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PRESSLINE NEWS Monthly Publication of Graphic Arts Industry (Hindi & English)

Vol. No. 8 Issue-03

June, 2018 New Delhi

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BHARATIYA JNANPITH (Exemplary Institution of Literature)


orld over the print media is undergoing shrinkage, however, Indian print media or the world of books is still in a airborne stage. What sets Bharatiya Jnanpith with its lofty ideals and concentration on spreading knowledge. In the backdrop of the above and challenges of present print mode to futuristic digital technology, it was prudent to catch a glimpse of the mind of present Managing Trustee of Bharatiya Jnanpith, Shri Sahu Akhilesh Jain KRC : Mr. K.R. Chandrahas SAJ : Shri. Sahu Akhilesh Jain KRC: Can you throw some

Shri Sahu Akhilesh Jain light on the beginning of Jnanpith ? SAJ : Bharatiya Jnanpith was the brainchild of Sahu Shanti Prasad Jain and his wife Smt. Rama Jain. In December 1943, a group

of leading Indologists and scholars approached the philanthropist couple to set up an organization to undertake research and publication of t ex t s o f a n c i e n t I n d i a n languages that include Sanskrit, Pali, Prakrit and Apabhramsha. Sahu Ji acceded to their request and Bharatiya Jnanpith was established in 1944 with two main objectives. They were to conduct research and publication of the extinct, rare and unpublished works of knowledge and to encourage the creation of original literature in the service of the people. Since then, for the last seven and half decades, Bharatiya Jnanpith is engaged in literary activities.

Editor : Satish Bajwa

Four Colleges are being run in Najibabad, the native town of Sahu Jain family, with intermediate, graduation and post graduation classes. There are about 15000 students both boys and girls studying in these colleges.

National Heart Institute was started by Dr. Padmavati a well known cardic physician. Later on TOI Group joined the venture. Now it is being run jointly by TOI and Dr. Padmavati. All the heart related problems are being treated in the hospital including the bypass surgery by a team of renowned doctors.

The Jnanpith and other related institutes are run keeping in mind the basic principles of Jainism.

However, Bharatiya Jnanpith earned more fame through its awards, most notable among them is the Jnanpith Award, the highest literary award of the country, given to an author writing in any of the Indian languages and English, for life time contribution towards Indian literature. Jnanpith awards have been presented by Presidents, Prime Ministers and International luminaries from time to time. Apart from that Bharatiya Jnanpith has also introduced Moortidevi,

Navlekhan and Jnangarima Alankaran awards. The acceptability of Jnanpith instituted awards are so high that till now several state governments that include Goa, Kerala, Karnataka and Manipur, have come forward to celebrate the award cere-monies jointly along with Bharatiya Jnanpith. KRC: The Books published – what is the core theme ? SAJ : Bharatiya Jnanpith is the most authentic publisher of

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PRIMA The Smart Preference

BOOKLINE 'V' SERIES An Ideal & Most Economical Concept

That’s what our webs do for education.....!

PRESSLINE INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED A-183, Sarita Vihar, New Delhi-110076 Ph. : 011-26945505, 26947765 E-mail :, Website :

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Pressline News, New Delhi, June, 2018 Issue

PRESSLINE News Editorial

Two Strokes of Beneficence

Managing Editor Satish Bajwa Chief Editor K.R. Chandrahas Editor R.C. Grover Consulting Editor Kanta Bajwa


he book publishing s e g m e nt o f p r i nt media, it is reported that it is in sluggish mode. This could be due to reduced reading habit or the thrust of e-medium.

Associate Editor H.L. Choudhary

Let's See Some Facts

Production Head Rajendra K. Sharma Production Controller Saurabh Gulati Design Anita Arora Circulation Manager Savita Dhall Regd. Office : A-242, Sarita Vihar, New Delhi-110076 Printed at : Saurabh Printers Private Limited, B-280, Okhla Industrial Area, Phase-I, New Delhi-110020 All Disputes regarding this magazine will be settled in Delhi Jurisdiction only.

P re s s ow n e rs o r t h e publishers suffer by simple operational inefficiency by the shop floor control the printed waste or even methodical control of imperfect rolls of paper.

Assuming Core OD 100mm, it works out to 1.8 kg with application of Auto Splicer following is the calculation minimum left is total 120 mm and weight is 4.2 kg. Further, Auto Splicer 130 mm left and weight is 4.40 kg; Again, Auto Splicer 135 mm left and weight is 4.6 kg Further, Auto Splicer 140 mm left and weight is 5 kg Average loss on good reels amounts to 0.8% of gross weight One of the major issues that the book publishers face is short run of the printed books and the carrying cost of the inventory. Short run be it on web or sheet fed has on the percentage of printed waste, that multiply the cost of the book that reflect in ultimate take home.

Even, if the loss due to slight uneven winding may appear minuscule, when we see the gross weight of newsprint reel ranging from 380 kgs. to 500 kgs. This translates into heavy losses and thus apart from greening the earth, internal revenue generation becomes the call of the hour.

We at Pressline are now jointly working with book publishers on web to develop : Motorized Double Roll Stand It controls cut off variation.  It gives constant brake output.  It improves registration quality.  It gives linear brake output.  It's without consumable & maintenance free system.  One time adjustment  Controls through switches 

Motorized Outfeed  Automatic speed control system.  It controls automatic tension in between printing unit and folder.  It controls doubling in all colours.  Its maintenance free system.  It controls cut off variation.  Variable tension control as required by paper quality. And the response is encouraging then again addressing the issue of requirement of short runs of books on demand, Pressline India Private Limited has mooted the concept of PRESSLINE “JETSCI” that is the future of digital implementation sure to be part of our lives for the book, newspaper and transactional sector that we all deal with every day. This new PRESSLINE-JETSCI solution is the fruit of the vast experience with the knowledge base of the 2 organizations and the customer feedback on the requirements of the market. Pressline India has designed and manufactured the dedicated substrate Transport system and will offer the finishing solution based on customer requirements. The JETSCI Inkjet System will be integrated on these transport Systems and will have a capacity to reach speeds up to 300m/min in Single pass printing in Duplex mode.

PRESSLINE INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED A-242, Sarita Vihar, New Delhi-110076 (India) Ph. : +91-11-26945505, 26947765, email :

+91-9810039865, +91-9311999405, +91-9311999412, +91-9311999416

Website :

Huge inventories will no more be necessity. In the current scenario where customization and variable data is essential ingredient of today's education system this partnership will play a vital role. Newspapers can do value-addition and enhance circulations by adding local news columns, while on the run providing regional / mohalla news and ads as well. This is also useful for

Satish Bajwa Newspapers where area wise news coverage is to be printed for specific area customer to arouse reader's interest and the news can be printed in a specified space of the newspaper. More interestingly it can be used for localized advertisements for a specified area of Newspaper distribution, for example instantly a mall's Advertisement of an area where the mall's customers are can be printed giving special promotions, discounts etc. This feature can reduce the cost to the advertiser which otherwise is printed for the entire region that the newspaper is distributed. Today we need to save our forests and conserve energy and our latest e-concept Hybrid Web Tension Control cum infeed system can turn out to be great factor to save on paper and power in the current scenario.

Axe forgets but the tree remembers This newest system saves lot of power by using regenerative energy in the drives which are in motoring mode and the delta of generative and regenerative energy consumed from the mains as an result less power is consumed from grid. With new hybrid system paper roll's unwind & in-feed acts as an generator as they work in the reverse tension whereas out-feed and or rewinder is working in motoring mode, so considering the variant tensions are nearby then the energy drawn from grid is only for the main drive.……thats why we call it e-concept. We are at precipice of disaster and we must evolve. (With valuable inputs from Shri R.C. Malhotra-All India Production Controller, The India Express ).

Pressline News, New Delhi, June, 2018 Issue

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Digital Passage to Future

Substrate transport developed by Pressline at present is up to 17 inches width and would be capable of double sided printing in 8½ inches or Single sided printing in 17 inches which can be upgraded later.

Resolution (Native) : 1200 dpi  Black, spot color, security inks etc.  Low cost of Ownership 

Ultra High Speed upto

300m/min  Diven by the Fujifilm Samba print heads.

         

Premium Solution for VDP Black, spot color, varnish, security inks etc. Resolution (Native) of 600 dpi High Speed Industrial Inkjet Systems Speed upto 220m/min. 3-14pl variable drop volume or fixed binary mode. Monochrome Variable Data Printing (VDP) 108 mm print width / module Lowest cost of ownership Fastest ROI





Plastic Cards

Newspapers & Magazines

Scratch Cards



Business Forms

Joint Venture


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Pressline News, New Delhi, June, 2018 Issue

AROUND The Print Panorama Monotech Systems Makes Its Presence Felt in the ASEAN Market

Monotech Systems, in a conversation. “We are at the exhibition to


uring the first edition of Label Expo SouthEast Asia, held in Bangkok recently, Monotech Systems highlighted its Industrial Inkjet systems, label converting solutions and brand protection solutions under its own brand JETSCI. “We are here to show our presence, to create awareness about our products, to meet our existing customers especially in this region plus to meet the prospects, said Neeraj Thappa, GM, Channel Partner Sales at

(L-R) Mr. Dinesh Thakur, (Business Development ManagerInkjet, Products & Solutions), Mr. Jimit Mittal (Vice PresidentInkjet, Products & Solutions) and Mr. Neeraj Thapa (General Manager, Channel Partner Sales) of Monotech Systems Limited

explore the opportunities in terms of how can we help converters solve their problems with our digital inkjet solutions,” he said, adding, “We enjoyed talking to visitors and they also have shown great interest in our products. The expo helped us to reach more people, not only from Thailand, but the complete ASEAN region.”

Pressline India Private Limited and Monotech System Limited in a joint venture is all set to launch PRESSLINE JETSCI (Y Series), which is the future of digital implementation sure to be part of our lives for the books, newspaper and transactional sector that we all deal with every day.

Navneet — Takes the Lion's Share in Book Publishing


ccording to a recent report published in Money Control, the net profit of Navneet Education is likely to rise by 131% YoY (Year Over Year). This shows the company's d o m i n a n c e o n t h e va st education market in India and its export prowess.

scholastic paper stationery, publisher of general and children books and also has a wide range of Scholastic nonpaper stationary products. Over the years, the company has built a strong brand in educational content & Scholastic stationery gaining a leadership position.

Knowledge is Wealth

Remote Management System (Remote Managem

ent Systems)

In Collaboration with

According to domestic

Since 1959, Navneet has

brokerage firm Motilal Oswal,

been a major force in the

Navneet Education is likely to

dissemination of knowledge as

see 131% YoY rise in net profit

since then it has published more

for the quarter ended March 31

than 5,000 titles in English,

to Rs. 39 crore. The firm expects

Gujarati, Hindi, Marathi, Tamil,

revenues to grow by 47% on a

Urdu and other Indian and

YoY basis to Rs. 307.4 cr. in

Foreign Languages, making it

4QFY18. In the last three years, Navneet's revenues increased from Rs. 95,937 lakh in 2014-15 to 1,09,831 lakh in 2016-17.

PRESSLINE INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED A-183, Sarita Vihar, New Delhi-110076 Ph. : 011-26945505, 26947765

+91-9311999405, +91-9810039865,

+91-9311999416, +91-9311999412

Founded by the Gala Family, Navneet Education is an educational syllabus-based content provider in print and digital medium, manufacturer of

one of the most dominant players in the field of publishing. The company has a dominant market share of about 65% in Western India. And, with a new range of supplementary books for students of CBSE and ICSE Boards, its educational products are now available across India.

Pressline News, New Delhi, June, 2018 Issue

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Pink All the Way – Financial Newspapers


he year perhaps was 1887. Indian newspaper industry was suddenly waking up to brand strategies and becoming more the vehicle for commercial advertising plus strengthening itself into a platform of strong and varied opinion, that could appeal to the readers than remain an ego booster for editors who perceived themselves as opinion makers and perhaps Demi-Gods.

and writing papers in substances ranging from 50 GSM to 110GSM. The company's products include TNPL Ultra White Maplitho / Print Vista, TNPL Elegant Maplitho, HiTech Maplitho, TNPL Pigment, Radiant Printing, Ace Marvel, Hardbound Notebook, TNPL Offset Printing,Creamwove, Copy Crown, TNPL Copier, Student's Favourites, Super Print Maplitho, Perfect Copier Paper products. It also offers AURA GREEN, a grey back high-

the rising cost of electricity, ever stricter environmental regulations, and the emergence of China as major manufacturer of paper and paper products. But those New England companies that have survived expect to stay in business for quite some time. The pulp and paper industry has followed the foots-steps of the larger companies: though there has been a fall in number of jobs and many a number of mills have shut down, gradual consolidation and automation have resulted in better productivity and hence more output. The Company commenced production in the year 1984 with an initial capacity of

I was sent packing all the way to Salem, Tamil Nadu to interact with Tamil Nadu Newsprint & Papers Ltd. (TNPL) and check the printability, the bursting strength and opaqueness of pink newsprint that was to be the Economic Times in future. It made the paper stand out from other newspapers on the news stand. It presumably gave the pinkie an edge over the competition. Financial Times of the UK started in 1888 was the first business newspaper to go pink (1893). (A few years earlier the Sporting Times had turned pink.) FT is one of world's most distinctive brands for many reasons most of them for its editorial quality. But none is more significant than its striking pink coloured newsprint. Tamil Nadu Newsprint & Papers Limited manufactures and sells newsprint, and printing and writing papers in India. The company operates in Paper & Paper Board, Energy and Cement segments. It manufactures printing

Paper Mill in the world consuming about one million tonnes of bagasse every year. The Company is in the process of implementing the

Sugarcane Bagasse was supplied jointly by Voith Sulzer Paper Technology and its licensee in India, Larsen and Toubro Limited and has opened

Mill Expansion Plan for increasing the capacity to 4,00,000 tonnes per annum from July 2010.

up new vistas for newsprint making. The machine is designed to run with 100% bagasse. Over the years, the production capacity has been increased to 2,45,000 tonnes per annum and the Company has emerged as the Largest bagasse based

TNPL has ventured with nearby sugar mills such as Sakthi Sugar Mills for continued supply of Bagasse for the Paper mill where Steam will be provided to the sugar mill in exchange of bagasse. — K.R. Chandrahas

weight coated duplex boards; AURA PEARL, a white back high-weight coated duplex boards, AURA FOLD-folding box boards; AURA FOLD PLUS; AURA GRAFIK – solid bleached sulphate boards; AURA PACK, a three layered boards; AURA ACE; AURA LITE; AURA FLUTE; AURA FLUTE PLUS; AURA CELEBRATIONS; and PE coated boards.

The Smart Preference

The company's products are used for various require-

(6 Towers Newspaper Web)

ments of multifunctional printing processes, such as sheet-fed,


gement System

(Remote Mana

Web Offset and digital printers.

Remote Management System

In addition, it produces cement and generates power. The company exports its products to approximately 36 centuries. However, paper making continues to play an important role in rural economies, where paper mills are the only large employers. They also back several other processes as logging, transportation and warehousing. It is also true that the industry incurs rising power costs, tighter environment regulations and last but not the least – China emerging as a manufacturer of paper and paper products. The industry still faces immense challenges, including

(With or Without Mono Unit / Tower)



Samir Jain, diluted this hegemony that characterized the change of Indian Newspaper industry.

90,000 tonnes per annum. TNPL has started the commercial production of newsprint on its new Paper Machine No. 2 from January 1996. The machine


A-183, Sarita Vihar, New Delhi-110076 Ph. : 011-26945505, 26947765

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Pressline News, New Delhi, June, 2018 Issue

fizafVax o izdk’ku txr #csu cuthZ ^vkmVyqd* ds laiknd cus #cus cuthZ dks ^vkmVyd q * ex S th+u eas lEiknd cuk;k x;k gSA os blds igys ^fgUnqLrku VkbEl* eas u'skuy vQ;slZ ,fMVj gqvk djrs FksA

Plethora of Fast Moving Spare Parts at a call


eq[;ea=h uohu iVuk;d ij ,d fdrkc Hkh fy[k pqds gSaA

os vy tthjk esa vkWuykbu ,fMVj jg pqds gSaA blds vykok bafM;k VqMs vkSj bafM;u ,Dlizsl dks Hkh viuh lsok,a ns pqds gSaA #csu vksfM'kk ds

#csu us viuh ubZ ikjh ds ckjs esa dgk gS fd ^^vkmVyqd** tSlh if=dk ds lkFk dke djuk esjs fy, dkQh lEeku dh ckr gksxhA fouksn esgrk tSls ofj"B i=dkj blds laiknd jg pqds gSaA ,sls esa iwoZorhZ laikndksa us tks LVsaMMZ lSV fd, gSa] mUgsa cuk, j[kuk esjs fy, dkQh cM+h pqukSrh gksxhA**

nSfud HkkLdj ds C;wjks phQ dk fu/ku nSfud HkkLdj jktLFkku ls [kcj gS fd izrkix<+ ds C;wjks phQ ujir flag pkSgku dk mn;iqj ds isflfQd vLirky esa mipkj ds nkSjku fu/ku gks x;kA vfUre ;k=k ea s HkkLdj legw ds icz/aku] dkfed Z lfgr ld S Mk+a s ehfM;k dehZ mifLFkr jg mUgsa HkkoHkhuh J)katfy vfiZr dhA

ADVERTISEMENT TARIFF (W.e.f. 01.04.2012)

fiNys fnuksa mUgsa izrkix<+ esa cszu gSejst gqvk FkkA rcls os mn;iqj vLirky esa nkf[ky FksA vkWijs'ku ds ckn osafVysVj ij FksA ckn esa mudks e`r ?kksf"kr dj fn;k x;kA e`nqHkk"kh feyulkj Jh pkSgku ds vpkud 'kksd lekpkj ls {ks= ds i=dkjksa esa 'kksd dh ygj Nk xbZA




This has necessitated creation of a value based, in time, paradigm to cater to the needs of customer in terms of fast moving spare parts being available of the shelf. Pressline India has introduced single window sourcing of such spares to minimize the down time. This innovative and customer friendly initiative by us has been lauded by printers from far and near and many printers are now approaching us for custom made spares to be used in machines of other makes too. Call For Web Spares Single Window Cell : Mob. : +91-9311999405

ofj"B dfo mn~Hkzkar dks izFke Vsxksj lEeku 21oha

lnh ds igys o yxHkx ,dek= egkdkO;dkj] vk/kqfud fgUnh ds 'kh"kZLFk dfo Jh jekdkar 'kekZ ¼mnHkzkar½ }kjk jfpr o vaxzsth] mfM+;k lfgr dbZ Hkk"kkvksa esa vuqokn ds lkFk cgqpfpZr dkO;d`fr ^jk/kkek/ko* ij izFke xq#nso johUnzukFk VSxksj varjkZ"Vªh; lkfgR; iqjLdkj iznku fd;k tk,xkA p;u&lfefr ds lnL; lqizfl) vkykspd =; izksfuR;kuan frokjh] MkW- d.kZ flag] MkW [kxsUnz Bkdqj rFkk la;kstd t;izdk'k ekul dh vuq'kalk ij 200 ls vf/kd izfof"B;ksa esa fof'k"V vkSj vyx d`fr ds fy, Jh mn~Hkzkar dks 51000/- #i;ksa dh izrhd jkf'k] ekui= ,oa izrhd fpUg~ lfgr ;g iqjLdkj 2 tu w ds fnu 15oas vrajk"ZVhª; fgUnh lEey s u] :l ¼ekLdk½s ds volj ij lekjkgs iowd Z fn;k x;kA fgUnh dh yxHkx lHkh fo/kkvksa esa fl)gLr] 'krkf/kd pfpZr d`fÙk;ksa ds jfp;rk] lqfizfl) jpukdkj nwjn'kZu esa miegkfuns'kd ¼Hkkjrh; izlkj.k lsok½ jgs gSaA mudh dqN izeq[k

d`fr;k¡ gSa % vfHkuo ikaMo] vuk|lwDr] =srk ,oa izKkos.kq ¼egkdkO;½( jk/kkek/ko ¼mfM+;k esa Hkh vuwfnr½( Lo;aizHkk ,oa oØrq.M ¼izca/k dkO;½( CySdgksy ¼dkO; ukVd½( nsonk#&lh yEch xgjh lkxj&lh] vfLr] 'kCndey fy[kk gS] galks crt+Z j?kqohj lgk; ,oa bLrjh ¼ledkyhu dfork½( le; ds v'o ij ¼xhr&uoxhr½] eSaus ;g lkspk u Fkk ¼xt+ysa½&jk-iz- 'kekZ ^egkf"kZ* }kjk fd;k x;k mnwZ fyI;karj.k mÙkj izns'k ljdkj ls iqjLd`r] MqxMqxh vkSj esjh fiz; dFkk,a ¼dgkuh laxzg½( dgkuh dk lkrok¡ n'kd ¼lLaej.kkRed

leh{kk½ rFkk lnh dk egkjkx ¼p;u MkW- jsorhej.k½( vkykspd ds Hksl esa ,oa eqBHksM+ ¼vkykspuk½] l`tu dh Hkwfe ¼Hkwfedk,¡½] vkykspuk dk okfpd ¼okfpd vkykp s uk½] Lef`r;ka s ds ehy&iRFkj ¼lLaej.k½ vkfnA dkuiqj esa izysl ds lfpo jgs Jh mn~Hkzkar dh vusd Hkkjrh; Hkk"kkvkas eas jpuk,a vufwnr gks pd q h gAaS oreZku eas os loskfuof`r ds i'pkr~ Lor= a y[sku dj jgs gAaS

Press Declaration to Setup Printing Press Unit & Newspaper From The Office Of Addl. Commissioner Of Police, New Delhi

uksV % fizafVax ;qfuV pykus gsrq izsl MsDY;sjs'ku ysuk vfr vko';d gS] u gksus ij iqfyl pyku dj ldrh gSA ml ij tqekZuk vkSj dSn gks ldrh gSA lekpkj i=@eSxthu ds fy, foKkiu cqd djus] vkjaHk djus] foLrkj vkSj can dks nksckjk pykus gsrq tkudkjh ds fy, laidZ djsaA Mob. : 9953755940

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Pressline News, New Delhi, June, 2018 Issue

Head of Ghanaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Examination Council Retires


ressline India Private Limited has had a very robust relationship with the Very Rev. Dr. Samuel Nii Nmai Ollennu which only grew over the years. Dr. Samuel after serving dedicatedly the West African Education Council, Ghana spent last Six years as the Head of the Ghana National Office WAEC rising through the ranks in various capacities such as subject officer for Chemistry, Head of Security Printing and Director of Administration. Under his stewardship the council introduced many measures for improving the basic education certificate examination. It was also during Dr. Samuel's tenure that the BECE for school candidates was cancelled and re-administered as result of Mass Leakage in 2014. Following that incident, he

Educational Measurement and Evaluation from the University of Cape Coast; a B.Sc (Hons) degree in Agriculture and a Diploma in Education from the same university. She also has a

Post-Graduate Diploma in Public Administration from the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA).

Dainik Bhaskar Set to Prove Print Media Decline Wrong Very Rev. Dr. Samuel Nii Nmai Ollennu

Mrs. Wendy Enyonam Addy-Lamptey

It is then that the Council decided under his personal supervision to equipped themselves with high speed web, digital numbering and gluing and in 2015, PRESSLINE INDIA was present at their premises in Accra, Ghana with the solution. Pressline India wishes Dr. Samuel a restful retirement which he took in May 2018. Mrs. Wendy Enyonam Addy-Lamptey, has assumed office as the new Head of the Ghana National Office of the council. She takes over from Very Rev. Dr Samuel Nii Nmai Ollennu who has proceeded on statutory retirement. introduced some stringent security measures which have worked effectively to block the reoccurrence of that malpractice to date.

Mrs. Addy-Lamptey brings to the position 25 years of experience in assessment and she holds a Master's Degree in


B Corp (DBCL), India's largest print media company and home to flagship newspapers Dainik Bhaskar, Divya Bhaskar, Divya Marathi and Saurashtra Samachar, on 16 May 2018 announced its audited financial results for the quarter and year ended 31 March 2018. The highlights of the results reveal that Dainik Bhaskar's well-implemented circulation expansion strategy has delivered strong results, as the company achieved commendable performance on the back of higher circulation base and increased cover price. This includes an almost 18% rise in circulation in nine

months from around 51 lakh copies in June end 2017 to around 59.6 lakh copies as on March end 2018, an increase of around 9 lakh copies, majorly in markets of Bihar, Rajasthan and Gujarat. Over the past five years (from FY 2011-12 to FY 201617), Dainik Bhaskar has delivered 15% CAGR growth driven by yield in core legacy markets â&#x20AC;&#x201C; much above the industry reported numbers. The circulation strategy was complimented by strong editorial & product enrichment efforts along with unique and impactful reader engagement initiatives.

Komori Corporation Strategizes India Business



1 Clamp Perfect Binder

Mini Binder

Business Channel Partner

Manufacturer :

PRESSLINE INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED A-242, Sarita Vihar, New Delhi-110076 Ph. : 011-26945505, 26947765 Mob. : +91- 9311999405, +91-9311999412, +91-9311999402 E-mail :

S.F. No. : 6/87 C, Vishnu Nagar, Pattanam, Ondipudur Post, Coimbatore-641 016

Pressline News, New Delhi, June, 2018 Issue

Page No. 8 Date of Publication : 08.06.2018 Postal Regn. No. DL(S)-01/3396/2017-19

License to Post Without Pre-Payment No. : U(S)-34/2017-19, dtd. 30.03.2017

......Cont. from Page-1

nominal prices.

books on Jain philosophy, culture and religion. Besides, Bharatiya Jnanpith has published rare works on subjects like religion, philosophy, logic, ethics, grammar, astrology, poetics, which were written in Sanksrit, Prakrit, Pali, Apabhramsa, Tamil, Kannada, Hindi and English. This was in conformity with its objective to conduct research and publication of the extinct, rare and unpublished works of knowledge. Jnanpith has named this series as Moortidevi Granthmala, named after revered mother of Late Sahu Shanti Prasad Jain & Shryansa Prasad.

KRC: Where do you see Jnanpith by the decade end?

Jnanpith has another series named Lokadaya Granthmala devoted to publishing original modern creations in Hindi for encouraging creations on different genres that include poetry, fiction, drama and essays. Rashtrabharti Granthmala, another series initiated by Jnanpith focuses in publishing translation works in Hindi from different regional languages books to expose the Hindi speaking readers to pan Indian literature. Apart from these, recently Jnanpith has started two new series Balodaya Granthmala, which is a series meant for children's books and Shikshodaya Granthmala a series publishing biographies of eminent Indians in Hindi. Given the social responsibility of Bharatiya Jnanpith, we continue to publish good quality books both in terms of content and packaging and sell them at

SAJ : The entire publishing industry is passing through a transformation phase like any other industry. The penetration of internet and web based technologies are bringing changes in the age old thought processes of conducting business. We at Jnanpith realize that and are taking steps to keep abreast with the changing environment. The majority of Indian population comprises of youth and children. We are concentrating on these two groups and are determined to make our youth aware of India's rich socio-cultural and literary heritage. Bharatiya Jnanpith has a social obligation also and does not publish books for making profit but publish good quality books and sell them at nominal prices. Hence, we visualize Bharatiya Jnanpith as a vibrant organization, which will continue to serve the nation through it's literary endeavour. KRC: What is your role in it? SAJ : I have followed my philanthropic father in devoting a large portion of my time to social activities. Besides my business, I spend time in sociocultural and religious activities especially for the betterment of the marginalized section of the society. I feel there is a synergy in between Jnanpith's future journey and my interests. I wish I could head Bharatiya Jnanpith to newer heights

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where it would not only continue to fulfill the objectives laid down by its founders but also change its operation successfully with the changing times. KRC : What is the future planning for Jnanpith and future of publishing in India? SAJ : As I have mentioned earlier that the publishing industry is going through a phase change. Although the reading habits are declining, the demand for books for children and youth are on a rise. Technology is playing a big role in shaping the future of the publishing industry. The

Date of Postage : 10th & 11th of Every month RNI No. : DELBIL/2010/32108

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Nageen Prakashan's publishing philosophy is based on three principles:

Two Gems of Publishing Industry Arihant Prakashan Arihant Prakashan, established in the year 1997 relentless efforts are reflective of the claim, “their meticulously designed books and magazines have helped them to conquer the No.1 position amongst the publishers of competitive, recruitment and entrance exams books in India. Be it IIT JEE, Medical Entrances, UPSC & State Civil Services, IAS, PCS, CDS, MAT, Bank PO, GATE/ PSU/IES, or job recruitments, we have been developing study material, practice papers and previous years' papers for various competitive, recruitment and entrance exams for the past 15 years. Not just books,we also publish magazines

well save on paper wastage that occurs due to reel ovality and other problems related to paper. We laud the green efforts.

Nageen Prakashan Pvt. Ltd.

Arihant Publications has achieved the heights of becoming one of the best known publishing houses in Indian Education Industry in a short span of time with a proud possession of over 1800 titles.

Nageen Prakashan Pvt. Ltd. (NPPL) is one of the leading and eminent publishers in India, engaged in publishing text books for UP, Uttaranchal, ISC, ICSE, CBSE and other boards. They have own printing setup and distribution network spread across national and international territories. They have been publishing books for almost all streams—Science, Commerce, Humanities, Drawing & Painting.

Arihant Publications is further modifying its battery of webs for book printing to improvise the print quality as

The competition books cater to the needs of the students appearing at various Engineering and Medical competitions, such

Mr. Parvesh Jain

targeting different competitive exams.”

Further, we are also partnering with several e-commerce sites for catering to readers stationed pan India and abroad. We are also not abandoning the old traditional ways of selling books, which are still providing us with the bulk of the revenue. There are several other plans in the pipeline for further boosting the revenue generation for Bharatiya Jnanpith. We wish we will be able to continue to serve our nation through our literary endeavors in years to come.

Mr. Mohit Jain

as IIT, AIEEE, SEE (UPTU), AIPMT (CBSE), UP-CPMT, etc. NPPL is committed to contribute towards producing quality text books for the young generation of our great country and its peers abroad. In order to achieve it NPPL has made excellence its pursuit. NPPL has a long history of consistent growth since its inception in 1969, and has been upholding the guiding principles of trust, integrity and quality in all aspects of its profession.

They depend upon the experience and expertise of the learned authors, editors, societies, colleagues, and efficient vendors with whom they work. In fact, they are their invaluable assets. They specialise in anticipating and focus on delivering what the readers aspire to have. They are committed to quality in all that they publish and in all that they do. Innovative ideas and approaches consistently distinguish Nageen Prakashan's publications, and all of their programs. The products include academic and reference books with breadth of vision, valued content and innovative texts.

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