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Commonweal . July 11, 2014

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The Future of Women Religious, etc. What is the LCWR good for? In her column “The U.S. Sisters & the Holy See” (June 13), Mollie Wilson O’Reilly asks many questions of Pope Francis, the Vatican, and others concerning the Leadership Conference of Women Religious. But she asks no questions of the LCWR or its officials. Let me suggest a few. What is the LCWR? What service does it provide? Does it really represent 83 percent of American women religious? The LCWR is a conference of and for the women who lead most of the religious orders for women in this country. As far as anyone can tell from its statement of purpose, it is a service organization that, in its own bureaucratic language, includes “assisting its members personally and communally to carry out more collaboratively their service of leadership in order to accomplish further the mission of Christ in today’s world.” So, no, the LCWR does not in any way represent the members of religious orders, and therefore, contrary to the fearful rhetoric of some of its outside supporters, criticism of the LCWR is not criticism of American nuns. In fact, outside of the conference itself I doubt that 2 percent of the forty thousand women religious it often claims to represent know or care what the LCWR does. The LCWR would have some value if it helped its member-leaders grapple with their own greatest threat, which is not the pope or the Vatican or the bishops but their own inability to attract new members. So far as I know, the LCWR has never studied why religious orders can’t even keep the novices they do attract. What good is a conference of leaders when most of the followers are well past seventy years of age and more may in

fact be receivers of services—as patients in their own hospitals and assisted living facilities—than providers of services to others? As near as I can tell, the LCWR is a collection of about a thousand women who head their respective religious communities, meet once a year to listen to speakers, and, over the past decade or so, issue passive-aggressive responses to legitimate questions from various church authorities whom they obviously don’t respect, in part because they are male, and in part because they are authorities. The weirdest part of these gatherings is the speakers. Back in the 1980s, when “the consciousness revolution” had already begun to fade, the LCWR was regularly inviting New Age flakes to address them. And so again this year. Just what did these leaders of women hope to learn from Barbara Marx Hubbard, an eighty-four-year-old Jewish agnostic who is still expounding on “evolutionary consciousness”? I think it is worth asking whether the conference serves any useful purpose. And worth weighing what would be gained and what lost if it were to disappear. kenneth woodward

Chicago, Ill. The author responds Confusion about the nature and role of the LCWR has certainly contributed to its problems with the bishops. The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith seems to expect the LCWR to function as its proxy in policing orthodoxy among American women religious, and faults the LCWR for its failure to “promote a solid doctrinal basis for religious life.” The sisters have responded, quite reason-

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Commonweal July 11, 2014  •  volume 141  •  Number 12


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Commonweal Magazine - July 11th, 2014  

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Commonweal Magazine - July 11th, 2014  

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