of women who have had successful ventures in beauty and fashion, Ebony has always appreciated and been amazed by the impact that a woman’s appearance can have on her self-esteem. Inspired by her love of beauty and a desire to transform the lives of others, Ebony, a former entertainment journalist turned businesswoman created a luxury hair company that has transformed the way women buy and interact with extensions. Her brand upholds a strong commitment towards curating a buying experience unlike any other. In addition to conducting thorough research prior to hand selecting her products, Ebony provides her customers with personalized beauty consultations, treatment services to maintain their purchases, as well as the opportunity to learn more about how to care for their own natural tresses. Ebony created The Extension Gallery to help the everyday woman embrace her natural hair and experiment with her looks without reservation. Her products are so noteworthy that they have earned the attention of celebrities who have donned her beautiful pieces on the red carpet! Read on to learn more about Ebony’s successful journey into entrepreneurship and how her brand is transforming the landscape of luxury hair. 6


JUNE 2018

with style, culture, music and Hollywood’s hottest celebrities. It was creatively satisfying but I didn’t feel fulfilled with just writing on entertainment trends and celebrity sightings. That unfulfilled purpose took me from narrating about the world of entertainment and led me back to be the trendsetter and authoritative voice in the beauty and style industry. I found pleasure in being able to transform things from start to finish. Being a beauty consultant is just that. This made the transition an easy path because instead of articulating new trends birthing the industry through words, I was able to transition through action. How influential was your family in your venture into entrepreneurship? Coming from a family of creatives it was always a passion to cultivate new trends and innovate within my community. I was taught at a young age the impact that one person could have on helping another Where were you raised? / Where do you reside? I was raised in Montclair New Jersey a very eclectic town and I currently reside there. How did you become interested in the beauty industry? Coming from a long lineage of women who owned clothing boutiques and beauty-based businesses, it was in my heart. The Extension Gallery allows me the platform to not only transform womens outward appearance but also the confidence that is inside. As an extension connoisseur I grew tired of searching for quality hair extensions at an affordable price. I set out to find direct vendors that would offer the best product. By sourcing from direct vendors, we can get very competitive pricing along with unbeatable quality assurance. Why did you decide to leave your job as an entertainment journalist to become a trendsetter and authoritative voice in the beauty and style industry and how were you able to make the transition? As an entertainment journalist, I turned words into beauty by keeping readers up to date

“Coming from a long lineage of women who owned clothing boutiques and beauty-based businesses it was in my heart.” feel confident and beautiful with small improvements to their outward appearance. My love for business comes from my grandparents, who always broke barriers and never feared the unknown to advance their communities through entrepreneurship. So, it was a no brainer that I would somehow merge my love of communication with my love of beauty to impact people’s lives daily. Why did you choose to start a hair extension and hair care line business? I always knew I wanted to be a business owner. I wanted to create a platform that was both impacting, and passion driven. My infatuation with beauty along with my love for consulting led me to becoming an extension brand. JUNE 2018



As an extension connoisseur I grew tired of searching for quality hair extensions at an affordable price. I set out to find direct vendors that would offer the best product for women from all walks of life. What sets your business and the quality of its products apart from the rest? The consultation aspect of our brand is what makes The Extension Gallery extremely unique. We don’t just sell hair we help curate women’s hair journey by offering innovative products, industry trend knowledge and in-depth suggestions of new styles that fit each client’s needs. Many times, women may have a vision of a new look that they want to achieve but are too scared to step out their comfort zone. Many fear that their investment in beauty products won’t yield the results promised. I wanted to create a brand that gave women assurance and a quality shopping experience from start to finish. Our job is to consult with each client to find the perfect balance of what they want vs what they need and offer the best style option for them to achieve their desired look. Our vast



JUNE 2018

knowledge of our products allows us to identify what extension choice will work best for a client based off the results of our consultation. We offer a vast amount of services to protect your investment including a luxe treatment for older extensions to help extend their install capabilities. A full-service color bar to safely color your extensions and extension maintenance courses to help educate women on how to care for their natural hair along with their extensions. In addition, our company creates a luxury buying experience through amenities like curbside service, a customization bar for frontals and closures along with keeping style profiles for every client that purchases. Tell us about your Vixen and Regal Collections. Which trends from these collections are right for spring/summer? Our Regal Collection is single donor hair which is of the highest quality and with proper care can last anywhere from 2-5 years. Many of our clients compare our Regal Collection to that of a Birkin bag. Our process starts with sourcing hair from our direct vendor in India. I personally visit

our vendor monthly and hand pick bundles of hair based on texture variation, color variation and vitality of hair. Once I have selected each piece for our monthly inventory we prep each bundle for sale by hand washing and deep conditioning to ensure quality. Due to donor standards and quality sourcing we only have a limited number of pieces available for sale in our Regal Collection. But trust me ladies it is well worth the wait! Our Vixen Collection is boldly beautiful and daring. The Vixen collection offers multiple donor hair with triple reinforced wefts for minimal shedding and smooth hair cuticles infused with natural extracts for exceptional styling capabilities. Each strand from our Vixen Collection is infused with our revolutionary blend of natural extracts to minimize split ends and breakage. This key component extends the life of your hair extensions by 6-8 months! Because our affordable hair is infused with a signature blend of natural extracts directly accessible to your scalp it promotes healthy hair and growth during your install! Hair this Spring/Summer is all about evolution and innovation. Some of the top trending styles are evolutions from previous trends. Look out for: • Mod Up-do’s: (Think Cardi B) which can be created using a variety of textures and closures/ frontals for full coverage capabilities. • Textured “Go Big or Go Home” (Think Sza) hair which can be achieved using Plush Curl from our Regal Collection or Luxurious Loose Curl from our Vixen Collection. • Sexy Bed Head (Think Gabrielle Union) which can be achieved using Luxe Wave from our Regal Collection or Bodacious Body Wave from our Vixen Collection. You have had celebs such as the beautiful and talented Serayah (from FOX Network’s Empire) wearing your luxurious hair on the red carpet. What type of growth would you like to see for The Extension Gallery for the future? In the future we will launch new products to promote natural hair growth during installs including vitamin infused hair drops, a scalp detox and a hair growth tea which comes from a family recipe passed down. Our goal is to create a brand that makes women feel great from the inside out. If we can help assist a client in regaining health

“Our goal is to create a brand that makes women feel great from the inside out.” of their hair to transition out of extensions or introduce a woman to a new inner vixen by creating a temporary change with extensions, then we are living in purpose. Moving forward, we would like to give every woman The Extension Gallery experience through franchising opportunities in major retail outlets. IG @extensiongallery/Facebook @extensiongallerynj

JUNE 2018



“...I’ve discovered that perfectionism is the illness...” 10


JUNE 2018

Bronze Magazine - June 2018 Issue  

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Bronze Magazine - June 2018 Issue  

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