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PRESSLINE NEWS Monthly Publication of Graphic Arts Industry (Hindi & English)

Vol. No. 8 Issue-02

May, 2018 New Delhi

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Hard Work and Right Perspective drives the growth of Gujarat Chetna



VN Media launched Gujarat Chetna Gujarati D a i l y newspapers from Dahod, Gujarat with great pomp and show on 11th December, 2012 by the promoter Mr. Ajit Khatedia.


RINTPACK INDIA the international graphic art show stands apart from hundred of fairs happening around the globe. The show has achieved position of world's third largest shows of printing and packaging industry. The current status of this show has been achieved through the years of hard work by many stalwarts from industry in tough conditions.

This newspaper have been galloping ever since in terms of readership and popularity with the Gujarati readers. The promoter now plans to expand on the capability and first step in the direction is to increase number of pages in order to cover more and more geographical areas and the news connected with them. add on Pressline web offset The effort includes cons- machine. truction of a brand new shed to house the existing and the

Editor : Satish Bajwa

The shifting and installation is expected to be over by May

end and Pressline News apart from being honored to be associated with the group wishes all the best to Mr. Ajit Khatedia.

Way back in 1986, the Indian Graphic Arts Industry was in a nebulous state, unorganized and non-existent, with no voice to attract worthwhile attention. Onslaught of imported machinery was unchecked and unmitigated, seriously impacting growth of Indian manufacturing industry. There was, therefore, an instinctive urge for expression and identification. Cont. on Page-4 & 5




PRIMA The Smart Preference

BOOKLINE 'V' SERIES An Ideal & Most Economical Concept

That’s what our webs do for education.....!

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Pressline News, New Delhi, May, 2018 Issue

PRESSLINE News Editorial Managing Editor Satish Bajwa

A Bit In Jest – But A Reality

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Satish Bajwa

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“Is it for ME ?”

Press Declaration to Setup Printing Press Unit & Newspaper From The Office Of Addl. Commissioner Of Police, New Delhi

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Pressline News, New Delhi, May, 2018 Issue

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Substrate transport to be developed by Pressline at present is up to 17 inches width and would be capable of double sided printing in 8½ inches or Single sided printing in 17 inches which can be upgraded later. The Inkjet print engine offered is from Monotech Systems Limited's JETSCI HiSpeed Inkjet System product family. The variants in Inkjet System offered is :  the JETSCI YAQ (premium VDP Solutions) driven by the KYOCERA print heads; and  the second option offered is the JETSCI X1 Series AQ System (Ultra High Speed and

Quality Solution) driven by the Fujifilm Samba print heads.

 Premium solution for VDP

JETSCI Y Series can also offer :  Paper based scratch cards  Paper packaging  Certificates & admission tickets  Newspaper /magazines,

 High Speed Industrial Inkjet Systems  Monochrome Variable Data Printing (VDP)  108mm print width/module  Resolution (Native) of 600 dpi  Black, spot color, varnish, security inks etc.

 Business Forms

 3-14pl variable drop volume or fixed binary mode

 Paper tags

 Speed upto 220m/min

 Utility bags

 Lowest cost of ownership

 Question Papers

 Fastest ROI

PRESSLINE INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED A-242, Sarita Vihar, New Delhi-110076 Ph. : 011-26945505, 26947765 E-mail :, Website :

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Pressline News, New Delhi, May, 2018 Issue

........Cont. From Page-1

SHAPERS BEHIND IPAMA'S PRINTPACK INDIA (World's Third Largest Show) On 26th August, 1986, in one of the back rooms of Bandhu Machinery's Office, at Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg, New Delhi, pioneers of the industry gathered to form an Association of manufacturers of Printing Machines, Pre/Post Printing equipments, allied equipment, ink and consumable materials. It was baptized “Graphic Art Equipment Association”. Subsequently, on

22nd August' 1988, rechristened as “Indian Printing, Packaging and Allied Machinery Manufacturers Association” known as IPAMMA. Thereafter, the Association was registered under the societies Registration Act of 1860 on 9th October, 1991 and abbreviated as IPAMA. nd

Subsequently, on 22 August, 1988 the first general body meeting of the proposed Association was

attended by 24 members and a managing committee of 15 members was formed. Thereafter, there has been 13 Governing Councils duly elected. The functioning of the Association is governed by a Memorandum & Articles of Association. The basic nature of the constitution is democratic. Day to day functioning is managed by a Governing Council, comprised of elected representatives from all over India,

Voyage Through Timeline

headed by the President, General Secretary and Treasurer. Committees are constituted from time to time to handle important projects and events.

demand for better finishing & packaging in India especially in urban sector. Coupled with that is the zeal with which the Text Book Bureau of different states have been vying each other to achieve the excellence needed on web offset machines is remarkable.

National and International exhibitions are periodically held for providing trade exposure to the Graphic Art Industry. The shows most effectively display, state-of-the-art products design and technology. Such events are ideal opportunities for transfer of technology and out sourcing of business.

The local language dailies are expected to make a big impact on the reading habit and the Hindi dailies are poised to set an all time record.

The Indian printing and packaging sector is constantly registering a growth year by year. This could be result of growing literacy rate and

The Hindi dailies alone represent around one-third of the printed newspaper in the country. Recent study of the DAVP's list of language papers,

Pressline News, New Delhi, May, 2018 Issue

The manufacturers of Indian Graphic Art Industry have been instrumental in raising the bar of the exhibition of printing, packaging & allied machinery from 6,000Sq Mtrs with 125 participants in 1990 (India Pack 1990) to nearly 20,000Sq.Mtrs with over 400 th participants in 2017 (in the 13 edition of Print Pack India 2017). This could be achieved with the hard work & dedication of the Governing bodies under guidance of past office bearers: Mr. S.M. Shah, Sh. Prem Bandhu Gupta, Late Sh. G. C. Aneja, Late Sh. H.V. Seth, Late Sh Balkrishan Khindria, Late Sh. S S Marathe, Mr Rakesh Agnihotri, Mr. V K Dhir, Mr. N.S. Manku, Sh. Sanjay Gupta, Mr. K.S. Khurana, Mr. Satish Bajwa, Mr. C.P. Paul and Mr T R Mahajan (to name a few). PRINTPACK INDIA attracts manufactureres and suppliers from all parts of the world, the next 14th edition of the show at India Expo Centre in Greater Noida, which is being organized from 1st to 6th February, 2019 has already sold 60% of exhibitors' space. The immense contribution of these expositions has been the emerging of Brand India image, a dynamic Brand India is now a force to reckon with. The end-users from domestic and international markets look forward to visiting 'PrintPack India' for their requirement of replacement and expansion requirements.

Page No. 5

ABC circulation figures and the IRS 2017 readership survey figures have been decoded by IPP Star. These public figures taken together with their own survey data and discussion with expert informants in the language dailies have led to a quantitative understanding together with some thoughts on how the Hindi dailies will progress over the next five years. Forecasts are that with moderate growth the circulation of Hindi dailies will increase by 50 Lakhs (5 million) copies in the next five years with maximum growth accruing to the leading 165 Hindi dailies. In the case of high growth over the next five

years the forecast is for a circulation growth of 1 Crore (10 million) copies daily which will primarily accrue to the leading dailies and of these the top 20 group are expected to get the major share. Pressline News looks forward to the show which is fast emerging as a mirror image of DRUPA a big success under the leadership of the new board. A few collections from past history of IPAMA's PRINTPACK INDIA narrate the serious efforts made by several industry leaders to achieve the current status.

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Pressline News, New Delhi, May, 2018 Issue

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Sh. Vijay Kumar Chopra, Chairman & Managing Director, Punjab Kesari Group, is flagging off the 470th truck of the relief material, organized by Shri Shri 1008 Baba Sugrivanand Puri, Raman Sharma, Ashok Thakur, Digambar Jaspal Toni and Shri J.B. Singh Chaudhary are seen standing with him.

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Remote Management System

ADVERTISEMENT TARIFF (W.e.f. 01.04.2012)

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Pressline News, New Delhi, May, 2018 Issue

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AROUND The Print Panorama Nestle And Times Group Pack a Powerful Punch


ears be gone the print of 'Power of Print' in 2017, is media has emerged back again with the 2018 as a strong platform which has edition of this competition carried some of the most impactful and compelling campaigns across nations. This has helped changed consumer behavior and brand recognition. The Times Group believes that although digital media is Left: Mr. Raj Jain, CEO, Times Group & making significant changes Mr. Suresh Narayanan, CMD, Nestle India to how brands are commuwhich is a singular initiative by nicating, print still plays a vital the Times Group calling upon role in the whole scheme of creative minds for thrust full things. The fact that newspapers campaign. Nestle India and Times reach is close to 250 million have asked the participants to readers every day. Certainly come out with a good cause i.e. print still rules. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Help Parents Know Good Times Group after success


Reduced Cut off and Now On the lower Grammage Paper


ublishers and printers around the world are

trying to improvise on their products and enlarge their

printable area for the same weight of reel. Besides, fewer newsprint reels are required for an equivalent print run;

and potentially fewer web breaks due to splice failures. Roughly there is a 6 per cent saving when changing from 45 g/m2 to 42.5

there is less reel preparation to be done, less tape because of fewer splices, less white paper waste and fewer shipments and deliveries. It also involves less damage, lowered storage and warehousing requirements

g/m2 and another 6 percent 2 2 from 42.5 g/m to 40 g/m . T

market space with the aid of better newsprint or even superior quality glazed newsprint. At the same time, there is a will full attempt to use papers with lower grammage. The change to newsprint of lower grammage is an on-going process. Newsprint contributes roughly 50 percent of the cost of producing a newspaper. Hence, this shift to paper of lower grammage makes sound financial sense. It is driven by the fact that it offers better yield. Newsprint of less than 45 g /m 2 provides additional

here are savings in copy distribution, as the weight of copies is reduced. Importantly,

Cont. on Page-8.....

PRESSLINE n o i t lu o S e s m k i t o o s it un B f o ad ort R e h A or sh f

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Pressline News, New Delhi, May, 2018 Issue

Page No. 8 Date of Publication : 08.05.2018 Postal Regn. No. DL(S)-01/3396/2017-19

......Cont. from Page-7 there are savings in copy distribution, as the weight of copies is reduced. Importantly, there are environmental benefits too. However, it comes with quite a few operational challenges. There are unresolved issues. For the printer, the use of lower grammage newsprint presents problem vis-à-vis sustaining quality & optimizing productivity. Pending quality problems include opacity, folding, curling web manu-facturer will have to go into research and development mode provide presses that can answer the issues of the folder handling lower weight as well as proper tension control to tackle the challenges in production and best practices that can effectively solve problems associated with thinner substrates.

License to Post Without Pre-Payment No. : U(S)-34/2017-19, dtd. 30.03.2017

Pamex All Set for Mega Show in 2020


t is no wonder with growth in packaged food, educational books and growing newspapers, the printing industry is expected to show a turnover of Rs. 374 billion in a current year.

which is at present very bullish being part of the one of the biggest and fastest growing segment in India. Pamex, a major big exhibition of print industry organized by All

Date of Postage : 10th & 11th of Every month RNI No. : DELBIL/2010/32108

the Indian as well as the global players from the industry is all said of 2020 Pamex after the 2017 edition of the exhibition, which presented more than 350 companies, recorded numerous business deals and

also witnessed an unprecedented 25,223 unique visitors. In 2020, it is expected Pamex will put together 400+ exhibitors from more than 25 countries.

Austrailian Newspaper & Digital Run Neck to Neck

6th — 9th January, 2020

Bombay Exhibition Centre, Goregaon, Mumbai

This will certainly give a large impetus to the printing and allied machinery industry,

India Federation of Master Printer's Association (AIFMP) that provides a playing field for


ccording to Enhanced Media Metrics Australia (EMMA) data released last November, 13 million received their news from newspapers while 13.2 million obtained theirs from digital news platforms, based on a survey by lpsos MediaCT on people 14+ last September. According to Peter Miller, CEO of News Media Marketing Body, News Media Works.

“News media publishers have recognized for some years the migration to consuming news content on digital devices and pioneered digital news experiences for their readers. We are now seeing balanced readership between print and digital news brands.”

The Versatility of Gluing System


Remote Management System (Remote Managem

ent Systems)

In Collaboration with

PRESSLINE INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED A-242, Sarita Vihar, New Delhi-110076 Ph. : 011-26945505, 26947765

+91-9311999405, +91-9810039865,

+91-9311999416, +91-9311999412

ob Taylor, General Manager-Valco Melton India has presented some very pertinent and interesting facts, “In recent years, we have seen an explosion in the number of packaging companies with high-speed in-line gluing. Gluing the side seam using PVAc is considered to be fully compliant with recycling demands and provides strength beyond the original substrate. When adhesive is applied usually in a bead form, the two parts of the case are brought together under compression. As the composition of the glue is roughly 50% solid and 50% water, the water migrates into both sides of the board as it is compressed and draws particles of the solid glue with it into the fibres of the board. This results in a bond which develops over the next few hours to be stronger and produces 'fibre tear' when tested - conforming to all requirements of the customer.

    

Staples are more expensive than glue. Staples weaken the case as the flutes are crushed Staples are unattractive on premium boxes. Potential for injury from sharp staples. Higher level of maintenance on the stapling machinery

One of the customer casestudy of cost comparison reveals that cost per case of glue versus stitching is similar but productivity differences are dramatic. While stitcher produces 2000 to 3000 boxes per hour, a folder-gluer through puts in excess of 8,000 boxes per hour. The Indian converters sell 80% of their box production to FMCG and food producers where staples are now not permitted. Our customers expect 100% of standard boxes to be glued by 2020.” Newspaper and magazines are seem using the gluing systems more and more in India.

Owned, Edited, Printed and Published by, Satish Bajwa, at : A-183, Sarita Vihar, New Delhi-110076 Printed at : Saurabh Printers Private Limited, 67-A-68, Ecotech-1, Extn., Greater Noida, Distt. Gautambudh Nagar, Uttar Pradesh

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