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Focus on self

Where the “real” lies

A Selfless Story Acts of generosity By: brian bowers

Someone to watch over me Providing intentional care! By: Diana Boggia, M.Ed.

The Abiding Self The foundation of your choices By: David S. Doane, Ph.D.

The Right self Life’s Journey Excerpt by: Darryl S. Doane, Rose D. Sloat, David S. Doane, Ph.D.

featured guide:

Rory vaden You are in charge of the results you get in your life. It all falls on you.

please yourself The Greatest Gift! by: Patti Auber

Part Two of our exclusive interview with

les brown The Will To Do It!.

march 2014

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March 2014

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Roger Hollis

p for the Sou

Chicken Sou

itz with Janet Sw


From How to Get re to Where You A Be ant to Where You W


L i f e ’s J o u r n e y M a g a z i n e

Rose D. Sloat

Volume 2 – Issue 3

d Jack Canfiel co-author of


| March 2014

Darryl S. Doane Rose D. Sloat

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Darryl S. Doane

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Les Brown Diana Boggia, M.Ed.

Contributing Guest Guides

Mary Jo Wirth

Rory Vaden

Featured Guide


Featured Guide Introduction


You are in charge of the results you get in your life. It all falls on you.

Contributing Guides



Welcome Dr. Dorree Lynn


Contributing Guest Guide Introductions

- Mary Jo Wirth & Roger E. Hollis

13 Someone to Watch over Me

Articles & Departments


-Diana Boggia, M. Ed.


Moving You Forward

15 A Selfless Story


Life’s Journey Pledge

- Brian Bowers

18 The Will to Do It! Part 2 - Les Brown 21 The Abiding Self - David S. Doane, Ph. D. 24 Please Yourself - Patti L. Auber 33 Taking Care of Dad Chapter 3 - Brian Bowers 37 The Right Self

- Darryl S. Doane, Rose D. Sloat, David S. Doane, Ph. D.

42 Keeping Pace with the Rythm of Life

- Mary Jo Wirth

10 Give up all hope of a better past 23 Trip the Life Fantastic 26 Speed of Life 27 Build a library of tools for sucess. 28 Add this book. 44 Crossroads Café 46 Journey On! - Save Your Future 47 Next Months Focus L i f e ’s J o u r n e y M a g a z i n e


March 2014


Moving you forward |

Darryl S. Doane and Rose D. Sloat


Where the “real” lies In the March issue of Life’s Journey magazine we will celebrate the real you, your authentic self. It really is the foundational rock upon which all else is built. Your self is where you are, and your “real” self must be realized in order to successfully move forward to where you want to be - your future. One of our very favorite sayings that will present itself a number of times throughout this issue is: Do you have “real eyes,” to “realize” where the “real” lies? The truth will out - authenticity. The quest for “YOU.” That’s what this issue is all about - It’s all about YOU! Our “Featured Guide” is Rory Vaden, and Rory will “bring it home” to the realization that each individual is inescapably responsible for their own actions and the results those actions produce. The entire Life’s Journey family is here with the announcement of a new addition. Dr. Dorree Lynn, a past “Featured Guide,” will be joining us each month beginning in April. She will be focusing on the area of “Relationship Wholeness.” Our team of experts continues to grow and enhance your ability to take it to the next level of achievement as you focus on self.

Journey on!

Darryl S. Doane & Rose D. Sloat To correspond with Darryl and Rose send your emails to:

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L i f e ’s J o u r n e y M a g a z i n e


March 2014

Lifes Journey - March 2014  

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