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Rock Thiz Magazine



Rock Thiz Magazine

T he Chimpz are on the fast track to being a widely-known name through the home state they adore and across the nation, as they continue to be featured on shows like Sons of Anarchy. The latest effort from the band, which is self-titled, brings more promise and a slate of lessons learned to the forefront.

Working once again with studio mastermind, Ryan Greene, The Chimpz are hitting the pavement running, more so on this EP than their previous one, Who Can I Trust? This in no way detracts from the previous EP in any way. The guys have said themselves that this second go-round with Ryan has brought out stronger material and overall has proved to be a more productive experience now that the producer/band spectrum is refined and familiar. “California” – The leading single, with a music video that shows the California beach lifestyle, is a strong example of The Chimpz persistence to take no time off to enjoy the sun and stick to the studio. “California” features elements of Punk, Hip-Hop, and Hard Rock that provide the atmosphere of local pride and high energy that will no doubt get a crowd or one individual moving. “War Machine” – Venturing more on the Metal side, “War Machine” is a song of political frustration in the modern landscape of life. Chuck P’s rhymes have never sounded more aggressive and infectious, as the melodic pre-chorus drives back in, with Chuck P belting out a tight line of words that overlap heavy instrumentals. “Right to Left” – A fun-paced song that will get a crowd into the party atmosphere that was also featured on an episode of Sons of Anarchy. This song jumps into the Hardcore Rap stratosphere, as it stays constant on the rhythm and timing, keeping the adrenaline going. Those are three of the six songs featured on the EP. Definitely a good taste of the fun that ensues in The Chimpz music. From good vibes to social opinions, this EP is proof of a band’s maturity and hard work paying off. No matter the song content, it’s all fun to listen to and motivates you to get off your b*tt and enjoy your life, while thinking of the bigger picture. All in all, that is a tough thing to do, indeed, so my hat’s off to The Chimpz for bringing that flavor to the music industry. The future is bright for these hard-working guys who came from humble beginnings of living room jamming, all the way to TV spots and demands to appear on various tours throughout the country. What this EP provides is the glimpse of the ever-popular California sound perfectly molded into six songs. Be sure to visit the following links to learn more about The Chimpz: Personal Favorite Tracks: “Save Our City,” “War Machine,” “California”


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Rock Thiz Magazine - Rock Thiz Magazine April 2015 Issue  

This is a free sample of Rock Thiz Magazine issue "Rock Thiz Magazine April 2015 Issue" Download full version from: Apple App Store: https:...

Rock Thiz Magazine - Rock Thiz Magazine April 2015 Issue  

This is a free sample of Rock Thiz Magazine issue "Rock Thiz Magazine April 2015 Issue" Download full version from: Apple App Store: https:...

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