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When the Gospel Grows Feet Hope Sings, So Beautiful

Rutilio Grande, SJ, and the Church of El Salvador An Ecclesiology in Context

Graced Encounters across the Color Line


CHRISTOPHER PRAMUK “It is spiritual theology at its most satisfying. His publishers have also produced a book in the same spirit, intended to move the senses as well as the mind. If you want uplift and are not afraid to be turned upside down and inside out, this is the book for you.” Drew Christiansen, SJ S978-0-8146-8210-4 Paperback, 224 pp., $19.95 S978-0-8146-8235-7 eBook, $17.99

“This book is a ‘must read’ for those who want to understand how the church entered into the lives of its people in El Salvador after Vatican II and Medellín through the ministry of Rutilio Grande, SJ. When you begin with Rutilio, his life, his ministry, and his death, then you can understand the period of suffering endured by the prophetic church of El Salvador.” Jon Sobrino, SJ S978-0-8146-8077-3 Paperback, 272 pp., $29.95 S978-0-8146-8086-5 eBook, $26.99

Secular Music and Sacred Theology

The Girl Got Up A Cruciform Memoir



“Scholars finally have a book that seriously engages theology and popular music through a variety of methodologies and musical genres. This is a must read for scholars of religion and popular culture and has definite classroom appeal. Michelle A. Gonzalez S978-0-8146-8024-7 Paperback, 208 pp., $24.95 S978-0-8146-8025-4 eBook, $22.99

“The Girl Got Up is a powerful and honest book that weaves together spiritual journey and scriptural reflection. Rachel Srubas writes luminous and compelling prose. Once you begin reading, this book is very difficult to put down.” Cynthia M. Campbell S978-0-8146-3449-3 Paperback, 152 pp., $16.95 S978-0-8146-3451-6 eBook, $14.99

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Commonweal may 3, 2013  •  volume 140  •  Number 8

interview 10 Readings for Writers A conversation with Richard Ford

Wayne Sheridan & Sandra Dutton

articles 14

Redeemed from Death?

The faith of a Catholic novelist Alice McDermott


Claims of Conscience

Religious freedom & state power William A. Galston

screen 21

The Gatekeepers The House I Live In

Rand Richards Cooper

upfront 4



editorial The Fixes Are In

columnists 6

Unfriendly Skies Margaret O’Brien Steinfels


Bridges to Somewhere Charles R. Morris

spring Books


What Is Marriage? by Sherif Girgis, Ryan Anderson, and Robert P. George Andrew Koppelman


The Patriarch by David Nasaw Andrew J. Bacevich


Dear Life by Alice Munro Dominic Preziosi


Going Clear by Lawrence Wright Nicholas Clifford


The Terror Courts by Jess Bravin Tom Durkin


My Beloved World by Sonia Sotomayor Valerie Sayers

Poetry 16

Eleventh Station— Christ Nailed to the Cross Paul Claudel translated by John Marson Dunaway


The Last Word 38

Cross Purposes Timothy P. Schilling

From ‘The House I Live In’


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