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Janet’s Spiel The New Year is an exciting time to try on new outfits, read a different genre of book, listen to some great music, and watch bestrated movies. Add in a new sport and you almost have a new you! Shake it up in 2015.

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" Give me your trust and confidence, knowing that what I seek is for the good of Fiji, for the good of us all " -Josefa Iloilo

Warm and Sunny Fiji


Fun Fiji!

It’s so cold out. Let’s go to Fiji where it’s warm, sunny and so scenic! Beautiful Fiji is a group of islands between Hawaii and New Zealand. Its area is just over 18,000 square km, and its coastline approximately 1100 km. It is a tropical paradise, filled with beaches and mountains. Fiji became an official country after gaining independence from the British Empire in 1970, after almost 100 years as a British colony. Today, just over 800,000 people live on the islands of Fiji. Fiji is populated by native Melanesians, but the British brought many Indians to work during colonization as labourers in the 19th century. Indo-Fijians make up nearly half of the population. Until the mid-19th century, the practice of eating ones enemy was a completely acceptable and honoured tradition in Fiji. Warriors would sharpen their knives in anticipation of meeting their enemies. 3 |January-February 15

Fijian warrior in the 1870's Author: F.H. Dufty, Levuka, Fiji

The last known act of cannibalism occurred in 1867 when Reverend Baker came to the village of Nabutautau. The British came to the islands to convert the natives to Christianity. The meeting was going well until Baker touched the head of the Chief in an attempt to retrieve a comb or hat – a forbidden act. To the natives, the gesture was the same as declaring war. Reverend Baker was murdered and eaten. His boot, with teeth marks still on it can be viewed in the Fiji museum! Sugarcane Author: Rufino Uribe

Fiji Fun Facts • • • • •

The official language of Fiji is Fijian, but most people speak English Rugby is the most popular sport in Fiji – followed by football (soccer) The famous golfer Vijay Singh is from Fiji On New Year’s Eve Fijian women play a game of kickball. The winning team is required to provide new clothes to the losing team. Fiji sits on the International Date Line (180 degree meridian), so it is one of the first countries to usher in a new day.

Fiji is comprised of 322 habitable islands and over 500 small islets, but only 110 islands are inhabited. Most of the population live on the island of Viti Levu and Vanua Levu. If you travel there, you land in Vitu Levu where you will find orchids, forested hills and Zen-like lily ponds. The town of Nadi offers a mix of Indian and local fare, as you visit Hindu temples, and eat fish, curry and roti (make curry chicken in the Kitchen Korner on page 37). Fijian crafts such as hand-carved wooden bowls are offered in local markets.


atural resources in Fiji comprise of timber, fish, gold, copper with offshore oil potential. The greatest industry in the country though is tourism and its greatest export, sugar. Most Fijians work in agriculture or in the service sector. The currency is the Fijian dollar and its coins and banknotes bear the image of Queen Elizabeth II.

Adventure may take you to the ocean, where you can dive and easily view eels and seahorses surrounded by soft coral. Visit the island of Taveuni where the waterfall cascades into an emerald pool of water. The waterfall is known as Fiji’s Garden of Eden!

The islands and its people are diverse in race and culture and that is reflected in the range of religious backgrounds found there. There are many Protestants, Hindis, Roman Catholics and Muslims. Tensions between the Christians and Indo-Fijian people have caused cultural clashes, leading to two coups (a coup occurs when the current government is overthrown) in 1987 and in 2000. 4

girl in the world

Virisila Buadromo Buadromo was threatened and intimidated by the military as they tried to keep her quiet. She has remained loud and vocal in seeking out legal and policy reform in her country. As an advocate of women’s rights, she has called for the legalization of abortion in Fiji as well as generally educating women about their rights and ability to access justice in their communities. In 2008, Buadromo was awarded the International Women of Courage Award by US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice for showing exceptional courage and leadership in promoting women’s rights and advancement.

Virisila Buadromo is a Fijian human rights activist and Executive Director of the Fiji Women’s Rights Movement (FWRM). She became popular and well known as a news personality on FM radio in Fiji. Her mother and father were both born on Lau Islands, and her father was a once the Mayor of Suva. She has four sisters, is a Christian, and is married to Indo-Fijian Arshad Daud. Born in 1972, Buadromo has been critical of successive governments who have taken power away from democratically elected governments in military coups. She has consistently denounced the legitimacy of these governments and has been very critical of anyone who accepts an appointment within them.

“This is the same as accepting a position in the illegal interim government.”

5 | January-February 15

In 2012 she was awarded the Women Have Wings award, along with three other women from around the world who have embodied the courageous spirit of Amelia Earhart. Along with the award came an honorarium of $10,000 that Buadromo stated would be used to:

“Improve and effect the participation of girls, young women and women in Fiji’s proposed democritization process.”

Follow Virisila on Twitter @Virisila Find Virisila on Pinterest here: Follow the Fiji Women’s Rights Movement on Facebook here:

careerg irl " I wanted to be a bus driver when I was a kid. I look at bus driving through the eyes of a little boy. I see it as glamorous." -Jim Lehrer

careergirl options: Public Transit Operator



As you plan you career, are you pretty certain that sitting behind a desk - or working at a store is not for you? Have you ever thought about driving for your local transit company as a career? Girls and women are joining the ranks of transit workers‌ read on to find out more about this career choice. We interviewed Jackie Wilde - a streetcar operator for the Toronto Transit Commission.

7 | January-February 15

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