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Krish Dhanam The Gift of Giving The Ethos of Gratitude Reaching out to: - Human Resource Professionals - Life Coaches - Organizational Learning - Entrepreneurs - Training & Development

The Gift of Giving By: David S. Doane, Ph.D.

Change through Giving By: brian bowers


Giving Selflessly by: Dr. Dorree Lynn

Raising a Giver By: Diana Boggia, M.Ed.

The Right Giving Life's Journey - Book Excerpt connect with us on Faceboook

November 2014

by: Darryl S. Doane, Rose D. Sloat, David S. Doane, Ph.D.

November 2014

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Volume 2 – Issue 11

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From How to Get re to Where You A Be ant to Where You W


L i f e ’s J o u r n e y M a g a z i n e


| November 2014

Rose D. Sloat Darryl S. Doane Rose D. Sloat

Executive Editor

Darryl S. Doane

Operations Manager

Tom Montelione

Executive Producer

Tom Montelione

Art Director

Jenni James Krish Dhanam Patti L. Auber Diana Boggia, M.Ed.

Darryl S. Doane

Rose D. Sloat

David S. Doane, Ph.D.

Brian Bowers

Roger Hollis Dr. Dorree Lynn

Reaching out to: - Human Resource Professionals - Life Coaches - Organizational Learning - Entrepreneurs - Training & Development

Krish Dhanam 6

Featured Guide Introduction

19 The Gift of Giving

The Ethos of Gratitude

Contributing Guides November 7

Guest Guide Introduction

Articles & Departments November

- Brian Bowers

11 Raising a Giver

Helping children build healthy relationships and valuable friendships - Diana Boggia, M.Ed.

13 Change through Giving

Make a difference in the world around you! - Brian Bowers

15 Giving Selflessly

A psychotherapist raises some important psychological and philosophical questions. - Dr. Dorree Lynn

A gift for both giver and receiver - David S. Doane, Ph.D.


Life’s Journey Pledge


Give up all hope of a better past

33 Speed of Life 34 Build a library of tools for sucess


Moving You Forward

28 Trip the Life Fantastic

25 The Gift of Giving


Giving without being taken - Patti L. Auber

35 Add this book now!

40 Taking Care of Dad | Chapter 11 - Brian Bowers

38 Magazine Stand

45 The Right Giving | Life's Journey - Book Excerpt

49 Crossroads Café

- Darryl S. Doane, Rose D. Sloat, David S. Doane, Ph.D.

47 Life Stories | Anne Doane

51 Journey On! - Save Your Future 53 Next Month's Focus

L i f e ’s J o u r n e y M a g a z i n e


November 2014


Life's Journey Media Kit - Be an Advertiser! What a great time to get on board the journey of your life! We are now accepting ADs for the immediate future and all of the 2015 year. Have your message be in the same magazine that brings the high level thought leaders of our time such as Jack Canfield, Krish Dhanam, Joel Osteen, Tamara Lowe, Bob Burg, Mark Victor Hansen, Dr. Dorree Lynn, Beth Doane, Dave Ramsey, Dr. Fabrizio Mancini, Darren LaCroix, Nancy Friedman, Bob Proctor, Sandy Gallagher, Ryan Avery, Les Brown, Kevin Harrington, Brian Tracy, and on and on and on. . . We publish to all major smart/mobile platforms: iOS (iPhone and iPad), Android (most phones and tablet), Nook HD, and Kindle Fire. See Media Kit below. Join us!

Life's Journey - Professional & Personal Wholeness Magazine Publishers, Darryl S. Doane & Rose D. Sloat are driven to curate the most amazing content for those looking to advance their service to their organizations and community outreaches. Awareness promotes effectiveness. Get your word out!! Life's Journey's mission is to assist individuals to create their own "right future" both professionally & personally while having a purposeful journey! Join "The Life's Journey Family" today!

Journey on!

Darryl S. Doane & Rose D. Sloat

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L i f e ’s J o u r n e y M a g a z i n e




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